Star Ocean Tier List: All Characters Ranked

All of the playable characters in the series are going to be ranked in this article.

Star Ocean, one of Japan’s most successful RPG franchises, has gained international recognition, with over 4.2 million copies sold overseas. Since its debut in 1996, the series has been renowned for its excellent visuals and captivating storyline, making it a fan favorite. However, players have had mixed opinions about the mechanics of various characters, leading to the creation of the Star Ocean Tier List.

This tier list evaluates different characters based on their impact on the game’s storyline, their significance, and their abilities. The player selects their protagonist from a team of four characters, and their choices influence the social circle of the main character, which affects battles and quests. As a result, opinions on character placement may vary due to personal experiences.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 22 entries in this list.
  • All of the characters are ranked according to their attacks, skills, and damage.
  • In the highest rank, we have characters like Mavelle Froesson, Claude C. Kenny, Sarah Jerand, Rena Lanford, and others.
  • In our lowest Tiers, we have Celine Jules, Ronyx J. Kenny, Lymle, Ashle, and others.


We have ranked all the characters in the game in the table below:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Mavelle FroessonFayt Leingod
Millie Chliette
Adray Lasbard

Lymle Lemuri Phi
Claude C. KennyBacchus DexleyCyuss WarrenSophia EsteedCeline Jules
Sarah JerandRena LanfordBowman JeaneNel ZelpherRonyx J. Kenny
Reimi SaionjiCliff FittirAshlay Bernbeldt
Maria TraydorAbel Nox
Ashton Anchors
Welch Vineyard

S Tier

Star Ocean Tier List
S Tier.

The first category on our Star Ocean Tier List is the ultimate tier consisting of the best characters this series had to offer. The characters in this tier have mastered their skills to their utmost levels and they’re highly efficient in whatever they do. 

Mavelle Froesson

If you’ve experimented with the characters of Star Ocean, you’re well aware of how amazing Mavelle is. She’s a protagonist in Star Ocean, the first game, and then in its sequel. She is driven by the desire to destruct the Crimson Shield, somewhat of an antagonist, who killed her parents. Before crossing paths with Roddick and his friends, Mavelle seems remote and mysterious. But later on, she realizes there’s much more to life than the past which is continuously carving her future. ok.

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On the battlefield, her character is the best when equipped with the right weapons and settings. She uses Orbs as her weapon of choice. Automatically, the orb she is assigned is “Raven Orb” which specializes in wind damage. The other orbs she unlocks are also no joke! The damage they cause is through the other three elements; light, fire, water, etc. Mavelle is a strong attacker although her symbology is worth the praise too. 


Claude C. Kenny

One of the two protagonists in “Star Ocean: Second Story” and its sequel, “The Second Evolution”, Claude C. Kenny’s conflicting and fortifying skills are inherited as his genes in a very perplexing manner. Both his parents had a history in the earlier games; his father Ronyx J. Kenny’s main form of offense was symbology and his mother Ilia Silvestri was excellent when it came to martial arts. With such a notable legacy to carry, Claude’s character at first seems to be ridiculously dull but this personality later flourishes. His character craves a lot of nourishment and reassurance in the beginning due to his inferiority complex and insecurities. He often seems jealous of the ones around him but doesn’t let this factor convince you he isn’t a good character.

Claude has human origins so it’s only natural for him to be more plunged towards the offense wing of abilities than symbology. Initially, his fighting skills are all that he learned in a basic combat arts academy. Later on, he takes after his motherss’ mastery of martial arts and polishes his already existing qualities. He has a wide variety of elements to choose from; one of his preprogrammed preferences is “Phase Gun”. He has influenced many impactful bombs, swords, and explosives too.


Maria Traydor

The characters of “Star Ocean: Till the End of Time” will, as its name, will always be a topic of discussion with varied opinions. However, this is my opinion which I’m confident I can support adequately. Equipping her with the right motivation and enhancing the caliber of her capabilities to the highest is what’ll give you the most fruitful and satisfying result of this game. She’s a superhuman (an understatement given the stunts she pulls off during a battle). There’s no sign of her biological parents, in the beginning, all we know is that she lost her adoptive parents in a war. Trauma never leaves her side while accompanying her during her time as a test subject for experiments. Perhaps this is why her qualities and character traits resemble not her, but a version of her that’s far older than her current age.

Maybe you haven’t picked on her attributes yet, but concisely, Maria is strong-willed, hopeful, and mentally really firm. Even if she doesn’t succeed right away at a task, she doesn’t prevent herself from vigorously attempting to overpower it. Being overconfident may be toxic sometimes, but for her, it’s her ultimate driving force. She blossoms because she’s persistent. One of her most iconic sayings is, “I may not be a fighter by nature, but I never turn down a challenge”.


Sarah Jerand

One of Star Ocean’s finest and most crucial characters, Sarah Jerand is classified as a Featherfolk and has an appearance similar to that of a bird. She is an essential character in “Star Ocean: The Last Hope” and “Anamnesis”. There prominent hint towards her family; all we know is that she’s being hunted by Sydonaists and hed by her own dreams. She can see the future in her dreams; when this power of hers was still foreign to her, she faced agonizing pain having to fight the visions in her head. She gets a hold of herself after being guided by Eleyna, who later becomes her close friend. Sarah is mostly calm and remains composed but at certain times, characters may be subject to her unnerved and agitated reactions.

She is best known for her healing powers. The elements she dominates over are light, wind, spears, etc. She defends her friends and crew by acting as a cornerstone. Nevertheless, her most renowned skill remains healing and casting spells. She causes considerable damage. In the other game, Anamnesis, however, her role is almost like a guest character summoned only for one quest. 


Reimi Saionji

Another deserving superhuman on this Tier List, Reimi is substantially the best protagonist to choose from. Her powers are best utilized when under human commands as AI fails to recognize her potential. Reimi is extremely caring and loving towards those near her. Ironically, her role on the front line is very violent and excruciating. Unlike her strength and tranquility, Reimi faces a lot of backlash from her own self as she is unable to truly accept herself. Being born with unusual powers, Reimi considers herself an outcast to the surrounding, ordinary humans.

Reimi performs archery just finely. Her range is more spread out and large span as she is highly focused and analytical. The thing about Reimi that embodies her abilities is the insertion of a lost DNA genome in her body. She was a test subject; the conduct of which was carried out by her father. This project was called “Project Hope” which is why she, Edge (her childhood friend), and Crowe were called “Seeds of Hope”.


A Tier

star ocean tier list
A Tier.

The next tier we would like to introduce is a fine line between characters as extraordinary as Mavelle or Claude C. Kenny etc. and just mediocre playing characters. These characters are skilled to an extent that can not be class average but also haven’t reached their maximum potential yet.

Fayt Leingod

The path each character devises in this game is uniquely separate and the final battle is fought despite the variety of routes your character adapts. A player’s management is a crucial factor that helps them decide which characters are worth the effort. For me personally, Fayt’s skills have proved to be more than what I expected of him. The first game in which we’re introduced to him is “Star Ocean: Till the End of Time” and makes a reappearance in “Anamnesis”.

Character-wise he’s strangely blunt. Like many other college students, Fayt is barely interested in his studies. One might even call him ignorant and stubborn. Despite these traits being undesirable in a humane environment, these are his special qualities in the fictional world of Roak. He is a great attacker using swords as his primary asset, escorted with protective accessories like armors, etc. Regardless, in the other games, we get to see his symbological side too. He can control the four basic elements (earth, water, wind, and fire) which grants him sufficient power.


Bacchus Dexley

The next character on Star Ocean Tier List is someone who complements Fayt in every way possible, from physical appearance to character traits and no this wasn’t intentional. One of “Star Ocean: The Last Hope”‘s ultimate main characters, Bacchus gives loads of reasons time over time as to why you should choose him. What we know about his former human body (now artificially synthesized) is that he was plagued during the stone-turning outbreak too and to preserve his life he had to protect himself in strong armor called “cyborg”. He may seem distant and anti-social at first glance, but there’s a hidden, warm, kind, and considerate side to him too.

His cyborg body did deprive him of most human experiences and expressions but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t beneficial either. He is great at masking himself and thus disguises himself flawlessly. Bacchus is the perfect model of multi-tasking as he’s great at defending himself, attacking the enemy at both short and long-range positions, and creating new elements. 


Rena Lanford

Rena and Claude C. Kenny are the two protagonists of “Star Ocean: The Second Story” and its remake. As already discussed above, Claude is an admiringly rummaged character and we don’t blame you! You’d be surprised to hear that almost the same is the case for Rena. Unlike Claude though, she is more inclined toward healing and aid through earthlings. Besides healing, she’s got a thing for martial arts too which she learned in her home planet. Her scope of healing is limited only to Earth and Light elements, which is one of the reasons we’re placing her in A Tier. Some might say we’re being too generous by including her even in the A Tier however I think it’s a skill to be efficient in whatever you do, regardless of its range.

She is the last character in “Blue Sphere” to be added to the team. For this game, her ability is harvesting and yielding daggers and other weapons for offense purposes. In “Anamnesis”, her character has ten different variants. With all this said, she has quite contrasting roles in all the games she appears in. 


Cliff Fittir

Star Ocean games have many release versions. And for some reason every time I proceed with the game with Cliff, I get to note a whole new lot about his character. He is a more recent character introduced in “Till The End of Time” with a typical presence in “Anamnesis” too. He is a great tracker but this skill is only briefly made use of. Some other character traits of his include being highly tolerant, courageous, and brave. There should be no doubt or uncertainty when Cliff’s spirit and resolve are being discussed. He knows the worth of those around him and can go to immeasurable lengths to guarantee their safety.

Cliff has a strong mindset and is strictly aware of his affirmations. His most common attacking tactic is staying close in range to enemy lines, generating impacts strong enough to knock down the enemy. Despite his intellectual form of attack, Cliff can acclimate low MP points making him an easy target for units responsible for draining MP. Having him on your team requires having some other protective characters too which can safeguard this vulnerable aspect of Cliff from offenders. 


Abel Nox

Qualified enough to be one of Star Oceans elites, Abel has been a leading figure in “Star Ocean: Till the End of Time” from a very young age. Earlier in the game, we see a conflict arise between Fayte, Cliff, Nel, and Abel in which Abel is defeated. This constructs a “weak” image of Abel for many players and we don’t contradict their opinions since that was the perception we initially received. However, as he matures, he perfects his attacking skills. We see him attain his barbaric nature during the fighting, which explains his title; the wicked. Because of Abel’s verbal savagery, the characters around him prefer being commanded by Shelby, his rival and second-in-command.

An engaging and unique factor about Abel is that throughout the game, he is the only antagonist permissible to join a team. This exemplifies the “lack of trust” from other characters and his unfriendly and, to some extent, egoistic vision of life. As the phrase, “villains aren’t born, they’re made” says, we get a glimpse of the reasoning behind Abel’s odd behavior and why he kills the way he does. A little insight; in battles that Abel is successful, he kills the entire army leaving behind no survivors. As gruesome as this sounds, it comes from personal experience for him since he was the only survivor of his father’s murder.


Ashton Anchors

Star Ocean is one of those games which has the best impression of what sci-fi is; the portrayal of Ashton is what I’m talking about. His body was accidentally fused with a creepy and weepy dragon which horrified him for a long time before finally coming to terms with it. This doesn’t mean he stops searching for a cure to this incorporation. In all aspects, this inclusion of his body is kind of a blessing as he forms cordial relations with this part of him. Both, the dragons and Ashton, can communicate with one another as seen mostly in “Anamnesis”. His personality is goofy and honest. He’s friendly with most characters and tries his best to avoid and cause conflict.

Ashton is indeed many of Star Oceans’ best characters but because he requires high maintenance and attention from a player, this character isn’t the “ultimate” one for many; therefore is the reason why we’re placing him in A Tier. As for his skills, Ashton isn’t disappointing. He performs symbology and is good at sewing too. Ashton uses swords and is suitably good with them too. The best thing about him is that his skills are activated very early on in the game so you don’t have to tame his abilities for a long time. Having the two dragons on his side, he has access to using elements related to dragons too such as “Dragon’s breath”. We’d recommend using this character for the final game only when you’ve experimented and even failed once or twice with him as your main character.


Welch Vineyard

This tier would’ve been incomplete without the potent Welch Vineyard. Her character is most crucial to the bureau concerned with item creation. She is one of the mysterious founders of Craftsman Guild which is an organization determined to bring all the craftsmen together. We’re told that the Guild Master is its finders but Welch’s involvement in that department is more than any of the other inventors which leads us to believe she’s more than just a member. More specifically, her job is to accept requests for item creations. There’s a lot of fluctuation revolving around her character in terms of her abilities as she’s also capable of playing in some quests.

Welch is seen as a recurring character throughout the series, with little reference to her origin. On certain occasions though, her knowledge seems to surpass an ordinary inhabitant of the game setting which convinces us that she belongs to some other universe. Such entities are called 4D (Fourth Dimensional Beings) and are highly intellectual, especially when covering the subject of topography.


B Tier

Average Characters of Star Ocean
B Tier.

The next set of characters on our Star Ocean Tier List occupies the B Tier. These characters are much weaker as compared to the S Tier ones but they are better than nothing. Their skills are comparatively ordinary and only rarely is there something special about these characters. 

Millie Chliette

The very first character introduced in Star Ocean and its remake “Star Ocean: The First Evolution” along with Roddick and Dorne, Millie makes it to the third tier in this. Rarely enough, she’s the only character besides Mavelle that is able of learning all talents in this game. Her father Martoth Chliette was formerly a healer and Millie follows in his footsteps. She is a prominent healer but has no offense skills which is exactly why she’s in this tier. Her destruction rate is acute but she’s outstanding in healing and support. Overall she has a very cheerful, uplifting, and friendly persona but she’s no stranger to outrage either. The only bold victim of her wrath in this game is Erys who she despises visibly.

She is always seen escorted with either rods or cloth armor. Rods have a wide range of services such as the Scepter of Bunny which increases one’s speed and Mindsoother which reduces MP consumption. Both these rods, in addition to many others, are available to Millie, Erys, and Ioshua. Her symbology skills still remain superior. It was indeed because of her potential in this field that the federation finally recognized it and started exploring it.


Cyuss Warren

An extremely talented and trained swordsman, Cyuss could quite literally have been in the S Tier next to other legends if not for the fact that there’s a high price for his character to pay. Cyuss’s only motivation in life is to beat his father’s perception of him and to make his friends proud. Eventually, he leaves his hometown and decides to travel the world in hopes of becoming stronger. His dream is to be remembered for centuries to come as a legend and thus practice perfecting his skills to the fullest. He’s completely immersed in proving his utility and is down to fighting whoever disagrees with him. He’s a determined and competent character who is surprisingly friendly to his rivals of all people.

Everything in the above paragraph is convincing enough to place him in a higher tier, but we’re taking into consideration all aspects before ranking a character. The only liability of Cyuss is that if a player chooses to stick with him for the rest of the game, they will be deprived of seeing Roddick (Cyuss’s fellow rival and swordsman) at his highest. For Roddick to reach his most capable state, the players face a tough decision of choice.


Bowman Jeane

Bowman is a major character in “Star Ocean: Second Story” and its sequel. His occupation is in Linga where he and his wife, Ninay, run a pharmacy store. His first appearance is also here in the store when Claude and the rest of the party come and inquire him about Keith. After an exchange of favors, he sets up a meeting between them and later expresses to Claude his interest in the Sorcery Globe which is an entity powerful enough to change the course of the orbiting planets. Claude lets him join the team as he values his knowledge about the sphere. Selecting him denies the party’s chances with Precis, a relatively well attacker.

Bowman’s interests lie in Symbology and herbalism. He researched Symbological weapons before taking up his job as a pharmacist. The weapon he prefers to use are knuckles and as you can imagine, when fighting the enemy he’s frighteningly close to the opponent. He’s also good at martial arts and sports giving him an athletic physique. He suffuses considerable damage keeping in view his balanced statistics with a medium HP.


C Tier

Bad Characters in Star Ocean
C Tier.

The next tier includes characters that do the absolute bare minimum yet are somewhat skilled in whatever they do. Their abilities are nothing extravagant but i.e. their dismissal also doesn’t do much. 

Sophia Esteed

Sophia is definitely not the character you should aspire for completing your team. Although she learns a collection of skills as the game proceeds, her span of coherence isn’t as impressive. She’s seen in “Star Ocean: Till The End of Time” and “Star Ocean: Anamnesis” with pretty much the same abilities. At the onset, we see Sophia with her childhood friend Fayt and his family on vacation when an incident occurs. Subsequently, Sophia is captured by the Vendeeni who use her as bait to lure Fayt but are unsuccessful in doing so. After her rescue, this assault leads her to the realization of how rapidly her fate took a turn.

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Sophia is also a symbologist who usually prefers using staves in her battles. Besides this, she also has one of the three symbological genes i.e. the power of connection. Whilst the ability itself is appreciated, its uses are limited as it is rarely used in the Eternal Sphere. Connection is basically the linkage through which third-dimensional beings and 4-D beings. It helps her summon elements and symbols from outer Space. Besides this her element is aerial (air). Two of her other abilities are also Charge and Meteor Swarm.


Adray Lasbard

The next character on our Tier List is, unusually enough. A hybrid which means he’s good at symbology and physical attacks too. This would’ve been a bonus point for him. Only if he was efficient at them too but unfortunately. Adray is impressive at neither of the two skills. In an attack, he may come handy against an enemy far away but even so. He has the shortest impact usage of Emotion Torrent. This emotion torrent is used to decrease the enemy’s MP. And as I said, Adray isn’t practical even in the slightest of its skills. Anyhow, he uses Katanas (swords). When it comes to close clashes with the enemy. His character is mostly disliked by those around him. Often referred to as a “nuisance”. Even at home, he has a riotous relationship with his daughter.

Adray is often sent on destructive missions in accordance with the Queen’s commands, which is fitting for his exasperating personality. He’s marked as an ex-Crimson Blade which is a very respectable post; the current one being his daughter Clair Lasbard. A Crimson is the Queen’s highly trusted person who obeys whatever she orders them. This post was quite fitting for his overall fearsome preference for fighting. In a battle against Vendeeni, he teamed up with Albel and had quite a lot to say about him. Although he acknowledged Albel’s cruelty, he still considered him weak and not a worthy rival which is hypocritical given his own extent of abilities and skills.


Nel Zelpher

Nel is a very confusing character as for some, she is useful enough while others find it difficult to meet with the most basic of her abilities. He is a loyal and devoted follower of the Queen just like Adray but unlike him, she isn’t the Crimson Shield. She’s a healer and a fairly okay fighter. She’s the main character in “Star Ocean: Till the End of Time” and is very talented in the beginning. But as we reach the end of the game, her skills start to downplay and out of the few battles she partakes in, only a few are worth mentioning. Her performance towards the end of the game is poor leaving us no choice but to place her in this category.

In terms of Symbology, she aims and attacks elemental enemies as she’s completely capable of doing so when the element is wind. Her choice of weapons is daggers. Her skills could’ve been influential on the battlefield but they just turn mediocre towards the end of the game which is what really turned the players away from using her.


Ashlay Bernbeldt

Ashlay is another character that has no out-of-the-ordinary qualities and what he’s skilled in is already something others do better. When somebody chooses him for their team, I do hope it’s genuinely because they want to unlock Roddick. Because having any expectations from Ashlay is depressing enough. He’s also a necessary character for recruiting Erys. Ashlay’s character is skilled in the physical play of swordsmanship. He also teaches Roddick a couple of Special Fighting Techniques (SFT) which he learned at the special arts academy. His character gains experience through fighting in the Demonic Wars which sharpens his skills greatly.

Near the end of the game, his skills start diminishing predictably because of burnout. However, he passes over his knowledge about the traditional manner of swordsmanship to the people living at Roak. His pupil is Roddick who Ashlay admires greatly and has a lot of respect for. Ashlay witnessed Roddick fighting in the Arena and is highly impressed by him. The one thing that’s particularly inconvenient about this character is that. He’s super rigid in terms of variation. Unlike Roddick and Cyuss which is probably why they’re much better than Ashlay too. 


D Tier

Worst Characters in Star Ocean
D Tier.

The last category that we’d like to introduce contains all the worse characters this series offered. As instructed about the above tiers, we may not be able to accommodate all such characters in this tier. Yet we’ll include the most canon of them without any biased opinions. 

Celine Jules

Celine is the main character in “Star Ocean: The Second Story” and “Star Ocean: Blue Sphere” least infused in attacking. She loves exploring and traveling in hopes of finding a treasure. To protect herself from other monstrous creatures of the wild, she casts attacking spells and is thus practicing symbology. Celine pays a lot of attention to other people’s problems with the intent of helping them through. But after an incident occurs, she realizes . How exhausted she was by other people’s concerns that she’d forgotten about her own problems.

Her symbological abilities put her in charge of the fire, water, and wind elements. Moreover, in battles her weapon of choice is rods. She is the only female mage whose major is attack spells. This may be pleasing to hear on one’s profile but it isn’t practical at all. I won’t recommend selecting her as her skills can be done much better by Lymle and Erys etc. Selecting her makes the rest of the team inadequate for any serious attacks since one slot is already wasted. 

Ronyx J. Kenny

The continuous trend of being the main character and still managing to be bad is extremely depressing yet unintentional. His son is a great character ( Claude C. Kenny ) but unfortunately, the same can’t be said about his father. The change in occupation in both games reflects a change in demeanor indicating his sophisticated and serious outlook on life. He is often seen in a fix when interacting with others or expressing his feelings appropriately.

Ronyx is a permanent member and it would’ve been enjoyable if he was efficient in what he did. His attack mechanism is long-range shooting and attacks his enemies using bows and arrows. He performs symbology along with bows as an elemental target. The attacks he initiates are powered by magic which isn’t very methodical as it hinders everyone around him. His attacks also don’t increase for MAG which is one thing everyone looks forward to in characters.


Lymle Lemuri Phi

The last character that will make it to our Tier List is the infamous Lymle. Although she has mastered Lemurisian symbology, her character lacks every skill that may attract the players. In terms of character, she has a tendency to surprise others and is quite spontaneous. Her symbology is a special kind limited only to the females of the Lemurisian people which comes at a price. Lymle is 15 years old in the series but her figure is quite literally that of a toddler. She finds it hard to emotionally connect with others and express her graciousness towards them. Yet she depends largely on dynamic relations with other people.

Lymle executes both Symbological and Special Arts actions. However, in terms of offense, her speed, and stats aren’t as compatible enough making half of her uses worthless. She influences the element of fire and has a fine destruction-infusing ability. On the other hand, her healing isn’t as apparent which is confusing considering that she is a symbologist. Nevertheless, players do think faulty management is to blame because of the simply bad script handed to her character.


Comparison Table

Mavelle FroessonS12,3901,5631,339
Claude C. KennyS15,7502,7301,983
Maria TraydorS447821140386
Sarah JerandS12,4951,5751,208
Reimi SaionjiS15,5402,5871,549
Fayt LeingodA79671043762
Bacchus DexleyA22,2602,4942,377
Rena LanfordA13,8601,7731,327
Cliff FittirA681421143669
Abel NoxA602031214575
Ashton AnchorsA15,8553,2451,995
Welch VineyardA999999999999
Millie ChlietteB13,8601,7591,353
Cyuss WarrenB9408457333
Bowman JeaneB15,7502,7181,995
Sophia EsteedC44738900260
Adray LasbardC94631012403
Nel ZelpherC550971180529
Ashlay BernbeldtC99991436997
Celine JulesD12,8102,100938
Ronyx J. KennyD12,8101,7231,076
Lymle Lemuri PhiD11,1301,3911,604


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this article. I’m positive and I hope I did a good enough job in placing the characters where they belong. Some of the characters above like Sarah and Lymle are always facing conflicting opinions from the regular players. This is why I’ve also enlightened you guys with my experience using the characters. Because the characters in this game do have principal abilities but their exemplification is completely up to you.

Team building also influences the character’s individuality. For example, a weak character in a team of other strong ones may mask its weaknesses with its strengths. So try being creative when forming your team since there are only four members and each spot is worth something.