Vampire Survivors Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

In this article, we will rank all the characters of Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is a rogue-like video game developed and published by Luca Galante (Poncle) in 2021. The game involves fighting off continuous waves of monsters while attacking an automatically attacking character, with the main objective being to survive as long as possible and unlock new characters and weapons. The Vampire Survivors tier list ranks the characters in the game based on their abilities, gameplay, and powers.

The tier list is divided into five tiers, with S tier being the best and D tier being the worst in terms of gameplay and abilities. The tier list is based on research and experience and is not a final fact, meaning that opinions may vary. The purpose of the tier list is to provide players with a guide to choosing their characters wisely to improve their chances of winning the game.

Overall, Vampire Survivors is a challenging game that requires skill and strategy to succeed. The tier list can help players make informed decisions about which characters to use in order to maximize their chances of survival.

Key Points

  • This article contains 25 entries.
  • The article is ranked on the basis of weapon, speed, and fighting style.
  • The top tiers ranks the top characters including Leda, Poppea Pecornia, And Smith IV.
  • The lowest tiers include Gennaro Balpaese and Biana Ramba.


The ranked Characters are in this concise table

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
LedaZi'Assunta Belpaese Krochi FreettoPorta LadonnaGennaro Balpaese
Poppea PecorniaSmith IV Giovvana GranaMinnah MannarahBianca Ramba
Arca LadonnaYatta CavalloImelda Belpaese
Christine DavainPasqualina BelpaeseSuor Clerici
Mask of the Red DeathLama Ladonna
DommarioAntonio Belpaese
Pugnala Provola

Read the details below:

S Tier

outstanding character of Vampire survivors
S tier

The S tier consists of all the characters of the Vampire survivors who are superb in terms of gameplay and abilities. These kick-ass characters are the most sensational amongst all the characters of this game due to numerous reasons which are discussed below:


Leda is the most powerful and sensational playable character in the game and is also special because it is a secret character of the Vampire survivor.

He is also a hidden boss of the game and thus made his way to the S tier of our Vampier survivors tier list. The main weapon Leda uses is the Holy Wand which is an evolved version of the Magical Wand and fires with no delay.

This iconic character is unlocked in the Gallo Tower Stage. The player needs to reach level 60 in the Dairy Plant Stage and then defeat itself in the Gallo Tower Stage to unlock Leda. When approaching Leda, the screen light becomes dim and the game music starts to change.

When the screen becomes completely black the players should be ready to face him, although he is hard to defeat still the players should keep moving in a circular path around him, this is used as a tactic to defeat him. It is recommended from our side to unlock the Mask of Death first because he helps a lot in defeating Lada.

Now, as a playable character, he has impressive firepower with his Holy Wand with +5 armor, -20% moving speed, and +100% might he has made his place in the S tier.

Armor 5
Might 100
Area 10

Poppea Pecornia

The second sensational character in Vampire survivors who made it to the S tier is Poppea Pecornia. A new world-class weapon was introduced in the game for Poeppea known as the Song of Mana.

This weapon goes vertically from top to bottom of the screen in a column and allows Poppea to act as a lawn mover when fully leveled. It is a stellar starting weapon in the game no other starting weapon has excelled from it in terms of damage, protection, and area of effect thus enabling the player to kill the enemy very efficiently.

Poppea being the first one to be unlocked in a specific stage is unlocked by locating the coffin in the Dairy Plant stage. Then must be purchased for 1000 gold coins.

She has a little bonus when the game starts and this bonus is also effective for high levels with weapons like King Bible, Song of Mana, and Santa Water. With a gain of 1% duration on each level, she also has an incredible move speed of +20% making her way to our S tier.

Movespeed 20%
Duration 0%

A Tier

good characters of Vampire survivors
A tier

The A tier is here in which we have the characters which cannot be placed in the S tier due to some minor drawbacks. These characters are not as good as the characters of the S tier and have minor flaws either in their passive bonus or weapon efficiency.

Zi’Assunta Belpaese 

One of the newest characters for 2022 in our tier list is Zi’ Assunta Belpaese of Vampire Survivors. She has one of the most powerful starting weapons called the Vento Sacro. The only reason she couldn’t make the S tier in our list is due to the fact not many players have leveled up or reached the late game with her in Vampire Survivors. 

Furthermore, she is hard to unlock as well and comes with a cost. In order to unlock Zi’Assunta, find and open her coffin in Capella Magna. After doing so, you just need to purchase her for 5000 Gold Coins. It is to be noted that she has slight leverage over the rest of the characters as she receives a bonus at the start of the battle

Movespeed 20%
Might 0%
Area 0%
Curse  10%

Smith IV 

They are one of the secret characters released in 2022 and have some of the best power-ups and abilities in the game. The starting weapon of Smith IV is Vandalier and they are the third ghost added in the series.

However, in order to unlock the secret character, you need to unlock  Exdash and Toastie aka their ghoulish friends. After you’ve unlocked them, all you need to do is go back to the Start Menu and perform some steps to unlock Smith IV.  

First, you need to head back to the Start Menu and type the word Spam. Doing so will initiate a 30-second timer. Next head to the Character Selection and enter Spam again.

Head to the Stage Selection and type Spam here as well. Now start a run on any of the stages. Finally, select an Arcana and once the timer goes off, enter the word Humbug. 

Movespeed 20%
Might 10%
Area 10%
Duration 10%

Arca Ladonna

Arca Ladonna is a playable character in the Vampire survivors making way to our A tier which for no reason means that she is not good enough she is also very effective in terms of gameplay and fight but still not as good as the characters placed in the S tier the reasons are discussed in detail here.

Above all the weapon Arca uses is a Fire Wand which does an enormous amount of damage to the opponent. It covers a large area but when it is transformed into Hell-Fire it just rips off the enemy. Acra gets a cooldown of -5% till level 30.

This character is unlocked by taking its weapon, the Fire Wand to level 4 and then purchasing it for 500 gold coins.

The only problem with Fire Wand is that it is a great secondary weapon but not a  solid starting weapon because its cool-down time puts the enemy at an advantage and the player at a great disadvantage. The passive bonus however reduced its cooldown time making it a little effective.

Might 10%
Duration 0%

Christine Davain

Christine Davain is the newest playable character in the Vampire survivor game whose starting weapon is Pentagram. She can be unlocked by upgrading Pentagram to level 7 and then purchased for 500 gold coins. With a +30% move speed bonus, Christine made it to the A tier.  

With a -25% reduction in weapon cooldown time but when it comes to might, she has the lowest health of -35% which is the lowest character health amongst all the characters in the game.

Firstly the pentagram at its starting stages is not so effective even though it wipes off enemies on screen because it destroys any treasure chest onscreen. Secondly, it has a cooldown time of about one minute. Consequently gives a great advantage to the enemy, in short Pentagram is not such an effective weapon until it reaches level 7.

Christine also gets an extra level at the start of the stage because of using Pentagram as a weapon in the initial stages thus giving her a chance for using a weapon that fires faster than one minute.\

Movespeed 50%
Max Health 30%
Might 35%

Mask of the Red Death

Mask of the Red Death is a secret playable character with a starting weapon of Death Spiral. The player can unlock this character by killing Death after appearing at a 30-minute mark. With maximum health of +255%, 100% movement speed and +20% might  Mask of Death made it to the A tier and is replaced by missing as a reward for killing Death.

Red Death is ridiculously strong with an evolved weapon of Death Spiral and sends circular waves of scythes and destroys the enemies with one hit. This high speed allows Death to reach for the bonus accessories in the stages very quickly and efficiently.

Axe is not such an effective starting weapon but Death Spiral is such an efficient weapon that it gives fantastic gameplay which is also an evolved form of Axe. Considering this the players should not select Axe as a starting weapon because Death is not allowed to use two weapons and won’t be able to evolve Axe.

Movespeed 100%
Max Health 155%
Might 20%


Starting with the weapon King Bible Dommario is a new playable character in the Vampire survivor game. It will soon become every player’s favorite character because of its starting weapon. It has one of the most outstanding starting weapons of all and the players can have it from the start of a stage.

Also, Dommario has a projectile speed of +40% projectile and +40% speed along with these outstanding characters he has a major hindrance of -40% moving speed still it is overcome by wing accessory and moving speed global power-up.

Having all these characteristics Dommario becomes an excellent choice for the ”no movement” stage. Dommario can be unlocked by the player if he gets over 5000 gold coins in just one single run and then he can purchase the character for 500 gold coins.

Movespeed 40%
Duration 40%


Mortaccio’s starting weapon is Bone and the player gets to unlock this character of the game by killing 3000 skeletons and then purchasing it for 500 gold coins. He also grants one extra projectile for every 20 level-ups. This ends him being extremely overpowered as compared to all the other characters at the end of the stage.

Mortaccio has a major drawback in the form of his starting weapon which is not much effective to do much damage to the enemy which is quite discouraging for the player on the battlefield.

Max Health  100%
armor 40%

Pugnala Provola

Pugnala Provola has been equipped with two starting weapons of  Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow. This character is unlocked in the Mad Forest stage by finding and opening her coffin and then purchased with 1000 gold coins.

She has a +20% moving speed, with a starting might of 0% it can gain +1% might with every level. Alongside this special ability, she gains strength at every level making her an extremely powerful character in the game. Also, there are some alternate options available when it comes to weapons which are: Vandalier, Heaven Sword, and Thousand Edge.

Movespeed 20%
Might 20%

B Tier

average characters of Vampire survivors
B tier

The characters placed in the B tier are not so efficient in terms of passive bonus, weapon efficiency, and trick. They are just ordinary characters that are neither too good nor too bad to play with and lie somewhere in between good and bad tiers. Members of this tier are discussed in detail below:

Krochi Freetto

Krochi Freetto armed with Cross as a starting weapon starts with 1 revival this passive ability gives him a chance to respawn once at 50% health and gains additional revive at level 33.

If the player gets the Tiragisu accessory and has purchased the Revive power-up then Kirochi can revive himself up to five times. Additionally, he also has a +30% move speed.

Krochi is a demonic-looking character that can be unlocked by the player if he defeats a total of 100,000 enemies and then must be purchased with 500 gold coins.

The starting weapon Cross is also an effective one as it can destroy and damage an unlimited number of enemies, the only limitation is that the player has to purchase powerups for this weapon to do effective damage although this limitation can be overcome by upgrading the weapon.

Movespeed 30%
Revival 1%

Giovvana Grana

Being equipped with a starting weapon of Gatti Amari, Giovana Grana is one of the playable characters in the Vampire survivor. She is a white woman riding a broomstick and wearing a witch’s hat, implying that she is some sort of a witch.

With some limitations, Giovvana made it to the B tier. Starting with a +20% move speed and 1% addon projectile speed at each level.

Players can unlock this character by finding and opening the coffin in the Inlaid Library after which she should be purchased for 1000 gold coins.

Her starting weapon which is Gati Amari is an Italian word for ”bitter cat”. If close to the player it will do double damage to it often. In short, Giovvana may not be the top-ranked character in the game but still can function effectively and complete the run.

Movespeed 20%
Speed 30%

Yatta Cavallo

Cavallo has the same bonus as Mortaccio which is one extra projectile for every 20 levels to a maximum of +3%. Cavallo starts with a weapon of Cheery Bomb which bounces off the enemies like the weapon Bone but unlike bone, it explodes when hits a target. The explosion is quite effective and covers a large area and does effective damage to the target.

There is a chance for other characters to get Cherry Bomb as a weapon in other higher levels This character can be unlocked by killing 3000 lion heads and then purchasing it for 500 gold coins.

Health 100%
Speed 30%

Pasqualina Belpaese

Pasqualina  Belpaese is one of the playable characters in the Vampire survivors game equipped with a starting weapon of Runetracer which is almost as polarized as the Garlic weapon. The Rune tracer flies around the battlefield and changes course when hits a solid object.

This character is unlocked by default in the game and is purchased for 100 gold coins. Pasqualina starts with a +10% speed and gains +10% speed with every 5 levels until it reaches level 15.

Pasqualina can work well with other weapons as well and makes them more deadlier and effective.

Speed 10%
Might 20%

C Tier

bad characters of Vampire survivors
C tier

Now we move down to the C tier of our Vampire survivors tier list, in which we have placed characters that are not too efficient in the game. Players do not always lose the game with these characters and these characters do have their unique passive bonuses but these bonuses are not too outstanding to give them a place in the above tiers. It does not mean they are the worst characters but still not good as well, they lie somewhere in-between.

Porta Ladonna

Porta has a very strong startup with a starting weapon Lightning Ring. Porta’s start is very powerful but the player can mess everything up by using the wrong weapons. She can increase its weapon’s area of effect by 30%.

This special ability enhances the effect of the Lightning Ring and also other weapons used by this character. Alongside this, the passive ability of Porta enables her to an additional 30% increase in her area of attack. She also has a 90% reduced cooldown and decreases 30% by each level which disappears completely on level four thus allowing Lightning Ring to kill enemies rapidly.

Minnah Mannarah

Another new character in our Vampire  Survivors tier list that is released in 2022 is Minnah Mannarah. The starting weapon of Minnah is Bloody Tear. You can only unlock them after completing the Lunar Eclipse event. Additionally, you will also have to collect the Yellow Sign Relic. 

In order to unlock Minnah, you will need to perform a series of steps. First, you need to start a run on the Dairy Plant. Also, keep the Arcanas active while doing so. Once you are at the Dairy Plant, choose the VII “ Mad Groove” Arcana Card. 

Now you need to collect the Cheese Wheel. It is to be noted that it will spawn southwest of your starting point a few miles away. Now you need to defeat 7 enemies that look like rats. After you are done you can buy Minnah in the characters selection screen. 

max health  50%
recovery 1%
Might 70%

Imelda Belpaese

Imelda is the player’s first choice to unlock the reason that it costs only 10 gold coins with no other unlock requirements. Her starting weapon is Magic Wand, regarded as the vampire survivor’s best all-around weapon.

However, it always aims at the nearest enemy and can fire multiple times at a fast rate. In short, it is a laudable defense weapon and is very effective in defeating the enemy.

Imelda gains 10% growth by every five levels until level 15 also the maximum growth attained in this way is +30% consequently she gets strong much more quickly.

max health  50%
growth 10%

Suor Clerici

Suor Clerici is one of the two new playable characters in the Vampire survivors with a starting weapon of  Santa Water. She can be unlocked by recovering 1000HP total throughout all runs.

Her passive ability is 0.5% per sec to hit point regeneration and +30% maximum health. It may seem a lot but considering how quickly it will be drained off due to game mechanics it does not seem to be a bonus.

Santa Water is an excellent starting weapon but at a low level it is quite ineffective, to cover this up Clerici’s attacks have a 400% area of effect. This also reduces by 100% at every level so is only effective at the starting stages of the game. Despite all this, she is quite effective and regarded as the best character to kill Death.

max health  50%
recovery 1%
Area 400%

Antonio Belpaese

Here comes the only free character of the Vampire survivors. He is the character with which every player begins the game so they can start unlocking other characters. His starting weapon is a Whip. When Antonio uses the Spinich accessory it boosts its ability to do damage to the enemy and can whip off the screen full of enemies within seconds.

Antonio starts with +20 maximum health,+1 armor and +1% might. It also aging +10% might with every 10 levels until level 50. So it gains a maximum of 50% might which is one of the best.

max health  20%
Armor 1%

Lama Ladonna

Lama is a very interesting character of the Vampire survivors with a starting weapon axe. Axe is a terrible starting weapon as its rate of fire is very slow and is also almost useless for attacking enemies from the sides or below. Despite all this, the passive abilities of Lama improve its effectiveness still it has a limited range and long cooldown time.

The player can unlock Lama by surviving for 20 min in the game with 10 % curse active and can be then purchased for 500 gold coins.

Lama starts with a passive bonus of + 10 maximum health, +10% might +10% move speed , +10% curse. Curse increases the enemy’s amount, frequency, health, and move speed, which negates Lama’s bonuses.

max health  10%
Movespeed 10%
Might 10%

D Tier

worst characters of Vampire survivors
D tier

In the D tier, we have placed characters that are not impressive in terms of passive bonuses and have some negative passive bonuses which are discussed in detail below. Also, their weapons have some serious drawbacks in terms of damage and efficiency.

Gennaro Balpaese

Gennaro Balpaese is unlocked by default in the game but still needs to be purchased for 500 gold coins and has a starting weapon Knife. He has become a favorite character of the players because of his ability to give all his weapons extra projectile. This is a great bonus considering it enhances the abilities of most of the weapons.

Players should get a Duplicate Accessor while playing Gennaro giving a new meaning to the term ”bullet head shooter”. Still, it has a drawback in that it starts with a Knife as a starting weapon which is a so-so weapon and is not so effective in doing much damage to the opponent.

max health  20%
Amount 1%
Might 10%

Bianca Ramba

One of the playable characters of Vampire survivors has a starting weapon Carrello and is unlocked by killing 3000 Milk Elementals and then purchased for 500 gold coins. Ramba gains a 1% amount every 20 levels for 60 levels, in this way it gains a maximum amount of +3%.

Its starting weapon shoots a single that travels horizontally and gives sparks that are emitted from the wheels to the direction in which the player is facing. It explodes shattering and also damaging the enemy. Although it is a very frustrating weapon and is not much effective.

max health  10%
Amount 10%
Might 10%

F Tier

worstest characters of Vampire survivors
F tier

The worst of the worst, some terrible characters of this game are discussed here in this topic.

Poe Ratcho

Poe is a playable character in the Vampire survivors with a starting weapon Garlic. It is unlocked by getting Garlic to level 7 and then purchasing it for 500 gold coins. Poe starts with a -30 max health and +25% magnet.

Garlic is a good starting weapon but ineffective in the latter stages as the time between tricks is too long and the damage scale for higher levels is terrible. It falls off in the mid-game and becomes the most terrible weapon ever, the evolution also fails to impress the players, and knockbacks are also not aided by evolution in addition to a slower pulse.

max health  30%
Magnet 25%

Exdash Exiviiq

Exdash is equipped with a starting weapon Ebony Wings and is a secret character of the game. Ebony wings are a bird that flies around the player and bombards in a circling zone that revolves in a counterclockwise direction around the player.

So is not effective when enemies attack from all directions. The bird flies slowly behind the player and the bombarding circle is in position relative to the player.

Exdash is a high-luck character in the game and is unlocked by an unusual secret code. The players have to put this code very quickly and should not touch any other button or this character will not be unlocked.

Exdash has lower base stats but comes with 100% luck and made it to the F tier for not being an efficient character of the game.

max health  23%
Movespeed 10%
Might 10%


Toastie is a special secret character in the game with a starting weapon peach one. It is also a bird weapon that rains bombs on enemies. It is quite tricky to unlock this character. The player first needs to defeat Drowner or Stalker but killing either of these characters is not as easy as it seems.

They are immune to most of the weapons; this is not the end of the process. As soon as you defeat them Toastie appears on the bottom of the screen so the player has to press down on the key and enter on the keyboard.

If done correctly the player will hear music. Peachone is a terrible starting weapon due to which Toastie is a very difficult character to play in the Vampire survivor, thus placing it in the F tier.

max health  99%
Movespeed 20%
Might 10%

Comparison Table

NameTierArmorMightAreaMovespeedDurationCurseMax HeathRevivalSpeedGrowthAmount
Poppea PecorniaS20%0%
Zi'Assunta BelpaeseA0020%10%
Smith IVA10%10%20%10%
Arca LadonnaA10%0%
Christine DavainA55%50%50%
Mask of the Red DeathA 20%100% 155%
Pugnala ProvolaA20%20%
Krochi FreettoB30%1%
Giovvana GranaB20%30%
Yatta CavalloB10030%
Pasqualina BelpaeseB20% 10%
Porta LadonnaC
Minnah MannarahC70%50%1%
Imelda BelpaeseC50%10%
Suor ClericiC 50%1%
Lama LadonnaC1%20%
Antonio BelpaeseC10%10%10%
Gennaro BalpaeseD10%20%1%
Bianca RambaD10%10%10%

Patch Notes v1.3.0

The latest update has following changes

  • They introduce three achievements for the players
  • 1 intriguing challenge was added
  • An addition of 2 relics was made to gain power-ups.

Final Verdict

Vampire survivors may seem like a simple game. But in it, the player is challenged continuously with an endless wave of monstrous enemies. In our Vampire survivors tier list, the players will find out strategies and tips to play the game more efficiently moreover there is also a piece of complete information provided about all the characters in the game, their passive bonuses, and ways to unlock them.

The Vampire survivors surely do not attract much with its 2D graphics so no sugarcoating here. Still has managed to hook a lot of players. With its astounding engagement strategy and loads of bedazzling characters and weapons for the players to unlock and gain player’s attention.

Alongside all this the players may find it a bit tough to play but as they unlock new characters and a healthy collection of abilities it becomes easy and fun to play.

This game has very basic graphics, a basic map, and an enemy design. Yet has managed to gain the interest of the players by engaging them to unlock level after level and a variety of weapons bonuses and characters.

In our Vampire survivors tier list, we have tried to give you a complete overview of this game along with the character’s abilities. Hope our research and experience will be helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most powerful character in Vampire Survivors? 

According to our tier list, Leda is considered the most potent Vampire Survivors character. He is one of the hidden bosses in Vampire Survivors with the strongest abilities as compared to other characters in our tier list. 

Who is the worst character in Vampire Survivors? 

Toastie is ranked the worst Vampire Survivors character in our tier list for July 2022. He is reasonably difficult to unlock, and his weapons are terrible for end-game builds. 

Which character uses Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors?  

Song of Mana is ranked as the most powerful weapon in Vampire Survivors and is wielded by Poppea Pecornia, making him one of the best characters in our tier list. It is a Stellar starting weapon that offers damage, AoE, and protection like no other.

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