Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier List [2023]

A definitive Tier List for the latest strategy game of the iconic Mario developed by Ubisoft.

We finally have another Mario game in our hands, and it comes to us alongside another familiar set of faces, the Rabbids. So in this Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope tier list, we will tackle all nine characters in the game by assigning them their appropriate rankings. Along with their ranks, we will briefly discuss their kits and overall usability in the game.

The title was released recently on the 20th of October, and since that point, it has continuously grown and currently sits at a couple of thousand viewers, according to Twitch stats. It is an RPG spinoff of Mario that Ubisoft has developed in partnership with Nintendo, with characters from both the Mario and the Rabbids universes. The game is extremely new right now, so most of the rankings made in the list are based on initial impressions. So without further ado, let’s start our list.

Key Points

  • There are a total of nine characters in our Tier List.
  • Based on our initial impressions of them, we have ranked them.
  • In the highest ranks, we have the likes of Rabbid Mario and Luigi.
  • Rabbid Luigi holds the bottom end of our ranks at the moment.


In the table given below, you will find all nine characters in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope listed according to their rankings. 

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Rabbid MarioEdgeBowserRabbid Luigi
LuigiRabbid PeachRabbid Rosalina

You can learn more about each character in the article below.

S Tier

Best Mario + Rabbits Sparks of Hope Characters
S Tier.

As most ranking articles go, we shall start the tier list with the S rank. Here, we will be going over the absolutely best characters in Mario Rabbids, who can deal with entire encounters on their own.

Rabbid Mario

The first and the best character of Mario Rabbids is none other than Rabbid Mario himself. Now, the ranking is all over the place at the moment. Some believe Rabbid Mario is an average character others think he is one of the worst. However, in my experience of playing him, he is one of the most overpowered characters I found in the game. Rabbid Mario is, of course, the Rabbid version of Mario and is a beast of destruction.

Rabbid Mario is one of the most damaging characters in the game when dealing with multiple targets. The limitation of his kit is that his first ability, The Dukes, has a very low range of 9m. At first, this seems like a very big drawback. However, when you look at how much health Rabbid Mario has to offer, that limitation is reduced to a very minute drawback.

Additionally, Rabbid Mario’s attacks ignore barriers and hit accurately, which means that it is likely that you will finish off the enemy wave before they finish you off. Moving on, his second ability is called Counter Blow which is one of the best counter moves in the game. It has a cooldown of three turns, which is pretty expensive, but when played properly, it can easily win games. To conclude, Rabbid Mario is one of the best characters in the game because he is good against hordes of enemies. He may not be that great in fights against single enemies, so keep that in mind.

Health Points 265
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon


The second and last character among the S-ranked characters is Mario’s brother, Luigi. Luigi is the only other character I thought was extremely good at his role. He is a fantastic sniper champion that is perfect for fights against single champions. Even though he does lack a bit in the health department, he is still one of the best characters in the game as of now.

As I mentioned, Luigi is a sniper character, so both his abilities have an incredible range. His first ability is called Sharpshooter. Sharpshooter is one of the best abilities I came across in the game. Aside from dealing from an extreme range, it scales up the damage the greater the distance is between Luigi and the target. Not only does it keep Luigi safe, but it also serves as the ultimate weapon against single enemy situations.

His second ability is called Steely Stare. In my honest opinion, it is one of the most broken abilities in the game. If an enemy moves closer to Luigi, he can eradicate them from the world with a single shot. Aside from that, this ability has a range of 31 m which is on the higher side. Furthermore, if you pair the ability with Ghost Bullet, you can easily ignore obstacles and take down enemies behind them as well.

All in all, Luigi is perhaps the most broken character there is when it comes to long-range and single-enemy fights. His kit has no drawbacks aside from the low health part. He is one of my favorite characters to play in the game simply because it is easy to get rid of enemies with him. It seems illegal to play with him because it feels like you’re using cheat codes to steamroll over enemies.

Health Points 130
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon

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A Tier

Good Mario + Rabbids Characters
A Tier.

Up next on the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope tier list is the A rank. Here, we will review some of the good but not the best characters in the game. However, these characters can be almost as good as the S-tier ones in specific situations.


The first of the many characters we will discuss in the article is Edge. Edge is almost as good as the two S-tier characters that we have listed above, however, some limitations in her abilities reduce her to the A Tier. But still, Edge is one of the most powerful characters in the game because of her diverse and adaptive kit. It is hard to fit her into combos, but that’s only because she is such a solid asset by herself.

Edge’s first ability is called Flying Blade, which is similar to a boomerang. It deals average damage to enemy champions but comes with a huge critical hit chance of 40%. Landing a critical hit is very powerful on Edge because it nearly doubles her attack damage. Flying Blade can only target one target when used; however, if you play correctly, you can make it hit every enemy it comes across on its way back to you. This makes Edge’s difficulty scale quite high. But considering she is the first character you get, you will develop the skill to use it if you practice enough.

Her second ability is quite a dramatic feat. It is called Stormblade and deals AoE damage in a 7m radius. The attack damage is about 160%, but it can quickly annihilate enemies when used in the perfect situation. Considering Edge is a starting character, the ability makes her extremely good in the early game.

Health Points 220
Primary Weapon
Flying blade
Secondary Weapon

Rabbid Peach

Next up among the A rankings is Princess Peach, but the Rabbid variant. She is one of the game’s most well-balanced characters and the most powerful healer. On the base level, she does decent, but when you level up her abilities and skills, she can be an extremely powerful asset to your team. Furthermore, because she is a healer, she synergizes with almost every other character in the game, which gives her the most versatility.

Rabbid Peach is not just a healer, though. She shines just as bright in combat as she does when healing her allies. Her first ability is called Galactic Triple Troll. It is as chaotic as it sounds. When used, you can fire three projectiles toward a single enemy target. Additionally, her ability ignore covers, so it is almost a guaranteed hit every time it is used. 

Finally, her second ability is Heal. Heal is pretty self-explanatory as it heals Rabbi Peach’s allies for 20% of their health. Rabbid Peach really holds the spotlight for sustain in fights. In simpler terms, Rabbid Peach can be the deal breaker in almost all long fights, especially ones that are against bosses.

Health Points 220
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon


Who better to discuss after Rabbid Peach than her original self, Princess Peach? Similar to Rabbid Peach, Princess Peach is also a support-type character. The difference largely lies in usability. While Rabbid Peach heals, Princess Peach can only defend her allies. The problem with Princess Peach is that she is relatively hard to use if you are new to the game. Other than that, her abilities can annihilate enemies quickly and effectively.

Her first ability is called Broom Bella. It is essentially a huge wave that pushes into the enemies and deals 90-110 damage as it hits them. There are a few hidden features of the attack, however. This wave will do progressively less damage the farther the enemies are from Princess Peach. Additionally, the attack will ignore enemies who are behind partial cover. That may seem like a huge drawback, but if you put her in the correct team comps, it is a one-way ticket to victory.

Secondly, she has the ability called Team Barrier, which is also quite self-explanatory. Princess Peach creates a huge barrier that defends all of her allies against enemy attacks. If used with characters like Rabbid Mario or other heavy hitters, the ability is your ultimate trump card to win almost every enemy encounter.

Health Points 340
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon


Finally, the last character that we will discuss in the A tier of our Tier List is the man himself, Mario. Nintendo especially made sure not to disappoint the fans when it came to the main man of the franchise. Mario is a combination of Rabbids Peach and Luigi. The combo is not bad, but it is relatively hard to place into good team compositions. 

Mario’s first attack is called Galactic Dual Slinger, which is like Rabbid Peach’s Galactic Triple Toll. He fires two projectiles at enemies that deal 55-65 damage per each projectile hit. The interesting thing about the ability is that it is completely up to you whether you want the projectiles to hit the same target or two different ones. Target selection is not random either, so you will have to pick which enemies to hit manually.

His second ability is called Hero Sight, which is like Luigi’s Steely Stare. The difference between these two abilities is the range. Mario has a shorter range of 21m, but the functionality is the same. If an enemy comes close to Mario within that range, he can potentially one-shot enemies into oblivion. It deals 100% damage but has a cooldown of 3 turns which is the same as Luigi’s.

Health Points 220
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon

B Tier

Average Mario + Rabbids Characters
B Tier.

We are almost through the Tier List, but for now, next on the agenda is the B rank. In this category, we will discuss the average characters in the game. They are decent at best and don’t offer as much except in certain situations.


The first character that we are going to play in the spotlight in the B rank is Bowser. Bowser is a character most of you are probably familiar with, especially because of recent events. Much like his voice actor in the new Super Mario Bros movie, Jack Black, Bowser in the game is quite the energetic and intimidating character to play with. He is my favorite in the game by far, but that’s because I enjoy hyper-aggressive strategies for which he is perfect. He is a bit of a hit-or-miss, but that’s just part of the charm for me.

Before we talk about his first ability, another cool thing to note about him is that he is the tankiest character in the game by a long shot. His first ability allows him to throw exploding projectiles toward the enemy that deals massive AOE damage. The attack also hits enemies behind partial cover. Additionally, it has a 20% critical hit chance, which boosts the ability’s damage from 315-355 to 603, which is a massive hit.

His Second ability is called Rabbid Meckkoopas, which allows him to summon 3 Rabbid Meckkoopas. These Koopas act like honing missiles but in the form of short little Koopas. They walk towards the enemy and explode on contact. They deal around 170 damage with additional AOE damage thanks to the fire after they start after they explode. 

All in all, he is the strongest character in the game in terms of damage to health, but others don’t seem to think so. I have rarely seen players use Bowser, even after unlocking him in all the streams I have seen of the game. Maybe he is just a hidden gem that is yet to be refined. In any case, if you like destruction, chaos, and fire, Bowser is the guy for you.

Health Points 200
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon

Rabbid Rosalina

The next and final character of the B Tier is Rabbid Rosalina, who is the one character that I could not think of how to play with. Her attacks do seem pretty good, but I still think that other characters can potentially be a better asset than her in the game. 

Her first ability is a pretty familiar one. It also shoots multiple projectiles toward her target. The only thing that differentiates this skill from Rabbid Peach’s and Mario’s skill is that these projectiles destroy all the obstacles it encounters its way. Additionally, these are not light missiles either. Rabbid Rosaline fires 12 projectiles, each of which deals 24-30 damage to the enemy.

Her second ability is where it gets tricky. It allows Rosalina to freeze any opponent she wants within a 14m range. The ability is pretty hard to combo with, not because of abilities but because it requires extreme coordination. Making just one mistake at any point of the match, and most strategies with her will fail to be nearly as successful as they could have been. She is a pretty strong character but is a little too difficult when compared to some of the other characters in the game. 

Health Points 120
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon

C Tier

Worst Mario + Rabbids Characters
C Tier.

Well, the final tier of the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope tier list is here. In the C rank, we will go over the worst characters of the game, even though, again, they can be useful in very specific situations.

Rabbid Luigi

The final and the worst character in this new Nintendo title is Rabbid Luigi. As mentioned in the paragraph above, he does perform pretty poorly compared to how he once did. Rabbid Luigi is the opposite of his original variant. While Luigi excels in long-range combat, Rabbid Luigi deals in a much shorter range. Here’s a brief description of what abilities he has to offer.

His first ability is called Disruptor. It is quite a lethal ability that allows Rabbid Luigi to throw a disc that hits three enemies, dealing more damage after each hit. It has a base damage of 60-71, which progressively increases. However, it only has a range of 15m, but it does ignore partial covers, so you are all good there. 

His second ability is called Exhaust. Exhaust is a relatively unique ability in the game. The ability has a range of 17m and has no restrictions on how many enemies it can hit. Enemies who are hit by it will deal half their base damage for as long they are affected.  Rabbid Luigi is a pretty decent character on paper, but the problem with him is synergy. When talking about team compositions, Rabbd Luigi is so unique that he can not effectively lash out combos with any of his fellow characters. Unfortunately, that is the case in the game so far. 

Health Points 200
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon

Comparison Table

CharactersTierHealth PointsPrimary WeaponSecondary Weapon
Rabbid MarioS265BoomshotMelee
EdgeA220Flying BladeRocket
Rabbid PeachA220BlasterSentry
Rabbid RosalinaB120KaboomerMelee
Rabbid LuigiC200BworbRocket

Patch Note: Ver. 1.2.2145477

The latest version update has the following updates

  • The second set of supplemental materials from the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Season Pass is added with support for it
  • To enhance the gameplay, a number of problems were resolved and different changes were implemented.


Well, that does it for our article covering Mario and his Rabbid friends. Personally, I found the game to be a lot of fun because of how simple yet diverse it is because of the character’s abilities. Aside from that, steamrolling with Bowser is pretty fun as well. 

However, do let me know what you think of the ranking in the comments below. As always, be sure to leave a comment about anything you wish to add to the discussion, or just tell me about how your experience has been with this game so far. Take care, gamers.