Street Fighter V Tier List: All Characters Ranked [V.7.010]

A fan of FGC, our SFV Tier List, will provide you with insights into all of SFV characters that are set to make an impact on the big stage.

With our SFV Tier List, our goal is to categorize each and every fighter in the game into different categories based on their skills and a number of other factors.

And that’s no easy task, because the Street Fighter titles feature a variety of incredibly diverse fighters, and ranking each of them is a task that requires no small amount of knowledge about the games. And so that’s where we come in with Street Fighter V.

Key Points

  • The list has been designed to categorize all 44 characters into tiers.
  • The characters are ranked based on fighting techniques, moves set, and offensive capabilities. 
  • Among the highest rank, we have Akuma, Ken Masters, Chun Li, Rashid, and Sagat.
  • The lowest rank contains the likes of Ed, F.E.N.G, G, and Birdie.


We will now rank all characters in the game in a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Akuma Ibuki Akira Rose G
Ken Masters LauraGill Dhalsim Ed
Chun Li Juri Seth Necalli F. E. N. G.
Ryu CodyAbigail Zeku Birdie
Nash Luke Kage Falke
Sagat Sakura Vega
Rashid Poison
Dan Zangief
M. BisonGuile
Alex Oro
R. Mika Karin
Cammy Lucia
E. Honda

Each fighting character is further discussed in detail.

S Tier

Characters with the highest ranking stats in all of SFV Tier List

Our starting point for this list is the S rank, where you will find every top-rated character in the game. Rating fighting characters is an exciting topic, as some might be leading in one aspect and some might be leading in another.

Having said that, S Tier is a place for those who are capable enough to define greatness just from their mere presence.


A simple question, what is badass looking, super strong, excellent durability, and high damage attacks, if you don’t know the answer, don’t get rattled because we have just walked into the domain of Akuma. Since his introduction to Street Fighter back in the Alpha 2 days, he has been a fan favorite, having an icon status and respect throughout Street Fighter. Throughout Street Fighter, while his appearance has remained untouched, there has been a drastic change in his looks and expressions. To clarify, in Street Fighter V, he has retained his badass looks with dark-colored attires and glowing demonic eyes but also has a touch of wisdom and maturity, making him even more terrifying to fight against.

Not to surprise, Akuma primarily uses mixed martial arts fighting techniques and uses several secret moves; he is just built differently. When playing using Akuma, it is customary to jump around a mechanic that is almost unusual for players to use, which provided him with his signature unpredictability. He also can cancel a normal strike and turn it into a critical art, an ability that he retained back from his Street Fighter 3 days.

First Game Street Fighter 2
Fighting Style Satsui no Hado Ansatsuken

Ken Masters

Ken is a Street Fighter veteran making countless appearances throughout Capcom’s classic. He has a strong reputation as a mainstream character due to his heavy involvement in SF’s story plot, where he plays a rival to Ryu in their quest to achieve strength and become a great fighter. He is a fun-to-play character because of his flashy and cinematic fire-blazing combos. Street Fighter V is not a simple game by any standard. It has very technical controls and a hard-to-master character; having said that, Ken remains to be an excellent option for new beginners, as of an entire 46-character roster, he has a pretty basic move set and players with utmost utility.

Though in early Street Fighter days, game developers wanted Ken to be a character that focused on timing and clinical attacks, however with passing years, Ken’s entire move set focused on long combo chain attacks along with some notorious grapple throws. A notable nomination for SFV Tier List Season 6.

First Game Street Fighter 
Fighting Style Karate based Martial arts

Chun Li

When Street Fighter Five first launched, it comprised a total of 16 characters, among which Capcom retained its 8 recurring characters that have been a part of Street Fighter Universe daily. It is safe that all these characters were top runners having a massive fan following. Chun Li was featured among these characters. Hence she is regarded as a base character.

When SFV was announced to make its return to gaming screens many fans without a single doubt believed that they would once again have an opportunity to annihilate their competition using Chun Li’s pinpoint strikes and quick-to-dodge defensive acumen. Throughout Street Fighter, Chun Li has consistently performed well, cementing players’ trust in her. Another update about Chun Li is that since her feature in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, back in 1999 her move set has deviated quite a bit in contrast to her initial one. In Street Fighter V, she is a fast-paced striking force whose most significant strengths are her speed and agility to execute a barrage of rapid strikes.

First Game Street Fighter 2
Fighting Style Chugoku Kenpo


Logically speaking, the S Tier of this SFV List wouldn’t have made any sense if the protagonist of the Street Fighter Universe, Ryu was not made a part of it. Ryu has single-handedly run Street Fighter as a great video game for almost, preserving his legacy as a fierce competitor for over more than three decades.

Ryu has maintained his iconic look of off-white karate with a red bandana tied around his forehead, adding a nostalgic feel to his character. Ryu’s entire move set revolves around Shotokan combat art, which provides him with a remarkable ability to master basics like punches and kicks with dangerously fast offensives; he is also a great viable option to hit opponents on the counter and multiple combo chains.

First Game Street Fighter 
Fighting Style Shotokan-style Karate

Charlie Nash

Nash is another new character who made his debut in Street Fighter V. He has a huge damage output and a large physique which indicates that he mainly uses single strike high damage dealing attacks amid battle. In complete disclosure, Nash fights with extreme savagery and brutality; he is most suitable for players with a short temper and who play Street Fighter with an aggressive mindset.

His Critical Art is a dash attack, which, when executed correctly, enables him to ripple through space and time and visually slash his opponents to two. Judgment Saber is a very versatile attack as it can be used on its own as a critical art and can be paired with several special attacks creating a long combo chain of attacks while also hitting the entire audience with shockwaves of excitement.

First Game Street Fighter Alpha
Fighting Style Special Forces Military Training


Of every character announced to be a part of Street Fighter’s Five character roster, no other character would have excited FGC than Sagat. The character has been associated with Street Fighter from the very start when has featured as a final boss for the original 1987 Street Fighter. Then his comeback is a secondary boss in Street Fighter 2: Champions Edition.

In my opinion introducing Sagat as a Season DLC character was a master stroke, which Capcom capitalized on. As he formed a deep emotional connection with the community, encouraging them to play SFV with even more enthusiasm and Passion. Sagat’s fighting move set is heavily influenced by Muang Thai, a combat style that incorporates kicks and throws while providing a considerable range of sight.

First Game Street Fighter
Fighting Style Muay Thai


Rashid is my first feature of four new characters that were part of the base character roster when Street Fighter V first launched in 2016. Safe to say, with a robust move set and critical offensive capabilities, he sat very well with FGC, even to the extent that he is extensively used in competitive play by professional players, which is a sign of impeccable character design and general gameplay.

So far, he has proved to be a fruitful addition to SFV’s character roster from a fighting point of view and playing a role in enchasing aesthetics by bringing a middle eastern touch with his slick Keffiyeh and complete white attire to an almost westernized character roster.

Rashid, instead of holding his ground and fighting his foes head-on, depends upon his ability to counter, movement speed, and agility. When talking about his striking force kicks playing a significant factor, his Critical Art: Whirl Wind Strike is also a kick attack whose intensity is significantly elevated by creating a tornado making use of surrounding winds.

First Game Street Fighter 5
Fighting Style Hotoku similar acrobatic style


Dan was perhaps the highlight of Season 5, as he has been dramatically celebrated by FGC. His fighting style is a mix of martial arts techniques he mastered through vigorous and unrelenting training called Saikyu Style, as shown in SFV’s character prolog. However, in a real-life PVP battle, Dan has a lot of shortcomings and does not stand a chance against any character present in Street Fighter Five character roster.

Dan is more of a joke character and is mainly chosen by players as a taunt to play mind games with their opponents or for a matter of thrill as his limitations and weaknesses make it hard to win a fight against solid character picks like Ryu, Akuma, etc. To clarify, Dan is only made a part of  S Tier in this SFV Tier List Season 5 because of his massive popularity throughout FGC. Game developers indeed took a creative turn with Dan, as in his original state of appearance, he rocks a pink Karate gi, a rather unconventional look for any FGC character.

First Game Street Fighter alpha
Fighting Style Saikyo Ultimate Style

M. Bison

M. Bison is a recurring base character. He was featured by Capcom as a final boss in Street Fighter 2 and later was added to it as a playable DLC character. In the case of Street Fighter V, it has been available for general game audiences to play since day one when a base version of Street Fighter V dropped.

Overall a compelling character, with tons of utility to be played both as an offensive and defensive nature. It is believed that M. Bison, like Dan, fights with a self-thought fighting style which he created with the incorporation of multiple MMA techniques; however, unlike Dan’s Saikyu Style, his technique is practical and can give a tough time to his foes. His Critical Art: Ultimate Psycho Crusher is a long-range projectile attack that sends his foes airborne upon contact, providing a natural extension for further punishment.

First Game Street Fighter 2
Fighting Style Psycho Power-infused style


Next, we move our crosshairs towards Alex, a character who has seen his fair share of time under the spotlight for Street Fighter. He has been a part of Street Fighter Universe way back from Street Fighter 3 and has been a constant aid in delivering a top-level gaming experience. From being the main lead in Street Fighter 3 to having a devastating move set, he has had his moments where he truly shined and left others in his shadows.

Alex is a good fighting character with several tricks up his sleeves; from having a mixed fighting background in Wrestling and Kick-Boxing, he has a lot of moves in his arsenal. He is a good grappler and can easily parry and counter his opponent’s attacks while hitting them back with intense strikes worth significant damage.

First Game Street Fighter 3
Fighting Style Wrestling and Kickboxing

R. Mika

Not my personal favorite; however, credit is due where it belongs. With a fighting background in Pro-Wrestling, she is all about show-off, or in more gamer terms, all about trolling her opponent, with her absurd grapple, throws, and out-of-nowhere attack reversals, enough to leave your opponents fuming, thinking about what just happened.

Her Critical Art: Peach Assault is a throw combo attack, where Mika first performs a simple Suplex before sending her enemy airborne, slamming it onto the ground, and then performing a Splash Attack to let that sink in.

Capcom didn’t hesitate before pulling out their big guns for the base version of Street Fighter V without a minute of doubt.

First Game Street Fighter alpha 3
Fighting Style Pro wrestling


Cammy was first featured in Street Fighter 2, and she was the second female character to have graced the series with her presence. Her offensive abilities only consist of short-range or close-quarter attacks.

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Her move set refrains her from using long-range attacks, so to make up for this shortcoming, she comes equipped with a high-speed movement mechanic to hit her enemies with a barrage of different attacks, capitalizing on any opening between combat.

First Game Street Fighter 2
Fighting Style Shadaloo assassination techniques

A Tier

Second Best Characters of SFV Tier List
One Step Short!

The A tier is a step down from the excellence of those in the category above

Every entry in this Tier has good stats and the potential to achieve great results, however, it is due to some really minor shortcoming that puts them here instead.


Ibuki is a recurring fighting character on Street Fighter; according to the SF story plot, she is a ninja skilled in stealth and infiltration tactics. When talking about PVP match-ups, Ibuki is a front runner as many players prefer to use her as their main, to make use of her swift movements and lethal strikes.

Ibuki’s gaming mechanics are somewhat unconventional, with most of the character’s gameplay based on jumping around. She is a competent user of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu who excels in close-quarters and far-off battles.

First Game Street Fighter 3
Fighting Style Ninjitsu


Laura is a Street Fighter V original, making her first appearance in the Street Fighter franchise when a base version of the game dropped. She is shown to be their older sister of Sean and specializes in a Brazilian combat style of BJJ, specifically Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu. She rocks a bright green dress and long black hair for her appearance. Her move set mainly incorporates grapple, throw combos, and other one-strike kick attacks. She also has a solid defensive insight and can easily hit her enemies with counterattacks and reversals.

Her Critical Art: Inazuma Spin Hold is also a reversal attack, which enables her to catch her enemy mid-air and slam them onto the ground, which can be further extended to a combo attack by using a throw at its end. However, with so much freedom to play around, Laura is a tiresome character, only a player with a high degree of skill can master her and use her complete move set.

First Game Street Fighter 5
Fighting Style Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu


Personally not a big fan of her appearance, but she makes up for it with her tactical brilliance. Juri is a relatively new character making her debut in Street Fighter 4, as far as Street Fighter V is concerned, she is a base character accessible for players to use as soon as the game drops.  Juri is a savage who seeks relaxation and amusement in other people’s suffering and pain from her character description.

She is a skilled Taekwondo user, with reasonable offensive capabilities, as her attack placements grant a natural extension for combos until she gets a wall hit. She is also equipped with an unconventional movement stance which can throw a lot of people into constant confusion and mess with their overall game plan.

First Game Street Fighter 5
Fighting Style Taekwondo


Cody has been a part of Street Fighter video game series since Street Fighter Alpha 3 and was added to Street Fighter V as a DLC character. He has a slick almost Godfather-like look, as he is meant to be an underworld criminal. His fighting style is referred to as Underworld Brawling.  Overall Cody is an attacking character, with most of his move set supporting offensive capabilities.

Cody has several powerful normal attacks which he can convert into long combo chain attacks. His Critical Art: Criminal Punisher is a thrust attack, in which he hits his opponents with a strong uppercut sending them airborne, making countless possibilities for an elongated combo chain along the way.

First Game Street Fighter alpha 3
Fighting Style Underworld brawling

Luke Sullivan

Luke is a Street Fighter V original and was first added to the game in 2021 during Season 5 update patch as a DLC character. He is a conventional boxer and mainly uses boxing as his primary combat style. He can deal some hard blows to his opponents to cause a lot of damage.

Along with Ken Masters, Luke is a great character option for beginners due to a relatively simpler move set, punches and hooks being a massive part of it. He can perform several different one-strike attacks along with rapid barrage attacks. His Critical Art: Annihilator is an unstoppable body shot that first breaks the opponent’s defensive block and is followed by two powerful jabs aimed at his opponent’s face to maximize damage and critically bruise his opponent. 

First Game Street Fighter 5
Fighting Style Military MMA


Sakura is a Stree Fighter classic who has made her comeback after a decades-long wait, as a Season 3 DLC character update that went live in 2017. With such an abundance of fighter characters in Street Fighter V for players to choose from, there is stiff competition among characters themselves to be picked and mastered by players as their main.

For most of Street Fighter, Sakura has been a massive Ryu fan girl and has been adamant enough to travel places in his pursuit to seek approval of her being a  worthy fighter. Just as Ryu Sakura’s move set is heavily influenced by Shotokan, with a slight twist in her gameplay. She is a natural combo extender, even her Critical Art: Sakura Rain is an extension of, a normal attack to have a prolonged effect on her opponent.

First Game Street Fighter alpha 2
Fighting Style Imitation of Ryu’s Ansatsuken


Poison comes from a long list of cross-over characters known to FGC, she was originally a part of  Final Fight, before making her way to Capcom’s gem, Street Fighter as a secondary boss. Having said that, she is not your conventional fighting character. Her fighting style mainly depends on her speed and agility as how she evades or dodges her opponent’s incoming attacks.

Just like Akuma, her movements are very unconventional when playing with Poison pretty ordinary for a player to jump and hop around, making it very hard for her opponents to predict her next moves. Drop-Kick being her specialty, she can simply make an opening by breaking the opponent’s defense stance and delivering the beating of a lifetime. Instead of mid-air grabs and throws she incorporates a lot of striking attacks in her move set.

First Game Street Fighter alpha 2
Fighting Style Self-taught acrobatic fighting


Finally, a character that aligns with my taste for a fighting character. If high-powered grapple throws, mid-air reversals, and electrifying throw combos are your things then Zangief should be a character of your preference. Grappling was supposed to be the hardest element, of Street Fighter V’s gameplay, however, our Russian friend, Zangief does not comply with it.

His entire move set is heavily saturated with numerous throw combos and attack reversal tactics. Having said that, while many people would want to play SFV as a Zangief main, he’s not everybody’s cup of tea. He is a very complex and hard-to-master character with all his difficult key combinations and perfect timing. Only players that wield a high degree of skill and have been playing Street Fighter for decades may find it feasible to Zangief in a real match.

First Game Street Fighter alpha 2
Fighting Style Sambo


Guile is another attempt made by Capcom to attract a Western audience, he was initially added as a Street Fighter character 2 character. From his character description, he is a United States army officer and has a bulky look, which may deceive a lot of players because he is lightning quick and has a complete all-around performance.

He has some reasonably competent offensive and defensive capabilities, and a  mix of different attacks, for instance, he can do attack reversals, and also he can execute high damaging one-hit attacks. However, with all said, movement and speed are the key aspects where this character truly leaves a mark. From a close analysis, I can confidently say that Guile is a character more suitable for passive play, as his entire gameplay focuses on anticipating his opponent’s plan and acting according to it.

First Game Street Fighter 4
Fighting Style Marine corp martial arts


Making his way into A Tier of the SFV Tier List 2022 is Oro, a character that has been a fan favorite since his introduction. Overall a very technical character, with a lot of different combos and attacks.

Despite his huge popularity among gamers and being a massive success symbol, Capcom decided to induct him into SFV’s character roster as a DLC player which was too super late during the season 5 update patch.

First Game Street Fighter 3
Fighting Style Senjutsu


A good offensive character that first appeared on game screens in Street Fighter Alpha 3. She is a rival to Sakura, both characters have a serious beef with each other, and both characters try to achieve their ultimate potential.

Until now we have been talking about how complex Street Fighter V is, with each character having different mechanics and various combo combinations to execute a perfect high punishing attack. On the other hand, SFV also has characters like Ken masters and Karin with a rather simple and effective move set, which can be understood easily by armature players and have a considerable improvement in their game performance.

Karin has a great evade at her disposal, making it hard for her opponents to land a clean hit and do any sort of damage at all.

First Game Street Fighter alpha 3
Fighting Style Kanzuki-ryu

Lucia Morgan

Lucia Morgan is a crossover character who was originally a part of Final Fight before she made her move to Capcom’s Street Fighter video game series. In Street Fighter V, she was added as a Season 4 DLC character which went live back in 2020. Unlike many other characters here she actual weapon when fighting, which in case you didn’t know is a Baton.

Her move set includes several high-damaging kicks. Even her Critical Art: Hard Hit Knee is a dash kick attack, whereby she takes a short runup before dashing into her opponent while simultaneously thrusting her knee into the enemy’s chest. She is also accompanied by some of her Final Fight throws and combos, however performing them can be extremely complex, as most button mashing is required to be done mid-attacks, creating a big fuss.

First Game Final Fight 3
Fighting Style Self-taught kenpō 


Menat is a Street Fighter V original, making her first appearance in Season 2 update patch, she belongs of Egyptian descent and is an all-out attack character. Much like Lucia, she uses a weapon in battle: her crystal ball called Eye of the Lion, which floats mid-air, enabling her to teleport between spaces.

Her fighting style is called Soul Power, which incorporates strong Psychic Powers, manipulating her enemy’s movements. She has an excellent standing punishment along with an impressive attack reversal.

First Game Street fighter 5
Fighting Style  Fights using Soul Power


Almost two later after featuring on Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Urien’s gameplay hasn’t been changed at all, his combat style is still heavily influenced by the ancient Greek Pankration technique. his bulky physique prevents him from moving swiftly and smacking his opponent with quick strikes, Urien mostly uses high damage one-hit attacks.

His Critical Art: Dominant Crush is a burst attack, where he releases a total of 10 shock waves over a certain amount of time damaging multiple targets in its vicinity.

First Game Street fighter 3
Fighting Style Illuminati techniques


With a Cryokinetic ability and a good grip of Systema a Russian form of mixed martial arts, this blonde beauty is on the hunt to avenge her people who were brutally wiped off of reality. According to Manga after her hometown was burned, Kolin wandered until she was picked by Gill and was offered a second shot at life.

Under Gill’s supervision, Kolin turned out to be a beast, a fearless fighter who would slash through her opponents in the blink of an eye. Kolin’s Cryokinetic ability enables her to manipulate cold and ice, while her Systama marital arts technique makes her an unstoppable force at close-quarter hand-to-hand combat. Overall a surprisingly pleasing character, enough to bring some change to competitive scenes all over FGC.

First Game Street fighter 3
Fighting Style Systema


Next in A Tier, we have Blanka strange looking sorry excuse for a human. According to Street Fighter Universe, he lives on the outskirts of Brazil’s Rain Forests and has the ability to electrocute his opponents, according to game data Blanka is capable of producing more than 150,000 volts of electricity.

However, despite having an amazing ability like lightning, game developers chose an interesting route and developed a move set that heavily focuses on agility, speed, and spontaneity rather than having head-on attacks and combos for face-to-face combat. His aerial stats though are very compelling providing him with a great advantage.

First Game Street fighter 2
Fighting Style Electric attacks

E. Honda

Making his way straight from his training dojo to Street Fighter V’s character roster is E. Honda who is a Japanese Sumo Wrestler. Having a giant physique, he has huge reserves of brute strength at his disposal, which he accumulated after going through harsh training and determination.

He has a strong almost impenetrable defense stance which grants him his signature durability and a very good standing punishment, which he delivers through strong sumo chops. A special ability he retained from his old days of Street Fighter 2 is Hindered Hand Slap, a series of numerous sumo chops crushing the opponent’s body while breaking his spirit to fight.

First Game Street fighter 2
Fighting Style Sumo wrestling


Representing the Western side of Street Fighter V’s character roster is Balrog, a short-tempered American Boxer. Balrog first made his appearance with Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition, and in the case of Street Fighter Five, he was added as a DLC character back in season 1, meaning that not a lot of players got to play him since DLC characters are sold separately.

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He has a quick response time and a notorious jab on himself, among all of attacks headbutt, holds an iconic status, Balrog being a dog he is, he never refrains from breaking rules and cheating when he is fighting inside the ring, he often uses headbutts to knock out his opponents after creating a diversion to block referee visuals.

First Game Street fighter 2
Fighting Style Boxing

B Tier

Second Best Character from SF5
At Most Mediocre!

B Tier nominations are fairly acceptable because all characters here are not too bad or not too good either. Here is a place of debate because all characters present here are, at most, mediocre and toe the line between being good and being awful.

Each character inducted into this average tier has sub-par abilities and stats, but that does not mean that a skilled player cannot be effective using these.


Akira is a relatively new character for Street Fighter players as she is added as a DLC character of a newly released season 5, having said she has a fair share of the spotlight as she is a crossover character, before coming to Capcom’s Street Fighter she was on the character roster for Rival Schools.

Akira’s movements are highly adapted to those of an MMA fighter, with elbow blows and takedowns being her most basic move her entire move set is a mix of Bajiquan, a form of Chinese mixed martial arts along with some other techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Having said that, her combos are fairly complex to execute and are not worth risking a wrong button smash which would open her to an extreme punishment from the other side, however, game developers were kind enough to equip her with a quick evade tactic, which greatly minimizes a chance of getting punished for any miscalculated button smash, the only thing which is keeping her up in B Tier.

First Game Rival schools
Fighting Style Bajiquan 


Moving on we have Gill a freakish humanoid that runs Secret Society, first appearing in Street Fighter 3, Gill has still kept his iconic red and blue distinct appearance with his lush golden hair like a Greek God. Just like Urien, his move set is also very heavily influenced by an ancient Greek martial arts technique of Pankration.  He has a good standing punishment, a powerbomb throw attack, and also very good low attacks. The one aspect where our behemoth of a fighter lags behind, however, is in his movement and ability to cancel attacks.

In case of any whiff or mishit against a good competitor, players may well kiss their chances of winning goodbye. Making Gill a very risky character, who is only meant to be played by daring and risk-taking players. Overall an average performing character in our SFV Tier List Season 5.

First Game Street fighter 3
Fighting Style Illuminati techniques


Imagine its 2008 and Street Fighter IV single-handedly revived the entire FGC competitive scene, with a super cool-looking demon being a primary antagonist of its very well-composed storyline. Fast-forward to 2022 and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is about to release and you received a ground-breaking leak that Seth is going to be a part of its character roster, it’s a complete madness with each and every being a part of FGC going bonkers.

Seth’s comeback to Street Fighter after nearly 12 years was nothing short of excitement and overjoyed celebrations, however, Capcom messed up, with mechanics of poor executions and miscalculations ending this beautiful dream into a sad reality. Upon Seth’s release, it became very clear that our beloved notorious demon had fallen off her previous greatness and God-like status, and was nothing more than an ordinary fighting character like any other.

First Game Street fighter 4
Fighting Style  Transcendent fighting style 


Next on the chopping block is Kage. Even though he has a relatively decent move set, he is still a part of the B tier because of his extremely complicated moves. I Street Fighter V to perform a normal attack and link it with other random attacks can be achieved through random button mashing however, once you dig deep, it is not fun and games anymore.

To master a character Kage is an extremely tiresome task that only a mere minority can perform. Though he is a good character, it is just too much work, when equivalent even better stats and results can be achieved from other means, like Akuma, Ken Master, or Charlie Nash.

First Game Street fighter 
Fighting Style Martial arts rooted in Ansatsuke


Nothing too special, like any other fighting character, he has a basic move set and several combo attacks, which are not that great of a utility as they are considerably low on damage, complete hassle to learn them with no good reason to do so.

First Game Final fighter
Fighting Style Violent style


Vega is among those few characters added to Street Fighter V, who uses an actual weapon when fighting. He is a shinobi and uses long claws to execute slashing attacks to pierce through his opponent’s flesh for a bloody duel, having said that he has a low damage profile, and he also can not perform high hit combo attacks, making it challenging for players to grind out a decent result.

He is one of those characters who is neither too good nor too bad, falling just on the edge.

First Game Street fighter 2
Fighting Style Spanish ‎Ninjutsu

C Tier

Poor Performers with some pretty abysmal stats from SFV Tier List 2022.
Room for Improvement!

With such an abundance of characters in Street Fighter V, there are bound to be some who underperform or in other words, are not that good. So C rank in the SFV Tier List is reserved for poor-performing characters.

It is best to avoid these characters if you are a gamer who has just started playing the game.  Low stats, poor combos, slow movements, and low damaging attacks, all these attributes are the reason why these characters are ranked so lower.


Making our way through the poor performing tier of this list, we have an old Street Fighter veteran named Rose, who made her debut way back in Street Fighter Alpha 2, since then she has been heavily involved in many projects, including not only games but also SF Animated Series and Manga. Not a big fan of her looks as in my opinion her appearance is way too bright for a Street Fighter character, giving off a completely different vibe.

Just like Menat she also makes use of Soul Power fighting technique, having said that her move set and general attacks are completely inclined towards performing long-range attacks, making it very predictable to anticipate her next moves. Now in Street Fighter V, performing basic moves is a piece of cake, but they only do you good on a beginner or armature level, going beyond that, it gets completely miserable, a nightmare some might say, Rose having such long-range attacks and a unidirectional move set makes it considerably hard to prolong any attack and form long combo chains.

First Game Street fighter alpha 2
Fighting Style Soul Power


Definitely, among the most aesthetically pleasing characters of Street Fighter V., He was a sensation back when he first appeared on Street Fighter 2. However, with extreme regret, it is shamefully not Street Fighter 2 days anymore, as Dhalsim is severely downgraded from his former self and sadly can not keep up with others.

Except for some decent throws and Critical art of thrust attack he has nothing to show for in his move set. Dhalsim is a character that is only worthy of being added to the second lowest tier on the article

First Game Street fighter 2
Fighting Style  Yoga-based style


Necalli dropped with Street Fighter V’s Base version and has since been up for debate among FGC about whether he is good or bad. In an age of modernization and tech abuse in SF universe, Necalli is an old-fashioned Aztakh warrior who prays on the soul of his fallen opponents. With a good aesthetic design, however, he is not capable of offering much utility on the battlefield.

Necalli does not have much of a fighting style, to put it sophistically it all comes down to a good old-fashioned brawl, where brute strength reigns superior. His move set mainly consists of one-hit punch attacks, kicks, and some ground-slamming throws. See, the thing that annoys me with such an abundance of characters already is; why are you throwing more and more characters at me, when you have no idea of how to develop them, as if Capcom is choosing quantity over quality of a good fighting game?

First Game Street fighter 5
Fighting Style Violent style


Zeku is a recurring Street Fighter character who first appeared on Street Fighter Alpha 2 and then later on Street Fighter V as a DLC character. He just like Ibuki has some solid one-strike attacks and some notable kicks, with aerial drop kick being used most frequently.

For his combat style, Zeku uses Nindo a shinobi way, which is based on swift movements and quick strikes, a fighting style which in my opinion is a complete mismatch with his appearance of an old geezer, and in-your-face looks. Apart from this structural mess another main reason to put him into C Tier, are the numerous glitches that stand in players’ way to performing a complete combo. Another character of SFV series failed to leave a mark because of incompetent management and execution by Capcom.

First Game Street fighter alpha 2
Fighting Style Bushin Ninjutsu


Kudos to Capcom for trying to bring some fresh new content to Street Fighter V, a wasteful effort nonetheless. Falke is one of six new SFV originals and was added as a DLC character during Season 3. She has a mysterious appearance, with one of her eyes completely covered with her long blonde hair.

She also uses weapons in midst of combat, with a short staff being her weapon of choice. With a slow response time and almost similar attacks, Falke still needs a lot of work and a new move set for sure.

First Game Street fighter 5
Fighting Style  Psycho Power and bōjutsu

D Tier

Worst Characters ranked from SFV Tier List Season 6
Hitting Rock Bottom!

D Tier is our lowest possible rating for any fighting character of Street Fighter V in this SFV Tier List Season 6, which indicates that these characters have hit rock bottom and it is going to be a hard task for Capcom to revive them and make a recovery.

So read further to find out which characters have suffered greatly in the current meta.


G gives me the creeps whenever I try the game. He looks like a grown-up Leprechaun, which believe me is a not sight you want to see, in short not a big fan of his looks. G is a Street Fighter V original making his debut for SF as a DLC character. However, not a greatly competent character, as he lacks in both attacking and defensive capabilities.

A basic move set with no debt, close to no defensive acumen a character doomed with flaws, following a path in which he is destined to fail. To clarify game developers did try to add certain touches and bump up his overall perception, for instance as he is portrayed to be a Leprechaun G can transform himself into solid gold as an attempt to improve his defenses.

First Game Street fighter 5
Fighting Style All martial arts from around the world


I’ve seen fighting characters gone wrong, but not as wrong as Ed, meaning this Chap has nothing to fight with. Ed has one of the smallest move sets in Street Fighter V. With no verity or any creativity, I think Ed, apart from SFV storyline was only added as a playable character to be a filler character, to meet a required number of fighter to put forth a finalized complete character roster.

His Critical Art: Psycho Barrage, isn’t that special either, it is completely bland it has no crazy animations, which you wouldn’t expect from a Street Fighter video game, and is only a mere punch attack, where he hits his opponent with a barrage of striking punches.

First Game Street fighter 4
Fighting Style Psycho Boxing

F. A. N. G.

F. A. N. G. was added to Street Fighter V as a base character, he has been a part of character selection from day 1 since the game launched. However, over almost 6 years, he has failed to find his mojo and get a going. He has a good funky appearance but is seriously lagging in combat. In my opinion a complete waste of time.

A character that is prone to mistake-dropping combos and a bad move set, a player under no right mindset should be playing with this character. F. A. N. G. is a character that is going to make your blood boil, leaving you enraged, and possible casualties in your gaming setups. A big no.

First Game Street fighter 5
Fighting Style Chinese Kenpo


I’m simply not a big fan of Birdie, despite his rich heritage in the Street Fighter Series, He has a lot of shortcomings and for a fact is not going to be a character that is at least half decent.

Slow attack cancelation and sluggish movements make pairing him against a swift character like Chun Li an absolute nightmare.

First Game Street fighter 
Fighting Style Bar room brawling

Comparison Table

CharactersTierFirst GameFighting Style
Akuma SStreet Fighter 2Satsui no Hado Ansatsuken
Ken Masters SStreet Fighter Karate based Martial arts
Chun Li SStreet Fighter 2Chugoku Kenpo
Ryu SStreet Fighter Shotokan-style Karate
Nash SStreet Fighter AlphaSpecial Forces Military Training
Sagat SStreet FighterMuay Thai
Rashid SStreet Fighter 5Hotoku similar acrobatic style
Dan SStreet Fighter alphaSaikyo Ultimate Style
M. BisonSStreet Fighter 2Psycho Power-infused style
Alex SStreet Fighter 3Wrestling and Kickboxing
R. Mika SStreet Fighter alpha 3Pro wrestling
Cammy SStreet Fighter 2Shadaloo assassination techniques
Ibuki AStreet Fighter 3Ninjitsu
LauraAStreet Fighter 5Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu
Juri AStreet Fighter 5Taekwondo
CodyAStreet Fighter alpha 3Underworld brawling
Luke AStreet Fighter 5Military MMA
Sakura AStreet Fighter alpha 2Imitation of Ryu's Ansatsuken
Poison AStreet Fighter alpha 2Self-taught acrobatic fighting
Zangief AStreet Fighter alpha 2Sambo
Guile AStreet Fighter 4Marine corp martial arts
Oro AStreet Fighter 3Senjutsu
Karin AStreet Fighter alpha 3Kanzuki-ryu
Lucia AFinal Fight 3Self-taught kenpō
Menat AStreet fighter 5 Fights using Soul Power
BalrogAStreet fighter 3Illuminati techniques
Urien AStreet fighter 3Systema
Kolin AStreet fighter 2Electric attacks
Blanka AStreet fighter 2Sumo wrestling
E. HondaAStreet fighter 2Boxing
Akira BRival schoolsBajiquan
Gill BStreet fighter 3Illuminati techniques
Seth BStreet fighter 4Transcendent fighting style
Abigail BStreet fighter Martial arts rooted in Ansatsuke
Kage BFinal fighterViolent style
VegaBStreet fighter 2Spanish ‎Ninjutsu
Rose CStreet fighter alpha 2Soul Power
Dhalsim CStreet fighter 2 Yoga-based style
Necalli CStreet fighter 5Violent style
Zeku CStreet fighter alpha 2Bushin Ninjutsu
FalkeCStreet fighter 5 Psycho Power and bōjutsu
GDStreet fighter 5All martial arts from around the world
Ed DStreet fighter 4Psycho Boxing
F. E. N. G. DStreet fighter 5Chinese Kenpo
BirdieDStreet fighter Bar room brawling

Patch Notes Ver. 7.010

The following changes were made with the most recent patch notes.

  • Cody:Fixed an issue where the opponent gets pushed out of the attack range without taking damage when executing his CA (Criminal Punisher) in certain situations.
  • Kolin, Menat, Cody, and G: Fixed an issue in which the hit of V-Shift Break comes late when avoiding the opponent’s attack during the latter half of the movement with V-Shift.


With that, we have come to the end of this SF5 Tier List, which has been a great journey full of kick-ass moves and flashy combos. Here we have focused on ranking characters based on their abilities, stats, and characteristics, as well as their style and general flashiness.

But please be advised that ranking lists like these are based on opinions as much as they are dependent on raw stats since there is always the matter of personal preference.  You may not agree with a lot of our choices, and that’s absolutely fine. Different people have different tastes, and what works for me may not necessarily work for you.

However, we are extremely open to suggestions on how we can improve this article, and if you want to help us do better, please go ahead and leave us a reply. We promise to take your advice into consideration.