URF Tier List: Best Champions Ranked [V13.11]

In This Article, We Will Be Ranking The LoL Champions Best Suited For The Ultra Rapid Fire Mode.

URF is considered a special game mode within League of legends, and it is an abbreviation for Ultra Rapid Fire. The public was first introduced to it in 2019 for April Fool’s days to mark the 10th anniversary of League of Legends and was intended to be removed in a week. However, the date was extended since it received a great response from the public and is now a regular part of the game. The mode and all of the champions best suited for it will be discussed in our URF Tier List article.

The mode is played on Summoners Rift and features all of the great champions, spells, and abilities that you might expect from the game. But the key difference here is that while in this mode, all characters have a lifelong buff that allows them to use abilities and spells frequently and without any cost. 

Key Points

  • We will only be ranking 26 Champions that are suited to the Ultra Rapid Fire Mode here.
  • Their rankings were done based on their strength, speed, abilities, and other similar factors.
  • In the highest ranks, you can find characters like Blitzcrank, Tristana, Hecarim, Taric, Wukong, and Vi.
  • The lowest ranks contain the likes of Syndra, Kled, Yorick, Yuumi, Akali, and Lee Sin.


Here’s a quick table listing the characters we are going to be discussing and ranking today.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
BlitzcrankMiss FortuneZedOlafYuumi
HecarimTeemoAnnieSyndraLee Sin

Now let’s hop into the details regarding each character.

S Tier

S Tier.

First and foremost, we’ll be enlisting the best characters in URF. They have the most prominent and calculative stats in terms of qualities and pick rates respectively. Their mark in the S tier of the URF Tier List 2023 indicates that they are top-notch when it comes to skills, attributes, and approaches. 


Blitzcrank is one of the most important and deserving characters of this game mode and has a massive winning rate of 54.02%. Blitzcrank has access to “flash” and “ghost”. Flash is responsible for teleporting your respective character to the place where your cursor is placed. Whereas ghost functions to make your character disappear for 10 seconds so that it can move through units and gain up to a great percentage of move speed (24-48%).  

Other inspirational abilities include glacial augment, biscuit delivery, and comic insight. However, its resolve features are known as Bone plating and Unflinching. Blitzcrank has some tough competitors, out of which Janna, Zac, and Teric are the most highly rated.

Health 633-2486
Mana 267-947
Health Regen 7.5-20.25
Mana Regen 8.5-22.1


Tristana is deemed to be an equally outstanding character as is Blitzcrank with a slightly higher win rate of about 54.32%. Offering a scoring rate of 60.37%, it’s evident why many people opt to use it. There’s a combination of skills, spells, and runes that works best for Tristana, some of which will be discussed here. Flash and Ghost are two of her most widely used summoning spells, and apart from these heal and exhaust are also very valid. Ignite targets the enemy resulting in reducing their speed of motion by 30% all the while feeding them 35% extra damage than the original. Heal is pretty self-explanatory whereas “Barrier” is a self-defense mechanism that protects your champion.

Runes are certain objects which prove relevant in the plot of your game as you proceed. For Tristana, these are Hail of Blades and Lethal Tempo mainly regarding precision and resolvent respectively. The winning rate reduces to less than half (49%) if she faces Hecarim (our next S Tier character), Heimerdinger, or Taric.

Health 670-2404
Mana 250-794
Health Regen 4-15.05
Mana Regen 7.2-14.85


Hecarim is normally considered to be an average S-tier character. He is a character built for the jungles with a winning rate of above 50%. Mainly his abilities and compatibility make him stand out. His pick rate is at 12.7%. Hecarim has a high ban rate of 31.7%. The summoner spells that the character possesses are, “smite” and “ghost”. 

Smite is responsible for damaging the enemy by a heavy 450 true damage to a small, medium, or large monster enemy, or it can also be a minion. Thus, size does not matter. Hecarim possesses a special ability known as sorcery, it is further classified as plane rush, nimbus cloak, water walking, etc. However, his precision abilities include Triumph and tenacity. With such influence, it’s only fair to include Hecarim here.

Health 625-2308
Mana 277-1297
Health Regen 7-19.75
Mana Regen 6.5-16.7


Taric is an excellent competitor with other S-tier characters. His presence is highly intimidating for others mainly due to the array of spells he possesses in his counter back. These spells include ignite, flash, heal, barrier, etc which are pretty basic however the real deal is his winning percentage; none of these skills guarantee a chance of failing.

If you’re just starting with Taric, opting for Doran’s shield, Stealth ward, and heal potion would be a smart decision. Doran’s shield enhances your focus and deals massive damage to minions, makes sure you don’t run out of health points, and helps you endure more massive blows. Stealth Ward is pretty cool as it makes you invisible to your enemy. Taric almost always wins his battles but he may feel dubious when it comes to a one-on-one with Zeri, Gwen, K’Sante, etc. He has high durability and the backbone of his success is most definitely the fact that he doesn’t run out of health points pretty quickly.

Health 645-2328
Mana 300-1320
Health Regen 6-14.5
Mana Regen 8.5-22.1

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Wukong has the same skills as Taric and offers a win rate of 58.82%. His top skills are Flash and Ignite. Flash is most tended by 97% of users as it has a high win rate (57%). Wukong also has valuable trinkets which add strength to his starting items too. These include Stealth Ward (which doubles the effects a normal Stealth ward would have), Farsight alteration, and Oracle lens. 

The reason we see it fit to include Wukong in the S tier mainly corresponds to the fact that the only battles in which Wukong may have a winning rate of 49% are against Hecarim and Taric. Wukong will likely win against all other characters of the game given his stamina and attacking properties.

Health 610-2293
Mana 300-1405
Health Regen 3.5-14.55
Mana Regen 8-19.05


Vi is nearly the same as Blitzcrank concerning spells and winning rate. A massive 99% of the people select Flash as her dominant summoning spell. The quality and results this skill provides are unmatched and truly phenomenal in Vi’s case. Long Sword, Refillable Potion, and Stealth Ward are her most frequent starting items. She infuses herself with skills regarding Sorcery, Inspiration, and precision which help her shoot and aim the target without missing.

Oracle Lens is a very beneficial tool in Vi’s regard. It helps look out for enemies and warns you just in time for you to change routes. It also can reveal an enemy’s Stealth Ward while a temporary ban can also be inflicted on it. 

Health 655-2338
Mana 295-1400
Health Regen 10-27
Mana Regen 8-19.05

A Tier

A Tier.

The next tier is where the most accessible and well-performative characters can be found. These are nearly as good as the ones mentioned above, however, they lack certain aspects which land them here. They have an admirable extent of skills and well-laid-out plans but their execution isn’t the best.

Miss Fortune

Beginning with love tap at the time of attacking a new target, she has to deal with bonus physical damage. “Double up” is when she can fire at her opponents who intend to damage her whenever resulting in also applying the love tap. Next in line is a strut which is the correct term for the tune that has a gradual increase in her movement speed when she isn’t under attack. However, for a little duration, this skill of hers can be activated to have access to the bonus attack speed. 

A very appreciable skill of hers has to be “making it rain”. The skill enables her to deal with her rivals by slowing their pace and causing them great damage by showering them with bullets. The cone placed in front of her has to deal with a bombardment of bullets that will cause them immense damage, further causing the bullet time to strike critically.

Health 640-2391
Mana 300-980
Health Regen 3.75-14.8
Mana Regen 8-21.6


Let’s discuss his skills briefly among which the most known is “primordial burst”. It deals an agreed amount of damage to the target caused due to his magic. The target missing health determines its increase. Next is the blameful strike. Veigar is granted permanent power upon killing some units. Dark matter, on the other hand, is the third skill that calls an abundant mass of dark matter to fall on the target’s location from the sky.

Moving ahead to the event horizon; gives the character the ability to twist the edges of space, which creates a cage to knock out its opponents upon passing through it. All these qualities account for Veigar being in the current tier of our URF Tier List Wilf Rift.

Health 550-2386
Mana 490-932
Health Regen 6.5-16.7
Mana Regen 8-21.6


First in line, comes the noxious trap, which is where the character uses an explosive poisonous trap. Stepping on the mushrooms forms a poisonous cloud that slows down the enemy and damages them physically. Next is the toxic shot. Teemo’s attack can poison its rivals. Moreover, moving quickly enables the character to increase its movement speed upon running here and there.

Teemo can also gain bonus move speed that doesn’t get affected for short time. Blinding dart is when the opponent’s vision is cloaked by using a powerful venom, that deals with the damage caused to the target unit, and for the coming duration, it’s been blinded. Guerrilla warfare is also one of its known skills whose effectiveness depends on Teemo.

Health 598-2366
Mana 334-759
Health Regen 5.5-16.55
Mana Regen 9.6-17.25


She has a great variety of skills. The first and most incredible one has to be the “second skin”, which is her basic attack stack plasma. It helps in gradually increasing the damage’s bonus magic. Moreover, the stack plasma also gets affected by the allies immobilizing effects. Next has to be location rain, which enables her to shoot a swarm of missiles that lets him seek out any target that’s nearby. The third very prominent skill has to be the void seeker, which is when Kai’Sa shoots a very distant missile that targets her opponents with her passive.

Moving on to supercharge; Kai’Sa gets her move speed increased and alongside increases her attack speed. The loving weapon existing here has to be that the supercharge gets upgraded to grant invisibility. And the last skill possessed by her has to be Killer instinct which is already self-explanatory as it means her ability to race near her opponents.

Health 670-2404
Mana 345-1025
Health Regen 3.5-12.85
Mana Regen 8.2-20.1


Nimble fighter enables him to move from one place to another and can face a specific amount of reduced damage that is caused by other sources. Now moving on to another skill is urchin strike, that enables him to rush through his targets and handle the magic damage imposed on them by applying it to its hit effects. Next comes the Seastone trident which is the attack that fizzes and launches on its opponents. It generates magic damage and immense bleeding. 

His fourth very fascinating skill has to be the trickster that enables him to hop into the air and further landing very gracefully upon his shaft which results in him becoming unforgettable. However, before the character smashes down, he has two options: slam the ground or ump again. 

Health 640-2442
Mana 317-1201
Health Regen 8-19.9
Mana Regen 6-19.6

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In relentless Assault, the character’s continuous attacks keep on adding to his attack speed. Next comes the leap strike, which is when the character leaps in the direction of a unit. In case it’s the opponents then he makes sure to hit them hard with his weapons. The third skill Jax has to be empowered is when he charges his weapon with some energy source that results in additional damage for his next rivals. Counterstrike is also exhibited near-splendidly by him.

Next and the last most prominent skill of Jax has to be Grandmaster’s Might which is with the third consecutive attack he hid empowered to deal with additional damage caused due to the magic. Furthermore, the character can easily activate this very ability to upgrade his resolve power, by easily contributing to his magic resistance along with armor for a little while only. With that said, we include Jax in the current rank.

Health 665-2365
Mana 339-1223
Health Regen 8.5-17.85
Mana Regen 7.6-19.5


Now considering his skills let’s begin with backstab. To deal additional damage, he strikes from behind with basic attack strategies and finally poisons. Deceive enables him to get invisible and move toward the targeted location. However, his first attack too being invisible is empowered, and that furthermore deals with the bonus dealing and critical strikes in case he’s been attacked from behind. Jack in the box is a skill that is capable of creating an animation i.e. a hack in the box. It has a hidden animation; the purpose of which is to attack nearby opponents in situations when he’s been triggered or scared.

Two Shiv poison actuates the character to passively poison his targets to bring down the pace with which they are moving. He is capable of throwing his shiva to deal with damage and further poison its opponents. Hallucinate is when Shaco designs an illusion of himself close to himself. The illusion will easily attack his opponents. However, if he dies, it blows up which results in the formation of three mini-jacks. 

Health 630-2313
Mana 297-977
Health Regen 8.5-17.85
Mana Regen 7.15-14.8

B Tier

B Tier.

We have now reached the medial rank or the B Tier. Therefore their caliber has also dropped correspondingly. The characters that are yet to be discussed below have a certain extent of mastery in the skills they’ve been assigned.


Let’s briefly discuss the skills that contribute to making him this powerful. First comes Contempt for the weak., which enables the character to lodge an attack against the same opponent after every few seconds which helps in lowering the health target and further affects the bonus magic damage.

Next, the most prominent skill has to be Razor shuriken. It is projected when Zed shadows and launches his shurikens. Yet, each shuriken copes with the damage caused to every opponent. Moreover, Shadow slash enables him and his shadows to deal with the damage caused to any opponent found nearby.

Health 654-2337
Energy 200
Health Regen 7-18.05
Energy Regen 50


Nocturne makes use of umbra blades that enables it to strike its rivals to cause them physical damage to heal itself and that happens after every few seconds. Duskbringer further enables it to throw a Shadow blade that leaves behind a dusk trail, and in addition, lets the champion withdraw from the dusk trail. The moment Nocturne is on the trail he makes sure to move through certain units that aid in increasing its movement speed and enhance its attack damage. Shroud of Darkness stimulates his attack speed and avoids encounters with opponents as it merges Nocturne into his shadow self.

Unspeakable horror lets the character paint a nightmare within the mind of its opponents that with every passing moment deals with the damage and makes his target fearful that is by the end duration removes them from the range. The last skill has to be paranoia. That brings down the enemy’s sight radius and gets them rid of their ally’s vision that’s already in process. It further enables him to cast himself near any enemy champion.

Health 655-2508
Mana 275-870
Health Regen 7-19.75
Mana Regen 7-14.65


She has access to immense power and is very knowledgeable about magic. Alternatively, she’s a magical outlier with the shadows of the mount of north Noxus. Shortly, we’ll state the skills that comprehend her placement in the B tier of the LoL URF Tier List.

Let’s briefly discuss some of the skills that she exhibits, pyromania being one of their known skill which enables her to stun the target with the next offensive spell after she’s done casting almost 4 spells already.  However to cope with the damage and refund its cost after it’s done destroying the target. Incinerate comes next in line. The ability enables her to cast a fire cone that causes damage to its opponents within the area. Molten shield, which provides the character with a shield, along with move speed’s burst, and results in damaging its opponents upon basic attacks.

Health 560-2294
Mana 418-843
Health Regen 5.5-14.85
Mana Regen 8-21.6


Essence theft enables her to heal after she has lollies for 9 months or 9 minions. Concurrently, she heals at a greater amount upon killing an opponent champion. Next comes the Orb of Deception, which is when she sends and pulls the orb she possesses. It helps her cope with the damage caused on the way out plus the true damage that’s been caused on her way back. 

Next is the fox fire, which makes her gain some burst of move speed upon letting out three cox fires that are capable of locking and attacking the character’s opponents deployed nearby. The fourth skill could be charm which is activated when the character blows a kiss resulting in damage, charms, and restricted enemy movement.

Health 590-2222
Mana 418-843
Health Regen 2.5-12.7
Mana Regen 8-21.6


First in line is the blooming blows, which is upon hitting her rivals Lillia can attain great move speed further. Upon activating it she can easily deal with the damage that’s been caused due to the magic to the opponents deployed nearby.

In addition to these vines watch out! Eep! Which is that the character deals with the damage in nearby areas moreover the heavy damage is dealt with in the Center. Swirl seed, this is why the character makes use of it to slow the speed of those upon whom it lands. If an opponent is not hit though, her motion will resume unless it’s stopped by a wall/target.

Health 605-2390
Mana 410-1260
Health Regen 2.5-11.85
Mana Regen 11.5-2765

C Tier

C Tier.

Incrementally, we’ve reached the C rank of the article. Here we’ll be discussing the characters that are near zero but not exactly. Sure, they suck at maintaining a win rate but it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. These, too, have distinct and motley assortments of skills. 


Starting with, we have Olaf. His inclusion in the C Tier harmonizes with the fact that he is one of the 24 characters of the game who cannot increase their powers statistically. You have a 49.3% chance of winning when using him, and notice how the win rate very gradually depletes but the characters largely fluctuate otherwise. Olaf best works with Flash and Ghost, the two frequently selected skills of his.

Olaf has a way to sustain an increase in speed via approach velocity. It offers a 15% increase in speed to kill a targeted enemy. The Elixer of Wraith is actively consumed by the character to increase physical vamp by 12% when up against an opponent. Spirit Visage helps increase health points, magic resistance, and ability haste.

Health 645-2668
Mana 316-1166
Health Regen 6.5-16.7
Mana Regen 7.5-17.7


Evelynn is an assassin mage, and mages are blessed with spells of high potency. But unfortunately for Evelynn, her spells aren’t of much high potency rate. Under the section of her special stats, it can be seen that the URF Spellbook proves her. She is mostly located in the jungle where she performs several magic-related skills. 

Health Potion and Stealth Ward are also good initiative objects to use for her. In addition to that, Amplifying Tome has an ability power of 20. Doran’s Ring is a multi-purpose object; it subtends your health and abilities altogether. Her best-attacking strategy includes Electrocuting her opponent. She does that by separately attacking three times; the bonus being a source of adaptive damage. The Elixer of Sorcery is her most powerful item build. Upon drinking it your ability powers increase by 50. Another of her great item build is Rabadon’s Deathcap. It increases your ability power by 35%.

Health 642-2308
Mana 315-1029
Health Regen 8.5-21.25
Mana Regen 8.1-18.3


Syndra originally called “Cyndra”, is a mage positioned in the middle with a  gameplay radius of about 65 units. A lot can be said about the character when you look at her general URF stats. These depict that she deals about -15% damage and absorbs more or less 10%. This is why she is suited likely for the C Tier of the OP GG URF Tier List.

Syndra’s Dark Harvest is her ruin of specialty. It is a skill that increases its effectiveness with the number of souls it harvests. If the opponent whom you attack using the rune has his/her health below the charter of 50%, his soul will be reaped. The more souls are taken in, the more the attack points increase by 5%. Cheap Shot is another sleek rune used to target opponents with faulty movement.  It should come as no surprise that Syndra loses against far more characters than she wins.

Health 563-2331
Mana 480-1160
Health Regen 6.5-16.7
Mana Regen 8-21.6


Kled comes with his counterpart, Skaarl. He’s a tank fighter i.e. the main defense of your team, and his efforts are completely focused on his team’s headway. His health is comparatively short-lived as compared to others because his being a tank compels him to continue disintegrating the enemy no matter what. 

Kled’s win rate is 43.4, far less than acceptable. Flash and Ignite are two of its widely used skills which make sense as ignite supports the character’s offense repute and flash provide the much-needed speed to deal with missions. His preferred rune is Conqueror which is an accumulated form of all basic attacks and spells, nothing fancy. It does offer some healing of about 8% for the amount of damage you’ve sustained.

Health 810-3258
Resource N/A
Health Regen 6-18.75
Secondary Bar Courage (100)


The last character we’ll feature for the C Tier is Yorick. Yorick belongs to the Juggernaut class whose goal is to produce die-heart fighters willing to lay their lives on the frontline. Yorick is one of them too, the only difference is that he lacks the fidelity of his competence. Flash and Ghost, with the same outcomes, are two of his most frequently used skills too.

Healing and Ignite come next in line with their win rate varying only by a single percentage. Refillable Potion stores nearly a hundred health points for him over 12 seconds. Triumph enables an increase in health by 10% every time an opponent is knocked out.

Health 650-2588
Mana 300-1320
Health Regen 8-21.6
Mana Regen 7.5-20.25

D Tier

last section
D Tier.

At long last, we have summoned the characters belonging to the D tier. To your disappointment, it must be said that these characters are no match for the characters we just discussed above. These are the lacking ones; the players usually select otherwise.


We will commence the D tier of the URF Top Tier List with Yuumi. One of her skills “You and Me!” was first tested on Xayah, a fellow character. It was later designated to Yuumi; when Yuumi uses this ability, she attacks the target and then rejoices from casting their abilities on them. Hence the target is used as an anchor.

Prowling Projectile is another skill Yuumi uses to inflict maximum damage upon the enemy. A missile is shot up in the air toward the opponent. The time taken to reach the targetted location is utilized in enhancing its damage imposition. 

Health 500-1673
Mana 440-1205
Health Regen 5-14.35
Mana Regen 10-16.8


Akali has an even lower win rate of about 41.14%. Her best summoning spells reside with Flash and Ignite. It’s depressing how the pick rate of the character drops so suddenly; for instance, her barrier skill is only picked up by 3% of people. Apart from skills, Hextech Rocketbelt is the character’s main build item.

In the beginning, she could ride the projectiles launched by her allies; the objective being to harm the opponent. She also made her enemies lose their way by tripping them. In battles against K’Sante, Gnar, and Aphelion Akali has a good chance of victory and loses against pretty much everyone else.

Health 570-2593
Energy 200
Health Regen 9-24.3
Energy Regen 50

Lee Sin

Lee Sin has a surprisingly higher winning rate (47%) than Akali or Yuumi. His best skill has a 46% guarantee of winning and is called Flash. Next in line is Ignite; up to 66% of people prefer it. Eclipse is a common item built in his regard as it is about 12% lethal and 7% omnivamp. However, the Elixer of Wraith and Stealth Ward yet again win the race of utility.

His resource of upliftment appears to be energy. His location almost always is the jungle where he is seen actively fighting physically with the opponents. That is probably thanks to his fighter and assassin nature. 

Health 645-2430
Energy 200
Health Regen 7.5-19.4
Energy Regen 50

Comparison Table

CharactersTierHealthManaHealth RegenMana Regen
Miss FortuneA640-2391300-9803.75-14.88-21.6
Lee SinD645-24302007.5-19.450

Patch Notes V13.11

The following changes were made to the characters with the V13.11 patch notes.

  • Lucian – Enchanted Ammunition base AP: 20 ⇒ 30
  • Poppy – Steadfast Presence HP Shield: 325 ⇒ 375
  • Renekton – Reign of Anger AS per 100 missing HP: 5% ⇒ 6%
  • Wukong – Re-Energize Mana Restore: 50% ⇒ 66%
  • Fiora – Grand Challenge Heal Percent: 9% ⇒ 12%
  • Malphite – Rock Solid – Armor to AP ratio: 111% ⇒ 130%
  • Shen – Time Knife Bonus Damage: 250% ⇒ 300%
  • Bel’Veth – Voidmother Voidling HP: 60% ⇒ 88%
  • Ekko – Destructive Resonance Damage Amp: 200% ⇒ 240%
  • Ekko – Chronobreak Stun Delay: 10 sec ⇒ 8 sec
  • Ekko – ChronobreakStun Duration: 2 ⇒ 2.5 sec
  • Miss Fortune – Make It Rain Gold in Stage 3: 8 ⇒ 10
  • Miss Fortune – Make It Rain Gold in Stage 4+: 20 ⇒ 25
  • Neeko – Starlight Resonance AP on cast: 15 ⇒ 18
  • Janna – Exaggerated Reporting Bonus Weather: 100% ⇒ 200%
  • Syndra – Not In Vain AS per ally death: 40% ⇒ 75%


And that dear readers was our URF Tier List, where we attempted to rank the champions most suited for the mode into five distinct categories. We tried to take all of their strengths and weaknesses into account when making our list, but chances are that we made some decisions that you might not agree with.

If you have any criticisms to give us, we more than welcome you to leave a comment below to let us know. We will take your opinions into account when we update the list in the future with the next meta.