Lego Game Tier List: All Video Games Ranked

Lego Games are quite popular but some are better than others while the rest are not worth playing, this Tier List ranks them all.

Over the years, there have been many Lego games, and each one has been amazing. So this Lego Game Tier List will take you on a beautiful, journey into the world of Legos as we will rank every single video game in the series. There are over 20 Lego games, and the article below will rank all of them from best to worst. 

The Lego brand is popular worldwide among people of all age groups, and the reason behind its popularity is its diversity and uniqueness. You can find Lego toys, movies, and even Lego video games. You will not get tired of Lego video games as they are fun and engaging. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 20 Lego games ranked in this tier list.
  • We will rank all the Lego games according to their gameplay, level of entertainment, engagement, controls, and replayability.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find games like Lego Marvel 1, Lego Lord of the Rings, and Lego Batman 1.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe games like Lego Indiana Jones 2, Lego Movie 2, and Lego Ninjago.


We will rank all the Lego games in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Lego Marvel 1Lego Indiana Jones Lego IncrediblesLego Movie Video gameLego Indiana Jones 2
Lego Lord of the RingsLego Harry Potter 1-4Lego the HobbitLego WorldsLego Movie 2
Lego Batman 1Lego Star Wars 3Lego City UndercoverLego AvengersLego Ninjago
Lego Marvel 2Lego Harry Potter 5-7
Lego Jurassic WorldLego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham
Lego Batman 2
Lego DC Supervillains
Lego Dimensions
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

Tier List’s Methodology

We will rank Lego video games based on their gameplay, how engaging each game is, how easy the controls are, how strong the replayability is, and how entertaining they are. Based on these aspects, we will place the video games into five categories: S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, and D tier. 

Now that you know about the methodology of the list, it is essential to know one last thing before we start ranking the games. The discussion you are about to get into is based on our expertise and research. You may disagree with the ranking, and that is fine. Every gamer thinks differently and may rank these video games differently, which is okay. 

Your feedback means a lot, and we would love to know about your ranking of these video games. That being said, let’s take a deep dive and explore the different Lego games. 

S Tier

the best games
S Tier.

S tier is the first category on our Lego Game Tier List. All the video games which are significant in terms of level designs and are enjoyable are placed in the S tier. 

Let’s take a closer look at it. 

Lego Marvel 1

The first S-tier videogame on the list is the Lego Marvel 1. It is one of the most hyped-up Lego games. After having so many Lego games, it was so cool to see a Marvel franchise in a Lego game. Playing Spiderman, iron man, and the Hulk was fantastic, and I think this was the first time the developers did proper big figs in a Lego game.

It also had its own unique story, like the Lego Dc game, which was nice to see, so you didn’t know what to expect, and it wasn’t based on any Marvel movies. It was just fun to play with, having the fantastic forming of the X-men and the Avengers, a great Lego game. On top of that, the replayability of the game is really strong.

Release Date October 22, 2013
Starting Level Sand Central Station

Lego Lord of the Rings

It was the second Lego game to have voice lines, and they chose a great pick. They captured the lord of the Rings movies in a Lego game. Now, if you’re not a big fan of lord of the Rings, I still recommend you to play the game.

It is a unique Lego game and is super fun to play. Exploring middle earth is just phenomenal, and the level of design is impressive. Because of these reasons, it is simply an S-tier pick.

Release Date 23 November 2012
Starting Level Prologue

Lego Batman 1

Lego Batman 1 is a phenomenal Lego game. Except for the vehicle levels, it’s the same with complete saga; the old vehicle levels can get a little bit annoying, especially when you have to drag the bombs. It is a little frustrating. It was the first ever Lego game to have its own unique story. The game was heavily inspired by Tim Burton’s Batman films which I love even more, especially with the soundtrack in the background. It just makes it even better.

Lego Batman 1 has to have some of the best level designs in a Lego game except for the vehicle missions. But I put them aside because it is superb. Lastly, although there aren’t many characters in the game, all the characters are enjoyable to use. The principal, most vital point of lego batman 1 is the outfits and the puzzles.

How they used different Bat suits and Robin suits to solve puzzles was unique and well done. And also, the combat in the game is the same as in Lego Indiana Jones 1, both released in the same year. The battle and the sound design for fighting make it perfect.

Release Date September 23, 2008
Starting Level You Can Bank on Batman

A Tier

lego game tier list
A Tier.

The second category on the list is the A rank of the Lego Tier list. Video games mentioned in the A tier are good but compared to S-tier video games, they are not quite impressive. Following are the Lego video games which we think belong to the A tier. 

Lego Indiana Jones

It is a tremendously adventurous game. The puzzles, I think, are fantastic because it is Indiana Jones. It is mainly based on mysteries. So you expect to have some good puzzles in the game. Something I loved about the Lego Indiana Jones game was the combat, not just for the mechanics, but the sound design is impressive when you punch all the supporters and the goons.

The sound design makes it perfect, and playing through each movie is excellent. They nailed raiders of the lost Ark, determined the temple of doom, and nailed the last crusade. What else can you ask for? And again, for 2008, the Hub World was pretty decent. It had quite a lot of stuff going on. It was just fantastic to explore. I think it is an improvement from the complete sagas Hub World, so it gets points for that. 

Lego Indiana Jones lies in the A tier instead of the S tier because newer releases are much better comparatively.

Release Date June 3, 2008
Starting Level The Lost Temple

Lego Harry Potter 1-4

It is an excellent Lego game. It’s fantastic that even if you are not a fan of Harry Potter, you will still have a blast playing through it. I love the levels, especially in the philosopher’s Stone, the prisoner of Azkaban, and the Chamber of Secrets. The Goblet of Fire I thought could have been a little bit better, but overall, the levels are good. Not to forget, outside of the primary campaign levels, you must do lessons in Hogwarts to learn your spells.

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The same goes for years 5 to 7. But I love the classes in years one to four, especially Lockhart’s lessons. Also, I think it changed the formula for lego games in general. It was one of the giant Hub Worlds for the time being in 2010. I thought they nailed Hogwarts, exploring it around, learning the spell. I thought it was cool how they did the attacks, and we need to see a remake of a Lego Harry Potter game. It would be wicked.

Release Date February 22, 2011
Starting Level The Magic Begins

Lego Star Wars 3

A very unique lego star wars game of its time, and I think they nailed it. It is based on the first two seasons, mainly the clone wars and the movie. The level design in the game is excellent, and I especially liked the ground battles. However, some of the ground battles were very tedious. At the same time, some of them were so much fun. 

Now looking at the combat mechanics in Lego Star Wars 3, released in 2011, it is still pretty solid. The force lightning and force choke is so much fun to use, and overall how the mechanics work, it’s fluid and still holds up in 2022. Also, clone wars 3 added the split screen mechanic where you can switch between two scenarios by holding a particular button down. Also, the replayability is excellent, especially after finishing clone wars and, more particularly, season 7.

Release Date March 22, 2011
Starting Level Geonosian Arena

B Tier

above-average games
B Tier.

The third category on this list is the B rank of the Lego Game Tier List. Many players enjoy these games, but some have different opinions regarding them. In other words, the S and A-tier games are better than those mentioned in the B-tier, which is why they are ranked lower. 

Lego Incredibles

Lego Incredibles is quite a funny Lego game. The voice lines are unique, and it’s great to see The Incredibles in a lego game. The combat is excellent because it is one of the most recent Lego games released in 2018.

All the characters are unique, and I love how you can get some of the Pixar characters like Woody from toy story. I love how they did that. Overall, I had a blast with Lego Incredibles, but because some of the levels in the game are not up to the mark in terms of good graphics, I have decided to place it in the B tier.

Release Date June 15, 2018
Starting Level Undermined

Lego The Hobbit

It is a unique Lego game because of its entire theme, and you are using swords; it is overall pretty fun. The combat is impressive with the fighting, and it goes into cinematic action scenes when you are fighting, which are fun to watch. Speaking of the level design in the game, it is okay, nothing extraordinary. I especially liked how they did the character combo things to solve puzzles with the dwarves. I thought they were pretty funny, and overall the story is excellent.

The voice lines and following the story are good, and it has some okay gags. Not to forget, they bring in a new feature, like a crafting creature, into the Hobbit game. I think that’s a pretty cool feature, and it did mix in pretty well with the Hobbit theme in general.

Release Date April 8, 2014
Starting Level The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth

Lego City Undercover

It was released in 2013. Lego Batman 2 introduced the Hub World exploration into Lego games, and a year after came City Undercover. However, they massively improved the Hub World from Lego Batman 2. City Undercover is fantastic to explore. The Hub World is great, and it is more like Lego GTA. The game is unique and is not based on a massive IP as much as the Lego City franchise in actual Lego sets, and it’s overall great.

It has an exciting storyline, and it’s got some fun levels in there with some okay ones, especially the part where you go to the prison on Alcatraz Island. That, I think, is a great level, and the voice acting and the music in the game are great. The game lies in the B tier because of its replayability.

Release Date March 18, 2013
Starting Level Some Assaults

Lego Marvel 2

Lego Marvel super heroes 2 is always in the shadow of lego marvel super heroes 1. With number one being a brilliant lego game, number 2 had to live up to their expectations, and I don’t think it reached their expectations. However, it is a great Lego Game. It had its distinctive story, which was fun to play through, and some of the characters were great in how they developed them. I especially love star-lord and how you can listen to his music.

I liked how they did Karnam and stuff like that. Also, some prominent fig characters were fun, particularly the Assassin Monkey. They fit quite a lot of interesting Marvel characters on the roster. Now the Hub World in Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 does get a mixed bag of opinions. Some people love it, and some people hate it. I thought it was fantastic, but some gamers believe otherwise, so I have placed it in the B tier. 

I especially liked the Noir scene because it went black and White when you went in there, and to sum it up, I liked it, but some people think otherwise.

Release Date November 14, 2017
Starting Level No Eson of Mine

Lego Jurassic World

Jurassic World was a unique IP and franchise to do as a Lego game, and it paid off. The game is excellent, has a good level design, and has a good roster of characters, mainly due to the dinosaurs. They were super fun, and you could customize your dinosaur. Besides, I loved the aesthetics of Lego Jurassic World. The Hub World was very vibrant, and the soundtrack played in the backend while exploring; it made it a great experience.

Speaking about its graphics, it was not that great, so that is the reason it lies in the B tier.

Release Date June 12, 2015
Starting Level Prologue/LJW

Lego Batman 2

It was the first game to introduce voice lines, and they did it well. Also, they kept in some great gags; overall, it didn’t ruin it.
Some people prefer mumbles to voice lines, which was quite a significant change. Lego Batman 2 shaped future lego games quite a lot. It introduced the first massive open-world Hub World in a Lego game, and the creators nailed it. I especially like how you unlock certain characters.

You have to find them in the Hub World and defeat them like a mini-boss battle, and you purchase them. That is very cool.

Release Date June 19, 2012
Starting Level Theatrical Pursuits

Lego DC SuperVillains

The game is one of the most recent installments in the Lego franchise; they went pretty big with this game. Additionally, the graphics are fantastic, with the game released in 2018. Compared to lego batman 2, the game is a lot better regarding level design.

The main highlight for me in lego dc Super Villains is the character customized. It is astonishing how you can unlock your powers throughout playing the campaign and how, at the end of the game, it makes you decide if you want to become a full-time villain or a full-time superhero. Finally, dc super villains have a fantastic Hub World and map.

Release Date October 16, 2018
Starting Level New Kid On The Block

Lego Dimensions

Overall, it’s an excellent Lego game. You have so many franchises shoved into one lego game; it’s incredible. However, there is one massive downfall to Dimensions. The cost! It’s very costly, but if you can afford it, go for it, and you will have a fantastic experience.

Release Date September 27, 2015
Starting Level Follow the LEGO Brick Road

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

It is one of the best Lego games to play. I played it the other day and had so much fun. It was even better to replay it. The soundtrack in the background and the level design is fantastic. A few levels are dim, but you expect that in many Lego games. But the ones where you are fighting bosses and doing the Pirates of the Caribbean stuff, it is excellent. One of the things I especially liked about the game was the diversity of the puzzles. I like the one where you have to use jack sparrow’s compass to solve quite a lot of stuff.

It’s just great for puzzled and diversity in levels. And for 2011, the game was just before TT games started developing massive open-world Hub Worlds in Lego games. It had quite a decent Hub World to explore.

Release Date May 12, 2011
Starting Level Port Royal

C Tier

average video games
C Tier.

Video games mentioned in the C tier of the Lego game list are average. These titles were great when they were released, but when developers introduced new entries, gamers did not pay much attention to them anymore. These games are good but also have minor flaws affecting their ranking. 

Lego Movie Videogame

The level design in the Lego movie video game is impressive, especially with the voice actors and the characters speaking to each other. It is a fun game because there are some funny lines of dialogue, especially from Vitruvius. However, knowing the story and what’s happened after watching the actual Lego movie, you expect what is coming next level after level. So that does kind of ruin the entire gaming experience.

Another thing that did ruin it for me was the hub world. I didn’t think the Hub Worlds were that amazing. The characters were fantastic because there were many different characters from various franchises, like Green Lantern and teenage mutant ninja turtles. So it does rank a little bit higher, but it is still an average game, and better alternatives are available.

Release Date February 7, 2014
Starting Level Bricksburg Construction

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a peculiar one to rank. You either love it or hate it. I love designing stuff in games, so I love lego worlds. I loved exploring and building capability, so it is right up my alley. However, some people would not rank it in the higher tiers.

It is because, on a console, lego worlds can be pretty laggy. It does have online multiplayer, but it does not run the smoothest.

Release Date June 12, 2015
Starting Level Prologue/LJW

Lego Avengers

It was released in 2016. It is a fun game to play but looking at the reviews, and what other people have to say about it, they did not prefer it. Because Marvel superheroes one is such an excellent Lego game, people rank it slightly lower. However, the game didn’t have spiderman, which upset many people. The creators did add spiderman later on as DLC for free for everyone to claim.

I found some of the levels in lego avengers to be super fun and some games boring. In other words, some of the stages lacked a little diversity.

Release Date 26 January 2016
Starting Level Struck Off the List

Lego Harry Potter 5-7

If you like Harry Potter and prefer the movies 5 to 7, I think you will enjoy the game more. If you want 1 to 4 movies in general, you will choose years one to four. However, there are some flaws in the game. Throughout the game, it takes all your spells off you at the beginning, which you learn in year four. So I don’t understand that. However, all the game relies on, mainly in the puzzles, is the Aquamenti spell, which gets quite frustrating after some time.

But I love the defindo magic. I thought that was a cool little minigame. So that equals it out. While playing through it, I have to say the graphics are excellent, especially in the Harry Potter collection, released in 2011. I do like the dueling scenarios that they do. Furthermore, some level designs in the Half-Blood Prince Segment are tedious and not the greatest.

Release Date November 11, 2011
Starting Level Dark Times

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham

The game is quite good, but it does have minor flaws. Lego Batman 4 has a unique story, with the main villain being a brainiac. Overall, it is fun to play through.

However, I think the biggest flaw for me in the game is the Hub Worlds. I wouldn’t say I liked the design, and I didn’t enjoy it playing. I think the Hub Worlds were a little bit lackluster.

Release Date 2 April 2015
Starting Level Pursuers in the Sewers

D Tier

lego game tier list
D Tier.

It is the last category on this Lego game tier list. These games have many flaws and are not impressive. There are other better Lego games, and gamers will prefer those instead of these video games. Let’s find out more about the bottom four Lego games. 

Lego Indiana Jones 2

Compared to the first Lego Indiana Jones game, it is just an add-on expansion with just a few levels to do with the crystal skull. However, I enjoyed a few aspects of the game, especially the online multiplayer. It was good how they made you choose the whole world to select with the actual Lego sets. It was a pretty cool idea and unique. Also, it had an online leaderboard which was unusual for a Lego game.

Besides, the end boss battles were not unique. They kind of just made every single last boss battle like a giant boss fight. It does not make sense why they did that, and the creators rushed a few levels, especially in the Raiders of the lost Ark. They cut out the entire boulder scene segment from that movie.

Release Date November 17, 2009
Starting Level Hangar Havoc

Lego Movie 2

The lego movie 2 video game was released back in 2019, the graphics were generally excellent, and I liked how they did the character grid and the character customization. 

However, there are some flaws. I was not too fond of some of the levels because I was not too fond of the actual Lego Movie 2 and the rest of the lego games on the list are far superior.

Release Date February 7, 2019
Starting Level Apocalypseburg

Lego Ninjago

The combat in the Lego Ninjago game is fantastic. You can do loads of evasive roles and mid-air attacks like the flying butterfly kick. However, some flaws have been ranked low. I think Lego Ninjago deserves an even bigger game. With it being a massive franchise in terms of Lego, instead of just basing it off the movie and stretching out some of the levels as they did in the game.

I think Ninjago deserves a massive Lego game. I am not an enormous fan of the Ninjago franchise, but I think fans of Ninjago deserve a full-on Ninjago game.

Release Date January 14, 2011
Starting Level Rise of the Snakes

Comparison Table

GamesTierRelease DateStarting Level
Lego Marvel 1SOctober 22, 2013Sand Central Station
Lego Lord of the RingsS23 November 2012Prologue
Lego Batman 1SSeptember 23, 2008You Can Bank on Batman
Lego Indiana Jones AJune 3, 2008The Lost Temple
Lego Harry Potter 1-4AFebruary 22, 2011The Magic Begins
Lego Star Wars 3AMarch 22, 2011Geonosian Arena
Lego IncrediblesBJune 15, 2018Undermined
Lego the HobbitBApril 8, 2014The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth
Lego City UndercoverBMarch 18, 2013Some Assaults
Lego Marvel 2BNovember 14, 2017No Eson of Mine
Lego Jurassic WorldBJune 12, 2015Prologue/LJW
Lego Batman 2BJune 19, 2012Theatrical Pursuits
Lego DC SupervillainsBOctober 16, 2018New Kid On The Block
Lego DimensionsBSeptember 27, 2015Follow the LEGO Brick Road
Lego Pirates of the CaribbeanBMay 12, 2011Port Royal
Lego Movie Video gameCFebruary 7, 2014Bricksburg Construction
Lego WorldsCJune 12, 2015Prologue/LJW
Lego AvengersC26 January 2016Struck Off the List
Lego Harry Potter 5-7CNovember 11, 2011Dark Times
Lego Batman 3 Beyond GothamC2 April 2015Pursuers in the Sewers
Lego Indiana Jones 2DNovember 17, 2009Hangar Havoc
Lego Movie 2DFebruary 7, 2019Apocalypseburg
Lego NinjagoDJanuary 14, 2011Rise of the Snakes


In the discussion above, we have ranked all the Lego video games. We hope you liked the article. Now you know which video game is good and which one is simply an average one. It is time to grab your controller and play your favorite Lego game.