Tekken Tier List: Ranking All Tekken Games

Hello folks, today I will write about the most fascinating and out-class game of my childhood, Tekken. I remember spending so much time playing it on my PS One. Many of you would also have fond memories of this game as it is a classic one. The Tekken tier list will mainly rank all the games from this series from best to worst in a tier system.

Apart from the ranking, I will discuss several aspects of the game. This article will be very informative for all gamers out there as it will have a detailed explanation of the game’s elements and character skills and usefulness. Having a firm hand in the game, I will tell you all the dos and don’ts of the game overall and season-wise.

Firstly let us have a quick introduction to the game for beginners. Namco creates the Tekken series of 3D action games. Versions of multiple sequels, upgrades, and spin-off games, which were first developed for arcades, are available on several other platforms, such as the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, WonderSwan, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and Game Boy Advance.

Tekken is the second best-selling game to date, having the best franchise of selling fighting games. The Gunnies Book of World Records 2017 entitled Tekken as the ‘Longest-running consistent videogame universe’ and ‘Longest-running videogame storyline.’ This game has seven series, providing a thriving gaming experience to all.

This article is based on my interest and expertise in the game; therefore, there could be a difference of opinion among the readers. It is OK because everyone can not have the same likes or dislikes. We are always open to positive criticism. Let us start with some basics, gameplay, story mode, and character details of this game.

Key Points 

  • There are a total of 16 entries in this Tekken Tier List. 
  • All the games from the Tekken Franchise are ranked based on their content, storyline, gameplay mechanics, different game modes, and character roster.
  • Among the highest-rated games, you will find the likes of Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, and Tekken Dark Resurrection. 
  • In the lowest tier Tekken Revolution, Tekken 3D, and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion are ranked. 


The entire Tier List is summarized in the short table below: 

S+ Rank S Rank A Rank
Tekken 3 Tekken 7Tekken
Tekken 5 Tekken Tag Tournament 2Tekken Revolution
Tekken 2 Tekken Advance Tekken 6: Blood Rebellion
Tekken Tag Tournament Street Fighter x Tekken Tekken 3D
Tekken Dark Ressurection
Tekken 4 Death by Degrees
Tekken 6

Details of each entry is given below:


Although the gameplay is very simple looking, it has some fine details that are mostly neglected by gamers. These details play a vital role in playing, in my opinion, the more you know, the more you enjoy, am I right? As there are seven-game series, I will discuss some details in the gameplay separately.

All the games from the series have some different aspects. Although the main storyline is the same, a few other elements significantly impact the game. So before jumping into the main Tekken Tier List, I will briefly discuss the gameplay elements of all Tekken games.

Tekken 1, 2, & 3

There are four buttons in the Tekken series since the right and left digits to have buttons. Throw escapes and autoblock, which first appeared in Tekken 2, are other trademarks. Each revision saw graphic and technological advancements.

The option to “sidestep” or move into the front or out from the back was first featured in Tekken 3. Additionally, Tekken 3 shortened the time it took to get back up after being destroyed compared to earlier games. Each game following that added rolls to recover fast after hitting the ground, letting the player resume fighting rather than pressing buttons.

Tekken 4 & 5

Characters have significantly more mobility in Tekken 4 because of the addition of genuine 3D movement and geometrically challenging venues with uneven terrain, barriers, and walls. In contrast to earlier Tekken games, in which all the arenas were flat and had any physical borders, the player was not restricted in how far they could go forward or backward.

The fluid movement of Tekken 4 was toned down to please many players who believed it made Tekken more oriented on evasion. Both walled and endless venues make a comeback in Tekken 5.

Tekken 6 & 7

Combat consists of two rounds by default. However, there are options for the number of games—from one to five—and the round length for each. The announcer will yell “Perfect!” if the victor keeps all of their vitality even without the time limit running out. “Great!” will be said by the announcer if the victor is within 5% of being knocked out. Both characters can be eliminated simultaneously, so the announcer will yell, “Double K.O.”

The character with higher health will be crowned the victor if the round’s timer runs out. The round will finish in a tie, and both players will have the same amount of health left.

In other instances, the announcer will yell “K.O.” or “Double K.O.” whenever one character has won or if both rivals have been eliminated simultaneously. In Arcade mode, a double K.O results in a defeat for the player.

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Some Facts About Tekken

  • Tekken is one of the finest 3D fighting games ever made. The games served as inspiration for both live-action and animated movies. Namco inaugurated a Tekken museum in Japan in 2012. Action figures, artwork, and other items are available, and admittance is free.
  • Except for Tekken 6, all Tekken iterations have only been created on the Playstation and Playstation 2. Tekken 6 is playable on an Xbox 360. The developer of Mortal Kombat stated in an interview how Tekken is his preferred fighting game in addition to his own.
  • The game was ranked number 11 on Complex magazine’s all-time top video game series list in 2012. “Dead or Alive” creator stated Tekken was among the most despised video games ever. Characters from the game have appeared in Soulcalibur 2 and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, among other titles. Rather than representing a combat maneuver, each button on the gamepad in this action game represents a bodily part.
  • When you sidestep toward the camera, you always get one frame in a crouch; this does not happen when you avoid to the opposite side. Characters have highly different hitboxes, which makes length and range quite variable. For example, two alias have a minimum coverage of 0.70, whereas two things have a minimum distance of 1.40. However, this implies that your hitbox is about twice as wide as Alias.
  • There are many series of this game, each having unique and different aspects that add more and more to the beauty of Tekken. Each remake has its good and some bad as well. I will discuss them in so detail that you will fall in love with this game again.
  • These also have a storyline; the whole game revolves around this story. Although it is a fighting game, it has no specific liability on the storyline. The report only makes the game more fun and exciting. Let us begin with our tier list.

S+ Tier

Tekken Tier List
S+ Tier

The S+ tier will have this series’s best and most classical games. These games are purely flawless and have maintained their popularity to date. Even though all Tekken games are the best, there is the best in everything, isn’t it? Let us now begin with the S+ tier of the Tekken tier list.

Tekken 3

Tekken Tier List
Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is the best fighting game in the series of all time. Aside from being the final game on the original PlayStation, it also introduces a new era of characters. Jin Kazama is seen as he prepares under his grandpa, Heihachi Mishima, to avenge his mother Jun’s death at Ogre’s hands.

Unrevealed to them, Heihachi intends to use Jin to entice Ogre to serve his malicious purposes. Tekken 3 permanently transforms the franchise with the revelation that Jin had acquired his dad’s Devil Gene, solidifying the paranormal as a recurring motif in Tekken’s narrative. It had been a smash hit, and given the fun it provided, it’s easy to understand why.

It is among the series’ quickest titles, resulting in some great gameplay while adding series favorites like Jin Kazama and features like Tekken Ball.

Tekken 3 is ranked 25th on Metacritic as one of the greatest rated games of all time, with a score of 96, matching Half-Life 2 and GTA V on the N64 and the GameCube edition of Resident Evil 4. It’s a prestigious corporation level, and Soulcalibur only surpasses a degree of success.

Katsuhiro Harada stated that Tekken sold 8.36 million copies during its initial run, which is incredible for a fighting game. The game’s audio and music are sharp and clear, the action is entertaining and diverse, and the visuals were among the best available at the time. Still, it stands up well and is fun to play.

Each game’s 23 characters have over 100 moves, allowing players to juggle, counterattack, and string combos to their hearts’ delight. It is the greatest entry in the category and one that all fighting enthusiasts must seek out for themselves, with near-perfect fighting action, a tremendous roster, and several outstanding game modes.

Initial Release 1997-98 
Sales 8.3 million 
Platforms PlayStation/Arcade Port 

Tekken 5

Tekken 5
Tekken 5

Tekken 5 ushers in a new era in the Tekken brand and is placed in the S+ tier of the Tekken tier list. Combat became considerably more fluid and rapid than ever, and gameplay received a significant revamp with new juggling elements that have now become a franchise staple.

Tekken 5 also has new players, like Asuka Kazama and Raven, who are unique in their way. Critically, it outperformed its predecessor, even attracting new fans to the game.

Namco published an enhanced version of Tekken 5 exclusively for the PSP in the shape of Dark Resurrection, which included new iconic characters in Lili and Dragunov, in a rare occasion for the Tekken series.

Fans desired to see the game moved to console games like all other Tekken games. Thus, Dark Resurrection was introduced to PS3 and enhanced with online play, giving it the first Tekken game to enable online play. Most fans would be OK if Bandai Namco opted to re-release Dark Resurrection on current systems.

It had a reason for every character to be there. Their diversity was such that you sympathized with players like Julia Chang while becoming badass with warriors like Jin Kazama and Raven. Its arcade mode was ideal for learning new combat techniques, and the stage designs were stunning. Just almost fifteen years well after its debut, Tekken 5 is the title to go with for a comprehensive combat experience that doesn’t lack in any category.

Initial Release 2004-05
Sales 5.3 million 
Platforms PlayStation 2/Aracde Port 

Tekken 2

PlayStation 1 Tekken
Tekken 2

Tekken 2 built on the lessons learned in the first game to produce a more dynamic fighting game. The beaten Heihachi returns in the game as the Mishima Corporation, now a corrupt corporation led by Kazuya Mishima releases a new King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Tekken 2 would become one of the most influential fighting games in history, featuring famous players like Lei Wulong and Jun Kazuma while setting the groundwork for the franchise’s future by introducing the Devil Gene.

Technically, Tekken 2 was a huge success, winning over reviewers and fans alike with its compelling gameplay and epic plot. Tekken 2, the first console Tekken game, was an explosive addition to the series. Tekken 2 launched the now-legendary war between Heihachi and Kazuya with a greatly enhanced character roster and unprecedented narrative modes.

Its enormous popularity also demonstrated that Namco was a power to be reckoned with in fighting games. The gameplay wasn’t nearly as seamless as we’ve come to anticipate from the game, but it was still a fantastic debut. As Tekken 2 grabbed the globe by storm by giving a much wider roster with incredible depth.

Tekken felt like it belonged to be in the big leagues. Characters like Lei Wulong and Devil Kazuya made Tekken 2 a must-have since they possessed the edge that fighting games lacked.

Tekken 2’s narrative mode was also worthwhile, as the Mishima tale truly began with the struggle between Heihachi and Kazuya. Many hours were spent by gamers exploring each character and their own combat style. However, its darker background detracts significantly from its allure.

Initial Release 1995-96
Sales 6.7 million 
Platforms PlayStation/Aracde Port 

Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament cover
Tekken Tag Tournament

The tag feature in Tekken Tag Tournament may appear extraneous to Tekken’s already popular gameplay, but it is the greatest one, so it is placed in the S+ tier of the Tekken tier list. Although it was a big shot in the arm as fans waited for Tekken’s next chapter to arrive on the new PlayStation 2.

The stakes are higher than ever before, as participants must now control their health and strategies to guarantee that, at minimum, one of their combatants survives enough to prevail. Whereas the game is not canon to earlier releases, it doesn’t detract from the experience, as reviews praised how the game expanded on the franchise’s finest elements.

This game was a breakthrough move in the combat genre when it was released. The option to play many characters at once was too fantastic to pass up, and critics praised Tekken Tag Tournament for introducing hitherto unseen entertainment value to the franchise.

There’s also a story option with involvement from the devs; thus, going through it revealed a new side of the characters, even if it was non-canon. The weaker aspects were related to how special powerful characters readily dominated others.

Tekken Tag Tournament is almost missing the top slot (TTT). Despite having a sequel, if you desire some of the best combat in the series, go with the original.

TTT introduced tag-team combat to the series and featured a massive roster that included practically every character from previous titles. Working out which tandem was most suited to your style of fighting became a goal in and of itself, and if you desired some simple 1 vs. 1 combat, you could do that as well.

Initial Release 1999-2000
Sales 5.1 million 
Platforms PlayStation 2/Aracde Port 

Tekken Dark Resurrection

Tekken dark resurrection
Tekken Dark Resurrection

Like Bloodline Rebellion, an upgraded version of Tekken 5 preserves the original tale and adds some quality-of-life improvements. This contains additional ranks, new ways to measure player data, improved character balancing, and more customization possibilities. New combatants in Dark Resurrection include Lili, Dragunov, and Armor King II.

Tekken 5 was already a smashing blockbuster, and Dark Resurrection received overwhelmingly good reviews for both the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 editions. In a unique development for the Tekken series, Namco produced Dark Resurrection, an enhanced version of Tekken 5 designed just for the PSP, which added new fan favorites, Lili and Dragunov.

Dark Resurrection was taken to the PS3 and upgraded with online multiplayer, marking it the first game throughout the Tekken series to enable online play.

Fans wished to see the game move to console games like all the Tekken titles. Most fans would probably be alright if Bandai Namco transferred Dark Resurrection once more to modern systems. Players are motivated to choose their favorite fighters.

They become experts at them by learning all there is to know about them, thanks to gameplay that values player ability and strategy above button bashing. With the addition of the clever Ghost function, which enables players to download and compete against other players using their combat data, the game’s absence of a genuine online option could largely be overlooked.

Initial Release 2005-06 
Sales 4.5 million 
Platforms PlayStation 3 & Portable/Aracde Port 

S Tier

Tekken Tier List
Tekken Tier List

Coming down to the S tier of the Tekken tier list, it is not that much different from the S+ tier; rather, these games are all very popular and fabulous. But for the sake of ranking, these games are placed a little below even though they are genuinely brilliant.

Tekken 7

Next Gen Tekken
Tekken 7

When Tekken 7 finally made it to consoles in 2017, it let players witness the dramatic final match between Heihachi and Kazuya, published in arcades in 2015. Even if the game ends one chapter of the narrative, the story is far from over. The game also impresses a sizable cast of brand-new characters, including Leroy Smith, Wing-Chun master, and kickboxer Josie Rizal. Given that it has the most fluid gameplay and has gotten overwhelmingly great reviews, Tekken’s future is still looking bright.

Because of this game, the Tekken franchise has been elevated to high levels in the current gaming market. In 2017, the designers made excellent use of the capability of the PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. As a result, the narrative mode’s cutscenes and combat look stunning.

Players may select from various combatants and play in various modes. Like the most significant parts of its predecessors were included in this game. Along with its numerous benefits as digital entertainment, Tekken 7 also makes for an excellent esports discipline where players can fully express their competitive spirit. You may compete against online opponents to improve your Tekken rating even if you don’t wish to participate in EVO or the Tekken World Tour.

Tekken 7 is a fantastic fighting game that covers that line magnificently between obtainable gameplay (one bone-button Rage Arts are also a welcome addition), with hard-to-master methods and moves lists that differentiate the fresh characters from the veterans.

It is the climax of the work, new features, and incremental that the sequence has made since the official launch of Tekken 4. The series’ most friendly installment yet, Tekken 7 nevertheless has enough depth to satisfy devoted fans.

Another indication of how successfully this game has maintained its player base over the years since launch is the game’s long DLC campaign, which has extended through 4 seasons with a fifth yet to be revealed.

Being an outstanding one, it is placed in the S tier of the Tekken tier list. Although some of the guest fighters may have been dubious, watching Tekken 7’s roster grow to include likable characters has been wonderful.

Initial Release 2015  Aracde Relase-(Japan/Asia)

2017  Playstation 4- (NA/EU) 

Sales 9.2 million 
Platforms PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Windows/Arcade Port 

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

TEKKEN Tier List
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The 2 vs. 2 actions in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 were improved upon from its predecessor, but the addition of tag combinations elevates tag team combat to a new level.

They can now combo strike an adversary before completing the swap while changing characters. The plot is still not regarded as canon, just as in the original game; however, some endings are carried out in Tekken 7.

The game offers hours of gaming diversity with its large cast of more than 40 characters. The fact that the title maintained the elements that made the prior one so successful contributed much to its popularity.

Players can pick two players for a fight in Tekken Tag Tournament’s independent game and switch them anytime. Although it’s a valuable addition to the core action, this is a classic Tekken game in many other ways.

There were several improvements in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Again for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and even Wii U platforms, it was published in 2012. The game is excellent for experienced combat gamers and includes several internal options.

However, that’s not the finest version of Tekken to learn on. The usability feature is low here since it feels like the game doesn’t care about new players.

The seventh generation wasn’t the greatest for the Tekken series because of its simultaneous release on several platforms, which made it difficult for it to differentiate itself from PS and Xbox exclusives that were launched at the same time. Then, to win back former fans, we received Tekken Tag Tournament 2, placed in the S tier of the Tekken tier list.

Initial Release 2011-12
Sales  4.1 million 
Platforms PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Arcade Port 

Tekken Advance

TEKKEN Tier List
Tekken Advance

Tekken Advance keeps everything simple, in contrast to Tekken 3D. A portion of the Tekken 3 roster was ported to the Game Boy Advance with the release of Tekken Advance, which offered a 3D battle on the fly. The GBA’s few buttons, which only had one for stomping and another for striking, necessitated significant gameplay changes.

In addition, shock options were added to make up for the improved controls that improved the experience. Since then, the game has garnered positive comments and is a highly enjoyable addition to the series.

Another carry-on Tekken game. This type of game and the first to be made for a portable console. Subscribers of a GameBoy Advance were given access to a fantastic fighting game in 2001.

From the graphics to the gameplay, Tekken Advance is pretty straightforward. The GBA’s restrictions led to the creators making this decision. However, overall impressions are favorable. One of the top Tekken video games is undoubtedly Tekken Advance because it is built on Tekken 3. even though it is a little old-fashioned.

When Tekken Advance was released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance, it opted to take the classic King in Iron Fist Tournament with it. The advance was a terrific portable launch for the series with a vast lineup, a great soundtrack, and fighting that felt just as good as any previous edition.

Unfortunately, the game feels too antiquated, and its aesthetics haven’t exactly withstood the test of time. Only 10 fighters could fit on the cartridges due to their restricted size, and the Arcade, Vs., or Team Battle types were the only ones to survive. It’s a good fighter, particularly when you have a friend to play with, but it doesn’t have the same replay value as other games in the franchise.

Initial Release 2001-02
Sales  1.3 million
Platforms Nintendo-Game Boy Advance (Exclusive)  

Street Fighter x Tekken

TEKKEN Tier List
Street Fighter X Tekken

As the first game to include Tekken characters battling in 2D arenas and engaging in combat with Street Fighter characters, Street Fighter X Tekken was expected to redefine the game so it belongs to the S tier of the Tekken tier list.

It was an exciting idea that, for the most part, worked out; upon release, the game received relatively favorable reviews, but it wasn’t without controversy. After the game’s release, it was revealed that the anticipated DLC players were not only finished but also present on the game’s disc after its launch.

Although the Tekken x Street Fighter companion game was ultimately scrapped, this crossover is still alive because of Akuma’s debut in Tekken 7. Although this was much more of a Street Fighter game than a Tekken game, characters from the later series were still included. Tekken X Street Fighter was also planned, but it was not released.

Initial Release Canceled 


Tekken 4

TEKKEN Tier List
Tekken 4

The gameplay and plot of Tekken 4 might be the strongest of any game in the franchise. With Jin Kazama crafting his road to overcoming his father and grandpa, the plot carries on the conflict between the Mishima family members.

Also, it introduces now-iconic figures like Marduk or Steve Fox. Thanks to advancements enabled by the switch to PlayStation 2, Tekken 4 generally received favorable reviews upon release, and it remains one of the most well-liked games in the series today.

With this one, the designers were quite creative. They published the main Tekken game for the first time away from the original PlayStation and made every effort to make the most of this newfound power. Most likely, Namco overdid it with the PlayStation 2’s potential in 2002.

The views on Tekken 4 are divisive. The story is a significant priority in Tekken 4, and it appears that the fighting game community doesn’t value this gameplay style. The addition of the terrain was also too bold since it may provide one player with an unfair edge. Players criticized the lack of advancement in combat mechanics compared to Tekken 3 despite all these new improvements.

The wider venues with many spawn sites produced more diverse settings. On the one hand, there’s a certain novelty in watching Paul and Law get into a little altercation on an elevator in a mall. Additionally, the barriers would play a significant role in Tekken’s formula and marketing.

Initial Release 2001-2002
Sales 2.5 million 
Platforms PlayStation 2/Aracde Port 

Tekken 6

TEKKEN Tier List
Tekken 6

The core franchise’s Tekken 6 installment is perhaps the most contentious, placed in the S tier of the Tekken tier list. While the gameplay is exactly as exciting as the previous games, the story mode has players that act in a dark or utterly unexpected way.

Despite this, the game introduces some fantastic new players, such as Lars and Zafina, while advancing the Mishima family’s story. We now reach the threshold of extraordinary masterpieces in our ranking of Tekken video games. They are all excellent, but some get closer to the ideal than others, making it challenging to identify their flaws.

At this stage in the franchise’s evolution, the plot practically becomes unintelligible, which is fantastic since it allows you to focus on the combat itself, which is the major event. Players get access to a large cast of characters and stunning visuals. Lots of fun is promised because of the remarkable range of modes and avatar modifications.

In terms of technological parity with other action games from the same era (2009 – PS3/Xbox 360), Tekken 6 falls short. The developers’ goal was to create a Tekken experience, not to improve the battles’ aesthetic attractiveness. The mediocre Scenario Campaign and the incredibly powerful boss Azazel have drawn criticism from certain quarters.

Initial Release 2007-08
Sales 10.1 million 
Platforms PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Aracde Port 

A Tier

TEKKEN Tier List
A Tier

The A tier is the last tier of the Tekken tier list, but it is not the least. All the games in this tier were great in their time, but compared to the new games, they lose a little value. Let us begin with this tier.


TEKKEN Tier List

The first version of Tekken significantly increased the popularity of 3D fighting games. Kazuya Mishima is the primary character in the original game, which establishes early on how much the plot will eventually shift and how the players will develop. It also has a staggering 17 characters, including Lee Chaolan, still used in games today.

The battle itself is still excellent and provides a framework for further episodes. Tekken earned favorable reviews when it was first released, but now, some 30 years later, it mostly appeals to fans of the past compared with its more modern counterparts. This is the very first Tekken video game, marking a significant turning point for the series.

The game was able to distinguish itself from the competition thanks to novel fighting styles, interesting characters, and excellent visuals. The creators quickly took several more noteworthy actions and greatly enhanced the Tekken formula.

First, Tekken provides a bland experience and a relatively poor sense of balance in the game compared to other games from the same age. Remember that because the original game is so old, Metacritic didn’t have a score for it.  Despite that, it is understandable why the score is so low.

Initial Release 1994-95
Sales 7 million 
Platforms PlayStation/Aracde Port 

Tekken Revolution

TEKKEN Tier List
Tekken Revolution

In 2013, the PlayStation 3 debuted the free-to-play online combatant Tekken Revolution. It features 29 combatants and a variety of gameplay modes, along with an Arcade stage and online, while reusing components of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Overall, the game was enjoyable and brought the excitement of arcades to console games, so I placed it in the A tier of the Tekken tier list.

However, its pay-to-win system was its main flaw. Characters needed to scale up and gain skill points to strengthen, but they could accelerate the process by purchasing Gold. After shutting down its services in 2017, Revolution is now largely a footnote.

The first fighting game in this series was made available for free to play by Namco Bandai Games in 2013. It was a pretty damn good product, on the one hand. The creators worked hard to make Tekken more accessible, but the game’s free-to-play model set the rules:

Since Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is heavily influenced by Tekken Revolution, total investment in a new game was not made. Online match victories required payment from the players. It was an effort at pay-to-win, and everyone disliked them. The game is still passable; it’s decent. It provides just enough to enjoy battling and pique your curiosity in the legitimate Tekken series.

It ultimately ended out to be a Tekken Tag Tournament ripoff rather than much of a unique game. The fact that Tekken Revolution was free and straightforward to download was the only draw for purchasing it. There is nothing more here that you haven’t already played except that.

Initial Release 2013 
Sales  –
Platforms PlayStation 4 (Exclusive) 

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

TEKKEN Tier List
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

A year after Tekken 6, Tekken 6 was a significant update made available in arcades. It added several new features to keep players engaged. The new players, which include the addition of Azazel and NANCY-MI847J and the restoration of Lars and Alisa first from the standard edition, are the upgrade’s main selling points.

Although a great update, Bloodline Rebellion is another iteration of Tekken 6. We now reach the threshold of extraordinary masterpieces in our collection of Tekken games. They are all excellent, but some get closer to the ideal than others, making it challenging to identify their flaws.

At this stage in the franchise’s evolution, the plot practically becomes unintelligible, which is fantastic since it allows you to focus on the combat itself, which is the major event. Players get access to a large cast of characters and stunning visuals. Lots of fun is promised because of the remarkable range of modes and avatar modifications, surely belonging to the A tier of the Tekken tier list.

Tekken 6 falls short of other fighting games from the same era. Instead of improving the battles’ aesthetic attractiveness, the creators were more concerned with providing an actual Tekken experience. Some critics are upset with Azazel, the game’s incredibly powerful boss, and the weak Scenario Campaign.

Initial Release 2008-09
Sales 2.2 million 
Platforms PlayStation 3/Aracde Port 

Tekken 3D

TEKKEN Tier List
Tekken 3D cover

The standard fighter Tekken 3D was made available on the Nintendo 3DS. Even though the game boasts impressive graphics and framerate for a handheld release and includes every character from Tekken 6, it still received negative reviews from critics. Even though there are only two game modes—a primary arcade mode and a sluggish multiplayer mode—a tonne of items may still be acquired.

Too little substance is provided in the game, which makes it suffer from being too basic and deterring players from returning for more. It offers a lot of advantages. The visuals of Tekken 3D are excellent for a portable game.

Even the 3D element functions perfectly, and the photographs are stunning. This list of Tekken games provides players with various combatants and appropriate fighting techniques from previous games. However, the drawbacks are also quite significant.

Tekken 3D  is a decent alternative for playing fighting games with a friend who owns a 3DS due to the lack of game types and customization possibilities. It might be best to skip this episode if you’re looking for a story, single offline mode, or other Tekken entertainment. Based on Tekken 6, Tekken 3D  was made available in 2012.

Initial Release 1994
Sales 850k
Platforms Aracde Port 

Death By Degrees

Death by Degrees
Death by Degrees

This game features Nina Williams from Tekken and is not a fighting game like other titles in the franchise. In a third-person adventure, Nina Williams is shown entering a criminal organization. The game is an extension of the mini-games like Tekken 3 and 4 called Tekken Force.

The game’s unconventional gameplay and control structure were primarily to blame for the game’s unfavorable critical reception. Instead of conventional face buttons, the right analog stick was used exclusively to control the battle, with simple flicks producing bone-shattering hits. Sadly, it appears that any more solo releases have been discontinued due to the lackluster response. This is the main reason to place it in the A tier of the Tekken tier list.

Initial Release 2005
Sales 1.3 million 
Platforms PlayStation 2 (Exclusive)

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Comparison Table

Name TierInitial ReleaseSalesPlatforms
Tekken 3S+1997-98 8.3 million PlayStation/Arcade Port 
Tekken 5S+2004-055.3 million PlayStation 2/Aracde Port 
Tekken 2S+1995-966.7 million PlayStation/Aracde Port 
Tekken Tag TournamentS+1999-20005.1 million PlayStation 2/Aracde Port 
Tekken Dark RessurectionS+2005-06 4.5 million PlayStation 3 & Portable/Aracde Port 
Tekken 7S2015  Aracde Relase-(Japan/Asia)
2017  Playstation 4- (NA/EU) 
9.2 million PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Windows/Arcade Port 
Tekken Tag Tournament 2S2011-12 4.1 million PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Arcade Port 
Tekken AdvanceS2001-02 1.3 millionNintendo-Game Boy Advance (Exclusive)
Street Fighter x TekkenSCanceled
Tekken 4S2001-20022.5 million PlayStation 2/Aracde Port 
Tekken 6S2007-0810.1 million PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Aracde Port 
TekkenA1994-957 million PlayStation/Aracde Port 
Tekken RevolutionA2013  –PlayStation 4 (Exclusive) 
Tekken 6: Blood RebellionA2008-092.2 million PlayStation 3/Aracde Port 
Tekken 3DA1994850kAracde Port 

Wrapping it up

Our Tekken Tier List is purely subjective and is open to positive criticism. This article ranked all the Tekken games to date in the form of a tier system. Starting from the S+ tier has the most classical games from the series. The tier list goes down to S and then A tier with yet more amazing games but somewhat lower in popularity.

All the Tekken games are very close to my heart. Ranking them was tricky, but there’s always good and bad in everything. These games are all absolutely iconic and fabulous, with some significant aspects. This tier list is made with absolute dedication and research.

The main objective of the tier lists we produce is to provide the viewers with excellent guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten, even about their favorite categories.

All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a tremendous amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the tier list.

All the writers here have to do much research even before writing a single word. As this tier list is not made for ourselves but for our dear readers, we ensure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance. They invest a great deal of energy and time; these are not just utter words but are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, leading to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the specific category.