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In this article, I will share with you the most promising Triangle Strategy tier list ever. This is an action-packed fighting game that many of you might be familiar with. Here in this game, there are a total of thirty characters to select from. Some of them are available from the very beginning of the game while others have to be recruited along with the chapters of the gameplay.

Based on the governance of Mobility, Liberty, and Conviction Requirements different characters can be selected or recruited. Although it is not possible to recruit all the characters within a single playthrough, however, to know the best ones and recruit only them for a great gaming experience, our tier list is all set to help you out.

If you are new to Triangle Strategy, or you want your friends to know about it, you are in the right place then. Here we will tell you all about the gameplay and all the characters. This tier list is purely subjective and no amount of negativity is tolerable here. Yes, you can give in your positive responses, and positive criticism in a mannered way.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, here in this tier list we have made sure to have 100% authentic content with the best regard to which characters have the best stats as well as liked by the audiences. Let us get started with the game tactics first.

Tringle Strategy Gameplay

Triangle Strategy has its own set of rules and gameplay when it comes to the players who are playing it for the first time. The troop placement is carefully set out in order to achieve the objectives of the game. This does not really involve the character’s love around rather it has a strategy of keeping all the characters united by keeping their back.

This leads to the formation of a great loop which specifically results in a good defensive game. When each player puts a troop on either side, they are rewarded with an extra attack on the enemy. It is somewhat of a military mind game in which the storyline is of great value and importance. Each player is provided with a unique type of currency when they apply a great move or attack, as a result, this money is utilized for purchasing new weapons, attacks, and many more things available for a better game.

As the game proceeds there is more and more added to the number of players. The main twist is that the gamer can never really know which character he or she is about to recruit as the total points are not shown while gaining them.

The characters are recruited based on the points as well as the selection of battles you fight. Each character is recruited by playing his or her own specific battle after which the recruitment takes place. All the methods and battles to recruit each character are described in the tier list below.

A great amount of time is spent in the story mode of the game, it is roughly a 30-hour runtime, to take the whole game to finish. Although there is a skip option available it will be a major loss for the player as skipping a single one of the conversations may result in leaving behind some great key points to win the game.

The main story of Triangle Strategy is how a dense and moral nation is run when the rule-breakers are out there for free. Let us begin with the Triangle Strategy tier list and get to know these amazing characters.

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S Tier

Triangle Strategy tier list s tier
Best characters of triangle strategy.

The S ranking is the first tier of this tier list which is referred to as the superb tier. It is the highest-ranking, consisting of the best and perfect characters from The Triangle Strategy. They have absolutely flawless tricks and moves that help is enhancing your game’s overall progression. These are the most enduringly brilliant characters having the best skills in the game. Enjoy your gaming nights with these best ones, and have fun winning.


Maxwell is a great and fearsome warrior in the game. Being the fastest one in the entire game, he has enormous strength. He has an outstanding Revive ability that lets him have a marvelous defense, as a result, he can not be defeated. When the conviction is at a high level, the point comes where Maxwell can recruit himself on the second playthrough generally.

He has many similarities with Roland, however, he is way better than him. The Revive ability of Maxwell makes him a top-notch player. In the game, Maxwell has two health bars, which provides him an opportunity to be the best character in terms of health. He possesses a Raged option which usually lets him stand out from the rest of the characters.

He starts off as a Dawnspear, along with his weapon known as Gungnir. Maxwell has an abundance of abilities that are the reason for him being a top character. When you start playing Triangle Strategy for the first time, this is the character who should be your top priority.

As the mechanics of the game, he has a subtle attack and moves for every sort of situation brought about in his way, you just need to know the right buttons to press at the right time, am I right? His most brilliant abilities or I should say his best moves are, Counter Stance, Triple Thrust, Revive, Traverse, Two Birds One Stone, Lance Hurl, and Run through. Indeed this player is up to scratch, having all the skills that are usually required to ease up the battle.

He has a special hand in mid-range attacks, where he is a pro. Maxwell is a man of multiple powerful abilities, that are though much needed. He is recruited at the start of chapter XV, known as When our paths part.


This game has a strategy of dominating the opponent mainly, I think Fredrica is a pro at it. Additionally, she has extremely powerful ranged nukes which provide her the to be the best damage dealer. When Fredrica’s character is properly updated, she can have TP at each and every level, therefore she is able to cast nukes without having any support character for this purpose. She is an MVP when it comes to damage and number of kills, thus making her a fairly reliable and strong character of Triangle Strategy.

Fredrica has the power to wield fire magic in combats, which sets her opponents along with whatever or whoever is present in her surroundings with a long casted magic spell, this spell causes a high level of destruction. She starts off as a pyromancer, with the weapon known as Tome of fire. Fredrica has a variety of skills that she is so famous for. Firstly, the main reason for her placement in the top tier of this tier list is that she has a great set of skills that she applies accordingly in the battle.

The noteworthy skills of Fredrica are, Pillars Of Fire, Fire Eater, Blazing Chains, Flame Sheild, Scorch, and Blessing Of Fire. Nevertheless, she has agile and remarkable attributes that make her stand brightly in the S tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list. She can be recruited when she wins the ”Beset By Brigands” battle.


Milo is one of the finest characters in the game with great mobility and speed. She has some pretty outstanding moves and attack styles that make her stand out from the rest of the gang. Her survivability and damage are so great that she can beat the hell out of her opponents without any great damage to herself. Moreover, she has another great feature that makes her so brilliant, it is that she is able to move twice in each of the turns. For instance, she can attack and then retreat back from the place where she started.

Her most famous attack named Bread and Butter does a significant amount of damage to the opponent. Milo’s weapons are so great and she is able to handle them perfectly well, this is her main area of displaying her skills.

Her starting class is mainly as a dancer along with her initial weapon, the Shadow Fan. Indeed she has great moves, including Stardust, Evade Detection, Heart Stealer, Moon Jump, Instinct, Blue Night, and Green Mist. Surely Milo is a star character as she inflicts many ailments by slipping from the opponents. This character can surely be recruited in chapter 15 when you return to Wolffort.


Alvora is a top contestant on the Triangle Strategy tier list as she is the most difficult character to be unlocked. When you gain the Golden Ending, only then are you able to unlock this fabulous character. Good things aren’t always easy to get right? She stands out from the rest of the characters in terms of her strength, perhaps she is one of the strongest characters.

Alvora is the one with the highest defense, health, and damage. She is apparently a difficult character to play, but once you get a hold of her moves and attacks, you will simply love her. Alvora has a variety of moves, additionally, her attack power is marvelous, she attacks like a pro. She indeed is a pro, she is an army in herself.

Her starting class is Dark General, with the initial weapon Berserker III. Alvora has a huge list of abilities and moves that are responsible for her placement in the highest tier, these skills are; Lone Wolf, Prevail and Powerup Spare no Effort, No Escape, Desperate Strike, Risky Maneuver, and Desperate Defence. Her stats will eventually increase when her health is down, this is the beauty of this character. She can be recruited in Chapter 17 when you choose the Golden Route.


Serenoa is indeed another great player in the Triangle Strategy, he is simple the best of the best. He is an extremely strong player as he is among the soldier units of the game. Serenoa has many classic qualities that make him shine in the game. He has a long-distance nuke which provides him to have great utility. His great move, Sweeping Slash is what he is mainly famous for, as he is a pro of this move.

His toolkit is absolutely flashy and fabulous. Additionally, he has an outstandingly great defense and high health, as he is able to fight in the frontline without his health being triggered. He can really weaken the opponent’s health when he strikes. He is a top-notch player.

His starting class is mainly as a Swordsman, along with his longsword. Moreover, his abilities are; strength in Numbers, Sweeping Slash, Counter Stance, Hawk Dive, Pursuit Stance, and Delaying Strike. He has a great balance of being an offensive and defensive player at the same time. He is the player who is available from the very beginning.

A Tier

Triangle Strategy tier list A tier.
Good characters of the game.

The A tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list includes the good and decent players of the game, although they do have their flaws due to which they are assigned to the A tier rather than the S tier. The following characters are worthy of being placed here as they have some great attributes.


She is simply the best healer in the game having the most ravishing speed and recovery. Her Haste ability is marvelous more importantly when she is given the Vanguard Scarf. Geela is one of the finest characters in the game that is why she is placed in the A tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list. Geela is mainly famous for her healing abilities that are the best of all the characters, having a strong game when it comes to fighting with some most incredible players in the game.

This character is a greatly agile one in terms of her vicious speed, she has a great speed due to which she plays a top-notch game. Her gaming tactics are superb which allows her to be number one in many battles.

Although her Haste spell is pretty much questionable in terms of utility, Geela has it all covered by her other awesome skills. Her starting class is as a physician, with a rod that is used as a weapon. Geela’s important abilities are; Mend Wounds, Heal what Ails you, Sanctuary, Haste, For Those In Need, and Cure Wounds. She can be recruited by winning ” Beset By Brigands”.


She is an item-based player of the game being an incredible player she has some amazing techniques to win easily. Her attack items are the key specialty that makes her so special to be placed in the A tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list. Her decoy skills are great and cause a great effect on the opponents when it comes to hitting them badly, this results in huge damage caused to them in terms of this outstanding skill that Picoletta has.

Particularly her attack items are expensive to get, they require a lot of money to be obtained and used for the benefit of the gamer. However, besides that Picoletta is an amazing character in the game. She has an excellent toolkit that is the main source of her tremendous ability to attack like a pro. She has a great speed that comes in handy when it comes to being battled against some strong opponents.

Her starting class is as an Acrobat with a Racquet as a weapon used initially. Her finest abilities are; Switch Places, Illusion Vanished, Ball Toss, Intensive Items, Decoy, and Item Launcher. She is able to summon a decoy with an increase in offensive items. This one can be recruited when Conviction requirements points reach 450.


Medina is probably a favorite character of many gamers out there. As far as her skills are concerned, she has amazing healing abilities that lead her to be one of the finest characters. Her greatest ability is to generate TP at the time of using an ally or any other item, it counts a lot in the game to win difficult battles.

Her attack skills are an absolute delight, as she has many moves to apply to her opponents. She can make the rival swing away and cause so much damage to them that they may come close to losing in one or two strikes. Medina has many classic healers, one of the finest ones indeed.

She starts off as an Apothecary with a knife. Her oh-so-great abilities are; Lady Luck, TP Physick, Fast Acting Medication, Poison Pallete, Long Toss, Double Items, HD Physick, and many more. She can surely use some items twice within a single turn due to an increase in the potency of her healing items. She can be recruited by gaining 500 Morality plus 400 liberty Conviction points.


Cordelia is an amazing character in terms of being a healer, moreover, her toolkit has a great area of effect heal which is a great factor to have in a tool kit. Additionally, it has a standard heal and a region spell, and a huge passive which is responsible for the generation of TP. Although she can perform much healing spells some of them require sacrifice.

She starts off as a Cleric with a Silver Rod. She has a number of important abilities which are; Self Sacrifice, Elude, Helping Hand, Healing Region, Rest and Recover TP, Heal, and Region. She can be recruited in chapter 15 where she can be selected between Milo, Travis, and Trish. She is definitely the best character in the game in many terms.


There is absolutely no exception in casting Narve in the A tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list as he is an amazing character. The lightning spell causes huge amounts of damage as it causes the opponent to be paralyzed, hence unable to compete during the match.

This spell is a huge breakthrough in any battle as there is no chance for anyone to dodge it without facing a hell of difficulty. Another great spell of Narve is called Whirlwind which additionally causes damage to the opponent. He is a powerful mage being able to cast healing and attack spells.

He lacks the ability to self-sustain his TP, for which he has to stand and recover it every few minutes, this became the sole reason for his placement in the A tier rather than the S tier of this list. He starts off as a Sage with Oak Rod as a weapon. His abilities are Extending your Reach, Scorch, Pierce Defenses, Spark, Icy Breath, Sanctuary, and Whirlwind. He has the ability to cast spells in order to divert the opponent’s orientation. He can be recruited at 275 liberty conviction points and 110 morality.


Hughette is an archer, It is because of her awesome tendency to fly along with her Shooting star weapon expertise that results in id deliberate damage. It is a blessing that she has marvelous positioning, additionally, her attack skills are pretty brilliant as well. By striking her good move, Shooting Star, she can save a lot of TP by means of her attack skills.  Although mages are better than archers they are not bad at all.

Archers have the tendency for dealing a lesser amount of damage than the mages, additionally, they can only tend to hit a single target at a time. However, they don’t depend on TP to control damage therefore they can deal damage in each turn.

Although he can deal damage but still it is not enough, therefore he is placed in the A tier. His starting class is as a Hawkbow with Shortbow as a weapon. His abilities are in abundance and they are; Focus, A rise in Range, Shadow Stitching Arrow, Fell Swoop, Binding Arrow, and Hawk’s Bane. To recruit him you should reach the battle in chapter 2 known as To Arms Brave Warriors.


Roland is a very strong character with enormous abilities to compete in great battles. He has an amazing skill set which has many brilliant abilities including the tendency to beat up the enemies all in a line. Additionally, he can target single nukes one after another. He has extremely high mobility, probably the greatest one in the entire game. He can strike attacks on the enemy with such immense power that the opponent is left brutally injured. It is safe to say that Roland is a brilliant character of the A tier of Triangle Strategy tier list.

Roland’s starting class is as a Spear Knight along with his Lance. His abilities are; Flash of Steel, Pushback, Opportune Attack, Rush, Double Thrust, and Knight’s Bane. He can be recruited in chapter 2 while To Arms Brave Warriors battle.


Being a mage, Corentin is absolutely ravishing character in the game. After unlocking the ability he is finally able to form a TP each time on every round when he is standing on a frozen panel.  Corentin is able to dish out enemies so strongly and fastly that even the opponents get confused about what just happened to them. His specialty in freezing panels is awesome that enables him to damage many nukes with great strength. He is called the powerhouse of energy.

The only drawback of this character is that his magic attack is not up to the standards of S-tier characters. Although it is a decent one but still not his best trait. He starts off as a Cyromancer with his Tome of Ice. His skills are; Wall of Ice, Frosty Fetters, Icy Breath, and Blessing of Ice. He can be recruited by reaching the battle in chapter 3 known as Apprehending the Rebels.


Rudolph has many great skills in his skill set that make him a good contender for this game. He can put his opponents to sleep which helps him in attacking them in what so ever way he wants. Although Rudolph is not a mage but an archer, still I find his skills pretty amazing. He can target a single nuke with his forceful attacks. He can use his bow as a weapon for the purpose of damaging the enemy real bad. As he is an archer, therefore he can not be placed in the S tier despite his great abilities and aptitude.

He starts off as a Hunter with his Longbow. His enormous abilities are; Thrill of the Hunt, Fight or Flight, Steel Trap, and Straight Shot. He can be recruited in chapter 3 battle Subduing The Smugglers.

B Tier

Triangle Strategy b tier list.
Average characters of the game.

B-tier characters are average ones, they do have pretty decent attributes to offer but their flaws are far more than those of the A tier. Therefore I placed them below the A tiers. Let us begin with the B tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list.


Julio is a soldier type of character who can do a lot of damage, especially his Bread and Butter attack is pretty enormous that leaves the opponent with great damage as it penetrates into the physical defense. He is a pretty good one when it comes to granting TP to the allies, this results in the mages having an abundance of TP which helps them in getting out of their spells. As he can provide TP to the allies, on the contrary, he can take TP away from the enemies.

However, he lacks a great toolkit like other good characters, along with this he has weak speed and defense. That is why he is placed in the B tier of this list. He starts as an Advisor with a Curved Blade as a weapon. His skills are; Inheritor, Best Regards, TP Barrier, Finish Them, K.O. TP+, Not On My Watch, and Moment Of Truth. He can be recruited when the Morality points reach 275 and Conviction Requirement units reach 110.


Travis is a decent soldier unit, being a tanky character he is able to cause damage in a single strike. He has the ability to let the gamer obtain those items in the game that can be sold at a time when money is low. Although, he is not a versatile player and thus he is placed in the B tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list. He lacks ranged attacks and effect attacks in his skill set. He is a simple melee fighter with no enormous abilities.

The starts off like a Boss with Theif’s Cudgel as a weapon. His abilities are; Trial by Fire, Fortuitous, Mug, Impending Strike, On Your Guard, Steel Back, and Backward Toss. To recruit him it is a must to knock out Roselle in chapter 11.


He is a strong character in terms of damage. Additionally, he has a marvelous range having to be of great use when his level has increased. His skill named Inescapabl Arrows strikes with such power that it brutally damages the opponent even when the rival is behind shields. His TP levels change whenever he strikes his singles at nukes. On the other hand, his mobility is not as good, as compared to others he has slow movement.

He starts off as a Bow Adept and his weapon is called the Bow Of Serenity Weapon. Some of his great abilities are; A Swift End, Inescapable Arrow, Sticky Arrow, Second Sight, Arrow Spray, and Edged Arrow Snipper. To recruit him, it is essential to have 400 Morality and 500 Utility Conviction points.


He is a nice character having some decent abilities in his skill set. He is an interesting character probably beneficial for the team’s compatible speed and also reverting the battle to a turn ago. He has the ability to break or make the game, additionally, he can cast his time bondability two times in a row. On the contrary, his toolkit is not so amazing as well. He has some inabilities in regard to his toolkit as it is not up to the mark with the strong characters of the game.

He starts off as a Clairvoyant and his weapon is called the Space-Time Sceptor. Some of his great abilities are; Distorted Space, Sto Time, Warped Space, In Due Course, Turn Back Time, Time Compression, and Remain and Recover. He can be recruited by gaining 1600 Conviction Requirement points.


She is a fun character to use being able to have access to solid single target nuke, sleep, poison and stealth. She is definitely a versatile character and also good at survival. Her damage may not be as great as the strong characters of Triangle Strategy but it is very decent and it is surely not bad. Her ability to take the opponents to sleep has a huge impact on her game, as by doing so she is able to cause them a great amount of damage. Although Anna is not a strong character, whatever she has in her skill set and in her toolset, she makes full use of it.

Her damage tears apart at the end of the game which is counted as a huge flaw perhaps the only great flaw in her. This, makes her be placed in the B tier of this tier list. Anna’s starting class is as a spy with an iron Dagger as a weapon. Her abilities include; Remain and Recover, Slumber Stab, Surmount, Take Cover, Throw Poison, and Act Twice. She can be recruited in the battle named A Young Hawk Soars in chapter One.


Erador is another useful character having the most amazing tank in the entire game. The real starts when the opponents come across in the frontline and he takes them down with his great tanks. He possesses the area of effect taunt, and skills of being invincible as well as having a huge defense system. When Erador counterattacks, he does it pretty decently.

Even weapon skills work in a  perfect ratio to his tanks. Erador is a great character but the main reason to place him in the B tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list is that in this game the use of tanks is not required most of the time, but when it does, his skills skyrockets.

His starting class is as a Shieldbearer with Kite Sheild as a weapon. His abilities are named; On The Attack, Physical Counter, Ram Foe, Steelback, Sprint, and Provoke. He has recruited in chapter 1 battle A Young Hawk Soars.


She is a fighter unit, she is a nice character in the game and has some good skills. She can attack with great power and speed. In fact, I like all of her abilities in the game, as far as strength is concerned she does not lack it at all. The only and major flaw that I find in this character is that she is a healer and a fighter, but certainly not both at a time. When she heals, she can not fight, and, when she fights, she can not heal. This brings about a great doubt before any gamer selects her.

She starts off as a Mounted Healer with a weapon known as Six Edged Staff. Her abilities are; Up and Up, Desperate Defence, Push back, Trekking for TP, Cleave, Be Brave, and Knights Bane. She can be recruited when 275 Conviction Requirement points have reached and 110 liberty points.


The sole purpose of placing Ezana in the B tier rather than the C tier is that she is a mage, and her weapon skills are really great, apart from these, she is an abysmal one. She is weak in strength and her toolkit is poor as well. Although her weapon skill is great it takes a huge amount of time in setting up. She always needs a supporting character in order to acquire a complete set of skills and abilities.

Her damage is quite petty as well even along with buffs. Her starting class is as a Shamaness with her starting weapon, the Spirit Master. Her skills are; Right Of Luck, Pierce Defences, Right of Tempests, Rite Of Rain, Accursed Strike, Right Of Wind, and Right Of Lightening. She can be recruited with 400 Utility points and 500 Conviction Requirement Points.

C Tier

Below Average characters of Triangle Strategy.
Not-so-good characters from the game.

The C tier is the below-average tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list as the players in this rank have some flaws and some skills as well, as they are not all bad, therefore they are designated in the C tier.


Flanagan is an average sort of a character. He plays a defensive game mostly, his movements and attacks are mostly defensive. He is recruited by maxing out a conviction branch. However, he is slow and less powerful. His toolkit is probably a mobility kit, although he is not a strong character. He has the ability to increase a single ally’s defense. He is generally a flying interpretation of Erador, but nothing compared to him.

His starting class is as a Hawksheild, with Rook Sheild as an initial weapon. He has a few abilities that are quite weak when applied, these abilities are; Safe Heaven, Aerial Assault, Sheild Bash, Ironclad, Fortify, Shielding Stance, and Hawk’s Bane. He is recruited by gaining 750 utility conviction requirements and 1050 morality points.


Decimal, on the whole, is an interesting character. He has an absolutely decent range that can hit the opponents who have low health at that moment. However, his skills could be improved a little bit when they are upgraded. Additionally, his Shtick is very weak which is the main reason for his placement in the C tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list.

His starting class is as a mathematician along with his telescope. Decimal’s abilities are; Target Height 5+, Assist TPO, Target HP 5,4,3, Charge TP, and Automaton’s Artifice. He has immunity from the status ailments and is recruited when morality conviction requirements reach 1600.


This character is pretty important for the storyline of the game but his existence makes no huge difference, being a supporting character he has a firm hand in buffs. When I take Benedict in any battle I realized that it would not have mattered if he was not there.

When you select this character, it leads to the fact that the damage caused is very weak as compared to other useful characters. He is not a great fighter, his skill set lacks great skills, and even his buffs don’t have a big impact.

His starting class is as a Tactician along with a Canesword. These skills are; Twofold Turn, Initial TP +, Bird of Prey, Bulwark, and Raging Beast. This character is present from the beginning of the game.


Lionel can produce more treasure in the game to sell and has a good impact on the battle. He can be fine while Mental Mock Battle, in order to win money as his some skills can get you many coins. However, he is an average character, his speed is so horrible that in order to move the gamer has to use the accessories to do so. He starts off as a Wordsmith with his Whip as an initial weapon.

His skills are; Endless Speech, Treasure, and HP, Brute Force, Inciting Whispers, Lucky Find, Ruffle Feathers, and Charm. To recruit him the Conviction Requirement points should reach 400.


She is not the finest one of the characters, but she surely has some nice skills. She can cause single target damage accompanied by dealing a fine amount of damage at range. Although she does have some similarities with Serenoa she lacks her effect skills and great damage. Despite the flaws and weaknesses, her survivability is great, she has the tendency to dodge attacks.

Her starting class is Brawler with fists of destruction as her weapon. She has some decent abilities that are; Desperate Evasion, Cross Counter, Lure-In, Energy Wave, Eliminate and Evade, Sweeping Kick and Evade Detection.


Trish is an archer character when her Recruition level is reached, you have to select between Travis, Cordelia, Milo, and her. Among the four of them, Trish is the least one in terms of skills and abilities. Trish is a character with no specialties, her damage being just fine, along with weapons that have to be unlocked. It’s just that to acquire her not-so-good skills, they have to be unlocked, which required a great amount of work.

Her starting class is a Treasure Chaser with Theif’s Shortbow as a weapon. Her abilities are; No Honour, Bullseye, Plundering Shot, Item Gatherer, Leap, Flamming Arrow, and Blessing of Fire.

D Tier

D Tier Triangle Strategy tier list
Worst characters of Triangle Strategy.

The characters in the D tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list have the least skills and they do consists of certain flaws that lead them to the lowest tier of this list. Let us discuss these characters and their abilities along with their disabilities. The characters of the D tier are as follows:


Jens’s only skill is that he is able to form a turret which results in a counterattack on the opponent which is of great help. This skill of Jens is really useful during the battle. Apart from this, all his other attack styles are useless. One of his moves is called Rap Skill which causes a very low amount of damage, which is almost negligible. His ladder skills are very weak, in fact, they are of no use at all. To delay his opponent’s turn, he loses his own. Even his single good skill Turrent has a very little damage impact, and still, it costs way too much in the game.

His starting class is as an Artisan, with his hammer as a  weapon. His skills are; Hale and Hearty, Ladder II, Slumber Strike, Ensnaring the Enemy, Constricting Net, Spring Tap, and Ladder. He uses Ladders to create shortcuts to set automatic turrets and traps.


Giovanna is an absolutely awful character in the game hence she is placed in the D tier of the Triangle Strategy tier list. Her skills and abilities only work on some terrains, even then they are of no great use. The maps of rocky terrains or town terrains will have her abilities minimized. Perhaps she is the weakest healer and worst mage in the entire game. Moreover, without the desired terrain, her versatility is pretty much useless.

She starts off as a Geologist, with her weapon named Pickaxe of Passion. Her skills are; Gelid Barrage, Scorched Each, TP to Power, Splash, Ivy Beam, Rock Toss, and Trekking For TP. Giovanna is absolutely not a good character in the game.


The main adjective of the tier lists we produce is to provide the viewers with great guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten even about their favorite categories. All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a huge amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles. All the writers here have to carry out a great deal of research even before writing a single word.

As this tier list is not made for our own selves, but for our dear viewers, therefore we make sure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance. This takes out a great deal of energy and time, these are not just utter words, rather these are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, that leads to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the certain category.

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Triangle - FAQs

What if a character dies in the game?

When a character dies, it is gone as a punishing mechanic of the game.

Can we play all the characters?

The 30 characters are not playable in one playthrough.

What if we lose a battle in the game?

When a battle is lost you have to start over with the things you have earned.

How many endings are there in all?

There are a total of four endings, with one end being the Golden Ending while the rest of them are General Endings.

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