Allstar Renovation Tier List: The BEST Characters [Mar. 2023]

The List Below Was Compiled With The Current Meta Of The Game In Mind.

In the Android game All-star Renovation, which has an anime theme, you may acquire characters, assemble a team to battle foes, and engage in several game types. It is a mobile app featuring idle components and anime images. In addition, it features voiced conversation and vertical gameplay. And so today, we will be creating the Allstar Renovation Tier List.

In the game, you are responsible for putting together a group of waifus and heroes who handle conflicts with enemies in the dungeons. First, players must get characters through the Gacha system. Only one character is given for free initially, and then after about ten turns, they are guaranteed a 5-star hero. Observe the squad’s synergy because they have different elements and levels of pumping. Although ASR is a Gacha game, you still have the choice of choosing characters for your team. With that said, let’s start with ranking the characters from best to worst in our list.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 50 known characters in the article.
  • The characters are ranked on the bases of the current meta.
  • The top Tiers include characters like Saitama, Asuna, Shana, and Lady Tsunade.
  • Lower tiers include characters like Meliodas, Alex, Ace, and Mikasa.


We will briefly rank all characters in the list in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Lady TsunadeAinzMikoto MikasaBeerusMikasa Ackerman
Jotaro KujoKiritoRemLambdaAce
ShanaSesshomaruGai KurokiZenyattaKamui Shiro
GilgameshLevi AckermanHinataTegarNangong
Kakarot (Goku)Hatsune MikuErza ScarletHerculesMaster Roshi
Ichigo KurusakiDiabloKillua ZoldyckPhoenix IkkiUsagi
Illya VonBelldandyJeanne D'ArcAngelMaka
Kakashi HatakeKurumiValkyrie

You can learn about them in more detail in the article below.


Whenever a competitive game receives an upgrade, concerns are raised over how the update will impact the list. This is because these articles might be impacted by adding additional characters or systems even if the developers made no balance adjustments. For example, the power of a character in a fighting game is constantly kept balanced through the strength of other characters. Therefore an item that is powerful in one fighting game need not necessarily be strong in another.

Over time, the Meta may change when less well-liked characters overthrow dominant strategies. The Allstar renovation list includes Playable avatars or other in-game components that are graded subjectively according to how viable they are as a component of a list in the video game culture concept known as ranking lists.

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And right now we are going to rank all the characters according to the current meta. As that changes with future updates, we will update the article to reflect the new standard.

S Tier

Top-Tier Characters
Top-Tier Characters.

S Tier is an acronym for “Super” or “Superb” Tier. This tier, usually connected with professional gamers, is the highest rating tier in a game. To grade up to an S tier, you must level up and have the most extraordinary abilities and weaponry.

These S Tier individuals are elite units with huge potential and great stats. However, some of these units could be more specialized or possess features that call for the use of other units. Others might take some time to develop or are insufficiently robust. Therefore, we did not choose them for some reason or another.


Saitama is one of the most significant characters on the Allstar Renovation tier list. His rank is S on both PvE and PvP game modes. He is an exceptional character that is also hard to obtain. However, once you get Saitama, you will immediately gain the upper hand in many fights. If you are obsessed with reaching the top and gaining recognition, you need to have Saitama. He will help you climb ranks faster than lightning. He is great because he has incredible stats and deals immense damage to opponents. Moreover, he does not just get stuck up on a single opponent and frequently attacks a second target.

In AllStar Renovation, Saitama is a solid 5-star Warrior character with two active talents. The standard punch combination has a chance to silence effect and can randomly hit two middle and rear-row heroes. Attacking a wizard will cause extra harm to the target. The victim with the least HP is struck repeatedly and will sustain additional damage if its HP is less than 40%. Furthermore, one of his passive skills allows him to heal by a certain percentage when he kills an enemy. As a result, Saitama is easily an S Tier unit, and you must not underestimate him if he comes up against you.


Asuna is a determined and competent player known as the “Flash” in-game for her incredible speed with a sword. Additionally, she has the moniker Berserk Healer due to her propensity to charge into fighting with a sword while being a healer. Asuna has two active skills: Flash Piercing Attack and a horizontal slash.

Attacks with horizontal slashes have a bleeding effect. Therefore, using the talent will lessen the attack strength of the target if it is a tank unit. The second attack, a Flash Piercing Attack, deals significant damage to the adversary with the least HP. If the victim is under the effects of Bleed or Inner Bleed, this talent ensures at least one CRIT hit. Additionally, CRIT damage heals your HP. Moreover, her passive skills also give her strong buffs and restore her HP. Finally, using her passive skill, she can also put her opponents under the Bleed or Inner Bleed effect.

Lady Tsunade

Just like in the Naruto anime series, Lady Tsunade is a strong woman who will support her team in the game. Tsunade is the best support character in Allstar Renovation. Her stats are much higher and well-balanced than other support classes. Moreover, her skills, both passive and active, are excellent. If you are going for a difficult battle, you must have Lady Tsunade on your team to avoid casualties. Her first active skill causes a purge attack, an Area of Effect type of damage. The skill is excellent as it can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time.

The most important task for a support class is healing and buffing the team members. However, LAsy Tsunade does that well and causes good damage to enemies, giving her Assault teammates a chance to deal the final blow. Lady Tsunade gives her team members a strong shield that protects them from debuffs and decreases the attack damage. On the other hand, she gives her members an extra damage buff that increases their damage by 30% for a specific time.

Other S Tier Characters

Character NameCharacter RoleBest AbilityDescription
Jotaro KujoTankControlHis abilities are immensely powerful and deserving of S Tier.
ShanaMageMultiple AttacksShana makes your team undefeatable. Hence, we decided to put her in the S Tier.
GilgameshMageSuppressGilgamesh's suppress ability swallows enemies' critical hits.
KakarotWarriorTransformationSon Goku is the best warrior to rely on for front row attacks.
Ichigo KurusakiWarriorSelf HealA warrior with self-heal is definitely superior.
Illya VonSupportPurgeIllya Von is the second-best support character in the game

A Tier

Good Characters in ASR
Good Characters in ASR.

These characters might not be the absolute best, but they are worthwhile nonetheless. They will not perform as well as characters from the S tier, but they make excellent stand-ins until you can acquire them. The bulk of other players in the game cannot perform as well as the A Tier characters can without placing themselves at risk due to their lack of potent tools.

These characters either have a few narrow matchups against low-tiers that can lose considerably or have a particularly terrible matchup with the S tier. Hence they are not included in the highest tier.


Similar to Goku, Orochi appears to be a reasonably powerful dark unit. Although he does not seem to cause as much damage, he is still quite good in other categories. Further ahead in the game, Orochi could become one of the most powerful characters in Allstar Renovation.

One can never be sure how successfully the damage stacking for debuff removal will perform. Therefore, Orochi’s actual damage capabilities are unknown for now. Nevertheless, Orochi is currently situated at the top of the A Tier of the Allstar Renovation Tier List.


Ainz Oal Gown is a mage character from the dark faction of the game. According to the developers, Ainz is supposed to be the best dark unit. He has good stats, and his CGI is also great. Fans love how Ainz looks and have made many edits and fan art of him. However, his skills are not as good as they are supposed to be. While he has better abilities than B, C, and D Tiers characters, he cannot beat the S Tier heroes. There are many reasons Ainz cannot catch up with others; one main reason is his bad skills.

Ainz’s skills are mediocre. The only thing that brings Ainz to A Tier is his good stats that can balance his terrible skills. Being the best Dark character, the developers could have added better abilities to him. However, complaints about Ainz’s skills are widespread in Allstar fandom.


Arthas is one of my favorite characters in Allstar Renovation. Therefore, I sincerely desired to rank him higher on this ranking list. However, although he has a high damage resistance, adding a tank like Artoria or simply dealing more damage on its own is more advantageous.


The powerful unit Kirito has a high attack and a solid probability of doing the Bleed attack. Asuna now has the teammate she needs to deal with the most harm possible. He is a simple and undemanding simulation character with enormous advantages. Having him on the team will make your team immensely stronger.

Other A Tier Characters

Character NameCharacter ClassBest AbilityDescription
SesshomaruWarriorOverkillSesshomaru has great attack tactics.
Levi AckermanWarriorPursuitLevi's attack speed is insanely fast.
Hatsune MikuSupportMultiple HealingsHatsune is a great asset to the team and gives decent buffs to the team
DiabloWarriorLife StealYou will not even know when Diablo kills the enemy- He is that fast!
BelldandySupportDamage ShareBelldandy is one of the few characters that has the damage share ability.
Kakashi HatakeMageBleedKakashi is an all time favorite and his skills are very powerful
ArtoriaWarriorPurgeArtoria deals quite a lot of damage

B Tier

Average Allstar Characters
Average Allstar Characters.

The next tier inside the game’s Meta is called B Tier. These builds are decent but not outstanding. The B tier consists of builds that aren’t incredibly strong or effective but are superior to most. Even so, it is not very noteworthy. The majority of the builds you’ll encounter should fall within this range. “Above average” characters fall into the B group.

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They have respectable toolkits and frequently even matchups. Moreover, they are adept at a wide range of tasks. We suggest looking at B-Tiers if you are starting a new game and looking for a likable character because they are typically simple to start picking up and learning the basics with. With all that said, lets look at the most average entries on our Allstar Renovation Tier List.


Tanjiro Kamado, the main character from the Demon Slayer anime, has a mage role in Allstar renovation. While Tanjiro has a big fanbase for his anime, he does not win many hearts in ASR. His overall stats are low, and he does not do quite well in his role as a mage.

He deals multiple low-damage attacks at a time and also heals the team. However, his skills are not much beneficial for the team, and there are much better mages than Tanjiro in the game. If you do not have any mages from the higher tier, you can choose to play with Tanjiro. Otherwise, there is no real need to use Tanjiro in battles.

Mikoto Mikasa

She feels too close to some of the creatures at the bottom of this list for me to rank her higher. She is very similar to Artoria in terms of skills. However, Artoria is a fantastic unit, and Mikoto doesn’t deal much damage. Hence it is far more usual to see Mikoto alone.

Nevertheless, using Mikoto is still better than using any character from C or D Tier, as Mikoto can be balanced if she is placed with compatible characters within a team. Mikoto’s skills are decent, but you must make sure never to use her as your primary damage dealer. Therefore, Mikoto Mikasa is considered to be an average ASR character.


Esdeath is positioned in the B tier because of her subpar damage. She has a 40% chance to bind, which is not horrible, but it also makes every attack she makes subject to an additional 40% damage. That still wouldn’t cover all attacks. Esdeath, despite having much potential, unfortunately, lacks the utility and power output she is designed to offer.


People love Rem. She is the perfect waifu, whether it is the anime or the game. In Allstar Renovation, she has very mediocre skills and Damage output. Anyhow, she is decent support for a beginner’s team. In the early game, she will perform great in her role and even give appropriate buffs to your team.

However, she will die quickly in the mid and late game as she has very low HP and almost no damage resistance. One of her skills, critical damage, has a 40% chance of dealing with a Crit. Though, when you play Rem, you will know that it takes a lot for her to deal with a Crit. Hence, Rem is located in the B Tier of the ASR Tier List.

Other B Tier Characters

Character NameCharacter ClassBest AbilityDescription
Gai KurokiMageLife StealGai Kuroki has decent skills, which comes in handy.
HinataMageBleedHinata is a good mage to have for early game.
Erza ScarletTankTauntErza is a must-have tank as she plays amazingly in PvP.
Killua ZoldyckMage
PurgeKillua deals an immense amount of damage. However, he has low HP.
Jeanne d'arcWarriorCounter AttackJeanne D A'rc is a warrior but it can be used as a tank due to its high DEF and HP stats.
KurumiMageDamage ShareKurumi does well when she is upgraded enough. Hence, we placed her in B Tier.
KenshiroWarriorPurgeKenshiro has good attack speed and damage. However, he can not be compared to the S Tier characters.

C Tier

Below-Average Allstar Characters
Below-Average Allstar Characters.

C Tier contains the characters that are ineffective but required. We are currently approaching the tier that is below average. You will not at all find the characters you are looking for here. However, you can summon these without a doubt if you are out of options. I can tell you from my experience that I never significantly benefited from them.

The term “below-average characters” describes those classified in the C tier of Allstar Renovation Tier List. However, they are not terrible and can accomplish their tasks. Certain people are also able to outperform them somehow. Such emotions are in between excellent and terrible. Whenever it comes to overall productivity and skill set as a whole, they are pretty ordinary.


Ishtar is a C Tier character suitable for complete warrior teams only, not much else. He will still perform terribly in battles if you put him in a team with S-Tier healer classes. Nevertheless, you can create a decent attack/support unit if you can spark light synergies with a good number of fighters on your team.


Beerus is a C-Tier character who lacks in a lot of categories. He is a subpar hero and definitely not a fan favourite. Moreover, he is so disliked because while he develops over time and produces compelling members, there is nothing more he can do. He only has one quality, which is not enough for a character to be in a higher tier like S Tier. Therefore I have decided to put Beerus in the C Tier.


Another C Tier character that we have is Sebastian. There are many reasons why he is in the C Tier. Firstly, his skills are fundamental. There is not much that you can do with using Sebastian. His skill, Multiple Attacks, barely does any damage as his stats are pretty low. Furthermore, there are many other better mages you can choose to use.

Other C Tier Characters

Character NameCharacter ClassBest AbilityDescription
LambdaSupportHealLambda is a good healer for beginners but later on, she becomes useless.
ZenyattaSupportUltimate HealZenyatta is another healer who is only good in the beginning and is easily overshadowed by other healers in the game,
TegarTankTauntTegar is actually a good tank and you can actually use him till you get a higher tier tank.
HerculesWarriorBurstHercules has good defense but terrible attack damage.
Phoenix IkkiWarriorCounter AttackPhoenix has overall below-average stats.
AngelSupportShieldAngel is pretty useless, but her shield comes in handy once in a while.
ValkyrieWarriorPurgeValkyries used to be a good character, but there are better characters now in the game.

D Tier

Allstar Renovation Tier List
Worst ASR Characters.

The D tier of our Allstar Renovation ranking list contains all the bad units with no use. These builds are subpar and contain numerous problems. Although D-tier setups are rarely a wise decision, some may receive future buffs.

The D tier, which comes after the C tier, is next. D-tier characters are subpar and do not accomplish anything. Professional players that are adept at the game and want to try something new utilize these characters for experimentation.


After having a lengthy discussion on this with our team of expert gamers, we concluded that Meliodas is a D Tier in Allstar Renovation Tier List. He is pretty unimpressive and has nothing that makes him stand out amongst the other characters. Many people use him as bait and ammunition because, apparently, Meliodas does the best in these two roles only.

I believe that Meliodas’s issue is that he does not develop in the way that he should; instead of starting as a weak unit through curses and then increasing attack through those curses and stuns, he starts to lack a lot of damage with just a 20% chance to stun, which only lasts for a second.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman in Allstar Renovation is a big letdown. Nobody had expected Mikasa to be so terrible in the game. While she is supposed to be one of the best warriors in the game,  she does not do well enough for that title. One of the biggest reasons why we have decided to give Mikasa a D rank is that her skills are not that effective.

The only good skill she has is the burst attack in which she deals an AoE attack, but that, too, does not deal enough damage. As a result, Mikasa Ackerman is truly very disappointed in The Star Renovation Android Game. Hence, Mikasa Ackerman is a D-Tier character.

Other D Tier Characters

Character NameCharacter ClassBest AbilityDescription
AlexSupportSlow DebuffAlex might be the worst support character in the game as his existence has literally no effect on the game.
AceMageBleedAce is bad even for beginners as its bleed effect barely causes any damage.
Kamui ShiroTankTauntKamui has extremely low defense for a tank.
NangongWarriorBurstNangong actually has potential, but for now he is useless as his stats are below-average.
Master RoshiWarriorCounter AttackMaster Roshi has terribly low damage. Hence, we decided to put him in the D Tier.
UsagiSupportMultiple HealUsagi's best ability is multiple heal. However, due to Usagi's low stats, his skills are rendered useless.
MakaWarriorCritical HitVery low damage and disappointing abilities.


Articles like these are among the most divisive topics and can be a point of contention. However, many people enjoy them and base their whole character choices on them. Players of all skill levels can benefit from our Allstar Renovation Tier List since they can use them to determine who is more likely to win in a competitive scenario. A character may choke the flow of information. Rankings however assume that the higher-level character would succeed statistically if both players played at the same skill level. This rank list could, however, be altered if the game receives a new update. These days, many video games get monthly or quarterly in-game updates that change the Meta and the overall experience.

Therefore, if the circumstance warrants it, we promise to update the article to reflect the most recent version and change rankings where necessary for the new meta.

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