Smash Bros Crusade Tier List [V.0.9.4]

In This Article, We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Best Fighters In Smash Bros Crusade.

The topic for today’s article is the Smash Bros Crusade tier list, which many of you may already be familiar with as it is an outstanding fan game that came out in 2014. Although it has been a long time since it was released, it still has a lot of appeal for smash players. The great thing about it is that just like official releases, it includes the most incredible characters from some legendary games all under one roof. 

The game has over 80 playable characters, and in this article, I will be ranking some of the best ones in order of their skills and abilities. Our list may raise some eyebrows as all of you have your own favorite characters, but I will try my best to rank all the entries to the best of my abilities and experience with the game. 

Key Points

  • The characters are ranked based on their strength, defense, speed, and their various moves.
  • There are a total of 46 entries in our article.
  • In the highest ranks, you can find Goku, Mario, Marth, Mach Rider, and Mega Man.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you will see Link, Duck Hunt Dog, Knuckles, Kirby, and Ristar.


We will be listing all of the entries in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
MarioShadow the HedgehogSonic the HedgehogCaptain FalconDuck Hunt Dog
MarthMr. Game and WatchMeta KnightKrystalKnuckles
Mach RiderFox McCloudMewtwoSamusKirby
Mega ManPrincess PeachEvil RyuLuigiRistar
Falco LombardiSaki AmamiyaRidleyToon Links
GenoRyuPorky Minch
LucasDonkey KongPikachu
Miles ProwerChun Li
Solid Snake

Keep reading to learn more about each character.

S Tier

Best characters
S Tier.

The characters in the S tier of the Smash Bros Crusade tier list 2023, are absolutely fantastic of all. They are skilled characters who are able to defeat all the fighters that will be mentioned in the lower tiers. These characters have fine skills and powers which make them stand on top of all.


Goku is widely regarded as the finest character in the game by the Crusade community. He is miraculously rated first on the list for most of the time Crusade was accessible. Goku is a fantastic fighter with incredible attack speed, running speed, airspeed, huge range, and KO power. He also has strong attack hitboxes, as well as disconnected hitboxes, a hazardous Uair spike, and clever camping skills.

Universe Dragon Ball
Copy Ability Fighter


Mario is one of the game’s most well-balanced characters. He possesses strong smash attacks, an excellent Up-B, effective projectiles, powerful throws, and swift ground and air strikes. His mobility and weight are regarded as the benchmarks against which the other characters are measured, and he has no obvious mobility flaws. He has the tools to cope with almost any circumstance, and his effectiveness in combat reflects the player’s expertise.

Universe Mario
Copy Ability Fire


Marth has a very quick dash, a lengthy wavedash, and decent leaping speed with medium falling speed, all of which contribute to an excellent SHFFL. He has strong approach choices throughout the game, both in the air and on the ground, thanks to a solid dash dance and a splintered hitbox.

Marth’s range in regular strikes is one of his biggest assets; Falchion offers Marth a fragmented hitbox which allows him to safely strike from a distance. Furthermore, the tip of Falchion, its sweet spot, is very simple to land with, giving Marth stronger when he’s further away from his opponent. The large hitbox with a far distant sweet spot also aids Marth’s combo game.

Universe Fire Emblem
Copy Ability Sword

Mach Rider

Mach Rider can be difficult to kill because his bike can charge into enemies and hit them multiple times, doing damage each time. He really is a hard opponent to beat. Mach Rider beats his opponents with his fast strength and speed. He can do combos, and a lot of them can result in a chain grab. Mach Rider’s speed makes it easier for him to beat most opponents. His Specials are very useful, but they take a long time to learn. When used well, Mach Rider’s air moves are great for edge guarding and can throw off another character’s plan.

Universe Mach Rider
Copy Ability Wheel

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Mega Man

Mega Man is a fighter with a lot of projectiles, just like he used to be. With his Mega Buster and Special Weapons especially Tornado Hold, he can fight from afar. Mega Man can make it hard for enemies to get close to him by leaping around and employing Tornado Hold. This makes it so that the enemy has to move carefully if they want to get close to Mega Man. But that is not Mega Man’s only plan which could work. Mega Man can completely destroy any other projectiles with Leaf Shield, giving himself a clear path to attack.

Universe Mega Man
Copy Ability Laser

Falco Lombardi

Falco has rapid attacks, outstanding follow-up, competent finishers, which are the game’s highest starting leaps, and a terrific projectile. His aerials, especially his down aerial, cancel upon landing save for his forward aerial. Falco’s blaster is fast, ranged, and sublime. Aerial’s blaster blasts also terminate shortly upon landing. Short-hopped Blaster cancellations may be linked to numerous of Falco’s close-range attacks, giving him a great capacity to approach or stop off approaches. He has outstanding camping and close-range skills. His rapid jab may injure or set up a grab.

Universe Star Fox
Copy Ability Laser


Lucario has a fast attack speed and can do significant damage. The character has a solid chain grab and a counterattack move and has a very excellent air game thanks to his aerials and leaps. However, while at low damage, Lucario is an extremely hard time destroying and his recovery may easily be gimped.

In general, Lucario has a good blend of power and speed. However, because of its “high risk, high reward” nature, a successful KO is very tough to pull off. Lucario is very dependent on directional impact and prefers to kill along blast lines.

Universe Pokemon
Copy Ability Fighter

A Tier

Smash Bros Crusade Tier List A Tier
A Tier.

The characters placed in the A tier of the Smash Bros Crusade tier list 0.9.4 are good in their abilities, however, they are not as superb as the ones in the S tier. Selecting them while playing is a great idea, as they have so many skills to ad adventure to your gaming time.


In terms of combat style, Rayman is a one-of-a-kind character. Though his movement speed is generally mediocre, he excels at possessing a broad range of close- to mid-range regular and special strikes. While some of Rayman’s techniques have limited range, they may be very fast, and vice versa. This is particularly true on the ground, as illustrated by his Forward Tilt, Down Tilt, and Side Smash, the last being sluggish and strong yet tough to punish from its peak value.

Universe Rayman
Copy Ability Fighter

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow’ is a rush-down character with some very simple combinations to connect. He can zone with Tornado and Chaos Spear, but he can also play a lethal rush down and spacing his aerials extremely effectively. As predicted, Shadow is quite swift and can approach very effectively with his teleport and his Dark Tornado and because he can play zoning, Shadow is hard to hold down.

Approaching Shadow is the only way to pin him down, but his zoning game and ability to space his aerials incredibly effectively drive you to follow him so he can play rush down, therefore you must attempt to hit him with a move with a ridiculous range or disconnected hitboxes.

Universe Sonic
Copy Ability Beam

Mr. Game and Watch

Mr. Game & Watch’s projectile is extremely difficult to penetrate, his recovery is among the best in the game, his combo ability is above average, Oil Panic aids him against projectiles, and his air game, ground game, and meteor smash are all excellent. But Mr. Game & Watch can’t take much damage, and he can’t survive if he loses his Momentum Cancel ability.

Universe Game & Watch
Copy Ability Parasol

Fox McCloud

Fox’s speed is his most noticeable trait, both in how he moves and how he attacks. However, he is not weak; his forward smash and up smash are both good finishing moves. Fox has two great ways to get it back, a simple reflector and a projectile which is awesome. Most of his moves, on the other hand, can’t kill his opponent. He is by far the best at putting together combos, using his Down Air attack, Reflector, Jab, and other moves.

Universe Star Fox
Copy Ability Laser

Princess Peach

Peach is a great fighter. Her turnips are some of the best projectiles in the game. They have almost infinite priority and almost no start-up lag besides the time it takes to pull them. She can use turnips in numerous ways, such as as the perfect way to start any of her aerial attacks. Aside from her wonderful Turnips, the rest of her moves are very good, and she has a lot of guaranteed combos and a great range for recovering.

Universe Mario
Copy Ability Parasol

Saki Amamiya

Saki is a character who is light and moves quickly. He has a high first jump and a second jump. His ground speed is also much faster than average. Even though Saki’s side-to-side aerial acceleration is slow, his side-to-side attacks are quick and powerful, and he can move quickly when he first jumps. One of the reasons Saki is so strong in SSBC is that he is so fast. Saki’s high speed, along with the fast speed and great hitstun of many of his moves (most notably his Forward Aerial), can make him a combo machine.

Universe Sin and Punishment
Copy Ability Beam


Gooey is thought to be one of the finest characters in the game because he has good range,  great power, a fantastic chain grab, an excellent Meteor Smash, a strong projectile, a nice air game, a good edge-guarding game, a wide range of attacks with disjointed hitboxes. On the contrary, Gooey has a flaw in that he has a bad recovery, which sometimes takes away from his stage performance.

Universe Kirby
Copy Ability Parasol


Geno is a powerful and flexible character with a wide range of creative moves which let him handle most situations well. At first glance, he might look like Goku because they both use two similar projectiles. Even though this may be true, the way Geno Beam charges make it much easier to use. In contrast hand, Geno’s whirl isn’t as good as Ki Blast and should be used on different targets. Geno has extra skills which put him in different play styles.

Universe Mario
Copy Ability Beam


Lucas is a strong close- to- mid rush down character with a few quirks that provide him with distinct abilities. He has rapid, powerful attacks with high priority since many of them utilize PSI sparks. Attacks like his Up Tilt, Forward Tilt, and Forward Aerial provide Lucas access to a variety of rapid, adaptable techniques with decent range. However, Lucas also employs strong, sluggish moves such as Up Smash to dispatch opponents quickly. Lucas’ throws are all above in efficacy, and his catch is a short-ranged tether grasp.

Universe EarthBound
Copy Ability Spark


Yoshi retains excellent ground speed and above-average leaping capability while being one of the quickest characters in terms of aerial mobility, because of his strong first jump and long-lasting armored second jump. He can apply quick, efficient short-hop pressure with his Bair, Nair, and well-spaced Fairs due to his strong lateral airspeed. Yoshi’s ground game is uneven, despite his supposedly powerful air game. His Jab and Tilts are rapid and efficient close-mid-range pokes, however, his Smashes and Dash Attack are lacking. While his DSmash is swift and powerful, it, similar to his other Smashes and Dash Attack, is simple to punish when defended.

Universe Yoshi
Copy Ability Wheel

Miles Prower

Miles is a skilled character that excels in a variety of fields. He is nimble, with high footspeed and above-average aerial mobility, yet he does not sacrifice recovery skills. Miles, like Peach, can hover by holding down the Jump key, and he can also hover after his Up B, Whirlwind. These traits, paired with Miles’s speed, more than help compensate for his rather small weight in terms of survival. He may also use a variety of tools in his strikes. For one thing, he possesses a powerful projectile in Electron Cannon, which is very massive and, despite its speed, provides more harm and knockback than other projectiles.

Universe Sonix
Copy Ability Laser


Wario is a one-of-a-kind, unconventional character in the Smash Bros franchise. He is a heavy character, so KOing him is difficult, but he has incredible mobility in the air, with the third-fastest horizontal aerial movement (behind Yoshi and Jigglypuff), and possibly the fastest air speed acceleration, almost no loss of speed when changing direction, and a solid set of aerials to back it up. Despite his absence of a strong projectile, his aerial speed paired with his outstanding aerial dodge enables him to be a superb camper.

Universe Wario
Copy Ability Wheel


Bomberman, as in previous games, depends heavily on his bomb attacks. He possesses a diverse arsenal of bomb strikes that allow him to effectively dominate the stage. His Bomb Kick is a fast-moving projectile for assaulting grounded opponents; his Ice Bomb is an angled missile that enables Bomberman to flee away or apply pressure owing to its utility while leaping; and his Bomb Drop is an explosive trap that stops adversaries in their tracks.

Universe Bomberman
Copy Ability Bomb

Solid Snake

Snake was widely regarded as one of the best fighters in Brawl owing to his incredible combination of fundamental traits (high attack strength in both damage and knockback, high weight, and strong range and speed on most strikes) and a set of highly efficient stage management tools in his Special techniques. Snake’s adaptability allows him to win in close quarters or at a distance, allowing him to dominate numerous battles. Regardless of how strong Snake was in the Wii Smash version, Crusade has been less kind to him this time around, but Snake still keeps many of the characteristics that made him tough in Brawl.

Universe Metal Gear
Copy Ability Bomb

B Tier

Average characters.
B Tier.

The B-ranked entries on our Smash Bros Crusade tier list 2023 are those who have average attributes and some decent skills. These characters have some drawbacks as well, so let us get to know what they have to offer.


Even though she is very light and easy to kill, she has one of the best aerial games on the team. She also has numerous powerful ground attacks, incredible recovery, and her classic move called Rest. When Jigglypuff is in the air, she can be harmful more than anywhere else. Her aerials have a greater range, often going well beyond her hurt box, and a lot of power and priority. The Wall of Pain is one of her most frightful advanced moves. It involves a series of well-timed attacks and jumps that allow her to pull enemies off-stage.

Universe Pokemon
Copy Ability Wheel

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the fastest character in the game, no doubt about it. He can easily destroy his opponents because he is so fast and can take advantage of their mistakes. On the contrary hand, his lack of airspeed makes it hard for him to move around in the air. He has good aerial attacks, which, along with his great vertical and horizontal recovery, thus make him the perfect edge guarder. With his throws and Spin Dash, he can quickly do damage with a number of combos.

Universe Sonic
Copy Ability Wheel

Meta Knight

His attacks are very fast, some of them have high priority, he has four healing moves that give him unquestionably one of the best recoveries in the game, his walls of pain are efficient, his KO moves are both quick and reliable, and he has great matchups. This doesn’t mean, though, that he has no bad things about him. He is a light character, which means he is easy to knock out, especially by characters with a lot of powerful attacks.

Universe Kirby
Copy Ability Sword


Mewtwo doesn’t fit any classic character type. Even though it’s a big target with powerful moves and a fast speed in the air, Mewtwo has a slow run, is light, and falls slowly. Mewtwo is very good at staying on the edge.

Universe Pokemon
Copy Ability Beam

Evil Ryu

In many aspects, Evil Ryu is identical to regular Ryu, although he is significantly lighter, has more regular attacks, and his special moves are typically more powerful.  He may also utilize a diagonally launched Zanku Hadoken in the air, and the EX version of the move will shoot two of them at once. Furthermore, instead of the Hurricane Kick, Evil Ryu employs the Ashura Senkuu.

Universe Street Fighter
Copy Ability Fighter


Ridley is a fierce warrior. He’s quick and dangerous, although he’s a little hefty for such a massive figure. His close-range techniques are really rapid, but they are not especially forceful. Of course, some of them, like his Back Aerial, are quite powerful and long-ranged. He is, after all, Ridley. Ridley has a unique characteristic. There is a subtle change in how the move works if he utilizes any attack utilizing his tail. 

Universe Metroid
Copy Ability Fire


Weegee has a completely unique combat technique. The majority of his assaults are inspired by memes or include characters from Mario world. For example, during his Forward Throw, he changes into Malleo and utilizes a Fire Flower. Some of his strikes indeed seem to be random, like his Forward Tilt, in which a lightsaber sprouts from Weegee’s chest.

Universe YouTube Poop
Copy Ability Falcon Punch


His Hadouken is a fantastic projectile, being one of the biggest and most devastating for its speed. Shoryuken, his rising uppercut technique, is effective at keeping foes from leaping at Ryu, but it leaves him vulnerable to counterattacks when it misses. Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (also known as Hurricane Kick) pushes Ryu horizontally and has great priority, yet it is simple to punish, as is Shoryuken.

Universe Street Fighter
Copy Ability Fighter

Donkey Kong

DK is the game’s second-heaviest character, yet he is not the definition of a heavyweight fighter. DK has great mobility despite his massive size and heft, with around the same running speed as Kirby and nearly the same leaping height and air speeds as Mario. Spinning Kong, his recovery technique, has exceptional horizontal speed as well.

Universe Donkey Kong
Copy Ability Fighter


Toad is one of Crusade’s tiniest but most agile characters, with high-speed lateral mobility on the air and on the ground. He can quickly penetrate inside characters’ defenses with his swift leaps and quick moves, even excellent spacing characters. While Toad is incredibly fast, he does not compromise this for KO potential. Given the right setups, he can score KOs as swiftly as most other characters by employing his quick yet powerful Forward Smash, hard-hitting Up Smash, and Forward Aerial Spike.

Universe Mario
Copy Ability Parasol

Chun Li

Chun Li has good range on many of her moves thanks to her legs, thus landing hits is typically not a problem for her. When you hold Left/Right before releasing the Kikoken (her version of Ryu’s Hadouken), it becomes an EX version. Her Dair is one-of-a-kind and is usually employed as an aerial poker or to build up combinations. Chun Li’s U special has excellent vertical and horizontal distance, while her S special has tremendous vertical distance. Her D special is a wonderful surprise move with precedence over many other moves, so it’s useful in a pinch. All of these moves have EX versions as well.

Universe Street Fighter
Copy Ability Fighter

C Tier

Smash Bros Crusade Tier List C Tier
C Tier.

The characters placed in the C tier of the Smash Bros Crusade tier list 0.9.4 are the ones that have below-average attributes to offer. Their flaws are more than their skills. 


At first, he is an uncommon figure who demands expertise, patience, and precise spacing to be utilized successfully. Waluigi is a character with two projectiles that have good range and damage. He can push from a distance and do a lot of damage. Waluigi also has a lot of strong finishing moves.

Universe Mario
Copy Ability Bomb

Captain Falcon

His high speed makes up most of the problems he has with his strike range and lets him deal with many different kinds of enemies, even ones who use projectiles to zone him out. On the other hand, Captain Falcon’s ability to defend himself is limited by his slow attack speed and the fact that he can’t get back to normal quickly. This makes it easy for characters with fast attacks to beat him. Captain Falcon has a lot of power when he hits, but when his attacks miss, he is easy to hurt.

Universe F-Zero
Copy Ability Falcon Punch


Krystal is a great fighter. As she uses her Staff, almost all of her regular attacks have huge gaps between them. Those that do not still have a fairly good range or can be used in combos. She has two of the most deadly air attacks in the game (B-Air and D-Air), in addition to one of the greatest smash attacks (F-Smash).

Universe Star Fox
Copy Ability Laser


Samus has a lot of different physical and projectile attacks that can be used in interesting ways. She is a powerhouse and is in the center of the speed class. But because she is tall, it is easier to hit her, which is a problem that the majority of the game’s heavyweights have. She has ordinary KO power and a lot of bounciness for her weight class. Samus can be hard to fight well with against the game’s speedier and more elegant characters, but she can be deadly if you use a good mix of long-range and close-range attacks.

Universe Metroid
Copy Ability Laser


Luigi, like Mario, has a diverse arsenal of attacks. He moves quickly and has above-average strength. Luigi can also leap higher and fall faster than Mario, enabling him to remain in the air for extended periods of time. However, Luigi is weaker on the ground and in the air than other characters, but his Down Special and Side Special enable him to compensate by moving rapidly. Luigi’s rapid, high-priority strikes allow him to go all out on the offensive in Crusade. His biggest flaw indeed is that most of his strikes have a very narrow range and he travels fairly slowly in the air.

Universe Mario
Copy Ability Spark

Toon Links

Toon Link differs from Link in that he is smaller, lighter, and quicker, however, he lacks the raw strength Link has in his sword moves. He possesses several strong Melee strikes like Link, but his Specials are different. His Hero’s Bow is identical to Link’s, except the arrows he fires are slower and do more damage. Its function differs based on whether Toon Link is in the air or on the ground.

Universe The Legend of Zelda
Copy Ability Sword


It’s impossible to generalize about Ness. He typically plays a distinct, varied role, utilizing three distinct missiles with distinct functions. Furthermore, Ness is susceptible to PK Thunder and PK Flash since he cannot move or strike while controlling these missiles. Ness can absorb any energy projectile with his PSI Magnet.

Universe EarthBound
Copy Ability Spark

Porky Minch

Porky is one of the game’s larger characters, making it difficult to KO with brute force. Because of his stature, he is also fairly sluggish on the ground, although his leaps are at least average in height. Porky is a tank, with the majority of his moves providing him with good protection and decent zoning abilities. Additionally, using Porky’s Drones (Side Special) and rapid, long-ranged ground normals to push the enemy out of close quarters is essential for good play.

Universe EarthBound
Copy Ability Bomb


Pikachu is placed in the C tier as his range is less than in any of his prior Smash appearances. Pikachu’s kill power has been reduced, as has Thunder’s kill power and range. Pikachu is also incapable of canceling Quick Attacks and has a slower recovery. As a consequence, Pikachu is heavily impacted by the Crusade physics, causing disadvantageous matches.

Universe Pokemon
Copy Ability Spark

D Tier

Worst characters.
D Tier.

The characters placed in the D tier of the Smash Bros Crusade tier list are poor in skills and performance in the game. You should probably ignore them while selecting a good character.


Link has enhanced recovery, air game, and a new Grounded Side B. A bigger ledge sweetspot aids Link’s recovery and Zair tremendously, as does the ability to dash dance owing to Crusade’s low grip and somewhat better hitstun.

Universe The Legend of Zelda
Copy Ability Sword

Duck Hunt Dog

He has no specific qualities to make a difference in the game, although he has some moves that he uses against the opponent. He swipes his paw forward twice from top to bottom, then lunges forward and delivers a devastating bite that stuns the opponent in place.

Universe Duck Hunt
Copy Ability Laser


Knuckles is a quick-thinking character with above-average mobility speeds and a slide. Many of his hard-hitting strikes suit the “slow but powerful” character archetype, yet others of his techniques are quite fast in terms of attack speed. Knuckles is recognized for its decent vertical and horizontal recovery. Knuckles possesses fine strikes yet is quite sluggish.

Universe Sonic
Copy Ability Fighter


Kirby stands out in SSBC for a number of reasons. He can gain a variety of skills, however, unlike other Super Smash Bros games, he can only receive one of a few abilities rather than the opponent character’s unique B move. Kirby’s ability to leap several times in the air is another distinguishing feature. This skill enables him to rebound quickly after being knocked off the stage and to leap exceedingly high.

Universe Kirby
Copy Ability None


Ristar is nearly as little as Kirby, yet he is one of the game’s slowest characters. He compensates for his lack of agility with his Side Special, which propels him forward and into the air at incredible speed. Additionally, his range is good in the game, and several of his movements strike multiple times for added certainty.

Universe Ristar
Copy Ability Fighter

Comparison Table

CharactersTiersUniverseCopy Ability
GokuSDragon BallFighter
MarthSFire EmblemSword
Mach RiderSMach RiderWheel
Mega ManSMega ManLaser
Falco LombardiSStar FoxLaser
Shadow the HedgehogASonicBeam
Mr. Game and WatchAGame & WatchParasol
Fox McCloudAStar FoxLaser
Princess PeachAMarioParasol
Saki AmamiyaASin and PunishmentBeam
Miles ProwerASonixLaser
Solid SnakeAMetal GearBomb
Sonic the HedgehogBSonicWheel
Meta KnightBKirbySword
Evil RyuBStreet FighterFighter
WeegeeBYouTube PoopFalcon Punch
RyuBStreet FighterFighter
Donkey KongBDonkey KongFighter
ToadBDonkey KongFighter
Chun LiBMarioParasol
Captain FalconCF-ZeroFalcon Punch
KrystalCStar FoxLaser
Toon LinksCThe Legend of ZeldaSword
Porky MinchCEarthBoundBomb
LinkDThe Legend of ZeldaSword
Duck Hunt DogDDuck HuntLaser

Patch Notes 0.9.4 Version

These patch notes were released on 19th September 2021. They added the following changes to the game.

  • 70 playable characters were added to the game.
  • 20 new stages to battle on.


Smash Bros Crusade tier table
Visual Representation. 

So here we come to the end of the article. The main adjective of the rankings we produce is to provide the viewers with great guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten even about their favorite games. All the writers first gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a huge amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which the editors have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles. 

Many of our rankings may not be to your preferences, and that’s fine. Please let us know of any criticisms you might have, and we’ll take them into account when updating the article in the future.