Minecraft Tier List: The Complete Ranking

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In this article, I am back to sharing the most factual Minecraft tier list on the internet with you guys. This tier list will mainly focus on the Mobs of the game, which is a spicing topic among the fandom. I have been playing Minecraft since the first day of its release, and I ended the game countless times. I am a big nerd when it comes to the Minecraft world.

I know all the farming patterns and mechanics of the game learned every recipe and spent thousands of hours playing different modes of Minecraft. Since I have played Minecraft this much and memorized every little detail, I wondered why I should not make a tier list that includes the ranking of the Mobs of Minecraft.

In 2009, a version of Minecraft went online for PC gamers to try out. It was called an alpha build, meaning it was very flexible and would be adapted and updated as users gave feedback. Minecraft had a unique look, harkening back to the days when games were made of pixels art. I hesitate to call Minecraft only a game as it’s much more of an experience and aiming it solely as a game might reduce its impact.

Minecraft is very flexible to your choices in the game. The basic mechanic of Minecraft is that you wander through your world and break down resources that you found around yourself and then build your structures, weapons, etc. Some resources are difficult to find, so exploration is also a key, and while exploring through different terrains, you will face many annoying Mobs in your way that will make the game harden for you every so often.

By January 2011, Minecraft had surpassed 1 million purchases. The creator Markus Persson known as Notch began working on the game alone but eventually created the company Mo yang. Consequently, with the skyrocketing in the game’s popularity, Notch started to look for a corporation to buy Minecraft and sold the Mo yang property rights to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars in 2014.

At that time, Minecraft was already one of the best-selling video games of all time, with about 60 million copies sold and a hundred million users. Henceforth, Minecraft became the most played game on Xbox and Playstation online stores.

Quite a few years after its inception, Minecraft continues to be a huge platform. Youtube and Twitch are massive venues where people will create and play while others watch and comment. The most renowned Youtuber PewDiePie had a great impact on the revival of Minecraft.

Minecraft, while at its core, is indeed a video game, but in reality, it is a sandbox where you can engage with the world however you want by building or destroying and by flying through the skies just looking or trying to survive the darkness and horrors that come out at night. This is a game, but it’s also a learning tool and a way for people to communicate with others worldwide.

There are four modes. The first is survival, where you have a life bar, and you must find resources and build while also being on the lookout for Mobs such as zombies, spiders, creepers, etc. If you only want to build, you can play the creative mode, which gives you access to all the resources in the game and allows you to navigate your map by flying.

The third mode is called adventure mode, where you can build or experience adventures built by other players. This is a mode where you share the fun with others or play the maps created by others. Lastly, there is a spectator mode where you can visit maps without fear because you’re not interacting with their world. This is best if you want to discover and see fun creations and wander throughout the map without the restrictions of it being an actual adventurer.

In this Minecraft Tier list, I will be ranking Mobs in the game based on the loot they give. However, this general ranking of games in this tier list is my opinion. I understand that tier lists are subjective and that the hierarchy of the Mobs may well not match your expectations. This tier list and overall Mob’s ranking are open to debate but not criticism.

I have divided the Mobs of Minecraft into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D tiers, based on their difficulty in killing them, the loot they give, and the overall impact of the loot on the game’s progressions, let’s start listing down Mob and see which Mob are the best and worst in Minecraft. Get some popcorn since this will be a long ride, but it will be worth it.

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Greatest Mobs of Minecraft
The greatest Mobs of Minecraft!

S ranking is the first tier of this tier list and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. This tier of the Minecraft tier list consists of great Mobs with good drops, and amazing interactions and are also favorites among all fandom fans. Similarly, Mobs in this tier significantly impact your game’s overall progression and makes the game a bit more challenging.

They each help you in many ways with respect to items they drop, making them the most enduringly loveable Mobs of the Minecraft franchise. This tier list includes different Mobs from different biomes which makes this tier pretty interesting.

Zombified Piglin

Zombified piglins are undead piglin brutes and piglins that live in the Nether. When a zombified piglin, the whole swarm of zombified piglins within a set radius starts becoming aggressive. Zombified piglins may be found in the nether wastes, crimson woods, nether portals, and from pigs hit by lightning, as well as when piglins are left in the Overworld or End, they transform into zombified piglins.

In Normal and Hard settings, all zombified piglins spawn with a golden sword, which has a slight chance of being enchanted. Zombified piglins cannot revert to being piglins or piglin brutes, which means that once zombified, a piglin or piglin brute remains zombified until killed or despawned. They are the best source of getting gold and are the main ingredient of a gold farm.

Once you create a proper farm above the nether roof, you will see swarms of zombified piglings falling to their death and giving you the best drop you want. You can even modify the farm to make them fall to very low health, so you can hit them with your looting III sword, and get maximum drops, along with tons of experience to mend your equipment. Zombified piglins are at the top of the Minecraft tier list for these reasons.


Shulkers were added in 1.9 and are unlike any other Mob present in the game because Shulkers look like Shulker boxes, or I guess they are Shulker boxes. A Shulker box is a storage and transportation block. They hide in their shells to blend in with the purple blocks around them and guard the city’s many valuables. Shulkers appear during the creation of end cities found on the end’s outlying islands.

When you get too close, they will open up and reveal a little head inside them that shoots little pellets at you. Of course, these pellets do not just hurt you but also give you a levitation effect for 10 seconds. Now, what makes Shulkers so useful is that when they are defeated, they have a 50 percent chance to drop a Shulker shell which is used to make a Shulker box If you do not know, Shulker boxes are extremely useful, so without Shulker, the Mob Shulker box would never exist. Shulkers are in the S-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Slimes green bouncy and cube. Slimes come in three different sizes-small, medium, and large. Slimes travel around by jumping every 10 to 30 ticks. They normally spawn in swamps or underground and are pretty easy to defeat. Medium and Large Slimes would not drop anything except for XP, but if you kill a small Slime, you will get your hands on a valuable Slime ball used to craft things like sticky pistons or Slime blocks that are very useful.

Slimes are just a nice Mob to run into unless you are in a super flat world, and they are not too hard to defeat and give a great drop. Slimes are cute Mobs and are very fun to play with. Without a doubt, they deserve a spot in the S-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Creeper is one of the most recognizable characters in video game history. It started from an accidental reshaping of a pig and turned into something that probably has generated billions in revenue, but how do Creepers hold up in the actual game? Creepers are armless Mobs that spawn in the dark and explode if you get too close to them. Many find them extremely annoying since they could destroy all the progress of a house after one little hissing sound.

Creepers do not try to attack your in-game physical health. They try to attack your real-life mental health. If you manage to kill a Creeper, they drop gun powder used to make TNT so that you could blow more things up.

It is this circle of explosions. One unique thing about Creepers is that they do not burn in the sunlight, unlike most other hostile Mobs, which just adds to the scariness. Honestly, while they are annoying and scary. Almost everyone still loves creepers, so Creepers have to be in the S-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Zombie Villager

Zombie villagers are just villagers that got turned into a zombie. Usually, this happens by a zombie attacking a villager, which can only occur in normal and hard mode but not easy mode. After converting from a villager, a zombie villager keeps their biome and occupation in Java Edition. They keep their crafts as well. The occupations of zombie villagers are not displayed, although they have the same profession after cure as before zombification.

You could cure a zombie villager by giving them a golden apple while they are affected by weakness, so very specific, but that makes it more fun. A zombie village that has been cured will also have lower prices on trades for the player who cured them, which is pretty useful. Surprisingly, there is much more to zombie villagers than I thought, so overall. Zombie villagers are in the S-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Evokers are a unique Mob. Evokers can be found in woodland mansions and village raids. Now cool, why are Evokers so amazing? Well, they are the only right source of undying totems. You have a 100 percent chance of getting a totem of undying after defeating an Evoker but defeating the Evoker is not exactly that much easy, though. The Evoker is the second hardest Illiger to defeat in Minecraft, right behind the illusion, wh. The Evoker has multiple ways to attack.

The first is its fang attack, where it will raise fangs out of the ground that damage you. The Evoker could also summon vexes, which are small annoying Mobs that fly around and attack you while fighting the Evoker seems hard. It does not seem unfair. It is a unique fight with a really good drop at the end if you manage to defeat the Evoker. Honestly, I think the Evoker deserves its spot in the S-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Iron Golem

Iron Golem naturally spawn most commonly in villages and are not only a neutral Mob but will defend you and the village. Iron Golem will attack any hostile Mob on site. These things are born to protect and a force to reckon with well. They are not born. Rather, they are created. That is right. Iron Golems can actually be created with only four iron blocks, a pumpkin jack-o-lantern, or a carved pumpkin and you could have yourself your very own Iron Golem.

Iron Golems drop anywhere between three to five iron ingots when defeated, which means Iron Golems are a good Mob to make a Mob farm with and get an infinite iron ingot. Iron Golems are all-around good and unique Mob so I will put them in the S-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Wither is a classic boss that everyone loves well except for maybe bees. In contrast, the Wither might be the Minecraft bosses’ veteran, making it a good boss. The Wither was the second boss added to Minecraft and is unique because it is the only boss you could technically spawn yourself.

Although you spawn it yourself, finding the items you need to spawn the Wither is extremely hard. To spawn the Wither, you need three Wither Skeleton Skulls and four soul sands, and if you do not know, the Wither Skeleton Skulls are one of the hardest items to obtain in all of Minecraft.

But once you manage to spawn the Wither and wait for it to charge up, you will find a killing machine that wants nothing but to destroy you and everything you own. Pretty peaceful if you ask me, but if you do kill the Wither, unlike most other bosses, the Wither drops a very important item that is the Nether star used to make beacons. In Bedrock Edition, fighting the Wither is harder than in the Java edition.

Since the Wither on Bedrock has twice as much health as the Java version but overall is very useful if you like beacons, but even if you do not like beacons, I feel like everyone should at least fight the Wither once just for the experience. So overall, Wither is the type of boss that should be in the S-tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Magma Cube

Magma Cubes are the slimes of the Nether. Magma Cubes are not everyone’s favorite Mob but are that justified now? Magma cubes spawn only in the Nether and, just like slimes, come in three different sizes-small, medium, and large, but unlike Slimes, these Magma cubes will hurt a lot more than cute Slimes. Now I like said Magma Cubes spawn in the Nether.

Most commonly in Basalt Biomes which probably makes Magma Cubes part of why players dislike the Basalt Biome so much. Magma Cubes drop Magma cream, which is used for brewing ingredients to make Fire Resistance potions and manufacture magma blocks manually. So Magma cream is useful and worth it too, but Magma cubes are a little hard to fight, so I will put them at the end of the S-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Prominent Mobs of Minecraft
The prominent Mobs of Minecraft!

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed the Minecraft Mobs, which are the best but lack some qualities and their impact on the items they dropped after they are killed compared to the above Mobs in the tier list. Some of the Mobs in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. This tier consists of 12 Mobs that I think are good but not worthy enough to be put into the S-tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeletons are possibly one of the most disliked and liked Mobs in Minecraft. Wither Skeletons are found in the Nether but not only the Nether but specifically Nether fortresses, so I think Wither Skeletons are one of the most disliked Mobs in Minecraft because of how hard they are to find and how rare it is for them to drop their infamous Wither Skeleton skull which you, of course, need three of to spawn the Wither.

But on the other hand, I think they are also one of the most liked Mobs in Minecraft because of that rush you get when you finally do get that Wither Skeleton skull. When you get that last skull, it just feels amazing. Wither Skeletons also give you the Wither effect when they hit you. Hence, they are not an easy Mob to kill but overall, finding them and getting their skull to drop is pretty annoying and hectic work, so I will put them at the top of the A-Tier in the Minecraft tier list.


Vindicators are just another Illager, but instead of something like a crossbow or swords, the Vindicator holds an Axe rather. Still, unlike most other Illagers, the Vindicator has some pretty good drops. The VIndicator has an 8.5 percent chance to drop their Axe and a 50 percent chance to drop an emerald which could be more than one emerald if you eliminate it with the looting enchantment not too bad for something that only has 12 hearts of health.

The only problem is that Vindicators only spawn in woodland mansions and raids, so you will not be finding them all that often. Overall, Vindicators are in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Bees are quite controversial not because of the Mob itself, but because they were the main focus of a pretty underwhelming update that is 1.15, but other than that, bees are pretty cool. They live in beehives and will only attack if provoked unless you are the Wither. Bees strike in swarms to “sting” and poison the player. Bee nests that are naturally created have three bees in them.

A bee can drop up to three orbs when it dies and up to seven orbs when it breeds. They will help pollinate your crops to help them grow and also produce honey for you to collect. Aside from bees being uncomfortably large, there is nothing to complain about, so I will put them in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Guardians are the hostile fish you see swimming in all-around ocean monuments and can be pretty annoying to fight. Anything is pretty irritating to fight under the water, but these things are especially annoying. They will fire lasers at you and even damage you when you try to hit them. Like thorns now, in terms of loot, they drop Prismarine shards, which are used to make sea lanterns and other Prismarine blocks. They are useful in exploring under the water. I put them in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Blaze is the Mob crucial for beating the game, so Blazes naturally spawn in the Nether, and the name does not lie. They are on fire, but not only are they on fire, but they also shoot fire and fly. These things are annoying as hell, but once you kill them, there is a 50 percent chance that they will drop a blaze rod.

You could either make a brewing stand or blaze powder with a blaze rod, two important things in Minecraft. So are Blazesares hard to kill? Yes, but is it worth it? Yes, definitely, so I will put them in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Witches are a pretty rare Mob. You will usually find them in a swamp pit or just roaming around during the night. They can attack you by throwing a splash potion at you, which can be a splash potion of harming, slowness, poison, or weakness, but they do not only throw potions at you but drop them as loot too. If you kill a witch while they are drinking a potion, then there is an 8.5 percent chance that they will drop that potion which becomes an even greater chance if you have to loot 3 enchantment swords.

They also drop items like glass bottles, glow stone dust, gun powder, and more these things can get pretty annoying if they poison you or slow you, but it is generally a nice Mob to run into to keep things fresh in your world. Witches drop Redstone dust because it is one of the main things you will need in the end game hence they are the only source for Redstone dust other than mining. So Witches are in the A-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Piglins are another Mob that will always attack you unless you wear some kind of gold armor. Why you might ask, greed, that is right, Piglins are business pigs that will barter with you for certain gold items, and in return, they will give you a random item like Obsidian, ender pearl, string, or something else. Piglins bartering is a staple for 1.16 plus speed runs since the Piglins could usually give you quick ender pearls or very, very long ender pearls.

Piglins do not drop anything amazing when they are killed sometimes. They will just drop what they have equipped it, which could be a sword or armor but nothing special. Piglins have a lot to them and are sort of the poster Mob for the Nether, and for all that, I think Piglins should be in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Unlike chickens and cows, I think they are one of the most recognizable Mobs in all of Minecraft. You show someone a cow, and they will know it is from Minecraft, but you show someone a Mob like a turtle, and that image could be from block craft 3D for all they know. Cows are pretty unique because they provide you with beef and leather, and milk.

Although the milk is not that useful, the leather is used in many crafting recipes, and you could also use it to make leather armor if you have hit your head recently. Honestly, cows are just an all-around good Mob, so I will put them in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon is the final boss before you officially beat the game. When you think of a Minecraft boss, after you think of a baby zombie, the Ender Dragon is next to that. Now, unlike every other boss, you need to be in the end to fight the Ender Dragon, which is a whole dimension originally just made for this boss fight. So, you can see that Mojang took this boss seriously when they created it.

They even gave the Ender Dragon a name. Her name is Jean, and I hope I spell that correctly. You need to take out all of the Obsidian’s ores when fighting Jean. Otherwise, Jean can regenerate health while you are doing that. Jean is also casually shooting fireballs at you. Jean could also charge at you and throw you up into the air, which almost always leads to death unless you do not have a water bucket or very good armor. Effective ways of killing an Ender Dragon are typically bows and swords, but what seems to be the most effective are beds.

If you practice killing a dragon with beds for a little bit, it will eventually become extremely easy just casually to kill the dragon-like speedrunners. The loot you get from killing an Ender Dragon is not that good, though, just a lot of XP and a dragon egg, but the real reward is the fact that you beat the game by killing the Ender Dragon, which would feel nice to have all your hard work and time that you spent on your world pay off.

Now the Ender Dragon is the Minecraft boss, and for that, I think it deserves a place in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list. Ender Dragon is almost like the culmination of all the hostile Mobs wrapped into one. It tests all of your strengths and weaknesses at the end of Minecraft.


Enderman is another very old Mob. Enderman is a Mob found in the Overworld but mostly found in the end. Enderman would not attack you unless you look them directly in the eyes. I do not know if they are anti-social, but looking at them directly will trigger them to attack you. Fun fact as long as you stare at their eye they won’t attack. They will just stand and scream. Enderman is also very large and strikes you with melee hits. They are not hard to hit but what is hard about fighting Enderman is their speed and the fact that they can teleport, but once you do, kill them.

They have a chance to drop the beloved ender pearl, which can be used for a variety of things. Enderman could also pick up blocks and walk away with them, which can be slightly annoying sometimes, but since ender pearls are key to getting to the end and since Enderman are unique, they are amazing. Enderman has to be in the A-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


I mean, do I even need to need to introduce villagers. So, villagers have so many things you could do with them but let’s get this one out of the way. Villagers allow you to trade with them, and depending on the job villager has, you get different trades. There is also a whole popularity system with the villagers, and if you have a bad reputation, you will get worse trading prices, among other things, but villagers do not just trade.

On the farm, you could breed them, they could panic, and they even sleep. What is not to love about these things? But seriously, there is so much more to villagers that I could go into, but it would take me four quintillion years. I think villagers should be in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list, even with everything I just said here.


Sheep are an OG in the Minecraft Mob world, and although they are old, does that mean they are bad. Sheep could come in various colors, including white, pink, rainbow, etc. Now you could sheer sheep with a sheer to collect their wool, and whatever color wool the sheep has is the color you will collect when you sheer them. So if you ever wanted a mask collection of yellow wool, you know where to get it.

You can also collect the sheep’s wool using a different method, but that is a little more on the violent side. If you decide to go down that path, you will not only get yourself some wool but also some raw mutton, which is always a good source of food. They are mostly found in grassy biomes. Sheep are decently useful but not completely amazing to be considered in the top tier so I will put them in the A-Tier of the Minecraft tier list for those reasons.

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Average Mobs of Minecraft
The average Mobs of Minecraft!

The B-tier is an average tier where I placed those Mobs with decent drops and some improvements in the mechanics of the game. This tier includes 10 Mobs from the Minecraft franchise, mainly the Mobs that have rare drops and are useful in traveling around the Minecraft world.


Hoglins are the mix between a cow and a pig of the Nether. The Hoglin is a big warthog-looking creature that will fling you up into the air with its horns. Hoglins mostly spawn in crimson forests in the Nether and are afraid of warped fungi. I do not know why they are when you defeat a Hoglin. ]

They drop raw pork chops and sometimes leather now. Hoglins are also breedable, making them the only hostile Mob that is breedable well except for killer bunnies but do those count. Hoglins can be pretty hard to defeat because they have a lot of health and the reward for defeating them is not worth it. Hoglins are a B-Tier Mob in the Minecraft tier list.

Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horse is pretty much the bone structure of a horse in full display. You can ride it like a normal horse and even ride it underwater, making you feel like Skull Knight from Berserk. A skeleton horse is a horse that has become undead. When lightning hits, it can spawn. A skeleton horse can drop up to two bones and a saddle if mounted when it dies.

There are no goods or experiences gained from killing a newborn skeleton horse. Skeleton horses are one of the quickest modes of transportation available. It is an interesting biology lesson and a good Mob, but it is also pretty rare, so I will put him in the B-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Horses were added in 1.6. Horses are what I consider to be one of the best methods of travel in Minecraft but are they a good Mob? Well, horses are found mostly in plains and savannah biomes and come in all different kinds of colors, and all have other stats. There is not just one kind of horse. Some horses are slow and white. Some jump high and are gray. Some are fast and black, and some have dots and have a lot of health, but one thing all horses have in common is that you could always tame and ride them.

Horses do not drop anything that good, just some leather, so it’s a lot more useful to use them for riding. Horses could also jump while you are riding them, with some being able to jump as high as five and a half blocks which I think can be useful. I believe horses are so much better than donkeys and mules because of their better speed and jump strength compared to them. With all these Horses are placed in the B-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Mooshrooms are the mix between a cow and mushroom. Mooshrooms are a cow that is covered in Mushrooms and only spawned in the mushroom field biome. Mooshroom might look slightly different from cows but behave almost completely the same. One of the only differences is that when you milk a Mooshroom with a bowl, you get mushrooms too, which is pretty useful now you probably think of a Mooshroom as their iconic red color.

Still, they also come in a brown variant as well. When a Mooshroom gets struck by lightning, it will change its color to the opposite of what it was, so brown to red or red to brown other than that, Mooshroom are pretty much rare cows, so I will put them in the B-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Skeletons are one of the few ranged Mobs in Minecraft and one of the hardest common Mobs to fight. Skeletons have bows and will shoot at you with arrows. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up the arrows they hit, but if you kill Skeleton, there is a chance that they will drop arrows as an item, and of course, you could pick those up, but that is not all they drop.

They also drop bones and have a small chance to drop the equipment they use, like their bows or any armor they might have spawned with. Skeletons are a very popular Mob to make Mob farms out of, making Skeletons a very good source of bones.

Like most Mobs, Skeletons will burn in the sunlight, which is strange because the sun is a natural source of vitamin d, which strengthens your bones and should not burn them, but that is beside the point. Skeletons are not too complicated. What you see is pretty much what you get, and for that, I think they should be in the B-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Spider Jockey

A spider or cave spider being ridden by a skeleton, stray, or wither skeleton is known as a spider jockey. The best thing about killing them is that they drop the items of both the spider and the one riding on it. Spider Jockey is one of the best creatures to store in your Minecraft museum collection and honestly, some Minecraft nerds really made Minecraft museums in their world please do not laugh at them. So I will put Spider Jockey in the B-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Wolves or better known as dogs. They are the Mob that is one of if not the best for taming. If you see a wild wolf, just give it a couple of bones, and now you got yourself a best friend forever or until it accidentally walks into lava or gets blown up by a creeper. Rest in peace. Anyways, wolves are so loyal that they will even attack hostile Mobs for you, or if you want them to stay home, you could just click on them, and they will sit down forever.

It is for a good reason why so much of the Minecraft fanbase loves wolves because there is just a not to complain about. They will even shake off the water if they get wet. I am convinced Wold should be in the B-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Drowned were added in 1.13 and are essentially underwater zombies. In fact, if a zombie’s head is submerged underwater for 30 seconds, it starts converting into a drown, and after 15 seconds, it will fully become a drown but drowned, and zombies do have a few differences. First off, this could just be my opinion, but they look cooler than zombies. Aside from that, drowned have a chance to spawn holding a trident.

If you kill a drowned holding a trident, there is a small chance it will drop. This is the only way to get a trident, so drowned is very important. It is pretty good that they will stomp on turtle eggs and attack baby turtles, so maybe they are not that bad. After all, you know what drowned is so they are in the B-Tier of the Minecraft tier list for me.


Below-average Mobs of Minecraft!
The below-average Mobs of Minecraft!

The C-tier is a below-average tier where I placed most of those Minecraft Mobs that are weak and do not drop anything good. Overall Mobs in this tier list are annoying and are not worthy of the time taken to kill them. This tier consists of 10 Mobs that are very identical to each other. This tier of the Mob includes Spiders, annoying Nether Mobs and Illagers.

Cave Spider

Cave spiders are everyone’s favourite Mob. As the name implies, cave spiders are found in caves, specifically mine shafts. They are not that much different from normal spiders, except when they hit you, they will give you a poison effect which can be pretty annoying, especially since cave spiders usually spawn within a whole mess of cobwebs. Cave spiders are also smaller than normal spiders, which is not really saying much, though, since normal spiders are massive. Still, cave spiders do not seem all that important and can be really annoying to fight not the worst, but still not good, so that I will put them in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list along with normal spiders.


Spiders are the most accurately sized Mob in all of Minecraft if you live in Australia. Spiders are a very common hostile Mob that is not always hostile because they will kill you at night, but they have a change of heart in the daytime. Spider sometimes drops string and, on occasion, a spider eye is used for brewing. Spiders can also climb up walls, so that house you made that does not have a roof is unsafe. That is pretty much it with the spiders. You see what you get, and I will put spiders in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list in a controversial opinion.


Endermites are little hostile Mobs that relate to Enderman and the Ender Dragon. I do not think it’s confirmed how they are related, but either way, Endermites are the smallest hostile Mob in all of Minecraft, even smaller than Silverfish. They only have a 5 percent chance of spawning when you throw an ender pearl, making them one of the rarest Mobs in all of Minecraft.

Enderman will also attack Endermites for no good reason pretty rude, in my opinion. Still, Endermites will attack you no matter what, and they do not drop anything but XP, if that even counts, but they are useful to lure Enderman by Endermite lure traps, which helps us in Enderman farming. So overall, with being an exceptionally rare and useful Mob, Endermite is in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Ghast is the second-largest Mob in Minecraft, right behind the Ender Dragon. Ghast only spawn in the Nether and are the source of many players’ demise. They shoot fireballs at you and seem to come out at the worst moment. I mean, I will just be bridging across the world’s biggest lava pool, and what do you know, I hear a Ghast right behind me, and speaking of hearing a Ghast, you cannot mention a Ghast without talking about the iconic sound they make. Here is a little fact: many of you may not know the Ghast sounds are Minecraft sound designer c418s cat.

According to c418, his cat makes a strange noise every time he is disturbed while sleeping, so one day, c418 recorded that noise, and that is how we have the Minecraft Ghast noises we hear today. Now, that is a great story, cool but is the Mob good well, if you kill a Ghast, it drops a gas tear which is used in a lot of potion recipes, so the usefulness of a Ghast pretty much depends on whether you like to make potions or not but other than that the Mob is just average so I will put Ghast in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


You have got to love Phantom, right? I mean, they won the 2017 Minecon Mob boat. That must mean they have to be everyone’s favorite Mob, right okay, maybe not, so Phantoms are those things you see flying around in the sky, but you would not see them unless you have not slept for three days. They are just reminding you to go to sleep. I do not see the problem well.

The problem is that they will kill you. Phantoms will dive down out of the sky while screaming at you. Then you will take damage but let’s say you are on 5-hour energy and insomnia prevails. Then a Phantom will drop a Phantom membrane that you could use for brewing or repairing an Elytra, which is pretty useful overall. Phantoms are in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Pillagers are the most common Illager you will find and the weakest. Pillagers come equipped with a crossbow and have their structure named the Pillager Outpost. Pillagers do not drop anything amazing, just a chance for some arrows and a crossbow, but if the Pillager is a raid captain, it will drop an ominous banner and give you the bad omen effect. Pillagers are not anything too special. They are just pawns for better Illagers so that I will put them in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list for these reasons.


Goats are a Mob that spawns in mountain biomes. They like to ram you, so if a Mob or player is standing still for a certain amount of time, the goat will see this as an opportunity to put its head down and start ramming along with ramming goats will also jump pretty high with a maximum of 10 blocks now just like cows goats could also be milked with a bucket, so that is useful if you want to craft cake but other than that goats do not benefit you all that much but honestly to me goats look pretty cool especially when they are ramming or jumping for these reasons goat are on the C-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Ravagers are massive hostile mobs that assault players, villagers, traveling traders, and iron golems when they spawn in raids. Ravagers spawn as part of a raid starting at wave 3. Along with the Piglin Brute, Ravagers drop the most experience orbs out of all non-boss creatures. They can also charge into specific block types and demolish them. Even though ravagers have saddles, they cannot be ridden by the player.

Illagers can only ride ravagers. I think Ravagers are a Mob that you kill to end a raid and are not too important outside of the saddle, and tons of experience they drop. So, they are in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


The warden is a hostile Mob summoned in the dark by sculk shriekers. It can attack from both a melee and a distant position. Wardens are totally blind and rely on their senses of smell and hearing to detect moving objects. Wardens deliver the most non-explosive damage of any Mob in the game right now. Wardens leave a single sculk catalyst behind when they die.

If a player or a domesticated wolf kills them, they will get 5 experiences. When a monster that drops experience is killed nearby, a sculk catalyst develops sculk characteristics around it. Overall Warden is a pretty cool Mob and should be in the C-Tier. If you are playing Minecraft in hardcore mode and see a warden I would advise you to turn 180 degrees and run.

Snow Golem

Snow Golems, just like Iron Golems, can be created, but surprisingly Snow Golems can spawn naturally if an Enderman puts a carved pumpkin next to two snow blocks. It is so astronomically rare for this to even happen that it is almost a myth. Still, as for Snow Golems themselves, they will leave behind a snow trail in certain colder biomes.

They will also melt if they get wet if they are in a hot temperature biome, and by melt, I mean they will die, but if you keep them away from water or heat, then Snow Golems will throw snowballs at any hostile Mobs. These snowballs do not exactly hurt the Mobs, but the effort counts. Snow Golems are pretty useful if you live in a colder biome but not so much if you live somewhere hotter, so Snow Golems are in the C-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

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Unsatisfactory Mobs of Minecraft
The unsatisfactory Mobs of Minecraft!

The Mobs in this D-tier of the Minecraft tier list are usually the hostile Mobs. They mostly are the Mobs which are animals and undead creatures and do not drop anything special. The tier includes 17 Mobs of Minecraft that have unique traits.


Chickens are the type of Mob that everyone forgets, or I always forget. You have cows, sheep, and pigs, and for some reason, I always seem to forget chickens even exist. We all know chickens as chickens, but they were not always called that. In late 2011 Notch tweeted out that he was renaming chickens to ducks, and after five days and many fans complaining, Jeb confirmed that it was just a joke and that chickens would still be called chickens.

They drop raw chicken, one of the few food items that will give you the hunger effect when you eat it. With that, chickens will also lay eggs which have a chance to hatch baby chickens if you throw them at something. Overall, chickens are pretty cool but kind of useless, so I will put them at the top of the D-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Pigs are a frequent passive Mob found in almost all grass biomes. Pigs oink and usually travel in small groups through the Overworld, avoiding dangers and cliffs high enough to induce falls. Carrots, potatoes, and beets can be used to breed pigs. Pigs are probably among the Mobs you think of when someone says Mob. They are a classic. Pigs drop a raw pork chop that can be used to cook to make a slice of cooked pork, but if you are a vegan, you could always choose to ride the Pig instead.

If you craft yourself a carrot on a stick and somehow find a saddle, you could put that saddle on a pig and get up to speeds almost as fast as sprinting. Well, if all else fails, you could always look at it. Yeah, I know Pigs are just a D-tier Mob.


Husks are desert zombies, although, unlike zombies, they can not burn in the sunlight now. Husks look like zombies and walk like zombies. They have a different texture, but aside from that, they are just zombies. Husks do differently from zombies because when they attack you, they will apply a hunger effect to you, which is a pretty neat touch to make this Mob feel more like its own.

Just like zombies, Husks drop rotten flesh and can spawn with items like iron swords, shovels, and armor. Husks are not bad, but they were added to make desert biomes feel more exciting. To me, Husks are just a D-Tier Mob in this Minecraft tier list.


Zombies are what I consider to be the default hostile Mob. They are just so basic but not in a bad way. I mean, zombies only melee attack you at a very close range. They do not run, jump or do anything fancy. They walk very slowly towards you.

Zombies drop rotten flesh and some XP, sometimes a carrot or some equipment they were wearing, but they are pretty much just zombies. That is not bad. I think there should be a Mob that is very plain and standard, and that is what the zombie’s purpose is. I have to say zombies should be in the D-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


What can I say about cod? I mean, it is cod we are talking about here. It swims, brown, and drops raw cod and possibly bones sometimes. In the waters, cod is a prevalent passive aquatic mob. A cod may be collected by putting a water bucket on it, resulting in a bucket of fish for the player. A cod cannot survive outside of water for more than 10 seconds before succumbing to asphyxia and dying. Codes are not bad or good, so I guess it is just a passive Mob so I will put them in the D-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


I consider salmon the most common fish you can find in the water. I do not know if that is a fact, but it seems right to me so I will roll with it. They are a dependable and nutritious supply of early-game sustenance when cooked, which is quite handy. Salmon drop, you guessed it, raw salmon, and they will die if they are outside the water for too long. They do not have lungs so I will put them in the D-tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Glow Squid

Glow squids are a very controversial Mob, so they are basically squids with a different texture and glowing skin. You might think they at least glow, right? No, they do not actually glow. They just look like they do. The only difference between squids and glow squids is their texture. These little stars that glow squids leave behind, and the color of the glow squid’s ink also drops glow ink sacks rather than regular ink sacks, but that is all they are not different.

Now I would excuse all of the similarities that the glowing squid glowed, but it does not. The glowing squid was added into the game because it was not exactly a popular one, so overall, I will put them in the D-Tier of the Minecraft tier list because they have the word glow in their name.


You have got to love Pufferfish, or maybe you do not, but Pufferfish are a type of fish found in the ocean. They protect themselves by inflicting poison and harming neighboring players and creatures.

If you get near them, they will inflate and become bigger, which is neat, and if you kill them, they will drop a Pufferfish. Yeah, I do not know why you get an item form of the Mob you just killed, but either way, you still do, and it can be used for brewing or consumption. So Pufferfish is in the D-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Did I get to say if you like Minecraft turtles, why? I mean, just look at them. It crawls around and drops seagrass when it dies. I just do not see the appeal. One slightly redeeming factor that turtles have s that when a baby turtle grows up, they will drop a scoot which can be used to make then shell that helps you stay underwater longer but even with that, the bad still outweighs the good so that I will put them in the D-Tier.


Pandas are large Mobs that only spawn in the jungle biome. What’s interesting about pandas is that they have six different personality types, with each panda having one of these personalities. There are n normal pandas, lazy, worried, weak, playful, or aggressive. Each personality type will make these pandas act in different ways. For example, a lazy panda will lay on its back and is generally slower than normal pandas, or an aggressive panda will keep attacking you until you die if provoked.

You could also breed pandas, and they have a whole genetic system to determine which variant you will get in return. It is pretty interesting. Pandas have so many layers and mechanics that it is just a shame that they could spawn in the jungle, although it makes sense why they can only spawn there. Upon death, the panda drops up to 2 bamboos and has a 1/700 chance to drop slimeball when they sneeze. Since Pandas are so wholesome, I will put them in the D-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Polar Bear

Polar bears live in snowy biomes and are pretty tough, with 15 hearts of health. They would not attack you unless you try to attack them or their cubs. In fact, if you attack a polar bear cub, then all adult polar bears within the area will attack you. They do not mess around when it comes to those cubs, but while they love their cubs, you cannot breed polar bears, which is not too big of a deal because they do not drop anything good anyway, so polar bears in the D-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Dolphins were added in the 1.13 aquatic update. Dolphins are a Mob that has a lot going for them. First of all, dolphins will follow you whether you are in a boat or just swimming. If you are swimming near dolphins, you will get an effect that boosts your swim speed called dolphins grace or just a speed boost if you are on Bedrock Edition.

If you feed dolphins raw cod or salmon, they will locate the nearest shipwreck, ocean runes, or buried treasures. Dolphins will also swim in groups if there is more than just one, and they will often jump in and out of the water while they are swimming. Honestly, dolphins have so much going for them, and I think they are a D-tier Mob for all this.


Llamas were added in one of the worse Minecraft updates of all time, but does that make them a bad Mob? Let’s see, Llamas are found mostly in savannah and mountain biomes and can be tamed. You could technically ride them too, but you cannot put a saddle on them, so it is useless to ride them, but what you can do is put a chest on them and have them carry a whole bunch of stuff for you.

Different Llamas could carry different amounts of items, with stronger Llamas being able to carry more and weaker Llamas less. Llamas could also spit at you, which is more of a joke than anything that does not damage you. You could put carpets on Llama to make them look pretty snazzy.

This does not add anything benefit besides making them look cool, though. While Llamas were added in of the worst updates of all time, Llamas themselves are not that bad. Although it’s a shame you cannot ride them, they are on the D-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Striders were added in 1.16. Striders were Mojang’s reaction to everyone wanting Obsidian everywhere. Mojang saw that we wanted a way to traverse lava, and they delivered. Striders are similar to pigs in that you could put a saddle on them and get wrapped fungi on a stick and start riding one of them. Striders are extremely slow on land, but you are not catching one of these things unless you are lucky on lava.

One of these things is that Striders are slower outside of lava, but they do not like the land in general. They will frown and start to shake anytime they are not in lava. I guess they are cold-blooded. You could also breed Striders if that is your thing, but overall, Striders are useful in traveling through lava but other than that, they are pretty useless, so I am going to put them in the D-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Bad Mobs of Minecraft
The bad Mobs of Minecraft!

The Mobs in this E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list are mostly bad and they do not help you by dropping items to make your game progress. They do not have any purpose in the game except they were just to make Minecraft more realistic. This tier includes 14 Mobs and all of them are animals.


Bats are just bats. No, I am serious. They do not do much else, so bats are those things you hear squeaking and flying around in caves. They would not attack you, and they do not drop anything. The only redeeming factor bats have is that they will hang upside down, but other than that, they do not do anything interesting. Bats are just in the game to make the ambiance of the caves better. They have no other purpose so that I will put them in the E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Rabbits were added in 1.8 and come in a variety of colors. When you eliminate a rabbit, you could get a couple of items. There is a chance you could get a rabbit hide, a raw rabbit, a rabbit’s foot, and, of course, XP. You cannot tame rabbits, but you could breed them, so that is always nice, but honestly, I do not hear anyone ever use rabbits to make a farm, and they are so small that it is hard to kill them easily. Rabbits are useless in helping your game progress, but they are just cute so that I will put them in the E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Parrot is a very rare Mob. They spawn in the jungle and only have a 0.2 percent chance to spawn. That would be rarer than people reading this entire list, but while you should read this tier list completely, you should not ever trust a parrot because parrots can mimic certain Mobs’ sounds.

That is right will imitate sounds such as a zombie’s growl or a creeper’s hiss. One of the scariest things someone will ever hear. Parrots can also dance to jukeboxes, and you can also tame them, and they will follow you around and sit on your shoulder. Parrots are extremely rare, but I think finding one is worth the time, so they are in the E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Axolotls were added in 1.17. Axolotls have become almost universally loved among the entire Minecraft community. I mean, hating Axolotls is like hating dogs. Are you even human if you do? Axolotls come in five different colors or seven. Axolotls do more than just swim around. They will attack other underwater Mobs, which is pretty cool unless you have made friends with a fellow squid. Then they are just murderers, but overall, Axolotls are an E-Tier Mob.


Foxes were added in the 1.14 village and pillage update and can only be found in tiger biomes or spruce biomes if you are a hipster. Like ocelots, foxes will run away from you unless you crouch. They would not attack you, though, but they will attack rabbits, chickens, and various fishes. Can you guess the best thing about foxes? They attack baby turtles. That is what I am talking about, which is a very cruel thing to do.

Foxes have one of the cutest poses in the whole game, and that is when they are sleeping. Foxes will also make random screeching noises during nighttime. Not helpful information but still interesting.

There is so much more to foxes, like how they can trust you and hold items in their mouths, but we would be here all day if I mentioned it. Honestly, though, Foxes, I think, are in the E-tier of the Minecraft tier list when we rank them based on their usability rather than their behavior.


Donkeys are horse-like animals that may be ridden and equipped with chests once tamed. Donkeys can drop up to two pieces of leather when they die. Donkeys that have been tamed and saddled are some of the fastest modes of transportation or carrying in the game, although they cannot squeeze through single block-wide gaps. They can also be utilized to climb slopes and leap fences, which the player cannot do in most cases.

Donkeys wander aimlessly, periodically rearing, swishing their tails, or lowering their heads as if munching grass. Let’s be honest Donkeys are just slow horses that you could store stuff on. It is cool for going on long trips, but other than that, it is just a donkey, so I will put them in the E-tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Ocelots are a rare type of passive Mob found in jungle biomes. Chickens and newborn turtles are prey for ocelots. They sneak up on their victim and stalk it before pursuing it down. Ocelots are one of the few Mobs capable of sprinting, and they may run away from players. The ocelot will no longer flee from players by feeding raw cod or salmon to an ocelot until heart particles appear. Trusting ocelots do not despawn; otherwise, they may despawn if they are far away from a player.

Ocelots are pretty much just cats, but the big difference is that you could also only trust them instead of taming them. Ocelots are also only spawned in the jungle, but almost everything is the same between Ocelots and cats. Creepers and Phantoms are afraid of Ocelots, just like cats, and I have to be honest, Ocelots are just cats but a little worse, so I will put them in the same tier as cats in the Minecraft tier list.


Mules are sterile offspring of horses and donkeys that may be tamed and endowed with chests after being tamed. Mules do not naturally spawn, but they may be bred by crossing a horse with a donkey. They can drop up to two leather pieces like a donkey when they die. Mules that have chests can be utilized as pack animals.

Like the majority of mobs, Mules may travel in minecart and boat. Mules, unlike other passive mobs, regain health slowly. Food may change a mule’s behavior, help it to grow, and restore its health. Overall, Mule is just a donkey but worse, so I will put them in the E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list below donkey.


Squids are pretty useful. Well, maybe not. Squids were the first aquatic Mob ever added to Minecraft. They are passive Mobs and would not hurt you, but they will shoot out black ink if you attack them, and if you keep attacking them and kill the squid, it will eventually drop an ink sack used to dye things black or make black dye. So the squids have to die to give you dye pretty interesting, isn’t it? Squids are just squids, nothing special so I will put them in the E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Cats should not be confused with Ocelots or the 2019 movie about cats. They are small tameable pets mostly found in swamp huts and villages. Before 1.14, the cats you would find wandering around now were just called Ocelots and would not become cats until you tamed them but after 1.14. They were retextured and given the official name stray cats, and the Ocelots just became a non-tameable Mob.

On top of all, these cats are the only thing. Creepers and Phantoms are afraid of. If you have a car nearby, any Creepers and Phantoms will run away. Cats are always a good addition if you like to tame animals in your world, offering some protection. They are not that useless and can be quite handy sometimes so I will put them in the E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Zoglins are basically zombified hoglins, so literally, when a hoglin goes into the end or the Overworld for more than 15 seconds, it becomes a zoglin. Zoglins will attack almost every Mob insight, including hostile Mobs. It does not drop anything fancy except for up to 3 rotten fleshes, but it is a cool little addition to the game. So, Zoglins are in the E-tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Tropical Fish

Tropical fish come in 2,700 varieties, that is right, 2,700. Tropical fish only spawn in lukewarm and warm oceans and typically swim together in groups or schools with a maximum of nine fish per group. If you kill a tropical fish, then a tropical fish will drop a tropical fish or, as some would call it, Nemo.

You killed Nemo. Think about that. Like salmon, these tropical fishes do not have lungs, so that should automatically make them a bad Mob, but to be fair tropical fish are pretty cool with how many variants they have. However, still, I will put them in the E-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

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Worst Mobs of Minecraft
The Worst Mobs of Minecraft!

The Mobs in this F-tier of the Minecraft tier list are mostly failures and they do not add anything to the game. This tier only includes 5 Mobs and is the smallest tier in this tier list.

Elder Guardian

An elder guardian is a stronger and bigger version of the guardian that may cause Mining Fatigue. It is the largest and most powerful aquatic Mob in Minecraft. I think Elder Guardian is a pretty annoying Mob to fight since you are almost always underwater when you are fighting it, and it does not drop anything all that special either. I think Elder Guardian is a Mob that will make the game harder for you without any reason so I will put him in the F-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Piglin Brute

Piglin brutes are a hostile and stronger variant of Piglins that may be found in any bastion remnant. They are continually going after the player. They won’t barter, they don’t withdraw, and gold won’t distract them. A piglin brute drops a golden Axe with random durability on a rare occasion. Piglin brutes convert into zombified Piglins after 15 seconds in the Overworld or the End. They are just really annoying, and I would suggest you all just avoid them in your Minecraft world so that I will put them in the F-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Silverfish, when I just said Silverfish, you probably thought of the portal room in a stronghold, and that is for good reason because let’s be honest, where else would you have ever seen a Silverfish. They spawn from infested blocks that look identical to different types of stones like stone bricks, cobblestone, regular stone, and deep slate, but once you break these imposter blocks, you will unleash a horde of Silverfish trying to kill you.

In reality, Silverfish do not hurt you that bad, but they can knock you into lava which is especially common in the portal room of a stronghold. Silverfish also drop nothing except for XP, and they are really hard to kill because of how small they are. So, in my opinion, Silverfish is just a useless and annoying MOB and belongs in the F-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


Strays are similar to Husks. They are a type of Skeleton that only spawns in snowy biomes. They look a little different from normal skeletons sporting what seems to look like some torn-up clothes, but that is not the only difference. Strays also shoot arrows that affect you with slowness. I do not know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It is just a thing now.

If you are in a snowy biome, then a skeleton has an 80 percent chance to spawn as a Stray as long as it’s above ground and under the sky. They drop everything a normal skeleton would, except for a chance to get an arrow of slowness instead of normal arrows. Strays are pretty much skeletons that look cooler but are useless and more annoying so I will put them in the F-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.

Wandering Trader

The wandering trader is a non-aggressive Mob that appears near the player randomly. It can trade, making natural resources more accessible, less risky to extract, and, in certain situations, renewable. The wandering trader has six different trades to choose from. After trading with it, new trades are not unlocked. If all of the trades are locked, wandering traders will despawn sooner. A wandering trader does not exist. It is just in your imagination. What a wandering trader is a fancy way of saying two leads automatically places them in the F-Tier of the Minecraft tier list.


I did a little bit of reordering, and I’m sure we would all agree that is the correct order for the Minecraft Mobs, and those of you who do not, you can tell me angrily down in the comments. Well, it is time for this tier list to end. One of my abilities is to waste a significant amount of time analyzing Mobs on how certain great Mobs are.

I have decided to use this ability to create what I believe may be the most definitive Minecraft tier list on the entire internet. To achieve this goal of my life, I choose 69 Mobs from the Minecraft franchise and put them on a tier list. I tried to include almost every Mob in this tier list of Minecraft.

Obviously, I took this tier list exceptionally seriously, with every tier. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below. If you have read all through the entire tier list, you are undoubtedly the best Minecraft fan and probably like making a tier list. I hope you agree with my rankings of the games in this Minecraft tier list. If you do not, it’s okay. We are all part of the same fandom, and we all resonate with the games differently. Thank you!

Minecraft Mob tier list
Tiermaker of Minecraft tier list

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