Super Auto Pets Tier List: The Definitive List

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If you see cute small, and adorable animals, don’t adjust your eyes. You have entered the world of super auto pets. It’s not a small world; in fact, it has trillions of animals that become a source of entertainment for all gamers. If you come across this game, you will have to team up against these adorable pet animals, represented by emojis, and fight them off with each other. It’s Not a precious thing to do with these cute pets.

In the Super auto pets tier list, we will rank various animals that are a part of super auto pets. All these animals will be evaluated on not just their power but also attacks, health, level, and food effects. These specificities will help us arrange them in specific tiers made to evaluate them. Once you enter through its doorway, you won’t be able to get out; it’s extremely addicting.

Please remember that this tier list regarding super auto pets is prone to opinions and differences. It is based on our experience of this auto battling game and how it impacted our interests and values. It is a combination of our personal views and opinions.

S Tier

best pets ranked in this tier
S Tier

Let’s begin our journey true super auto pets tier list, with an extremely special tier, no one as S tier. We can’t ignore this tier because it is an exceptionally important part of the ranking. Not just because it has top pets of the game, but also because these pets make this game what it is.

Without their presence, you won’t be able to extract the huge amount of fun that resides inside this game. It seems like a tough job, and definitely, it is an impossible task. Superb tier listed pets require a slot inside a team to improve the gamer’s gameplay.

A question arises inside the human mind: What distinguishes a great pet from a worst pet, as described in lower tiers. It’s not a question of what, but a sense of acknowledgment should arise inside us. It states that they have huge perks that improve gameplay and lead us towards victory. Not just one but a huge list of qualities is embedded inside their personalities. The tiers assigned by the super auto pets game itself divide the pets into different groups rather than ranking them.

We have categorized and Distributed the pets on a strict basis of attack, health, and combined effect for ranking. A few features also contribute to making up a whole perspective of the super auto pets tier list 2022. attack and health would be beneficial only if gamer knew their use. It’s an S-tiered pet included in a dilettante team.

Then they are nothing, but it’s just a team of emoji Pets with high stats. The gameplay matters as much as the variant statistics of a team. You can’t expect an amateur to be adept with these pets.

A huge range of pets included under this tier have high statistics of health and attack; moreover, they have some specific features that allow them to improve a particular plan that has been made up inside gamers’ minds. Imagine a group with high statistics. Also, their powers pick up in different combinations with food that are a part of the super auto pets food tier list or other animals.

It’s like adding glimmer to a dull picture. Young and listed animals also increase the range of armor, steak, and different varieties that attacks have in this game. With the ability to combine, an array of benefits presents itself that increases damage and the level of buffing.


AnimalTierAttack Health Features
Octopus6 (expansion pack)88Has a great attack level.
bison466Bison is a linchpin that holds a team together with abilities
Tiger643A pet with high combat abilities. His versatility and diversity help a lot in the arena.
T Rex6 (expansion pack)94A responsible pet who keeps an ability that helps this dinosaur protect his team.
Buffalo4 (expansion pack)55Great replacement of the dog. Also doesn’t require a slot to remain empty.
Cow546A cow is present above all buy and sell pets. This is due to the reason it can be easily believed.
Hippo447It has a huge hold over the melon armor and helps confront summon-based pets.
Sauropod6 (expansion pack)412Has excellent health, which compensates for its low attack
Snake666With a tiger combo team, an opponent could be destroyed.
Leopard6104Opponents should be scared of this powerful pet.
Cat653It doubles the effect of every food.
Gorilla669Has an astonishing well coconut armor attack.

A Tier

second best pets ranked
A Tier

In addition to the S tier described previously in the super auto pets tier list, we have another expansion in a visage of a tier that contributes to potentially great pets, all super auto pets. Tiered pets also contribute greatly during the victory in a specific round. A question comes to mind: why is it called potentially great, not great alone.

It’s not an enigma; it’s quite clear that they have a few traits and qualities that dragged them down a tier into a lower one. They are also considered a part of an exceptionally great group of pets.

Additionally, the statistics of specific pets provide help us gain full information that leads to this evaluation. Ranking super auto pets is not an easy task. It requires a Great deal of attention and experience while playing. Enlisting an A-tiered pet is done based on Their attack, health value, and some specific features that distinguish them from others included in the super auto pets tier list. 

These features are necessary for ranking inside the A tier for this purpose, a range of 4 to 6 values for an attack, and the same goes for health. Along with this, we cannot ignore the special features as well.

We have called out to features a lot of time in its prior paragraph. We still haven’t discussed what they are? Let’s move on towards its feature compartment that provides a basis for ranking into various rungs in a tier list. All features call out to be a part of a combo formed between animals and food or animals.

Not only this but these characters and animals have a huge potential to be a part of the S tier. Potential points are that these animals have low attack and health profile that keeps them away from the top tier. moreover, we can’t possibly ignore the high amount of damage that they cause to the opponent’s team

Some pets under the super auto pets tier list have a low attack or health profile. But their alternate other has a good high to minimize the effect of the other one. For instance, the mammoth has an attack value of 3, but the mammoth’s health possesses the value of 10, which shoots up the mammoth’s overall outlook to the player.

They can increase attack or health by utilizing food discussed further down in the super auto pets tier list 2022. Similarly, many others have almost the same case as part of the A tier. But this lacking in one causes the pet to be dragged away from an opportunity of being in the S tier.

AnimalTier AttackHealthFeatures
Parrot563Updates hid its flaws and made it better
Crocodile584Follows a pattern to destroy an opponent
Rooster453Has a killer rooster’s attack, that wipes off the opponent’s team.
dragon668A monstrous creature who has superior powers, but requires freezing of tier 1 animals.
 Dodo223Low stats but the dodo rooster combo is quite useful.
Mammoth6310Helpful in combos, as well as, solo
Skunk436Becomes important to the team during 2 and 3 levels.
Camel325Has the ability to improve the team and win.
Dolphin446Has great stats, but ruins whale’s strategies.
Rhino558It’s a great addition to the team but seems a low-key version of hippo
Shark544Works great with a fly, turkey, and tiger.
Turkey534Has great stats but the player has to introduce changes to his teams.
Beetle1 (expansion pack)23It does stunningly well when it is with dromedary.
Goat5 (expansion pack)46Possesses great health characteristic that helps its durability in-game.
Whale326An extremely great pet but doesn’t have much use towards the end.
Eagle5 (expansion pack)65Eagle can benefit his player with his buffing.
Lobster4 (expansion pack)45Beneficial with canned food and in combos.

B Tier

average pets ranked
B Tier

Let’s get to another tier which is the next line. We call upon the B tier to make its appearance. B tier could also be referred to as a mediocre tier with everything that an ordinary level would have. B tier combines the characteristics and qualities of the worst part of the tier list and the best part of the tier list. We get a product in the form of a B tier list of the super auto pets tier list. A range of widely arranged pets contributes to forming an A tier that benefits a beginner and a pro.

A pro player prefers top-tiered pets inside a game, while a beginner tries to play with mediocre pets to gain insight into the rules and regulations imposed on the game. This way, he learns the basic gameplay and attains great knowledge that benefits him.

It’s not a question of how but what makes him choose a B-tiered or an ordinary pet. To understand this, we need to get a look inside the head of that mastermind. However, it’s been proven that normal pets are easy to control.

Now on to the fact that puts super auto pets-animals lodged under B tier. If you evaluate the contents under this tier, you’ll find that the attack and health profile are no more than ordinary and pretty basic.

Its content seems pretty similar, but a little bit of change is enough to impair the balance of the whole tier; this is because the super auto pets tier list is based upon minute factors that play a huge role in categorizing various pets. A little change in these factors causes a catastrophic change that affects every niche of this tier list.

In addition to all that is said above, we still haven’t told you what forms its basis. A basic scenario is followed throughout the super auto pets tier list 2022. This scenario states that a basic attack and health ratio keeps a specific pet under a particular tier. Attack to health ratio being followed in it goes in such a way that shows that they are equal.

Almost equal should be the word used here. As a bit of variation is introduced to it. Also, these pets benefit the gameplay and aid the player by being moderate.

Badger354It helps in messing around in super auto pets.
Dog222Not a good part of the buying and selling team.
Snail322It has mediocre traits but is still of no use.
Turtle312Turtle’s stats make him seem a part of the lower tier, but he is extremely useful due to his protecting ability.
Elephant235His abilities changed during the new version of the game
Dromedary2 (expansion pack)35Beneficial for a sliver of time, only when an animal is frozen in a shop.
Giraffe325It has commendable traits but is useful for a small amount of time.
Beaver122A great substitute in regards to scaling.
Swan233Suffered a lot during updates.
Worm422Requires to be a part of the team at the start.
Poodle4 (expansion pack)22It is a good part of a team but requires a specific pattern for being buffed.
Tabby cat2 (expansion pack)53It helps after it has consumed food
Hedgehog232Add it with garlic, and bam, you are good to go.
Sheep322A great opponent for those who didn’t have garlic
 Crab233He looks quite weak but can plagiarize the opponent’s health.
Fish123A pet whose level-ups are beneficial in case of an early increase.
Rabbit332Has moderate stats, which can be improved by food.
Blowfish335Updates made it better.
Owl3 (expansion pack)53Is good during buy-sell strategies
Tropical fish3 (expansion pack)24The low attack doesn’t help in the process.
Spider222A mediocre pet with moderate traits
Llama4 (expansion pack)36Requires one place to remain empty.
Rat245Changed from a dirty rat in updates

C Tier

average pets
C Tier

C Tier is not a part of the top tiers. It is included in those lower tiers that have bad and worse types of characters, in this case, pets. You might think how bad can a pet be to be included in a lower tier. These pets ruin the gameplay that a player keeps in his mind during his playing session.

Everybody has a plan, and those characters mess it up, leading to a loss that is never truly recovered. This is what makes all lower tiers notorious for their characteristics and qualities.

Even if you get a C-tiered character in your team, you need an S-tiered pet of super auto pets tier list to even out the loss that has been written in your destinies. So what if you don’t have all the good characters? As we all know, the best characters are not always free for grabs. And sometimes, you make a bad decision and make one of those worst decisions that ruin your game.

To compensate for that, you require a top-tier pet that can fix everything with its high profile of attack and health, along with all other benefits they bring with themselves.

Now, what makes the C Tier pets the worst decision. Well, it’s the attack and health profile, just like the previous ones. In this case, the attacks and health are so low that they demand a gamer’s attention. Because a spell of 1 and a health of 2, like in the case of Penguin, makes you second guess your life decisions.

For that purpose, you require great attention and need to mend your gameplay according to a specific c-tiered character. They do bring some luck to the game. But mostly, it is overshadowed by their low status.

AnimalTier AttackHealth                    Features
Peacock215Another pet suffered while updates were made
Bluebird1 (expansion pack)21In the case of low lives, bluebird is certainly not beneficial.
Flamingos231With an ox, it can buff as a great combo.
Pig131Only good during buying and selling strategy.
Penguin412It is of no value but becomes better if provided with certain situations
Shrimp223Not beneficial when alone
Ox314Poor statistics allow the ox to be lower. Additionally, his melon armor is quite weak.
Caterpillar / Butterfly3 (expansion pack)13It can’t have food and also easily loses against leopards and crocodiles.
Hatching chick3 (expansion pack)11Famous for providing temporary benefits.
Mosquito122Only helpful during two or three rounds.
Cricket112Better because it works well in builds. But solo, it ruins everything
Fly613Its only plus point is its fly and turkey combo.
Scorpion511Although scorpion has low stats he helps evaluate the feats of his opponent.
Kangaroo312The Player has to work hard with it to be able to win
Chicken5 (expansion pack)12A stupid investment, as it doesn’t benefit the team.
Squirrel422Survived through various implications

D Tier

Super auto pets tier list
D Tier

Eventually, we will reach the end of our super auto pets tier list in 2022. We must bid farewell to this tier list by discussing inclusion that ruins an Outlook presented by super auto pets. Not everything is perfect. Everything and person has a side that makes them ashamed. They try to hide by employing cloaks and make-up.

In this case, the top-tiered pets are given more attention, and these lower-tiered pets are found deep inside the game. Some are even introduced later in the game. This last introduction leads to a fundamental change in gameplay.

This lower tier has nothing that can entice a player towards itself: such as common statistics and poor features. These are responsible for turning the heads of players the other way. Such a poor introduction and inclusion demotes the ranking of a game.

Though, a low number of bad pets doesn’t affect much. But sometimes, quieter things have huge impacts. The inclusion of bad pets is because of their attack and health. The attack and health have values of 1 and 1, mostly. If a high value is added, they are useless to the player and ruin his gameplay.

AnimalTier AttackHealthFeatures
Ant121Extremely poor stats that makes player second guess their decisions.
Otter112Not that useful in player’s strategies.
Monkey412Low stats, along with his late appearance, makes him an overlooked pet.
Duck112During updates, It gained huge fame among gamers
Deer411One of the pets who have astonishingly low stats.
Puppy3 (expansion pack)11It arrives early in the game and ruins all plans.
Bat2 (expansion pack)12It overwrites food and is not much help during gameplay.
Microbe5 (expansion pack)11He drags his team down to the opponent’s level.
Horse121An abysmal introduction to a team of pro characters.


Food of super auto pets food tier list is important because of all power-ups associated with those foods. Some give high power-ups to improve the level of attack damage. Some even help in enhancing health statistics. They are assigned to specific tiers based on their power-ups. Various foods benefit all pets to high levels of super auto pets. Food, like its pets, has been put in tiers by game owners.

Type Tier assignedFeatures
Apple (Tier 1)SHas an infinite effect, even after around
Garlic (Tier 3)SA permanent impact that helps reduces damage
Chili (Tier 5)SA permanent splash attack that can also be snatched away during battle
Honey (Tier 1)AIt is infinite till some other effect doesn’t overshadow it. It can also be transferred
Meat bone (Tier 2)AProvides a permanent feature till a replacement occurs
Salad Bowl (Tier 3)AAn infinite and endless effect
Pear (Tier 4)APermanent and long-lasting effect
Sushi (Tier 5)ADoesn’t finish after the round
Mushroom (Tier 6)AProvides an extra life
Steak (Tier 6)BGives damage of an additional 20.
Sleeping pill (tier 2)BAids in fainting
Chocolate (Tier 5)BCarries on even after the round
Cupcake (Tier 2)CIt has a temporary effect, but it has huge benefits.
Melon (tier 6)CPersists after the round but is not transferrable.
Pizza (Tier 6)CSteak attack Doesn’t go away
Canned food (Tier 4)DIt is applicable in the progressing levels, instead of the one you bought it in.

Summing It Up

Overall, the super auto pets tier list is a tier list that has ranked all pets of super auto pets to ease out its players during their gaming session. One can look into this tier list and improvise gameplay according to it. However, he might have some other opinions regarding this. But most people support this tier list. We have ranked pets in this game based on their attack, health, and other features. All these features support and aid in playing.

In the super auto tier list, we have also ranked the food of super auto pets. All foods benefit the pets. Some more than the other, Enhancing the qualities and characteristics of every pet who consumes it.

Tips For Choosing The Best Pets 

If you’re confused by what pets might be the best choice for you, especially regarding teams, then read on to find some tips that will help you win any combat in Super Auto Pets. 

  • It is to be noted that a good team always has a tier 4 or higher pet. A good pair, in this case, might be Bison and Fish. The pairing will also help you level up your Fish. Many players use this strategy in the later levels of Super Auto Pets. 
  • Another great strategy is to use a lot of buffs to overwhelm your opponent team in Super Auto Pets. You can use a Horse and some Crickets as a great summoner build. 
  • Otters can be good endgame pets as they can buff their allies and provide Melon Armor to the frontline pets. 
  • One of the best teams in Super Auto Pets includes a combination of Camel, Peacock, and Kangaroo. The mixture is considered the most powerful as these pets synergize well with each other. 
  • The last tip for our readers would be to prepare your team for the endgame as soon as you start Super Auto Pets. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the combat as the levels get harder and harder. 

Best Free Pets In Super Auto Pets

Since some of the pets are not available for free and you will have to buy them, it is important to know what pets are available for free and can still be a good option to add to your team. Below are all the pets from our tier list for August 2022 available for free in Super Auto Pets. 


Some people might argue that the strongest pets in the game are the ones that belong to the highest tier or Tier 6. But it is simply not true as some of the lower tier pets can also help you win the battles efficiently if used in the right way. Also, you can never get hold of high-tier pets unless you compete and go through the early rounds of the game first. Therefore, the ant is a good option to go for as they will not only provide you with attack buffs but health buffs as well. They also have some of the best temporary as well as permanent buffs in the game and we recommend that you use a Sleeping Pill on your ant to help you out in a tough combat situation. 


If you are looking for the best pet for strong team composition, then Turkey is the one for you. It belongs to Tier Five so you can expect some overpowered buffs from them. Also, their attacks are fairly easy to execute and they are compatible with almost every other pet in the game. 


Not only is scorpion available for free in Super Auto Pets, but it is also super easy to play with and can be a good choice for beginners. However, you will not get any ability upgrades when you level up but if you use poison for Scorpion, you can eliminate any pet hit by a scorpion. We recommend that you don’t get any items like Honey or Armor as they can null the poison effect. 


Parrot is undoubtedly a versatile pet that has a lot of special abilities you can make use of in early game as well as end game battles in Super Auto Pets. You can use parrots to help you replicate the best abilities of your team and you can even switch the abilities for the parrot to mimic. 

The above-mentioned pets are some of the best ones available in our August 2022 Super Auto Pets tier list from Expansion Pack, Pack 2, and Pack 3. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much chance is it to get a sloth in Super Auto Pets? 

Sloth is unquestionably the rarest pet as compared to other pets in our Super Auto Pets tier list 2022. The chances of getting a sloth are 0.000001% each time you roll, making it one of the most challenging pets to get. 

What does an octopus do in Super Auto Pets?  

Octopus belongs to Tier 6 in Super Auto Pets in the first Expansion and is one of the best characters in our tier list. It can deal 3/6/9 damage to any of the two enemies in the opponent team before an attack. This makes the octopus one of the best ATK animals in Super Auto Pet. 

What is the best food in Super Auto Pets? 

Apple is considered the best food in Super Auto Pets, with an S rating in our food tier list. The fruit has an infinite effect and serves as a great power-up to increase the level of ATK damage.

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