Omega Strikers Tier List [2023]

With our Omega Strikers Article, We Will Be Ranking All The Strikers In The Game

In our Omega Strikers Tier List, you will get a chance to review the categorization of all the featured characters in the game while gaining a glimpse into their features and stats. This is a 3v3 multiplayer game consisting of two teams of three players who play with a hockey puck and goal it. The game is named so due to its characters, called strikers.

The game is an amalgam of strategy, tactics, rivalry, enthusiasm, and entertainment, and each plays a part in the gameplay. The list is based on my outlook and time invested in the game and is open to the reader’s point of view.   

Key Points

  • TopTierList ranks 13 strikers from Omega Strikers in this tier list.
  • Each ranking was made according to the character’s skills, damage output, versatility, and adaptability in combat.
  • The upper tanks have the best characters, like Juliette, Estelle, Asher, Kai, and Atlas.
  • You will find Juno, X, Drek’ar, Luna, and Rune among the lower ranks.


The full rankings can be seen in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

You can find more details about each character as you keep reading.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier.

The S-rank characters of our article are top-notch and have the best statistics and abilities. Players opt for these characters due to their high strengths and extraordinary powers.


Let’s start our list with the Eager Rookie, her alias in the game. Juliette is a strategic character with top-notch stats and an insatiable hunger to win. Every gamer is usually familiar with her as she is the face of the omega strikers. Players choose this mascot for her all-rounder capacities; she is adept in everything. Her famous move is the fiery fist that deals 85% damage to all rivals in a line. Flying Phoenix is another one of the powerful moves that she casts while running past her enemies. She is a part of the S tier because when players blend these actions, they get a killer combo that demolishes most opponents from the arena. 

Skills Strategic thinking, all-rounder capabilities
Damage Output High (around 85%)
Adaptability in Combat High


Next, we have another great addition to the S rank of the Omega Strikers Characters Tier List who turns the tables inside the arena. She is the sniper known for her perfect aims; she rarely misses her target with her sniper and takes down her opponent. Not only does she have a competitive fire that ignites in her, but it also propels her toward triumph. Rose Warp is an ability that fires a crystal thorn at the enemy while dealing 75% damage, and it is Estelle’s significant move. Her piercing shot adds her to the S tier, which greatly damages the enemies in a long line of targets. With incredibly high stats and deteriorating powers, Estelle is a top-tier striker of the game. 

Skills Sniper expertise, perfect aim, competitive fire
Damage Output High (75% damage with Rose Warp, piercing shot)
Adaptability in Combat (utilizes sniper expertise to take down opponents)


Asher took hold of the top-tier characters after being introduced recently; she is an all-rounder who can defend and attack. She performs her tasks competently and skilfully. Being new allowed her to gain popularity among gamers; over time, they learned about her powers. She is a great character with impressive stats and traits. A player must learn her gameplay, which is a little complicated, but she is worth it. Breakthrough allows Asher to board her shields and strike the enemies up to 65% of damage. A player should opt for the all-rounder goalie as she undeniably presents a player with free mobility, the versatility of powers, and diverse roles.

Skills Defense, offense, versatility, mobility
Damage Output Moderate (up to 65% damage with Breakthrough)
Adaptability in Combat Moderate (requires learning complicated gameplay)

A Tier

second best characters tier list
A Tier.

The A tier has the next best characters; they are potentially great but lack a little quality to excel in the arena. Although these characters also have incredibly high stats and powers.


With his dashing looks, the natural superstar has entered our list. He is a brisk character whose aim and speed make him stand out in an arena. Among all the other strikers, kai is the swiftest. A player must train through 1 sniper and speedster training, and then he is good to play against the opponents. He is in the A tier due to his abilities, including Blazing Pace and Barrage. Both of these use his lightning speed and project it at his enemies. Players who utilize the current striker acquire speed, strength, and good defense. Kai is an all in all combo. He can protect the goal while defending his teammates from afar with his long-ranged attacks when used as a goalie.

Skills Aim, speed, agility
Damage Output Moderate (Blazing Pace, Barrage)
Adaptability in Combat Moderate (requires training in sniper and speedster abilities)


Atlas is a celestial technology striker who uses astral projectiles inside the arena to project his powers and improve his gameplay. His extraordinary specs and one-of-a-kind abilities are due to the cosmic connections that allow him to improvise his ordinary moves and spin them around in his hour of need. The main command that adds him to the A tier of the Omega Strikers tier list goalie is the cosmic expanse that confers a ring of light rays that defeat enemies. He also has restorative powers that cure his nearby allies through Celestial intervention by habilitating 25% HP He is an attacker and supporter striker who benefits the player and his teammates.

Skills Astral projectiles, cosmic connections, restorative powers
Damage Output Moderate (Cosmic Expanse)
Adaptability in Combat High (utilizes astral projectiles and restorative powers)


Era is the best supportive striker in the game, with top-notch speed, strength, and healing attributes. MoreHer healing capabilities make the player choose her first. Her bewitching beam is outrageous on the battlefield and debuffs enemies b reducing their HP and speed. It also buffs the allies with speed by 20%. A character who can destroy enemies while supporting teammates is always a better team choice, which adds Era to the A tier. Along with that, flutter flies add the haste buff to the allies, increasing the speed and strength by up to 40%.

Skills Healing, debuffing enemies, buffing allies, increasing speed and strength
Damage Output Moderate (Bewitching Beam)
Adaptability in Combat High 

Ai. Mi

Ai. Mi is a character of Omega Strikers who was created due to a glitch in the system, which gave her the name of the girl who glitched, but her skills and attributes are incomparable. Her glitching gives her an upper hand in the arena, and she can also teleport to a location by glitching. This is known as the cyber swipe, which deals massive damage to the enemy standing near the site. Ai. Mi also launches long-ranged projectile glitches that damage the enemies. Her long-ranged and heavily detrimental attacks classify her in the A tier. A player should opt for Ai. Mi because she is swift, stealthy, and sturdy.

Skills Glitching, teleportation, long-ranged attacks, massive damage
Damage Output High (Cyber Swipe, long-ranged projectile glitches)
Adaptability in Combat High 

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B Tier

average characters ranked
B Tier.

In t, we have the mediocre tier that compiles the average game strikers. These strikers have modest specs and standard qualities that, in any case, do not stand out. Beginners best use them to learn tactics.


Dubu is a large cute fluffy defender whose big size benefits him inside the arena. He towers over his teammates and protects them against opponents’ attacks. Not only does he have defending skills, but also he has some weak attacking skills that deal little damage. Dubu’s somersault allows him to dash toward his opponent and strangle him down while stunning and dealing damage up to 80%. He can launch tremor arches to deal medium strikes at the enemies and lower their H.P. His negative status effects, including stun, makes up for his lack of attacking skills but stills add him to the average tier. 

Skills Defending, somersault, tremor arches
Damage Output Low (weak attacking skills)
Adaptability in Combat Moderate


Juno is an alien striker who entered the game from a planet far away. This green-colored creature is a specialist in sniper attacks and rarely misses her attack. Her supernatural abilities include a Blob bounce that induces a super jump and keeps her airborne for 12 seconds, during which she can fire at enemies from the aerial view. Juno’s perfect aim and never-ending confidence allow her to conquer her enemies and remain standing. Her only downfall is the lack of attacks that deal massive damage, which adds her to the B rank of the Omega Strikers tier list. However, her long jumps can save her from the enemy’s fatal attacks.

Skills Blob bounce, perfect aim, long jumps
Damage Output Moderate (lack of attacks dealing massive damage)
Adaptability in Combat Moderate


X is the symbol of brutality and raw strength that he expresses through his bare hands. He can deal damage to his rivals through his bare fists and make them see stars in bright light. His bull rush is a player’s favorite move that allows him to dash toward an enemy headfirst and ramble him down while dealing damage, though it also causes a player to knock back. X also has a bell ringer that he sways around the arena that targets the opponent to deal light and heavy damage, in some cases, the bell ringer is fatal. His mediocre stats and ordinary abilities add him to the B tier.

Skills Bull rush, bell ringer
Damage Output Moderate (light and heavy damage)
Adaptability in Combat Moderate

C Tier

omega strikers tier list
C Tier.

Furthermore, we have C tier, which lodges almost bad characters, but they are still better than the last ones. These characters have low stats, poor skills, deal soft damage, and have no tactics.


A militaristic alien who is a tactical and skillful striker has appeared on our Omega Strikers Characters tier list. Above all, He is known for his brawling techniques and intimidating demeanor that grounds the enemy and makes them stand their position. His most intimidating capability is the Xeno cloak that makes him invisible for 12 seconds, and he can sneak up on the enemies and brawl with them. Xeno cloak is his only useful powerup; otherwise, he does not have massive damage-dealing characteristics. 

Skills Xeno cloak
Damage Output Moderate (light damage)
Adaptability in Combat Low


Luna has arrived with her big spectacles and powerful technologies if you see sparks of energy radiating in the arena. BOOST is Luna’s chaotic sniper that starts hitting from one point and stops when it hits a wall or an enemy; although it deals heavy damage, it’s a waste of power. Secondly, WHAMMY is another one of her projectile missiles that deals harm to the enemy. She is included in the C tier because her powerups are insufficient to compensate for her low HP and strength. She has a weak playstyle and poor tactics that a player cannot work around.

Skills Use of Boost and Whammy
Damage Output Moderate
Adaptability in Combat Moderate

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier.

At last, we have the D tier of the abysmal characters with the worst statistics and no hardcore powerups; their abilities point towards the player’s loss. A player should avoid these characters at all costs.


Lastly, we have reached the end of our list with this shadow from another world. Rune is a specialist who is difficult to train and control. His proficiency and capabilities include a shadow swap that casts his show to another location and swaps positions with it. Another one of his moves has an unstable anomaly, which allows him to conjure an expanding void that damages anything in its AoE. He is in the D tier because his abilities do not bring much to the table; a player has to work very hard for him.

Skills Shadow Swap, Unstable Anomaly
Damage Output Low
Adaptability in Combat Low

Comparison Table

CharactersTierSkillsDamage OutputAdaptability in Combat
JulietteSStrategic thinking, all-rounder capabilitiesHigh (around 85%)High
EstelleSSniper expertise, perfect aim, competitive fireHigh (75% damage with Rose Warp, piercing shot)(utilizes sniper expertise to take down opponents)
AsherSDefense, offense, versatility, mobilityModerate (up to 65% damage with Breakthrough)Moderate (requires learning complicated gameplay)
AAim, speed, agilityModerate (Blazing Pace, Barrage)Moderate (requires training in sniper and speedster abilities)
AtlasAAstral projectiles, cosmic connections, restorative powersModerate (Cosmic Expanse)Moderate (Cosmic Expanse)
EraAHealing, debuffing enemies, buffing allies, increasing speed and strengthModerate (Bewitching Beam)High
Ai.MiAGlitching, teleportation, long-ranged attacks, massive damageHigh (Cyber Swipe, long-ranged projectile glitches)High
DuboBDefending, somersault, tremor archesLow (weak attacking skills)Moderate
JunoBBlob bounce, perfect aim, long jumpsModerate (lack of attacks dealing massive damage)Moderate
XBBull rush, bell ringerModerate (light and heavy damage)Moderate
Drek'arCXeno cloakModerate (light damage)Low
LunaCUse of Boost and WhammyModerateModerate
RuneDShadow Swap, Unstable AnomalyLowLow


We conclude our Omega strikers tier list with a final note that all these characters are one-of-a-kind and have unique specs and qualities. Each striker has a unique ability, and our rankings are based on our experience with the game.

And if you disagree with any of our placements, please let us know in the comments section below. We always take constructive criticism in good faith and use them to improve our articles in the future.