Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Tier List (2023)

It is a fighting game that many of you must be aware of. It was established digitally on 26 March 2019. In the game, the players compete by picking additional characters having their unique fighting styles. Success is achieved by beating the opponent. The game is known throughout the world. Its fame is due to its unique features. Three fighters are selected to buildup a team to change between them throughout the match according to their gaming needs. Power Rangers Battle for the Grid tier list 2022 has the characters with the most decisive features ranked at the top and those with inadequate features placed at the bottom of the list. They are ranked on the basis of their stats and order of strength.

All the characters placed in the list are based on our personal knowledge of the game. Some of you might find your favorite character positioned in a low grade, let’s just call it a contrast of opinion. This list is not official and hence it’s not subject to objection.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 26 characters in the game.
  • We have constructed the article according to the latest update.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Ranger Slayer and Jen Scott.
  • In the lowest tiers, you can see characters like Rita Replusa.


We will list all entries in a short table now.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Tommy Oliver
• Ranger Slayer
• Lord Drakkon
• Jen Scott
• Jason Lee Scott
• Dai Shi
• Goldar
A Rank• Lauren Shiba
• Scorpina
• Robert RJ James
• Mastodon Sentry
• Ryu
• Adam Park
• Anubis Doggie Crugger
B Rank• Trey of Triforia
• Chun-Li
• Lord Zedd
• Kat Manx
• Cenozoic Blue Ranger
• Dragon Armour Trini
C Rank• Poisandra
• Udonna
• Gia Moran
• Magna Defender
D Rank• Rita Replusa
• Eric Meyers

Learn more about each entry below.

S Tier

power rangers battle for the grid tier list
S Tier.

The best characters based on their powers, abilities, strength, and energy are placed in the S rank of the Power Rangers Battle for the Grid full roster tier list. The brilliant characters of this list have outclassed capabilities that are enough to compete in the game. They have very special skills that are able of defeating the opponent with great ease. Let’s discuss these amazing characters one by one in detail.

Tommy Oliver

He is the most powerful fighter in the battle grid. He has vast abilities and strengths that make him so strong when he is vulnerable. He has expertise in martial arts which makes him a good fighter even when he is unmorphed. Morphers are the devices that he uses to gain his ranger powers. He is mastered Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Taekwando,  and Wing Chun. He gains invisibility when he is unmorphed by bonding with Black Dino Gem.

He has many alternate forms, each one having specific features that help it out during the fight. He has five different ranger powers. Its strength is known through the fact that it can throw a ten-ton car when morphed. He is the most durable fighter surviving laser blasts and explosions and can easily dodge bullets. Tommy is placed in the S Tier of the list because of his attack and defense being so substantial.

Ranger Slayer

Ranger Slayer is another power packet fighter of the game. She has so many extravagant characteristics that make her reach the S Tier of the list. She has high power to fire projectiles all over the screen in a variety of ways. Her aerial charges give her even more arrows to work with, when she fires projectiles it gives her screen control.

She has high speed and mobility with a great attack dash. Her leap can help her traverse the screen pretty quickly. She dodges the opponents by leaping away from them, which makes her an evasive character She is essentially the most powerful Psyco Ranger ever. She has some great moves throughout the fight that make her consistent throughout the fight till the opponent is killed ultimately. One of her major tactics is that she corners herself to kill the contender. The technique is very unique in terms of digging and attacking at the same time.

Lord Drakkon

He belongs to the S Tier of our list because of the incredible features that we are about to discuss here. He stands heavy throughout the entire fight. Crouching light and air heavy are his famous moves that the user is familiar with to maintain its energy throughout the fighting period. Drakkon is a teleport mixup character, his mobility being tied and effective for pressure. He is known for his strong defense system that allows him to defeat opponents effectively.

A fighter must also protect himself in order to defeat the enemy because you need the power and ability of your own to practice the skills you already have. Drakkon is a character who knows how to empower himself by attaining defensive mechanisms and attacking the opponent with great pressure. His attacks are high-powered and they all have the sense to kill the enemy and not waste any time roaming around during the fight. He has marvelous stats that make him such a qualified contender.

Jen Scott

Jenn Scott is another fantastic character in the game. She has the most consistent normals like standing medium, crouching medium, air-light, air medium, and ford heavy. Standing and crouching medium hit from the neutral starting position which hits from far away and can confirm combos being really good. Her missiles and airdash are her tools that are worth talking about. She was the first character to get an air dash which makes her mix of games very scary.

Her technique of hidden missiles is very annoying to fight which makes her a very frustrating character to fight against. Her mobility is worth mentioning, she can book it across the screen pretty quickly, and in combination with her good normals is something very scary to deal with. She is a quintessential character because she can get a hit on the opponent and put it in a reset situation. She belongs in the S Tier because of all the outstanding abilities she has.

Jason Lee Scott

He is the best fighter, skilled in martial arts, taekwondo, judo, and shakudo. He is the master of enormous abilities. He has great Ranger Powers which allow him to gain his powers. He has a specific boost in his stability that allows him to lift even a giant boulder.

His personal weapon is the power sword or laser gun, he can switch between them. One of his amazing traits is his Power Punch, and I personally adore the move. His fists turn red before attacking the opponent which sends it across the battlefield. His blaster is so ultimate that it could hurt a monster so badly that he can free himself from his grasp. His durability is viewed through the fact that it can survive laser shots and explosions. He can endure some missile attacks. He is considered the leader of the original Power Rangers. He has defeated many monsters that are very powerful, yet he defeated them. Once he moved so fast that the monster lost sight of him. He is the supreme fighter.

Dai Shi

Dai Shi has the rage of a vicious animal. He is ruthless and full of anger. His power and abilities are vast with a great deal of strength and energy. He has a strength that exceeds that of a fierce monster. He is able to fire a heavy lightning bolt from the middle of his dragon head. His massive attack is a giant blue-colored energy beam, it can finish off the opponent in a single strike. He is well known for this attack because its the ultimate attack that Dai Shi has.

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He has great durability due to his thick golden scales and can withstand any punishment even a finishing move has no effect on it. Dai Shi can stretch all 8 necks to an enormous length. He has got a fantastic toolkit, which lends him very well to protect his space. He uses the sun ball to get strength for his protection. He is like a lion, if you are in his territory, he will beat you up. His execution and potential are extremely high, probably the highest of all. He deserves to be on the S Tier.


Goldar is added to the S Tier due to his high-ranking commands and proficiency. He is such a Pro fighter that his strength is enormous and unbeatable. He has a vast list of fighting tactics that make him such an important part of the S Tier.

He has a high power level with speed so fast that he can make himself vanish in the air to avoid the attacks. He is able of causing massive explosions by shooting fireballs through his eyes. He is a master swordsman and has an extreme master kick. He has a great fighting style that sweeps out the rival in no time. Such fighters are one of a kind. He is the first pick of many players.

A Tier

power rangers battle of the grid
A Tier.

In the A-Tier, we place the characters that are not added to the S Tier because they have some minor flaws. They are highly recommended characters that possess some great fighting tactics nonetheless.

Lauren Shiba

Lauren Shiba is the red samurai of the Power Rangers game. Her attacks comprise sword and fire attacks, she uses her spin sword as a primary weapon. She has a great attack potency with huge energy to deal with the opponent with great or I must say an enormous amount of strength to cope with the rival. She has such durability that when competing with an opponent so strong that it can be defeated by many power rangers, she can kill it like a bug.

The power ranger has superhuman power and ability. She has a number of weapons like a samurizer, spin sword, power disks, and bullzooka. Her intelligence is remarkable, she is an utter genius with lots of strength and power. The weakness that made us keep her in the A Tier rather than the S Tier of the Power Rangers Battle for the Grid tier list is non-notable but still, it exists. When too much damage is caused, it will make her get back to her unmorphed form, which is red samurai form.


Scorpina is an unorthodox player who has a tricky and aggressive game strategy. She has some powerful space control tools that have their own properties from teleports to damage over time. She has brilliant aggressive moves that make her crazy to fight with. She has the raw abilities and skills to compete and win against any powerful rival. She can make herself vanish whenever she wants to leave the battlefield.

She is indeed one of the most powerful members of the entire team. She was able to be blasted to the ground by blade blasters and even then she was not detained. She could shoot an orange energy laser from her helmet. She can fire energy streams from her hands but these explosions failed to faze the Power Rangers.  

Robert RJ James

He is a favorite of many players around the globe. Being a special fighter he has a unique fighting style. He is not more reliant on the weapons and more on himself. His famous moves include his elbows and knee strikes. His famous attack is Wolf Wheel, where he releases a disc of energy in front of him and fights along with it in accordance with his own different tactics.  His combos are deadly. His standing heavy target and standing medium target end up in a brutal knockdown. The crouching beam is a great move for him that breaks the game. His jump-ins are kind of average, that’s why he stands in the A Tier zone.

RJ is considered a good character because his tools allow him to play his own game, he doesn’t have to play by the rules of power rangers, and he is the only character in the game with canceling auto combos and multi-standing light. One of his best moves is that he gets his cuffs charged and performs an ignition knuckle across the screen and kills two characters simultaneously. I consider RJ to be in the list of top 10 characters. He is marvelous.

Mastodon Sentry

Mastodon sentry is a fantastic character. Let’s go ahead and start talking about him. He is armed with a military-style rifle with a muzzle. The rifle can fire powerful red laser beams to finish the intended target. He has the best screen control. He has a good throw game, he can covert off his four throws. He is also a great support character because he plays very well with others and has great screen coverage with it. He is a master marksman. He is able to fight against rangers from different timelines. A group of mastodons was able to punch a hole through a force shield.

He is probably not the fastest character but he is not slow as well, he can move across the screen pretty quickly. He is placed in the A Tier because of this minor flaw. He is fast but not up to the mark compared to the members of S Tier characters. 


Ryu is a stoic warrior who lives to fight. His urge to compete with the strongest challengers made him defeat many opponents. Ryu is the dragon of destruction. Ryu is not a difficult character to play as he is not technical, what he does provide is the raw power with which he hits super hard. His crouching medium is his best one. He has vast powers that he uses on the battlefield providing him the tendency to finish off his rival.

His amazing fireball allows him to conquer the fight by giving a huge blow to the opponent. His projectile durability is amazing consisting of the strength and super raw power that he is built with. Overall Ryu is a great fighter with all the best qualities, but he does not have many command normals. It’s not a flaw, but it’s not the best feature. The main reason he lies in the A Tier zone is that he has normals that are just fine, but not great.

Adam Park

Adam is prowess in martial arts. He is so skilled and possessed numerous ranger powers over the years. All of these skills have helped him to grow his power and abilities. He has many unique traits of his own, as well as additional weapons. He has a Power Axe and Blade Blaster, that he could change into a short sword or laser gun. He has a Frog Power Coin that enables him to enter a ninja-based form.

He has a great disappearing method. He consists of metallic armor that he uses to protect himself. Adam is a balanced leader with a passion for speed. His attacks and strikes are great. He has great buttons to deal with. He has a great vanishing ability which is tricky for the opponent as he leaves out a trap before vanishing. Adam is a great warrior in his form but he is a bit in his own head about proving his value as a ranger which has caused him to be on the A Tier 

Anubis Doggie Crugger

He is the shadow ranger. He is a solid character. He has got good normals, his standing medium is a fantastic button that goes into his media model combo. The first two hits are good for his stagger pressure. Air heavy is another decent button. He is a very ambiguous stance character. He has shadow slashes that can act as serviceable means of zoning depending on how you do it.

He has a shadow upper which acts as an anti-air for icidiya. His mobility is fantastic, probably one of the fastest characters on the ground. His Assist is not the most practical but he has some interesting interactions with the opponent. First of all the shadow tracks automatically to wherever the opponent is. It still isn’t overhead but the neat thing about it is you can actually actively tag into him in the air and can go for his heavy for a cross opportunity to catch the opponent. He is a difficult character to use on the basis of execution.

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B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The B Tier is the third-highest rank in the articleThe members of the current category lack some abilities like speed durability and strength when compared to the ones above the.

Trey of Triforia

He is a decent character. His air medium and air heavy are pretty fine moves. His air medium is a cross-up in that combination with his whoosh it can really help out with his whoosh mix pressure. His mobility is actually very good, he can attack the opponent from a bunch of unpredictable angles and that makes him good. His mobility tool in combination with his dash speed is really great. His captain kick is a good tool to work with. Overall his tools are fine. He is a good fighter and gives his best to some of his opponents. However, he can not compete with the members of the A Tier because he lags behind in many aspects.

His fireball is kind of pathetic along with his buttons, he has no good buttons. His Assist is not up to the mark but they are not bad, they could be better. He is not the best however he is one of the good characters in the game. His strength and abilities do cover up for the flaws it has. He is placed in the B Tier of the list because of the decent features that it consists of. Trey is a good player with some fine characteristics to fight a battle with dignity and responsibility.


She has some good and some bad features. She has the ability to kill, but she takes a lot of time in doing so. S he has good neutral tools and gets really good damage. She has a variety of mixup options that she is able to do with her tools. If a player knows how to do her most advanced combos, they are really good. She can jump cancel her standing heavy, and the feature is quite good for her.

It is one of her best moves so far that can catch the opponent off guard. Her crouching medium is also pretty great, it’s fast, it low profiles high projectiles, and goes into standing heavy. Her buttons are good, providing a variety of moves for her according to the opponent’s moves. She is a pathetic team player. She simply doesn’t play well with others in any regard. She struggles when she is full screen, and against donors. These two things are very important for a good fighter but as Chun-Li lacks them, she is listed in the B Tier.

Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd is composed of dangerous dark powers which enable him to create monsters out of objects. He makes these monsters grow by throwing Growth Bombs which make them big. He is a great hand-to-hand fighter, battling with Tommy in combat he defeated him by using this tactic. By using his powers he can see things that are way far behind. He is able to throw light bolts with his hands which are great to frighten the enemy and injure him as well. His abilities include teleporting, he can create great illusions. He is able to make anything object from thin air.

His movement is average, he doesn’t work much on his movement. He is the only character in the cast who can not cancel attacks out of his dash, what he gets in place of that is a dash that works like a teleport. If you are close enough to your opponent, he will cross through to the other side of them and the middle portions of his dash. Excluding the startup and recovery of his dash, in the middle when he disappears fully invincible to everything like supers, projectiles, and physical hits. His Assist is kind of average, he doesn’t work well in a team. He is not an overall bad character, he is decent in his powers and abilities. Lord Zedd is placed in the B Tier of the Power Rangers Battle for the Grid full roster tier list as he is a moderate fighter.

Kat Manx

Kat Manx is a rush-down character with a highly versatile Assist. Kat possesses a multi-hitting, forward-moving but gapped assist, which can blow out the opponent with great power. Her mobility is fine, making sure that she competes with good strength. Her combos are pretty decent too. She has the tendency to kill the opponent if not she comes close to killing it.

Kats specials tend her to navigate around obstacles beginning a sandwich. Kats 2M can end up on either side of the rival and can result in kara’s throw despite being blocked correctly. The reason she is placed in the D Tier of the list is that she lacks projectiles and the means to remove them. And because of that, her approach is always the same with no uniqueness or surprise, the opponent knows what approach will she have because there is no variation. 

Cenozoic Blue Ranger

He is a decent player. His crouching light and air heavy are his only good buttons. He has variable mobility which is overall just fine. He is a sort of gimmicky character in the game. Everything he does is related to his charges, when he has no charges, his toolset is actually pretty bad. His charge is not amazing but it helps him build charges. The blue ranger has some good features that made us decide to put him in the B Tier and not the C Tier.

He has a considerable level of superhuman strength to the extent that he can break a washstand with his bare hands. He can also perform super jumps till he leaps over a large abyss. He has durable maintenance and can not be harmed by normal humans. His climbing skills are remarkable, climbing the steepest cliffs in no time. When he has access to hi-power, he can morph his body into a suit of power armor.

His teleport is fantastic, especially for the characters who are trying to zone him out with projectiles. His fireball is really good and his two lightning bolts whenever he has the charges. He works really well with others as a team, he is great for giving cover for the characters.

Dragon Armour Trini

She is a strong character. Let’s talk about her attributes. Trini has a pretty good number of normals including standing light and standing heavy. Her standing heavy is pretty good, it can be used against the opponent for ill time but presses because it does have armor to it. Her crouching heavy is deceptively quick normal for the range. Her air medium is a very ambiguous movement as to whether it’s going to cross up or not. She is the only character in the game who has a command grab. She has a variety of features that are good.

Her mega launch, Jet Rush, heavyweight, havoc laser, and double beam are all remarkable features that make her a fine fighter and a stubborn opponent to compete with. All of these features are pretty good then what is she doing in the B Tier? It is because of her disappointing mobility and Grabs. These two features hold 50% responsibility for a character’s win or loss. She lacks in both of them, it provides a high risk of losing to any opponent despite her exceptional tactics. She is probably the slowest character in the game.

C Tier

Power Rangers Movie Ranking
C Tier.

Now we come to the section where we put all of the below-average entries. These characters have no special powers or brilliance compared to those above them, but a skilled player can still wreck shop given time.


When compared to the above-mentioned characters, she is dull. She looks confident but actually she is not leveled up to fight when the game gets serious. Her buttons are quite average along with her durability. She has below-average skills and abilities that make her a poor character. Her character is a bit different from others, she has a cheerful personality. Her fighting power is less in comparison with the others above. She is weak but surprisingly confident, when danger hits, Poisandra runs out.

She has a Scythe-like heart-shaped lance which she uses to attack and defend. Her full-power blast is quite good, it can hit the enemy so hard that it knocks the ranger out of Beast X mode with a single hit. Her Magic Makeup Brush technique has a few abilities that help her during the fight. She can take the opponent’s strength and powers and shift them into herself, she can switch two targets’ bodies with each other. Overall she is a below-average character and thus placed in the C rank of the Power rangers battle of the grid tier list 2022.


Udonna is a sorceress. She has a variety of attributes. Her air heavy is the dumbest move in the entire game with a cross-up range being ridiculous. Her toolkit is not very vast, there are only two things to be mentioned, iceball and hail. That is pretty much all she does, iceball and hail.

On the ground she tucks an iceball and when she jumps in the air and she does hail. Hail is pretty fine, it attempts to injure the opponent. Her mobility is stable, she doesn’t have great mobility but it’s not bad though. She can move pretty quickly across the screen but she lacks the true superpowers that a good fighter should have hence she’s placed in the C Tier.

Gia Moran

She is a particularly nice character overall but she has a number of inabilities that brought her down. She is proficient in the use of a sword only when she becomes Super Megaforce Yellow. She has pretty nice buttons and her toolkit is also nice. She doesn’t have any unique features, her skills are overall fine, and there is no specific issue but we placed her in the C Tier because we personally find nothing special about her.

Her mobility is not so good accompanied by her speed. She faces much trouble because of her lack of mobility. She faces trouble with damage, she is not so good in this department, and she is poor in execution. Her shortcomings hired her in the C Tier zone.

Magna Defender

He is a nice character but he particularly has no good buttons. His only reliable buttons are his air light and air heavy but outside of that, he doesn’t use the standing medium much. He is a high-risk character in terms of his moves. His forward slash is good for catching players off guard but unfortunately, it is not safe and the opponent blocks it.

He is not a good team player, while playing with a team he does not play well in fact he wants others to play well with him. He is dependent on his Assist to conduct his game plan. His mobility is pretty poor however he has a good dash jump and a fine wave dash. Magna Defender is an overall poor character to play, he lacks the basic skills and powers that a good power ranger has. Therefore we placed him in the C Tier of the list.

D Tier

Worst Power Rangers
D Tier.

Now here is the worst tier in the whole article. The reason some characters are placed in the D rank is because they do not possess anything worthwhile, and players should avoid them whenever possible.

Rita Replusa

Rita is placed on the D Tier because she is a damaged fighter. She has a defect in her morphing, as every time she tries to get morphed, she sustains small protrusions growing under her skin. This player is considered corrupt as the storyline indicates that she has betrayed her fellow companions and killed their generation in the past. 

Based on her skills and abilities, she is considered a poor character because of her underlying powers. However, she has the ability to change earthly materials such as rocks and gold into an army of golem-like monsters, but it has no effect on the battlefield. She has so many flaws that she can not compete with the simplest players. She is an overall bad character to play and thus was placed in the D Tier.

Eric Meyers

Eric is not known for his buttons as he has pathetic buttons. His only two fine buttons are his cross-ups and overhead, apart from these there are no good buttons in Eric. He is not the character who fights from a closeup, he always fights from afar with his variety of gunshots. He is not a competent player. He tries to stay away from his opponents and mostly wastes time.

He has a neutral special that he can fire in a staggered fashion, but it still is not enough for him to become a fighter of a good level. He has a formation sword and quantum leaps, but both of these tools have no efficient power to fight. He can never sustain beatdowns and powerful attacks. His dash speed is not so good as well, providing a low level of speed and mobility. He deserves to be on the D Tier because he is not a good character to play and has none of the abilities to compete.


If you are a fan of Power Rangers Battle for the Gridm then you must be aware of these topics. Research on them further and try to grasp more about events on the hub of the event to further become great at the game.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid season 4

Season 4 of the game was released in September 2021. There were a number of new additions to the game and players. New players were introduced including Rita Replusa, Adam Park, and Poisandra. These players brought about something new with them. Be it Rita’s magic, Adam’s teleportation, or Poisandra’s cake mines. All of them brought about transformations in the game. It has given the game a new look and the new characters are very unique in their own right.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid events hub

According to events hub, it is the first fighting game with crossplay across five separate platforms. PlayStation 4, Xbox Series One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia. Check EventsHub.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid season 5

As of November 2022, no announcement has been made so far about Season 5. We are closely following the developer’s closely, and will keep our readers updated whenever an official announcement is made.


Overall, all the characters on the Power Rangers Battle for the Grid tier list can serve one purpose or the other, depending on who is playing them and how skilled they actually are. They have mind-blowing features and skills. There are just minor flaws and inabilities that made them belong to their respective tier. Apart from the ones that belong to the D Tier, all the others have their good better, or best abilities. The game is played all over the world with amazing players and great characteristics to fully enjoy the gaming mania.

If you have any complaints about our placements, please let us know in the comments below.