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Unleash the Power of Champions With Our Expert Octopath Traveler Mobile Tier List

Hello folks, welcome back to another article regarding games and their characters. Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is a role-playing game invented by Square Enix and acquired. Octopath traveler champions of the Continent Tier list enlist their characters while ranking them according to their traits. Its first release was in Japan, and after it gained a lot of success, it got to see the light of the West.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 24 characters ranked in Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent.
  • These characters are ranked based on abilities and their stats.
  • Among the best characters are Lynette, Sofia, Fiore, and Scarecrow.
  • Characters like Stead, Jose, Sunny, and Harry join us in the lowest ranks.

Tier List Table

In the table below, you will find a quick summary of all the rankings we will make in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank`

It is a continuation of octopath traveler and a prequel while following its 2D style. People anxiously waited for a console game, but they awarded them a mobile game. It was available for iOS and Android devices for all users.

It should be recalled that our tier list is based on our own experiences and interests. Not every character is great and has a perfect profile for playing. Each character has some traits that a player abhors.

Tier List’s Methodology 

A tier list comprises five tiers, including S, A, B, C, and D. All these tiers have different characteristics and features that help a player again. The S and A Tier characters have superior skills and abilities that allow a player to win. These characters cannot miss that aim and have high stats.

B-tiered characters are potentially great and have the potential that can make them a part of the topmost tier, but if you do some lacking abilities, they can’t reach a maximum extent. B-tiered characters have mediocre qualities that do not vary towards bad or good; they remain neutral in a game and may or may not help a player.

C and D-tiered characters are the worst; They are potentially bad but have some characteristics that make them acceptable for a player’s gameplay, while the tiered characters have zero abilities and always ruin a player’s gameplay.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier

S tier is also a superb tier of our tier list. It has exceptional characters inside a game and helps a player reach the end with victory in his hands.

These characters layout the way for success and achievement and do not disappoint a player and his gameplay. A player’s tactics are most useful with these characters as they have one-of-a-kind powers and abilities that accentuate their gameplay and make them unique.

A player gets an exhilarating experience with these characters, and it helps him walk around in the arena with his head held high as he knows what his next move is, and he knows that his character would follow his others. These characters have high stats and abilities that aid in an arena and do not let a player stagger from his successful path.


Class: Dancer

She is a capable character with an interesting storyline. She has blonde hair and is dressed in dancing attire that Enhances her beauty. She belongs to a traveling troupe and is searching for another troop to help her perform among an audience. She belongs to the powerful tyrant and is one of the five characters a player pursues at the start.

She is included in an S tier because her abilities allow her to remain at the top. She has an interesting storyline that doesn’t bore a character. This game is all about its stories and plots that revolve around a character. Once a player has concluded his story, his journey with that character end.


Class: scholar

Scholars are the emperors of the educated world; they evolved themselves and are wealthy regarding knowledge. Wealth isn’t just from money, but it is also extracted from expertise.

She used to be a student of Botany and seeks information for her botanical encyclopedia. She has short blonde hair and a blue Cape wrapped around her. At first glance, she seems an easygoing and loving partner. But the battlefield has tactics that can blow a player’s mind.

She is also out of third chosen ones that act upon a player’s need. She is under the influence of a wealthy tyrant and hence situated in the frost lands. She is included in the S Tier because her bright blue eyes sucked a soul out of her opponent, and she can easily look for her opponent’s weaknesses.


Class:  Warrior

Octopath traveler has a wide range of characters that belongs to different classes, just like that future belongs to a rank of warriors who are ready for a fight. She belongs to the ripple tide town watch and box on her father’s footprints. She has short blonde hair and purple clothing. She seems a jolly character, but her attire changes when she is in an arena and puts up a fierce façade.

She belongs to the coastlands and is under a tyrant of power. Her warrior skills and techniques are unique and peculiar, and they help a player’s gameplay to the maximum. A player feels at ease with this character, so she is included in an S tier. She has an interesting storyline and uses her sword to strike down her enemies.


Class:  Hunter

What can you Decipher from a guy who is a hunter? He is an enraged person who has ratchets with grotesque monsters and creatures and is ready to take them down till his last breath.

He is willing to stand up for himself and kill his opponent to the last breath. The chosen ones are easy to control and have superior motives, including them in an S tier of our Octopath traveler champions of the Continent Tier list high above other characters.

He belongs to the Highlands, and his storyline acts out in these hills. Highlands are ruled over by glory, and he comes under this emperor. Scarecrow is not scared of anything; he is ready to stand tall and take down his enemy as long as his companions and allies are protected. That builds up his hard exterior.


Class:  seeker

An enigmatic character who Seeks adventure and looks in nooks and crannies for the voyage. Viola seeks her cheap thrills through her burglaries and thieving.

Golden purple and pink clothing and long black Here coma, her abilities make her stand out among her teammates. Her powers are double-stink, and then after leveling up, she reaches a debilitate triple-edged, blazing dagger.

Her powers fit her under an S tier because she can inflict great damage and decrease an opponent’s ATK level. Her recovery for absorption of skill is 50%, which means that she absorbs her opponent’s throws and indulges them Completely.

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier

A tier has potentially great characters; they can reach the top and be more adept in their fighting experience. But they lack some abilities and have lower stats than last-tiered characters. These characters help players equally and in the best way.

A player does not get disappointed with these characters of our tier list, as they can help him achieve victory and not let him stray away from the path he has set in his mind.


Class: Cleric

He is an exceptionally kind and gentle character on our tier list. He has a smile that adorns his face all the time. He is known to help everyone in distress and need. If he sees anyone in pain, he is up to alleviate the pain and make that person happy. He belongs to glory influence and hence is situated in The Woodlands. He has a yellow Cape around his brew gown and golden blonde hair.

He is included in an A tier of our tier list due to his skills that have luminance heal more and guardian aura. These abilities weaken his opponents and leave them stranded from all sides. All they can see is losing and defeat.


Class: Apothecary

He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and belonged to a well-known family of apothecaries. His grandfather was a renowned apothecary and a mentor of his grandson, Theo. Theo is an impatient person who can’t sit tight in his seat. He was under the tyranny of power and had an interesting storyline that allowed him to scavenge in the flatlands.

Theo has high stats, including speed HP and attack, making him a preferable candidate for an A tier. His skills include amputation, mass rejuvenation, dual harvest, and ailment boost, which hit his opponent with his ax or decreased their HPs. This aids a player’s gameplay and helps him remain victorious.


Class: Scholar

another scholar has appeared in our tier list; she has scavenged word the ancient civilization and has reached the flatlands to work under a tyranny of power. Her scholarly abilities allow her to know the deepest in the world’s darkest secrets. Her storyline is unique and intriguing and engulfs a player’s mind towards it. She has a green cold on her brown attire. Her strawberry-blonde hair accentuates her features.

You will see her flashing around lightning moves on her enemies that weaken them without damaging them. She’s included in the A Tier because she resorts to weakening moves rather than defending or offending movements. Hence she does not harm her opponents but weakens them to a higher degree. However, her weakening moves are quite effective as well.


Class: Merchant

Gilderoy is the top apprentice and a merchant of our game period; he is a jeweler who sold his jewels to other noble people. Along his trading ways, he engulfs himself in an adventure that helps him create an exhilarating experience for the player and himself. He falls under the territory of power and scavengers the river land to seek out fights, battles, and his jewels.

He has a purple headband and a blue coat that accentuates his features while he exploits his foes’ weaknesses. He can execute repeated, paralyzing, desperate Resolve, heel thrust, and desperate HP Restoration. He belongs to an A tier because his moves allow him to exploit his enemies, and when he reaches his last breath, he can gain HP.


Class: Merchant

Devon is another merchant of our dear list who seeks fights and battles to destroy his enemies and grotesque monsters obstructing his way. He has a white feather on his head and has an entire identical to Robin Hood. He belongs to Woodlands, reigned by a wealthy tyrant who is wishes and savage.

He is included in this tier because he helps his allies while destroying his opponent quite keenly. A player can achieve so much through this character, which doesn’t disappoint him as he follows certain gameplay set out by his players. His Red Hat Accentuates his features.


Class: Merchant

It is a non-binary character signed by a pronoun of they and there that is used and died again. That makes Damn neither guy nor a girl. They have served the world through the sea and reached the coastlines to create a new life.

At first glance, you might think of them as a child, but you’ll get baffled when you see them executing aptness inside and in an arena. They have superior powers and motives that make them quite useful.

They are included in an A tier because their moves are quite easy to execute and display a powerful player outlook. A player rarely gets disappointed by this character as they can fit into the gameplay and help them with their abilities.


Class: Apothecary

She is a gentle and loving character who seeks adventure by surveying through deep seas and voyages. She has gained great respect from her neighbors and fellows due to her compassionate nature. Her story is so discerning and moving that a player devours it from the start. She is a healer who heals anyone in sight.

What do you expect from a healer? Like all others, she heals her allies and friends while keeping her views straight about her enemies. When required, she can turn her job around and even kill a person; as it said, a doctor is a savage murderer because he knows which artery bleeds the most. She is included in an A tier of our Octopath traveler champions of the Continent Tier list because her healing abilities help in an arena.


Class: Cleric

Cedric is an exceptional character who has unmatchable skills. His abilities make him a part of an A-tier bad stand out among his teammates. A player cannot go wrong with this character.

He is adorned in reddish brown attire with a red hat. Cedric’s eyes are hidden under the darkness of his soul and hat. A player receives great pleasure by playing with this vicious character who offers great powers and abilities.

His abilities make him a top priority for a player as his ruled over by power. Power reigns through his blood and makes him a stronger competitor for an opponent. He dashes through an arena and ensures he doesn’t ruin a player’s gameplay. When you seek a good warrior, you desire a character with abilities that don’t waste your set-up and make you stand out.

B Tier

average characters ranked
B Tier

B tier has characters who are mediocre at what they do. They do not have excellent and exceptional abilities or the highest stats. Their stats vary from normal to medium. Some of their abilities might baffle a player, but others are usual and common. They have normal stats and ordinary skills that help a player to a minimum extent.


Class: thief

Everybody has high hopes for their future, and plans are ahead of that time so they can follow a pathway to success. Wingate has a different strategy as he plans to become a known pirate who can steal and loot people on their wages. He belongs to a wealthy tyrant and has a great amount of power. He has blonde black hair and a purple shirt. His arms have brown sleeves to protect them from the sun’s heat.

He is included in a B tier because his abilities of double sting and swiftness do not greatly impact an opponent. He is a noble bandit who takes from the rich and grants a dam on the poor people. He is a portrayal of Robin Hood as he helps people that can’t afford money or food. The rich might curse upon him but the poor praise his existence.


Class:  thief

Another thief, another good person, maybe, but he is a loner of all the people in our tier list. His loneliness is defined by the drunkenness achieved during his lonely nights in a bar.

He’s usually seen in amber Lau where he drinks his worries and sorrows. He has bright blue eyes that accentuate his long gray hair. He is under that tyrant of glory and works to achieve great powers.

He is a part of the B tier because his abilities allow him to seek many powers and skills and kill his enemies. He might look innocent at first glance, but deep down in his soul, you’ll see the darkness of his sorrows eating him alive.

He is a mediocre character who ate a player to a relevant degree.


Class: Warrior

She is a Baker and a chef but becomes excruciatingly menacing and savage in an arena. A player sets up gameplay just for her so he can take down her enemies and monsters and scoop them out of a stadium.

She has two different personalities in the arena and her kitchen. In her kitchen, she’s talkative and lively and has a great heart. While on the battlefield, she becomes fierce and has the grimmest look on her face that can scare the opponent’s soul. She belongs to the coastlands and has a wealthy tyrant ruling over her.

She is included here because her abilities are quite hard to achieve. A player might get lost while executing her moves and boots. Her abilities revolve around fierce and savage attacks that deal a great amount of damage to her opponent and knock them out. She has brown hair tied up in a bun and holds a plate of food while in a kitchen or anywhere other than her arena.


Class: merchant

Helga is usually a name of a tyrant and savage witch whose main task is to kill the protagonist and kill off the protagonist. But in this game, she is one of the good guys who is a merchant and runs a transport service known as the rock company.

Helga has this transportation service that helps people move from one place to another and study abroad. She is a nomad who doesn’t stay at one home and scavengers the whole earth just to find Peace of Mind.

She has a bandana wrapped around her head and bangs contouring her forehead. She has a red dress that goes down to her feet, and her brown boots peek under her skirt. Her moves revolve around using non-elemental attacks on her enemies, so she has few or no offensive and defensive attacks. Her attacks don’t damage her opponent but weaken them to some extent, which is why she is included in the B tier of our tier list.


Class: merchant

She is another merchant who has a company that has been passed on to her by her ancestors. This company is called Ramos; she supports her employees and is a compassionate employer. He has a purple bandana around her head and a jolly little smile that makes a player pacified and Soothed. Her abilities allow her to be mediocre in every way.

She uses non-elemental attacks instead of offensive ones. This way, she can only weaken her opponent and not destroy them completely. The effect of her non-basic attacks Runs out after a while, and she cannot execute her moves again; this includes her in a B tier.

C Tier

Octopath traveler champions of the Continent Tier list
C Tier

A C tier is a tier level of our Octopath traveler champions of the Continent Tier list that has potentially worst characters as these characters have the potential to reach the down rung of this tier list. These characters have poor abilities and low stats that do not aid a player in gameplay. He has to mend his ways and alter his gameplay to adjust it to these characters. If a player gets this character in his teen, he must work hard to succeed.


Class: Cleric

Ramona is a character who is a Deacon and spreads good vibes around her village. She works day and night just to fulfilling the needs of her villagers. He has compassion for her Realtors and a hearty laugh that warms the listener’s heart. She has light brown hair and big brown eyes that shines under the sun. She is under the reign of power and is located in a river.

She is part of a C tier of our tier list because her abilities do not help a player run in an arena. His gameplay becomes spoiled, and he has nowhere to escape with this character. Her moves do not grant any abilities to a player, and they have higher cooling down periods that give her opponent time to strike and knock her out easily.


Class: Warrior

Miles is a work of art inside an arena. He is an agile knight with fast reflexes in a battle and is a mentor for a fighting purpose but executes his duties efficiently and keenly. He stands tall in front of his opponent and does not run away till his last breath, even though he is not a competent character.

He is a part of a C tier because his abilities do not allow him to run around and arena tactfully. He is adorned in a blue gown and has shaggy brown hair that falls in his eyes. His abilities and stats are low, and a Player overlooks him while choosing his teammates. With low stats, a character cannot compete with his opponents.


Class: cleric

Stead is an alarmed and alert character ready to conquer the world’s dangers with courage and bravery. She has magical abilities that harm the other person; she uses these abilities in a negative perspective and hurts others.

Stead might have been in the top tiers if they had used these abilities for healing. She has a green gown on her white attire and short silver hair. She has a smirk displayed on her face that portrays her cunning personality.

She is included the C Tier because she uses her powers incorrectly. Her powers would have flourished if she had used them for beneficial purposes, and she exploited her powers and turned towards dog magic, making her the Church’s priest of the sacred flame.


Class: cleric

Once you start the game, you’ll see him as one of your first companions and helpers. However, you will resent him when you get to know him due to his close-to-none abilities.

Who serves for a ceremonial journey that marks his entry into adulthood? He helps all those who turn to him and do not turn his head towards them. He has never neglected a chance to stand up for others. This has not helped him in an arena, as his abilities only help his allies and not himself.

He is part of a C tier because his powers cannot be used for defense mechanisms and abilities. He can heal and increase the HP of his allies and teammates but cannot decrease the ATK level of his opponent. He is monk-like. He is boldly adorned in a green-colored gown covering his small attire.

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier

D-tiered characters of the tier list are the worst from all aspects and perspectives. They have very low stats and very poor abilities that do not aid a player’s gameplay. They mostly stand idle in an arena and do not move an inch. Even if they do, they do that for their benefit and not to win on a battlefield. They have abysmal abilities that do not aid in victorious situations.


Class: Hunter

She is the daughter of the wealthiest man in Woodlands and has seven siblings. Her father is a Wealthy person, and she is his loving baby girl. She is a crybaby who doesn’t do much but cries her sorrows away, stands in an arena, and starts lamenting her downtrodden past and life.

She is part of the D Tier because her abilities are not supreme and ruin a player’s gameplay; she can’t move around in an arena swiftly and has to stop to cry. A player gets stressed while playing with this character. He doesn’t know how to control this character and make her attack her opponent. She is not a good character who can take down her enemy.


Class: dancer

Harry reminds me of Harry Potter from this series, as he was a prominent character. But this character is a dancer and has eight brothers. They were octuplets and were havoc for their parents.

He works under the sun and is under a wealthy tyrant’s influence. He uses dancing skills to distract his opponents and then strikes them when they are not looking, but his dancing is not much superior. And This is why he is not a good addition to your team.

He is part of a date here because his ability does not allow him to make a player a victor; he loses his gain almost immediately with this player as he ruins the gameplay and has low stats. His low stats did not allow a player to fight against weapons Mighty than him. He can’t even take down a small creature.


octopath traveler champions of the continent tier list
tier image

As seen in the above picture, this Tier list is illustrated and helps a player portray what our tier list is trying to convey. Each character is situated in his tear assigned to him, as I already told in the previous section of our article. If a player is not up for reading the whole article, he can use this image as it can help him receive the information we have told in the entire article.

Comparison Table


The Ending Note

Our Octopath traveler champions of the Continent Tier list is a compilation of all the characters usually seen inside the game period; this game is a role-playing game, and each character has its storyline and plot. A player moves along this storyline and helps a character reach his end. This tier list is based upon a character’s start and storyline because a role-playing game gets boring with a boring storyline.

A tier list provides a basis for compiling warriors. It helps players to open their inner eyes and evaluate their gaming experience. This tier list is comprised of five tiers. S, A, B, C, and D. They all have unique characteristics that stun players. S tier has top warriors with high-quality characters and a storyline, giving a view of food for thought.

A tier has potentially great characters, but they sometimes lack quality or have a lower stat that puts them down. Next are lower and mediocre tiers. B tier has mediocre guardians that are good for those who play with every character; c tier resides those protagonists that may or may not be good for a player. Lastly, this tier list is concluded with a D tier with abysmal characters.

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