Nier Reincarnation Tier List [2023]

A definitive tier list of all the characters in the game.

Not sure which character to pick in the Nier Reincarnation game? Well, our Nier Reincarnation tier list can help you by providing a guide about the characters in this game, we rank all of the characters from the S tier to the lows of the D tier, so you can save your precious time and do not choose characters that aren’t worth it. We also keep our list updated as new characters are added to the game, so we recommend checking back often to ensure that you’re always using the best.

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Key Points

  • We will be ranking 44 weapons in our article.
  • The ranking will be based on strengths, weaknesses, and own experience.
  • Among the top tiers include 2B – Divergent Battler, 2P – Mock Machine, Fio – Intoner Girl, Akeha – Mechanical Assassin, and Noelle – Celebratory Weapon along with others.
  • Among the lowest tier include abilities like Lars – Abstract Soldier, Lars – Reborn Truant, Fio – Simulacrum Girl, Rion – Abstract Exile, and 063y – Abstract Prisone along with others. 


To summarize and provide you with a quick view of our tier list, kindly find the below table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
2B – Divergent BattlerFio – Intoner GirlRion – Summer ExileArgo – Celebratory TravelerLars – Abstract Soldier
2P – Mock MachineGayle – Gelebretory Hunter9S – Divergent ScannerDimos – Dissenting GunmanLars – Reborn Truant
Fio – Intoner Girl9S – Divergent ScannerNoelle – Celebratory WeaponArgo – Patriotic TravelerFio – Simulacrum Girl
Akeha – Mechanical AssassinAkeha – Summer AssassinAkeha – Abstract AssassinF66x – Abstract CaptiveRion – Abstract Exile
Noelle – Celebratory WeaponDimos – Abstract GunmanArgo – Celebratory TravelerFio – Celebratory Girl063y – Abstract Prisoner
Griff – Abstract CaptainF66x – Abstract Captive063y – Abstract PrisonerKainé – Divergent WarriorArgo – Dissenting Traveler
Gayle – Bloody HunterArgo – Abstract TravelerAkeha – Mechanical Assassin
Lars – Reborn TruantEmil – Divergent OddityAkeha – Dissenting Assassin
2P – Mock MachineryRion – Mechanical Exile
Emil – Divergent Oddity
Noelle – Celebratory Weapon
063y – Fractured Prisoner
Gayle – Abstract Hunter
Fio – Intoner Girl

S Tier

Best characters of neir reincarnation
S Tier

The letter “S,” which stands for “super,” designates the top spot on this list. It occupies the top position. Only heroes with great move sets, primary abilities, damage, and tankiness are included in this tier.

S2B – Divergent BattlerSwordPvPFour Star
S2P – Mock MachineSword PvPFour Star
SFio – Intoner GirlFistPvPFour Star
SAkeha – Mechanical AssassinBig Sword PvPFour Star
SNoelle – Celebratory WeaponSpearPvEFour Star
SGriff – Abstract CaptainGunPvPFour Star
SGayle – Bloody HunterSword PvPFour Star
SLars – Reborn TruantSword PvPFour Star
S2P – Mock MachinerySword PvEFour Star
SEmil – Divergent OdditySword PvEFour Star
SNoelle – Celebratory WeaponSpearPvEFour Star
S063y – Fractured PrisonerBig SwordPvPFour Star
SGayle – Abstract HunterSwordPvPFour Star
SFio – Intoner GirlFistPvEFour Star

A Tier

good characters of nier reincarnation
A Tier

A tier is an above-average tier in which I place my favorite Nier Reincarnation characters with the same level of devotion as the abovementioned character.

Many fans may see the characters on this list as superb-level characters of the game, but I have placed them in a lower tier due to some faults in their performance. Still, all of the characters on this list hold a particular place in my heart.

AFio – Intoner GirlFistPvEFour Star
AGayle – Gelebretory HunterSwordPvEFour Star
A9S – Divergent ScannerSwordPvPFour Star
AAkeha – Summer AssassinBig SwordPvPFour Star
ADimos – Abstract GunmanGunPvEFour Star
AF66x – Abstract CaptiveStaffPvEFour Star
AArgo – Abstract TravelerSpearPvPFour Star
AEmil – Divergent OddityStaffPvPFour Star
ARion – Mechanical ExileStaffPvEFour Star

B Tier

Average characters of the game
B Tier

Moving down to the B tier, remember that this is not a below-average tier. While these characters are just as good at conveying attacks as the A-tier ones, they have some flaws in them and thus fall into an average category. B Tier characters are intended for newbies who are still learning the ins and outs of the game.

You can surely use these characters from this tier to better understand the game’s mechanics and explore new locations in the Cage. The B-tier is a balanced tier of the Nier Reincarnation tier list where I place characters with average character arcs and storyline impacts.

BRion – Summer ExileStaffPvEFour Star
B9S – Divergent ScannerSwordPvEFour Star
BNoelle – Celebratory WeaponSpearPvPFour Star
BAkeha – Abstract AssassinBig SwordPvPFour Star
BArgo – Celebratory TravelerSpearPvEFour Star
B063y – Abstract PrisonerBig SwordPvPFour Star
BAkeha – Mechanical AssassinBig SwordPvEFour Star
BAkeha – Dissenting AssassinBig SwordPvEFour Star

C Tier

bad characters of the game
C Tier

This tier of my tier list is a below-average tier with characters that are not so efficient in their performance. Characters in this group are rarely used if the opponents are stronger; we do not recommend against it.

CArgo – Celebratory TravelerSpearPvEFour Star
CDimos – Dissenting GunmanGunPvEThree Star
CArgo – Patriotic TravelerSpearPvPFour Star
CF66x – Abstract CaptiveStaffPvPFour Star
CFio – Celebratory GirlFistPvPFour Star
CKainé – Divergent WarriorSwordPvEFour star

D Tier

bad characters of this game
D Tier

Here comes the last tier of my tier list, which is the D tier; it comprises some flawed characters of this game who are not good at attacks and using weapons. So selecting them in the game will not be of much help to you.

DLars – Abstract SoldierSword PvEFour Star
DLars – Reborn TruantSwordPvEFour Star
DFio – Simulacrum GirlFistPvPFour Star
DRion – Abstract ExileStaffPvPFour Star
D063y – Abstract PrisonerBig SwordPvEFour Star
DArgo – Dissenting TravelerSpearPvEThree Star

Why Trust Us

Our major objective is to always give a tier list devoid of one-sided perspectives or inaccurate facts. Since tier lists are frequently used as guidelines, we usually include a disclaimer explaining how readers should interpret our tier lists.

In order to prevent anyone from finding our material to be unpleasant or harsh against their favorites, we explain to the readers why some things are placed in their allocated tier sooner.

Before posting anything on the internet, we thoroughly study and authenticate anything we write about. We ensure that a group of senior writers double-check the tier lists if the writer misses certain errors.

Some authors may become prejudiced due to the need for originality, but our writers are taught to maintain their professional thoughts to themselves and only to express them in connection with unvarnished facts.

Comparison Table

2B – Divergent BattlerSSwordPvPFour Star
2P – Mock MachineSSword PvPFour Star
Fio – Intoner GirlSFistPvPFour Star
Akeha – Mechanical AssassinSBig Sword PvPFour Star
Noelle – Celebratory WeaponSSpearPvEFour Star
Griff – Abstract CaptainSGunPvPFour Star
Gayle – Bloody HunterSSword PvPFour Star
Lars – Reborn TruantSSword PvPFour Star
2P – Mock MachinerySSword PvEFour Star
Emil – Divergent OdditySSword PvEFour Star
Noelle – Celebratory WeaponSSpearPvEFour Star
063y – Fractured PrisonerSBig SwordPvPFour Star
Gayle – Abstract HunterSSwordPvPFour Star
Fio – Intoner GirlSFistPvEFour Star
Fio – Intoner GirlAFistPvEFour Star
Gayle – Gelebretory HunterASwordPvEFour Star
9S – Divergent ScannerASwordPvPFour Star
Akeha – Summer AssassinABig SwordPvPFour Star
Dimos – Abstract GunmanAGunPvEFour Star
F66x – Abstract CaptiveAStaffPvEFour Star
Argo – Abstract TravelerASpearPvPFour Star
Emil – Divergent OddityAStaffPvPFour Star
Rion – Mechanical ExileAStaffPvEFour Star
Rion – Summer ExileBStaffPvEFour Star
9S – Divergent ScannerBSwordPvEFour Star
Noelle – Celebratory WeaponBSpearPvPFour Star
Akeha – Abstract AssassinBBig SwordPvPFour Star
Argo – Celebratory TravelerBSpearPvEFour Star
063y – Abstract PrisonerBBig SwordPvPFour Star
Akeha – Mechanical AssassinBBig SwordPvEFour Star
Akeha – Dissenting AssassinBBig SwordPvEFour Star
Argo – Celebratory TravelerCSpearPvEFour Star
Dimos – Dissenting GunmanCGunPvEThree Star
Argo – Patriotic TravelerCSpearPvPFour Star
F66x – Abstract CaptiveCStaffPvPFour Star
Fio – Celebratory GirlCFistPvPFour Star
Kainé – Divergent WarriorCSwordPvEFour star
Lars – Abstract SoldierDSword PvEFour Star
Lars – Reborn TruantDSwordPvEFour Star
Fio – Simulacrum GirlDFistPvPFour Star
Rion – Abstract ExileDStaffPvPFour Star
063y – Abstract PrisonerDBig SwordPvEFour Star
Argo – Dissenting TravelerDSpearPvEThree Star

Summing It All Up

After careful consideration and analysis, I could rank almost all of the characters in our Nier Reincarnation tier list. They have been organized neatly into the S, A, B, C, and D tiers.

However, if your view on this tier list differs, we are always open to constructive feedback. I compiled a detailed list of each of these characters based on my firsthand observations of them. They all surely have advantages as well as disadvantages. So let’s enjoy our gaming experience, and let us know in the comments if this post was useful.

The main objective of the tier lists we produce is to provide readers with good suggestions and alternatives they might have overlooked, even for their favorite categories.

Since this tier list was made for our devoted visitors rather than ourselves, we ensure that everyone enjoys the information we provide here. Finally, I want to repeat that this rating is completely determined by my opinion of the characters and my research on them. Therefore, criticism of this tier list is not appreciated.

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