Majin Buu Saga Tier List – Ultimate Rankings

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This Majin Buu Saga tier list is all about the fifth part of the Buu Saga known as Majin Buu. The fourth significant story arc in the Dragon Ball Z series is this one. It has a Manga volume that is made up of Boo Unleashed. The Great Saiyaman Saga, the Babidi Saga, the Majin Buu Saga, the Fusion Saga, and the Kid Buu Saga, the World Tournament Saga are the six sub-sagas that make up the Majin Buu Saga. In this article, I will refer to the Majin Buu Saga which is the sixteenth Saga that was released in Japan in 1994 and 1995 and in the United States in 2001 and 2002.

This tier list is purely based on our research and experience and does not welcome any criticism.

Who Is Majin Buu In Dragon Ball 

Majin Buu is a famous character in Dragon Ball and possesses many forms. Each form has a unique personality and different goals. It will be safe to say that these personality traits make them separate individuals. While in the anime series all the forms of Majin Buu are simply referred to as Majin Buu, in the video games they get their unique names. 

 Following are all the forms that Majin Buu has taken throughout the world of Dragon Ball. 

  •  Kid Buu 
  •  Future Kid Buu 
  •  Clone Kid Buu 
  •  Xeno Majin Buu 
  •  Innocent Buu 
  •  Good Buu 
  •  Huge Buu 
  •  Miss Buu 
  •  Mr. Buu 
  •  Future Innocent Buu 
  •  Evil Buu 
  •  Future Evil Buu 
  •  Super Buu 
  •  Future Super Buu 

Game Plot

A precursor to the original Dragon Ball series is the Dragon Ball Z series. Accordingly, the plot centers on a character by the name of Goku. Together with his friends, Goku has a mission to preserve the Earth. Innocent Buu bounces around in an immature manner after being freed. Although he has a childlike disposition, Supreme Kai is not fooled because he is aware of the destruction that Buu is capable of. Goku and Majin Vegeta feel Majin Buu’s energy when he emerges from the Sealed Ball, and Goku begs Majin Vegeta to delay their fight.

Majin Vegeta claims he no longer cares about his family and refuses to believe Majin Buu would murder everyone, including them. Goku corrects him for lying and knocks him to the ground. After recognizing the threat that Majin Buu offers, Majin Vegeta chooses to call it a draw and convince Goku that he has won so that they may search for Majin Buu.

However, Vegeta tricks Goku into letting down his guard and then attacks him from behind, knocking him out cold after realizing he had let Buu come out of his shell. He then uses a Senzu Bean to fly away and engage Majin Buu alone, free from Goku’s meddling, in an effort to atone for his treachery.

Majin Buu‘s youthful demeanor initially surprises me the most and sings in a high-pitched voice, dances around the room, and tells jokes that no one else thinks funny. Majin Buu’s actions compel several members of the Dragon Team to undervalue him. When Majin Buu is attacked by Dabura, the terrible ruler of the Demon World, we learn more about the creature’s capabilities.

Majin Buu is an incredible regenerator. Any harm done to his body can be restored nearly immediately. Majin Buu’s stomach can be instantly healed after a hole is blown in it, making it appear as though nothing ever happened. Gohan tries to attack Buu after Supreme Kai is defeated, but Buu defeats him.

Majin Buu is the target of a few strikes from Dabura. He starts off by launching a barrage of kicks and punches, but they are ineffective in taking out the tubby fighter. Then he lets go of his spit, but Majin Buu avoids the blow. With the help of Majin Buu’s go-to move, the Transfiguration Beam, Dabura is quickly defeated and turned into a cookie, which is then eaten by Krillin and Piccolo, restoring them to normal. Majin Vegeta eventually makes it to Majin Buu and Babidi’s spaceship and determines that Gohan has been dead since he cannot detect Gohan’s ki.

Majin Vegeta resumes his chase of Majin Buu while expressing genuine regret for Gohan and a desire to exact revenge on him, but Majin Buu is aware of his presence. To Piccolo’s shock and sorrow, he utterly destroys Babidi’s spacecraft and learns that Majin Buu was responsible for Gohan’s death. Majin Vegeta fights Majin Buu, who is mercilessly pummelling by Majin Vegeta. Even though Majin Vegeta, a Super Saiyan 2 with superior abilities, continues to defeat Majin Buu in hand-to-hand combat, Majin Buu keeps regenerating. Majin Vegeta starts out frustrated at his inability to harm his foe.

Despite the wizard’s greatest efforts to defend himself, Piccolo slashes Babidi in half after he mocks Vegeta for losing. Vegeta decides he must take all necessary precautions to protect his adopted family and house. As Trunks and Goten try to persuade Vegeta to allow them to assist, Vegeta for the first time tells Trunks he is proud of him and gives him a farewell hug before saying goodbye.

He then knocks out both of them. To get the boys to safety, he commands Piccolo, who informs Vegeta that he will perish. Piccolo is questioned by Vegeta about whether he would still meet Goku in the Other World. Also, Piccolo informs Vegeta that he was permitted to do this due to Goku’s courage and selflessness.

Bulma is aware of the terrible loss her husband has experienced and to solve this, she quickly departs with the others to collect the Dragon Balls. They call Shenron and make the first request for everyone who has passed away since the World Martial Arts Tournament’s opening ceremony to be resurrected, with the exception of the evil ones.

Majin Vegeta and Dabura’s victims all resurrect after being murdered. Goku awakens and regains consciousness while still on the battlefield, but he is unable to locate Vegeta or Gohan, indicating that they have died. To the lookout, he teleports. Goku is told by Krillin and Piccolo what happened while he was unconscious as well as what happened to Gohan and Vegeta after he has fully recovered.


When Vegeta knocks out Goku in the anime, he transforms back into his base form, and Dabura fights Buu for a longer time, physically beating him, pelting him with energy blasts, and trying to turn him into stone, all of which are ineffective against Buu. He is then transformed into a cookie at that point.

In the anime, Babidi creates a barrier around himself to fend off Piccolo’s attack before launching an attack of his own. Piccolo dodges the attack, though, and shatters Babidi’s barrier before slicing him in half.

Additional sequences in the anime show Majin Buu rampaging over the world, wreaking havoc at a theme park, disappearing to eat cake at a cake factory, and then battling the police who arrive to apprehend him.

After viewing news coverage of Majin Buu’s rampage through the city in the anime, Idasam telepathically contacts Babidi and tells him about Trunk’s residence. Only in the anime does Goku exhibit Super Saiyan 3 to Goten and Trunks when they beg to see it.


In the manga, Goku is still a Super Saiyan while on the ground after Vegeta knocks him unconscious. When Dabura attempts to hit Buu in the manga, he is immediately transformed into a cookie and consumed. Without any obstacles or spells in his path, Piccolo cuts Babidi in half during his initial blow. Also without any obstacles or spells in his path, Piccolo cuts Babidi in half during his initial blow.

Vegeta’s final explosion in the manga causes the environment and the plane that Bulma and the others are on to tremble. Although the Dragon Balls are recovered by Bulma and the others, the specifics are not disclosed. Goku never tosses the rock in the manga because Shin advises using a cube of Katchin as a substitute.

When Gotenks takes off to fight Buu, the scene immediately changes to him returning all beat up as a gag. When Gotenks departs to battle Buu, the scene suddenly switches to him coming back badly injured, which is just a joke.


For your convenience and better understanding, I have broken each character into two paragraphs. The first two paragraphs explain the abilities and skills of the character of each tier, while the third paragraph gives information about the flaws they have. I have followed this pattern for every character that I have ranked for you in this Majin Buu Saga tier list.

S Tier

Best characters of Majin Buu Saga
S Tier

The top fighters in the game are included on the list’s outstanding tier. They genuinely possess the game’s finest talents and statistics. Selecting them will undoubtedly benefit everyone. These characters truly are amazing and “superb.” The magnificent S tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list is a great place to start.

Brief Paternal moment Majin Vegeta

He is the most promising character in Majin Buu Saga. He can hit exceedingly hard even with full HP thanks to his 180 percent increase and an additional 50 percent on Super Attack. With his 20–50% damage mitigation and DEF boost, while obtaining up to 6 Ki Spheres, he is undoubtedly one of the team’s finest tanks.

Also, he receives an additional +88% ATK below 88 percent HP, and he can switch Ki Spheres to INT to continuously receive his defensive bonuses. Trunks have a fair quantity of useful buddies on this team that he can use to increase his damage reduction.

His increased leader skill enhancement benefits each of Vegeta, Kid Trunks & Goten, and Fat Buu’s allies. With his increased leader skill enhancement benefits each of Vegeta, Kid Trunks & Goten, and Fat Buu’s allies he made his way to the S tier of our list. His active skill is an AoE assault that stuns them while simultaneously dealing.

Unless you have good success with the enemy’s random number generator, it is impossible to fully utilize an active skill. Your HP is significantly reduced by an active skill.

Fused Hope Goku and Vegeta (Angel)

This character is placed in the S tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list due to his extraordinary powers and skills which are discussed below:

Before Transforming, ATK+DEF +120 percent unconditional turn-start bonus is really good. Links with Super Vegito are reasonable and gain 1 Ki more for each non-rainbow orb acquired. Damage decrease without restriction. Compared to its INT counterpart, Active Skill is substantially simpler to acquire. When supering, increase ATK and DEF.

After transforming, Strong connections are made with other Super Vegito units. Upon changing, 50% of HP is restored and has a 150 percent ATK+DEF increase without conditions.

His ability to successfully parry common assaults significantly boosts his damage output and gains 1 ki more while using any orb. Is able to anticipate extraordinary strikes when supering, increase ATK and DEF.

He has a flaw that when performing an active skill, Shocking Speed and damage mitigation are lost.

Battle  to protect tomorrow Super Saiyan 2 Goku

Unconditional Ki +2, 180 percent ATK and DEF bonuses, as well as a 50% chance of a critical hit, are all present prior to transformation. When using a Super Attack, gains 50% more ATK and DEF. He has a guaranteed extra that has a 30% chance of becoming a Super Attack. SA increases his DEF, deals a tonne of damage, has a 30% chance of stunning the opposition, and also has a lot of connections to Goku and Vegeta (Angel)

Once transformed, For the first six rounds following transformation, Passive’s critical hit probability is increased to 70% and he receives an unconditional Ki +3 and 200 percent ATK and DEF bonus. Gains 50% more ATK & DEF while using a Super Attack, and another 50% for the following six turns after transformation. SA increases his DEF, deals a tonne of damage, and has a 30% chance to shock the opposition.

He can’t work well with the squad because he only possesses Prepared for Battle in his SS2 form.

Fused Super Power Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta

Prior to Transforming: Astonishingly excellent unconditional ATK+DEF +180 percent turn-start boost. Links reasonably with Super Vegito. Gains an extra 2 Ki for each rainbow orb acquired.  Has a moderate chance to critically hit and avoid.

After changing, he gains 3 Ki more per every rainbow orb. Shares every single link with the Super Vegito leader, upon transforming, fully heals HP. Unconditional 200 percent ATK+DEF boost. The ability to block normal attacks significantly increases his damage output. Reduces damage by 30 percent for three turns after fusion before being reduced to 15 percent starting from the fourth turn.

Utilizing his transformation circumstances might be challenging.

Majin of Destruction Buu (Kid)

Can serve as an effective team captain for a Majin Buu Saga squad that is more Extreme-focused. With unconditional Ki +2 ATK & DEF +180 percent, with an extra 30 percent ATK & DEF for each attack launched. With guaranteed extras, he may grow very fast, receiving the entire boost in three turns at the most. Kid Buu can tank exceptionally effectively against Big Bad Bosses and Super Attack’s effect of raising DEF. His numbers are further enhanced by his active skill, which he may use right away because most of the levels he can sprint through include Majin Buu Saga foes.

Strong connections to other Majin allies Contain a 20% chance for a Super Attack to stun, at the conclusion of the turn, it restores 20% of your HP, making. Thus making his place to the S tier of our Majin Buu Saga tier list.

With all the above-mentioned qualities he also has certain flaws that are, his active skill is particularly challenging to activate in brief events if he’s not fighting a Majin Buu Saga foe unless you’re fortunate enough to have 6 attacks coming your way.

In addition to being practically nonexistent, unarmed Super Attack adversaries aren’t even guaranteed. Only his fellow Majin friends may activate his Ki bonds. In comparison to other MBS leaders, Kid Buu only increases DEF by 130%, which makes most units squishier in more difficult events.

Hidden Power Unleashed Ultimate Gohan

This character gives all of his Super Class friends an additional +50% DEF on top of his own +158% DEF. Owing to a constant +158 percent ATK increase hits rather hard, he can protect against any attack, and if it activates, will earn a guard guarantee and a 50% chance of an extra super beginning from the following round. He gives trustworthy allies 2 Ki and a 30% increase in ATK.

He only has a first-chance 50% chance to protect, thus if it doesn’t activate, he will take a significant amount of damage. Lacks battle-ready so they can fight for ki. Only Gotenks and the other Ultimate Gohan’s are covered by Entrusted Will support.

A Promise Made to Kakarot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Angel)

Due to his special damage multiplier, which only depends on Ki gathered, ATK and DEF gains are insane. Vegeta can be used to his maximum potential because there are so many MBS Goku in this category, including the main leader, allowing him to constantly land Super Attacks, activate his Active Skill, and launch a Unit Super Attack. profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase.

Sadly, he is lacking shared battle preparation with other Saiyans.

Invincible absorption Majin Buu (Gotenks)

Another promising character making his way to the S tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list. Before Transforming: ATK+DEF +120% very nice unconditional turn-start benefit. Other Buu units and links quite nicely and gains 1 Ki more for each non-rainbow orb acquired. Every turn heals HP. Conditions for Active Skill are rather simple to meet.

Excellent Links with Other Majins After Transforming. 150 percent ATK+DEF increase without conditions as he gains 1 more ki for every Ki Sphere. Also, this seals the enemy once for a total of 5 turns. Following metamorphosis, gains 5 Ki for 5 turns.

Other than other Majins, links badly with the group and doesn’t even get Big Bad Bosses until the latter transforms into Buuhan. 5-turn sealing is unnecessary since the adversary would either have been eliminated before it fully takes effect. Buuhan’s SA impact is worse than that of his original form.

Friends Joining a Serious Fight Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid) and Super Saiyan Goten (kid)

He gets an unusual 150 percent increase in ATK and DEF along with further increases each time they attack and dodge. The first attacker in a turn has an extra DEF boost of 50% and a 50% chance to evade. This increases the likelihood of launching an extra Super Attack by 50%. Gains an extra Ki +2, ATK & DEF +50%, and a 30% chance to crit if a Vegeta is on the same rotation as the team. These requirements are readily accomplished because both of the major leaders are part Vegeta. Profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase.

Even though their requirements for Vegeta can be readily fulfilled, they only share two connections with Majin Vegeta and don’t even share a Ki link with any of Vegeta’s other allies. If the adversary strikes first, their evasion and DEF increase as the first attacker does not begin to work until they assault, leaving them essentially helpless.

Hidden Power Unleashed Ultimate Gohan

Gives all of his Super Class friends an additional +50% DEF and a +158% DEF boost themselves. Owing to a constant +158 percent ATK increase hits rather hard. He can easily defend against all assaults, and if it activates, will start the following turn with a guard that is guaranteed and a 50% chance of an extra Super. Delivers 2 Ki and +30% Entrusted Will allies’ ATKwer Behind the Extremes Gohan (Teen).

He only has a first-chance 50% chance to protect, thus if it doesn’t activate, he will take a significant amount of damage. Lacks Battle-ready so they can fight for ki. Only Gotenks and the other Ultimate Gohans are covered by Entrusted Will assistance.

True Value of the Potara Vegeto

He can tank quite effectively with to his DEF +150 percent increase, an extra DEF with each orb, and evasion each time he is struck. His Super Attack increases all friends’ defensive capabilities by 30% for the duration of the rotation, and due to his 50% chance of activating a new Super, this effect can occur again for even greater defensive output.

His Super Attack, which grants all friends a 30% increase in attack power, is far more effective against Super Vegito allies since it multiplies the damage of his retaliation instead of simply increasing his Super Attack multiplier. All allies receive 30% ATK+DEF assistance. He has an excellent linkup with the primary leader thanks to Prepared for Battle, The Saiyan Lineage, and Fused Fighter.

He has no support ki.

Fusion Fighter’s Attack Vegito

Shares a good amount of links with the primary leader; excellent links. If given enough orbs, this monster’s ATK (+150%), together with an extra +20% ATK for each orb acquired, and a stacking critical hit chance, allow it to do quite strong damage. He is potential support since he grants 3 Ki to all teammates, and his Super Attack increases all allies’ defense by 30% for the duration of the rotation.

On Super Vegito friends, his Super Attack, which grants all allies +30% ATK, is far more effective because it directly amplifies his counterattack damage rather than only increasing his Super Attack multiplier. Vegito can tank thanks to his increased defense during super attacks and his high likelihood of getting another super.

In contrast to his TEQ counterpart, Vegito lacks any offensive or defensive boosts and uses Brainiacs instead of The Saiyan Lineage, which is tougher to activate.

A Tier

Good characters of Majin Buu Saga
A tier

The fighters of the A tier on the Majin Buu Saga tier list are quite strong and have some amazing killer combat techniques. They are not as flawless as the S-tier candidates, but they still possess all the skills a real ninja should have. They are in the A category despite some minor defects or weaknesses.

Ally of Love and Friendship Videl

He is the first character to be placed in the A tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list and possesses an insane +158 percent increase to ATK and DEF straight away.ATK is increased by an additional +58 percent both when you attack and again after taking damage. Super Attack will undoubtedly be used in the regular rotation.

Links are just awful. After utilizing Active Skill, she debuffs her own DEF. Requires Teen Gohan on the squad to trigger her additional boosts but she shares just Fierce Battle with every single one of them

Budding Warrior Trunks(kid) and Goten (kid)

When they perform at their peak, they are almost entirely self-sufficient in ki, can do exceptionally strong damage, and can tank extremely effectively. They either significantly improve both their ATK+DEF on an 18-ki Super Attack or raise their defense by 30% depending on whether you obtain Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.. profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase

As the quantity of Ki you receive is unpredictable and their links are extremely poor for many of the top units on this squad, their potential production fluctuates greatly. If you get a 12 ki super attack, which is a death sentence in the current meta, you face the risk of having your DEF decreased by 30% for one round. They are unfit to be a slot 1 attacker since they have no initial DEF increase.

Trust Worthy Rival Vegeta

Excellent links, notably the one on Majin Vegeta and Saiyan Pride. When he has enough orbs, his output in terms of damage and defense is respectable and thus is placed in the A tier of our Majin Buu Saga tier list. Vegeta, in contrast to Goku, increases his DEF with his Super Attack, enabling him to the tank rather effectively even if he is unable to gather a significant amount of orbs, which is supported by his evasion chance. Vegeta can easily fulfill his Ki-changing passive because the team has so many useful Gokus, including the team’s captain. Profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase.

The only flaw in this character is that instead of The Saiyan Lineage, which can only be activated by his STR Goku counterpart or through Hercule, he has Golden Z-Fighter.

Struggle Beyond All Expectations Super Saiyan Goten (kid)

He has an excellent link set with unconditionally +100% ATK and DEF. When using a Super Attack, the ATK increases by 100%. With Trunks (Kid) in rotation or Krillin/Android 18 on the squad, supports all allies with +18% ATK & DEF as well as extra crit chance and damage reduction so made place in the A tier of this list.

Indomitable Fighting Spirit Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta

Unconditional +100% ATK+DEF boost prior to transforming and ATK+DEF stat increases that are reliant on HP. If you receive three or more orbs, your ATK+DEF will increase by 30% on SA. Shares up to 6 links with Majin Vegeta, has a strong link set for the team, and while using Super Attack, improves DEF for 1 round.

Unconditional +120 percent ATK+DEF Boost after transforming with ATK+DEF stat increases that are reliant on HP, 3+ orbs are quite efficient against all sorts. Use 6+ orbs to ward off all assaults and also greatly increases super attack’s DEF for 1 round with a 50% chance to stun. With Majin Vegeta, sharing all 7 connections and profits from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase

Loses ready to morph and fight for the battle over in a flash. In some modes, it might be difficult to reach transformation conditions. When changing, he switches from Super Class to Extreme Class, limiting the people who can act as his supporters.

Glorious Battle Super Saiyan Trunks (kid)

He has an excellent link set along with an unconditionally +100% ATK and DEF. Goten (Kid) on rotation or Krillin, Android 18 on the team assists all allies with +18% ATK & DEF, improved crit chance, and damage mitigation. The ATK rises by 100% while utilizing a Super Attack also a gain from Majin Vegeta’s additional leader skill’s 30% rise.

Naught but Rampage Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks

He is able to consistently use his 11 ki super attack against this lineup. Is extremely hard from turn one while also being able to tank reasonably. Links nicely with Majin Vegeta, Super Saiyan 3 units, and other fusions. Profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase
From turn 7, additional boost vanishes, which is not suitable for the player.

Astounding Transformation Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel)

This character comes without any restriction along with a+130 percent ATK and DEF. He can attack pretty powerfully because of the extra +30% ATK and DEF for each rainbow orb and increases ATK & DEF on a Super Attack by 30%. Super Attack has a 30% chance to stun so has the potential to transform Ki Spheres into Rainbow. He may inflict type-effective harm across all kinds for seven turns.

Goku’s Ki-Changing passive isn’t a given as it is for other troops so lacks a ki connection, ready for battle.

Clever Tactics Android 18

This has a +100% ATK and DEF and when using a Super Attack, the ATK increases by 100%. With Goten (Kid), Trunks (Kid), or Krillin on the squad, supports all allies with a generous +3 Ki and +30 percent ATK & DEF, as well as enhanced crit chance and damage reduction.

There are no feasible link partners in the Android-centric link set.

Dream Filled Future Gohan (Teen) and Goten (Kid) and Trunks (Kid)

He receives an extra Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +70% for the first 7 turns in addition to an unconditional +70% ATK & DEF boost. If Goku and Vegeta are both attacking the same round, the effect is increased by up to +4 Ki and by 140 percent, increasing ATK and DEF. As the major leaders, Goku & Vegeta (Angel) can easily fulfill their demands.

Despite the ease with which their requests may be met, doing so denies Goku and Vegeta the opportunity to be coupled with excellent partners like his LR counterpart. With the exception of Fused Hope Goku & Vegeta (Angel), they don’t have many connections to the other Goku and Vegeta buddies they share a rotation with (but before they fuse into Super Vegito where they only share one link). Ultra Super Attack does not raise DEF, despite being more effective than their 12-Ki super.

Beyond the Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta

His +180 percent attack boost on Super Attack allowed him to produce monstrous amounts of damage. A decent DEF increase of +150 percent with a strong AoE is an 18 ki super attack. On both 12 and 18 ki supers, there is a 30% chance of stun. With Trunks (Kid) on the squad and Goku attacking in the same round, Majin Vegeta may easily achieve his Ki, enhanced ATK & DEF boost, additional Ki, and crit chance requirements. profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase.

When fighting alone is an adversary, Ultra Super Attack causes enormous damage, which is disadvantageous. The link set isn’t perfect which is a major flaw. Also, the allies of Bulma are totally excluded from this team.

Miracle Calling Clash Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) and Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)

ATK+DEF +58% without conditions builds up Ki and ATK+DEF with each attack, stacking them up to a maximum of +5 Ki and 100% ATK+DEF. The additional attack is certain and has a 25% chance of being a super. Highly effective active skill attack that counts as an assault to increase their passive.

The absence of any pertinent ki linkages makes it incredibly difficult to bond with Goku and Vegeta (Angel) and hurts it overall. To truly optimize, it is necessary to operate a specific unit as a connecting partner. Active skill requirements can occasionally be difficult to satisfy.

Rousing Fighting Spirit Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)

Unconditional +100% ATK+DEF boost prior to transforming. ATK+DEF stat increases that are reliant on HP if you receive three or more orbs, your ATK+DEF will increase by 30% on SA that are suitable connections for the team.

Unconditional +120 percent ATK+DEF boost after transforming. ATK+DEF stat increases that are reliant on HP if you collect three or more orbs, you get a 33 percent chance to dodge and an extra +33 percent ATK+DEF. You can gather 6+ orbs, it’s really powerful against all sorts this greatly increases Super Attack’s ATK with a 50% chance to stun.

He loses when he changes, he is ready for battle over in a flash while in some modes, it might be challenging to obtain transformation conditions.

Astounding Fusion Power Gotenks

He benefits from the additional 30% boost provided by Majin Vegeta’s additional leadership skills. Effective fusion connections and synergy with Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.

Gotenks: Rapid turn three transformations. Consistent stat buff and self-Ki

Super Saiyan Gotenks: Excellent probability of stunning with a Super Attack. Additional Super Attack may be possible, enhancing defense and stunning

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks: Has enormous offensive and defensive strength and gains over in a flash for improved linking.
This form can be preserved via active skill-type transformation.

RNG-based mostly (boosts, additional Super Attacks, stunning).  The ultimate form’s minimum turn 7 requirement at 70 percent HP or greater may be extremely difficult in lightning. Is quick-paced and lacking compared to previous pre-Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, prepared for battle.

Brave Pair Gohan (Teen) and Videl

Explosive damage output as a result of each Super’s 9-turn attack rise, 158 percent ATK boost, and capacity to launch several extra attacks. Thanks to its 158 percent DEF increase and an extra DEF boost up to 58 percent with each assault, this F2P unit tanks remarkably well. Their extra attacks have a 70% chance to transform into Super Attacks, and as they may make up to 4 attacks each turn, they can easily get the full DEF boost in only one turn, at best, or three turns, at worst.

The link set is really poor.

The Hope of the Universe Goku

He has a strong link set thus making it to the A tier of Majin Buu Saga tier list. His nuking potential allows him to deal out a respectable amount of damage. The leader and running his Vegeta counterpart together make it simple to obtain his Ki-changing passive.

He is vulnerable unless he gathers a sizable quantity of orbs since, unlike his Vegeta counterpart, he doesn’t boost DEF on a Super Attack. Instead of The Saiyan Lineage, which can only be activated by his INT Vegeta counterpart or through Hercule.

Nobel Creed Supreme Kai and Kibito

Severely reduces the enemy’s ATK and DEF. ATK & DEF +150 percent and a Ki +3 increase without conditions. 10% of HP is recovered at the conclusion of the turn. There are absolutely no restrictions on Active Skill. Kibitokai has a two-turn, guaranteed stunning impact.

Links might be much better. One-time use only, guaranteed shocking impact.

B Tier

Average characters of the game
B Tier

All of the average fighters in this category are included in this tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list. They are in the tier below the A tier because they have considerably more defects than the ones in the A tier. These players must be put in the tier below those who are better than them even if not all of them are awful.

Thousandfold Plea Goku

He is paced in the B tier of Majin Buu Saga tier list due to his unconditional +77% for ATK and defense. gains 7 percent ATK+DEF, +1 Ki, 7777 HP, and a 7 percent increase in the critical chance for each orb acquired. increases all friends’ ATK & DEF by 20% for 2 rounds on 12 ki. increases the ATK+DEF of all allies by 30% for 18 ki.

Although Linkset is generally good, its lack of Super Saiyan, Fierce Battle, or Shattering the Limit hurts it.

Split Into Good and Evil Majin Buu (Good)/Majin Buu (Pure Evil)

This average-performing character provides Ki themselves with excellent hard-hitter in a Super Attack, sealing is certain. Damage decrease without restriction as a dependable sealing device. Also has a lot of ties in common with other Majins, profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase.

Must hold off on becoming Super Buu for at least 7 turns. Apart from damage mitigation, it has no DEF but not all of his states have the same Big Bad Bosses.

Wicked Wizard and Lord of the Demon Realm Babidi & Dabura

Unconditional increases of +3 Ki and +88 percent. Gets an additional +3 Ki and a boost of up to +163.2 percent against an adversary whose ATK or DEF has been decreased, both of which are simple to apply because of the abundance of debuffs on this squad. Earns a further +3 and a chance to score a critical hit on a sealed foe and also uses a 12-Ki Super attack to seal the adversary. An 18-Ki Super Attack has the potential to shock and also backs all of this team’s Majin Buu friends.

Babidi and Dabura are not given any assistance and the links are quite unsatisfactory, the reason for placing him in the B tier.

Vigorous Strength Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)

Unconditional +190% ATK and DEF, for each attack made, increased ATK & DEF by up to 50%. He gives all allies who are Gifted Warriors +3 Ki and +40% ATK & DEF.

No Battle-Ready Personnel.

Power of the Legendary Sword Gohan (Teen)

Excellent support for Super PHY, giving friends of this kind a 50% ATK & DEF boost in addition to +3 Ki. He gives +20 percent ATK & DEF with each Ki sphere and converts one sphere to PHY Ki Spheres. Each Super Attack increases ATK along with a decent possibility to startle the adversary

His link set is already quite poor.

Dimension-Breaking Roar Buu (Super)

He is the best pal of LR Buutenks. Heals 18% of the Super’s HP. Transforms one sphere into PHY Ki spheres and gains +20% ATK & DEF for each Ki sphere.

His connection choices are limited by the Buu-centric link set. There are no other pertinent extreme PHY allies outside LR Buutenks.

Power Taken From Others Majin Buu (Piccolo)

Gives himself a significant stat boost and provides more assistance to friends that can use power absorption. Every time he appears, HP is restored. A super attack with a high likelihood of stun.

He has some major flaws which are why I placed him in the B tier of Majin Buu Saga tier list, these flaws are discussed in this paragraph. Also, he can only link with other Majin allies, but even then, he does not have infinite regeneration with other Majins. This character doesn’t gain anything from helping Kid Buu.

Non-Negotiable Resolve Majin Vegeta

He compensates for his lack of preparation for battle by changing AGL orbs to STR orbs. 20 percent ATK+DEF for each acquired orb. He receives 25% ATK+DEF against foes of the Goku Family for each orb acquired and increases ATK+DEF on Super Attack significantly. Profit from Majin Vegeta’s extra leader skill’s additional 30% increase.

The lack of two incredibly frequent links on the team is Ready for Battle and Fierce Battle. Extreme class unit limits his alternatives for help.

Desperate Showdown Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)

STR orbs are converted to AGL orbs. excellent link set 10,000 HP is regained for every collected orb, plus 20% ATK, 10% DEF, and other improvements. against foes of Vegeta’s Family, +25 ATK and +15 DEF each orb. Increases ATK+DEF significantly on Super Attack

He competes with a similar Dokkanfest unit. Vegeta’s Family foes aren’t very prevalent, thus he doesn’t frequently benefit from his passive’s additional boost. He can battle defensively against more difficult situations.

Whirlwind Strike Super Saiyan 2 Goku

On Super Attack, he possesses +77% ATK+DEF. This increases his ATK+DEF on Super Attack even more. Massive damage adds 3 Ki to allies and ATK+DEF might increase by a further 60%. He has a decent link set.

Although there are a number of excellent alternatives, the fact that he only receives the additional stat benefit from his passive from Super Saiyan 2 friends is very constricting.

Shattering Strike Super Saiyan 2 Goku

His Ki +3 and 30% DEF for all allies and ATK+DEF are boosted unconditionally by 70%. A good link set increases DEF by 30% for 6 rounds.

Only Super Saiyan 2 friends can get ATK assistance.

C Tier

Bad characters of the game
C tier

Despite being a lower-than-average tier, the C-tier is given about the same weight as the other tiers on this ranking.

Wrathful Eruption Majin Buu (Good)

STR orbs are converted from INT orbs with unconditional ATK+DEF +50%, and a further +10% ATK+DEF for each STR orb attained. Super Attack with an area-of-effect and a 20% chance to stun.

There is no synergy between the Buu-centric linkset and Saiyans. He only gains more ATK+DEF if he acquires STR orbs, which might make him appear quite underwhelming.

Unyielding Kamehameha Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen)

Buu-centric link set and Saiyans do not work together. He only increases ATK+DEF if he obtains STR orbs, which may make him seem somewhat unimpressive.

Lacks in battle-ready condition. He only receives a 40% DEF increase from Super Attack, which results in him taking a significant amount of damage. You can find yourself in circumstances where he has no defensive buff at all due to a lack of ki linkages and only receiving a stat increase on Super Attack. He competes with two similarly named, excellent support units. These are the main reasons he could not make a place in the upper tiers and is placed in the C tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list.

Blast of Fury Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen)

Boosts his ATK and DEF by +120 percent while using a super attack. After executing three Super Attacks, gains an extra +30% ATK and DEF, as well as a 30% chance of a critical hit and Super Attack.

Lacks in battle-ready condition. Unless you’re lucky and he receives a Hidden Potential Additional Super, you won’t be able to gain his third boost until his seventh turn. Which is a major flaw of this character.

Miraculous Kamehameha Super Saiyan Goku

80 percent ATK+DEF. +3 Despite not having any ki ties, ki from passive enables him to function on his own.

Passive is dependent on having more than 30% HP, which isn’t a horrible constraint, but if you go below that, he becomes practically useless. His chemistry with the other team members suffers due to his lack of battle readiness.

Hero’s Return Ultimate Gohan

He has unconditionally +3 ki and 100% ATK. DEF +120 percent. when HP is 79 percent or below, makes a guaranteed critical hit.

Merely when he has more than 80% of his health remaining can he use the DEF buff: otherwise, he only receives a +40% DEF boost. Lacks In battle-ready condition. competes for a position alongside two other EZA units and the category leader.

Clutching Victory Super Saiyan 3 Goku

Due to his +140 percent ATK and full passive, he can produce a lot of damage.

His AGL Dokkanfest equivalent is more prominent. His damage output significantly decreases as your HP decreases. A 40% DEF improvement is merely average. Only includes one ki link, over in a flash.

Uncontrollable Instinct Buu (Kid)

Every time he is in rotation, he recovers 14 percent of his HP, because his attack connections and nuking passive may do significant damage.

He struggles to strike strongly since he cannot make his own orbs. competes for a slot alongside two other dokkan fest troops. His lack of access to other top-tier Buu troops to connect with. Unless you give him a lot of orbs, his defense is poor.

Exceptional Potential Ultimate Gohan

As you always start at 6 ki, you may be sure to receive his 100% ATK increase. Stun probability of 30%. DEF +120 percent. When HP is 79 percent or below, makes a guaranteed critical hit.

Only when he has more than 80% of his health remaining can he use the DEF buff, otherwise, he only receives a +40% DEF boost. Lacks geared up for combat and competes for a berth against two other EZA units and is the leader in the category.

Soaring Heart Videl

Her overall kit is not bad since it gives an 80 percent DEF increase on a super strike and has the capacity to double-debuff an adversary who has been assaulted with both her super and passive. 20% of the damage inflicted is recovered as health.

Lack of Peppy Gals choices severely limits the stat gain she may receive from her passive, especially when you have access to a considerably superior Videl substitute. The link set is not a great fit for this squad.

D Tier

Worst characters of the saga
D tier

The fighters with the fewest skills are all included in the D tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list, while they do have certain advantages, the balance between their advantages and disadvantages is unbalanced. Of course, there are additional faults. They are now put in the bottom tier of this list.

Love of the Throne Majin Buu (Gotenks)

Placed in the last tier of Majin Buu Saga tier list he has some major flaws along with some decent skills, all of which are discussed here. He has an unconditional ATK boost of 100%. Seals on the Super he has a variety of connection partner alternatives thanks to the presence of Over in a Flash.

No defensive upgrades. It’s challenging to activate Buu-centric linkages. Identical to and of the same kind as his better LR counterpart.

Furious Instincts Great Saiyaman (SS2)

Excellent link set that includes both Shocking Speeds and Prepared for Battle. unconditional ATK boost of 90%

Not even a defensive boost competes against a good support unit

Victory at Hand Gotenks

Without restriction, +77% ATK is generally a decent link set. He is not in a similar-named unit with another one in competition.

Absolutely no defensive bonuses. He isn’t good enough to merit an extra ATK increase, thus it will never turn on.

Returning from the Otherworld Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)

Has a decent link set since you would constantly float him, the passive is incredibly simple to activate from passive, and independent

He competes directly with a similar-named dokkan fest unit. No defensive upgrades Attack is flatly boosted.

Reckless Strength Super Saiyan Gotenks

Has a good link set but may cause rather substantial damage due to its 15% ATK per acquired orb.

Competes against two EZA units that are significantly superior to him. No increase in defense. Given that he cannot produce his own orbs, nuking results in severely inconsistent damage output. With all these flaws he is placed in the D tier of the Majin Buu Saga tier list.

Why Trust Our Ranking

Our major objective is to always give a tier list devoid of one-sided perspectives or inaccurate facts. Since tier lists are frequently used as guidelines, we usually include a disclaimer explaining how readers should interpret our tier lists.

In order to prevent anyone from finding our material to be unpleasant or harsh against their favorites, we explain to the readers why some things are placed in their allocated tier sooner.

Before posting anything on the internet, we thoroughly study and authenticate anything we write about. We ensure that a group of senior writers double-checks the tier lists in the event that certain errors are missed by the writer.

Some authors may become prejudiced due to the need for originality, but our writers are taught to maintain their professional thoughts to themselves and to only express them in connection with unvarnished facts.

Final Thoughts

I was able to rate practically all of the game’s characters, after extensive deliberation and investigation, they have been neatly arranged in the S, A, B, and C tiers. We are, however, always open to constructive criticism if your opinion on this tier list changes. I drew on my personal observations of each of these individuals to create a comprehensive list of them.

They all undoubtedly have good points and also some cons. So let’s enjoy our gaming experience, and if this post was helpful in any way, please let us know in the comments.

The primary goal of the tier lists we create is to provide readers with excellent recommendations and options they might have overlooked, even for their favorite categories.

Each writer spends a significant amount of time and effort learning all there is to know about the subject before beginning to write. A senior team is then established, and their job is to find even the smallest faults in the articles. Before they publish a single word, all of the authors at this site are required to conduct extensive research.

We ensure that the information we present here is appreciated by everyone as this tier list was not created for ourselves but for our beloved viewers. In concluding everything, I’d want to reiterate that this ranking is solely based on my perception of the characters, not on their strength. So this tier list does not welcome criticism.

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