Raid Shadow Legends Tier List [Patch V6.51.1]

Our Character Tier List Ranks the Mightiest Warriors in the Game's Latest Meta.

Raid Shadow is a very popular mobile game developed and published by Plarium games. And our Raid Shadow Legends Tier List is about ranking some of the most notable characters in the game and evaluating their skills and usefulness according to the current meta. 

The goal of our article is to give players a general idea of each character’s relative strengths and weaknesses, helping them make informed decisions when building their teams and progressing through the game. However, it’s worth noting that a simple rank is not an absolute measure of a character’s worth, and there may be exceptions and outliers based on specific player strategies and playstyle.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 14 entries on our list.
  • Each character has been ranked according to their stats, abilities, equipment, and synergy.
  • Among the highest ranks, you can find characters like Acrizia, Arbiter, Big’Un, and Cardiel.
  • The lower tiers contain the likes of Baron, Jingwon, Teela Goreman, and Guurda Bogbrew.


Below is a catalog of the characters we will discuss today.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
AcriziaCardielAltanBaronTeela Goreman
ArbiterAbbessAngarJingwonGuurda Bogbrew

Now let’s start ranking them.


The legendary characters of the game are worth investing in as they exhibit great qualities. The game primarily consists of a single-player campaign divided into twelve levels. Furthermore, each group comprises seven stages with four enhanced difficulty levels. Moreover, it is a single-player campaign linked with the multiplayer component known as an arena to help decide the player rankings.

The currency types that the game follows are currency and gems. Attaining cash in the game is relatively easy than acquiring gems. So below, I have categorized the game’s characters into different tiers according to their skills and abilities. The information here lies in the research I have conducted and further elaborates my thoughts and knowledge about the game. 

S Tier

raid shadow tier list
S Tier.

The particular tier is considered one of the best tiers for rating anything; the characters assigned to the tier are considered perfect in every aspect. They lack nothing and are capable of so much greatness that their presence makes everything great. The tier includes the cream characters of the entire game, which are perfect players and worth investing in. Let’s now briefly discuss the star of the show.


Acrizia, a female character, is placed in the S tier of our article since she exhibits extraordinary abilities that distinguish her from the rest of the game characters. She’s known for causing intense damage of high HP to her opponents. Moreover, she possesses a mighty sword and can take in as many horns as possible. Furthermore, she is why she upgrades Dwarves into the next battles being considered as part of patch 6.0. She is known for her unique passive abilities that easily transform her attacks onto the opponent’s Max HP multipliers, doubling the Hp of her rivals. These abilities enable her to eliminate her boss or enemies possessing high Hp within the doomed tower. In case of enemies having little Hp, she still has the upper hand by utilizing all her skills. 

She’s not only known for the enemy max Hp damage, but she performs equally well in causing an A1 decrease defense along with a 100% turn meter to steal that, too, on the a3. However, it doesn’t require much validity if she’s already present within the Enemy max HP mode. Moreover, the A2 she exhibits provides a shield. However, if one puts some precedence within her HP statistics, it’s low. Furthermore, due to the passive that aids in lowering the incoming AoE damage, she has the utility to be alive. It’s very common to find her home within dungeons or any of the boss-killing teams. 

Champion Type ATK
Book Value 10/10
Book Priority A2,A3


Arbiter female character is placed in the S tier of our Raid Shadow legends Tier List 2023 since she exhibits extraordinary abilities that distinguish her from the rest of the game characters. She’s known for causing intense damage of high HP to her opponents. Moreover, she possesses a mighty sword and can take in as many horns as possible. Furthermore, it is the reason how she upgrades Dwarves into the next battles being considered as part of patch 6.0.

She is known for her unique passive abilities that easily transform her attacks onto the opponent’s Max HP multipliers, doubling the Hp of her rivals. These abilities enable her to eliminate her boss or enemies possessing high Hp within the doomed tower. In case of enemies having little Hp, she still has the upper hand by utilizing all her skills. She’s not only known for the enemy max Hp damage, but she performs equally well in causing an A1 decrease defense along with a 100% turn meter to steal that, too, on the a3. However, she doesn’t require much validity if she’s already present within the Enemy max HP mode. Moreover, the A2 she exhibits provides a shield. However, if one puts some precedence within her HP statistics, it’s low.

Champion Type SUPP
Book Value 10/10
Book Priority A3,A4


Big’un makes its way to being among the best Raid Shadow Legends characters. The arena defense and attack offered by Big are rated as 4 stars, whereas its clan boss needs some improvements, because of which it’s given 2 stars. Moreover, its doom tower is appreciable, whereas the hydra is satisfactory and marked with 3 stars.

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He is known to be a very important figure in the Ogryn Tribes’ faction. Also, his character is competent enough to cause immense damage to a player’s runs, whether within a campaign or the dungeon waves. The diverse skill set possessed by him makes him a magnificent control champion. Now let’s briefly discuss eat his skill set includes. It consists of 3 AOE abilities, the decrease turn meter, and AOE debuffs, which are highly useful within the stunning scenery. The player is highly appreciated as one of the best fits for Soloing Nightmare Campaign. However, it highly depends upon its control and debuffs. 

Champion Type ATK
Book Value 08/10
Book Priority A2,A3

A Tier

raid shadow tier list
A Tier.

A tier follows the S tier and comes second after the S category. Characters placed in the A tier lack some qualities compared with the feelings of the S tier, but they still try their best to compete. Moreover, the tier includes those characters that are close to being perfect and keeps on striving hard to improve themselves. Furthermore, the A tier is among the best that comes right after the S tier. 


An amazing character to have while playing raid shadow legends. Cardiel character possesses such phenomenal abilities that investing in it is worth every penny. Cardiel is a five-star player whose crowd control is the topic of discussion. Moreover, its damage is also highly appreciable. Furthermore, its protection and support are simply out of the world, perfect, and a great reviver.  The title of raids golden boy is given to Cardiel because, looking at it, one can determine its gold everywhere, along with a little halo. In addition, he is often seen carrying a blue flaming sword and a shield. From the Sacred Order faction, it is who’s considered a Void affinity legend.

In early 2021, as a part of Valentine’s fusion champion, the character was introduced to patch 3.30. It happens when he’s linked to a promoter known as Sicia Flametongue from the Demonspawn.  Therefore it is considered to be a classic link between demons and angels. However, the character’s passive prevents his league from taking much damage from Demonspawn, Knight Revenants, and Undead. Possessing the A3 ability enables his society to launch an attack with enhanced Critical Rate and damage. Moreover, his A2 ability is also enhanced as it aids in cleansing his team from the unwanted debuffs and further lays down a revive on-death ability. 

Champion Type SUPP
Book Value 8/10
Book Priority A2,A3,A4


A character who’s been specified as having the crown of a queen and someone who possesses the crossbow of a highly skilled marksman. However, her excellence can be proved by the floating leaves that cover part of her body. Moreover, she’s known as a force affinity champion belonging to the religious order faction. 

Furthermore, the character was not considered a great player until September 2020, when she polished her A2 and A3 abilities. Therefore the great ability change made her a feasible decrease defense champion and a great damager dealer. The most interesting thing to be noted is that it comes within just one character. In addition, clearing the wave at a high pace, hence the flexibility enables her to be a great Dungeon champion. 

Abbess has a great A3 ability that measures the damage relying on the statistics of one’s rivals. In other words, it means that the character hits harder if it has to face a stronger team. Since she has phenomenal A3 abilities, she performs well in both the dungeon and boss stages since it helps in neglecting DEF and provides her with an additional Crit. Moreover, DMG is when the defense and attack of the opponents are more than that of Abbesses. 

Champion Type ATK
Book Value 8/10
Book Priority A2,A3


Alilil is an up-to-date form of angelic being born from merging a man and a beast within the Sylvan Watchers. The woodland tribes fear him since they believe his rage is more demonic than divine. Moreover, he was added as one of the first void legendary champions recently in 2022 to the Sylvan Watchers. Being an owner of the most powerful kit, he’s been approved for the latest form of meta within the entire platinum arena. He’s capable of neglecting the main defensive buffs that, include Stoneskin. It’s attained after Stoneskin on A2, which is possible only if he kills his opponents with similar skills. It’s one of the first known to have the skill. However, the one challenge it has to face is that it is cannot hard enough to provide compatibility.

Moreover, his AOE A3 is considered a firm hitter, although it might be vigorous for others. However, he has no access to meta-defining, which we initially thought was present in him. The best part about his kit has to be that his skills require no accuracy. Whereas the passive can easily contribute to building its defensive stats.

Champion Type ATK
Book Value 7/10
Book Priority A2,A3
raid shadow tier list
B Tier.

The respective tier consists of players who play well; the champions struggling to perform well are listed here. They are not as good as the champions of the S or A tier, but at least they are better performers than the players listed in the C and D tiers. Below are the chapters that, in my opinion, fit well under the heading. 


Altan is known as a heroic champion that belongs to the Barbarian Faction. He has worked as a phenomenal mercenary and has been a great rival for bragging and glory rights. Furthermore, the Altan character possesses two active abilities (both are of great importance in playing the game). He can easily integrate within any Clan boss team that makes no use of any label setup. Moreover, it can convey an elevated defense upon its A2, which aids him in keeping his league surviving in its best form. Besides, it is also capable of buffing its damage. 

In addition, within the faction wars, the character plays an integral role with its revive ability, as it can restore its fallen league members upon killing its opponent in possession of the A2 power. It’s a great champion considering its defensive skills since it can be hit quite hard. 

The skills exhibited by Altan are searing blow, wall of flame, fiery rebirth, and aura. The overall rating of Altan is considered to be 3.5. However, it possesses great qualities that it lacks some abilities that make it stand in the A tier. The character’s arena defense and attack are rated as 3.5 stars, although it performs phenomenally as a clan boss. Now moving on to hydra, that’s been given 2 stars and needs great improvements. Doom tower is rated 3.5 stars which is quite satisfactory. Further, the decreased attack, damage, and reviver abilities possessed and displayed by him are highly acclaimed. 

Champion Type DEF
Book Value 10/10
Book Priority A1


Moving on to Angar, we place it in the B tier of our raid shadow legends tier list by faction. It might not perform as well as nature’s in the A tier, but at least it’s not ranked as a satisfactory or worst character. They might lack certain qualities but can compete for high-tiered characters. Angar possesses highly appreciable abilities. The set of capabilities portrayed by the character is categorized as strong. Moreover, Angar is a great HP-based Void legendary player that particularises in Arena. Furthermore, that’s been showcased by performing an entire team’s provoke and restricting your opponent from directing their complete damage at him while validating your team to bang its rivals in full zest.

In addition, the release of Doom tower in late 2020 has provided anger with an opportunity to work on its weak areas, such as the magma dragon and kukdath, which are considered vulnerable against provoking champions. Hence it enables him to aid him in easily fitting it into the dungeon team, arena team, and one’s 3v3 arena team. The overall ranking of Angar’s character has to be 3. However, it needs a lot of improvements to its damage. His skills are exacerbated, infuriated, bravado, and aura, which enables him to play a great role in Raid Shadow. The character is also renowned for the sharp tongue he owns. According to the stats, his debuff resistance is 45, whereas his debuff accuracy is 10.

Champion Type HP
Book Value 5/10
Book Priority A2,A3


The overall character’s rating drops to 3 since its arena attack requires great improvements and lacks in the clan boss. However, it provides a great doom tower rated 4.5 stars. Moreover, Arix is known for haunting Telleria as a login reward champion easily attainable after the lady fresh. Further explained, as you pull the character from within an ancient Shard, you must play for two years until you are eligible to attain Arix. The champion can deal with decent range but is hesitant to deal with maximum damage, and it has this quality because it is classified as an HP-based character.

The A1 and A2 are eligible to attack the opponents to help the champion emerge as an ideal stun set or taunting set champion, mostly with A2 performing its stun.  In regards, Arix, excluding himself, might deposit Ally protection on its team whereas placing a counterattack buff on itself. The character exhibits good protector qualities. Therefore it’s a great option to utilize id passive of great control and self sustain healing. He exhibits deathly arts, thorn-chain emails, warped guidance, and cynicism. However, Arix is a reasonable candidate in the current Tier.

Champion Type HP
Book Value 6/10
Book Priority A2,A3


Astralon provides a great arena defense and arena attack. However, it lacks clan boss and hydra since as it is the character’s weak area. However, it’s highly praised for its decreased defense and damage abilities. In comparison, its revised capabilities are also highly appreciable. Moreover, Astralon’s physical appearance seems like a flying sword angel with great chemistry with Countess Lix since she can attack him on A1. Furthermore, he’s considered a magic affinity legend belonging to the religious order faction. He became part of Raid in February 2021 when she added to the valentine Fusion.

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However, its kit is directed towards the arena battles impeded to encounter specific matchups, especially to look on any team hiding behind some veil buffs along with his A3 so that he’s capable of removing those buffs, which further enables him to deal with his enemies. Moreover, his A2 can also neglect popular arena opponent buffs known as increased defense, ally protection, and strength. However, the character has a powerful AOE multiplier and a full capacity chance to get done with its enemies using his A3 abilities. 

Champion Type ATK
Book Value 7/10
Book Priority A2,A3

C Tier

c tier
C Tier.

The current tier of the Raid Shadow Tier List includes those characters who perform not well, but still, their enactment isn’t considered as the worst too. They are trying hard to play well, but still, their performance is ranked as satisfactory. 


Baron is known for possessing one of the shiniest armor during the raid. However, there’s a rumor that’s been circulating for a while now that says the character uses a secret family polish that he has attained from his ancestors. It’s continuing to pass down to the upcoming generations of barons. Earlier, the character utilized a unique champion niche until one day in late 2022; it received a buff that enabled him to give up on its ability of pure damage and attain an AOE of hard-hitting instead. The reason must be the 40% chance of unsealing the secret skill. However, it’s not enough for the rest of the players to consider him a feasible character in the game.

That results in it being a great character for the arena that provides a phenomenal counter to risk, bolster shield set, and nearest. However, it neglects shields. In addition, the A4 of Baron doesn’t require any books. It exhibits a great A2 that’s known to be a single-target debuff. The character is also known for its A1 abilities that enable him to deal effectively with his opponents and cause them immense damage.

Champion Type ATK
Book Value 6/10
Book Priority A3


Known for being a substandard void legendary within the entire teleria, it’s also considered one of the worst legendary of the real affinities. However, in patch 5.70, he was wiped out, which resulted in changing his kit to be considered a source of an all-around champion. Even then, it couldn’t make its way to the top tiers. The damage output of the character is too less since it’s Hp based. Moreover, his mechanics move around, decreasing critical damage or decreasing accuracy. However, both are debuffs of low priority found outside a certain encounter. is encounter till the game ends.

Furthermore, now his A2 is categorized as semi-competent. Afterward, there’s been an immense change in the debuffs on a target comprising of 1 turn and a cool-down of short 2 turns. Although it’s not any quality extension of the Vizier Ovelis, it’s among the best debuff extension abilities. There had been a change within his passive, which led to providing a control effect cleanse ability. This is further adhered to by the Bloch debuff for at least one single turn. And although it seems very powerful, it’s of no use. Also, the uptime provided for PvE is too low. One is unable to make use of his passive for something meaningful.

Champion Type HP
Book Value 2/10
Book Priority A2,A3

D Tier

d tier
D Tier.

The D tier includes characters considered the worst players of the game and are hardly acknowledged. Although these champions can easily be attained, their presence is no good. They lack too many of the qualities which make a winner stands out. Hence the current tier makes its way into our article by including the worst performers. These characters should be avoided since they don’t easily find their standing in meta composition. 

Teela Goreman

The overall champion rating of  Teela is 2.5. This is in conclusion to its poor arena defense and arena attack, plus a satisfactory clan boss, hydra, and doom tower. However, the damage caused by her is okay. Until patch 4.70, Teela would be considered one of the slowest found within Teleria. It is, moreover, resulting in it not being a great character in the game. Therefore it’s ranked in the D tier.

However, the character is considered much better now due to the advancements and continuous improvements. Although no one still wants to invest in her. Her best pet could be that she is known for the AOE leech. In addition, the hp burn she has to offer us of a single target is very appreciable for the bosses. It still is not ideal for the spe Oder 20-25 or wave. Considering Teela, many other champions could be a great substitute for her. They could even perform much better than her; instead of wasting your spending on her, think twice about investing in a better option. 

Champion Type SUPP
Book Value 8/10
Book Priority A2,A3

Guurda Bogbrew

War mother blamed Guurda in a private family event held in Teleria for not performing her responsibilities well.  Despite the assumption, she had been trying so hard to utilize bombs in a very useful manner. Even then, her presence on the battlefield is close to nothing. That is because, in front of the Ogryn Tribes faction, her powers are close to zero. Moreover, it’s still unresolved if she’s a great team cleaner, a turn-meter manipulator, a poison, or maybe a mix. Furthermore, it is known for her A2 move. That’s where she puts in the weak debuff along with 2 poisons. However, the poison could only be placed if the target isn’t weakened. In addition, one could run with no accuracy. But then you might lose the benefit imposed upon A3, which can place poison and take away 1 buff. 

Her passive is eligible to lower the enemy’s Turn meter by approximately 3% upon receiving a useful debuff. Moreover, Guurda cannot compete without turn meter drop champions in the arena, namely lyssandra or psylar. Attaining the character is child’s play as it’s easily available on a free login reward champion to every player after getting hands-on Scion. Although she isn’t easily found within different teams due to the lack of qualities. 

Champion Type SUPP
Book Value 5/10
Book Priority A2,A3

Comparison Table

CharactersRankChampion TypeBook ValueBook Priority
AcriziaS TierATK10/10A2,A3
ArbiterS TierSUPP10/10A3,A4
Big’UnS TierATK08/10A2,A3
CardielA TierSUPP8/10A2,A3,A4
AbbessA TierATK8/10A2,A3
AililA TierATK7/10A2,A3
AltanB TierDEF10/10A1
AngarB TierHP5/10A2,A3
ArixB TierHP6/10A2,A3
AstralonB TierATK7/10A2,A3
BaronC TierATK6/10A3
JingwonC TierHP2/10A2,A3
Teela GoremanD TierSUPP8/10A2,A3
Guurda BogbrewD TierSUPP5/10A2,A3

Patch Notes V6.51.1

The latest Update 6.51.1 includes the following changes.

Hard Mode Dungeons

  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Ice Golem’s Peak
  • Fire Knight’s Castle
  • Spider’s Den

Hard Mode Dungeon Bosses

  • Tainted Hellrazor
  • Tainted Klyssus
  • Tainted Fyro
  • Tainted Skavag


The game includes a lot of champions that fit the likings of different individuals. Upon a particular personal preference, an individual strives to attain them. Our list might contain human errors, or your views may contradict mine. It was written to give you a brief idea about the amazing and the worst champions. Every champion differs from another. It’s up to you to prefer one and make it a part of your game mode.

There’s a very thin line in differentiating one character from another, and this level of accuracy could’ve only been achieved by conducting proper research. But if you have any criticisms to offer us, please go ahead and comment below.