Tower of Fantasy Tier List [V2.5]

Our Article Will Attempt To Rank All Characters In The Game So Far.

The Tower of fantasy tier list is the ultimate ranking of all characters within this new role-playing action game. Here we will be categorizing each of the characters in the game into different tiers, based on their strengths and weaknesses.

But we need you to remember a writer’s own perspectives when creating such a list. The article was created based on my preferences and interest in various personalities of the game so it is not completely free of bias. That being said, I am not immune to criticism, and I welcome different opinions in the comments below.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 17 entries on the list.
  • Our list ranks various characters of Towers of fantasy based on their HP, ATK, DEF, and other stats.
  • The highest tiers include entries like King and Samir.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will find characters like Echo and Ene.


This table shows the character ranking of Towers of Fantasy.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
NemesisCOBALT-BCoco RitterBAI Ling

You can learn about each of them in more detail below.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier

We will start our article off with the S tier, which contains the absolute best of the best. The studio created many different characters, but only the cream of the crop is placed here. These characters are superior in every way, lower tiered entries simply do not hold a candle to the.

When we evaluated these characters, we discovered they each had a great set of skills that could help them succeed wildly in the game.


King in ToF is a leading figure in your game and reigns over foes with his mighty powers and groundbreaking abilities. His hard stature and grim aura are hard to deny inside a battlefield. When you choose this character as your main, then you should have a one-of-a-kind strategy that could support you during your battle, but if you have some deficiency in your game plan, the character will make up for it.

During the battle, you’ll see him holding a dark black scythe, which is an intimidating weapon that will knock your opponents to the ground while dealing colossal damage. His weapon bears the powers of fire and heat, and these destructive powers allow you to relay the energies of fire and deal damage to your enemies, thus reducing their DEF. He deals damage for 8 seconds at a time which is a huge achievement for any character.

Special Trait at Max Level Kill 5 enemies restore 10% HP


Samir is your stereotypical version of a gunslinger. She is a trickster that is usually the first choice on a battleground by many players. They can easily fool an enemy and break their shield, and she uses Double EM stars to maneuver herself throughout an arena without staggering her feet and to break down an opponent’s ATK.

Her wielded weapon can electrocute your enemies’ souls and burn them to ash. Another huge thing that Samir can do, is that she can de-buff an enemy for 6 whole seconds.

Special Trait at Max Level 1 stack of Concentration achieved every 4 seconds when no damage is received.

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier.

The A tier is a list of characters who are the next best after the S rank, as they have an exceptionally high range of characteristics that could aid you in assembling a team that an opponent can not defeat easily. They don’t have perfect stats and abilities, but they are potentially great characters that can deal great damage.

These characters should be your top choice if you are a player who was not able to get their hands on the highest rank, and these are also going to be the ones most players make use of.


In a team of expert fighters, an archer holds a prominent place that cannot be taken away by any weapon bearer. A character with expertise over her ranged weapon needs to be in this tier, and Tsubasa uses it to help you excel on the battlefield, and you can never go wrong with the character due to her high agility and dexterity.

You should opt for her as she has an easy-going personality that makes her highly convenient and easy to control. Her commands are also easy to execute and do not require many complex moves. The bow in her hands is an Ice wind arrow that controls wind while originating from her darkest ice powers. Whoever touches it freezes to death, has their HP lowered, and is stunned.

Special Trait at Max Level On Damage inflict acquires 1 count of Fierce Strike, limited to a maximum of 1 count per second.


Shiro was able to get hold of a desalination machine and transformed it to give life to a flexible and durable weapon, called the chakram of the seas. The heavy armament allows you to access her water abilities and use them on your opponent, and her most lethal move is a full-bloom attack that deals elemental damage and nullifies all buffs of an opponent. Her shutter effect is increased as her ranking increases which decrease an enemy’s DEF.

She is a part of the A tier of the A rank since she benefits you greatly after reaching her maximum power level. Many characters get worn out and stop, but her main skill gains 100 acute attacks and destroys an enemy entirely.

Special Trait at Max Level On any weapon skill, ATK increases by 16%


This mutant character is a creature with an introverted nature, still, during her battles, she is transformed into a killing machine who goes on murder sprees. She has her ammunition on her shoulder called EM blaster guns that can erase your enemies off the Earth’s face.

She also has something known as Volt, which paralyzes an opponent and deals electricity damage, and lowers their DEF. Nemesis can also lower an opponent’s ATK, and inflict debuffs. She resides in the A tier because her brutal systems have high stats, and when her ranks increase, she bestows her abilities on her allies.

Special Trait at Max Level Damage increases to 100% of ATK within 30m after summoning Electrode.


A Fun character who is always boasting his outstanding dagger collection is a must in our Tower of Fantasy tier list. He has a plethora of feats executed through his daggers, and he performs his attacks with such neatness and grace that he rarely misses his target. The character has countless capabilities that revolve around using his daggers supplied by lightning.

His choice of weapon is thunder blades, and they work like ninja’s shurikens and Crow rarely misses his target. When he sets his aim, he is bound to strike his enemy and lower their DEF and ATK. He is a part of the A tier because his thunder blades impart electrifying powers. The backstabbing attack imparts enhanced dual blade powers. His volt attacks start lasting for a greater time and a player can deal massive damage and stun the opponent for a few seconds.

Special Trait at Max Level On combat entry, damage increases by 12% for 12 sec.

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier.

The B tier is an average tier that contains the most ordinary characters, with completely average mediocre abilities and skills.

When you opt for these characters, you require precise gameplay so that you can succeed in harder encounters without dying every few minutes. These characters are not the absolute worst, but you do have to be skilled to succeed with them.


Huma is a fair character with a regular set of abilities. Her weaponry includes a magma shield V2 that allows her to fire up her enemy and lower their ATK and HP. You will find her moves really mediocre to execute, and they’re also a little complex, However, a beginner opts for this character. She also has destructive and mayhem-causing abilities.

You will find her difficult to control as her feats are complex and complicated and these traits lodge her under the B rank in our article. Her star move is Seething Rage which allows her to increase her ATK and deals damage to her enemies. Additionally, She doesn’t have control over her emotions, and her shield is a ranged attack that only works for a small distance.

Special Trait at Max Level Upon using a weapon skill,  HP gain for 12 seconds, equivalent to the number of marks multiplied by 0.6% HP.


Claudia is a thoroughly B-tiered character, and she has a versatile set of moves and deal average damage in an arena. Her weapon is a grievous type sword that strikes an enemy, and he gets inflicted with a great deal of damage and loses HP. You must be strenuous with Claudia as her moves are a bit difficult to execute. You contemplate each path that could take you to your victory. You’ll need innovative gameplay when using her, so you do not regret your decision.

The grievous attack, even if it is full, has an effect that only lasts for 7 seconds. The ability includes Claudia in the B tier. If her weapon is not fully charged, the damage is mediocre, but a formidable strike is perceived when you establish an electrocuted ability. Your enemy also gets an opportunity to strike the character as he receives an open window. Her moves are short ranged. A DPS character seeks short distances to execute her moves. When she does that, conclusively, she is awarded a strike by an enemy.

Special Trait at Max Level Invisible for 1.5 sec upon dodging.


She is a DPS character who throws streams of fire through her ammunition. Her weapon requires 10 seconds to charge up, but when it fully charges, it transmits fiery rage and burns them to ashes while lowering your enemy’s DEF and ATK. The ammunition’s strength and power will inflict shock on an enemy. But she is a part of the B tier of our Tower of fantasy tier list China because she doesn’t have complete adeptness over the weapon. She sometimes loses her target, and her device needs to be recharged.

However, her fire rifle lowers her opponent’s ATK and deals damage. A DPS character protects herself and shows an offensive set of moves; you should not fool around with them. Moreover, You will need well-constructed gameplay to deal with this character. An opponent also receives an efficacy that stops them from healing faster.

Special Trait at Max Level Randomly restores 90-180 weapon charge


Meryl is a veteran warrior as well as a consistent fighter who deals with enemies in a straightforward manner and doesn’t let anything stray her from her path. Meryl has a Rose blade that is a light weapon but it doesn’t leave a single petal of the rose when it is down to business.

She uses icy powers from her interior and uses them to freeze her opponents and reduce their DEF. She can also restore her HP up to 10%, which is low compared to other characters. Her health value might seem to last long, but it is not useful in the bigger picture. She is a utility-type character whose main aim revolves around increasing HP of her allies. She also has a few offensive attacks, but she cannot execute them well.

Special Trait at Max Level Reduced duration of being frozen by 50%

C Tier

Tower of fantasy tier list
C Tier

The C rank is the second worst category on our lengthy list, as the characters and abilities here are not good. They do not help you gain achieve victory in a fight easily, and you can never strive to be an exceptional player with them.

Their survivability is also quite low, and most of their stats are also barely acceptable.


Her weaponry includes a polearm known as the Staff of Scars, which is deadly-looking but has average powers, and you might not find the decreasing an opponent’s HP or ATK. After spending a lifetime surrounded by posh luxuries and ethics, her life took a 360-degree turn, and medicine helped her. Her abilities also allow her to electrify her enemy and paralyze them. She heals her teammates by increasing their HP to a small extent.

You might be thinking, why is such a character part of the C tier when she has healing and damaging capabilities? The reason lies in her short ranged moves. She heals her companions in the 10-meter range. Usually, teammates are farther than that and you end up wasting her ability. Her missiles have poor targets; she misses them, and most of her moves are in vain. But as she gains bigger ranks, her activities are a bit extended, and she bestows 60% destruction abilities on her teammates.

Special Trait at Max Level Restoring HP increases the restoration effect by 200%.


When Hilda starts firing, she doesn’t stop, which makes her a ruthless combatant in the field. Her terminator weapon is huge and destroys anything in near sight.

But her moves are of no use if she uses them without stacking up. After she stacks them 15 times, they can increase the damaging percentage by 1% per second for a total of 15%. These are not big numbers, so that is why she resides in the C tier of the article. Her terminator doesn’t bleed an opponent to death, but it stuns or freezes them while reducing their DEF for a few seconds. The weapon is not useful in the long run for a character as it won’t benefit you. But if you keep ranking her up with great incentive, you might gain some aspect from it. But we are talking about a long timr to spend on such a character.

Special Trait at Max Level Vehicle usage increases speed by 10%

Coco Ritter

Coco is an adorable character who takes pleasure from snow and penguins.  She uses her magical freezing abilities during her battles as an absolute zero.

This quality puts her at a loss. Now on to why she is in the C tier, and it is a grave matter as a cute character who doesn’t deserve a cursed place. But if a character cannot benefit you as a player, it deserves to remain below. Her capabilities increase her HP, and she has no offensive attacks. Because of this, she can never defend or offend herself. If an enemy strikes her, you can’t form gameplay that could protect her from damnation.

Special Trait at Max Level Nil


Zero is a part of the C tier of our Tower of fantasy tier list global due to his negating cube ability, allowing him to fireballs of fire on his opponents damaging their ATK.

His computing ability might also help him gain precision in his target. But his machine can never be that great from which you can benefit. It is a short-range weapon for which you have to go near an enemy and gives an enemy an open window to strike. If you get too close, you’ll never see when your opponent will attack. You can create foolproof gameplay but have damnation written on your fate after choosing Zero. Also, He heals in 20 seconds, which might be the only plus point he has.

Special Trait at Max Level Deduced Cool down time on use of weapon skill

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier.

With the D rank of the list, what we have is a collection of the worst characters with appalling characteristics. These characteristics should only be chosen as an absolute last resort.

The only reason to ever consider them as options is if literally, nothing else is available to you. It’s either that or you as a player really love a challenge.


Echo is a cheerful girl that possesses a trait that is also known as Echo. which grants allies close to her a  4% increase in their attack power.

Moreover, If she electrocuted her opponents and dealt damage to them, then she would have been higher up in our Tower of Fantasy tier list. But unfortunately, she didn’t have a quality that could make her an exemplary warrior. She resides under the D tier because her moon chaser ability has almost no defending quality. She cannot deal damage and only decreases their ATK level by 5%.

Special Trait at Max Level Damage boost for allies around 10m.


This lady is just a prototype and her broadside weapon buffs her with freezing powers that she can use on her enemies. She stuns her foes and paralyzes them for a few seconds before they return to life.

Her attacks allow her enemies to stay rooted to the ground for 2.5 seconds which is not enough inside an arena. Because inside a hall, such moves and tactics are required that could reign over an enemy and Stun Them completely.

Special Trait at Max Level Nil

Bai Ling

She has the nightingale’s father as her weapon, which is a grievous type of weapon. It allows her to have great qualities you could use to kill off her enemies. When you choose her, you must know that her HP level is low, and an enemy can easily defeat her in an arena. She also has ranged attacks that do not allow her to attack her enemies that are at a long range. She has to get close to them, including her in the D tier of our ranking.

If a character has low HP and ATK levels, you should not choose them for your team as they would damage your chances of gaining a victory. They would ruin any progress you made throughout the game, so try to avoid adding this character to your team as she has poor skills and no resilience.

Special Trait at Max Level Glider on wayboard increases speed by 15 %.

Comparison Table

EntryTier Special Trait at Max Level
KingSKill 5 enemies restore 10% HP
SamirS1 stack of Concentration achieved every 4 seconds when no damage is received.
TsubasaAOn Damage inflict acquires 1 count of Fierce Strike, limited to a maximum of 1 count per second.
ShiroA On any weapon skill, ATK increases by 16%
NemesisADamage increases to 100% of ATK within 30m after summoning Electrode.
CrowAOn combat entry, damage increases by 12% for 12 sec.
HumaBUpon using a weapon skill, HP gain for 12 seconds, equivalent to the number of marks multiplied by 0.6% HP.
ClaudiaBInvisible for 1.5 sec upon dodging.
COBALT-BBRandomly restores 90-180 weapon charge
MerylBReduced duration of being frozen by 50%
PepperCRestoring HP increases the restoration effect by 200%.
HildaCVehicle usage increases speed by 10%
Coco RitterC
ZeroCDeduced Cool down time on use of weapon skill
EchoDDamage boost for allies around 10m.
BAI LingDGlider on wayboard increases speed by 15 %.

Patch Notes Ver 2.5

The latest patch notes bought about two new Matrix sets.

  • Gnonno Set: This Matrix Set is associated with the playable character Gnonno.
  • Rubilia Set: This Matrix Set is associated with the playable character Rubilia.


Our article is an assortment of characters placed in various ranks according to their durability, stability, survivability, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics. You might not agree with most of our decisions, and that’s okay. This article was compiled with our opinions and preferences in mind, so they could give you our point of view.

If you have some suggestions for us, we will gladly hear you out in the comments below. We would also like to mention that these rankings are based on the current meta, as new updates for the game are released in the future we will be updating the list to reflect the brand new meta.

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