Warframe Tier List: All 49 Sets RANKED

In This Article We Will Be Ranking All The Warframes In The Game

Warframe is a well-known online game that has been published and developed by Digital Extremes. The game is readily available on most current-gen platforms, and furthermore, the developers of the title are constantly working on developing new and exciting expansions to expand the content pool.

It’s a third-person action-oriented game, in which players can acquire and use a multitude of unique-looking armor sets known as Warframes. In our article then, we are going to rank each and every single one of these sets in a Warframe Tier List 2022. We will be including each and every available set, including brand-new ones and those that have been in the game since it launched.

Key Points

  • Our article has been made according to the current meta.
  • There are a total of 49 Warframes in the game.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find Mesa and Gara.
  • The likes of Frost can be found in the lower ranks.


Here, we’ve briefly listed the Warframes in their respective tiers.

Tier RankCharacter name
S Tier● Gara
● Mesa
● Octavia
● Mesa
● Voidrig
● Nova
● Wisp
A Tier● Barruk
● Chroma
● Ember
● Equinox
● Gauss
● Ivara
● Nekros
● Revenant
● Rhino
● Trinity
● Voidrig
● Volt
● Xaku
● Zephyr
● Protea
B Tier● Inaros
● Excalibur
● Garuda
● Harrow
● Khora
● Mag
● Mirage
● Nidus
● Oberon
● Wukong
● Ash
C Tier● Lavos
● Limbo
● Loki
● Bonewidow
● Valkyr
● Vauban
● Atlas
● Banshee
● Caliban
● Gyre
● Hydroid
● Hyldrin
D Tier● NYX
● Frost
● Grendel
● Yareli

Now let’s look at each entry in more detail.

S Tier

Warframe game
S Tier.

The S tier is one of the best tiers to rank anything. It includes all that possess the best qualities and are either perfect or way too close to perfect. The tier doesn’t compromise on quality it is known to differentiate the best from the entire list. The characters here are top-notch and possess the best abilities that rank them above the rest. 


Gara has a glass theme, that can easily in its defense turn its opponents and allies into the glass. Gara portrays 4 very prominent abilities that are Shattered lash, mass vitrify, splinter storm, and spectrorage. She is a female character whose initial energy is 75 along with a sprint speed of 1.15.

The character was released on October 12th, 2017. Her energy is 150 whereas her sprint speed is 1.15. Her presence on the battlefield scares her opponents to death due to her ability to easily transform her rivals into targets of brittle beauty. After portraying her abilities to the opponents all that is left behind is their remains.


Mesa is considered one of the best Warframes, hence resulting in attaining a prestigious position in the Warframe tier list. She is a female character that portrays four of its attributes, further, we list down the attributes possessed by the character, ballistic battery as its first known attribute, the second is shooting gallery, followed by shatter shield and peacemaker.

These attributes make the character stand out from the rest. Her energy level is 100 but when she reaches level 30 the energy level increases to 150. Moreover, its initial energy is 50. Mesa’s magnetic nature is its progenitor element. Furthermore shooting gallery is considered its subsumed ability whereas the shattered shield is its tactical ability. Mesa has quick reflexes that enable it to be a great gunfighter. The character has access to all the fastest guns within the stars. In addition, it was ready to be used by players back in late 2014. Within a rapid shower of the ballistic ordinance, the character makes use of all its capabilities to overcome her opponents.


Nova is an incredible female player that is known for their amazing moves. Upon nova’s knocking out she is able to emit a defensive burst that ranges about 6 m so to get rid of the enemy’s attack. Moreover, it aids in the damage if caused.

Moreover, the sprint speed of Nova is considered to be 1.2 and it was introduced upon the update 9.0 back in 2013. The progenitor element of this varied character is Electricity along with null star being its subsumed and tactical ability. She makes use of electromagnetic energy in order to deal with any sort of volatile antimatter that pose any threat to its existence. 


It is one of the most powerful Warframed of the game considering its feasibility and versatility. Moreover, the character is capable of killing level 1000+ enemies within the game without making any movements. She is also capable of producing such music that kills and buffs its allies.

However, the buffs possessed by the character are also what make it stand out. Metronome her third well-known ability provides everyone with easy invisibility by simply crouching to the tune with one’s own music. Moreover, the free multi-shot is also attained by firing to the beats along with an enhancement in the movement speed boost caused due the jumping to the music. 


Correct use of Saryn enables a player to melt all the waves before being originated. Spores are the character’s first ability that enables the character to impose its contagious poison on its targeting opponent. Moreover in case of the death of that opponent due to the poison still on their results in passing it on within the affected area.

With time passing by the spore damage keeps on spreading enabling Saryn to cope with the tragic loss in both Steel path and Long endurance missions.


Wisp is one of the best-known female characters of Warframe. Her energy level is 200 but as she reaches the 30th level of the game her energy level increases to 300. Moreover, her initial energy is 150 along with a sprint speed of 1.2.

Her speed resonates with the speed of the wind. This character was publicly available to the players by mid-2019. Moreover, wisps blueprints are easily available once Ropalolyst is defeated. Furthermore, she’s a great source of reliving to her team since she provides them with a great boost to their fire rate along with their health.

A Tier

tier ranking of warframe
A Tier.

Next in line comes the A tier, A tier also mentions those characters that are incredible players and does great what they are aimed for. However, the A tier comes after the S tier which is a bit inferior to the S, although the differences aren’t too great there’s always something that’s missing hence they come under this tier. 


Barruk is known as a very reluctant warrior who follows the path that goes between peace and hates moreover before letting his rage out he practices self-control. Furthermore, in case of diminishing Barruk’s restraint his resistant power to the damage rises to 50%. The armor count under his possession is 175.


You can see the character germinate wings in case of a bullet or additional jump. Moreover, he is well aware of dealing with his damaged output and that can simply be done by causing a change in his emissive colors. Moreover, it’s only hun who remains when the entire land is ruined. 


Every enemy that’s deployed 50m and immersed in flame results in the character receiving 5% ability strength. Moreover, it is known as a nightmare for targets that are lightly armored. Furthermore it’s capable of hearing the air that enables amazing crowd-controlling possibilities. Its presence is overall very destructive. 


The passive ability of the character is that it is able to transform 10% of its health orbs into energy and the other 10% into health. Furthermore, It is also capable of manifesting its defensive and aggressive forms at its own will. The energy level of the character rises to 225 upon reaching rank 30. Moreover, the themes that Equinox is known for are duality, and day & night. 


The ability to move procreates an electrical current that charges the character’s battery which further contributes to enhancing its kinetic abilities. However, the recharge of the shield is up to 120% while the delay recharge is about 80% reduced depending upon its battery level. 


Her ability to sense her opponents is so good that at a distance of 20 m she’s able to detect its rivals. The abilities that differentiate get from the rest of the characters are quiver, navigator, prowl, and Artemis bow. By the time she reaches rank 30, the shields possessed by her rise to 300 and energy also increases to 262.5. She strikes her opponents without even warning them by using her tactical arrows.


The passive ability of Nekros is that it restores 5 health for every enemy that dies death within 10m of it. It furthermore is able to make enemies drop more loot upon their deaths.


The phenomenal shield depletion ability that it possesses aids in smashing its opponents that are deployed at a distance of 7.5 m and also results in causing them a shockwave of 100 damage knockdown. The armor under his control is about 125 and the character was introduced in the 23.5 updates.


A heavily armored male character who has the ability to emit shockwaves that deal with 100 damage after it successfully lands from a great height. It when found in action brings about both the offensive and defensive capabilities in use so it can deal with its opponents. It is capable of surviving either alone or in a squad as well.


Trinity is capable of reviving the fallen allies a little faster than normal and that too from a distance of some 50%. She plays phenomenal supportive roles. Moreover, players encourage to have the character on their team in order to take part in high stake missions. 


Voidrig is a significant player and holds a top rank within the Warframe tier list 2022. The abilities possessed and exhibited by the character are as follows. The very first ability is Necraweb, second in line comes Strom Shroud, furthermore, Gravemines, and the last of its ability is Guard mode.

The shields possessed by Voidrig initially are 500 and when reached level 30 the number increases to 1000. If we talk about the character’s energy level initially the energy level exhibited by the character is 150 however with the change in rank to 30 the energy level rise to 225. Furthermore from the Necraloid Syndicate, component blueprints of this character are easily accessible for 2000 standing at rank 1. 


An electrical charge is built up by generating a grounded movement that further goes up causing damage of 1000 per meter which is released upon the next attack. Players who are in search of a character that makes use of potent alternatives instead of gunplay can definitely give it a try. 


Xaku causes a damage reduction of 25% upon the AOE attacks and moreover prevents itself from weapon damage. The character was introduced in late 2020 and possesses abilities named Xata’s Whisper, Grasp of lohk, the lost, and the vast runtime. His health upon reaching rank 30 increases up to 291.


Zephyr possesses 4 abilities those are tail wind, airburst, turbulence, and tornado. Moreover, initially, her health is considered to be 150 but later when she reaches rank 30 it increases to 450. Just like her health, her shields are initially numbered 150 but with rank upgradation to 30, it rises to 450.

Furthermore, the character’s energy is considered to be 50 but later it keeps on rising to 150. In addition to that, the character’s sprint speed is 1.15. Zephyr was introduced with update 12.0 back in early 2014. Element is considered to be its progenitor element along with air burst as its subsumed and tornado as its tactical ability.


Protea is capable of setting up a massive amount of energy orbs and Archgun ammo for her allies as well as for her own self. Her first ability is the added defense layer that places the character in the top tier of the list. Furthermore let’s list down the abilities of the character: Grenade Fan, Blaze Artillery, Dispensary, and Themporal Anchor. 


B Tier

warframe tier list
B Tier.

It has those characters listed that are good performers and easily accessible to users however they lack a lot of qualities that prevent them to be listed in the top tiers. Let’s discuss the characters that best fit in under the B rank heading.


He’s capable of reviving himself by evacuating life from his opponents. His health begins from 550 which upon reaching rank 30 rises to 2200. Moreover his capable of giving out commands to the desert’s fearsome power.


Another male character that’s been placed in the B tier of our Warframe tier list. Excalibur is a brave male character that possesses four of these abilities that enables him to play the game, the abilities are slash dash, radial blind, radial javelin, and exalted blade. The character’s health is 100 however with the rise in ranks it increases to 300.

The character has a mastery over the use of blades and guns since it portrays a sword theme in the Warframe. Moreover, for all new players, he is a 3-star option along with a few other characters known as mag and volt. The main blueprint is easily available within the market however the component blueprints can be availed after the defeat of Lieutenant Lech Kril on war, Mars. Furthermore in order to completely purchase the character after the users avail the rank of Typhoon within the conclave they can purchase this male character for 60,000 standings from Teshin. 


The damage she causes her opponents keeps on increasing and at times it reaches 100% upon killing her rivals. In case a melee weapon isn’t equipped she makes use of her talons. The amount of armor she possesses is 300. She attains strength and vitality upon killing her enemies and seeing their bloodshed. Blood manipulation is one of her themes. Moreover, her energy rises to 270 upon reaching rank 30.


Harrow’s passive ability includes the doubling of his over-shield capacity furthermore all his missions begin when its energy is at its maximum. His release date is mid of 2017. Moreover, its themes are monastic and void manipulation. However, her initial energy is 50 which rises to 150 upon reaching rank 30th. He’s known for always being ready to be sacrificed.


The abilities possessed by Khora are Whipclaw, ensnare, venari, and strangledom. Furthermore, the character’s health is considered to be 125 however with the rise in the game level the health of Khora increases considering in level 30th Khora’s health rises to 375.

Alongside the health of the character, there are shields that initially are 100 but with the rise to rank 30, there’s an instant increase in the shields to 300. Initial energy if Khora is 75 but later on it keeps on changing with the change in ranks respectively. The character’s sprint speed is 1.05. Moreover, she was introduced with an update of 22.18. Let’s talk about the progenitor element of Khora, it’s none other than toxin whereas ensnare is its subsumed and tactical abilities. She was released in early 2018. In addition to the standard sanctuary onslaught, Khora’s main and component blueprints are easily accessible. 


The ability of bullet jumping enables it to pull in all the nearby articles resulting in an easy collection. The character is known for portraying such skills that enable it to have full command of the magnetic energy and holds mastery in manipulating its opponents. Moreover, it’s cable of showing amazing team player qualities. Furthermore, it relies upon the magnetic forces she possesses. In addition to these amazing qualities, she results in being a great option to be considered for any new player since it’s easily accessible. One of the three-star performers in the game.


The passive ability of Mirage includes its sliding power that lasts 85% longer than usual along with acrobatic manipulation which is 50% faster in speed. Mirage is capable of amazing its opponents with a spectacular style and power. He’s capable of manipulating the light spectrum in a way that it can easily tackle his opponents. The character was introduced upon the 14.0 update 


Nidus possesses zero shields even after it reaches rank 30, and moreover, the initial energy of thiecharacter is said to be 50 which by the time it reaches rank 30 increases to 150. Moreover, the pragmatic element possessed by the character is a toxin. Nidus is capable of giving commands to infest the mutation and growth to a more destructive level


Oberon has got four prominent abilities known as Smite, followed by hallowed ground, renewal, and reckoning. Maybe these are the qualities that make the character superior to the characters listed in C and D tiers. Oberon is a male character whose health is considered to be 125 however with an increase in rank the health level increases to 375.

Furthermore, the shield it has is 100, and just like health while reaching rank 30 it increases to 300. In addition to all this, the energy possessed by the Warfrane is 150 which rises to 225 as the game reaches rank 30. The sprint speed is 1 and Oberon was introduced with the update of 11.5 back in 2013.  The progenitor element portrayed by the character is toxin however its subsumed ability is its ability to Smite and Oberon’s tactical ability has to be its ability of reckoning. 


A brave male character that plays great with the abilities he possesses. Let’s briefly discuss the character’s abilities. The first ability is said to be celestial twin, next comes cloud walker, the third is defied and the last is the primal fury. Moreover, the health level of the character is considered to be 150 and upon reaching level 30 it rises to 450. Furthermore, Wukong’s shields are 100 initially but just as the ranks go up the shield level keeps on increasing to 300.

It was introduced during the update 17.12 in late 2015 also he was accompanied by his twin in 2019 with the update 25.2. In addition to all that, Wukong’s progenitor element is impacted along with defy being its subsumed ability and a celestial twin as its tactical ability.


The bleed effect that it imposes on its enemies causes 25% increased damage and moreover its last remains 50% longer. The powers of distractions possessed by ash further compliments its lethal abilities. Moreover, he is a suitable character for those who are looking forward to being about a stealthy approach within any combat. He is capable of remaining away from the eyes of people whereas his effects speak for himself on the battlefield. The degree of survivability possessed by ash on the battlefield is pretty high resulting in him being an active and fast character.

C Tier

warframe tier list
C Tier.

The current rank contains those Warframes that are very average in nature They are not considered to be among the top players however they are somewhat close to those whose performance is very pathetic. These characters don’t have an impressive ability that can make them stand out. 


Lavos was introduced on the 29.6 updates back in late 2018. Who attains immunity for 10 seconds due to the energy and universal orbs. In addition, it’s able to stick to his abilities for the upcoming cast to imbue from him with enhanced status and elemental damage.

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Furthermore, the progenitor element possessed by him is its magnetic ability. Its selling price however is considered to be 10000.


He’s capable of dodging in order to enter and is also capable of leaving the rift. Upon entering there’s a rift portal that lasts for about 5 seconds. Furthermore, this act recharges the energy level in the rift and moreover, upon killing an opponent there’s an increase in the energy level. the selling price of Limbo is 10000.


He’s known for his phenomenal ability that is capable of hanging from the walls 10 times longer than one can actually. His selling price is said to be 10000 moreover his initial energy is 100 and his sprint speed is 1.25. The character’s powers enable the players to manipulate their opponents on the battlefield which aids in mastering their existence.


A character is known for its 4 abilities meathook, shieldmaiden, firing line, and exalted Ironbridge. The character has a healthy range of about 1200 but with an increase in rank, and while reaching rank 30, it rises to 3600. Moreover, the shields she possesses are initially 300 but later at rank 30, it rises to 600. The armor possessed by Bonewidow is 500. Now let’s talk about the energy level of the character. It’s about 150, but it increases to 225 on reaching rank 30.

Thecharacter was introduced in late 2020 upon the update of 29.5. However, Bonewidow doesn’t possess any aura and exiles polarity. Moreover, the themes expressed by it are melee, brawler, and shield maiden. Where the selling price of the character is 25000. However, upon leveling the syndicate, a blueprint for one Bonewidow is also offered without any cost to be paid on. 


The character upon getting knocked down recovers 50% faster than usual. she was introduced in late 2020 upon the 11.0 update. Valkyr has been persecuted which has resulted in him being a cruel, and angry individual who has no mercy in killing other individuals. Its selling price is 10000.


It’s capable of providing 25% more damage to its opponents possessing disabilities. The shields under his position initially are 75 which later raises to 225 upon reaching rank 30. He was introduced to the 7.11 update. moreover, the combat engineer is the theme possessed by him. Furthermore, his selling price is 10000. His powers enable him to create traps and such tactics that can easily crush his opponents.


An average male character of Warframe who has hands-on possession of some abilities that are landslide, tectonics, petrify, and rumblers. Atlas’s health is initially considered to be 100 however when it reaches rank 30 the health revises to 300. Moreover, the shields in its possession are 100 but at rank 30 the amount increases to 300.

No, let’s talk about its progenitor element which is toxin where its subsumed ability is petrified and rumblers are its tactical ability. The character’s selling price is considered to be 10,000. Atlas makes sure to get rid of any hurdles in its way such as easily bending upon rocks.  Upon completing Jordan’s Precept Quest Atlas’s blueprints are awarded which further aids in making the entry to Jorda Golem Archwing Assassination mission on Eris very easy. However one can easily reach out to Cephalon Simaris for the additional main blueprints that will cost him about 50,000 standings.


Banshee possesses acoustic powers that make him capable of knowing his opponent’s position and identifying their weak points. Moreover, it is able to reduce the unnecessary gunfire sounds surrounding her. Furthermore, she tries her best to get rid of the trembling variations so that she can easily knock out her rivals.

Her selling price is 10,000 and the maximum level attained by her is 30.


Caliban is the last heir of the twin kingdom related to the biological and sentient life. The character had been released in late 2021. Furthermore, he’s known for some of his outstanding abilities that includes razor gyre, sentient wrath, lethal progeny, and fusion strike.

His energy level noted initially is 125 whereas upon reaching rank 30 it increases to 187.5.


For Gyre the chance to survive critical damage is utilizing 10% of its abilities. considering the abilities possessed by her are arcsphere, coil horizon, cathode grace, and rotorswell. She is capable of destroying her rivals with transmitters and the conductivity of coils. Furthermore, upon reaching rank 30 her energy level rises to 240 which initially was 160. 


Hydroid comes next in line within the D rank of the Warframe tier list. Here are the four abilities that the character possesses, it is able to undertow, tempest barrage, tidal surge, and tentacle swarm. Hydroid is a male character whose initial health is 100 which further increases to 300 upon reaching rank 30.

Hydroid’s sprint speed is 1.05, and the character was introduced in early 2014. The character’s progenitor element is its magnetic whereas tempest barrage is considered to be its subsumed and tactical ability. Furthermore, hydroid’s selling price is 10,000.


After the depletion of shields, it becomes invincible. However, upon fully recharging the shields this ability gets restored. It is capable of attaining 30 ranks and by the time she reaches 30th rank her energy drops to 0. Shield Maiden is the main theme she’s known for.

D Tier

warframe tier list
D Tier.

The D tier here lists those characters that are the worst performers of the game, they are weak and possess no good abilities and hence remain at the bottom line of the game and no one is really inclined to play them. 


It is a lazy but very well-equipped Warframe character that knows very well how to make use of its defensive and offensive skills for his team as well as his own self. Furthermore, he’s capable of providing his allies solace and respite. Moreover, the maximum rank attained by frost is 30 and its selling price is 10,000.


NYX possesses 4 abilities known mind control, psychic bolts, chaos, and absorption. Her health is noted to be 100 initially but later when she reaches rank 30 it increases to 300.

Moreover, the shields under her possession are 100 however with an increase in the ranks the level increases to 300. The armor that’s under her control is 100. In addition to all that, her energy level is 150 but it rises to 225 when the character reaches rank 30. The sprint speed of the character is 1.1.


A male character is known for the feast, nourishing, regurgitating, and pulverizing being its top four abilities. His health in numbers is about 350 which is capable of increasing to 1050 at the rank of 30. 

The component blueprints required to craft Grended can be achieved by successfully completing certain missions using locators within Europa. These can be acquired from the vendors of Arbitration Honors that can easily be obtained for 25 in the relay. Moreover, any unique mission can be unlocked upon purchasing the locators that promise an award in return. 


The last worst performer in te game is Yareli. A female character that’s known for sea snares, merulina, aquablades, and riptide as its top four abilities. Her health initially is noted to be 100 which raises to 300 upon attaining rank 30. Moreover, the shields under her possession are 150 which too increases to 450 while the character resides to rank 30. The character’s armor is 100 with its energy level beginning from 50 and reaching 200 however upon attaining rank 30 it rises to 300.

The character’s progenitor element is magnetic whereas its subsumed ability is aquablades and riptide is its tactical ability. Moreover, Yareli’s selling price is 25,000. Her aquatic grace enables her to get rid of her opponents. 


The characters placed in specific tiers are on my own research work your thoughts might contradict mine. Moreover the game here is a race of surviving beings and those who can make use of the incredible Warframes. The game has multiple characters that are different from one another.

They vary with respect to their capabilities and other prominent abilities. It’s upon users how good they are at playing the game and attaining the best characters. This game is still played worldwide and many new characters are still to be introduced.