MHA Ultra Impact Tier List [March 2023 Update]

Our MHA Ultra Impact Character Tier List Ranks the Strongest Heroes and Villains.

In this MHA Ultra Impact tier list, you will get all the information about the characters of the game. In the mobile role-playing game My Hero Academia Ultra Impact, your goal is to assemble a team that is so strong that you can collectively save the world from certain oblivion. 

As a result, you’ll recognize a lot of the characters, which is why we’ve compiled a list of all the My Hero Academia Ultra Impact cast members. Here, we provide some background information on each character in case you aren’t familiar with them or are unsure of their role in the game. 

Key Points

  • Our article will rank characters based on the current meta.
  • There are a total of 23 entries in the article.
  • In the highest tier, you will find characters like Nejire Hado and Eijiro Kirishima.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you will find the likes of Kyoka Jiro.


We will list all characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Nejire HadoTamaki AmajikHimiko TogaOverhaul/EctoplasmHizashi Yamada
All MightShoto TodorokiTomura ShigarakiHanta SeroKyoka Jiro
Denki KaminariShota AizawaMomo YaoyorozuMinoru Mineta
Eijiro KirishimaMirio Togata
Tokoyami FumikageTsuyu Asuyu
HawksKatsuki Bakugo
Izuku Midoriya
Ochaco Uraraka
Kai Chisaki

Learn more about each entry further in the article.

S Tier

Best characters of MHA Ultra impact tier list
S Tier.

The wonderful characters from the game who are adaptable and excellent in their forms make up the S rank of the MHA Ultra Impact tier list. Having the very greatest talents and capabilities, these characters are a part of the superb tier of the list.

Nejire Hado

He is also known as Nejire Chan and is a student at High School. Fair-skinned, medium height, and wide, inquisitive eyes characterize Nejire, the U.A. lads and Yuyu Haya think Nejire is more “cute type” than “sexy kind.”

Nejire is a pleasant, chatty, and insatiably curious young woman nature-wise who takes a keen interest in the distinctive physical characteristics of others and is easily sidetracked by them. Although she can be quite direct because of that, she frequently asks intrusive or uncomfortable questions.

Together with Mirio and Tamaki, Nejire makes up The Big 3, a group of the most influential students in U.A. High School. Her skills are comparable to or even better than those of the majority of Pro Heroes so she is placed at the top place of our article.

She is capable of self-defense and long-range attacks using the waves. Nejire is also capable of commanding a battlefield and maintaining her distance by utilizing a mixture of the available methods and has been trained well in order to overcome the downside of her Quirk.

Also, she has shown that she is quite tough by surviving being burnt by Dabi’s flames and emerging with only light burns. Given that Dabi’s firepower is more than Nejire’s, this is a particularly stunning display of her fortitude.

Nejire increases the power of her Wave Motion to 30. She then unleashes two strong waves, one from each hand that creates two massive waves to attack her foes. Also, she has the power to defeat two villains at once by using gigantification quirks. She charges her Wave Motion’s output to 100 percent and fires a powerful blast of power toward the target.  The term “Nejire Flood” comes from the energy’s formation like a cascade that spirals downhill.

HP  53300
POWER 10556

All Might

Toshinori Yagi, often referred to as All Might, was a former No. 1 Pro Hero and the global peace symbol, he teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. High School. Although he resembles a standard superhero from a comic book when he is fully enhanced. He is a very huge guy with a similarly strong and well-defined body. The flamboyant, theatrical character that All Might adopts as his heroic identity seems to have been taken directly from comic book superhero tropes.

With a huge smile, he always protects and saves the helpless. Due to his fame and lengthy career in the limelight, All Might is very amiable and personable, constantly taking the time to engage with fans.

All Might appears to have directly borrowed elements of comic book heroes. He constantly defends and helps the vulnerable with a bright smile. Another notable display of All Might’s might came during his last confrontation with All For One.

The character has occasionally demonstrated that he is a terrible teacher since he lacks proper teaching techniques and required a script for his first class, yet he does display these qualities when it comes to training and hero practice.

After developing a training program that would enable Izuku Midoriya to train up his body and safely inherit his Quirk in the constrained time frame of ten months, All Might be able to assist in transforming Izuku Midoriya’s slender physique into a muscled vessel for One For All. He also realized that Izuku had been purposefully pushing himself to advance, indicating that he had created the regimen so that Izuku could train efficiently.

HP  49875
POWER 11835

Denki Kaminari

Denki attends High School and is a member of Class 1. He is now preparing to join the professional hero ranks. If we’re being really honest, we have a soft place for Denki, with his he has a contagious energy and is extremely amiable. Also, he has angular side fringes and short, golden hair that covers his left eye.

He flaunts a basic white shirt with an open black jacket, matching slacks, and his original superhero outfit. His right ear is covered by a single, square-shaped headphone with what seems to be a radio antenna protruding from the top.

He enjoys socializing with others and is an outgoing, sociable, and active youngster. When engaging with others, especially the often antagonistic Katsuki Bakugo, he is relatively laid-back, but he is also not beyond whining or overreacting if sufficiently irritated or surprised. Denki is usually well-intentioned, still, sometimes he comes across as brash and careless.

The character also lacks direct fighting skills, but he makes up for it by having a fair amount of control over his Quirk’s devastating, all-encompassing power. When Denki uses Electrification, he develops a defensive mechanism that shocks everyone who comes into touch with him, temporarily paralyzing them, and has some strategic and tactical abilities, despite not being one of Class 1-A’s more cerebral members. He came up with a plan to beat Ibara Shiozaki, one of the most fearsome pupils of the class, during the Joint Training.

Denki is an excellent guitarist on the electric guitar and a competent portrait artist. Denki has the ability to create electricity and envelop his body in it because of his quirk. He may emit the electricity across a distance too, but has very little control over it, thus it will spread randomly. His mind blanks out when his energy capacity is reached, leaving him defenseless for an hour.

Denki discharges a lot of energy, shocking everyone in his vicinity. However, the ability can cause his brain to short circuit for some time as the limit is thirteen hundred thousand volts. Denki can boost the voltage of his indiscriminate shock to a maximum of 2 million volts, although doing so causes his brain to short-circuit more quickly. Denki directs a direct line of energy with his target electro with his pointers.

HP  54006
POWER 12102

Eijiro Kirishima

He is a noisy and gregarious man, and he will do anything for anybody who gains his trust. Eijiro is a young man of medium height who is a strong young man with a very outstanding body.

He also has sharp fangs and sparse eyebrows. His hair is relatively long, colored a vivid red, and gel-spiked away from his head at all angles, with two more obvious tufts spiked like small horns.

He wears two dark crimson shoulder pads in the form of gears while dressed as a superhero. Also, his belt features a crimson “R” engraved in the middle, which stands for his Hero name, “Red Riot”. Below this, he is dressed in a half-cape and black pants. Along with wearing many thick rings around his calves, he is also wearing black boots.

Eijiro is a loud and gregarious man and has a habit to use the words “manly” and “unmanly” to express stuff he likes or dislikes. He is easily moved to tears by those who have a heroic, brave, and resolute attitude, so they quickly gain his total respect and adoration.

Eijiro has proven to be an extremely strong character. With a balanced amount of villain and rescue points, his skills helped him place second on the U.A. Entrance Exam and also took top positions on the Quirk Apprehension Test.

Eijiro’s combat style is plain, and his tough body withstands blows from opponents while launching counterattacks. Whenever his quirk is activated, even bullets cannot penetrate Eijiro’s skin, enabling him to serve as a human shield for friends or helpless bystanders.

The stamina of the character is well above average even without his Quirk. Even though Eijiro faced explosives in their battle at the U.A. Sports Festival, Katsuki argues that it was not only because of Eijiro’s armored skin. The claim demonstrates that Eijiro has a respectable level of inherent durability, which can be strengthened by his Hardening Quirk.

Eijiro’s steadfast gallantry is a distinguishing quality. Eijiro lacked the confidence to speak out for others in middle school, even though he want to but was paralyzed by fear.

After hearing a video of Crimson Riot’s lecture on chivalry and his heroic beliefs, Eijiro changed his perspective and turned into a virile guy who wants to assist others regardless of how terrified he may be, even if it means risking his own life. Eijiro has the ability to harden and hone any or all areas of his body, turning his flesh into a jagged, rock-like surface. However, his tough physique has a threshold for how much harm it can take.

HP  52656
POWER 10831

Tokoyami Fumikage

Tokoyami stands out from the crowd, but not because of his superior intelligence or academic performance. Young teenager Fumikage is fairly small and has a black bird’s skull that resembles a crow or raven with a hooked yellowish beak. His physique is that of a typical fair-skinned person, despite his avian head.

He will, however, make a great professional hero in the future. Tokoyami develops some muscle mass after training with Hawks. The gloomy, black cloak that covers Tokoyami from head to toe serves as his hero outfit. A black t-shirt with bands, dark pants, and a utility belt is worn underneath the cloak.

Fumikage is best characterized as a composed, concentrated, and hardworking young guy. He lacks the same level of feeling as his peers or Dark Shadow.  Nevertheless, Fumikage shows himself to be a  truly brave character, and also adopts a more refined and polite attitude toward his peers.

The ability to produce a sentient, shadowy entity from his body that he can control and use both in combat situations and to help allies is part of Fumikage’s quirk. Actuality, Dark Shadow is a sentient monster that interacts telepathically with Fumikage and serves in a guardian-like capacity for the young hero in training.

The difficulty of balancing Fumikage’s mastery over Dark Shadow’s powers is a significant disadvantage. In the light, Dark Shadow is more submissive but still controllable, and he (usually) obediently executes Fumikage’s orders. Dark Shadow, however, grows very strong in the dark while simultaneously becoming more erratic, destructive, and unpredictable. The ability allows Dark Shadow to easily cut through Moonfish’s blade-like teeth and drop in the B-Rank villain. Moonfish was a very strong and deadly B-Rank villain.

HP  44211
POWER 8329


Most of you who are familiar with the game would be happy to see this character in the S tier as he is the favorite character of most of the players. Who wants a professional hero who seems to be a gangsta? Hawks is currently the superhero of MHA, and as you may guess from his name, he has enormous wings on his back that allow him to fly.

Even better, he takes great pleasure in his work, as a result, you can’t help but smile near him and have a good time. Hawks is a pivotal supporting character in the well-liked My Hero Academia. He served as the Pro Hero Arc’s deuteragonist. Hawks play a small yet crucial role in My Hero Academia.

Hawks is a young man of average height with blonde hair and hazel-colored eyes that look to be those of a bird. His Quirk grants him a pair of enormous, vivid red wings with feathers that grow longer as they descend. The hero outfit worn by Hawks resembles an aviator’s uniform.

He has a set of large red wings thanks to the Hawks’ Quirk, that enables him to fly quite quickly. His feathers are strong yet lightweight, and hawks may use his long wings as a weapon. In addition to that, Hawks can identify individuals and listen in on conversations by using his wings to grab on nearby sounds and vibrations.

The more feathers Hawks utilizes, the worse off his ability to fly is. Additionally, because his feathers are susceptible to burning and/or destruction, Hawks are helpless against foes who possess fire-based skills. His major wings will regenerate in a couple of days even though all of his feathers are lost.

HP  48180
POWER 9344

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is the man of the moment, My Hero Academia would just not be fun without him. He serves as the primary protagonist. He initially stood out because he lacked skills as compared to other superheroes. But nobody could ever doubt his heart, which is why All Might decides to instruct him.

A young guy named Izuku has untidy deep green hair that many people mistake for being black. Izuku began his training with All Might and at UA, where he gained well-developed abdominal muscles, while he was originally quite slender. Izuku is typically described as a shy, upbeat, and truthful boy. Despite being born without a quirk, Izuku never gave up on his childhood ambition to become a hero who is greatly influenced by the No. 1 Hero: All Might.

Izuku had numerous qualities that made others perceive him as heroic even before he acquired his Quirk, such as his bravery and altruism in rescuing and supporting those in distress. These qualities alone attracted the attention of his icon, All Might, who determined that he would be suitable to use his quirk, One For All, to carry on his legacy as his successor, the following peace symbol, the ninth user of One For All, and for Izuku to realize his dream of becoming the World’s Greatest Hero.

One For All is a Quirk that has been passed down through the generations and is presently in Izuku’s hands after being given to him by All Might. The Third User of One quirk, which itself is similar to a Chinese martial arts skill, is a release of internal power. He can store and release kinetic energy by performing regular motions repeatedly.

HP  45754
POWER 10175

Ochaco Uraraka

She is enrolled in Class 1-A at U.A. High School and went through Professional Hero education. She is one of My Hero Academia’s central protagonists. Ochaco is a young woman of small stature with a curvy body. She has a fair complexion, and her cheeks are always flushed.

She dons the standard uniform for female students while attending class, which consists of a grey dress jacket with two blue-green stripes. Her skin-tight, all-black superhero outfit has two black dots on her chest, a pastel pink logo along the middle, and a rectangle running between her legs underneath the waist.

Ochaco is a cheerful girl and occasionally has a bit of an airhead and often acts quite direct without even realizing it. She is a kind, outgoing person who sees the best in everyone while remaining objective enough to recognize both their shortcomings and strengths and she may adopt an incredibly determined, concentrated, and often threatening attitude

The character doesn’t appear to be one of the strongest fighters at first, but over her tenure at U.A. High School, she has improved her skills and now has the ability to compete with the toughest combatants. She placed third on the University of Arizona Entrance Exam and tenth on the Quirk Apprehension Test because of her skills. Ochaco’s primary method of combat is getting near her adversary and using her Quirk, Zero Gravity, to attack them directly.

Her enemies are constantly floating up and losing their balance as a result. Ochaco may also employ Zero Gravity to eliminate her own weight, which will improve her agility and allow her to make dummy things that hover above the ground. Ochaco ranks among the top female pupils in her class in terms of overall strength. Although he has also worked hard and developed a remarkable level of stamina.

Still, Ochaco isn’t the smartest student in her class, but she makes up for it with her strategic thinking and quick ability to determine an opponent’s strengths and fighting style as soon as the battle starts. 

HP  44951
POWER 10312

Kai Chisaki

Kai Chisaki also goes by the name Overhaul, who acted as the Shie Hassaikai Arc’s main adversary. Here comes a young, pale man with a slim body and short, reddish hair that is parted to the right. An antisocial, mysophobic psychopath, is fixated on restoring the world back to how it was before the Quirk epidemic.

He thinks that Quirks are truly a scourge on society, having infected people with “syndromes” of heroism. He considers anyone who uses their powers for either good or evil to be “sickness,” and he looks down on them.

Kai, the most formidable criminal in Japan before he was dismembered, was attracted to him since he was such a formidable foe. Due to his quirk, overhaul, treatment of it, and lack of regret, he is a highly dangerous person. Kai concentrates on killing his enemies by rapidly disguising them or by transforming the environment around him into a bombardment of spikes.

He alters the terrain to help him move around the space and defend against approaching attacks. Kai is quite tough since he took a lot of strikes from Mirio and was still able to retain consciousness while yet suffering serious wounds. 

HP  49565
POWER 11537

A Tier

Good characters of MHA Ultra impact tier list
A Tier.

The A tier of the MHA Ultra Impact tier list has several outstanding game fighters who rank highly in terms of both remarkable powers and skills. They do fall short in a few crucial areas as compared to the S tier, but they still outperform many others.

Tamaki Amajik

Tamaki Amajiki, commonly known as Suneater, is a tall young man with a fair amount of melasma. He is also a member of The Big 3 and attends U.A. High School in Class 3-A. He has small, tired-looking eyes that are partially hidden by his blue hair bangs.

Tamaki’s superhero outfit is a black bodysuit with gold plating on the shoulders and arms. He wears a white tunic, a cape, and a hood that has more gold plating on top. Usually, he is barefooted and wears a mask on his eyes. Tamaki is particularly withdrawn, distant, gloomy, “intimidating,” and introverted amid large crowds. Whenever he talks to other people, he becomes quite tense.

According to reports, Tamaki has talents and powers that are significantly above those of the majority of Pro Heroes. Tamaki has put a lot of effort into developing his quirk, Manifest with which he is able to control concurrent manifestations, size modification, and extraction of features. Tamaki’s fighting style is incredibly varied and unpredictable as a result of that.

Tamaki has demonstrated his might several times. Before his Quirk was temporarily gone, he was able to beat deadly enemies with ease. In addition, everything he generates is stronger than usual, as seen by the ease with which his crab claws were able to destroy metal weaponry. Tamaki’s manifestation will get bigger the more material he consumes.

The character also has the ability to modify his arms into tentacles with suction cups so as to cover large damaged areas, also he can modify his lower body into a horse in order to attack the enemy multiple times.

HP  42580
POWER 10714

Shoto Todoroki

The three-dimensional protagonist student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, where he is pursuing his dream of being a professional hero. Shoto is a young man of average height, who is fairly strong and well-built for his age. His hair is a bit long, and he wears bangs that are divided in half so they don’t get in the way of his eyesight also, one side is black and the other white in color. He also has heterochromia iridium, which makes the iris of his left eye seem turquoise and the iris of his right eye a brownish-dark grey as a result of this.

In his first superhero outfit, he dons a simple off-white shirt, off-white leggings, and boots, with two gold straps across his shoulders. Shoto was abused as a child and had a challenging family life, which led to his distant attitude. Shoto was focused and emotionless, and he seldom socializes. However, after the U.A. Sports Festival, Shoto showed a noticeable improvement in his social competence and friendliness.

Initially trained by his father Shoto, additionally, is quite adept at using his flexible and potent quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot, which gives him amazing dual-element powers. Shoto can make ice with his special quirks that he can freely shape according to his will by using the right side of his body, including ice waves that cover wide regions and ice barriers.

He can also use the ability to significantly drop temperatures and instantly freeze everything he touches. Shoto also has a versatile and powerful quirk called Half-Cold Half-Hot, which grants him extraordinary dual-element abilities. Shoto’s quirk allows him to produce flames on the left side of his body and ice on the right. Also, he focuses his fire and shoots it out of his fingertips, cutting through everything.

HP  46946
POWER 12002
CRIT. 10
DEF 100

Shota Aizawa

Shota Aizawa, a Pro Hero and the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A at U.A. High School, is also known as the Erasure Hero. Shota has an unruly, and worn-out appearance, pale skin tone, and black hair that partially drapes in front of his face. His half-open black eyes give a tired look.

Being a tall, skinny man with pale skin he is typically identified by his beaten-down look. Shota is an extremely strict and reclusive man with high standards for his pupils. He is largely driven by reasoning and does not consider it necessary to keep a neat look or to moderate his words or opinions in order to please others.

He frequently gives the impression of being chilly, irritable, and indifferent, putting out very little effort in most circumstances and preferring to take naps in his sleeping bag.

Shota is one of the most fearsome instructors and Pro Heroes at U.A. High because of his exceptional fighting skill and cunning. Shota’s typical strategy in battle is to neutralize an opponent’s quirk. He may also use it to move about by swinging it against walls and other objects.

Shota said it took him six years to learn and perfect the combat method from scratch, despite how skilled he is at employing it. This kind of battle works well with his Erasure Quirk since he can confine and beat his opponents while negating their Quirks. Shota repeatedly managed to continue fighting while receiving severe and agonizing wounds.

If Shota blinks, Erasure turns off also, he experiences severe dry eye due to his quirk, which forces him to blink more frequently when he utilizes the power repeatedly and lacks offensive strategies. Erasure cannot affect the majority of Mutant-class quirks. Thus making it to the A tier.

HP  49653
POWER 11520

Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata attended High School in Class 3-B. He is a tall, well-built young man with several prominent scars on his lower arms. He is also incredibly muscular and is a part of the trio known as “The Big 3.” In his superhero outfit, Mirio has a white skin-tight shirt with the number one million in a prominent, yellow font engraved on it, and also wears a red cape along with it.

Mirio often strikes people as a vivacious character with some odd quirks. Many people tend to wonder how Mirio is one of the University’s best students based solely on his character. One of the most influential students at U.A. High School is thought to be Mirio and because of his exceptional combat skills, charming attitude, and remarkable technique, Mirio, in particular, has received a lot of praise. His near-uncontrollable Quirk is Mirio’s main strength, and because of that, he is frequently seen as invulnerable.

Mirio has a staggering level of speed also he is a very intelligent guy despite having a casual and laid-back demeanor. His logical abilities, developed via Nighteye’s instruction, enable him to precisely foresee his opponent’s actions and fighting prowess.

HP  55465
POWER 10390

Tsuyu Asuyu

Tsuyu Asui, sometimes referred to as the Rainy Season Hero shares our values and isn’t shy about expressing her opinions, and when she does, this aspiring hero is straightforward. We admire the fact that you are conscious of your stance on the hero. She also maintains her composure, which is remarkable.

Being a short girl with a very slim body and noticeably huge hands, her look is somewhat frog-like, she has a very large mouth similar to a common frog. Her superhero outfit includes a vivid green turtleneck bodysuit, tan gloves with huge buckles on each wrist guard, and black leggings.

Tsuyu is a direct and aloof person who constantly expresses her thoughts and opinions about people in a forthright manner.

Tsuyu has shown that she is a very strong individual and is an expert in both close-quarters and long-range combat using the frog-based powers. She uses a combat technique that combines tremendous agility, explosive jumps, and leg strength to deliver powerful kicks while evading, surprising, and confusing her adversaries.

Overall she has good stamina and is intelligent enough making her a strong character in the game making it to the A tier. Due to her frog-like nature and quirks, she also hibernates like a frog when facing cold temperatures for a long time, during the hibernation, she is unable to perform her functions.

HP  48943
POWER 9381

Katsuki Bakugo

You’ll probably note that many of these characters including Katsuki are students. Although he is engaged in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, he definitely needs some training to control his haughtiness. The young man known as Katsuki is of ordinary height, with a slender, muscular physique, and fair complexion.

Additionally, he has a propensity for aggression and temper tantrums, but as soon as there are villains to vent his wrath on. His superhero outfit consists of a v-necked, tight-fitting, black, sleeveless tank top with an orange “X” along the center. Especially towards the start of the series, Katsuki is an aggressive, unpleasant, conceited, and short-tempered character. Katsuki often comes out as unheroic.

Katsuki uses his Quirk’s propelling powers to narrow the gap between him and his opponents before launching a barrage of close-range blows that frequently begin with a devastating right hook. High-caliber physical strength is demonstrated by Katsuki’s ability to utilize his Grenade Bracers without experiencing any recoil, but Izuku almost dislocated his arm when doing the same.

Additionally, he possesses enough strength in his one arm to casually pick up and throw big-sized creatures a great distance. His incredible reflexes and response time are maybe his most incredible physical quality. Katsuki can produce powerful explosions because of his unique ability to generate nitroglycerin-like sweating from the palms of his hands and set it ablaze at will.

HP  54295
POWER 10561

B Tier

Average characters of MHA ultra impact

Characters with an adequate plot, certain skills, and raw strength are put in the B-tier of the MHA Ultra Impact tier list 2022, which is an average level. It features three MHA characters, primarily those who are beyond their prime or are only exploited as a tool by others.

Himiko Toga

She was a part of the League of Villains, connected to the Vanguard Action Squad, and subsequently rose to become one of the PLF’s nine lieutenants. Himiko is a fair-skinned, rather little girl who blushes and is usually described as having a rather attractive face. Also, she is a tremendously happy girl who has cruel inclinations.

She even smiles after killing someone, supposedly. Himiko is a particularly skilled and deadly warrior who employs her excellent knife skills in conjunction with her improved mobility. She has the capacity to change into someone else’s physical likeness and mimic their speech thanks to her quirk. A blood-sucking device is affixed to Himiko’s utility belt which he can utilize later on by storing it in capsules.

HP  49609
POWER 11528

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki, also known by his true name Tenko Shimura, is the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia series. He is the head of the League of Villains and one of the key adversaries of the USJ arc when he makes his first prominent appearance.

The character is a slender man with a pale complexion, untidy grayish-blue hair left falling over his face in unruly waves, with the largest strands reaching approximately his shoulders. He generally covers his lips and eyes, but when they are seen, they are frequently extended out in a manic way, with tiny, bright red irises.

Tomura is seen as the sinister reflection of Izuku Midoriya due to his nasty and deranged disposition. He has no concern for his own life or the lives of virtually anybody else, and he has no remorse for committing horrible crimes like killing innocent people.

He is regarded as the most formidable villain in Japan, if not the entire globe. Because he is the head of the League of Villains and has complete control over his strong followers.

Tomura appears to be stronger than his physique would indicate because he was able to strangle Izuku only with four fingers as the victim struggled to resist. Also, he was able to endure Katsuki’s Explosion Quirk’s point-blank blast, suffering little to no damage.

Seems to be able to move incredibly swiftly, which allows him to make minimum contact with his targets while still touching them. Following the surgery, Tomura’s inherent physical power was increased by a number of levels, enabling him to easily move in the air using only his arm motions.

HP  44849
POWER 10459

Momo Yaoyorozu

Since Momo is the vice president of Class 1-A, you can tell that she’s serious about her studies. She is undergoing training to become a professional hero, and we have no doubt that this born leader will be successful and fulfill her dream.

Momo is a tall, slender teenage girl with a mature appearance. She must maintain a bigger physique than her classmates because of her Quirk, which demands fat cells. She wears a sleeveless bodysuit with high collars that are open from the neck to just below the waist and also has silver lines at the waist and around the arms.

Momo is a very responsible and conscientious individual who leads naturally. She typically maintains composure and composure in perilous circumstances, but she isn’t immune to panic. Momo is extremely nice, courteous, and quiet, but she can also be honest when commenting on other people’s errors and miscalculations.

She has a high level of fighting proficiency. Momo is an expert with a variety of weapons, which she can use both defensively and offensively against her opponent. Her intellectual abilities are great, quickly coming up with war and emergency plans that she has little issue putting into action thanks to the adaptability of her Quirk.

Momo’s Quirk allows her to change the molecular makeup of her fat cells in order to construct any non-living substance or item from her exposed skin. She needs to comprehend the molecular structure of the substance or object being created in order to make something.

HP  43036
POWER 8564

C Tier

bad characters of MHA Ultra Impact
C Tier.

The majority of the MHA characters that are lacking in strength and mostly play supporting roles in the series were classified in the C-tier, of the MHA Ultra Impact tier list.


Math teacher Ectoplasm is a Pro Hero and academic staff at U.A. High School. Ectoplasm is a tall, skinny man with short hair and slightly inward-tilted eyes that are absolutely blank. He wears a brown cloak with a high collar that resembles a double-breasted trench coat over much of his body when he is dressed as a hero. Ectoplasm has gained a lot of popularity since he is a brave and unyielding hero.

Ectoplasm is one of the sharpest U.A. Faculty members. Despite losing his legs, he specializes in close-range fighting. Ectoplasm fights mostly with bursts of quick kicks at close range due to light combat prosthetics. He can create streams from his mouth and turn them into clones of himself and he is able to do this with the help of his Ectoplasm’s Quirk.

Ectoplasm bursts out of his mouth a large clone of himself made of ectoplasm. The opponent is subsequently subjugated and imprisoned by the enormous Ectoplasm clone’s bite.

HP  40565
POWER 9737

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Hanta Sero

Hanta Sero, also known as the Taping Hero, Cellophane, is pursuing a career as a pro hero. He is a tall, lanky young guy with black hair that is spiked downward. His skin-tight black bodysuit with a turtleneck, which is otherwise basic but for a white pattern on the middle of his torso, and two yellow trims around each of his elbow-length sleeves make up his superhero outfit.

He finishes off his look with a yellow helmet that is designed like his shoulder pads and has a big black visor covering his face. Hanta is one of the more outgoing members of Class 1-A and is a really kind individual. He occasionally has a tendency to be loud and obnoxious, seeking to surpass his classmates with his quirk.

Hanta has demonstrated that he is an extremely skilled warrior with a tremendous command of his adaptable Quirk, Tape. Hanta’s Quirk is that he possesses organs in his elbows that allow him to fire large lengths that resemble cellophane tape as well as retract them.

He typically tries targets with his tape from a distance, preventing them from moving by wrapping the tape around their body. He prefers to keep a safe distance while accurately launching copious pieces of tape at his adversaries. Hanta has also demonstrated the capacity to simultaneously fire numerous strands of tape.

HP  55102
POWER 10252

D Tier

Worst characters in MHA
D Tier.

The D tier, which contains the weaker heroes, is the last on our list. It’s preferable to just keep rolling if you got them from the initial re-rollable gacha instead of bothering to upgrade them.

Hizashi Yamada

Hizashi Yamada, commonly known as Voice Hero, Present Mic, is a Pro Hero who teaches English at High School. He is a tall, lean man with long blonde hair and a little brown mustache. He is always having a broad smile on his face. His superhero outfit consists of a tall, stud-adorned black jacket with an upturned collar, black leggings, and knee-high boots to match. Hizashi continues to present himself as an oddball radio DJ.

Hizashi has the capacity to raise the pitch of his voice, through his sonic scream-like ability. Hizashi’s Quirk produces a loud enough sound to make people’s ears bleed from a great distance away. Also, he wears a piece of equipment around his neck that enables him to direct the sound of his amplified voice. Besides this, he does not possess any special quirks so is placed in the D tier of the MHA Ultra Impact tier list.

HP  46946
POWER 12002

Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro, also known as Hearing Hero, Earphone Jack, is a student in Class 1-A, who is preparing to be a Pro Hero. She likes to mock the gullible people around her and is caustic and sassy. Kyoka is a young woman with a slim body and pale complexion.

She has onyx eyes that are trapezoidal and lazy-looking, with notably long lower eyelashes and thin eyebrows. She wears a black leather jacket, a long salmon-colored blouse with rips at the collar and hem, black slacks, and boots with stereos incorporated into their shafts as her superhero outfit.

While Kyoka doesn’t frequently engage in close combat, she makes good use of the handling provided by her quirk, Earphone Jack. She whips her prehensile Earphone Jack Quirk about like a whip and uses the sound it produces to shock enemies with vibrations, effectively stunning and occasionally dispatching them.

A pair of headphone jacks are hanging from Kyoka’s earlobes, which is her peculiarity. When the jacks are connected to something, Kyoka may send a powerful vibration assault via them in the shape of her heartbeat. She is also able to pick up on little sensations and sounds from her environment because of her Quirk.

HP  42385
POWER 10534

Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta, popularly known as the Fresh-Picked Hero, Grape Juice, attends U.A. High School and is preparing to join the ranks of the Pro Heroes as a student in Class 1-A. Minoru is a very small teenage lad with round, big-headed features, and rather swollen cheeks.

He has an extraordinarily distinct philtrum, oval-shaped eyes with huge, dark pupils, and very thin eyebrows. His nose is short, stubby, and points slightly upwards. He has a mohawk-like head with four sizable, ball-shaped bunches of very short, dark purple hair.

A simple superhero outfit consists of a purple shirt, mask, and accessories like a yellow cape, boots, and gloves. His slacks, which are white with a lighter purple accent, protrude significantly from his waist. Being shy yet notoriously perverse makes him unpopular with the females and even some lads.

Minoru has the ability to manufacture and remove balls from his head, and the balls regenerate at the same rate as they are removed. As he rushes at the opponent and throws numerous of his sticky things at them as he moves in that direction, immobilizing the adversary and enabling Minoru to get quickly past them. Despite that he does not have any special abilities so is placed in the last position in the article.

HP  8870
POWER 2188

Comparison Table

Nejire HadoS Rank5330010556939
All MightS Rank4987511835899
Denki KaminariS Rank5400612102824
Eijiro KirishimaS Rank5265610831879
Tokoyami FumikageS Rank442118329665
HawksS Rank481809344830
Izuku MidoriyaS Rank4575410175709
Ochaco UrarakaS Rank4495110312699
Kai ChisakiS Rank4956511537819
Tamaki AmajikA Rank4258010714714
Shoto TodorokiA Rank4694612002838
Shota AizawaA Rank4965311520823
Mirio TogataA Rank5546510390920
Tsuyu AsuyuA Rank489439381787
Katsuki BakugoA Rank5429510561909
Himiko TogaB Tier4960911528823
Tomura ShigarakiB Tier4484910459699
Momo YaoyorozuB Tier430368564647
Overhaul/EctoplasmC Tier405659737639
Hanta SeroC Tier5510210252909
Hizashi YamadaD Tier4694612002834
Kyoka JiroD Tier4238510534769
Minoru MinetaD Tier88702188119

March 20th Update

The following changes were introduced with the most recent update.

Returning Characters

  • UR Iida,
  • UR Kaminari
  • UR Jiro 

The following characters and memories will not appear in future Recruits.


  • Tenya Iida
  • Denki Kaminari
  • Kyoka Jiro


  • [Friendly Reinforcements]
  • [Resonating Power]
  • [Fantasy Meadow]
  • [Expanding Imagination]
  • [Close in Swordsmanship]


That concludes our discussion of the My Hero Academia Ultra Impact tier list. One of my talents is to spend a lot of time coming up with hypotheses on how specific strong individuals are. I’ve made the decision to make use of this capacity to compile what I think may be the most comprehensive ranking lists available online.

I’ve selected 23 characters from the MHA and ranked them in order of importance in order to fulfill that goal. I made an effort to incorporate the most well-known characters of MHA. The article not only specifies the abilities and skills but also gives you complete information on how each character looks and what superhero uniform they adorn in the game.