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Punball Tier List: All Power-Ups Ranked [2023]

In This Article, We Will Be Ranking All The Power-Ups In The Game.

Today here we are to discuss a fairly popular game in the form of our latest Punball tier list. Consider it a ball shooting game or shooting puzzle you will be guided about the latest upgrades and powerful magic balls in our article. This game is all about the correct choice of a ball for yourself. However, in the start, players only have some normal balls for their play. They have to play with only the available regular balls, but these are not much effective against the enemies in the fight.

On top of that, these balls do not possess much power and cause serious effects but once you receive a power-up you get access to better ball options. As you proceed with the game you will see that the game gets tougher with each stage and you will need powerful upgrades for your magic balls. As the game becomes difficult you cannot proceed without any powerful upgrades.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 50 entries in the list.
  • Each ball is ranked on its damage, unique ability, and general performance.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find entries like Missile Ball, Shadow Clone, Freeze Ball, Upgrade Missile, and Upgrade Freeze.
  • The lower tiers contain balls like Void Missile, Death Lightning, HP Up, Death Laser, and Insta Kill Ball.


You can find a short table will all entries listed below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Missile Ball
• Shadow Clone
• Freeze Ball
• Upgrade Missile
• Upgrade Freeze
• Extra Life
• Lightning
• Lightning Upgrade
• Invincible Cover
• Split Ball
• Vertical Laser Ball
• Missile Master
• Fireball Combo
• Fireball
• Black Hole Ball
• Strength
• Horizontal Laser Ball
• Upgrade Fire
• Horizontal Laser Upgrade
• Ice Combo
• Combo Bomb
• Super Entry
• Bomb Ball
• Firemaster
• Drill Ball
• Sniper Ball
• Combat Ball
• Special Ball Combo
• Backstab Ball
• Laser Master
• Lightning Master
• Ice Master
• Final Ball
• Thunderbolt Combo
• Black Hole Combo
• Missile Combo
• Horizontal Laser Combo
• Attack Up
• Vertical Laser Combo
• Solid Ball ATK Up
• Special Ball Attack Up
• Recovery Up
• Double Effect
• First Flight
• Death Missiles
• Void Missile
• Death Lightning
• HP Up
• Death Laser
• Insta Kill Ball

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Best skills of pun ball
S Tier.

This tier is home to the best skills available in the game. Players using these skills have a very good gaming experience as the game becomes easy to win in every situation. So I have placed them here because of their outclass abilities and performances. In almost every situation, the S-tier skills are a good choice. players should try selecting these skills for a good game.

Missile Ball

Missile Ball is unquestionably one of the most powerful balls in PunBall, so is placed in the topmost tier, The ball deals with more damage than the other balls and is full of damaging skills. Also launches a missile at the weakest target thus benefitting the user. 

Shadow Clone

Shadow Clone is considered to be an all-in-one ball of the game so made it to the top tier of my list. It is the only combo in S Tier. Also, it can generate a new ball every 30 balls, so whenever you get stuck in the top wall of the game you do not have to worry if you have the ball on your list. Along with that, it can also generate special balls, increasing the combo. The damage done by the ball is also constructive for a good gaming experience. 

Freeze Ball

Another addition to the S rank of my Punball Equipment Tier List is the Freeze ball, which is very different from other balls of the game. Freeze Ball has a lower chance of activating, but you don’t have to replace a ball again and again. Tat makes it slightly stronger in my experience and according to my opinion. However, do remember that replacing an existing ball for freeze skill will reduce damage output.

Upgrade Missile 

Upgrade Missile is also a very powerful ball in the whole game. This is not only because there are only a few of them in the game but also due to its intense mode of action and damage ability. Also, you will not need to give away anything because they do more damage than your regular balls. So you will not be sacrificing any damaging ability Also, you will get an extra missile that goes after the weakest target and destroys it. 

Upgrade Freeze

Upgrade Freeze is yet another useful freezing skill ball in the game. That might be a bit controversial for some players, and they may or may not agree with the current placing, but having the freeze in your arsenal is extremely useful in the game according to my experience. The mode of the action happens to be to freeze an enemy, it can also save your life with no downside. The skill is extremely helpful, especially in the later stages of the game where it becomes quite difficult and frustrating if you do not have good-ability balls in your hand.

Extra Life

Extra Life will clear the bottom three rows, giving you another chance in the game. I know that many PunBall players believe it is by far the strongest skill, as you get another chance to survive in the game. But still, I am honestly of the view that it is not a skill you should depend on. Still, it is placed in the top tier because facts are facts and it really gives you another chance of survival so is proven effective in many situations. However, other skills could have prevented you from being in that position, and even the new life can put you in a very stonewalled position.

A Tier

Good skills of Punball
A Tier.

A-tier skills are usually good choices, regardless of the circumstances ao placing them in a lower tier does not make them any less effective than the skills in the upper tier. It is just that they lack in some minor respects so are placed one tier lower. The current tier in particular, has more powerful effects and triggers. These skills, like S, are excellent choices regardless of your preferred style or gear. So players should prioritize selecting these in the game.


Lightning is overall a good skill that is able to deal with good light damage to the opponent. Lightning will deal damage to enemies who are chained. It is useful in many situations and can be put to good use most of the time. So selecting it will never be a bad option for the player.

Lightning Upgrade

Lightning Upgrade is yet another light-damaging skill and costs some balls to attain in the game. However, losing some balls for this fabulous skill is not a bad deal to get. You deal less damage and gain the lightning effect. It is an excellent talent to know and ensures a win in the game.

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Invincible Cover

Here also many players will disagree with me for not placing invincible cover in the S tier as it is a favorite of many players. However, I have placed it in a lower tier because the fact that it must trigger on the right turn makes it less viable for me. Still, it is in no way a less effective or a bad ball because it has the potential to save your life while also doing nothing. So it is still a good choice that you will not be sorry about.

Split Ball

Split Ball is essentially the non-combo version of Shadow Clone. It is quite useful in most situations especially due to its angle of hit.

Vertical Laser Ball

The Vertical Laser Ball is a useful ball in the game mainly because it goes off more frequently and easily.

Missile Master 

Missile Master is placed in the A tier but was really difficult to rank. It is an amazing skill ball on its own but really works off very well. When combined with some Missile Balls, it really clears the board for you and makes the game easy for you. Still, you need some Missile Balls to make full use out of it.

B Tier

average skills of Punball
B Tier.

The B rank of my Punball ability tier list 2023 contains skills that are adequate but not necessarily first-choice. As it is a mediocre tier so it contains skills that are average in ability and performance. That does not make it a bad tier in fact it comprises skills that are quite helpful if used correctly and wisely in the game. They could be related to your previous skills, equipment, or preferred style.

Fireball Combo

The Fireball Combo helps to spread the fire and works with doing a good amount of fire damage. It also has some impact on your game so selecting it will not be a bad decision for your game. So unless you have better options, it is a good choice for you.


Fireball is a good option to increase the damage of your projectiles. It works by adding a burning effect to your game. Although its effect is not very visible still it is not bad to increase your own damage ability in the game. I have placed it in the B tier not due to its effect because its effect is visible in many situations and is also effective but due to the fact that this burning effect can only be applied only once in the game. So, in short, it is not worthless, but also not a game changer as well.

Black Hole Ball 

If you get it early and need to break through stuff, Black Hole Ball is also great. That is extremely useful. Otherwise, it won’t do much. however, the fact that it is very situational, made it fall in the B tier which is an average tier. Here it will not be wrong if I say that it is a very situational ball and is only effective in the starting stages of the game.


Strength is a two-edged sword that is able to do damage in a range. Along with its ranged attack, it also effects to double your health in the game. Here it is noteworthy that the effect is helpful in the beginning game where you need health and the game is easy to handle. 

Horizontal Laser Ball

Horizontal Laser Ball is only effective if handled wisely in the game, and that requires a lot of skill. That’s also why it’s mediocre.

Upgrade Fire

Upgrade Fire is a good choice in case of solid damage. Also, you do not need to sacrifice any of your balls in order to make them effective. So it is overall a decent ability ball to select in the game however its attack is not as strong as other balls of higher tier still is overall not a bad option.

Horizontal Laser Upgrade

Horizontal Laser Upgrade is not very powerful, but it can help you out on some tricky levels. It is not very powerful but has still proven useful in tricky situations.

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Ice Combo

Ice Combo can be very effective, especially against large swarms where you have a good chance of freezing every 30 balls. No, it’s not the craziest skill in PubBall, but it can make a difference depending on your skill options and stage.

Combo Bomb

Combo Bomb deals additional damage and has an area effect. That’s fine, but it’s not very practical. However, keep in mind the low activation chance.

Super Entry

Super Entry deals 300% damage to the first ball, which is normally not a game-changer or does much on its own. Still, when comes to combos, it deals insane damage. I have put it here in the B tier for that combination.

Bomb Ball 

Bomb Ball is the same as its combo version but still lacks in some areas.

C Tier

Bad Skills of Punball
C Tier.

C Tier skills are not always the best option, so if you have options available from the upper tiers of my list try to avoid selecting skills from the tier. Under most circumstances, these skills are not so effective but they can often be used successfully in the right circumstances. 


Firemaster will increase damage, which complements the fire effect. Still, you probably have better options in most cases. If you are not, picking the skill will not affect your game much.

Drill Ball

It is a specialty ball that does not do much damage and can be completely useless at times but can be of some benefit if used wisely. Overall, it is not very powerful to do much damage in the game.

Sniper Ball 

Sniper Ball provides an extra ball and mediocre damage. Overall, I believe that multiple other skills would be a better choice than this one.

Combat Ball 

Combat Ball deals a good amount of damage to the opponent but still is not much effective.

Special Ball Combo 

The Special Ball Combo is effective only in certain conditions, and if you know the correct strategy and timings. So it is placed in a lower tier of my Punball Equipment tier list.

Backstab Ball

In my opinion, the Backstab Ball is very situational. Still does good damage to the opponent from the back. It is occasional but is quite effective in some situations.

Laser Master 

Laser Master is the least useful of PunBall’s “Master” skills in my opinion. It causes your laser effects to perform both functions. That is frequently not doing much in addition.

Lightning Master

It is a very unpredictable skill ball using lightning to induce damage to the opponent but is great for jumping.

Ice Master

Ice Master will increase the ice damage done if you have other ice-damaging balls it will help you with that as well.

Final Ball

The Final Ball being ranked so low should come as a surprise. It is even slightly worse than Super Entry because you can not target the last ball as well as the first.

D Tier

Worst skills of Punball
D Tier.

The D rank of my Punball tier list 2023 has limited power and ability. All these should be avoided unless you have a specific plan in the game. Most D-tier options do not contribute much to the game. So these must be avoided in the game making many other options preferable for your win. The balls mentioned here should be avoided for a better gaming experience.

Thunderbolt Combo 

Thunderbolt Combo does very little damage in the game or in short, does no damage at all.

Black Hole Combo

It is placed in the D tier because it needs a lot of activation energy for activation and the damage ability is not worthy of all this energy.

Missile Combo 

Missile Combo is another skill that many players overestimate. It is simply a useless skill ball and must be avoided.

Horizontal Laser Combo

Horizontal Laser Combo is only activated once in the game and has little effect on your win.

Attack UP

Attack UP will increase your damage ability in the game. However, still, a damaging impact is not as powerful as the members of the upper tiers and is not effective in the game. It is a choice if the other options are not available, but most of the time you can choose a better skill.

Vertical Laser Combo

Vertical Laser Combo is also not much damaging in the game.

Solid Ball ATK Up

Solid Ball ATK Up increases the damage ability in the game but still is not damaging enough to make any difference in the game.

Special Ball Attack UP 

Special Ball Attack UP is just as bad as the other PunBall ATK Up abilities. It almost does nothing and should be avoided in the game.

Recovery Up 

Recovery Up is not a good option to select in the game. It can help with long-range attacks, but it does not make much of a difference overall, and I would choose any of the above skills over it any day.

Double Effect 

Double Effect sounds fantastic, but it has a very low activation rate and only works on combos. But the effects are not that beneficial to make an impact in the game.

First Flight

First Flight adds the ability to fire when a bomb is hit. It is simply not worthy enough to do any special damage in the game.

Recovery Up

Recovery Up is not a good option, and I would not choose it if my only other options were the skills listed below. It can help with long-range attacks to some extent. Still, it is not much effective in the game.

Death Missiles

Death Missiles is bad because it triggers infrequently and then does almost nothing.

Void Missile

When you already have the Black Hole skill to get the additional missiles, Void Missile is good. The only reason to choose it is if you already have a large number of black hole balls to trigger the activation at a reasonable rate.

Death Lightning 

Death Lightning has little effect, is rarely activated, and is one of the worst skills in PunBall.


HP UP isn’t very useful. It may give you one more hit to take instead of assisting you in avoiding one. This is not a good choice, and there are almost no situations where it is useful.

Death Laser

Death Laser, like all other death effect skills in PunBall, is unsuitable for use.

Insta Kill Ball 

Insta Kill Ball promises to offer a chance to instantly kill the target. However in reality the chances are almost non-existent. Still, if it is able to do damage is not effective enough. Consequently, it should be avoided in the game for a good gaming experience.


To summarise it all, Punball is a fantastic game with a fantastic variety of balls available. For both casual and hardcore players, the game offers a well-balanced and well-designed gameplay experience. It should be noted, however, that some skill balls are more powerful than others. Our Punball tier list will assist you in selecting the best ball for battle by considering its popularity, strengths, and weaknesses.

We hope you fiound the information useful. However, your opinion may differ from ours in some areas so you can let us know in the comment section. Here, I would like to mention here that the list was made after extensive research, but it is still prone to bias. And if you have any conflicting opinions, please feel free to let us know about them in the comments below.