Satisfactory Alternate Recipe Tier List [V]

We Will Be Ranking 18 Of The Best Alternate Recipes.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a civil engineer and being able to build monumental and colossal buildings? Satisfactory is a game that allows players to get accustomed to a new world while building up new structures to export materials from an alien planet. And our Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list will help you cook different recipes.

As you move along the list, you’ll find that each tier has a specific order in which these recipes have been included. They are based on resources, efficiency, and productivity of that recipe. I hope you enjoy reading our article, as it is full of recipes that won’t help you in the kitchen but will surely help you succeed in the game.

Key Points

  • There are a total 0f 18 recipes ranked in our tier list.
  • Each recipe has been ranked according to its resources, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Cast Screw and Classic Battery.
  • The lowest ranks contain the likes of the Flexible Framework and Electrode Circuit Board.


All the alternate recipes of Satisfactory are confined in the short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Cast ScrewSilicon Circuit BoardPolymer ResinOC SupercomputerElectrode Circuit Board
Classic BatteryHeavy Oil ResidueIron Alloy IngotSteel RotorFlexible Framework
Cooling deviceEncased Industrial PipeAutomated MinerSeismic Nobelisk
Pure Caterium IngotCharcoalPlastic Smart PlatingCrystal Beacon
Crystal Computer

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S Tier

best alternate recipes ranked
S Tier

The S tier is superb, which contains some of the absolute best alternate recipes in the game. Firstly, they are extremely frugal and resourceful, and they require efficient resources as the ingredients and do not use them without a measured and methodological approach.

Cast Screw

Ingredients 5x Iron Ingot
Crafting Time 24 Sec

First in our S tier is a cast screw, an alternate way of forming screws. It requires the same iron ingots as in its normal screws but is produced 25 times faster. In the game, we don’t look at a character’s strength or agility; we find an ingredient’s efficiency and resources. We can analyze an element based on its efficiency and resources; mainly, the weighted point is considered as it is an important component of a satisfactory calculator.

The weighted point is the resource consumption rate to the maximum extraction rate multiplied by 10,000. A material with a lower-rated end is considered more efficient and resource-worthy. A player doesn’t invest in a highly resource-consuming ingredient, which makes him suffer in the long run. He ends a calculated amount of resources to extract that product.

Classic Battery

Ingredients 6x Sulfur, 7x Alclad Aluminum Sheets, 8x Plastic, 12x Wire
Crafting Time 8 Sec

A classic battery uses 50% less bauxite and 40% less sulfur and uses coal, quartz, copper, and crude oil more than the ingredient of the default battery. Such frugal usage of ingredients allows a player to remain efficient in his dealings. These substances take control of his product output. He doesn’t run out of precious resources and can always utilize common ingredients.

It resides in the S tier because its WP value is extremely low compared to default batteries. It is the only alternative way to form artillery and is highly usable inside building factories and powering up drones. A person can have a Bird’s Eye view from the drones, and the energy required is very efficient. The Department of aeronautical engineering uses it.

Cooling Device

Ingredients 5x Heat Sink, 1x Motor, 24x Nitrogen Gas
Crafting Time 32 Sec

A player can adopt these to keep their machines at a reasonable temperature. A cooling device is useful in advanced aluminum production and is a late-game product. When you have established a whole industry, you require a cooling device to normalize temperature and keep it at an Equilibrium level. The cooling device uses less nitrogen gas and alternate water and rubber for the motor.

Water and rubber are very important resources at the industrial level; the more they are conserved, the more efficient they are. Compacting a low resource and highly efficient working is necessary to obtain an ideal industry. If an endeavor takes a lot of resources and doesn’t put a stop to its inefficiency, then everything is in vain. This alternate way also consumes much less power as it is measured by the energy ratio to time. These aspects put a cooling device in the S tier.

Pure Caterium Ingot

Ingredients 2x Caterium Ore, 2x Water
Crafting Time 5 Sec

Pure Caterium Ingot is made in five seconds, which is highly time efficient and requires ingredients. The default ingot requires 3 ores while fueling this matter and takes over two ores; the last one is replaced by water. It is a part of the S tier because it has an exponentially reduced value of production speed. Time is extremely valuable at the industrial level, and a gamer should not waste it even in creating various recipes.

It takes a systematic approach to utilize the ingots and uses them in oil processing. The weighted point is 60% less than the default one, which is a high ratio. The ratio allows us to configure that methodologies are most preferred inside companies.

A Tier

second best alternate recipes
A Tier

The A Rank is the next best thing in our article, as it contains the second-best alternate recipes in the game. The alternate recipes listed here are easy to make and execute.

Silicon Circuit Board

Ingredients 11x Copper Sheet, 11x Silica
Crafting Time 24 Sec

Circuit boards are made from various alternate recipes, including an electrode circuit board, silicone, and a Caterium circuit board. The most efficient of all these is the silicone circuit board which has low resources that come cheap and is also highly accessible. A person can make five circuit boards in just 12.5 minutes with the recipe. What more can you need to assemble a circuit board for quartz research and oil processing?

You encounter the board at tier 5. We put it in the A tier because it acquires corporate silica at the price of rare ores. Corporation silica is accessible and comes cheap and the recipe does not require oil. You get more product with less power and few minutes. Choose this, and you are ready to form your quartz processing unit.

Heavy Oil Residue

Ingredients 3x Crude Oil
Crafting Time 6 Sec

The most exclusive use of heavy oil residue is that it improves crude oil quality. It converts crude oil into a high-grade product useful with unlimited resources. A player can add it to different recipes to create new products. These products could be efficient in usage and allow users to remain coherent. It ranks high up on the article because you can form fuel ratios by diluting it with watery fluid.

You might also be able to create plastic and rubber. Plastic and rubber have multiple usages in side industries and are highly efficient for alternate recipes. A player gets unlimited forms of crafted stuff from the residue: coated cables diluted fluid, turbo heavy fuel petroleum coke, and packaged heavy oil residue. Oil processing, fluid transport, and even bauxite refinement industries are used.

Encased Industrial Pipe

Ingredients 7x Steel Pipe, 5x Concrete
Crafting Time 15 Sec

Industrial beams are the foundation of the building; without these, even a little impact can cause a building to crumble into rubble. A facility has Industrial beams to prevent such havoc and chaotic mess, which is an Amalgam of the strong compressive and tensile of concrete and steel, respectively. They have different ratios to obtain a systemized, low-power consuming, low-rate pointed product.

It is a part of the A tier because it consumes 33% less steel, which is handy for constructing a building. And the pipes are a better substitute than beams because they are used in Assemblers, stairs, and rotors. So don’t lower your hopes if you can’t find a beam because pipes are a better option.


Ingredients 1x Wood 
Crafting Time 4 Sec

When you seek something in more quantity, you suffer from its shortage after a while. In such situations, compensation for shortage requires alternate ways and products. Wood forms charcoal and biomass. Wood and biomass are easy to obtain, and a player can easily obtain charcoal.

A constructor can make charcoal in under 4 seconds, making it efficient as 10 coal is produced in under 4 seconds. This way, a player can save time and never run out of coal. It is highly useful in the case of a shortage of non-renewable Fuels.

Crystal Computer

Ingredients 8x Circuit Board, 3x Crystal Oscillator
Crafting Time 64 Sec

A circuit board and crystal oscillators form a product in the form of a crystal computer, and it is highly efficient because it requires fewer resources and raw materials. A player can form it within 64 seconds and obtain more products. 

Crystal computer has a low weighted point, a ratio between resource consumption and maximum extraction rate. As I have stated before, the lower the value of a weighted point, the better outcome a player receives. Silicon computers are handy during flight platforms, fuel generators, path signals, train stations, and trucks. When you sink a computing machine in an awesome sink, you receive 17,260 points.

B Tier

average alternate recipes tier list
B Tier

If you’re familiar with articles like these, you must know that the B tier is mediocre. It contains the most average entries of our Satisfactory Alternate Tier List.

Polymer Resin

Ingredients 6x Crude Oil
Crafting Time 6 Sec

When a player uses the alternate recipe for polymer resin production, he receives a greater ratio of crude oil to a polymer. He also evaluates an increase in the production speed and product. The comparison is simple to ask if he gets 13 polymer resins in six seconds compared to three in ordinary fuel. The comparison is uncanny as the results are presented in front of your eyes.

Even though it seems highly efficient and helps obtain polyester fabric from its factory, it is still under the B tier of our Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list. This is because it is comparatively less efficient than the recycled one. In the long run, we do not seek a higher efficient product, but we also have to look at other points, such as we only gain 12 points after sinking it. 

Iron Alloy Ingot

Ingredients 2x Iron Ore, 2x Copper Ore
Crafting Time 6 Sec

An iron ingot is a war material for numerous products, and it helps form multiple other recipes. A player can craft it in two ways: screws, rods, iron plates, iron wires, and solid steel ingots. That way, we can claim that it is a highly useful substance and that all industries require it equally.

Iron and gates are produced from iron ore and copper ore. These alloys are more efficient as they use more resources than default and ingots and generate more products. It resides in the B tier because, when paired, iron and copper alloy ingots are more useful inside the game. 

Automated Miner

Ingredients 1x Motor, 4x Steel Pipe, 4x Iron Rod, 2x Iron Plate
Crafting Time 60 Sec

The faster a miner works, the more efficient it is. It extracts the resources and then puts it on a conveyor belt that takes it out of its mine. A player can form only one miner through every resource node. An automated miner uses more ingredients but produces a better version in a limited time.

They are in the B tier of our Satisfactory tier list because extracting many resources from a mine makes them highly beneficent. Still, they consume more power for small amounts. So a player prefers to craft those stuff manually instead of extracting them out through a less efficient method.

Plastic Smart Plating

Ingredients 1x Reinforced Iron Plate, 1x Rotor, 3x Plastic
Crafting Time 24 Sec

During a project assembly, smart plating is handy for delivering substances to a space elevator. A space elevator is the main component of this game, and it is the first project a player builds when he enters an alien planet. The approach helps them to export all resources to a single destination from where they transfer them to other Factory locations.

Plastic smart plating is an alternate recipe for creating a smart plating product that manufactures two smart plates from the same ratio of iron plate and rotor but just the addition of plastics. That way, a player achieves a low-weighted point product with less power and helps deliver stuff to a space elevator.

C Tier

Satisfactory Alternate Recipe Tier List
C Tier

The C tier is one of the worse ranks with some really bad alternate recipes. These types of recipes are not worth much to the game.

OC Supercomputer

Ingredients 3x Radio Control Unit, 3x Cooling System
Crafting Time 20 Sec

The supercomputer is a piece of special machinery, a next-generation computer that is helpful for nuclear power plants, geothermal generators, and programmable splitters. But when we look at its ingredients, we find the substances require a lot of aluminum consumption. It is useful in aeronautical engineering and advanced aluminum production.

Aluminum is a limited resource with frugal use, not as a substance recommended for nuclear power plants. We include it in the C tier because it stops a system that damages the whole ecosystem. It should not be promoted even if it is highly efficient, although the product is not. Using such rare substances to form damaging and chaotic consequences is inhumane.

Steel Rotor

Ingredients 2x Steel Pipe, 6x Wire
Crafting Time 12 Sec

Rotors are a foundation in the formation of a motor. Motors come in handy in farming buildings and generators but at what cost? Once you put a moving part of a motor under construction, you get havoc. Various hazardous effects are seen in the form of heat. Hence you’ll have to use cooling devices. A steel Rotor might be the best alternate recipe for a rotor. But it uses steel pipes and wires to form and assemble a rotor.

You will find it in the current rank because forming a rotor from the most expensive raw materials is unnecessary. A player can use cruise and iron rods to create equally efficient default water. Steel rotors use the same ingredients as stators and a lot of coal. Coal is a limited resource, and once we are out of cool. We’ll require charcoal or coal, which are hard to come by.

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Crystal Beacon

Ingredients 4x Steel Beam, 16x Steel Pipe, 1x Crystal Oscillator
Crafting Time 120 Sec

Have you ever used a beacon in real life? It acts along with a compass or map. It helps you mark a specific map location, so you never lose that point—crystal beacons I made from very precious elements, including crystal oscillators. A player uses it to locate and pinpoint a specific moment on a map. It requires quartz and coal, which are hard to come by.

It is a part of the C tier because using a limited resource to obtain a beacon is not justifiable. Crystal Beacon doesn’t even boost production, and you’ll find an almost equal amount of products with this alternate recipe. What good will you obtain from it even if you get one or two extra Beacon? You can use a default beacon to pinpoint a location that uses Simple Iron raw materials. These are easy to come by rather than a crystal oscillator.

D Tier

worst alternate recipe tier list
D Tier

The D run of our Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list contains the least valid entries on the entire inventory. These alternate recipes are useless, inefficient, and have the most expensive and limited resources. They use up the resources that are non-renewable and then suffer in the later game.

Electrode Circuit Board

Ingredients 6x Rubber, 9x Petroleum Coke
Crafting Time 12 Sec

layers usually avoid Electrode Circuit Boards because they are not cheap or resource-efficient. A player requires coherent ways to obtain a formula that will benefit him in the best way possible and these have already been discussed in silicon circuit boards, which were efficient in their work.

A player has five circuit boards with just a few cheap raw materials. But the electrode circuit board is, On the contrary. It resides in the D tier because it uses rubber and petroleum coke, a byproduct of refining crude oil. Crude oil is hard to come by and is used for many products. It is not efficient if we use it up for an electrode circuit board and to, which requires a lot of crude oil.

Flexible Framework

Ingredients 1x Modular Frame, 6x Steel Beam, 8x Rubber
Crafting Time 16 Sec

Frameworks are the key element of forming a whole building. They are the basic component of project assembly and work with Plastic smart plating to deliver substances to space elevators. From the space elevator, additional tiers are unlocked inside a hub. It helps a player form a magnetic field generator essential for nuclear power and powering up different generators.

It is a part of the D tier because the crafting bench cannot craft it, and it requires an automated machine. And its production oil is an essential element and cannot be formed without it, so in one way, this oil product is useless, and a player should avoid it.


Tier Image.

An illustration of our list is necessary for creating an image inside a reader’s mind since some people need an image to help them better understand the placement of each entry on the list. Each recipe is arranged in the exact order that it appeared in the article.

Comparison Table

RecipesTierIngredientsCrafting Time
Cast ScrewS5x Iron Ingot24 Sec
Classic BatteryS6x Sulfur, 7x Alclad Aluminum Sheets, 8x Plastic, 12x Wire8 Sec
Cooling DeviceS5x Heat Sink, 1x Motor, 24x Nitrogen Gas32 Sec
Pure Caterium IngotS2x Caterium Ore, 2x Water5 Sec
Silicon Circuit BoardA11x Copper Sheet, 11x Silica24 Sec
Heavy Oil ResidueA3x Crude Oil6 Sec
Encased Industrial PipeA7x Steel Pipe, 5x Concrete15 Sec
CharcoalA1x Wood 4 Sec
Crystal ComputerA8x Circuit Board, 3x Crystal Oscillator64 Sec
Polymer ResinB6x Crude Oil6 Sec
Iron Alloy IngotB2x Iron Ore, 2x Copper Ore6 Sec
Automated MinerB1x Motor, 4x Steel Pipe, 4x Iron Rod, 2x Iron Plate60 Sec
Plastic Smart PlatingB1x Reinforced Iron Plate, 1x Rotor, 3x Plastic24 Sec
OC SupercomputerC3x Radio Control Unit, 3x Cooling System20 Sec
Steel RotorC2x Steel Pipe, 6x Wire12 Sec
Crystal BeaconC4x Steel Beam, 16x Steel Pipe, 1x Crystal Oscillator120 Sec
Electrode Circuit BoardD6x Rubber, 9x Petroleum Coke12 Sec
Flexible FrameworkD1x Modular Frame, 6x Steel Beam, 8x Rubber16 Sec

Patch Notes V.

The following changes were made to the game with the Version patch notes:

  • To-Do List should now handle alternate recipe names and multi-product recipes better.


Our Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list compiles some of the most useful and useless alternate recipes from Satisfactory. It ranks each entry based on its resources, efficiency, and benefits.

But our article is imperfect, and we understand that some of our readers may have differing opinions. And if you’re one of these people, please feel free to leave a note in the comment sections below. We love to get constructive criticism from our readers, and we will try and update the list to better reflect any new information that comes to light.