Unist Tier List: Best Warriors Ranked

Welcome readers! This article is my new creation, which is a ranking of characters of Unist assembled for your interests. First, what is Unist? Its full form is Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late (st). Such a complicated name is bound to confuse a player; hence, its creators gave it a shortened version. Unist is the second update to under night in birth. It was released in 2015.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 19 characters ranked in this article.
  • These characters are ranked based on abilities and player stats.
  • Among the best characters are Vatista, Phonon, Linne, and Hilda.
  • Joining us in the lowest ranks are characters like Carmine, Londreika, and Yuzuriha.


In the table below, you will find a quick summary of all the rankings we will be making in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

It improved this game to another level and gave it an experience that a player can feel once in a lifetime. Unist is all about fighting with anime. Cute anime characters’ plot vendetta against each other and then strike. The Unist tier list is a tier list that enlists the characters of under night in-birth and ranks on various basis. This article also displays a factual representation of this game and its gameplay. It’s a great escape from a deadly day as you can fight away your frustration and stress.

Gaming has helped players by coping with their depression as you can blow your heat in place of fighting games. In the same way, we have assembled this analysis on our own gaming experiences. We have tried to be just but every person has their own opinion and can object to this. This tier list is prone to variation among gamers.

What is Unist About?

Under night in-blood is a 2D fighting action game that requires gamers to fight off opponents to win an arena. They updated their game mechanics and presented Unist (Under night in-blood Exe: late) for their diehard fans. This version was formed by mixing in a new veil-off mechanic that caused the game’s updates and combos to be extended. It also introduced some new characters that satisfied the player and made them jubilant. Every player seeks a new character once in a while to reconstruct their gameplay and try new techniques.

A story prequel had an addition in this version that gave a player an insight into a novel story mode previous to arcade mode. This story mode exhilarated the insides of a player as he became excited to obtain more background stories of each character. A game balance setting took a step into under night in-birth world to enhance all thrilling experiences.

Game Strategies

Under night in-birth is a creation of French bread, and the game mechanics are similar to their basic style. The game strategies introduced here are akin to gameplays of melty blood, guilty gear, and Blazblue. Like the said games, Unist demands the use of a collection of three attack buttons. And a GRD meter is also required. GRD is a strategy that gives players a chance to receive rewards that aid gameplay.

Another meter called EXS gauge comes in handy to employ special skills that use up half of this meter. The newly added cast veil-off feature cancels combos and turns them into a Veil burst.

Non Playable Characters

Non-playable characters of any game are those characters that a player cannot utilize to fight in an arena. They are for the mere purpose of guiding or enhancing a gaming experience. During a gaming session if a player has to encounter fight after fight it may bore him and bum him out.

For this purpose, other forms and versions of playable characters have been added to this game to accentuate a gaming experience. This way, a player doesn’t get bored. There are a total of twenty-five non-playable characters, some of these non-playable characters or NPCs are:

  • Chiharu
  • Radiata
  • Ogre
  • Azel
  • Kuu
  • Uzuki
  • Zohar
  • Murayama

Framework of Tiers

This tier list is composed of characters that are extracted from under night in the birth game.  The characters of this game are ranked according to their abilities and stats. These characters help a player in multiple ways.

If a character aids a player’s gameplay and moves according to it he is in the top tier if he is vice versa then he is in the lowest tier. Only these characters are ranked when descending order, with exceptional characters being in the S tier and the worst characters in the D tier.

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S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier

Let’s begin our journey into the world of under night in birth exe; late with an exceptionally special tier, known as the S tier. We can’t ignore this tier because it is an exceptionally significant portion of the Unist Tier list. Not just because it has top characters of the game, but also because these powerful characters make this game true to its purpose. Without their presence, you won’t be able to exude the great fun that resides inside this game.

It seems like a tough job, and definitely, it is an impossible task. Superb tier listed characters require a slot inside a most preferable character to improve the gamer’s gameplay. These characters have huge perks that improve gameplay and lead a player towards victory. Not just one but a huge list of qualities is embedded inside their profile and stats.


Vatista belongs to an autonomic nerve and has ties going back to kuon. She is included in those 12 characters who were a part of the first version of under night in birth. Vatista is A beautiful and elegant young girl who is tiny among other characters. She has long silver hair tied into long pigtails by two cones.

She is adorned in a black dress that has detailed work in red color. She also has an antenna-like structure over her head that resembles her Angel. A red Ruby is penetrated in her forehead that accentuates her beauty.

She is known to be serious about her missions and shows no mercy during her battles. Her main ability includes binding, restriction, Crimson wings, and photokinesis. She is included in the S tier of the Unist tier list due to her incomparable skills. She is known to be a puppet of restoration, and her restriction ability restricts her opponent from using any of their power.

She can shoot her opponent down with laser beams from her Crimson wings. During a battle, she can levitate off the ground and shoot bullets through her fingers. that is her most notorious move that petrifies her opponents. The energy beams emitted from her wings can cause destruction never seen before.

Ability The FLS of Binding: Restriction
Weapon Crimson Wings: Seven Flowers
Organization No Affiliation


She is a loner to our game. Her figure is lean and tall, which makes her shadow her opponent. She carries a short haircut on her head in green color and headphones. She is usually seen in stilettos and striped pants paired with a short dress and jacket. The blazer with a white lapel enhances her Fashion sense. she keeps an intimidating facade that covers her attitude with a grim vibe. During one organization of the storyline, she adopted a role of a dominatrix, which contrasted with her gruff attitude.

Keeping a poker face is necessary during a battle. It helps by keeping your opponent judging your next move and never giving them an opening to strike. Her main ability includes resonance and has a skill called baroque noise. This skill helps her transmit sound waves through her whip to the opponent.

The headphones block out this sound she carries on her head. She is included in s tier due to her powerful moves that don’t leave an opening for her opponent to strike. The whip she carries around in her game is not ordinary, and it is a white reptile called Muniel.  Phonon and Muniel together make it did go that is undefeatable and can charge their enemy from afar.

Ability The EXS of Resonance: Baroque Noise
Weapon Muniel
Organization EFG(Former Memeber)


Linne is a young girl with a short brown haircut that frames her face. She is agile and smart and deals with problems efficiently. She Is a powerful addition to our Unist tier list as she can easily turn the tables inside an arena in her favor. During the game’s previous iteration, Linne rocked long hair with a white robe. But after the update, her looks took up a new visage.

She is included in the S tier due to her unparalleled capabilities. These include her main skill of agility; agility allows her to remain swift on a battlefield and helps her dodge her opponent’s moves, a counterattack at him with her weapons.

Agility is a significant part of the battle skill, and Linne’s additional power of Speed star accentuates her agile nature.  Her weapon of choice is a long sword given the name no name. Linne gave it its shape and molded it.

She was a mentee of Waldstein, and her skills reflect his work. She has another pocket knife for which she couldn’t decide a name and calls it nameless. Linne is adept in her fighting skills and can access power from her soul to be transmitted to her blades. This line of skills makes her look indestructible.

Ability The EXS of Agility: Speed Star
Weapon Long Sword, Folding Knife
Organization Night Blade


Hilda is a remarkable addition to our Unist tier list. She has a stunning appearance, with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail with strands of hair framing her face. She appears to have heterochromia, meaning she has odd eyes; one is red, and the other is Gray. Such features enhance her elegance even more. She has a proud and pompous nature which helps her during her battle. She can easily take down her enemy utilizing her two major abilities.

She is included in the S tier due to these transcendent skills that allow her to manipulate light according to her demands. She is not a familiar figure and beers the power of the sun. she can control the world’s void to use her to her advantage.

She can waiver off attacks to defend herself. This character is an unstoppable force. She doesn’t require a strategy to win and can turn an arena and takedown her enemy with her savage and brutal moves. Her abilities are unimaginably powerful and help a player in winning his battle.

Ability The EXS of Light and Darkness: Paradox
Weapon Dress of Darkness: Masquerade
Organization Amnesia

A Tier

second best characters
A Tier

In addition to the S tier described previously in the Unist tier list, we have another addition to expand our whole panorama of a tier list. this tier resides the characters that are potentially great. A-Tiered characters also contribute greatly to the victory in every battle fought by a player. a few traits and qualities set apart A tired characters and S tiered, these characteristics dragged them down a tier into a lower one.

They are also considered a part of an exceptionally great group of game people. Additionally, the statistics of specific characters provide help us gain full information that leads to this evaluation.


He is a nonchalant, unrelaxed figure with a personality that states what may come. He doesn’t care about his next work and is laid back. He has a tall mischievous stature that demands attention. He where’s a long purple blazer that goes with his purple Scythe. And he carries ruffled spiky hair on his head, making his look even more irresistible.

You may wonder what can a carefree personality have that includes him in the A tier. He may look easygoing, but when it comes to his mission, he has a serious concentration on them. His Happiness has snatched an unlisted net that makes him sound greedy. But when someone extracts power alpha opponent without consent, he can be called somewhat frugal.

His weapon is a demon sickle or a Skype that can even extract soul out of you. His claws are another one of his weapons that can tear your insides owl and make you bleed to death. His only drawback is that he prefers to use his nails instead of his weapon, which keeps him a little overrated.

Ability The EXS of Greed: Snatcher
Weapon Demon Sickle: Devourer
Organization Amnesia


An insurmountable character on which all efforts are in vain is a definite addition to our A tier. She is considered one of the top-ranking characters on our tier list. She is engulfed in Crimson Colored Cape and boots. She has curly blonde hair that signifies her beauty. But that is not what matters during the game. A person’s outlook is just a way to identify them, and the real story begins with their aptness and aptitude.

She is fluent in the language of flames and can spend them according to her needs and will. This ability makes her resistant to cold, freezing temperatures. She’s the only character who bears such knowledge. She is included in the A tier because she prefers to use her weapons instead of hand-to-hand combat. Character needs to be adept in both his techniques, yet Wagner picks her firebrand golden sword over her slim hands.

Ability The EXS of Incandescence: Flame Tyrant
Weapon Flame Brand, Ancile
Organization Licht Kreis


He is a brooding older man who is an OG of the night in blood. He has a masculine figure with thick Gray hair and furry eyebrows. His bloody eyes have no pupils, and they reflect his inner anger. His intimidating demeanor grounds his opponent and doesn’t let him swerve. His confidence shatters, and he is left wondering whether he’ll make it out of this arena alive or dead.

He is known to be a skillful person who can win a battle with his eyes closed. A player must mount up gameplay that could be his thirst for fighting. He is a part of this tier because of his extraordinary abilities. His figure is hence towards his strength; I mean, when a guy is this tall and built, he is found to have power even in his little finger.

He has a self-enchantment ability that allows him to have a gigantic body more than a normal man. His claws were his main weapon; he forged iron claws to make himself more powerful and named them the destroyers.

Ability The EXS of Mountainous Strength: Hecatoncheir
Weapon Iron Claws: The Destroyers
Organization Night Blade


He is a nocturnal character who has a mysterious vibe that surrounds him. He is a predator who wanders the streets at night and hunts for his prey. His lean build doesn’t explain his predator nature, but his grim face doesn’t let his opponent know what’s underneath his façade. He is engulfed in black clothes, and his attire is usually formal.

This character is surrounded by dark spikes purple-colored, making him net a web together that confuses his prey and makes it easier to catch him. His abilities are akin to a spider, and his weapons are the eight legs of shredding. Even the name runs a shiver down an opponent’s spine. His fighting style is of a brutal spider hungry for meat and blood. He’s included in the A tier because of his superiority over the lower-tier characters. His anger engulfs him and leads him to murder his opponent with his spider claws.

Ability The EXS of Dark Spikes: Chelicerata
Weapon Eight Legs of Shredding: The Predator
Organization No Affiliation


Let’s call upon the main protagonist of under night in birth Exe: late. The main characteristics of an A-tier character are a schoolboy with superior capabilities that make him benevolent and powerful. He has handsome looks that are opposite to his deadly nature. His abilities make him a top choice during a battle.

Hyde has the capabilities that make him dynamic and robust. He’s potentially revolved around his weapon of choice, the insulator. He is included in a tier because of his inexperience. He is a new character and isn’t proficient with his moves and abilities. He has tried his best to become used to his powers and weapons. Soon he’ll be a part of the top most tiers if he becomes adept in his moves.

Ability The EXS of Darkness: Void Red
Weapon Indulgence of Insulating, The Insulator
Organization Night Blade

B Tier

Average tier list
B Tier

Let’s get to another tier which is the next line on our Unist tier list. We call upon the B tier to make its appearance on this list. B tier can also be called a mediocre tier because the characters have everything that an ordinary level game person would have. B tier combines all characteristics and qualities of a bad tier and the best tier of a tier list.

On whole, we get a product in the form of a B tier. A range of widely arranged pets contributes to the formation of an A tier that benefits a beginner and a pro.  Usually, a beginner prefers these characters as they help him learn basic strategies and build up his gameplay.


He is a mysterious and enigmatic character with ghostly features and appeared in our Unist tier list. He has terrifying parents that scare his opponent. He is a brutal monster who hunts down his prey by their son.

He used to be a human being bought was engulfed by a void and remained in a transition phase, human and void. Like the void, he is a grotesque creature that seems like he can look into your soul. He has humanoid arms and features, but his hair or like a long flame that vanishes into nothing.

As he is a void humanoid, he can suck out and exs out of an opponent and live on it. He has a thirst for consuming excess. His ability allows him to stretch limbs and transform them into rings according to his will. He can even cut down his body parts and control them from a remote place. He’s included in the B tier because he must consume EXS to use his abilities. Without the consummation, he is of no use.

Ability The FLS of The Basilisk: Jormungandr
Weapon Dark Bite
Organization No Affiliation


She is a character of the melty blood franchise and then shifted to the under night in a birth franchise. She was the last character who made an addition to night’s birth. She seems quite arrogant and always acknowledges that she has survived a lot. She is a beautiful lady with long purple hair tied in two braids on either side. Her appearance is different from the one she adopted in type moon.

She is a perfectionist and aims to have precision in her work. She can analyze and looks into her opponent and strikes them with her 5 kilometers long whip. Her replica barrel is another possession that helps her steak dinner enemy. She is included in the B tier because she is usually seen breaking the 4th wall, mostly frowned upon by her jokes. She has abilities that are not much helpful in an arena.

Ability The EXS of Precision: Analysis
Weapon Etherite
Organization No Affiliation


Orie is an assassin and executer who seeks the blood of her opponents. She was sent to Amnesia to overlook high-level fluctuations. She is a young woman with bright blue eyes. Orie has a blue dress that she uses to allure her enemies towards herself. She is a true statue of beauty, but that isn’t required inside a battlefield. The thing that matter is a character’s ability. Orie’s abilities are mediocre. She presents an array of skills to choose from during a battle.

She has the abilities of Thanos. If you are a Marvel fan, you must remember Thanos; Thanos is also a symbol of death. In the same way, her powers are a harbinger of death. Where there is Orie, there is death and mayhem. She is included in the B tier because her abilities require EXS. Most of her Exs are consumed during the employment of Thanatos. Thanatos is a swordsman who Orie calls upon, and she utilizes his powers against her opponents.

Ability The EXS of Purity: Thanatos
Weapon The Ruler
Organization No Affiliation


Chaos is a harbinger of chaos and destruction, as his name indicates. He has far better abilities than many, yet some of his aptnesses are more on the bad side. This character has tactful feats that aid gameplay in his gameplay.

His signature attire is his black turtle neck, enhancing his enigmatic soul, and He wears a crystal necklace. Rumor has it he extracts his powers from his amulet. He is usually cool and collected in an arena a doesn’t stress during his battles.

His powers are sourced from his book called the codex of destruction. This book orders a lizard-like creature to do his work. He can improvise a set of books a project them on his enemy. He is included in the B tier because his moves do not inflict much damage on his enemy. Also, if his EXS abilities do not work, he requires close-ranged combat that does susceptible damage.

Ability The EXS of Illusion: “Umbral”
Weapon Codex of Disorder: Chaos Code
Organization Amnesia

C Tier

Unist tier list
C Tier

C Tier is not a part of the top tiers. It is included in those lower tiers that have bad and worse types of characters of under night in birth. You might think how bad can an assassin be to be included in a lower tier. All of these warriors ruin the gameplay that a player keeps in his mind during his game.

Everybody has a plan, and those characters mess it up, leading the player to lose his progress; this is what makes all lower tiers infamous for their characteristics and qualities. Player usually abstains from choosing these characters. They prefer top-tiered fighters to these assassins.


An ex-military officer has blessed us with his appearance in our Unist tier list. He has a fierce look on his face that makes us believe he is ready to talk business. He requires orders from his player and will get down to execute them. He has shoulder-lengthened black hair and a red demon eye which he got from undergoing a motor experiment that gave him that red glowing pupil.

His abilities are not EXS related because he is not an in birth; This is enough to add him to the C tier, but if this is not enough, then his abilities are extracted from his rubber suit. That is simply ridiculous, and it inflicts little damage to his opponent. He Is of no use to his player as he ruins the player’s gameplay.

Ability EXS of The Thunderclap: Blitz Motor
Weapon Taktischeblitzanzug 
Organization No Affiliation


Seth is a part of Unist tier list character and an assassin who searches for his prey. No one knows who he works for, making his personality more mysterious. Seth has black hair with a white patch and a horn. He has a shredded cape around him, a black tail, and is still in his teenage years. He keeps a poker face and doesn’t let anyone pierce through his façade.

His abilities include excavation, which allows him to block out his opponent’s abilities. He could have used this ability on their weapons but fashioned this skill differently to ease himself; This is why he is included in the C tier. The easier way doesn’t have a greater effect; hence, a player has to alter his gameplay.

Ability The EXS of Excavation: Kerykeion
Weapon Twin Swords: The Eliminator
Organization Night Blade


Nanase has the origin from this very game; she took birth in this game’s console version and carried on to fight off vengeance against Hyde. Hyde is included in the A tier of our Unist tier list. Nanase has long brunette hair and is adorned in green and grey-colored clothes. She has brown ankle boots that have wings on either side of them. She is an impatient character and usually is always in a hurry.

Her abilities are sourced from the fire of vengeance in her soul. She has the powers of driving wind storms and controlling; she can create winglets that are useless. Her weapon of choice is Zephyr though all this doesn’t inflict pain on her opponents. She leaves herself unguarded several times, giving her opponent places to strike.

Ability The EXS of Vengeance: Windmill
Weapon Zephyr
Organization No Affiliation


A tier list is incomplete without a character whose purpose in fighting is just for fun. Who can be this brutal who looks to spill blood just for the sake of blood, this pink-haired man named Carmine? He has red eyes and a smirk that hints towards HIS mischievous nature. he is a cruel and sadist person who has a bloodlust that doesn’t fill even after several murders.

He is included in the C tier due to her brutal and beastly nature; This makes him cold-hearted and shows that he is deficient in a heart. He laughs like a maniac that could make your ears bleed. His abilities include blood spikes that could force blood to harm his opponent. He has faith that his blood does not allow him to use his power to its maximum effect.

Ability The EXS of Lifeblood: Blood Spike
Weapon Rein Blood
Organization No Affiliation

D Tier

worst characters
D Tier

At last, we have reached the end of our Unist tier list with the most notorious tier. We see off this tier list by talking about adding a level that could kill a plater if he is a pro. Not everything is perfect. Everything and game have a side that makes them look bad and frowned upon by people. These characters have qualities that make them chosen at last and usually never. A player who chooses top warriors and looks over these characters changes the whole gameplay of a player.


Londreika is an inclusion to our tier list. He has along with a white blazer. He has blue hair that reflects his sad, melancholic nature. He carries out his responsibilities and knows his limit. He falls short because of his aptness Which doesn’t allow him to stand tall against his fellow beings. He can’t compete well on a battlefield because he has many shortcomings in his abilities.

He is a part of the D-tier due to his hilarious moves that don’t aid a player’s gameplay. A player requires a tactful warrior who can defeat enemies with his skills. But this character has many reasons not to be adept in his business. His ability includes freezing the air around him, which doesn’t help inside an arena. He could have traded this ability for useful knowledge, but he was left with this making him useless.

Ability The EXS of Iceflowers: Dare Glacial
Weapon Riddle
Organization Ritter Schild


Yuzuriha is a lively and uplifting character whose powers revolve around her personality. Her cheery nature is what makes her a very lovely warrior. She has a long red mane tied in a ponytail that goes down to her calves. She had a pink and white flowy jacket on her arms above a pink tank top.

Her powers are strong and effective, but she doesn’t use them in the right way. Her main move includes anticipating her opponent’s moves; This gives her an insight into her opponent’s skills and tactics, but that’s where her benefits end. She resides under the D tier of the Unist tier list due to this reason.

Ability The EXS of Falling Flowers: Ainsel Lost
Weapon Iris Blade: Kamiji-no-Homare
Organization Night Blade

Why Choose Us?

A reader should opt for us because we have a whole process through which our article goes through before it is published. Our gamers and writers collect data and stats on a character. Layer, they analyze this data. We spent countless hours judging and evaluating the data collected. Then we assign them to their respective tiers, which allows us to gain an insight into the characters.

We have a team of editors who compare the facts and check their potency. We try our best to supply you with the most factual information that is true and worth reading. A reader needs to trust his instincts, which usually point toward us.

This tier list went through the same amount of work and management. It depends on our gaming experience and the hours we spent collecting data and speculating the data of this game. We hope you like our ranking of Under night in birth characters.

Comparison Table

VatistaSThe FLS of Binding: RestrictionCrimson Wings: Seven FlowersNo Affiliation
PhononSThe EXS of Resonance: Baroque NoiseMunielEFG(Former Memeber)
LinneSThe EXS of Agility: Speed StarLong Sword, Folding Knife
Night Blade
HildaSThe EXS of Light and Darkness: ParadoxDress of Darkness: MasqueradeAmnesia
GordeauAThe EXS of Greed: SnatcherDemon Sickle: DevourerAmnesia
WagnerAThe EXS of Incandescence: Flame TyrantFlame Brand, AncileLicht Kreis
WaldsteinAThe EXS of Mountainous Strength: HecatoncheirIron Claws: The DestroyersNight Blade
ByakuyaAThe EXS of Dark Spikes: ChelicerataThe EXS of Dark Spikes: ChelicerataNo Affiliation
HydeAThe EXS of Darkness: Void RedIndulgence of Insulating, The InsulatorNight Blade
MerkavaBThe FLS of The Basilisk: JormungandrDark BiteNo Affiliation
EltnumBThe EXS of Precision: Analysis
EtheriteNo Affiliation
OrieBThe EXS of Purity: ThanatosThe RulerNo Affiliation
ChaosBThe EXS of Illusion: “Umbral”Codex of Disorder: Chaos CodeAmnesia
AkatsukiCEXS of The Thunderclap: Blitz MotorTaktischeblitzanzug No Affiliation
SethCThe EXS of Excavation: KerykeionTwin Swords: The EliminatorNight Blade
NanaseCThe EXS of Vengeance: WindmillZephyrNo Affiliation
CarmineCThe EXS of Lifeblood: Blood SpikeRein BloodNo Affiliation
LondreikaDThe EXS of Iceflowers: Dare GlacialRiddleRitter Schild
YuzurihaDThe EXS of Falling Flowers: Ainsel LostIris Blade: Kamiji-no-HomareNight Blade

Patch Notes Ver 1.03

In the latest patch notes, following changes were made.

  • Balance changes to traits (DASH,GROUND RECOVERY, THROW etc.)were made  to all characters.
  • Various bug fixes were made.


Under night in birth is an iteration into a new version; it allows players from all over the world to collect and fight against each other. It will enable players to relieve their stress and become lost in the world of a battle against warriors in assassins. The Unist tier list is composed of five tiers ranging from S to D tier. They all have different characters based on their ranks and stats. All these characters have their own competency and potential.

The characters of S Tiers have exceptional abilities and high aptitude. The A tier resides all those characters who were potentially great and were able to help the player’s gameplay. Next came the b tier in which all mediocre players live with abilities that may or may not help them survive.

Second to last is the C tier, in which potentially worst characters desired that are open to dying may even ruin appears gameplay. Lastly is the D tier, in which all those worst. Characters are lost and aim to destroy every strategy a player has planned for his game. In the end, only a pro player can survive with all these characters; if a beginner starts again with a D-tier character, he has to suffer a lot.

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