Project Slayer Tier List: All Clans Ranked [2023]

All Clans Ranked

I welcome you all to the Project Slayer Tier List, where we will discuss the major clans and their types in this popular Roblox title. A little fact about the game is that it is loosely based on the anime Demon Slayer, however, there is a plethora of content within the game that is reminiscent of other popular titles like Love is War and My Hero Academia.

And so here we will discuss all the main information there is to know about the clans in Project Slayer Roblox. Different weapons, breathing styles, and other types of summons will be discussed only where relevant. We will provide a brief overview of these clans’ current status because all the game content can not be covered here. So, without wasting more time on our introduction, let us start our list.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 17 entries on our list
  • Each entry has been rated according to their Health, Strength, Stamina, and relevance to the current meta.
  • Among the best clans are Kamado, Agatsumo, Tomioka, Kocho, and Shinazugawa.
  • In the lowest tiers, you can find Bakugo, Toka, Izuku, Fujiwara, and Todoroki.


Before we dive into the article, the table below gives a brief rundown of which clan lies in which tier.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Kamado
• Agatsumo
• Tomioka
• Kocho
• Shinazugawa
• Ubuyashiki
• Kanzaki
• Urokodaki
• Kanamori
• Nakahara
• Terauchi and Takada
• Kaneki
• Bakugo
• Toka
• Izuku
• Fujiwara
• Todoroki


Before diving into the article’s main content, we must first cover the topic of clans. There are a total number of 31 of these in Project Slayer, and the higher the rarity of the clan, the more powerful it is considered to be. Additionally, each clan (besides the D-Tier entries) has a set of buffs that can prove quite powerful in this game. They can also be qualified as Mythic, Legendary, Uncommon, Common, and Rare titles. Each title will be used to explain each clan’s power. so it is fair to assume that each one’s influence can be judged based on rarity because according to most players, that seems to be true. 

And finally, it is important to note that the rankings here are highly opinionated and my experience playing the game has contributed greatly to the authenticity of our content. It is also entirely possible that you may not agree with the placements here, and that’s also okay.

S Tier

Best Project Slayer Clans
S Tier.

The first category of our Project Slayer Tier List is the S rank. The two clans listed here are of a Supreme Rarity, meaning they only have a 0.1% chance of dropping in your summons. Let us discuss these in more detail below.


The first clan we are going to discuss in the S tier of our is the Kamado Clan, which is the first of our two Supreme rarity clans. Additionally, it provides the slayer with the most notable effects: faster breathing, increased health regeneration, and sunlight immunity.

If that was not enough, the clan also gives you a 5% enhanced movement speed and unique buffs like Indomitable Will, which is an AOE burst to debuff enemies. In addition, the second buff you get is Pseudo-Precognition which allows you to see every other player’s health. These skills are quite overpowered, so it only has a 0.1% chance of appearing. Some (not all )of the stat changes associated with the clan are listed below.

  • Sword +3
  • Strength +3
  • Health +140
  • Stamina +125


The second and last clan of the S rank is the Agatsumo clan. Aside from Kamado, it is the only other Supreme rarity clan in Project Slayers. Although not as powerful as the clan listed above, it is still nothing to scoff at. It imbues the user with God Speed Mode, which increases the strength of all thunder moves.

The clan is only OP if you have Thunder Breathing equipped. Otherwise, it is useless. In addition to giving a huge speed buff, it also offers demons and slayers AOE Bursts. However, that is only effective for players with Thunder Breathing, as almost all these buffs are related to thunder moves and movement. If you get this clan and plan on using it, I suggest you get Thunder Breathing. Some of the notable stats buffs are listed below.

  • Strength +2
  • Stamina +110
  • Health +125

A Tier

Good Project Slayer Clans
A Tier.

In the A rank, we will be going over those clans that are considered good, but not the best in the entire game. In addition, these clans constitute the Mythic and Legendary Rarity clans in Project Slayer. That means these clans are still very hard to obtain but have a higher chance of appearing than the S-tier clans.


The first clan that we are going to discuss in the A rank of our Project Slayer Race Tier List is the Tomioka clan. The clan is the only Mythic Rarity clan in Project Slayer and it only has a 1% chance of appearing in the normal summons. However, it proves quite deadly if someone can properly harness its powers. Some of its abilities and buffs are discussed below.

First and foremost, the clan also imbues the user with Indomitable Will, an AOE Burst that debuffs everyone for 30 seconds. In addition to that perk, you also get pain resistance which means you won’t be slowed by damage. However, if you are a water-breathing user, you may get Dead Calm sometime in the game; the Tomioka perk is exclusive to water-breathing users. Some notable stats changes are listed below.

  • Strength +3
  • Stamina +90
  • Health +100
  • Sword +3


And now we move on to the Legendary rarity clans with Kocho. It is the next clan that we are going to be discussing in the list, and it only has a 4%chance to drop during normal summons. However, its perks are not as overwhelming as the clans discussed above. Some of its perks are listed below.

Whenever demons try to absorb your soul, they die, and for each demon that dies like this, you get a Wen discount. In addition to that, you also get permanent poison immunity and double jumps. Last, you also get a 5% movement speed increase. The discount mechanics are listed as follows. When equipped, you get a 5% discount when buying potions from the Wen and when selling artifacts and items, you get 20% additional gold. The stat changes are listed below as well.

  • Sword +1
  • Health +85
  • Strength +2
  • Stamina +30


The final clan in the legendary rarity, as well as the A rank of our Project Slayer Tier List is the Shinazugawa clan. The clan is certainly very good for a Legendary Rarity clan. All slayers with the Shinazugawa perk gain poisonous blood, which cuts 50% of a Demon’s HP if they consume or grip the slayer. The blood also slows down hybrids and demons by 7% when they contact it.

In addition, you also gain pain resistance, removing the slow debuff when damaged. Furthermore, you get a 5% increase in HP regeneration and an additional 0.3% weapon mastery. The clan does give party bonuses as well. If you have a Himejima or Tokito member, you get 5% faster stamina regeneration and a +10% Strength buff. The stats changes are also discussed below.

  • Strength +2
  • Weapon +2
  • Stamina +30
  • Health +85

B Tier

Average Project Slayer Tier List clans
B Tier.

And now with the Shinazugawa clan, we close out the A tier and move on to the B rank, where we will review some of the rare rarity clans in Project Slayer. These clans are nowhere near as powerful as any of the clans discussed above but are still a significant step up from the Uncommon and Common clan rarities.


The first clan we will discuss in the B rank of our Project Slayer tier list demon art is the Ubuyashiki clan. The clan is among the rare rarity clans with a 12% drop chance. However, it is not that exciting of a clan but it is one of the best for farming in the Butterfly Gardens. Whenever you are in the Butterfly Mansion with this clan, you get double EXP and double WEN.

The buff is purely for farming and nothing else. In addition to that, other clan members increase their experience rate by an additional 0.3%. The rare clans don’t have much to offer in terms of buffs, but the stats changes it does inflict are listed as follows.

  • Strength +2
  • Stamina +20


The next clan we will look at is the Kanzaki clan. Kanazaki is quite a simple clan with only one notable perk. Its members can potentially clutch up in tough situations because whenever members drop below 50% HP, they increase their breathing speed. It is the only trait that comes with the Kanazaki clan. Additionally, the party bonuses of the clan are listed as follows.

  • +10% water move damage reduction


The next buff we will discuss is the Urokodaki clan. It is one of the best rare rarity clans in my opinion. One of the best buffs of the clan is that when you have a mask accessory, you gain a slight sight boost, and fog around dispels. In addition, you can take the scent of another player, which reveals that player’s footprints to only you. Oh, it also hides your footprints if you are running. The stat buffs of the clan are listed below.

  • Strength +2
  • Stamina +40


The last clan we will go over in the B Tier is the Kanamori clan. This durability clan focuses on improving the time your equipment takes to disappear. All members of the Kanamori clan get a buff with +30 durability on all weapons. In addition, the member also receives a 50% discount on all repairs of your swords. That is it for the rare clans!

C Tier

Bad Clans
C Tier.

In the C tier, we will go over the embodiment of the phrase “Something is better than nothing.” These are the second lowest rarity clans, known as the uncommon clans, and have a 23% chance of dropping in the normal summons. These clans give you a very minimal boost with a significant increase that requires a lot of party restrictions that are quite difficult to fulfill.


The first clan in the C tier of our Project Slayer Tier list is the Nakahara clan. The Nakahara clan members gain a permanent +5 stamina bonus. If you have Teruachi and a Takada Clan member in your party, you get an additional 20 health and ten stamina. 

Terauchi and Takada

The next clan up for discussion are the Teruachi and the Takada clans. These two clans have somewhat the same buffs and perks except only one party bonus requirement. Firstly, these clans give the player +5 Stamina. Secondly, if the player has a Nakahara clan equipped with either a Takada or a Teruachi clan member, they gain +15 health and an additional +10 Stamina.


The final uncommon clan we will discuss in the list is the Kaneki Clan. It is the worst one in the C rank, and it only has one perk that gives the player +1 strength. Furthermore, the clan does not have any party buffs to offer you either.

D Tier

Worst Clans
D Tier.

In the D tier, we will not discuss any clans as they are worth your time, but it will contain a list of all the Common Rarity clans in this game. These are the worst clans in Project Slayer and give no buffs, and if you get one, spin it away as soon as possible unless you just want to keep the clan name (Like Fujiwara or Todoroki).


The first one on our D tier is Bakugo, who is one of the most famous anime characters of all time. Of course, he is no naruto, but Bakugo still packs a punch in his own world. In the case of Pokken, Bakugo is one of the worst titles but still a title. Since he is a fan favorite, his title is definitely one that fans of the franchise love having. Let’s discuss the next title.


Much like Bakugo and all the other D-Tier titles, Toka shares no significance in gameplay. However, when it comes to flexing the character, Toka cannot be scoffed at. She is one of the main characters of a popular anime franchise named “Date Alive.”  Toka is definitely a title I would flex as she is one of my personal favorites.


Next up on the D tier is Izuku Midoriya. Izuku is also one of the most famous characters in the anime universe because he is the mascot of the Boku No Hero Academia franchise. Again, the title holds no value in regard to gameplay. But it does suit fairly for a title worthy enough to be shown off.


The second last character who serves as a title in our Project Slayer Race Tier List is none other than Fujiwara. In the entire list, Fujiwara is my personal favorite character when it comes to the anime universe. Therefore it pains me to have to put her in our D tier, but unfortunately, that is the case.

Fujiwara is also a D Tier title available in Project Slayer, hailing from the popular character in the anime “Kaguya Sama: Love is War.” This is a title I know I would always flex. However, the next title does put up a fair fight in terms of popularity.


The final title in the D-Tier is Shoto Todoroki himself. Shoto also hails from the Boku No Hero Academia franchise alongside Izuku and Bakugo. He is one of the most used common-rarity titles in Project Slayer. However, it is still a D-Tier because it does nothing for the player in terms of gameplay.


Well, that does it for our Project Slayer Tier list, and I have to say that finding credible information was not easy, but it was worth it in the end. However, I tried my best to present as much relevant information as possible and pulled from my experience with the game as much as necessary.

But if you did find something you disliked or thought to be wrong, let me know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading our article, and know that we don’t take your criticisms lightly.