Tekken 7 Tier List: Ranking All Characters

I am going down memory lane, writing this article in 2022 on Tekken 7. While writing this Tekken 7 tier list, I have a very nostalgic feeling about this article as it takes me down to memory lane when I used to play Tekken 3 along with my brother on the PlayStation 1. The Tekken universe is a vast platform in which the players are always trying new methods, fighting styles, and approaches to get a hold of their opponents. This creates confusion in the players regarding choosing which character to use in their next match.

Almost all the gaming freaks out there are fully aware of the name Tekken if you are a fresh player eager to test your abilities against others. Or you are a player who is sick of losing matches and wants to know more about the characters of this game and also want to know which character would give you the highest chance of winning. Whatever brings you here, this Tekken 7-tier list will help you make a decision.

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About The Game

Tekken 7, the seventh edition of this wildly popular series, was published on June 2, 2017. The legendary fighting franchise is back in TEKKEN 7, powered by the Unreal Engine 4.

As with any fighting game, choosing a powerful character is always preferred by the players to ensure their win in the game. This is especially crucial in Tekken since each character has a distinct playstyle and specific moves to understand if you want to compete with other players.

TEKKEN 7 takes the brand to the next level with realistic graphics and combat mechanisms while maintaining an accurate 3D battle system and gameplay. It has a diverse cast of old and new characters, each with unique techniques, martial arts skills, and meta.

The method in earlier Tekken games was in which two combatants battled it out until their opponent’s health bar was emptied. This franchise iteration builds on the popularity of the previous installments and introduces some new characters to the series. If you haven’t already tried playing these Tekken series, I recommend picking up a copy and giving it a shot.

It features a fantastic variety of characters, and the mechanics make it rewarding for newbies. To me, one of the reasons Tekken has lasted this long and, to be honest, brought me to maturity is because it is constantly evolving. The makers always have something new and exciting with the meta altogether.

S Tier

Tekken 7 tier list
S Tier

This superb tier of Tekken 7 tier list consists of some best-performing leading characters of the game. These characters are hazardous to the enemy’s health and are strong enough with their incredible techniques and performances that have proven to be lethal to the enemies. Selecting these characters for your game will give u some enjoyable gameplay. You will have fun fighting with them as they excel in their gaming strategies.


Akuma is a cruel fighter who appears as a guest in Tekken 7. So, because Akuma is from Street Fighter, he must possess some features of his fighting style according to that series.

Akuma is a fearless fighter who will go to any limit to strengthen his might. This is very evident from his fighting style that all practitioners of his fighting style use his signature attacks. He is most known as a prominent enemy in the Street Fighter world.

A thirst for power drives this vicious warrior. Akuma enters Tekken to repay his debt to Kazumi Mishima, even crossing the franchise line. Overpowering Akuma is nothing new.

He was the first character in fighting game history to be barred from competing. It should come as no surprise that he brought his domineering personality to the world of Tekken in the seventh version.

Also, Akuma fights with an unidentified sort of ansatsuken. Ansatsuken is a Japanese neologism that refers to any combat method utilized to take your opponent’s life rather than a specific fighting style. However, he uses his power as a martial art of assassination and devastation. After completing Tekken 7’s main plot, you will have the opportunity to defeat Akuma in the last fight during the game’s particular chapter.

Also, his attacks like fireballs, rage art, and teleportation are very efficient and ensure the health decrease and consequent death of the opponent. Rage art attacks are unblockable and very effective in the game; however, they can be dodged if the opponent knows how to trick them.


Fahkrumram is a well-rounded and formidable Tekken 7 character that merits a higher tier ranking. Fahkumram is a brand-new character in the game. He was the sixth DLC of Season 3 at the Tekken World Tour 2019. However, he is a powerful character with numerous powerful pokes that he can use from a safe distance.

Regarding neutral moves, Fahkumram is almost undefeatable and can quickly destroy some very vast and famous characters. Also, his special attacks can significantly decrease opponents’ health with his absolute techniques.

Also, some of his basic strikes contain a charging system, making him a powerhouse that wall-stuns opponents. This is a beautiful method for finding a rapid combination when pressing against the wall.

Fahkrumram’s gaming strategy typically involves forcing opponents against the wall and limiting their movement. Although, Fahkumram’s charging techniques can lead to devastating wall combinations. As a result, this requires players to deal with their commands, which can result in guard breakdowns and wall splats, and as a result, their health will decrease.

Fahkumram’s repertoire of cancel and delay techniques is extensive, yet he lacks a primary hop kick and uppercut. This may be a little setback for those who are used to playing different roles. As previously demonstrated, Fahkumram possesses a distinct move set that may be difficult to discern at first glance. His poor sidestep has made it more difficult for Fahkumram to concentrate on his abilities and techniques.

Geese Howard

Geese is a simple and versatile character of Tekken 7 that blends in nicely with the Tekken system and does not rely on the health meter too much. I have placed him in the top tier of my Tekken 7-tier list because of his fundamental skills and abilities. Despite the 2D game, he adapts the game perfectly well. Geese can pressure opponents well with a range of solid attacks.

Geese are still a complete package if he loses his turn or is driven against the wall. He can easily trick the opponent as he has a dangerous but effective parry that enables Geese to unleash his assault while discouraging the opponent from interrupting with several counter-hit launchers. Multiple EX attacks enable him to render significant damage to the opponent. Consequently, he had practically great potential for a return to combat.

Also, he can use his unique techniques in any situation because of his move sets. In contrast, 2D inputs may be more challenging for players who are new to the game or are unskilled. Those who take the time to comprehend his exceptional capabilities could find him quite satisfying.

Simply said, it is an excellent technique for establishing and bridging combinations. As a result, Geese is a fearless fighter who can approach the adversary without being very concerned about punishment.


Steve is a strong character in Tekken 7, and his tool kit can handle every situation, making him an upper-tier hero in the game. These various movement options, postures, and techniques make Steve an S-tier hero. On the other hand, his unique strengths distinguish him from other game heroes. With a series of blows, Steve can quickly close the distance to his opponents.

With several effective attacks and evasive maneuvers, Steve is still a fierce opponent to face in the battle. His absolute strength makes it difficult to tie him down in a battle.

One of Steve’s main advantages is hazardous counter-hit techniques that aid him in offense and defense. Anyone would be hesitant to enter a battle if they were at risk of being launched by a quick counterpunch and violent attacks.

Although learning Steve might be challenging as he uses hypnotic power and quick punches instead of traditional kicks to battle. He also possesses solid ground and air combos and is one ferocious hero in offensive attacks. Once you know his technique and become familiar with it, it will benefit you in the game.


Leroy continues to rule the Tekken 7 arena competitive matches and is placed in the S tier of my Tekken 7 tier list. Also, he is a solid option for players of various skill levels. He is also very powerful, and accurate, and lands safe strikes.

Also, Leroy’s move provides him with a variety of effective counters. His punches and attacks are lethal to the opponent since he also has a strong technique. These benefits make him a more approachable character for new players, like his simpler move set.

Wing Chun, a Chinese kind of self-defense martial arts, is Leroy’s primary weapon. The player can only make one assault every game. Leroy possesses a particular skill that allows him to use his cane as a weapon to take down opponents and fire his special attacks. However, the player can only make one assault every game.

A Tier

Good Characters of Tekken 7
A Tier

Members of this tier of my Tekken tier list are equally important as those of the upper tier but still lack in one or more areas. This does not mean that it is a lousy tier the characters placed in this tier are compelling with their game and combat. Also, you will see some of your all-time favorite characters in the Tekken series here.


Spreading out his opponents and applying deadly combos are Bryan’s strengths in a battle. Bryan makes powerful but brief strikes. As he approaches his opponent, his viability rises, and he becomes more aggressive when he comes to his opponent.

If the adversary is close to a wall, Bryan attacks quickly. His viability increases as he gets closer to the opposition and attacks them with great force, mainly if the foe is close to a border.

One of Bryan’s most distinctive traits is the taunt. Bryan players may use an unblockable setup with perfect timing, which makes their okizeme at the wall scarier. As spectacular as this device is, even the best Bryan mains worldwide can’t utilize it effectively.


Claudio is one of the only real mid-rangers in the game who has the fewest moves of any Tekken 7 character. However, his essential toolbox is highly effective because of his aggressive approach. Additionally, he has a unique power-up system that enables him to make powerful and secure combos. The best way for Claudio to defeat opponents is to force them against a wall. Claudio may be able to pressure them more readily with his greatest pokes and compel them to counterattack. They have nowhere to run, allowing Claudio to score a wall combination.

Such a simple game with few surprises could be difficult for younger players. It’s not as challenging to defend against Claudio as it is to protect against other characters. His offensive strategy involves luring adversaries with his advances and punishing them when they miss their attacks. His Starburst is more than just a showpiece; it has real-world applications.


The character Dragunov is highly combative and performs best while rushing down adversaries. Since his strikes have considerable range, he may poke opponents while remaining safe a distance away.

Typically, Dragunov would sprint up to his opponent with a running move or try to shorten the distance between them. Thus enabling him to keep pushing his opponents with various throws, pokes, and counterattacks.

Dragunov’s tremendous damage output complements his whole toolkit. Along with pushing his opponents into the wall, several of his combos deal a tonne of damage. His combinations are oppressive, and his moves are powerful. He also has some grappling skills. Dragunov has performed well, although several opponents have caught up to him.


Feng personifies the hit-and-run strategy in the game. Despite Feng’s lack of solid launch strikes and weak combo damage, his extensive toolset makes up for these weaknesses. When playing neutrally, Feng adopts a Kenpo backstep posture, which aids him in luring opponents and switching up his approach and poking game, alerting them if they want to survive his attack.

Feng is incredibly dangerous when close to his opponents, especially if they are backed up against a wall, especially when accompanied by solid pokes. Feng’s move set is entirely positive and has no flaws. However, none of his moves is particularly strong, which is why he is at this rank.


Ganryu is a character that never lets his enemies free from his attacks. Even though his mobility is restricted. Also, Ganryu struggles to escape the pressure or play-around movement, but once he can, he is a powerful foe. With his potent pokes and combos, he can gain ground swiftly and snowball whole encounters.

Ganryu is decent despite having a steep learning curve at first. His surprisingly quick movements counterbalance his slow, powerful attacks. Oddly, his blows are more potent than his grabs. Therefore, he works best as a mid-poking fighter.

Jack 7

Jack robots are slow but very powerful against strong adversaries. Their natural defining characteristic is the crazy variety of strategies they use on the battlefield. They are slow but skilled and fight with some excellent combos. Although their limited move set may become predictable at close range, they do still demand good timing from their players. However, a skilled Jack with solid mobility and attack mixups will be terrifying for the enemies in the fight.

However, Jack is a bit slow in the fight still. He manages to entertain the opponent with his power strikes.


Jin has a special parry that enables him to break some of the game’s rules. Also, he is amongst the most liked heroes of the game as he has many benefits, but it might be challenging to put into practice.

This hero needs to physically push his opponent away from the strike for his group to succeed. In this Tekken tier list, Jin is placed in the A tier because his unique attacking modes build to destroy the opponent.

The only method to punish some opponents that are either safe on a block or just moderately penalized in other situations is in this manner. However, Jin has all the tools he needs to succeed, but he may be challenging to manage, especially when up against strong opposition.


With a combination of Heihachi and Kazuya moves, including deadly punches and fist chops, Kazumi overcomes her adversaries. Her unique ability is summoning her pet tiger, which she may utilize independently or in conjunction with other abilities.

It may also be observed when Kazumi uses her tiger to execute an uppercut in a similar situation. She also uses a taunt where she calmly strokes her tiger while the fight continues. Kazumi is a strong character who can frighten, irritate, and demoralize foes quickly.

She does, however, have a few serious flaws. Her combo damage is weak, to begin with. Her fastest launcher also has a much lower range, rendering it useless against assaults that generate a lot of pushback. On the other side, Kazumi has ordinary lows, leaving her worst lows vulnerable to counterattacks.

Naturally, Kazumi plays very much like Kazuya. Doing actions that are most effective nearby. She stands out because she has instruments at her disposal to aid in approaching the adversary. She doesn’t produce as much damage from combinations as Kazuya.


Paul is a fantastic character with minor weaknesses and tremendous ability, so I managed to place him in the A tier of my Tekken 7 tier list. Paul’s diverse toolkit enables him to be effective regardless of the situation.

Also, he boasts some of the most dangerous defensive keep-out maneuvers, making approaching him extremely difficult. A single inaccurate blow might result in a lethal combo. Even with his specialized attacks and tools, he has the strength to knock out the enemy general.

When attacking, Paul is still a terrifying character with various mixups and terrifying counter-hit launchers, making him an upper-tier hero. Also, his attacks make any attempt to defend yourself difficult.

Additionally, if their fate is set if Paul successfully pushes his adversary against the wall, Paul’s opponents can be effectively neutralized with two powerful homing assaults.

Although he is among the most well-liked fighters in Tekken 7, he is reportedly a sluggish character, but because of his smooth combinations and solid frame data, it doesn’t feel that way.


King is a famous character in the Tekken series and made it to the A tier of my Tekken tier list. Although he is a defensive Tekken 7 character rather than an attacking one, placing him in the A-Tier on our tier list due to his combo abilities.

His fighting technique is characterized by speed, outstanding mobility, and a keen sense of punishment. If used correctly, King’s chain grabs may deal damage equal to half-life. This unique ability of King makes him the favorite amongst the players.

King’s distinct playstyle is feasible for specialists who are used to playing him and know how to tackle his shortcomings. Still, he has several flaws, as can be anticipated from the most accomplished grappler in the game. Although better characters are available, you could select him because of his distinctive strategic game.


Like Miguel, Marduk doesn’t seem to have a unique fighting style and seems more comfortable brawling. This quality suits his nickname Vale Tudo, which translates to “anything goes.” However, he may be seen using wrestling-inspired moves like leg locks, throws, and takedowns.

Marduk is an excellent example of a rush-down fighter. He charges in with his tackles rather than a flurry of strikes and combinations. They can be employed offensively to pressure adversaries or as a decisive counterattack to restart a fight. However, the opponent will find it difficult to counter the battle.

Also, instead of launching into a barrage of blows and combinations, Marduk surges in with his tackles. They can be used as effective counterattacks to restart a battle or offensively to provide pressure on opponents. However, it will be challenging for the adversary to compete with him.


Miguel is particularly dangerous up close, which means he comes forward and attacks the enemy on the battlefield. He is placed in the A tier of my Tekken tier list because of his arsenal of potent pokes and health-eroding mixups. His approach tools are dangerous, and most of his skills are life-threatening. Still, he does not have adequate range to keep opponents at bay to make up for his exceptional close-range proficiency. Miguel struggles at medium and long ranges.

Although Miguel possesses strong attacks and good combo skills, his sluggish mobility might be an issue during competitive play.

B Tier

average characters of Tekken 7
B Tier

Here is the B tier of my Tekken 7 tier list, which is an average tier. It is pretty clear from the word average that characters placed in the B tier are of average performance and strength. Thus selecting them will not be bad for you, but only if you know their move set and techniques.

Devil Jin

Devil Jin has diverse skills that enable him to adapt to situations and let players utilize their most vital traits. While his mid collection lacks menacing options and his mixups are less frightening than his father’s, his kit makes up for these shortcomings.

He can control the area and keep opponents where he wants them, thanks to his exceptional speed, wave dash in the style of Mishima, and potent ranged attacks. Good Devil Jin players may offset his propensity for sidesteps by realigning with wave dashes, choosing a follow-up, and then carrying it out while approaching with wave dash.

Devil Jin may intimidate opponents with outstanding poking and stay-out techniques, yet wave dashing may fail to keep out. Devil Jin is a fantastic choice for players searching for a multifaceted character overall. However, to make full use of his power attacks, you should be able to master his techniques first.

Devil Jin has solid options for offense and defense, which helps him get to the top tier. He may also strengthen himself by using electric assaults, which is advantageous.


Eliza combines traditional Tekken with overtly 2D characters in a charming way. She does not perform very well in each category, but she gains from both. She thus possesses a somewhat flexible playstyle and specific quirks, such as an incredibly challenging yet effective block penalty.

Eliza’s propensity to stir things up is her greatest asset. Included are special cancellations, stance substitutions, and wall pressure. Eliza tends to play with a more forceful, rush-down approach. It’s challenging to employ these resources effectively, though.

Eliza’s best get-in options are hazardous, and she doesn’t have many reliable pokes in neutral. Eliza regularly contrasts two opposing playstyles in a single game as a consequence.

Alternating between waiting patiently for an opening in neutral and suffocating adversaries with relentless pressure as soon as they approach.

Eliza gains when a knowledgeable player controls her. She possesses all the necessary bullets, speed, and strength to prevail. Her strikes aren’t very varied, which is an issue. She is a little too one-dimensional for competitive play because her lows and highs aren’t up to standard compared to others.


The hero Heihachi of Tekken 7 is well-known amongst the players due to his solid moves and skills. Also, he is one of the best options for players who want to play an aggressive game. Most of his best attacks are risky, and he can do a lot of harm to the enemy. The Demon Uppercut, for instance, is a lethal launcher that is simple to utilize and almost impossible to punish if it is blocked.

The ideal player can provide Heihachi with an overpowering offensive capability. His rockets strike hard, and his lows come quickly. Although his attacks and combos are pretty easy for the opponent to predict, especially for those who have mastered the game still is not a flawed hero to play.


Josie is a character with a solid overall damage output who moves quickly and nimbly. She is an easy character to play with. Back Dash Cancel is advised if one wants to gain breathing room while being pressured by their opponent throughout the fight. Josie is an aggressive combatant who moves remarkably quickly. Although she is simple to use, her ceiling in competitive battles is too low due to her ease.


Despite being a simple character, Kazuya is significant in the series. He can do much raw damage with single strikes while having a move set that prioritizes power. To maximize the effectiveness of his assaults, he primarily relies on punishing opponents with blocks instead of unexpected movements.

His most important ability is that he has a good ability to lower the health of the opponent in each game. Thus, mastering your timing is essential if you plan to play him for a while.

His techniques are aggressive, and you may find him exposed if you miss a few combinations. But if you can execute them correctly, the harm will be done.


Kunimitsu is a fantastic rush-down character who, if her opponent tries to sidestep, may utilize her qcf1 and qcf1+2 to control the area. QCF1 is one of Tekken’s best projectiles and whiff punishers because of its limitless range and speed. She has many mixup potentials because she has several ways to join FC.

Her ability to re-wall splat contributes to her furious solid drive. Due to his user-friendly persona, only mixup game, and exceptional space management, Kunimitsu is a combat force to be feared.

In major stages, Kunimitsu’s talent hasn’t yet been fully realized. She’s a poke and mixup fighter, but there are other, superior choices.


Lee fought in earlier Tekken games while combining his “Martial Arts” technique with Mishima Style Fighting Karate. Also, he uses his special karate abilities in battle. He pokes opponents with surprising attacks that can appear delayable in the heat of combat while not being as quick as other fighters.


Lidia is substantially weaker when playing neutral or defensive because her poking isn’t very effective at range. Her concentration on building and maintaining aggressive momentum makes her matches tumultuous.

Lidia is thus compelled to alter her approach or teach her adversaries to respect her buttons. However, she is mainly employed to exert pressure on and perplex the adversary. Still, she is very straightforward but a force to be feared in the right hands.


Shaheen, the multi-talented character, is adaptable and straightforward and has any glaring weaknesses. He has a little toolbox, but it has everything a Tekken character may need. All the essential skills are there, as well as superb mobility, effective pokes, and powerful mixups.

While none of those characteristics stand out, they elevate Shaheen to a competitive and viable character combined. Shaheen’s straightforwardness can be viewed as his one genuine fault because he has few opportunities to profit from trivial attacks or knowledge tests.

Shaheen has the tools to compete in any match, but not enough to win them. He’s a skilled poker player and counter fighter, the absence of potent low strikes limits his flexibility.


Lili’s fighting technique differs significantly from most martial artists; her father will never permit her to engage in traditional martial arts instruction. This is likely why parts of Lili’s actions frequently reflect her upbringing and character since she often adopts smooth, exquisite positions when attacking.

Moving quickly and having a respectable attack range are Lili’s selling points. She is approachable to newcomers but struggles when the competition heats up.


The fighting style of this hero was initially known as “Marshall” Arts, but the play on words was lost when it was translated into English.

However, it is safe to assume that Law’s true fighting style is based on Jeet Kune Do, given that his basic move set is heavily influenced by Bruce Lee’s (hybrid martial art system and philosophy of life founded by martial artist Bruce Lee).

Law looks approachable to newcomers, and in some ways, he is. His movements aren’t all that difficult. The finest Law players turn him into a more grounded player in addition to using his arsenal of kicks, flips, and somersaults. With this approach, he fills the gaps in his defense and is less likely to suffer harm.

C Tier

bad characters of the game
C Tier

This tier of the Tekken 7 tier list comprises some not-so-efficient characters, and I will not suggest you select them in the game. They have very few combat techniques and quickly drop health meters, so they don’t prove suitable for your gameplay. Also, they require very little skill to be defeated in combat and thus will not be an excellent choice to select for your game.


Alisa is a character who moves quickly and nimbly. Her muscular mobility and range make her a fantastic poke character that rewards precise positioning and cautious play. One of her distinctive characteristics is her ability to change into a posture where both of her arms turn into chainsaws. With her movements and confusion, Alisa has instruments for poking that she may use to her advantage. She is fantastic overall. However, she falls a little short in the damage category.


Asuka possesses one of the best reversals in the game, in addition to several evasive moves that she can employ to land a counterpunch and begin damaging combinations since she doesn’t have many reliable ways to open people up.

The most significant way to use Asuka is as a defensive punisher. Although she is simple to use, she has a lesser ceiling than other fighters.


Bob is a quick combatant who is also really simple to learn and play. His fast assaults enable him to receive both effective pokes and punishments.

Bob can control the tempo of the play and spread out his opponent thanks to his excellent poking technique. His wavedash in the Mishima fashion generates a lot of confusion. In addition to a few of his ranged skills, which have excellent work and built-in mobility, you may employ his unique combo as an approach tool.

After forcing his adversary into the wall, he becomes far more dangerous. He can open up opponents with various potent lows and mids and do much damage with wall combos.


Leo is the only Tekken fighter who has only studied Baji Quan. The Chinese martial art is renowned for its high-intensity strikes and strong, close-range punches. It blends Pro-Wrestling with numerous martial arts in their most basic form.

Fast and showy, Leo is known for his lengthy combinations that include numerous strikes. He struggles against punisher fighters or those who can dodge well since his openings are predictable.


Negan is a straightforward brawler who delights in the presence of his adversaries. He can successfully subdue his opponents with various potent pokes that may even give him a frame advantage on blocks, vital stance techniques, and secure regular hit launchers.

His relentless attack typically does not stop until the target makes an error while trying to defend themselves, getting caught in a counterpunch or hit by one of his devastating power smashes.

After scoring a knockdown, he gains access to a disastrous combo since he can beat opponents while they’re on the ground or perform an unblockable set. Their range enhances the versatility of Negan’s techniques. He fights like Claudio, preferring to punish mistakes rather than force his foe into a corner.


Nina is a C-tier Tekken 7 fighter that is quite aggressive and has a kit that leans toward offensive moves. She excels at canceling her pokes to rush down opponents and push them relentlessly. Expert Nina players will slowly drain their opponent’s health while waiting for a chance to launch a counterattack.

When you target Nina’s quick strikes and lengthy combinations, they can be irritating. Fortunately for the adversary, they deal less harm. Nina’s juggles need deft execution, and she has a high-skill cap.


Zafina has a lot of depth and is an average character in Tekken 7. However, Zafina can efficiently control the position and space of her opponents because of her rapid movement and pokes.

Also, Zafina boasts powerful counter-hit strikes, good tracking kicks to stop sidesteps, and evasive launchers on the offense. Despite having a lot of postures, Zafina doesn’t always rely on them. In contrast, her stance mixups could benefit creative players practicing stance transition.

Also, Zafina was designed with agility in mind for players. She is pretty mobile and has all the defenses available to her. Thus she gains from effective attacking moves that flow smoothly into combinations.


Master Raven is a well-rounded and reliable Tekken 7 character despite a few quirks. She has an extensive toolkit that enables her to play in many different ways. She possesses some of the best wall damage and combos. I have placed her in the C tier of my Tekken 7 Tier list because she is very weak to low hits.

Due to the range of her strikes, safe teleports, and rapid mobility, Master Raven is a reliable combatant. However, she falls a little short in the damage department.


Xiaoyu is the most challenging character to understand in the game. In Tekken 7, she has the spookiest okizeme. She also possesses effective means of evasion and mobility. Xiaoyu must grind down her opponents or take risks to score a launch. However, Xiaoyu is a skilled fighter who uses her postures and rapid punches to confuse her adversaries. Still, she is hard to master.

D Tier

Worst characters of the game
D Tier

Here comes the lowest tier of my Tekken 7 tier list, which is the worst tier. Characters in this tier are not only least liked in the game but also lack any special abilities. I will not suggest you select them even if you are an expert player in this game.


Anna has a beautiful toolkit for training her opponent and getting them to respect her buttons. She has few options for powerful mid attacks, and many of her strings would be severely punished by an expert foe. Unlike any powerful hero, Anna doesn’t demand a specific configuration. On the other hand, her regular movements and launchers make her considerably less burdensome. Thus placed in the D tier of my Tekken 7 tier list.


One of the most challenging characters in the Tekken series is Hwoarang because of his extensive move-set and variety of stances. Due to his poor defensive skills, he is best suited to applying persistent pressure on the opposition. The character uses a set of high-damage kicks that are vulnerable to counters to make up for his sluggish speed.

Hwoarang is a capable combatant, although a challenging one to use. With his numerous moves and varied stances, there is a skill barrier. His kicks are slower than other fighters. Thus, it is preferable to use them after his pokey fists.


In various evasive postures, bears can be more aggressive, although this tactic frequently fails when faced with highly skilled opponents. Due to their low mobility, they are the lowest-tier Tekken 7 fighter on this Tekken 7 tier list. Their hitboxes are a significant drawback. Although their attacking strategy is challenging to perfect, it only produces good results.


Lars’ fighting style is fictitious and not based on real martial arts. It is debatable whether Lars has the best in-game combos, but there’s no denying that he is the flashiest. These can be executed with ease by good Lars players, especially the wall juggles. However, as he has few defensive alternatives, he is challenging to deploy.

Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe possesses good mixup skills and makes rapid attacks. She has a small range and no punishers or counters. She thus favors playing more forcefully. Lucky Chloe’s Rage Art may deal more harm if the user precisely timed their button presses in sync with the blows landing on her opponent.

Also, because of her gimmicky maneuvers, Lucky Chloe is a nightmare for novices. But as you get more expertise, you’ll quickly see that she has several weaknesses in her strategy.

Armored King

Armor King chooses pressure-heavy attacks started by his gap closers instead of the grappling god King. For this to be successful, the player must pay close attention to technical details such as punishment time, location, and spacing.

The character Armor King is very focused on the necessities. He is unable to gain traction offensively or through simple mistakes. Character specialists willing to invest the time to grasp Armor King’s more obscure offensive options. He is a more seasoned player with a solid understanding of the Tekken fundamentals are rewarded.


Noctis, a plain defensive character from Tekken 7, has a wide variety of tools at his disposal, placing him at D-Tier in this Tekken 7 tier list. This hero is more adversely affected in close-quarters combat by a lack of potent pokes, strings, and command throws. The play style of Noctis works nicely in Tekken. He is a straightforward fighter who prioritizes strong readings and defense. His game is distinctive but not enough to surprise the opposition.


Yoshimitsu’s flash is a unique weapon that deflects all incoming blows and delivers a decisive penalty to the user. Such a specific defensive option opens up a new world of opportunities, from taking advantage of readings and rapid reactions to punishing ordinarily safe moves.

Yoshimitsu has only brought mayhem into a game. Depending on how skilled they are, that may or may not impact the controlling player. His move set is odd and inconsistent, which has some benefits, but the absence of a defined playstyle eventually proves to be his demise.


Although he doesn’t have the best mobility, you shouldn’t write him off as a low-tier fighter. Gigas’s range and extremely harsh but risky punishment are two of his defining traits. Gigas is great at taking down opponents quickly. I’m done now. He works best when you’re always pressing your opponent against the wall while wearing offensive blinders. When this fails, Gigas’ appalling defense is brought to light. He excels at applying pressure to opponents, but not when doing the opposite.


One of the most convenient individuals to work with throughout the series is Katarina, who is widely renowned for this quality. She is one of the series’ less talented female fighters, and because of her fighting style, she is especially susceptible to being rushed by opponents.

As she falls in the last tier of my Tekken 7-tier list, she lacks some effective techniques. Also, she has a wide variety of pokes that she can employ swiftly and efficiently, and most of her attacks have a good range and do a lot of damage.


Lei is one of the least effective Tekken 7 characters on our tier ranking since he is one of the hardest to manage. He must use his postures to deceive and confuse his opponents. To play him well, players must be completely aware of their opponent.

Due to his different combos and playstyle, which reward players who use them correctly for defeating their opponent in the battle, he is particularly hard to fight for someone unfamiliar with the game. Probably when you’ve practiced Lei for more than a hundred hours, it will help you in the game.


Eddy is a bizarre character with an original move-set. I have placed him in the last tier and will suggest my readers not opt for him in their game. Few adversaries can effectively launch or punish Eddy’s negative stance. He can continually chip away at his opponent because of his arsenal of potent pokes and mixups.


Panda has some average move sets and frame data, so it is the last character on my Tekken 7 tier list. He frequently lingers in the middle of the field as they attack their foes. They may become more aggressive when in one of the several mysterious stances. Their hitboxes are a significant drawback and are not of much help in affecting the opponent’s health bar. Although their attacking strategy is very good, it only produces good results. The reason is I will not suggest selecting him in the battle.

Bonus Information

Here we will discuss some bonus content that might help you with basic knowledge of the game, which you can research yourself, and if you want us to write a piece on it in detail, hit us up in the comment section below.

Tekken Tier List Season 5

Fahkumram, Julia, Geese, Akuma, Feng, Alisa, Leroy, Kazumi, Bryan, Law, Zafina, Marduk, Paul, Jin, Claudio, Steve, and Devil Jin are the top-tier characters of Tekken 7 Season 5. Also, some weak characters in the game are Kuma, Lars, Yoshimitsu, Noctis, Panda, Lucky Chloe, Anna, and Lei. Also, some mediocre characters include Armor King, Gigas, Leo, Hwoarang, Jack-7, Xiaoyu, Master Raven, Asuka, Ganryu, and Nina.

Tekken Tier List Season 4

Suppose we look into the best and the worst characters of Tekken 7 from season 4. Among the S tiers are characters like Akuma, Fahkumram, Geese Howard, Devil Jin, and Julia. These, along with Leroy, appear to be the strongest characters in Tekken 7.

Lidia Sobieska, the game’s most recent addition, is in the A+ tier. Lars, Gigas, Panda, Kuma, Lucky Chloe, Eddie, Anna, Armor King, Jack-7, Lei, Hwoarang, and Noctis are some of the weakest characters of the season.

Tekken Tier List Arslan Ash

We all know that Arslan Ash is one of the best characters seen so far in Tekken 7. With all the complete updates of the game, we will now discuss the best and worst characters in the game, according to Arslan Ash. The strongest characters in the game, according to Aeslan Ash, are Geese, Zafina, Howard, and Akuma.

Characters like Jin, Devil, Lidia, Fahkumram, Julia, and a few other characters are not weak to encounter. However, Josie, Lucky Chloe, Panda, Kuma, and Gigas are some characters that fall in the more vulnerable category.

Why Trust Us?

Our primary objective is always to give a tier list devoid of one-sided perspectives or inaccurate facts. Since tier lists are frequently used as guidelines, we usually include a disclaimer explaining how readers should interpret our tier lists.

To prevent anyone from finding our material unpleasant or harsh against their favorites, we present to the readers why some things are placed in their allocated tier sooner.

Before posting anything on the internet, we thoroughly study and authenticate anything we write about. We ensure that a group of senior writers double-check the tier lists if the writer misses specific errors.

Some authors may become prejudiced due to the need for originality. Still, our writers are taught to maintain their professional thoughts to themselves and only to express them in connection with genuine facts.

Summing It Up

This tier list is used to rank characters in a combat game called Tekken 7. The rating of each game’s character in my Tekken 7 tier list is precisely according to their unique qualities and all-around power. This tier list will also help the readers understand which characters scored higher than others and will help you improve your chances of succeeding.

It is especially useful for new players unfamiliar with the Tekken series. Also, this list will aid seasoned Tekken players in determining which character they should next concentrate on mastering.

Characters are ranked in this tier list according to their move sets, combos, health metrics, and general toughness in Tekken 7. Therefore, we advise beginning with the top-tier characters to determine which characters in this game are the greatest and worst. Using the Tekken 7-tier list has numerous advantages, as you can get familiar with the most powerful characters, and you will enjoy playing.

Also, you can find out who is the most powerful against other characters in a fight, and by selecting a solid fighter, you can increase your chances of winning the game.

If you want a higher chance of defeating other players, whether they are online or offline, find out which character to master next. Learning about their advantages and disadvantages to better grasp how to play as each character. Early in your Tekken career, use a powerful fighter to increase your chances of victory.

I would also like to mention that our tier lists do not welcome criticism, but you can still share your viewpoints about the game and its characters in the comment section below.