Noita Perk Tier List [2023]

Categorization of the perks in tiers from best to worst

If you are indecisive about which Noita perk will be your lifesaver and can not find the right Perks for your gameplay, then this Noita Perk tier list is for you. You will find out about the best perks of this game and why I am claiming that single or more perks are flawless. Well, have you ever heard about the perk? If you are a new player, you may not be aware of the perk and its role in the game.

Firstly, I will give information related to perks to the newbies, which will be very helpful for them. Even if you are familiar with this game or usually play it, the information provided will help you a lot. So, without further ado let me inundate you with all the necessary information.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 55 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the powers each perk has.
  • Among the best-ranked perks are Permanent shield, Invisibility, and Perk Lottery.
  • Among the worst-ranked perks are Never Skip Leg Day, Revenge Explosion, and Revenge Rats.


S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier
Permanent shieldEat Your VegetablesLevitation TrailCritical Hit +Never Skip Leg Day
InvisibilityElectricityLukki MutationAngry GhostRevenge Explosion
Perk LotteryProjectile Repulsion SectorRevenge BulletsLukki MinionRevenge Rats
Unlimited SpellProjectile SlowerMournful SpiritStainless ArmourTeleportitis
Tinker With Wands EverywhereFire ImmunityRevenge TentacleTeleportitis DodgePeace With Gods
Explosion ImmunityPlague RatsToxic ImmunityAttract Gold
GreedFungal ColonyExtra Maximum HP From HeartsRage-fueled Levitation
Gold is ForeverProjectile EaterRepelling CapeFreeze Field
Telekinetic KickMelee ImmunityMore HatredBoomerang Spells
Oil BloodBreathlessAlways CastMoon Radar
Spatial AwarenessGambleEssence of Water
Strong Levitation
Faster Levitation
Faster Movement
Fast Swimming
All-Seeing Eye
Slime Blood
Bouncing Spells

Tier List’s Methodology

noita perk tier list
The Ranking Criteria Explained

The tier list will move in the direction of best to worst. This tier list is divided into five tiers S, A, B, C, and D tier. Such as, the absolute best perks will be ranked on the S tier, the best ones on the A tier, and so on. You can have a rough idea of the ranking criteria from the description below:

  • S tier: The strongest perks
  • A tier: Strong perks
  • B tier: Slightly inefficient perks
  • C tier: Underpowered perks
  • D tier: weakest perks

This was just a rough structure to make you understand the gist of the ranking criteria. The explanation or description of each tier will be provided under their headings. But there is a twist in the ranking because there are further subcategories in each tier. But under the tiers those categories will not change the rank of the perk instead, it is just for the clarification of which type of perk is ranked.

The perks are of different types in the game such as direct offensive perks, indirectly offensive perks, summoning perks, defensive perks, immunity perks, greed perks, utility perks, Chaos perks, Wand perks, and secret/special perks.

So, While ranking the S tier perks I will first rank the strongest direct offensive perks if any, then the indirectly offensive perks if any, and so on. Once I am done with the rankings of all types of perks in the S tier then I will move to another tier.

S Tier

noita perk tier list
S Tier

The S-tier of the tier list consists of the strongest perks. This tier has perks that are the most powerful and effective of all tiers. The S-tier perks of all types can be seen in this category.

Permanent shield

With the help of this perk, a special shield is created around the player. Due to this, if a toxic substance comes toward the player then automatically it is transformed into the harmless one. It does all kinds of effective things like deflecting bullets and so on.

It provides a great defensive mechanism to the player. I personally found it very helpful because no matter if the shield is somehow weak but what’s good about it is that it’s permanent. So, every time when I have the threat to die then the permanent shield protects me.

This perk also helps you in saving more and more cash. Not only this but your HP is also saved. What else would a noita player want? For these reasons, I thought of ranking it on the strongest category of the noita perk tier list.


The effect of this perk can be determined by the name itself. It helps you to play the game as a ghost. I enjoy using this perk a lot as I can tease the opponents, slam into them, and surprisingly they remain unaware that it is me. Just think how will you feel if you are granted the power of being invisible for a certain time period in real life. I can bet that many of you have thought about it several times and also got excited by this effect.

Now can you feel the effect of this perk? It is more effective than it sounds. You should try it by yourselves and then share your experience with it in the comment box below.

Perk Lottery

It allows you to use the other perks at the same time. But it is not guaranteed. There is half of the chance that when you equip this perk then the other perks will not disappear from your inventory. When you select this perk then it will give you two perks along with it right at the moment. Isn’t it crazy?

I find it a complete package of powers and abilities. It is an overpowered perk for which you all must go for and play like a pro.

Unlimited Spell

Once you select this perk then you can use as many spells as you want. There are some of the spells that you keep on saving for difficult situations. But now, you do not have to save them anymore as there are unlimited spells available with the use of this perk.

There are some spells that are not included in the list of this perk such as healing spells and others with deformation potential but it does not make a difference when you have other very good ones.

Tinker With Wands Everywhere

This S tier perk gives a power with which you can edit the wands anywhere at any time. This perk contains a lot of potential and proves to be very helpful for the player. You can understand its functions and importance only when you use it by yourself. Take my words for it, you are going to live tinker with wands everywhere.

A Tier

best tier
A Tier

In the A tier, we have the perks that are strong but have few flaws as compared to the S tier perks. These are also extremely useful and efficient perks but are a level below the strongest ones.

Eat Your Vegetables

If your appetite is satisfied to the fullest then you are good to go. The more satisfied your appetite is the more damage you can deal with. But if the player is not satiated then he will start to lose health. It is a pro tip to remember while using this perk that water is not counted as an item to increase satiation.


By using this perk you can resist the damage coming from electricity. But there is a twist for which you have to watch out. And it is that the metals and liquids there are charged with electricity. But, oil is not included in the liquids that are electrified. If there is an enemy who shares a liquid with you then he is most likely to die right at the moment. This perk is a little bit hazardous, by taking care of those risks you can make the most out of it.

Projectile Repulsion Sector

It is one of the best health-preserving perks ranked on the tier list. It also serves as a short shield that protects you from enemy attacks. In my opinion, this perk is best to be used in short-scale fights. Due to the effect of this perk, the projectiles flying in a small sector coming towards you blow away.

Projectile Slower

It decreases the speed of the projectiles that are close to you. Projectile slower works very well when you want to dodge the attacks of the enemies. It also combines with another perk; projectile repulsion field which creates more hurdles for the enemies who want to shoot or attack you.

Fire Immunity

Fire immunity makes you immune to fire. Fire attacks can do nothing to you when you have already selected this perk. Using oil-creating spells while you have fire immunity can do wonders for you. It is obvious that fire is very toxic and harmful so just imagine how great it would be when it becomes harmless for you.

Explosion Immunity

It helps you in avoiding direct damage by the explosions. Surprisingly you can even save your HP while your enemies are bombarding you with extremely hazardous explosions. No matter how worse the situation becomes but the explosions will not be able to harm you. Hence, explosion immunity is a very useful A-tier Perk ranked on the noita perk tier list.


Your wand selection becomes far better with the help of this perk. Greed is just amazing because it doubles the amount of gold per nugget. This perk makes sure that you are able to obtain the super wand for which you were dreaming.

Gold is Forever

Aha, a big band perk is here which allows the gold to stay forever! Don’t believe it? Just go and check it out by yourselves it is hell true buddy. The gold nuggets will never vanish when “Gold is Forever” is with you. This perk is exceptionally useful for the players who want to gather more and more gold.

The players who are intended to collect more gold know how hard they have to struggle to get it. Even, they can die in search of gold because they have to dive deeper into the mountains to obtain it before it disappears. But with the help of this perk, you can not only save your health but also you can survive for a longer period of time because now you know that the gold will not be disappeared.

Telekinetic Kick

Telekinetic is a very useful as well as a unique perk. With the help of this, you can easily move the explosives wherever you want to. Not only this, but you can also hold ice chunks that can be used as a mobile shield and you can also launch physics objects at the enemies and increase the chances of your survivability because now dealing with damage would be easier for you.

Oil Blood

There is a twist! You will not normally bleed but with the fast-burning oil blood. But, this oil cannot catch fire and is resistant to it. By using this perk you are taking revenge on your enemies with the hot fire.

Spatial Awareness

It is a great source of help for the player when he is completely lost and has no idea about his location. When he does not know where he is or where to go then at that time Spatial Awareness assists him in navigating his location

This perk will show up when the player will kill miniboss. This perk’s secret location is under the sand cave’s eastern parts within the powerplant.

B Tier

good tier
B Tier

The perks ranked on the B tier are the mediocre perks that are neither the strongest nor the weakest. The B tier of the tier list consists of good perks as well but can not compete with the strength of the S and A tier perks. These perks can work really well for you if you know how and when to use them properly.

Levitation Trail

Levitation trail is a B-tier perk because of its powers and effects. When the player chooses to fly then after flying he leaves marks that are basically magical sparks that can damage any enemy or creature who crosses this trail. This magical spark remains there for approximately 5 seconds and gives 3 damage to each creature passing by.

Lukki Mutation

The additional unusual branches or limbs are grown within you then you use the Lukki Mutation perk. These limbs grow to protect you from enemies and compete with foes as well. These are kind of spider legs that allows to you climb or jump anywhere you want to.

This perk is best used for close-ranged enemies as it deals with the damage 13. This damage can cause a lot of enemies to kill immediately. But using it in initial levels will not do much, so it is recommended to use it in higher levels.

Revenge Bullets

The revenge bullets make you 20% immune to explosions and projectiles. You can return the objects fired from the gun to the enemies by taking some damage. The reflected projectiles can deal with damage up to two times.

Mournful Spirit

This perk can not do something really very interesting which is why ranked on the B tier of the tier list. But I am not denying the fact that it is a good perk. If you choose this perk then upon choosing it the creature that is dead leaves some kind of spirit that allows you to deal with the damage in that particular area in which the spirit is left.

Revenge Tentacle

After taking damage you spawn an extremely large tentacle and also get immune to the projectiles by 25%. The tentacle deals with extremely harmful damage, and its range is relatively better than the explosion.

Plague Rats

The enemies that die close to you regenerate hungry rats that can serve your auction. It is very interesting to see that every enemy dying is regenerating rats. But there is a weakness in this perk: if you cannot kill those rats, then the golds will be deducted, but this is fair enough.

Fungal Colony

Fungal Colony allows the slime around you to automatically convert into fungal creatures. And a potion of dirt is also regenerated.

Projectile Eater

The projectiles flying in a small sector will vanish, specifically those flying behind you. This is all because of the projectile eater. It also makes your survival easier and longer.

Melee Immunity

The enemies that are attacking you from a close range will be failed to pursue their goal or to fulfill their intention because, with the help of Melee immunity, those attacks can do nothing to you. Sometimes, this perk can be very deadly and useful but the other time it will be just normal.


It increases the swimming speed of the player. And, the concept of an oxygen meter is exempted from the use of breathless.


You can have any of the two random perks with the help of gambling. But opting for it is very risky because who knows if things will work the way you want or not. But if it works then it will be worth it.

Strong Levitation

With the help of strong levitation, you can fly for as long as you want. The more you fly the more smartly and easily you can deal with the damage and avoid enemy attacks.

Faster Levitation

Faster levitation allows you to rise at a 75% faster speed than normal. By doing so you can dodge the enemy attacks as well.

Faster Movement

By the name, we can judge the power of this perk. It allows you to move at a faster speed. There is a 45% increase in the movement of the player.

Fast Swimming

We know that in real life the movement speed in water is automatically decreased. But when the player will opt for this perk then the effect of water will no longer avoid the player to swim at a low speed instead, the swimming speed will be increased.

All-Seeing Eye

This perk allows you to see everywhere and you can inspect each and every enemy and their moves. This makes the encounter with the foes easier for you.

Slime Blood

Whenever your enemy attacks you and you are hit with their projectile, the moment you start bleeding you will notice that instead of blood slime is coming out of your body which is a great thing. When the slime is regenerated around you then, it can protect you from the enemy projectile by 50%.

Bouncing Spells

It adds bounce to all of the spells around the player. Notice if the main wand of yours does not intend to give you any kind of damage then take this without bringing a second thought to your mind. If you are having many of self-harmful wands, your potential will also increase.

C Tier

below average tier
C Tier

The C tier consists of below-average perks that will not work well for you. Sometimes they will save you and the other time they will do nothing for you. So it is very risky to go for these perks, and if you choose them then please use them very wisely.

Critical Hit +

There are a lot of perks ranked on this noita perk tier list that are far better than this one. The critical hit chance is increased with the critical hit +. I do not know how much it increased, but I think it was 15% when I used it.

Angry Ghost

This perk sends an angry ghost for your help. But there is a lot of chaos when that ghost comes into action as it fires projectiles that replicate your’s and the enemy’s shot. At that moment, you better take care of yourself and be prepared for the consequences.

Lukki Minion

This perk sends down a minion for your help. It is a crawling minion who trudges on the ceilings and walls. It has the capability of dealing 30 damage per second. I am sure I do not have to remind you that the damage to your wands can not be compared with this damage as the wand’s damage is way better than this one.

Stainless Armour

In my opinion, it is not one of the best perks because of its high requirements. On one side it gives a 50% reduction on damage but on the other hand, it applies the condition that you must be stainless. Being stainless costs you so much that I do not think it is a great idea. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comment box below.

Teleportitis Dodge

You can save yourself with the damage in a way that gives 20% less damage. With every damage, you are teleported. If you do not want to remain on the battlefield and avoid damage then it is a good option to opt for teleportitis dodge but if you want to make the battlefield interesting then I will not recommend this perk.

Toxic Immunity

If you have this perk then toxic gas, toxic rock, or any of the poisonous stuff can not harm you anymore.

Extra Maximum HP From Hearts

When you select this perk then at that time your HP will not be affected, but when you collect new hearts when this perk is with you, then you will be blessed with more HP. The risk in it is that you can find many enemies and hurdles while searching for these hearts. So, because of this fact, I do not recommend you select this perk when you have so many better options.

Repelling Cape

If you want to get rid of the liquids like oil or as well as toxic sludge then in this case repelling cape may help you. It only allows you to remove all the stains while moving for a few seconds.

More Hatred

This perk is good for lazy players only. This perk creates an environment where the creatures and enemies are more likely to kill each other. But what about the gold? You must give up on gold if you are not killing the enemies by yourself. But, I will never do that and will prefer to fight by myself.

Always Cast

Always cast spell brings a good change on the wand that you have in your hand while choosing this perk. This gives extra powers to you and an ordinary wand is transformed into a special wand with its effect. But what I do not like about this perk is that its power is not exactly known and consistent every time. There are times when this perk is completely useless for you.

Essence of Water

You can transform everything around you into lava by hitting it with your projectile in a random direction.

D Tier

worst tier
The D-tier noita perks ranked

The D tier consists of the weakest perks. If you are looking for top-notch perks then this tier is not the one in which you can find your choice as the least performing perks are ranked in this category. These perks are not recommended as there are high chances that opting for these perks will drag you towards death in the game and I am sure you do not want that.

Never Skip Leg Day

This perk is trash in my point of view. It increases your kick damage by 60. But while trying to kick your enemies harder you can take the damage on yourself too. Then what is the point of praising and opting for this perk? Practically there is no proper usage of this perk.

Revenge Explosion

Whenever you are attacked or hit by the enemy at the same point, your enemy gets damaged too. Want to know how? On getting hit you spawn a magical explosion that damages your foes. But for this, you have to be very close to the enemy, which is a risk. I will neither take this risk alone nor recommend you do so.

Revenge Rats

There is a possibility that on being damaged this perk will give you a small rat minion that will help you fight with the enemies. But, I personally do not find this perk very useful in front of all the other perks ranked on the tier list.


This is almost similar to the teleportitis dodge as you will teleport away while taking damage. But I would prefer teleportitis dodge on it.

Peace With Gods

This allows you to make peace with your gods. There is nothing special about this perk, so I do not think you should opt for this perk at all. If you have a different opinion then feel free to share it in the comment box below.

Attract Gold

Don’t be greedy for this greed perk. Please, it is a request! It allows you to attract gold but the radius decided is very low so I will prefer any other perk on it that is saving your health.

Rage-fueled Levitation

On killing your enemies you will be bestowed with the ability to recharge some of your specific levitation powers. But I  think that after getting into so much trouble and killing your enemies this is so less to offer.

Freeze Field

It makes the liquid around you freeze. I do not find this perk useful until and unless it is combined with Invisibility.

Boomerang Spells

With the help of this perk, you gain extra damage and speed. But along with this, you are more likely to fight with the enemies in the small range and I feel it is a very dangerous and risky situation and is clearly a threat to your life. So I am not recommending Boomerang spells at all.

Moon Radar

Moon Radar helps you with sensing the lunar energy. A white circle surrounds the player that points you toward the moon. But it is not useful for fights, saving health, etc. The only good that it can do for you is to help you find the moon without taking help from an online source. But I surely don’t want this, do you? Do let me know in the comment section below.


The main goal of the noita perk tier list was to highlight the strongest perks based on their capabilities. I tried my best to discuss every aspect that proved to be useful in this list. It was very difficult to decide which is the best perk with so many options out there. But I used all of them personally to give an honest review so that you can not face any difficulty.

This tier list is based on my personal experience and not only this but there is hard work of all the professionals and team members of the top-tier list to make this tier list accurate and useful for our readers. I gave all my efforts to make it as unbiased as possible.

If you have any objections to any of the rankings, then you can freely talk about them in the comment section below. We will look at your feedback, but please keep in mind to avoid being offensive because this tier list is debatable, but the offense will not be catered to.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Good luck with your choice!

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