League of Legends Tier List: All Meta Rankings

In This Article, We Will Be Making A List Of The Most Relevant Champions In Version 12.23.

Lol is a MOBA game that barely needs any introduction, and this League of Legends Tier List will focus on listing some of the most popular meta champions in the game currently. Knowing which champions are in the meta because you can ban champions accordingly and learn new ones to counter some deadlier meta picks. However, the list is subjective and therefore, will be biased.

Some of these champions have been in the meta for a long time, but certain dead champions have seen an epic revival thanks to new items like Heartsteel and the Ravenous Hydra Nerf. The ranked champions are listed below.

Key Points

  • Our rankings were made with the most recent version 12.23 in mind. 
  • You can find 73 different champions ranked here in our article.
  • We made our placements based on a champion’s build, damage, win rate and pick rate among other factors.
  • Some of the best champions in the current meta are Camille, Kai’Sa, Riven, Warwick, Zed, and Vex.
  • Among the worst champions on the list are Sion and Aphelios, Ziggs, Morgana, and Leona.


A quick summary of some of the best and worst champions in the meta is given in the table below. 

Tier RanksChampions
S Tier• Camille
• Riven
• Fiora
• Darius
• Shen
• Olaf
• Mordekaiser
• Ekko
• Udyr
• Warwick
• Bel’Veth
• Zed
• Viktor
• Vex
• Kai’Sa
• Tristana
• Jhin
• Renata Glasc
• Blitzcrank
• Janna
• Nami
A Tier• Aatrox
• Sett
• Illaoi
• Nasus
• Tryndamere
• Urgot
• Trundle
• Volibear
• Amumu
• Jax
• Lillia
• Irelia
• Sylas
• Lux
• Ahri
• Twitch
• Samira
• Jinx
• Varus
• Vayne
• Brand
• Karma
• Rakan
B tier• Ornn
• K’Sante
• Tahm Kench
• Lee Sin
• Shaco
• Viego
• Rammus
• Kayn
• Zac
• Akali
• Xerath
• Yone
• Veigar
• Zoe
• Zeri
• Sivir
• Lucian
• Pyke
• Thresh
• Morgana
• Yuumi
• Leona
C Tier• Sion
• Maokai
• Rengar
• Ziggs
• Kalista
• Aphelios
• Vel’ Koz

Keep reading to learn about each entry in more detail

S Tier

best League of Legends champions
S Tier.

The S Tier is the first category of our League of Legends Tier List 2023. It will feature those champions that are among the best of the absolute best.


With the new Ravenous Hydra, many high-damage champions like Camille have risen greatly in popularity. Camille is the first S Tier champion that we are going to talk about who excels in the Top Lane. Her most common builds are built around the Ravenous Hydra. Camille’s pick rate and win rate have gone up notably in the past few patches. Her difficulty is quite medium, making her a perfect champion for seasoned players.


Riven has been one of the best top-lane champions in the entire season. She doesn’t have the highest pick rate because of her difficult play style. Despite the fact that the Ravenous Hydra was nerfed, Riven is still an extremely viable champion with it. Building a Riven around Omnivamp and damage or health fits the current tank meta very well because of her aggressive and dangerous kit.


Fiora is a deadly top-lane champion with a great laning phase and a very strong late game. She is one of the best front-line champions if you follow her standard build path with ‘demolish’ and overgrowth as her runes. Additionally, similar to all the other Top lane champions, Fiora also loves to rock the Ravenous Hydra because of how overpowered that item still is.


Darius is one of the most popular as well as one of the most banned champions for the top lane. He rarely sees time at the bottom of any ranking list because of how deadly he has been in most of the recent seasons. He is one of the few champions who can solo carry the game comfortably because he is, after all, a tank and a very deadly one at that.


Shen is the next S Tier top laner we will discuss in our article. He is one of the most versatile champions for the top lane because he fits into almost any team composition and still contributes heavily to the game. Shen’s laning phase is quite decent because of his damage and scales well into the late game. His ultimate can be quite handy for his teammates because he can shield them and teleport to their location to potentially change the outcome of the fight.


Olaf is one of the most engaging top lane champions, providing a vast variety of viable play styles thanks to his kit. He is also quite strong as a top lane champion because of his ability to 1v1 quite efficiently. One of the things you can abuse when playing Olaf is his ultimate that makes you immune to all sources of cc. Using his ultimate in the correct fights is very important if you want to solo-carry the game.


Finally, the last S Tier Top Laner we will discuss is Mordekaiser. He is one of the easiest and one of the deadliest top lane champions in every single elo. Even if you’re not good with him, you can still be a great asset to the team with his tank build. However, some players opt for the AP build, which means less health but lethal damage. Mordekaiser scales incredibly well, which is why he can one-shot squishy champions and easily 1v1 dangerous opponents using his ultimate.


The first S-tier Jungle champion we will talk about is Ekko. Ekko is easily one of the hardest yet one of the strongest jungle champions in the game. His kit is quite simple, but using it most efficiently is quite tricky. The most contributing factor to his ranking is his mobility. He can also snowball extremely hard, so you need to be careful and not feed an Ekko when playing against one.


Udyr was a pretty dead champion until his recent rework, after which he became one of the most abused champions in the Jungle. He is basically a juggernaut champion because once he gets fed, there is little you can do to stop him, even if you try to 1v5 him. Additionally, Udyr is also one of the most menacing champions because he is quite fast, allowing him to effectively chase any low-health champion or even dive squishy champions under the turret and leave without taking much damage.


Warwick has been an S-tier champion for quite a while, and I don’t see him hanging up his claws any time soon. He is a terrifying jungler to play against mainly because of these two reasons. Firstly, he is extremely easy to learn because of how simple his kit and build path are. Secondly, he has a very high amount of sustain because he can get potentially heal all the damage you do to him if he attacks anything that can procure his lifesteal. 


Bel’Veth used to be an instant ban when she came out because of how fast her attacks were and how tanky she was. She was nerfed a little but still not enough to bring her down from the S-tier champions. Much like Warwick, she has a lot of sustain but gets her power spike in the mid to late game. Bel’ Veth also deals true damage through her abilities which delete squishies and melt any lesser-fed tanks she may be up against.


Next up on the S tier are the League of Legends Tier List mid laners. The first of these is none other than Zed. Zed is easily the most powerful assassin mid-lane champion. He is quite difficult to master, but that effort is nothing compared to how lethal you become once you learn him. Zed is also one of the most banned mid-lane champions because of all these reasons. If you are an ADC main, then you already know all the pain Zed can cause in 2 seconds.


Viktor is a powerful burst mage that is more popular in high elo. He is a late-game champion who can easily take on the entire team but struggles to do much damage in the laning phase. Furthermore, he is also quite difficult to master because of some tricky parts in his build, like his upgrades and passive stacks. One thing to be careful of when playing Viktor is that he is quite slow, so be sure not to get caught out over-extended.


Finally, the last S-Tier mid-lane champion that we will look at is Vex. Vex is a very dangerous champion because of her mobility in the lane and her potential to one-shot you in the late game. The catch with her is that almost all of her abilities are skill shots, so if you are bad at landing skill shots consistently, you’re not going to have a lot of fun with her. 


Kai’Sa is the first ADC champion that we will look at in the S tier. She is one of the easiest champions with a great laning phase and a powerful late game. Her kit relies on you making the most of her mobility and kiting your opponents until they get so low that they try to back off. Then you use your ultimate on them and finish them with a Q or a W.


Tristana is the most broken ADC of them all. She is a burst champion that can easily destroy most ADC champions in the lane because of how lethal her burst is. She has a strong lane phase as well as an excellent late game. Even if you lose a little at the laning phase and manage to get a few kills, later on, you can easily snowball and out-scale your opponent ADC in damage and items.


Like Tristana, Jhin is also a burst ADC that does extremely well in the late game. He is a bit tricky because he has a 4 shot auto attack with bonus damage on the last shot. As a Jhin player, you need to make the most of the fourth shot and make sure you use your CC to help teammates or secure kills for yourself. Jhin’s early game is a little weak unless the enemy bot lane over-extends a little too much.

Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc has been a deadly support champion for this patch because of how much sustain and damage she has in her kit. She can poke the enemy ADC and support quite excessively while also ensuring that the incoming poke isn’t too much for her ADC to handle. In addition, she can save a team member from dying in burst fights by shielding their health bar for a set amount of time.


Blitzcrank is one of the most annoying as well as one of the tankiest support champions in the game. He can easily hook enemy champions toward their death. A good Blitzcrank player can easily ruin the farming lane of the enemy ADC and support it while also boosting the farm of his ADC. One thing he does need to be careful of is that if he loses his ADC, he does not have a lot of mobility or damage to help him out in fights.


Janna is another support champion in the bot lane that excels at healing and shielding her ADC and allowing them to farm effectively. She can also be quite a menace in the late game by healing all her teammates and providing enough sustain to change the outcome of some team fights. Janna can also throw out tornados that knock enemies into the air and provide an opening for her team to go in and kill.


Nami is the last S-tier champion we will discuss. Like Janna, she offers a lot of healing and some CC to help her ADC out in the lane. She has one of the best support ultimates in the game because it is essentially a large wave of CC that can allow her team to deal a lot of damage to all those hits without taking any damage. Her bubbles in the lane can also be lethal if you don’t dodge those effectively.

A Tier

League of Legends Tier List good champions
A Tier.

The A tier is the next rank we will. The champions found here are a mix of difficulty levels paired with mixed pick rates from all over the elo ladder. Some are great in low elo, while others dominate games in the higher ranks.


Aatrox is the first A-Tier champion that we are going to discuss. He is a viable Junlger champion but excels in the top lane. If you like LoL esports, then you may have seen how popular he is in pro play because he has very few bad matchups. He doesn’t hyper-scale, but his two-item power spike is extremely good and gives you the edge in mid-game skirmishes around objectives or turrets.


Sett is one of the most broken champions in the game in the current patch. He is an incredible top-lane champion because he cannot be shut down if fed. Sett’s passive allows him to perform well in 1v1 fights early on. Furthermore, his ultimate allows him to isolate those who can take him down quickly and end their life quickly. He is in not in the S tier because he is difficult in terms of his many playstyles.

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Illaoi is another immediate ban champion for most who play in the top lane a lot. She is quite hard to play, but in the hands of a master, she can annihilate a team in a 1v5 situation easily. One of her most deadly traits is that it is quite hard to escape from fights with her. If you try to 1v1 her and feel like backing off, Illaoi doesn’t really let you off the hook that easy. All in all, she plays quite well in the tank meta with heavy and sustained damage. 


Nasus is a very common top lane champion and a nightmare for ADC champions. His Q can easily one-shot ADC champion in the mid to late game, allowing him to take out the damage early on in a fight. He does suffer from low mobility but has a lot of health to compensate for it. The most important thing to remember when playing Nasus is to ensure you get stacks on your passive and juice up. 


Tryndamere is a very strong fighter top-lane champion. He is quite different from most top laners because he brings mobility into his kit as well. Tryndamere’s kit allows him to chase down opponents effectively. Furthermore, his most common build is using Galeforce, which gives him another dash for possible execution. If all that wasn’t enough, he is also quite deadly in fights because his ultimate saves him from death for a while, allowing him to sustain to prolong and win fights that he otherwise may not.


Urgot is a very threatening top-lane champion who excels at demolishing squishes just by going in circles around them. He is quite slow but extremely tanky. His kit is extremely good for split pushing and melting down turrets, and because of how devastating his damage is, he always pulls in a tank from the enemy team for defense. Urgot struggles in fights against many enemies, which is why he is in the A tier rather than the S tier.


Trundle is the first jungle champion that we will discuss in the A Tier. He is a standard A Tier jungle; he has been for many patches. Trundle’s Kit is perfect for ganking, and his tanky yet damaging build serves as a perfect frontline champion in the late game. He does struggle a little in the early game because of his slow speed, but he quickly makes up for it once he hits level 6 and gains his ultimate. Furthermore, he is quite easy to play, making him a perfect champion to start the role on.


Volibear is a tank champion that does great in the jungle role. He has both single-hit and area-of-effect damaging abilities, which allow him to clear camps fairly quickly and start looking for ganks early on. You can abuse his kit to burn some flashes of the opposition. Additionally, he also provides CC, which is extremely good because his ideal composition is a full-dive one.


Amumu is one of the most annoying and powerful junglers in this patch. He is particularly deadly because of how much CC he has in his kit. Winning 1v1 fights against him, especially if you are melee, is an extremely hard win. Amumu also is a threat to ranged champions because his stun is a ranged ability. 


Jax is a versatile champion because he can perform extremely well in three separate roles. The particular role which places him in the A tier is the Jungler role. His kit gives him sustain, crowd control, and mobility, making him a good solo champion. Because of how self-sufficient his kit is, he can secure objectives on his own, giving his team the lead in neutral objectives. His CC is also extremely good in team fights making him a valuable asset in most fights.


Lillia is one of the best jungle champions because she can clear her camps quickly. Her kit allows for great mobility and roaming, which allows her to catch the enemy jungler or other roaming champions off guard. However, that is in the late game because Lillia’s early game is quite weak. She isn’t the easiest jungler to learn but can be a lethal one in the right hands.


Irelia is the first mid-lane champion that will discuss among the A-rank champions. She is unanimously considered as one of the most broken champions in the game. Her kit is fairly simple and can easily be abused in the current games. She is also a popular top lane pick because it is difficult to counter a good Irelia player.


Sylas is another extremely popular mid-lane champion who has lately been creeping into the jungle role as well. He is a devastating champion who can easily turn the tides of any fight thanks to high damage abilities and lifesteal. Furthermore, his most interesting utility is his ultimate, which allows him to steal the ultimate of any of his opponents if he can hit them with it.


Lux is one of the most annoying champions to play against. She is a great support and mid-lane champion with a lot of poke and a very deadly ultimate. A good Lux can quickly break the will of many of her opponents by not letting them farm at all. The way to counter her is to either out-poke her or dodge her utility until she wastes all her mana. Then you can abuse her lane as she would yours.


Ahri is among the most popular champions in the League of Legends franchise. The nine-tailed fox is a deadly mid-lane champion that can be a powerful asset in the late game. Her kit allows her to abuse cc and incredible mobility to dodge or make aggressive plays against the enemy team. She is not seen a lot in the low elo but is a deadly foe in the high elo.


Twitch is the first ADC champion that we will look at among the A-Tier champions. He is a very lethal champion to play against because he can go invisible and burst you with a lot of damage and then use his E to finish you off. However, he is not the easiest ADC to play with because of how crucial the mechanics of his kit are. He is a direct counter to most ADC bullies like Caitlyn and Varus.


Samira is an ADC that is known all too well in almost every elo. She is one of the few ADC champions that can easily 1v5 in the late game. Samira is a strong burst champion that can snowball extremely well. Most of her builds have a lot of lifesteal and damage, which allows her to be a self-sustaining killing machine. Shutting down a fed Samira is one of the hardest objectives in League of Legends.


Time to discuss the most popular champion of the League of Legends franchise, Jinx. Hailing from arcane fame, this villainous ADC is extremely good at taking down turrets and kiting tanks. Her passive is what makes her unique because after killing a champion or a large objective, she gets a burst of movement speed and attack speed. Jinx’s kit also provides cc and slowing abilities allowing her to assist her team in the late game.


Varus is a very deadly ADC champion who can one-shot almost any champion in the late game. His ultimate is a very strong CC ability which boosts his Q, allowing him to deal much damage. Because of how his abilities are designed, he is best paired with support which gives a lot of crowd control. The one thing you have to be careful of is his early game because it is extremely weak.


Finally, the last ADC we are goin to look at is Vayne. Vayne is a perfect counter pick in the current tank meta because her auto attacks deal true damage. She is a very unique ADC that can absolutely shred through tanks in the late game. Furthermore, her Q gives boosted damage and mobility, allowing her to kite her opponents extremely well. If all that was not enough, she also has crowd control. Her only downside is that she is rather weak in the early game.


Brand is the first support champion we will discuss in the A tier of our League of Legends Tier List top lane. He is a great poke champion who can take out the entire team towards the late-game phase because of his magic damage. The most broken thing about Brand is that he can do extremely well, even if the enemy team has shut him down many times. His kit is also very good in team fights because almost all of his abilities are AoE magic damage.


Karma is a deadly poke support champion that can do extremely well in shielding her ADC. Her kit is a deadly asset in the late game because she can cover her tanks and allow them to take so much more damage than they normally would be able to. 


Finally, the last champion that we are going to discuss in the A tier is Rakan. Rakan is the other half of the Xayah and is best paired with her. His kit offers a lot of crowd control as well shield for his ADC. The problem with Rakan is that you need to be highly coordinated to pull off some great plays. If you are looking to solo queue, he is not the best pick for you, but in premade games, he can be a deadly foe for the enemy team.

B Tier

Average LoL champions
B Tier.

We will look at some of the average champions in the B rank. These champions are not particularly good, but they definitely aren’t the worst. They have a lot of bad matchups but consequently have a lot of extremely good ones. They are not good generally but perform well in specific situations with the right player using them.


Ornn is the first B-tier champion we will discuss in our list. He excels in the top lane and takes on the role of a devastating frontline tank. Furthermore, he also has a pretty unique kit, but it is definitely powerful. He doesn’t do the most damage when it comes to tanks, but he can assist his team in the late game but running it down with them.

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K’Sante is the most recent champion in League of Legends. He is a great champion who scales extremely well both offensively and defensively. A fight between two top laners like K’Sante and Ornn can very well last up to 2-3 minutes because of how much damage he can absorb.

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is a very uncommon but deadly top-lane champion. You occasionally see him as a support because of how much damage he can tank. However, he is quite unique as a champion because he can just dive into teams, cc them and get back safely. Additionally, he can swallow allies or foes and spit them out wherever he wants, even under a turret.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is the first B Tier champion in the list. He has a relatively high play rate and a decent win rate. Lee Sin is a very aggressive jungler with a lot of mobility to chase down opponents for a very long time. The only flaw in his kit is that almost all of his abilities are skill shots making him quite difficult to play in the jungle. Finally, because his camp clear is so slow, you need to look for ganks early on if you want to stay ahead of the enemy jungler.


Shaco is one of the hardest jungle champions in the game, but he is also one of the strongest. A good Shaco can easily 1v5 the entire team because only from his boxes. Shaco would easily be a higher-ranked champion if not for two counters. Firstly, if the enemy has good vision over the map, you will not be able to gank or farm properly. Secondly, his difficulty level is quite high, making him a very unpopular pick compared to some of the other junglers.


Viego is a great jungle champion because of how fast he scales. He can easily look for ganks even before level 6 and farm well. However, he can struggle a bit in clearing camps swiftly. He can be a menace in the late game because he can take the form of enemies he has killed, which can be quite annoying to deal with at times. 


You may have seen a spinning cannonball in your games that smashes into you and cc’s you into oblivion; that is Rammus. He is a very strong jungler in ganking and seeking out enemies. However, when it comes to securing objectives or damage, he is not the best. Most of his damage comes from building the item Thornmail.


Kayn is a very strong solo queue jungle champion that is also one of the most versatile champions in the game. That is mainly because he can evolve into Red or Blue Kayn, which is good against Melee and Ranged champions respectively. He can easily out-heal most of the damage he takes in the late game, and if he feels like he isn’t going to win, he can just phase through walls and escape. The phasing ability also allows for great ganks and mobility.


The last B-tier jungler of this League of Legends tier list 2023 is Zac. Zac is a unique jungle champion because of the many different mechanics in his kit. Firstly, when he attacks, he drops pieces of himself that you can pick up and heal. Secondly, if he dies, his passive procures and allows him to split into four different pieces of jelly. If the enemy cannot kill all four of them, you are revived with adjusted health and can either escape or try to fight again.


Next up are the mid-lane champions, the first of which is Akali. Akali is a fairly difficult mid-lane champion that is quite strong once she hits level 6. She is a great solo queue champion and is equally seen in almost all ranks. Her build path varies from game to game based on whether you are against tanks or squishes or playing team fights. 


Xerath is a powerful mage mid-lane champion that is sometimes also played as a support. He relies on poking his enemies down before finishing them off with his ultimate. The one thing to be careful about with Xerath is that you cannot get in the melee range of any champion. Because of how terrible his mobility is, he will likely die if caught out in close range.


Yone is a very common mid-lane champion who either performs really well or really poor. He has a very strong early and mid-game but can be out-scaled in the late game. Yone’s kit is lethal against squishy champions and allows for sustained fights against tank champions as well.


Like Xerath, Veigar is a mage mid-lane champion who excels at taking down enemies at a long range. He is particularly threatening because of two reasons. Firstly, his kit has much crowd control, allowing him to farm and kill effectively. Secondly, he scales incredibly well into the late game and can potentially one-shot champions if he lands his entire combo.


Zoe is a crowd-control-based mid-lane champion. She can deal devastating amounts of magic damage because she scales with AP well. A problem with Zoe is that she is not the best in team fights because if caught out, she will die very quickly. She also has a lot of tough matchups against mid-lane assassins, making her a tricky pick in the solo queue.


Zeri is definitely a spotlight because of her recent rework. She used to be a lethal ADC and a top lane champion but was soon nerfed. However, she is back. Thanks to the Ravenous Hydra and her rework, she is now a viable champion for the bot lane. The tricky part is her difficulty which is still one of the highest among all Summoner’s rift champions. More information on her rework can be found here.


Sivir is an ADC champion who performs fairly in the current meta. She has always been a deadly champion to play against because of how much range and damage she has. Her kit makes a very powerful lane bully with very good wave clear. Sivir is countered quite easily if the support on the bot lane has a lot of poke, forcing her to lose cs and stay behind in the game.


Lucian is strictly a high elo ADC because of how technical his playstyle is. There are some Lucian players in the low elo, but his win rate is quite poor. Lucian is also a champion who can potentially use the Ravenous Hydra and boost his ultimate damage. He has a pretty weak early game, but once he hits level 6, he can quickly start demolishing lanes if the player plays him correctly.


The first among the B-tier supports Pyke. Pyke is one of the most banned and one of the most lethal early-game supports. Almost all of his utility allows him to disrupt the enemy farm and boost his ADC’s farm. His ultimate ability shares the gold from each kill he gets with it with the teammates who assisted him. Consequently, he does start to fall off in the late game and performs poorly against most tank champions.


Thresh is a tank support champion who, similar to Pyke, can hook in enemies and allow his ADC to deal significant damage. He can scale into a strong tank in the late game and can frontline for his team quite well. The problem with Thresh is that he does not deal the most damage, nor does he do too well in shielding. He relies heavily on his team to do most of the damage when he lands his hook.


Morgana is a strong mage champion who is usually played as support. However, she has been playing in the jungle as well because of her great camp clear and damage. Morgana is a CC-heavy champion who relies a lot on landing skill shots. Additionally, she can shield her allies from CC, which can be crucial in late-game skirmishes.


Yuumi is one of the more controversial champions in the game because she is different in all the regions. Overall, she is quite annoying and scales into a huge problem for the enemy team. She can heal, boost movement speed and deal damage all at once while remaining untargatable until the champion she is attached to is dead.


Leona is a strong, engage-support champion who offers a lot of crowd control as well as shields for her allies. She can stick to isolated enemies and easily 1v1 them ahead of team fights. Furthermore, she can scale into being a frontline tank as well because of how much armor she builds. You can also go for the slightly off-meta damage build for her.

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C Tier

Worst LoL champions
C Tier.

The last rank that we are going to look at is the C Tier. The champions listed here are not the worst, but they definitely underperform a lot. These select champions still are very viable but only in the right hands. They are listed as follows.


First up in the C Tier champions is Sion. Despite being the tank meta, Sion struggles a lot in most of his games because the meta top laners can annihilate him with damage because they have a lot more mobility than him. Secondly, Sion is a very late-game champion which limits his ideal team compositions a lot.


Maokai is very similar to Sion because he is a very late-game champion. He can potentially win the game, but that is if it’s going on for 40-50 minutes or more. Secondly, he can be shut down quite easily because of how many tanks are being played in the current meta. 


Rengar is a very good jungler champion, but only if the enemy team is quite squishy. He has a hard time executing tanks which is why his win rate took a massive dive recently. Furthermore, most players opt for Warwick over Rengar because of the similar yet easier playstyle.


Ziggs is a DPS scaling mid-lane champion that can potentially carry the game with his damage in the late game. Unfortunately, in this meta, the damage Ziggs deals can easily be healed back up in team fights which is why he is struggling a lot. He does deal a lot of poke damage, and similar to Rengar, if you’re playing against a squishy composition, he will perform quite well.


Kalista is a fairly decent ADC champion but is severely dependent on team chemistry and coordinated plays. Her difficulty is quite great, but she can easily carry the team with her damage in the right hands and with the right people. You need your support to stick around thought because you can’t use two of your four skills without them.


Aphelios is one of the harder ones to play as because of his complicated abilities. However, in the hands of a master, Aphelios can easily carry the game without breaking a sweat. His only reason for being in the C Tier is his difficulty. He is one of the few ADC champions who can easily 1v1 ADC counters like Yasuo, Zed, or Yone.

Vel’ Koz

Vel’ Koz is another extremely difficult-to-play champion for the support role. He offers much damage and crowd control but is a late-game champion. Additionally, his most important abilities are skills shots which are quite hard to land in the bot lane. Lastly, he is quite slow, so he can easily be kited by the enemy ADC if he doesn’t play carefully.


Well, Summoners, that concludes our League of Legends tier list 2023. It is key to remember that the article was made for patch 12.23, and some details about the game may be different when you read this. The current meta is quite interesting to play in, and hopefully, our list helped you understand which champions to opt for and when.

However, do let me know what you think of rankings in the comments below. Also feel free to leave tips for other summoners in the comments below.