Power Beyond Super Saiyan Tier List (2023)

Dragon Ball, the immensely popular Japanese media franchise, has brought many spectacular mangas, video games, films, and animations to life over the past few decades. And one of these games, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, has been taking the internet by storm recently, and that is where our Power Beyond Super Saiyan tier list comes into play. Here we will rank all cards and characters according to the current meta, so that fans can have an easier time differentiating between them.

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge that we are just fans ourselves and our rankings are subject to biases. Despite our efforts to convey accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information, our own personal preferences will likely come through in this article. But rest assured, we will do our best to convey information as accurately as humanly possible.

Key Points

  • All relevant cards have been classified into the S, A, B, C, and D tiers.
  • There are a total of 23 entries in our article.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find Majin Vegeta and Super Saiyan 2 Goku.
  • The lower ranks contain the likes of Super Saiyan 3 Broly.


Below we’ve articulated the characters that have been ranked in our article.

Tier RankCard
S Rank• Super Saiyan God Goku and God Vegeta
• Super Saiyan 4 Goku and 4 Vegeta
• Super Saiyan 2 Goku
• Super Saiyan SS God Goku
• Super Saiyan SS God Vegeta
• Majin Vegeta
A Rank• Super Saiyan Vegeta (GT)
• Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken) and God SS Evolved Vegeta
• Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (Teen)
• Saiyan 4 Goku
• Saiyan 4 Gogeta
• Super Saiyan Broly
B Rank• Kakarot Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel)
• Legend Reborn Super Saiyan God Goku
• Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth)
• Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
• Transformed Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel)
C Rank• Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta
• Combat Power Super Saiyan Vegeta
• Final Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken)
• Transcendent Height Kefla
D Rank• Goku Black
• Super Saiyan 3 Broly

The details of each character are provided in the following section.

S Tier

Power Beyond Super Saiyan
S Tier.

let’s begin to classify the strongest cards in the game with the S rank. Each card here is absolutely incredible, and only rarely do any of them come with any sort of liabilities.

Such cards often carry a brilliant and special power that overshadows their few defects, if there are any in the first place.

Super Saiyan God Goku and God Vegeta

The card, adored and boasted by all who acquire it, consists of two of the most influential Gods of the DBZ universe. No part of it proves disadvantageous to the player, yet both the characters carry out equally divine damage-inducing tricks and attacks, so there isn’t a factor worth comparison.

The maximum level these Vegeta Gods can reach is 150. It is an infrequent entity with a handful of different skills. One of the best features of the card which is almost infinite in its case is the constant boost of HP, ATK, and REC. The duo, when brought together, yields powerful attacks when the Ki passes the count of 20.

The power super Saiyan God Goku and God Vegeta cards can be guessed. Just by noticing its heightened stats. HP, at its lowest, is 4992, but it reaches 21075 in no time. Similarly, its ATK elevates from 5000 to 22075 at the maximum level. The priority is marked not only in the offense but also in terms of defense.

Super Saiyan 4 Goku and 4 Vegeta

The second element on our list is known for its brilliant super attacks, which the opponent can hardly ever leave undamaged. Moreover, it can accumulate a vast number of Ki’s, which enables the unlocking of many features and skills in a character.

If for some reason, the skills bore by these Gods appear limited, players can easily fuse it with some other excellent card. This will only double its powers which should be more than enough to conquer every battlefield since, individually, these characters cause immense damage to the enemy even if it’s not at the top of their expertise.

Regarding stats, it’s better and more trustable with the recent few upgrades; the HP and ATK start at about 5000 and surpass 22000 when it reaches the topmost level, 150. Whatever you invest in these two will surely give satisfying outcomes, which is one reason justifying their placement.

Super Saiyan 2 Goku

Super Saiyan 2 Goku comes as more of a more challenging one and is great for leaving an impression. An opponent’s chances of surviving attacks are extremely slim, given how atrociously it attacks. The maximum level of its is 120, where its HP reaches 19200.

While performing the Super Attack allotted to the card, its ATK and DEF increased to 320%. By the way, a typical maximum ATK and DEF are 15402 and 11823, respectively. An HP of 77% or less within the third turn is required to transform it. Just like many other cards, it too can only transform once.

The character is capable of waging extremely severe attacks, the aftermath of which can also be compared to its Super attacks. Most times, even if an attack isn’t a Super Attack, it has somewhat of a high chance of becoming a Super Attack. Also, something unique to the card is the ability to stun the enemy completely, snatching all of the enemy’s planned defensive tactics.

Super Saiyan SS God Goku

The card we have here is an amazing addition to one’s offense line. It has optimistic prospects if you put to use its active skill. A skill that convinces many to use the character is its ATK boost during battles. However, some may complain it lasts for only a fraction of the game, and it deals heavy damage for the time it is stimulated.

The maximum level of reach is 120, which means one should take good advantage of it until then. Its active skill is exchanging characters. The skill is enabled as soon as the 3rd turn occurs at the beginning of the game. For characters with a unique type like this card, its HP is highly admirable and reaches 18000 when at the top level. Beyond that, there’s no increase, but occasionally when characters of the deck fulfill certain conditions, their attack and defense can be boosted.

Super Saiyan SS God Vegeta

Vegeta God has similar traits as the one mentioned above, and there isn’t any scale upon which they vary. Thus it’s fair to locate it in the S tier of the Power Beyond Super Saiyan tier. Its HP is extremely cooperative during battle and can support its health and resurrect the card’s characters when needed.

The stats are similar to God Goku’s, but for one special sect ( Pure Saiyans), the increase in ATK, HP, and DEF is even greater. On average, it increases by 30% for those characters. Its ATK rises from 3169 to about 15460 at the highest level. That guarantees powerful and rage-filled attacks upon the enemy. In the usual attacks waged by the card, the chances of it becoming a Super Attack are about 50%, and that is thanks to its intense fighting and determination and the characters it governs. Also, the ATK increases by about 30% for every 99 turns in a battle.

Majin Vegeta

The Majin Vegeta card favors the characters of “Gifted Warriors” and adds about 30% more ATK, HP, and DEF to them. Its skill, namely “Super ATK,” can elevate the ATK range during an attack which means an intense attack is on its way. PS, once you have this card, you can also stop worrying about your stamina running out during an attack.

That is all thanks to its HP, which reaches 18075. Now that may not seem a lot, but for cards with the rarity and type of the card, it’s more than enough for combat and win. Some other minor skills that come in handy during an attack include its rebuffing qualities, damage reduction, and entrance animation.

120 is the maximum level it can reach, and there’s no denying that up till that point, players adored Majin Vegeta when compared with others in the same range of accessibility as it. Therefore we placed him in the S Tier.

A Tier

pOWER beyong super saiyan
A Tier.

The next rank in our Power Beyond Super Saiyan tier list is the A Tier, which is home to the second-finest characters in the game.

Following the S Tier, the characters here have qualities almost as great as those in the cards mentioned above, but they mostly have less rarity, making them easily accessible to players who want to taste the elite of the game.

Super Saiyan Vegeta (GT)

To begin the A Tier, we’re presenting one of the best cards on our list. It is an amazing element with which players can get familiar with highly complex yet barbaric deck combinations. The level that this card can be upgraded and worked upon is 120, at which its ATK reaches 14800.

The ATK is comparatively low compared to the cards in S Tier, but that’s the whole point of cards in the A tier. Despite that, the ATK is moderate enough for one whose type is “prime attack” since it has other skills that can boost the ATK high, which is sufficient to launch lethal damage.

Another reason why Super Saiyan Vegeta resides in the current rank is the minute bother. The card can raise ATK enough to brew damage worth S Tier quality but only for some time. But players can only use such ATK once they’ve performed 4 or more Super attacks in just one battle.

Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken) and God SS Evolved Vegeta

Here we have the 2.0 version of God SS Goku and Vegeta. That is why some similarities can be seen between the two. For instance, the maximum level of its is also 150, just like the former. These two destroy the enemy forts effortlessly and can reduce their ATK by 30%.

An admirable and mention-worthy note is to be made regarding its passive skill. The ATK and DEF increase massively, but the cards can launch three attacks every time you obtain a limited element. On average, the card’s maximum HP and ATK are 21025 and 21295, which is insanely great.

The card’s stats prove to be super great in battle, and one may even want to declare it an occupant of the S Tier. However, we consider the pros and cons of classifying the characters. It mainly functions upon the accumulation of as much Ki as possible, and if the player doesn’t have enough Ki in reach, they ultimately can’t deal well with the character, thus appearing as a drawback.

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (Teen)

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (Teen) can reach a maximum level of 120 or 140, depending on how much you upgrade it. Described as having an unusual type, gives it a loftier rarity. Moreover, as a useful passive skill, the card increases ATK up to 100% during a Super Attack.

Without activation of any other skill either, it has fruitful stats which reach up to 14318 (HP) and 13507 (ATK). At the lowest too, the HP is 3509 and ATK is 3048. The ATK boost plus Stack Attack skill during the progressing levels greatly damages the enemy.

As a disadvantage, the Super Attack lasts only a temporary amount of time (5 turns). So we’ve categorized the character keeping in view the advantage and the small inconvenience it accompanies.

Saiyan 4 Goku

A crash that strikes with full power and decreases the enemy’s DEF considerably can be seen actively with this deck. After activation and awakening, it reaches its full capacity, about 300% greater than its average power. The HP of Saiyan 4 Goku surpasses 15000, and in a confrontation, the more the remaining HP, the greater will ATK and DEF boost.

HP plays a vital role in Saiyan 4 Goku’s long-lasting potential. Its maximum level available for upgradation is 120/140. As we mentioned the correlation of HP with other stats, the DEF boosts lesser in accordance. More so, the card lacks independence, and it has to be linked with a strong deck to reach a stable condition where it goes to reach its full potential. Therefore the card lands in the A tier of the Power Beyond Super Saiyan tier list.

Saiyan 4 Gogeta

The card has beneficial upcoming stats when used with extra Kamehameha’s. These elements help heighten its ATK and DEF beyond its maximum level. The base HP is only 5250, which reaches about 16150 at the top level, which is either 120 or 140. Moreover, the ATK comes at about 17000, the highest of its stats.

It shouldn’t be surprising that such an impressive ATK of Saiyan 4 Gogeta causes immense damage to enemy grounds. In fact, during an attack launched by the enemy, the card usually counters back with 70% greater damage than the enemies. The type to which the card belongs offers not many benefits except a coin flip. 

Super Saiyan Broly

The ultimate evil legend-borne card never fails to miss an opponent’s target. It’s positively effective when up against a Saiyan or Goku enemy, which is very likely to happen. Regardless, it’s as deadly to other enemies as to a Saiyan or Goku. The chances of it getting slayed before doing so to the enemy are as slim as ever.

The card’s self-management and attacking skills perfectly serve in the A Tier. Even the card’s stats are lethal enough to work well without other links. The ATK, alone, reaches 23480 at its maximum level, i.e., 150. As for HP, it gets an acceptable level of 17013.

The only drawback with the card is its active and passive skills plus the tank works ineffectively in the first slot. It’s practically an inefficient card for the first slot, thus, a player with low tolerance may easily let down a gem like this just because of the first impression. However, the card progresses slowly, but it’s worth the wait.

B Tier

mediocre cards
B Tier.

We’ve reached the part of our Power Beyond Super Saiyan Tier list that commences the advent of mediocre cards. Here, we’ll list the characters rookie players tend to use while climbing the ladder to obtain better cards.

In all honesty, these cards don’t weigh much upon the “disadvantageous” side of the scale because they may have few qualities worthy of use. 

Kakarot Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel)

Kakarot Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) makes things particularly easier and more understandable for new players. It lacks skill manship in the arena of war but for practice handling and getting to know the game setting, this is a decent option. One of its supplemental benefits is the 30% increase in DEF for one turn. Similarly, damaging the enemy’s base also grips and impairs the enemy’s DEF.

The card gangs up against one specific card, i.e., Goku. If your opponent is Goku, you may easily win by using passive and active skills correctly. The functional skill unleashes a heightened ATK/DEF after activation, which can occur after the third turn since the beginning of the battle.

We’re counting the card as the top pick of the current tier. With apparently good statistics, it does lack in certain areas. For instance, the card’s passive skills stimulate mostly against a Goku opponent.

Legend Reborn Super Saiyan God Goku

The card’s practicality is highest when used for short terms where its stamina won’t run out. However, the card has a fine HP of 18000; it’s still risky since it is an easy target for most opponents. Despite being well at damaging the enemy, the card isn’t significantly strong at defending itself either.

The card also has a standard set of passive skills. Yet, using the passive skill isn’t too convenient for one’s own sake. The card’s allies are mostly unfused, which makes it easier to take advantage of its passive skill. But the edge is burdensome in hindsight since the card only partners with unfused characters thus, any fused surfaces (extremely good or bad) will never boost its passive skills the way unfused ones will.

This limits the card’s reliability and suitability which is why we saw fit to put it in the B tier. And instead of being a fierce participant in a battle, the card has a link skill called “Shattering the Limit.” Another drawback is that being an extreme battle participant is a much-desired position.

Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth)

Being independent of fusing with other cards is what I think is one of its outstanding features. It can hold itself strengthened for long enough; if not complete battles, then at least a few turns. Moreover, despite being in the A Tier, the card has surprising facts and figures. The ATK/REC and HP are far from average, thus explaining their self-sustenance.

The HP at a maximum level of 150 reaches 23413, which is astounding. It’s also because of the HP that the card, unlike other A Tier cards, lasts longer on the battlefield. Similarly, the ATK at level 150 becomes 21890, thus the extent of its damage is just a matter of thought. The card stands its ground well enough but can be awakened when HP is 58% or less. Despite being a glinty card, it also has a few flaws, like being unable to run Goku in his team. Without Goku, receiving the card’s additional boost can be done only by running it under LR’s second leader skill.

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks

The card accompanies heavy damage and can also pull off a few hard blows to the enemy. Its tank does decently well as soon as the first turn commences. It’s an amazing warrior card, and its characters are equally dutiful. Apart from damaging the enemy greatly, the card rapidly decreases the enemy’s DEF.

The card has various link skills, including “Fused fighting” and “Fierce Battle.” In terms of HP and ATK, it reaches the utmost value of 15900 at the maximum level. Now that isn’t much, but coupling it with the passive and active skills after certain activation prerequisites are satisfied. During an attack, the card increases its ATK by 30% for a single turn. Though that may not seem much, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks is a long-lasting card so it won’t run out after just one turn, therefore the ATK fiercely boosts its overall stats. As for a negative on this card’s behalf, it is devoid of accumulating enough Ki points since almost all of its characters are fused.

Thus despite its efforts to do well, the card is easily out doable due to the swindling way the card works when it comes to collecting Ki’s, which can be a fundamental cause of victory in the game.

Transformed Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel)

The transformed and upgraded version of a Goku Angel is the last character we think is suitable for this rank of our Power Beyond Super Saiyan tier list. The attack the card offers is no joke! It has immensely powerful invasions, sometimes followed by a chance of stunning the enemy. 

For a certain Ki sphere, the ATK increases by nearly 20%. Before the completion of any such condition, though, the ATK is greatly increased by about 120%. That increase in ATK is its passive skill which builds most of its fierce image. It has many useful link skills, including revival and intense battle.

Again, Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel) has expected stats; at most, the HP reaches about 15225, and ATK boosts up to 16750. But if the passive skill is used accurately, ATK surpasses the general limit too. The card is unreliable and risky because of its dependence on Ki. 

C Tier

Power Beyond Super Saiyan
C Tier.

The C Tier is home to cards that are barely considered better than the absolute worst. Although these cards aren’t any good in general, they can still be tolerable and easy to work on.

Either the stats or a passive/active skill accentuates the spotlight towards them, which is why some players prefer using them. However, they aren’t extremely good on the battlefield. 

Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta

We’ll continue the Power Beyond Super Saiyan tier list with Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta. For a card landing in the C tier, it has almost excellent stats. For instance, at the maximum level (150), its HP and ATK surpass 20000. Its attacking strategies are similar to that of other ordinary cards, however, in its attacks there’s a tiny chance that the card can stun the enemy. If it pulls off the trick, it’ll pave the way much easier to victory. Because in the absence of its happening, the player is required to reach the full potential of their passive skill.

Pathetic performance is to be noted by Majin Vegeta during its Super Attack. You’ll need an Ultra Super Attack, which requires much more effort. Ultra Super Attack can’t be activated if powerful characters (such as Bulma) can’t be included with the team. Another disadvantage is that the card does poorly on the battleground. The card is also restrictive in collecting Ki’s like many other cards mentioned above.

Combat Power Super Saiyan Vegeta

Combat Power Super Saiyan Vegeta is a highly unsuitable card that has few abilities worth mentioning, which it soon loses after transforming. The card has an acceptably good link set which includes some great characters. The card isn’t as advantageous on its own; the maximum level, 120, is when its ATK and HP reach 17032 and 15870, respectively.

This acclivity isn’t extremely useful without making sure some good characters back it up. The ATK/HP can be increased using passive and active skills; however, the boost is extremely slow. For instance, for every Ki sphere obtained, the ATK increases only by 6%. Conventionally, the transformed form of a card is much better and improved. Yet that’s not the case for the card. After transformation, the card is void of stacking. Plus, it takes way too long to transform it into a Super Saiyan Blue state which normally is super strong.

Final Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken)

Kaioken has a maximum level of 120 until its HP and ATK gradually increase. Even at their highest, the HP and ATK only boost to about 15900 and 17890. Sure, the active skill can be useful in increasing its ATK, which should strengthen its offense. But the functional skill has a tricky and difficult activation method as it requires certain units.

As we’re already on the topic of active skills, let us not forget to mention the fact that this functional skill utilizes its maximal potential only until the first hard blow the card offers. After that, the active skill loses its glamour, and any former boost almost appears non-existent.

The card is defective when it comes to attacking but is equally bad in defense. With such a card, the first to lose will almost always be the player, because the card’s protection lacks strong strategies. Being prey to such flaws, placing it in the current category of our Power Beyond Super Saiyan Tier is only fair.

Transcendent Height Kefla

Here we have a card that has a few qualities that may serve as a guide to seep into the higher tiers. But the few disadvantages it has linked all of its qualities together make the card dangerously risky. On the positive scale, it can deal considerable damage for the first few times, but it soon needs refueling. 

The requirement for enough Ki’s doesn’t only stop at that. A Super Attack is out of reach without the necessary amount of Ki’s. Without the essential six Ki’s, the card lacks the power to transform a simple attack into a Super Attack. The other reason this card is so unpopular is its lack of activity on the battlefield.

D Tier

D category
D Tier.

Finally, we’ve reached the last tier in our article. Our final category is about those cards that should be your absolute last choice.

These cards aren’t even recommended for use as a beginner since they are so bad, but maybe a truly skilled player could make them work. 

Goku Black

Goku Black performs erroneously, especially if it’s being used for shorter events, which is the most recurring condition people may use it in. The character is unworkable in short and long circumstances both. Mainly because it is very less functional when it comes to the passive skill. The passive skill allows an increase in ATK up to 40% for each turn, but the process of stimulating it is extremely time taking.

The passive skill can be transformed, too, which results in a greater ATK boost. But the transformation is rarely met due to the restrictive elements required. It can stack DEF, which, by the way, reaches about 9000 at its maximum level. After every 99 turns, the DEF increases by 50%, but that is occasional since it can’t last long in a battle.

The conditions for a successful transformation can be measured once HP is 80% or above. Also, you can’t choose to transform the character before the sixth complete turn since the beginning of the battle. Regarding such deficiencies, Goku Black is in the D Tier of our Power Beyond Super Saiyan tier list.

Super Saiyan 3 Broly

Super Saiyan 3 Broly appears as a hard-hitting and mighty attacker, but its power only lasts for a fraction of the time. As a Super Attacking skill, it is able to reduce the enemy’s DEF, which isn’t significant. Apart from that, there’s also an increase in ATK by about 100% as a Passive skill. Unusually enough, that quirk also decreases its own DEF by approximately 105 for every Ki sphere it obtains. 

The HP of the card lies somewhere between 14000-15000, which isn’t impressive. The lack of self-sustenance is compensated to some extent as it can link with better characters and cards and get a sliver of their powers, and the reliance upon others is a major red flag. Lastly, the character faces some degree of negligence too. Since other characters have an unlimited and unconditional reach to additional supers, it should’ve been only fair to do so for this card. 


We hope that you enjoyed reading through our tier list and that it helped you in formulating an understanding of some of the best and worst cards in the current meta. We tried out absolute best to rank all the relevant Power Beyond Super Saiyan characters according to what we think is an appropriate ranking system.

We also acknowledge that a lot of our choices may not align with your own rankings, and that’s fine as well. Different players have different preferences depending on their playstyles. But we are open to suggestions from our readers, and if you think we have made an error, we would be more than willing to hear you out in the comments below.