Outriders Class Tier List [2023]

There are a total of 4 classes in the enchanting universe of Outriders and all are ranked in this Top Tier List.

Players all around the world have been looking for a good Outriders Class Tier List. Well, we have you guys covered because as the dust has settled down we can now dive deep into the interesting universe of Outsiders.

In the given article, we will rank different classes on a spectrum of metrics including speed, endurability, killing potential, and their effectiveness in the playing field. This is a list that would help you choose the class that best fits your needs.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 4 classes on this tier list.
  • Each has been ranked according to its speed, durability, damage output, and effectiveness.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find Technomancer and Devastator.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you will see Pyromancer.


We will be ranking all the classes in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank

Learn more about each class below.

S Tier

outriders class tier list
S Tier.

The first rank in our Outriders Worldslayer Class Tier List is the S rank. The mentioned tier contains the class which is considered to be the best in the entire game. It contains the class which has terrific map speed, magnificent killing potential and outstanding defense. All these skills make this class highly desirable for competitive players who are looking to excel in their gameplay. We can consider it to be very well-rounded when we keep in mind all the matrices of judgment. 


Technomancer makes it to the top of our Outriders world-slayer class rankings due to its unique ability of healing when it damages the opponent making it the most effective class on the battlefield. Technomancers is a versatile class having many offensive and defensive capabilities. It has access to a variety of healing abilities along with many crowd-controlling abilities all this making it an essential part of any team composition. Technomancers have extraordinary endurability and killing potential, amazing defense, and good map-clearing speed. All of it helped Technomancer to make it to the top of our article.

Following are some of the best builds of the Technomancer’s skill trees:


The Demolisher subclass is an excellent choice for players who like to deal massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Even though the Technomancer isn’t primarily a caster,  it allows for the use of Scrapnel and Blighted Turret. The subclass provides a boost to the Technomancer’s Anomaly Power, which enhances the damage to their skills. Additionally, it provides a boost to the Technomancer’s weapon damage, allowing them to deal more damage.


For players who like to concentrate on taking on their opponents, the Pestilence subclass is a great option.  Technomancers’ toxic damage is increased by Pestilence, enabling them to poison their opponents more effectively. The Pestilence is a fantastic pick for players that enjoy dealing damage over time.

Tech Shaman

Tech Shaman is a great choice for players who like to play a more supportive role in the game. The healing capabilities of Tech Shaman make them very useful which helps them to recover from any damage. Moreover, Tech shaman has the ability to heal their allies.

Skill Name Scrapnel
Type Ordnance, Interrupt
Cooldown Time 17 seconds

A Tier

outriders class tier list
A Tier.

In A tier,  we include those classes which are considered to be phenomenal but these classes usually lack some key factor. Overall, these classes have an excellent set of abilities making them among the most effective players in the entire game.  The classes in the A rank of our Outriders Class Tier List 2023 have a spectrum of both offensive and defensive capabilities. Even though these classes are not comparable to those in the S tier but these classes are regarded as very effective in their overall gameplay.


Devastators can be considered one of the best classes in the entire game. Devastators have 15% more health than the average class. Moreover, its 30% increased armor along with 24% healing capability on every close rang kill makes it an extremely valuable asset in the team. Devastator is a tank class. The devastator lacks offensive capabilities. Moreover, devastators soak up damage and draw enemy attention. Thus the class is not for aggressive players. Overall it is one of the best assets to have on your team. It has extraordinary endurability and defense, and good killing potential but lacks map-clearing speed. All of it makes Devastators the best fit for A Tier.

Now we will go through some of the best builds of the class. 


The Vanquisher skill tree is a great option if you want to play an Outriders character with very good mobility and a weapon-focused build. The advantages of the tree include additional weapon damage and a higher likelihood of discovering shotguns. Vanquisher subclass also lowers the cooldown of Kinetic skills, enhancing your mobility and allowing you to rapidly engage in combat. However, with vanquishers you won’t have a bullet skill like the other classes, therefore your damage output will be more dependent on equipment. We can consider the Vanquisher skill tree as the best choice if you wish to specialize in a very mobile and weapon-focused playstyle.

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A traditional tank class, the Warden, is a subclass in Outriders that emphasizes on health, armor gains, and health regeneration. The subclass makes you more endurable. However, it makes little difference in terms of your overall damage output.  Warden offers bonuses for scaling damage. That makes a partial investment in this direction a good strategy. However, it must be noted that going all in on the Warden subclass will probably yield only average damage output.

Seismic Shifter

An excellent option for gamers who wish to concentrate on crowd management is the seismic shifter subclass. The Devastator’s seismic skill is enhanced by this subclass, and the damage resistance is increased by the capstone passive of the Seismic Shifter, making them even more difficult to defeat.

Skill Name Earthquake
Type Seismic
Cooldown Time 14 seconds

B Tier

outriders class tier list
B Tier.

The following tier contains those classes which have a decent balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. Although they lack some critical factors at the same time they tend to have some outstanding capabilities. When these are used intelligently they have the potential of becoming game changers. Classes in the B tier are good for only players with specific playstyles.


It is a class that fits best into the B tier of our Outrider’s Worldslayer Class Tier List. Trickster is a class that specializes in mobility and close-range combat. Trickster has access to a variety of time-based abilities, such as teleportation and time manipulation, which allow it to quickly move around the battlefield and get up close and personal with enemies. It is a great choice for players who enjoy fast-paced, aggressive playstyles. Trickster tends to activate their heal and defense mechanism only when it kills an enemy at close range. That makes it unsuitable, especially when it comes to its boss-killing ability. Overall it is still a very good class, especially for those players who have a more aggressive playstyle. Tricksters has extraordinary speed and good endurability and killing potential. 

Let’s look into some of the best sub-classes of the trickster:


A fantastic subclass for players that enjoy playing aggressively is the Reaver subclass. Reaver subclass adds more health and armor to improve the Trickster’s capacity to survive. Additionally, it improves the Trickster’s close-combat abilities, enabling them to become a stronger assault option. For players that like to concentrate on close combat, this subclass is one of the best options out there.


For players who enjoy taking on a supporting role, the Harbinger subclass is a great option. It increases the damage output of the party as well as the Trickster’s Anomaly Power. The Harbinger is a fantastic pick for players who enjoy using stuns and slows because of its capstone passive. It also increases the damage dealt to foes who are under the effect of crowd control.


Assassin is a perfect choice for players who prefer to play in a covert style. Assassins are considered to be the best choice for players who like to take their enemies down from the distance. Moreover, this provides additional damage reduction while in cover and a damage boost to long-range attacks.

Skill Name Temporal Blade
Type Damage
Cooldown Time 19.8 seconds

C Tier 

outriders class tier list
C Tier.

This tier contains those classes that not only lack critical capabilities but also do not have other such abilities which can make up for that critical factor it is lacking.


The Pyromancer is a class that specializes in fire-based abilities. It is great for setting enemies on fire, which can be useful for crowd control. The Pyromancer is also a fairly versatile class, with abilities that can be used for offense or defense. Pyromancers function effectively in long as well as short ranges. However, the downside of pyromancers is that they lack endurability and somewhat kill potential. Moreover, its medium-range makes it venerable to more attacks. Despite having a fast map-clearing ability, the lacking of all the other abilities makes it a fit for the C tier.

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Now let’s look into some of the best builds of the class.

Ash Breaker

The Ash Breaker subclass is an excellent choice for Pyromancers who like to focus on dealing damage over time. Then mentioned subclass increases the Pyromancer’s Anomaly Power, which enhances the damage of all fire-based skills. Additionally, it provides a boost to the Pyromancer’s status effect duration, allowing them to inflict burn damage for longer periods. The Ash Breaker’s capstone passive also increases the Pyromancer’s critical hit damage, making it an excellent choice for players who like to focus on dealing massive amounts of damage.


Tempest subclass is a good option for players who are into playing a more supportive role. The subclass tends to enhance Pyromancer’s ability to heal,  enabling them to recover both their health and the health of their allies. Players that want to employ their fire-based talents to benefit their allies and disrupt their enemies will find that the Tempest is an excellent choice because of its capstone passive.

Fire Strom

Firestorm is a perfect choice for players who want to inflict massive damage in a short period. Moreover, Fire Storm’s capstone passive also provides a damage boost to all of the Pyromancer’s fire-based skills. That makes it an excellent choice for players who like to play aggressively.

Skill Name Heatwave
Type Ignite
Cooldown Time 13 seconds

Comparison Table

ClassRankSkill NameTypeCooldown
TechnomancerSScrapnelOrdnance, Interrupt17 seconds
DevastatorAEarthquakeSeismic14 seconds
TricksterBTemporal BladeDamage19.8 seconds
PyromancersCHeatwaveIgnite13 seconds


In conclusion, our Outriders Class Tier List can be a great tool for players who want to choose the best class which fits their playstyle. While the Technomancer is the strongest class in the game, all of the classes have their strengths and weaknesses, and players should choose the class that best suits their playstyle. Whether you prefer mobility, killing potential, crowd control, or endurability, there is a class in Outriders that will suit your needs.

In the article, we have tried our best to keep even the minutest of details in our minds while ranking these classes. Thank you for reading the entire article. Do let us know what you think about this article in the comment section. We hope that you find the class that best fits your play style. You can also go through some more of our articles.