The ULTIMATE UMVC3 Tier List [2022 Edition]

Developed by Capcom in conjecture with Marvel, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is one of the most popular fighting games of all time. And today, I will share with you an amazing article that is about the UMVC3 tier list.

This list will include all of your favorite heroes from the game, who will be ranked from S to D rank depending on their abilities. We will also make sure to keep the popular consensus about each fighter in mind, but overall it will be our own list. Each of the placements below will be according to our experiences with the game.

With that all said, let us now take a look at the rankings of such a magnificent game.

Key Points

  • The most recent meta was taken into account when ranking the characters.
  • We ranked each fighter on their skills, abilities, etc.
  • There are a total of 50 characters in the article.
  • Among the highest tiers, we will find Vergil and Zero.
  • The lowest rank contains Thor and Modok.


Now we will rank all the heroes of the game in a short table below:

Tier RankCharacter
S Rank• Vergil
• Morrigan
• Dr. Doom
• Zero
• Magneto
• Wolverine
• Dante
• Nova
• Amaterasu
A Rank• Phoenix
• Hagger
• Dormammu
• Nathan Spencer
• Firebrand
• Strider Hiryu
• X-23
• Phoenix Wright
• Rocket Raccoon
• Dr. Strange
• Viewtiful Joe
• Frank West
• Super-Skrull
• Akuma
• Iron Man
B Rank• Trish
• Albert Wesker
• Storm
• Tron Bonne
• Jill Valentine
• Sentinel
• She-Hulk
• Hawkeye
C Rank• Captain America
• Chun Li
• Chris Redfield
• C. Viper
• Spider-Man
• Felicia
• Shuma-Gorath
• Arthur
• Hulk
D Rank• Thor
• Iron Fist
• Ryu
• Taskmaster
• Nemesis
• Ghostrider
• Deadpool
• Modok
• Hsien-Ko

You can learn about them in more detail below.


Marvel vs Capcom is one of the most extravagant and crazy fighting game series, and it has been experimenting with the dream matchup idea for a long time. The most recent game in the ongoing series, UMVC 3, combines superheroes and bad guys from Marvel comic books with characters from several Capcom video games.

It succeeds on a variety of levels and finding the most diverse and well-rounded fighters among the various options available might be challenging. It all boils down to each fighter’s unique fighting style, special attacks, and natural power, speed, and agility. We will start our list with the S tier which is considered the superb tier having the best characters from the game. This list will go down to A, B, C, and D tiers. All the characters are ranked on the basis of their skills and abilities, but the article is still very subjective

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S Tier

Best characters from UMVC 3.
S tier.

First off, there are a lot of characters, each of whom fights in a certain way and has a unique range of moves. Second, because there are so many various mechanisms in the game—grapple assaults, throws, combination strikes, as well as defensive skills like evasion and blocking, each player is unique, and his playstyle is idiosyncratic.

We start our UMVC 3 with S Tier which is reserved solely for the strongest or highest-rated characters.


Because of his ability to handle just about any enemy in the game, the #1 choice on this list is certainly Vergil. Every Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player will extol Vergil’s virtues in great detail while conversing with them. He possesses a great deal of range, reliable teleports, strong speed, and damage, and when given the option, he uses meters well.

His level 3 X Factor is powerful, and his Devil Trigger gives all of his skills an additional boost hence placed in the S tier of the UMVC3 tier list. Vergil is competent in just about every circumstance and has been a mainstay of competitive play since he was added to Ultimate. He is the person you love to hate and hate to adore, and he is undoubtedly the best combatant.


Despite serving as the unofficial face of the Darksiders, I’ve always thought of Morrigan as a great figure. She performs admirably in such games, and in MVC 3, she breaks free from the restrictions of the Fireball character to become a formidable fighter.

The succubus, who still carries her characteristic Soul Fist, has some of the strongest all-around skills, strong air mobility, and minor extras like the capacity to steal meters and her Astral Vision ultra, which can generate a ton of fireball pressure. Because of Morrigan’s outstanding performance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, it’s easy to understand why she was chosen to be one of the first characters revealed for Infinite with Capcom’s top players.

Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom may play hold back and hold opponents at a distance while he waits for a chance to attack himself by bringing a decent selection of missiles and defensive choices. He can still punish opponents who miss combinations with his Foot Dive, and he can easily handle most threats because of his all-around ability.

He receives a top ranking due to his adaptability to virtually any composition and simplicity of execution. You might do worse than study Dr. Doom whether you’re fresh to MVC 3 or just gearing up for Infinite.


Zero makes a strong debut in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as one of the great point characters. With strong combinations and destructive basic attacks, a Zero may take benefit of a situation and quickly deplete 50% or more of the life bar with only one mistake.

He’s hard to gauge, but his one real weakness is his inability to handle good zoners. Zero is an extremely technical character that demands a certain degree of knowledge to truly utilize his greatest combinations. However, this is rewarded with some tremendous aggressiveness and the capacity to obliterate the enemy’s point in a few catastrophic swoops.


The X-arch-enemy Men is still a challenging technical character, a potent jack-of-all-trades who can adapt to the speed of the game as required. It can be challenging to use all of his moves effectively, but those who persevere through games will be rewarded with a character who excels in ground and air combat, can set up strong resets, and can play keep away or apply pressure to the opposition. Magneto remains the competitive play mainstay that he was in earlier Vs. games, despite being a touch fragile and suffering when landing from a long jump height.


Wolverine absolutely must be in any VS list you create. He’s still one of the finest all-out rushdown fighters in the ame, and the Berserker Barrage is a trademark of the series. He is one of the finest point-position opponents in the game because of his amazing cross-ups and ability to generate meters. His lack of defensive alternatives and slight deficiencies in the air game is his only weaknesses. Wolverine behaves just how one would anticipate him to: with unrelenting ferocity, he maintains his position as the greatest member of the Vs. Pantheon.


The arrogant demon-slayer, who uses his armory of special techniques to thrive in a variety of situations, provides a great deal of speed and combos scaling to the table. His move set may occasionally be too complicated for any rookie to keep records of, but while Dante can give relentless aggression, his correct zoning game isn’t spectacular.

He has a lot of useful cycles that can be expanded or tweaked. Dante, while still one of the finest characters overall in the game, is outclassed by his brother.


Every Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gamer who spends enough time playing with or against trash-talking superheroes has most of Nova’s phrases ingrained in their brain. Nova is a powerful rushdown character with great mixup skill and combo potential. He also has the option to trade his red health to boost the damage of several of his strikes.

A strong Nova might start off strong and never give up, leaving you little breathing room or room to respond. After plenty of time playing versus him, observant players may learn to interpret his blundering, but in the hand of a Nova veteran versus the uninitiated, it’s challenging to cope with the assault Nova allows.


Amaterasu, the sun deity of Okami, is incredibly adaptable and can use any of her three weapons to handle any circumstance. With Amaterasu, you may rushdown, keep distance, punish, and even poke, making the adversary adjust to you instead of the other way round.

Amaterasu can make incredible comebacks because of her X Factor, which also makes her a very effective anchor for teams. Amaterasu was conceptually intriguing while looking for new Capcom players, but the Okami character’s execution in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is both accurate and effective.

A Tier

UMVC 3 tier list A tier
A Tier.

Let’s now examine what the A Tier has to offer. Fighting games are quite subjective, but they also provide players the ability to genuinely express themselves, which makes their playstyles very distinct and even unique.

And that is demonstrated by the many playstyles that different regions have repeatedly displayed in international e-sports. These characters are a superb selection of formidable fighters, and the only reason they might fall into the A Tier is because of their total numbers, which might be a little less than those in the S Tier.


Once she turns into Dark Phoenix, she poses a serious threat since she can wipe out whole teams using her X Factor and turn the tide of the match in her favor. Teams are frequently created around this idea in order to take advantage of the dramatic momentum shift and last-minute transformation that it entails. Although it’s a touch corny, Phoenix is one of the most recognizable characters in the UMVC3 tier list because she alters the flow of the game every time she enters the fray.


Haggar is one of the Capcom cast members that don’t receive nearly enough notice. He brings his trademark Lariat to the battle, has a lot of hp to work with, and can inflict a lot of damage when circumstances call for it. He can also help other characters avoid rush downs by deflecting attacks with his Lariat.

Haggar has a distinct playstyle compared to the majority of the roster, despite his limited mobility and vulnerability to zoners. He is also a lot of fun to play with. Haggar is the sole option in the game if you’ve ever loved lariats.


Dormammu, Dr. Strange’s adversary from another realm, isn’t the most well-known Marvel antagonist if you only have tertiary knowledge of the franchise like I do. The flamboyant fighter, however, brings a variety of weapons to battle, being able to negate missiles and charge down adversaries. Additionally, Dormammu possesses a strong roster of supers and excellent setups.

His use of meter is where he can fall short, particularly if the game had not been your way before he joins the scene. Although he can’t take advantage of every circumstance, Dormammu is still a strong combatant on the right teams and in the proper scenarios. In addition, if a player understands his abilities effectively, he may be punished to face.

Nathan Spencer

Though his clothing is the same as the more contemporary 2009 Bionic Commando, the Bionic Commando was a throwback inclusion for UMVC 3. Even so, Spencer makes excellent use of his grappling arm, grabbing opponents and extending attacks. He can take hits and also deal with them because of his weight. When a decent stat line and a practical mechanic are combined, Spencer is without a doubt one of the easiest characters to understand and is helpful in almost any circumstance.


The red-colored devil from Ghosts ‘n Goblins adds a lot of movement and some really showy moves to the game. His ability to create unblockable combinations with specific characters, such as Dr. Doom, Amaterasu, Skrull, and Storm, is the key appeal in this situation.

His propensity to produce a string of “put away the controller” situations is either a great benefit or a reason to exclude him from your friendly competition. He is otherwise quite ordinary. Leading a Firebrand lineup could be for you if you enjoy causing extreme annoyance in other people.

Strider Hiryu

I played Strider in MVC 2 for the first time on a team alongside Spider-Man and Jin. Strider was all I used to dominate my friend, and it was awesome. In UMVC 3, Hiryu introduces a bit more assist game, and his level three X Factor makes him a formidable opponent in the later phases of the battle.

Although he takes fewer blows than fighters with more mass, he can combo nicely from out his air throws and adequately complete mobile teams. If you become tired of your usual team of three, the assassin is still a great character to switch to.


There is no denying that X-23 is a very capable fighter. The mutant strong soldier has unstoppable assaults, mobility, and the ability to eliminate an entire squad using her X Factor. However, there is a return for every risk, and X-23 fails due to zone problems, a lack of conversion, and poor damage in the absence of the X Factor.

She could help your team win games, but if you can’t act when it counts, she can wind up accomplishing nothing. She can turn up the heat that puts a lot of pressure on the opposition lineup to cope with her before she is online, making her a dangerous opponent.

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix is from a series that I really enjoy, so it probably influences the rating a little nit. Wright, however, is far more intriguing than the bulk of fighting game gimmick characters in regards to gimmick characters. He adds a lot of passion and liveliness as opposed to other dull cast members by successfully hitting his Comeback mode and taking the enemy down with complaints and proof. Wright is still one of the most inventive and interesting characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, even though he won’t be taking home any tournament victories any time soon.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon, another diminutive character with a constrained hitbox, has various cunning traps that might present opportunities to unwary opponents. It’s also fantastic because he’s a raccoon having a ton of weapons and devices. His usual strikes aren’t particularly impressive, and he does suffer losses in terms of health and damage.

The finest players for Rocket are those that preferred to plan and set traps, then await their adversaries to make a mistake so they could profit from it. Otherwise, this galactic watchman will find it difficult to engage in combat with stronger, more threatening adversaries.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is a significant addition to the game despite not being represented by Benedict Cumberbatch. In addition to having one of the greatest teleports in the game, he brings a great deal of projectile game to the field, casting a lot of spells for enemies to contend with.

However, the doctor struggles with rushdown and sacrifices movement for range, making it simple to knock him down when you’ve gotten close enough. Dr. Strange has the power to let you control the screen and spam projectiles if that’s your thing.

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe, the little, swift superhero from his own series, is a fighter in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He has excellent priority for his abilities, fantastic air mobility, and a tiny hitbox that is effective against stronger opponents. He also carries his Viewtiful God Hand, a powerful super that has the ability to destroy any squad.

Less reach and worse ground mobility are the prices he pays for his lack of height and air superiority. He is a quick and strong fighter, but cunning opponents probably know a few ways to counteract his size and quickness.

Frank West

Capcom’s Dead Rising hero joins Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with his signature camera and a ton of zombie-based skills, but he turns up being a skilled swordsman in his own right. His assists are highly helpful, and his leveling system, which allows him to boost the strength of his control samples and supers, has the potential to turn him into a formidable force.

Frank eventually becomes dependent on leveling to be relevant, and he still finds it difficult to spice things up in a direct one-on-one setting. Frank West, though, thrives in Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s fast-paced, frequently absurd style. He’s a decent midrange with high potential in the appropriate circumstances.


Super-Skrull was selected as a stand-in for the Fantastic Four rather than choosing each individual member. Skrull provides an intriguing combination of talents and themes thanks to its ability to use all of the player’s abilities, including force fields, elastic limbs, and the rock fist of The Thing. That is why he is placed in the A rank of the UMVC3 tier list.

He brings a strong level 3 X Factor, a reliable ground game, and a set of control throws to practice. Skrull could be one of the easier characters for newbies to understand, despite the fact that he can be easily hurried down. Skrull is a somewhat dependable, simple to use, and capable point or anchor replacement.


The red-haired fury plays well in UMVC 3, in which he can produce combinations that do a lot of damage and use strong attacks to charge down ranged attackers. Although he lacks range, Akuma has some limitations in that he frequently relies on meters to be a threat.

Additionally, because of his poor condition, every dive is fraught with peril. Akuma is still a far better choice than most if you wish to face a Street Fighter opponent that can quickly deal a lot of damage.

Iron Man

Even if Tony Stark’s UMVC 3 avatar isn’t his greatest, Iron Man still offers all the standard weapons. He makes a fine middle because of his powerful poke play with his repulsors, reliable assists, and effective air combos, but his running game is unreliable and the air dash is a tad on the weak side.

Because of how comfortable his toolkit seems to some, you should frequently add Iron Man to your roster.

B Tier

Decent characters from the game.
B Tier.

The next entry in the UMVC3 tier list is B rank, which screams debate because all the characters included there are, at most, average and toe the line between good and poor. All B Tier characters have notably subpar numbers and skills, which is seen in how well they perform in battle.

These characters hardly keep up, and even if they were picked by chance to play with, it would entirely depend on the skill of the person in charge. For the majority of players, these characters would not even be capable of being the first option. Definitely a contentious and annoying group.


In comparison to the sword-wielding brothers, Trish, the third Demon May Cry hero to appear in UMVC 3, is a little different. Her usage of weapons and traps makes her a mobile brawler who can ignore speedier opponents and blend in with specific team configurations.

However, she performs worse than other zone-control fighters due to her poor solo damage. Trish, though, is a really intriguing addition to some lines, and she may provide some intriguing combinations when combined with characters like Amaterasu and Dante and Vergil.

Albert Wesker

In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the venerable Resident Evil antagonist has some cool tricks under his sleeve. Wesker may be difficult to read because of his gunshot-teleport maneuver and Phantom Dance assault, and he usually has choices. He has some of the finest teleportation abilities in the game, which may make enemies nervous.

However, he falls short against rushdown or heavy zone, and let’s face it: Wesker overestimates his level of coolness. Wesker can complete almost any trio, but he’s a bit too multi-talented to be really good in any one thing.


The Marvel vs. Capcom series’ classic middle character, Storm, can deliver severe techniques to rivals who foolishly bring in aids. She has some of the strongest air mobility in UMVC 3, and the jump-cancel gives advanced players ways to lengthen her combos. In the end, she deals little damage yet is nonetheless quite quickly taken down. Although Storm is a good option, there are far worse options as well, and no combination has been made worse by her addition.

Tron Bonne

In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tron Bonne had a great period where he was a demon, and I adored it. With her mecha outfit and little aid robots, this unexpected Megaman character provides a ton of great combinations. Sadly, she has lost some of her strength over the past several days and is now vulnerable to quicker and more rushing opponents.

Jill Valentine

Despite the fact that I much favor Jill from Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the Resident Evil protagonist is nonetheless given an intriguing twist in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Jill, in my opinion, makes the most of the middle position on a team, contributing some excellent assists and maintaining the momentum of the game while your point is being prepared.

However, don’t keep her around for too long because she has extremely little health and can quickly be eliminated from the game if you miss a combination. She ranks in the B tier for that, but I still think of her as a personal preference to complete a team’s center, hence placed in the B tier of the UMVC3 tier list.


Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s bane of my life made a triumphant comeback in 3, luckily with fewer grating moves to contend with. The anti-mutant robot is still a huge target that every character can easily overpower despite its abundance of lasers and stomp boots. The hulking bucket of nuts can still prod about all day, but it’s considerably simpler now than it was before.


She-Hulk can deliver the hurt with amazing grappling abilities and high damage output almost as well as her male counterpart. Her toss also makes for simple tag-ins. Her stamina matches her Hulk-ness, allowing her to endure blows and keep going. However, zoning has the ability to utterly disable her, and She-Hulk’s mobility isn’t the best. She’s a good power forward with your squad, just watch out for opponents who might be able to keep her from finding that sweet grappling area.


With a load of zone commands and punishers, Marvel’s iconic archer can keep enemies at the ideal distance while still doing damage to them. He is one of the top mid-tier mixups, but the moment you have the upper hand, the game is done. Hawkeye is too dependent for my tastes and lacks the bells and frills that enable other zone-control fighters nicer and better to deploy in a team. He also has limited air mobility and relies heavily on his Gimlet super.

C Tier

UMVC tier list C tier
C Tier.

C Tier is a unique category intended for underwhelming characters. In UMVC 3, certain characters have been purposefully or unintentionally designed so weak that there is nothing interesting or unique about them, even while their skills, combos, and overall gameplay are excellent and their usefulness is off the charts.

Captain America

The stripes and stars of Marvel’s shield-based assaults have considerable punch. His Shield Slash with Charging Star both are potent techniques for applying pressure to your adversary and keeping them alert. If the pressure has subsided, however, Cap begins to unravel. His normal attacks inflict less damage than those of his opponents, and once you are aware of the limitations of the Shield Slash as well as the dangers of the Charging Star, one can begin to cope with his strategy. Captain America is a solid early pressure, but he isn’t very persistent.

Chun Li

Chun-Li performs better than other Street Fighter players in the Vs. series of video games. Her Lightning Legs seem to be as dependable as ever and contribute to a strong assist game. She has rapid reflexes and is airborne as well as on the ground. Chun-Li also needs some very skilled execution and lacks strength without a supporter backing her up. In the correct situations, she may be a formidable warrior, but at this point, she only survives by being dependable rather than extraordinary.

Chris Redfield

Chris is a good Resident Evil adaption for fighting games, however, he’s no Leon. He has the health and damage to reasonably hold it down a point position and his mega ability punishes assists quite nicely. Though his entering strike is modest and he takes some time to get going in any fight, he truly only excels in that situation. Although Marvel vs. Capcom could always use more Resident Evil characters, here is one that doesn’t do anything to elevate the bar.

C. Viper

Crimson Viper is indeed a top selection, indeed. As our list continues, there will undoubtedly be more disappointments, so let’s get it out of the way now. The damage, unblockable setups, and overall devastating move set of C. Viper are well utilized by many professionals. But in UMVC 3, Viper is a poor character, so placed in the C tier of the UMVC3 tier list.

She loses even more of the individuality she hardly had in Street Fighter proper. She also frequently uses EX moves and is easily tricked out of meter. Guessing games and C. Viper don’t appeal to me. C. Viper is the choice for you if you don’t care about playing as excellent fighters and simply worry about winning games.


I adored playing Spider-Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 when it first came out. He was incredibly frustrating to play against since his web swings and web blasts gave opponents a ton of choices for air games while also stopping them in their tracks. I eventually had to switch to different fighters since the players I played against eventually figured him out. In UMVC 3, Spider-Man has many of the same difficulties; while being very agile and deceptive, he is readily penalized if his adversary is skilled. It’s better to seek elsewhere unless you’re playing a character that hasn’t used the fight stick for a while.


Felicia, a well-liked Darksiders appearance, is a swift character with powerful mix-ups with a really strong command throw. She has useful tools in terms of the characters on your squad, but some just outperform her, dealing more damage than Felicia’s meager combinations and providing greater tools than others. Felicia has a solid intellectual foundation, but in comparison to the broader group, she is not such a big deal.


Shuma-Gorath is a good middle-ground player with reliable missiles, and he anchors any squad well. He has weak movement and is also exceedingly floppy. The main reason Shuma-Gorath is this low on the list is that he isn’t the most fun to play as a fighter. He does his duties satisfactorily, but he lacks the character one seeks for a great game. Shuma is now a mainstay in Marvel vs. Capcom, but I don’t believe I’ll play him for more than just fun.


Sir Arthur, the valiant Ghosts ‘n Goblins protagonist, was a particularly interesting addition to Capcom’s roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He packs a good number of missiles and powerful X Factor gadgets, but just as in his home game, Arthur is brought down with only a few strikes. Arthur is a great idea with a terrible execution because he is also much less mobile and precise. He still wears those amazing boxer shorts, at least.


It is obvious from where I am in the rankings that I dislike sluggish fighters in the game. With a few notable exceptions, UMVC3 is all about speed or combos, and I enjoy playing characters who play to that idea.

So Hulk is generally okay, but not outstanding or horrible in any way either. He can tremendously deal damage, has great health, and his attacks have decent armor. He also moves very slowly and is prone to losing focus. Hulk struggles to break into a well-planned zone game while being the unstoppable force.

D Tier

Worst characters from the game.
D Tier.

The D Tier is the lowest rating a character might receive.  These characters have failed miserably, failing in execution, attack mechanics, and even defensive positions. They are in desperate need of any form of a boost to even make them viable; otherwise, they are effectively dead.


The son of Odin uses his hammer well, but altogether, Thor’s skills aren’t as strong as most. He occasionally comes out as sluggish, with normals developing slowly and frequently losing out against quicker, more intelligent characters. Additionally, the fact that he is dressed in a manner that is closer to Ren Fair over Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t help. I’m sorry, but in UMVC 3, you are not a god.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist, the star of a forthcoming Netflix series, wasn’t the most well-known Marvel character when UMVC 3 included him. He fails to make an impression in this arena despite being a champion of combat sports with a blazing chi-fist that appears ideal for a fighting game.

Despite possessing a plethora of Rekka Ken combinations, he is unable to deal with opponents at a distance which may make him lose focus. He likes to be in your face, inflicting harm, and if he isn’t doing that, he isn’t really accomplishing much.


For Ryu, cameo roles are significant because they provide him the chance to stray from the tightly defined parameters for Capcom’s mascot. He must be the typical fireball-firing, all-arounder in Street Fighter, but in UMVC 3, he may be something a little more colorful. The problem is that he’s not; you’ve played Ryu before, many times, only a bit faster to keep up with Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s tempo. Ryu gains a bit more shine, but he still blends in too much to be noticed.


Taskmaster is a tad unimpressive in comparison to the extensive list of Marvel villains. I admit that my experience with Marvel is limited to a few characters rather than the entire world, therefore I’ve never seen a comic featuring Taskmaster.

Therefore, all I could envision when I first saw Taskmaster was Skeletor of He-Man fame, brandishing a sword along with a shield. In reality, he chops and bashes but also possess a bow or pistol for some reason, so that’s essentially all there is to it. The villain with the skull face just wound up being forgettable.


As a sort of Sentinel-like character for the Capcom side, the T-Type form of Nemesis joins UMVC. His towering presence suffers greatly in a side-view, one-on-one frame, though, and he eventually feels a touch out of place in the tight spaces of Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s more rapid-fire combat.

It’s as if Frankenstein’s monster suddenly began fighting at Dragonball Z’s speed while maintaining the appearance of a lumbering, lanky behemoth. For really carrying a bazooka around, Nemesis earns some bonus points, but nothing else.


Ghost Rider is really not the most well-liked character on the Marvel half due to both his humble beginnings in the Marvel world and two subpar Nicolas Cage movies. He has some impressive combinations and his arsenal makes extensive use of all of his skills, but the character will not really provide much to work with and isn’t the best in actual combat either. Even if Ghost Rider doesn’t succeed in UMVC 3 as a fighter and a hero, it’s not the worse Ghost Rider adaption by a long shot.


Marvel’s favorite fourth-wall-breaking mercenary with a mouth has seen somewhat of a comeback in recent years, but judging by his move list in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, you wouldn’t know it. For whatever reason, Deadpool received a bad selection of one-liners and remarks in addition to a teleportation technique that breaks after three attempts, causing him to hurt himself. Even if the setup is difficult to control and really not worth it when stronger fighters can do damage while blowing themselves up, it may still inflict harm on the opponent. Better adaptations of Deadpool are due.


This floating face may be Marvel’s response to Capcom’s iconic parody characters, or it could just be a rather odd allusion to the villain from Tron.  In a game where a rebellious mutant or cyborg might square off against the son of a demon, lasers and force fields appear uninteresting supers or skills. He may have observed some modest competitive use, but only 1% of gamers are interested in playing Modok.


Hsien-Ko, who is conceptually based on the vampires of Chinese legend, has an odd appearance. Her main method of attack is tossing objects at people while hurling them from her absurdly enormous sleeves. Fighting Hsien-Ko tends to end up being one of the poorer aspects of anybody’s experience with UMVC 3 since it isn’t really exciting or terrifying. It is best to switch to a better team.


The main adjective of the lists we produce is to provide our readers with excellent guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten, even about their favorite categories. All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a tremendous amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles.

All the writers here have to do much research even before writing a single word. As our UMVC3 tier list was not made for ourselves but for our dear readers, we ensure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance. They invest a great deal of energy and time; these are not just utter words but are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, leading to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the specific category.

But since this is a subjective article, we may have made decisions you might not agree with, and we’re more than willing to hear you out in the comments below.

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