Valkyrie Anatomia Tier List: Best to Worst Ranked

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Well, well, look what you have stumbled upon here. It’s no wonder that fate and your intrigue have brought you here. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be looking around for a Valkyrie Anatomia tier list. If you are a gamer and like to play role-playing battle games or have intrigue in Japanese video games, then this is your destination.

If you have just accidentally stumbled upon here so, let me tell you that Valkyrie Anatomia in which you Appoint characters and move forward with their various storylines, and along with that, you can acquire treasures so you can so pass all the enemies that might obstruct your way to victory.

The most prominent and fundamental individual in the game is Lenneth, who is Valkyrie, and the journey progresses after he enlists in your team. You are supplied with various classes of characters, including Valkyrie sorcerer’s sword fighters, heavy warriors, Archers, and many more. And our article ranks these characters into various tiers based on the stats that include physical attacks, magical attacks, their HP, and their party and purification skills. Oldies skills and strategies help a player’s gameplay and hence introduce victory. 

Key Points

  • There are over 50 characters in our article.
  • All of these have been ranked according to the current meta.
  • Among the top ranks you will find Lenneth and Freya.
  • The lowest tier contains Lorenta


We will rank all characters is the short table below.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Freya
• Lenneth
• Lenneth
• Alicia
• Thor
• Ethereal Queen
• Lumille
• Skuld
A Rank• Brahms
• Lucian
• Arngrim
• Lloyd
• Aelia
• Elegant Creation Valkyrie
• Cloe
• Bedelia
• Ais Wallenstein
• Diane
• Cliff
• Gilbert
B Rank• Belenus
• Guts
• Cress
• Naga
• Waraxe Kokuyo
• Yuki
• Agnes
• Ilisa
• Ailyth
• Amelia
• Gandar
• Hestia
• Edward Elric
• Goblin Slayer
C Rank• Jun
• Jayle
• Odin
• Kabo
• Abel
• Daline
• Elle
• Jelanda
• Ingrid
• Frei
D Rank• Wylfred
• Kachina
• Suo
• Griffith
• Caradoc
• Lorenta
• Aemo
• Klaus

Continue reading below to learn more.

S Tier 

best characters ranked
S Tier.

Let’s begin by ranking down the best characters in Valkyrie Anatomia. First impressions matter a lot, and if the first impression is of the best character, we have a long way to go. As long as we discuss the images of the role figures of the S tier of our Valkyrie Anatomia tier list global, it would help if you were amazed by these characters’ abilities. They enabled the player to be adept in his gameplay. The S tier is mainly referred to as a great tier with characters that have extraordinary qualities. All these qualities are worth reserving a spot for these characters at the topmost level.

When a team is being formed, these characters are the first ones to be selected by a player, as they are easy to control and have amazing background stories that enchant the player. In this role-playing game, characters fight off each other to gain victory. In my opinion, success is won specifically by utilizing the characters of the S tier of. They help give life to a player’s gameplay. Also, these characters help the player so he can perform well during a battle. You don’t need to worry about these characters in a war; they know how to play around and make the opponent struggle against them.

Moreover, the characters are assigned in two specific tiers because they aid a player’s gameplay and strategies and because a player can improvise his approach accordingly. While assembling these tiers, we have concluded that each character’s statistics vary. The magic attacks, physical attacks healing powers, and various other statistics are higher in some and lower in some. The characters with the highest statistics are under the S tier. These stats are not the only foundation on which these tiers are built.

Many different things add up together to form a single character. And all these characteristics and qualities are measured to rank a specific Character. But at first glance, the gamer looks at the stats and the values that make up a person’s full profile. Another thing that plays a role in the arrangement is the skills and abilities of a character. While inside a game, a person can’t just depend upon the stat that a player reflects.

He has to Keep in mind the skills that a character offers. These skills are extremely helpful while building up a strategy to bring down opponents. The characters are divided into various party skills. These include wise, Omni, tank, ice, flame, and heat dance. These skills may seem hilarious but in reality. They come in very handy during the game.


NameClassAccession Skills Party skillPurification skill
FreyaSorcererEther freezeOracle

Astral break

Mystic zone

WiseEther strike
LennethValkyrieValkyrie’s awakeningHeroism

Act reinforce


ExpertNibelung Valesti
MargeArcherDievespiegelSteal chips

Thief’s pride

Hilarious rhythm

I. DancePhantom freeze
AliciaValkyrieQueen’s swordHeroism

True seeing

Break pierce

OmniNibelung Valesti
ThorGodThunder god bowExplorer



TankArc Lightning
Ethereal QueenGodUltimate wandEmpress force

Omega field

Ignite booster

WisdomP. destruction
LumilleHeavy warriorSpecial division glovesMain attacker

Hardening powers

DashMirage raid
SkuldHeavy warriorValkyrie BladePeacekeeper Valkyrie

Glorious wings

Blessed sword



Avnir Shula

A Tier

second best characters ranked
A Tier.

Now that we have enlisted exceptional characters of Valkyrie Anatomia, we are left with potentially great characters. These characters are ranked under a tier of the Valkyrie connect tier list. What makes a persona potentially great? This is a question that comes to mind when you enter the tier. When a character can’t live up to the S tier’s standards, they are dragged down into a lower deck.

Mostly, the characters under A tier have great and exceptional abilities and help the player to great levels. But they like just a little bit of potential and quality to be ranked under the topmost tier.

Being in the S tier is a great opportunity, and it’s like winning an award. It’s as if you were being called the best of the best or exceptionally great character. But when you get dragged down to the A tier, it’s like you were nominated for the best but lacked quality and capability and weren’t able to win that spot.

When a character is under the A tier, they have features that have not such great numbers but are pretty great than the lower tiers; the same is the case with the characters. They aid the player a lot and can even structure his game around these, and if he’s lacking an S-tier character, he can replace it with a tier character and still get a victory.

The main quality of the A-tier characters lies under their stats. Their stats are great and pretty exceptional. But they don’t skyrocket like the ones in the higher tier. The stats in the S tier range from thousands. But in the current tier, the stats are just touching a thousand digits and remain lower than that. But they don’t leave the criteria range of seven hundred to thousand.

So when we look these characters up, we aim to find the teammates that could make it easy to serve in the gameplay. It’s not easy to follow in the footsteps that a player sets because many things can go wrong inside the game. But the use of these stats in gameplay matters the most.

Let’s Move on to the qualities compartment that matters inside the gameplay. These are not just ordinary qualities. They include skills, party skills, and purification skills- this sort; of stuff that matters inside a strategic win. You need to choose your favorite craft and use it against your opponent John hill loses ground and falls into the pits of failure and loss.

NameClassAccession Skills Party skillPurification skill
BrahmsHeavy warriorBloody knucklesRage

Hammer down

Immortal ruler wave



Bloody curse
LucianLucianGerabellum’s bondHeroism

Furious force


ExpertRound rip saber
ArngrimHeavy warriorStriking swordRage

Scale crush

Warrior strike

TankFinal blast
LloydArcherTrachiam BooksSpecial division member

Logistics support

Magical barrier

I. DanceArs Magna
AeliaHeavy warriorDragonian HalberdDragon awakened

Dragon scale

Spiral knack

F. danceDreaded dragon
Elegant Creation ValkyrieValkyrieValkyrie’s true bladeBrilliant blade

Destruction Charm

Yamato Attire

HF. DanceHoly light blade

Soul hunt

Save Poison



Dusk catastrophe
BedeliaArcherWorn BowHigh expertise


Survival Sense

F. DancePillar Blaze
Ais WallensteinSwordfighterDesperateDistress break

Force crave

Careless thought

L. danceLil rafaga
DianeHeavy warriorEnvious coat of armsGiant clan


Kind-hearted girl

DashGround gladius
CliffHeavy warriorQuark riderArmy ignite


Acrobat rage

CleverM extension
GilbertSwordfighterInherited BracersExecutioner

Martial Violation

Doubting the Mission

HF. DanceEsecuzione

B Tier

Average characters ranked
B Tier.

When you think about a B tier, you believe that it must be something bad or even close to worse, but that’s not the case with this tier, as it is more like an ordinary tier than a bad tier. What makes it common, you say? When bad and good qualities combine inside a level, you get a mediocre tier of the Valkyrie Anatomia character tier list, which is neither good nor bad.

Though the characters on the B tier are sufficiently helpful for the player, he can use them to fill up an empty slot or even get something out of their skills. They come in useful when trying to learn the basics of the game and still not trying to lose with the lower-tier characters.

With these characters, you can get a steady hand and a good gameplay strategy in mind as they are easy to control and have mediocre powers, so you don’t get confused while using them. However, these characters have capabilities and magical attacks that are quite variable and come to help with some opponents. For instance, Gut is a one-armed soldier.

You can’t fight the higher-tiered character with these characters, but you may be able to win against the D or C-tiered characters with it. If you don’t want to waste the HP of a higher-tier character, you can utilize these characters to lead yourself toward a blooming flower destination. When we rank the tiers, we look at the stats and the qualities of the characters to be enlisted at a specific level. First of all, we see the start of their Magical attacks, physical attacks, and their healing powers.

The HP matters a lot inside a game because that is the health of a character during his battle and when he loses that, you lose. So the stats matter a lot inside a game, and the characters in the B tier here have mediocre stats.

The stats range from 500 to 700 mainly. They seem good to a layperson, but when you are a gamer, you understand that these types of stats don’t make you win a battle. If you are a pro and have great experience in gaming, you might be able to alter the gameplay according to the character and win the game. But if you are a beginner, it’s quite a tough job.

The second thing that we keep under consideration is their qualities the characters on the B tier have the main party skill: light and ice. They come in handy when you are throwing various magic spells at the other person, and in this Japanese game, that happens a lot. You must use your skills, party, and purification skills to win victory inside the arena because it’s a battle game. We all have heard the phrase that everything is fair in love and war. 


NameClassAccession Skills Party skillPurification skill
BelenusSwordfightFlower of destinyPhilanthropic nobility

Unmerciful fate

Suffering of loss



Extreme void
GutsHeavy warriorDragonslayerOne-eyed, one-armed soldier

Unstoppable vengeance

Brand of sacrifice

TankProsthetic artillery
CressSwordfighterEternal SwordArcane Lore

Space-time Swordsman

People protection

HL. DanceEternal Blade
NagaSorcererKeepsake necklaceQueen’s best

Crazy Healer

Amp Datival

LI. DanceIce devil
Waraxe KokuyoValkyrieObsidian wings of resolveBlack wings

Piercing resolve

Driven by pain

DL. danceNibelung Valesti
YukiArcherCaprice gearKeystone gear

Bloodied execution site

Trickling tears of blood

DI. DanceMassacre style: Decapitation
AgnesSorcererWind crystalCrystal belief

Brave sorceress

Wind healing

L. DanceWhere the wind blows
IlisaArcherLongbow of lifeTread false

Elder solute

Soul mute

I. DanceDragon Avalanche
AilythSwordfighterMob capFeather duster

Clean greaves

IntegrityS. Blitzen
AmeliasorcererRose corsageMagic hold

Dart shelter

Salute drip

SteadfastSummon darkness
GandarSorcererSorcerer strategist’s staffSage’s fire

Strategist’s strategy


DF. DancePetro disruption
HestiaSupreme GodHestia’s cordGoddess’s protection

Rival envy

Chaste Goddess

DashDivine blessing
Edward ElricSwordfighterSilver PocketwatchFull Metal Alchemist

Truth Seeker

True Knowledge

CleverDivine justice
Goblin SlayerSwordfighterWorn iron helmetSilver Rank

I’m not mad

Skilled battle techniques

IntegrityGate scroll

C Tier

Valkyrie anatomia tier list
C Tier.

Next in line is the C tier. C tier is present second to last in the Valkyrie Anatomia tier list globalAnd as it is a list made in descending order, we can come to the understanding that it is one of the bad categories. The characters under here have qualities that make them unable to reserve a spot in the higher tiers.

However, all the game characters can be played with and have great backstories. If a gamer likes to Serve time playing games, he might like these characters. But if you are a true gamer and only want to win in a video game and nothing else matters, you might not like these characters that much.

These characters, so it only does not help a gamer improve his gameplay. They ruin it as much as they can. These characters have such qualities that don’t make up a character that is the best.These characters don’t even have such abilities that could even make them stay inside the arena for more than 3-4 minutes. Even if a player is a pro, he needs great skill and ability to deal with these warriors. All types and classes of characters are present here because they are quite spread out.

During this evaluation, we first looked into a character’s stats and found out that the stats ranged from 300 to 500. these stats do not make up a whole good outlook for the character as some characters have stars as high as 3000. So when a gamer looks at the start, that are they slow, the gamer immediately discards that character and replaces it with an S tier character. Because he needs a victory, and for a win, he needs a listed character. A player uses these characters for practice and learning strategies, but he never looks back at them.

These characters’ skills and party skills are also not that good. What can you gain from a father’s honor or a true Oracle? you don’t need a prophecy inside a game; you need spells like good swordsmanship, or even a heroic act might work. But a player cannot find these kinds of skills under the C-tiered characters of the Valkyrie connect tier list. So he usually disregards them and moves on to the higher-tier characters. At least in the higher-tier characters, he can have a true sense of victory inside his gameplay.

NameClassAccession Skills Party skillPurification skill
JunHeavy warriorEmotion CharmShinto

Eternal blade

Samurai pride

DI. danceSenko-jinn
JayleSwordfighterBlade of resolve and deceitAvenging Knight

Mentor skill

Lover Awakened

HL. DanceEternal Raid

Battle shout

Spell rain

CalmSpiritual lancer
KaboSorcererRequiem for griefChaos revolution

Furious force

Resist dark

D. DanceTrick or trick
AbelArcherPity Bow personnelSnipe

Revenge hide

Resolve Enforce

D. DanceScarlet rain
DalineSorcererPredestined loveRegeneration

Resist dark

Honed skill

D. DancePale flare
ElleSwordfighterShield of godsPure religion

Atonement play

True oracle

TankExorcise saver
JelandaSorcererTomboy PrincessFirm Demeanor

Princess’s Trust

Father’s Honor

F. DanceIfrit Caress
IngridHeavy warriorCause of painSoul hunt

Martyr’s cry

Adjust force



Vanishing Hope
FreiHeavy warriorTranslucent Ether SphereHigh Fertility

Rampant Enjoyment

Aerial Fleiss

DashEther strike

D Tier

worst characters
D Tier.

The D rank has characters that can’t make a good team. Or even win inside the battlefield. You might have to suffer a lot if you make these characters a part of your team because they don’t bring a lot to the team. You will get highly disappointed by these characters and have to see the face of loss even if you are an experienced gamer and have high talents with exceptional qualities. These characters have close to no rates that could aid inside an arena.

The characters under this tier are extremely abysmal and the most stupid. You can rarely get used to them. They don’t even aid in the gameplay that a player introduces. The player is left scratching his head while defeat starts adorning his ways.

The player cannot do anything other than look here and there and get disappointed at his failure. These characters’ capabilities and special powers are nothing but ordinary. Even less than typical.

The stats that these characters are even less than worse. What can be worse than worse, you wonder? Statistics of less than 100 or a bit higher than a hundred are worse, making a character one of the worst characters on the Valkyrie Anatomia tier list. These kinds of stats don’t help but are a way to destruction. They’ll not make your way full of roses but a narrow path filled with thorny vines.

You get no use out of high resentment or tech conversion. These do not help in the game but give a good outlook to the character. But the perspective is of no use to the player if it can’t be used inside the battle arena.

Every game is supposed to be filled with good and bad characters alike. Because if each character has great characteristics, it would be difficult for the gamer to choose his character in a team. Though some people also choose these characters just for the thrill of it.

NameClassAccession Skills Party skillPurification skills
WylfredSwordfighterAvenger swordHigh resentment

The destiny plume

Hostility aura

FortitudeVengeance edge
KachinaSorcererUnforgivable sinSave curse

Weak point

Act reinforce

CalmCelestial star
SuoHeavy warriorDemon BladeDemon-killing Swordplay

Killing secret

Crimson Armor

GriffithSwordfighterLight falcon’s BladeDreamer

Absolute Power

Natural Leadership

CleverFalcon of light
CaradocSwordfighterInvincible swordSave stone

True seeing

Tech conversion

ExpertCalamity remover
LorentaSorcererHeadmistress’s staffPearls of wisdom

Serious demeanor

Calm demeanor

HI.DanceAbsolute zero
AemoSorcererMemories of timeWill emotion

Hope for tomorrow

Body bones

H. Dance


KlausHeavy warriorArmor is what protectsGuard Conversion

Martyr’s cry

Precision Parry

TankHeavy Impact


When we look at a game, the first glance we put is at its characters so we can evaluate what sort of game we have on our hands. Because the characters form the basis of a game, the game is nothing to the gamers without them. Roles and qualities matter to the gamer because they are the instruments a player can acquire victory.

In our Valkyrie Anatomia Tier List, characters from Valkyrie Anatomia are evaluated and categorized into various tiers based on their statistics. The statistics and qualities go hand in hand with the evaluation. The markers are what help inside the arena, while stats increase the level of a character.

The rankings are divided into five different tiers ranging from S to D tier, with S being the topmost tier. The characters under this tier have top-notch abilities. They benefit the player a lot. Then comes the second tier in line, the A tier. The statistics of these characters are lower than the S-tiered characters of the list, but they still have great abilities and affect the gameplay well. Then comes the B tier, which can be referred to as a mediocre tier. The qualities and stats, everything is ordinary.

Second to last is the C tier, which has the characteristics that have the potential to be the worst. But still have the potential to help the player in some way. Last, is the D tier with the worst characters and worst abilities and stats. These characters are a shame to the game itself. They ruin the outlook. However, all the characters are used inside the game, in one way or another.

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