Slime Isekai Memories Tier List: Top Characters [2023]

We Will Be Ranking The Top Characters In The Game,

Today we have arranged for you the ranking of characters in our Slime Isekai Memories Tier List. The rankings in our article are based on each warrior’s attributes, traits, and skills they display inside the arena.

In the game, players must build nations, complete quests, train characters, obtain currency, buy from the shop, make magic-enhancing memories inside the game, and rise above all the rest. It provides a fantastic experience with its vibrant anime and strategic gameplay. The first thing to remember for a reader is that the list is based on our preferences and is open to the opinions of readers. 

Key Points

  • The top 24 characters of the game have been ranked in our article.
  • Each placement was determined on the basis of skills, traits, attributes, etc.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find the likes of the Masked Hero, Shuna, Milim Nava, Diablo, and Ifrit.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you can see Kurobe, Butterflies of the Night Owner, Kenya Misaki, Ryota Sekiguchi, and Benimaru.


All the characters are listed in the table below for your convenience.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Masked HeroIfritGelmudGeldKenya Misaki
ShunaBerettaTryaSuphiaRyota Sekiguchi
Milim Nava Veldora TempestGarmKurobeBenimaru
DiabloSky DragonHakurouButterflies of the Night Owner
GobtaPsychic Elf
Alice Rondo

You can learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier.

Firstly, we start our Slime Isekai Memories Tier List 2023 with the best and finest characters with top-notch characteristics and one-of-a-kind attributes. The S tier lodges the extraordinary warriors, and a player should opt for them to achieve victory.

Masked Hero

Masked Hero used to be a time traveler who wielded swords to relay her powers and had great statistics, including Hp, DEF, and ATK. Her long list of skills makes her adept in the arena and grants her victory. Her most prominent skull is the Destroy Ftae which enhances the protection gauge of all allies by 20%. Additionally, another move allows her to increase the Critical rate of her companions by 100% and reduce the enemy’s resistance by 30%. A masked hero is a competent character who can easily tackle opponents with great wit and gameplay. She is in the S tier because a player can utilize her hidden skills. The reverse fate Deals 290% of damage to all enemies in the selected AoE.

Protection Guage 20%
Enemy Resistance 30%


Shuna is Beachside Princess associated with water and water attacks; she carries a wand to carry out her abilities. Her main skills include Guiding Stream, which involves enhancing the damage up to 60% of soul Combo. It also decreases the enemy’s water resistance by 30%. Beach break interchanged the power of the soul of secrets to the soul of divine protection that enhances the protection gauge by 10%. Shuna enhances battle skills and has great mobility and versatility inside the arena. She serves a player and improves his gameplay with her terrific dexterities, including her in the S tier. Glitter Water damages all enemies up to 470% and enhances the ally’s chances of evasion from stun by 50%.

Protection Guage 100%
Enemy Resistance 30%

Milim Nava 

Milim Nava is the manifestation of the dragon and belongs to the Dark World. She holds a staff to relay her dark powers and defeat enemies. Her incredibly high stats and outstanding abilities aid a player in establishing victory in the arena, adding Milim to the S tier. Dragon orb is her main battle skill which replaces the soul of secres with the soul of Divine and increases the Protection gauge by 10%. Moreover, Dragon Thrash adds critical resistance by 50% and enhances its rate by 15%. Another move; Drago-Nova defeats all enemies by dealing 450% of damage in a single targeted attack. She enriches the DEF and HP of her allies while dealing damage to her enemies; she is an all-rounder.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance 50%


Diablo is the Dark servant of the demon lord; with his sailor costume, he presents a serene outlook, but his dark eyes tell another story. His skyrocketing statistical profile aids a player in the arena, and Diablo’s move set is also extraordinary. Binding Drakrness further increases his AtK and skill gauge by 25%. Looming Echo is a phenomenal ability that inflicts harm on the opponent while raising the DEF of the player’s teammates. Diablo is in the S tier due to these exceptional qualities a player utilizes in the arena and eradicates the enemy. Additionally, Paint it white is a hidden talent that causes 295% of damage to the opponents. 

Protection Guage  NA
Enemy Resistance 20%

A Tier

second best characters tier list
A Tier.

Secondly, we have the A tier with potentially great warriors and a list of powerful moveset that establishes victory. These characters allow a player to improve his gameplay and assert his authority in front of the enemy.


Ifrit is a burning spirit and a creature of Hell; his bloody eyes and fiery outlook terrifies the opponent at first glimpse. The burning siege enables him to enhance his ally’s fire and light ATK by 16% on the battlefield. Protection skill protects the teammates against the fire attacks of opponents up to 15%. He is in the A tier because he has no main damaging abilities. But his charge concentrate can strengthen his ream and enhance resistance by 15%. His high stats compensate for his lack of Damaging skills; his DEF granting abilities are supporting enough to play a huge part in the team. Ifrit is a definite supporting addition and the glue of the team that holds it together.

Protection Guage 15%
Enemy Resistance 15%


Beretta is an arch-golem who uses a staff to create her powers and eradicate the enemies from the arena. Her abilities include Search change through which she can change the soul of divine protection to the soul of secretion and enhance the secret gauge by 10%. Another battle skill includes Shadow rush, which involves supporting the allies and building their ATK up to 40%. It increases their penetration rate and damages the enemy more. Betreta, above all, is a competitive character who can take any enemy twice her size due to her dark magic, including her in the A tier. Darkness canon is her secret skill which allows her to target an enemy and deal 450% of damage to him.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance 30%

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We have a Fairy of confection among us who uses confectionery sugar to drive the enemies away. Her incredibly high stats, especially ATK, grant her a place in the A tier of the Slime Isekai Memories Octagram Tier List and helps the player in their sustainability in the arena. Divine protection further increases her ATK by 12%. Another battle skill, the protection skill, aids the allies in building up their DEF and strengthening themselves. Ramiris plays a strong supporting role in the arena and doesn’t stop until all the partners are helped. Ramirirs has great versatility in her moves, and her skills are easy to execute. With powerful gameplay, she becomes invincible on the battlefield.

Protection Guage  35%
Enemy Resistance 10%

Veldora Tempest

Veldora tempest is a mighty roar and is one of the rarest characters of the lot. His batlike wings and fiery eyes engage the enemies and terrify them to their core. His skyrocketing statistics and battle skills make him invincible against the enemy’s team. Supreme Flight grants all his allies an increase in ATK up to 16%. Tempest Blaster is a strong move that enhances the skill point near the end of the battle up to 50% and doesn’t let the team stagger. Veldora tempest turns the table around in the middle of the game and achieves victory, adding him to the  A tier. A player should opt for Veldora to improve his team and win victory.

Protection Guage 100%
Enemy Resistance  10%

Sky Dragon

If you see a creature soaring on the battlefield, then Sky Dragon has arrived, a soaring dragon calamity for the enemies. He tortures the enemies and wreaks havoc till all the enemies are eradicated from the battlefield. His high HP and DEF make him the last-standing character in the arena. Thunder and rain make dark clouds appear and cause damage to the enemies while enhancing the skill cost limit by 15%. Falling lightning enhances dark and space ATK traits by 13% and 5%. Sky dragon deals damage and takes all the enemies down while wreaking havoc inside the arena, including him in the A tier.

Protection Guage 60%
Enemy Resistance 7%


Gobta is the captain of the goblin riders and uses fire as his power source. His fire dragon spirit drives him forth inside the battlefield and aids in creating his powers. Hunter’s Shadow battle skill allows him to enhance the Protection gauge of all allies by 10%. Brave Contact enhances the critical damage ability by 25% and counter-power by 10%. in other words, Gobta is a competent character with strong capabilities. His secret skill is Flare smash which allows him to deal 450% of damage to enemies.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance NA

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson of Slime Isekai memories is an elegant crimson emperor who has lived a posh life all his life. Now lives a life brawling and taking the lives of enemies. He uses his bare hands to damage and eradicates enemies from the arena. His high stats and elegant brawling add him to the A tier. His battle skills include Joyous banquet and Strange Stage; through the joyous feast, he adds ATK to his allies up to 12%. The strange Stage decreases the ATK of the enemies by 10% and reduces their resistance. He can also lower the HP and DEF of the targets by 70%.

Protection Guage 5%
Enemy Resistance 0%


Frey is the sky queen and is usually surrounded by doves and pigeons. She is the lover of nature, who derives her powers and aids her in the arena. Her feet have long talons through which she scares off her enemies and even gouges out their eyes. Heavenly highness increases her ally’s protection gauge by 10% by transferring the soul card to a vanguard character. Swift wing enhances protection gauge by changing the soul of divine protection. Frey is competent and can take down hefty enemies through her powerful battle skills, adding her to the A tier of the Slime Isekai memories list. Her secret skill is the queen’s embrace which inflicts harm up to 435% to the enemies.

Protection Guage  10%
Enemy Resistance 5%

Alice Rondo 

Alicia is a Golem master and uses a staff for her powers. Her great stats and typical powers, including the Sad Russian doll and the figurine’s curse, add her to the A tier. A sad Russian doll causes the negative status effect and stuns the target for 30 seconds. The figurine curse decreases the rate of counterattack of the enemy by 30%. Alice is an awesome character with exceptional abilities and outstanding skills, making her a strong warrior on the list. Her secret skill is the Puppet rondo which induces 420% of the damage on the enemies and eradicates them from the arena.

Protection Guage 80%
Enemy Resistance 30%

B Tier

average characters ranked
B Tier.

Meanwhile, We have reached the middle of our Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Tier List with this mediocre tier with average characters and typical traits. The warriors under this tier have no exceptional qualities.


Gelmud is a secret operator who holds a staff and protects his teammates from the fatal attacks of the enemies. Rhapsodic inspiration inspires the player to move forth in the arena as Gelmud reduces the enemy’s ATK by 15%. He is in the B tier because his moves are quite average and do not cause a lot of damage to the opposing team. Symphony of the dead increases the chance of poisoning any one enemy by 40%. But a player can miss and lose the opportunity due to his poor aim. Gelmud’s hidden skill is the death march dance which induces 260% of dark magic damage on all enemies. But this damage is not massive; they recover swiftly and strike back.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance 15%


Trya is the summer breeze of benevolence and uses nature and peace for her powers. Her high DEF is derived from wildlife and plants. Whispr is one of her battle skills which allows her to enhance her allies’ DEF and guard rate by 20%. Having a harp will enable her to strengthen her protection gauge by 15%. She is in the B tier because Aerial Slicer allows her to deal 260% of earth damage to the enemy and eradicate the enemies from the battleground. Trya has a calm exterior but can defeat colossal enemies with her powers. Her abilities grant her the capability to enhance her piercing skills and affect the enemies up to 7%. She can also improve her HP, DEF, and ATK via Earth Blessing.

Protection Guage 15%
Enemy Resistance 7%


Garm is the armor artisan in the B Tier due to his poor stats and average skills. His skills include Forged Armor and Craftmanship Revelation. he acts as a support in the arena and has no DPS moves in his moveset. He can not offend himself and hence loses the battle usually. But he supports his allies in a good way. Forged armor grants his allies 11% ATK, and Craftsmanship allows them a 40% guard rate. Garm is in the B tier due to the lack of damage-dealing moves. However, he reduces the ATK of a target if 1 or more ally is affected.

Protection Guage  
Enemy Resistance  


If you see a glimpse of the sword on the battlefield, it must be Hakurou because it is his signature weapon. He deals damage through his prized possession and takes down all enemies. His skills include Contemplation which enhances the Sjill gauge of all allies up to 10%. Trembling glare can reduce the guarding capacities of the target by 20%; Hakurou’s secret skills allow him to deal 435% of damage to his single targetted enemy. He is in the B tier because he can damage only a single enemy at one time and not a whole troop of enemies.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance 20%


Psychic Elf

The psychic elf is the fortune teller of the lt; she foresees the arena’s future and can tell if the team will win. Although sometimes things don’t go her way. Her main power includes a peek into the future, which increases her Allies ATK by 11%. Astrology enables her to increase the secret gauge of all souls up to 40%. It also increases the damage-dealing ability. She is in the B tier because she doesn’t inflict massive amounts of harm don’t the enemy’s troops. They can easily deal damage to her and win the battle. Not only is she a bad supporter, but she is a bad defender as well.

Protection Guage 40%
Enemy Resistance Nill

C Tier

Slime Isekai Memories Tier List
C Tier.

Moreover, the C tier is the lower tier with flawed characters with lower-than-average traits and attributes. Not only do they have poor stats, but they also have staggering abilities.


the Orc King has appeared in our Slime Isekai Memories Tier List JP, with his vicious facial expressions and gigantic outlook. His low stats and poor abilities put him in the lower tiers, as he cannot help a player in their gameplay. His battle skills include Guardian, which enhances the DEF of all the teammates by up to 30%. A chaotic beat decreases the counterattack rate of the opponent by 35%. Geld might have been a powerful character if he had an offensive ability. But he cannot sabotage his opponents, and his abilities are short-range and require remaining near the enemy.

Protection Guage 30%
Enemy Resistance 35%


Suphia is a white tiger claw and shows up in the arena with her white cat ears and furry tail. Her low stats and insufficient capabilities are rendered useless by a player as they are neither supportive nor defending. They do not damage the player or boost the allies’ stats. Honed claws enhance the guard penetration by 100%, and unleashing the wind enhances the gauge by 10%. She is in the C Tier because her secret skill Beast rush, deals 435% of damage to a single enemy. Suphia is a flawed warrior with multiple gaps in her abilities.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance 5%


Kurobe has incredibly low stats and no special skills. Flint allows him to enhance his allies piercing resistance by 50%, and repair equipment enhances the DEF of the partners. He is a mediocre supporter but cannot defend himself. His damage-dealing skills are abysmal. Heavy blow is his hidden skill, enabling him to attack a selected enemy with fire and inflict harm up to 420%. Kurobe is in the C tier because his traits are below average; a player needs strong gameplay to work with him. Without it, a player may lose the game.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance 50%

Butterflies of the Night Owner  

Butterflies of the night owner is a bewitching shopkeeper with inferior quality skills and a poor statistical profile. Her skills do not help a player inside the arena. A charitable smile grants her allies 11% ATK. A moment of peace gives the soul a 20% protection gauge. Butterflies can also cause an HP counterattack, leading to an enhancement in the allies’ HP. But she is in the C tier due to the lack of damage-dealing characteristics and low stats.

Protection Guage 20%
Enemy Resistance 5%

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier.

Lastly, we have the D tier, which has the worst characters with poor stats, and they ruin the player’s gameplay. A player should avoid these characters.

Kenya Misaki

Kenya is a heroic vessel and resides among the abysmal characters of the Slime Isekai Memories Octagram Tier List. He has extremely low stats, including HP, DEF, and ATK; also, his capacities are quite poor. His abilities include concentrated bonds and support of the spirits, which do not aid a player on the battlefield. They increase the gauges, which do not come in handy. He cannot deal damage to the enemies even through his heroic braver.

Protection Guage  
Enemy Resistance  

Ryota Sekiguchi

Ryota is the harmonization of insanity and calm, and he uses his bare hands to brawl against the enemies. His powers include a support stance and Breezy reflection, through which he can unleash his inner demon and destroy his enemies. He uses water powers to accomplish his tasks and decrease the opponents’ DEF. He is in the D tier due to his useless abilities.

Protection Guage 5%
Enemy Resistance 0%


Benimaru is a valiant KIjin with abysmal traits and a common attribute that makes him the least favorite warrior of the lot. He is the last to be chosen by the player. Lion dance allows him to enhance his Critical rate by 80%. Fair And square will enable him to enhance his partner’s resistance by 50%. His secret skill can deal 260% of damage to enemies. All these traits add him to the D tier.

Protection Guage 10%
Enemy Resistance 50%

Comparison Table:

CharactersTierProtection GuageEnemy Resistance
Masked HeroS20%30%
Milim Nava S10%50%
Veldora TempestA35%10%
Sky DragonA100%10%
Alice RondoA10%5%
Psychic ElfB40%Nill
Butterflies of the Night OwnerC20%5%
Kenya MisakiD10%10%
Ryota SekiguchiD5%0%

Patch Note: Update 1.2.40

Update 1.2.40 brings the following change

  • Only a few small bugs were solved with the new update.


We conclude our Slime Isekai Memories Tier List 2023 by summarizing that all characters have unique abilities and attributes. Each can perform in combat in their own unique way, which distinguishes them from the other. My preference helped me rank each character into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. The rankings are based on the character’s mobility, versatility, stats, attributes, battle skills, hidden skills, and damaging skills.

If you disagree with any of our placements, please let us know your reasoning in the comments section be