Sun Moon Tier List: All Gen 7 Pokemon Ranked

Our Sun Moon Tier List will mainly focus on Generation 7 Pokemons, a spicing topic among the fandom. I got into the Pokemon series with Generation 4 in 2007. Since I have played the Pokemon main storyline game series very recently, and they are fresh in my mind, I wondered why I should not make this article. I bet everyone knows what the Pokemon series is and what Pokemons are because it is the highest-grossing media franchise.

Notably, the phrase “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” is still essential in our lives. We have many good memories of Pokemon from our childhood. Every one of us used to sit in front of our televisions and wait for the Pokemon anime television series to air. The hobby of collecting Pokemon cards and trying our luck to find the rarest one of them is something that we all did when we were growing up.

And with Generation 7 welcoming tons of new Pokemon into the fray, I want to take the time to answer the question; What are the best and worst new Pokemon in the Alola region? 

Key Points

  • Our article ranks some of the new 7th Gen Pokemon.
  • There are a total of 14 entries here.
  • The highest tier contains the likes of Salazzle.
  • Among the lowest rank, you will find Dhelmise.


We will now briefly list all 14 Pokemon in a table.

Tier RankPokemon
S Rank• Mimikyu
• Araquanid
• Salazzle
A Rank•Comfey
B Rank• Dusk Lycanroc
• Silvally
• Minior
C Rank• Lurantis
• Bewear
• Oranguru
D Rank• Ribombee
• Dhelmise

You can learn more about each of them below.


Sun Moon Tier List Methodology
Sun-Moon Methodology.

Some fun new Pokemon were introduced in Generation 7, but the million Pokemon dollar question is which ones are the strongest. I mean, we got a user to go up against them at some point. It is just good to know which ones are the best now we are looking at the entirety of Generation 7.

A few Pokemons were introduced in this generation compared to previous generations, so making a list will be both easy and challenging. After all, now we do not have a lot to choose from. Also, for the simplicity of the list, I will not include any legendary Pokemon or their Alolan forms because it will all be just them at S Tier. And in our Ultra Sun Moon Tier List, I will rank Pokemons from my least favorite Generation 7 based on their movesets, tutor moves, and overall usage in the Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

However, the general ranking of Pokemons in the list is based on my opinion. I understand that rankings are subjective and that the hierarchy of the characters may well not match your expectations. The overall placements are open to debate and criticism. I have divided my favorite Pokemons from Generation 7 into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. Based on their overall impact and how I feel about them in general.

S Tier

Over Powered Pokemons of Sun Moon Tier List
S Rank.

The S ranking is the first rank of our article and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. It consists of the greatest Pokemons with superb movest and imposing influence on fans worldwide and are also favorites among all fandom fans. Similarly, Pokemon in the current tier significantly impact the game’s overall progression and make the game more fascinating.

They have special tutor moves and a lot of changes to them in recent meta, making them the most enduringly loveable Pokemon of Generation 7. 


Mimikyu, a Pokemon of the Ghost/Fairy

Let’s start this list with Mimikyu, a Pokemon of the Ghost/Fairy type that debuted in Generation 7. It is referred to as the Disguise Pokemon. Mimikyu spends its entire life disguised by its fabric. People think anyone who sees its actual shape behind the material will become afflicted with an unknown ailment. People in the Alola area believe that you should never try to peer under its surface. Mimikyu’s health deteriorates when exposed to sunlight. Hence it likes to stay in dark locations. It’s said that it uses a cloth to shield itself from sunlight.

Even though Mimikyu did not get too many changes like I feel that using the Z move on Mimikyu is not going to be the most insane thing ever like there is a lot better Pokemon that you can use your Z move on better. In comparison, Mimikyu is super solid and safe. It gets that free Swords Dance, and you have to deal with it. It is at a pretty exciting speed, so you need to lean it to be more efficient.

Mimikyu does insane amounts of damage and has mixed traits of bulk, and overall you see Mimkyu doing all kinds of things. We saw more tanky setup Mimikyu that have Will-O-Wisp and Destiny Bond. We can still put out reasonable amounts of damage with Play Rough, which is the bread and butter of Mimikyu. It does pick up a little bit extra with the Drain Punch, so I prefer it over the Leech Life because it has more coverage.

Leech Life resists many things like a bug, so you would not find something like the intent sustains you are looking for, but Mimikyu had to support it permanently. Still, it is like now we have Drain Punch that add-on to it which is pretty nice, and some put you in an awkward position.

It makes you choose between Shadow Claw and Shadow Sneak. Mimikyu gets plus four and two on the swords dance, and now Shadow Sneak is a pretty scary move to deal with. While the Play Rough is always wrecking and then Drain Punch for the sustain. It has that Life Orb, which is quick and scary. Suppose you try to bring a specific type of Pokemon against Mimikyu.

It can easily find super effective hits to damage you. Although, Steel-type Pokemons are not scary because Mimikyu can hit them super effective with that Drain Punch and then convert that into healing while having crazy damage and just potentially KOs. Mimikyu is even more bustling than ever but as reliable as always. Mimkyu was the number one used Pokemon on the Battle Spot, and it held that for almost all of the 7th Generation. So, it is a usable Pokemon that is a pretty easy splash onto many teams, making me put Mimikyu at the top of the S Tier of the Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Tier List.


Araquanid a Pokemon of the Water/Bug-type

Next is Araquanid, a Pokemon of the Water/Bug-type debuting in Generation 7. Araquanid is a water bubble-surrounded arachnoid Pokemon. The bulk of its body is dark grey, with yellow-green and light brown highlights. It has enormous blue eyes with a paler wavy line running between them. It has brow-like light brown markings over its eyes.

On top of its skull, it features three-pointed blue bumps and four fang-like projections beneath. The bubble surrounding Araquanid’s head is a weapon and a protective shield. It will use it to headbutt adversaries, and little Pokemon can be pulled in and drowned. When Araquanid is not hungry, subdued prey can be stored within. It will, however, draw lesser Pokemon and precious objects within the bubble for safety. The best moveset for the Pokemon is Substitute, Toxic, Liquidation, and Leech Life/Infestation. Its nature is Adamant. SubToxic collection. 

Toxic enables you to wear down bulkier Pokemon such as non-Heal Bell Vaporeon. Because of Water Bubble, Liquidation is a ridiculously powerful STAB that lets you defeat Pokemon like Salazzle and Aerodactyl. Leech Life is designed to help you remain longer. Infestation, which can cause chip damage and works well with Toxic, may be used instead to catch Pokemon that cannot pivot. 204 Speed EVs will outrun 236 Speed EVs.

Jolly Glastrier, as well as enough speed EVs to speed creep Vaporeon, allows you to make non-Heal Bell Vaporeon’s life a living hell. If you need to assault anything, the 252 Attacks EVs allow Liquidation to hit hard. The remaining EVs are headed to HP. I like to utilize the combination a lot since the power of Liquidation before STAB is 204 and 306 after a rain dance.

This does not even include the Rain Dance bonus. You have leech life for bug stab as well as recuperation. If you can create a tailwind, you can sweep the opposing team. So I will put it in the S Tier of the Sun Moon Tier List.


Salazzle, a Poison/Fire Pokemon

Moving on to Salazzle, a Poison/Fire Pokemon who debuted in Generation 7. The Toxic Lizard Pokemon is its name. Salazzle is a dark grey Pokemon that looks like a salamander or a reptile. Its tiny body bears a purple underbelly with many wavy, dark pink markings: a U-shaped pattern on its breast with two extra lines within and one on each hip resembling wisps of smoke.

It features a thin head, purple, almond-shaped eyes with slit pupils, and two fang-like extensions on either side of its lower jaw. Salazzle can be found deep in caverns with a male Salandit reversal harem. Males are drawn to the pheromones included in Salazzle’s deadly gas. Males provide food to it, and those who cannot do so are punished with scorching slaps. Salazzle’s gas may also be used to produce fragrances by diluting them.

The best moveset for the Pokemon is FlameThrower/Fire Blast, Sludge Wave/Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power, and Dragon Pulse. It is of Timid Nature. My Salazzle has never, ever left my party! I’ve had almost 50 online contacts with her, and she always saves me; I’ve never lost a battle with a Salazzle. And since it is quite fast, I start with Nasty Plot! If an Earthquake/Strong-enough-Psychic move strikes you, you will lose 1 HP.

Now here is when the fun begins. Corrosion gives you the ability to poison anything. Bring Salazzle into a Pokemon that threatens you and Sub up. You have the option of Toxicing everything that comes in, Disabling the move they used against the Sub, and Sub again. In the event of a random Taunt, Flamethrower takes precedence over other techniques for offensive pressure.

Nasty Plot can be used in place of Hidden Power [Ice] or Dragon Pulse. While Corrosion appears to be a fantastic ability, you will not be using Toxic or Sludge Bomb on a Celesteela or Toxapex with this combination. As a result, Oblivious was the superior option. Hidden Power [Ice] is required to dispatch some Ground-types, whereas Dragon Pulse is necessary to dispatch some Dragons.

Nasty Plot is challenging to set up, but it does a fantastic job since Salazzle can compel a switch against a Pokemon it checks. The others are STAB. Choice Specs combined with an EV spread will help her with sweeping, giving her a better fit for a Special Sweeper. Though her timid temperament and Max Speed allow her to outrun most assailants, some of them may be quicker and wearing a Scarf. Keep a safe distance since they may utilize Ground-type attacks that OHKO Salazzle. If you’re running Nasty Plot, you’ll need Life Orb. So, I will put it in the S Tier of Ultra Sun Moon Tier List.

A Tier

Prominent Pokemons of Sun Moon Tier List
A Rank.

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite Pokemons with the same amount of love compared to the Pokemon in the above category. Some of the Pokemon in the A category could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. Honestly, all the Pokemons in our list have the same place in my heart. 

The tier also consists of 3 prominent Pokemons from my most minor- favorite Pokemons that I think are good but not somewhat not worthy enough to be put into the S-tier.


Comfey a Fairy Pokemon

Next up, Comfey appears to have a glaring lack of ability to perform anything remarkable. Comfey is a Fairy Pokemon that debuted in Generation 7. The Posy Picker Pokemon is its name. Comfey collects flowers and always carries them with her. It forms a ring of blooms and pours oil from its body on it, which modifies the flowers’ smell. It has a propensity to bestow these flower rings to those it cares about.

The fragrance can calm both itself and its companions. Comfey’s fragrance also aids in the healing of people and Pokemon at Pokemon Centers and hospitals. When assaulted by another Pokemon, it tosses flowers at them to create an opening, then escapes or attacks.

As All things considered, 110 Special Defence might be solid for lower levels like RU and NN when implemented, but it is nothing to write about in higher tiers and Wifi right now. 100 speed is fine for a defensive mon, but it’s not a significant selling feature unless you genuinely desire role compression.

It also receives no special moves other than Leech Seed, Calm Mind, Taunt, and Aromatherapy. However, fairy typing is compelling. I wish it were Fairy/Grass to make its associated techniques and abilities more feasible. The best use of Comfey is at Timid Nature. The best moveset for this Pokemon is Taunt, Synthesis/Leech Seed/Aromatherapy, Toxic/Leech Seed/Aromatherapy, and U-turn/Dazzling Geam.

Triage appears to be an intriguing talent, but being able to pivot in and out of status is more valuable. EVs are used to avoid 2HKOs from Amoongus and Tenta, allowing them to shift more quickly. A quick Taunt is beneficial for knocking down barriers like those mentioned earlier and Blissey.

The second slot can be used for either consistent healing for better pivoting, wearing down adversaries while improving longevity, or team assistance. The third option is the same as before. However, Toxic is preferable unless you genuinely need role compression because it allows Comfey to be a garbage-tier Stallbreaker combined with Taunt. While Dazz dents items like Krook, U-Turn helps it be a pivot. So, overall I put Comfey in the A Tier of the Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Tier List.


KommO-O Dragon/Fighting

In the middle of the list, we have Kommo-o because the drain punch on him is so overpowered and broken. KommO-O is a Dragon/Fighting Pokemon that debuted in Generation 7. It is referred to as the Scaly Pokemon. According to folklore, KommO-O is covered in sparkling scales to drive away from the tremendous darkness that has engulfed the planet.

The Pokemon’s desire to fight to obtain the power required to conquer this darkness. When Kommo-o senses that someone is coming, it rings the scales on its tail to advertise its presence. It has no desire to engage in combat with weak Pokemon. After completing rigorous training, Kommo-o returns to its homeland to guard Jangmo-o. However, it just keeps a distant eye on them. The creature’s uppercut is powerful enough to knock opponents out. Thus merely extending its arms may produce enough force to alter its surroundings.

The best moveset for the Pokemon is changing scales, Drawn Punch/Close Combat, Earthquake/Fire Punch, and Poison Jab. The set aims to get the most out of Kommo-special o’s and physical strikes. Kommo-Kommonium o’s Z can OHKO Garchomp and Mega Salamence and will give you a stat increase once. Close Combat OHKOs Hydreigon, Mega Kangaskhan, Heatran, whereas Drain Punch OHKOs Tyranitar and Weavile.

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Earthquake is used to OHKO Gengar, Magnezone, and Salazzle, while Fire Punch is used to OHKO Steel-types like Scizor, Skarmory, and Ferrothorn, who are resistant or receive neutral damage from Earthquake. Finally, Poison Jab OHKOs Tapu Bulu and Whimsicott and KOs weaker Fairy Types. 32 EVs in HP prevent Mega Aerodactyl’s Ice Fang and Scizor’s Bullet Punch from causing 2HKO.

Kommo-o may attack as hard as possible with 252 EVs in Attack and a Naughty Nature. Kommo-224 o’s EVs in Speed allow it to outspeed Pokemon with an essential Speed of less than 80. Soundproof keeps other Kommo-o at bay by combining Clangorous Soulblaze with Swampert’s Roar. It might seem weird that we are going for the jolly nature, our preference. You can also go for something like a hasty nature or naive nature. It depends on you. Whether you choose any nature, the Pokemon is still strong, so I had to place it in the A Tier.


Toxapex Poison Pokemon

Next up, we have Toxapex, a Pokemon of the Poison/Water type that debuted in Generation 7. It is referred to as the Brutal Star Pokemon. Toxapex is a little Pokemon that sprouts enormous, starfish-like legs from the top of its head. Its eyes are brilliant blue with golden sclerae and pupils. Toxapex walks around the ocean floor on its 12 legs, looking for Corsola.

They may also be used to build a dome-like shelter that protects it from the tides and traps its body heat to keep it warm in colder places. Its spines may be shot against adversaries and contain a potent poison that causes discomfort for 72 hours, even to giant Pokemon like Wailord.

It did not have many changes; I feel they added knock-offs, so if you want to be a filthy stall Pokemon, you can add them in. By adding this, you might lose some sustain or coverage, which is a weird thing Toxapex can do, but overall it is like you can knock off, scold burn them and then sit there forever while they have nothing to do. Moreover, you can keep switching out Toxapex to bring it in for the knock-off with the regenerator.

It is not an insane massive unstoppable buff but making a life a little harder for the opponent while also being, what I said, the best Pokemon in Generation 7. It has ridiculous tackiness, making it the craziest tank we have seen in all of Pokemon. People always complain about tank Pokemons do not have enough sustain recovery.

In contrast, Toxapex is a powerhouse of tankiness, which is ridiculous, and then it can go for Stockpile and Toxic Stalling. It does anything that it once and now it also has a little bit of extra power. I am pretty surprised that it did not get the Defog which would have made him unstoppable and taken it over the edge, but at least we have a knock-off now. It has all of these other Tutor moves thrown around at him, making him a deserving Pokemon at the A Tier of the Sun Moon Tier List.

B Tier

Finest Pokemons of Sun Moon Tier List
B Rank.

The B-tier is an average tier where I placed those Pokemons with decent moveset, tutor moves, and impact on the game’s progressions. These Pokemons are considered one of the best Pokemon in Generation 7. The tier includes 3 Pokemons from my least-favourite Generation, mainly those with incredible stats and utility.

Dusk Lycanroc

Dusk Lycanroc Wolf Pokemon
Dusk Lycanroc.

Next up on the list is Lycanroc, a Pokemon of the Rock-type debuting in Generation 7. It is referred to as the Wolf Pokemon. Lycanroc comes in three varieties. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Midday and Midnight Forms were accessible, while Dusk Form was added in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Lycanroc develops from Rockruff into one of the following forms Rockruff develops into Lycanroc Midday Form in Pokemon Sun, inspired by Solgaleo.

In Pokemon Moon, Rockruff develops into Lycanroc Midnight Form, inspired by Lunala. During a unique event in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon, Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc Dusk Form. The Dusk Shape Lycanroc has characteristics with the preceding two types. It shares the Midday Form’s posture, calm temperament, and affectionate disposition. It does, however, share the fighting attitude of the Midnight Form, especially the red, flashing eyes at the moment of assault.

Dusk Lycanroc has Drill Run and tough claws on a 117 attacking Pokemon. I wish it had more speed. Honestly, I would be happier with 115 speed and 112 attacks, but it will still be substantial on the Dusk Lycanroc. The Tutor move for Drill Run will take Lycanroc to the next level as we can get the Iron Head. It kills farries and anything weak to the ground, which was surprising.

Electric-type Pokemon hate going Dusk Lycanroc. We can stab into the rock-solid with the fire fang. After we finish the move, the opponent will already be defeated. Trust me, and it is going to be that easy. My only issue with Dusk Lycanroc is that Stone Edge will not get tough claws to boost because Stone Edge will be super busted if it got tough claws, so our stab will not be that crazy.

If we need a priority Pokemon, we can use the Dusk Lycanroc. It can help you remove any ridiculous kind of Pokemon, which is trying to go for focus shenanigans or being stupidly speedy. We can also bring Life Orb, and we are threatening lots of damage under a pretty solid amount of speed and good coverage.

There are a couple of extra options we can fish out with Dusk Lycanroc. You have substantial damage against scarves Pokemon with the Excel Rock, but you are kind of frail, so it could make things a little challenging for your Lycanroc. So, I will put it in the B Tier of the Ultra Sun Moon Tier List.


Silvally Synthetic Pokemon

Moving on to Silvally, a Pokemon of the Normal-type debuting in Generation 7. It is referred to as the Synthetic Pokemon. Silvally is a quadrupedal chimera Pokemon having characteristics from several species. It features a mammalian head and mechanical components. A thick, silver mane covers much of its head and neck and stretches down over its chest.

The bridge of its nose and upper jaw are metallic on its blunt snout. When Type: Null finds a mate it can trust, it willfully breaks the restraint device it is wearing. When Silvally is free of the heavy mask, its speed skyrockets as compared to before. Silvally’s ability alters depending on the object in her possession.

Silvally, mainly off the Tailwind gets a massive buff now it is beneficial in doubles with one of the bullies, most reliable tailwinds out there, so it sets up Tailwind, and then you can just kind of combo however you need it. It becomes a flying type, and now we have Tailwind flying Silvally. It will be a music earthquake and have a tailwind boosted ally.

The ally would be able to do whatever as well as Silvally pushing out more damage. By using the memory, you can not find an infinite amount of combos, but there is a high skill cap in a high combo tech that you can snowball into with Silvally that could get pretty interesting, and also, you could perform Last Resort. Silvally pressures absorb amounts of damage while also making your allies super quick so allies can achieve KOs as well.

We do not need to invest more on Silvally 95 speed, and we can max hit points which makes us stupid bulky with enormous amounts of damage, and then we are just supporting forever. Also, Silvally can run this in singles, so we will get hurt until the ghost-type Pokemon comes.

Silvally can help us one-shot most and out speeding mostly every sweeping Pokemons and then Tailwind and Last Resort to finish them. Since we are bulky, we can get three hit KO with max hit point investment on Silvally. If opponents hit you, just set up Tailwind, and we can keep using Tailwind until it wears off, and we will have many chances to KO them.

If they hit us again and we are alive, we get to Tailwind again, and that is kind of how crazy Silvally can get—looking at the damage calculations. It is pretty solid. That is the story right here: we will be able to survive some of the most potent neutral hits out there and even some super effective hits from a variety of Pokemon, and we can perform Last Resort in their face by snowballing with theirs.

It gets a bit more confusing to go up against and then has all kinds of new tricks up its sleeve, mainly that Tailwind will be able to speed support doubles or cause it to be a sweeper for singles. So, I will put it in the A Tier of the Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Tier List.


Minior The Meteor Pokemon

Next is Minior, a Generation 7 Pokemon of the Rock/Flying type. The Meteor Pokemon is its name. Minior is a spherical Pokemon that can take two forms: one with a rocky exterior shell and one with its center exposed. When it loses its rocky shell, its basic form is the lightest Rock-type and the fastest Flying-type Pokemon. Both of its forms are tied for the shortest Rock-type alongside Carbink and Dwebble. Minior is created in the stratosphere and survives by absorbing trash.

After consuming many particles, their bodies get heavy and descend toward the planet’s surface. Minior features a thick and hefty outer shell with an inner core.

There is not much to say about Minior. It does not get a long list of tutor moves. It will not utilize many of them anyways because Minior is just really strong in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Shell Smash and acrobatics with the white herb, you just easily instant defeat your opponents. You gain so much speed in such a short time, and if the opponent hits you just right, that shield down will activate.

There is not much the opponent can do after that. First, when Shields Down starts, the additional EVs go into Defense and Sp. Defense, giving it some durability. Light Screen to minimize special attacks such as Ice-type moves and other Rock-type techniques such as Stone edge. Telekinesis aids this, as all movements are guaranteed to strike for three turns. It can only be canceled if the opponent uses Smack Down on Minior.

You have rock slide, so you still find other kinds of stabs, and you explode worst-case scenario. Adding in the iron head does not give you that much because even a super-effective Iron head that is 160 power well-stabbed acrobatics will be more powerful than that because we are doubling it.

Sometimes we are going to hit 110, and then we are getting 50% on top of that, so with its high sweeping potential, it is still on the list for one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. However, not much happened to it with the tutor moves, so that I will put it in the B Tier of the Sun Moon Tier List.

C Tier

Admirable Pokemons of Sun Moon Tier List
C Rank.

The C-tier is a below-average tier, but it has relatively the same importance as the other tiers. This tier consists of 3 Pokemons that are very identical to each other. Notably, all the characters mentioned here are admired by fans from all over the fandom.


Lurantis Grass Pokemon

Moving up to Lurantis, a Grass Pokemon that debuted in Generation 7. The Bloom Sickle Pokemon is its name. Lurantis entices opponents with its flower-like look and perfume and dispatches them. Because of its dazzling color and delicate moves, it is believed to be the most beautiful of all Grass-type Pokemon. Lurantis’ beauty is kept up with meticulous care. It will trust a Trainer who takes good care of it, but it appears to have difficulty becoming close to a sluggish Trainer.

Lurantis has been an uncomfortable Pokemon, another one of those bulk attackers who seemed out of place but found ways to operate. Then it received the leaf storm, so we have a Lurantis with a contradictory leaf storm. So you must choose the less damaging move, yet it still deals significant damage.

We now have superpowers in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, which is all there is to discuss. So, Lurantis discovers that the physical move set in Pokemon Sun and Moon is deficient, allowing us to run something like this. It’s strange that Lurantis also receives the poison jab, although we have a reasonable amount of coverage outside of it.

We can also use it to save Leech’s life. It is a massive buff in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is nice to think about, so we can run a more supportive but still threatens damage and snowball potential sort of set, or we could do a couple of other weird things because assault vest some we can run and then instead of running synthesis because now we cannot run status moves we can still turn that into something with the leech life so little bits of sustain and put trading that for insane amounts of tanks, Then we can run the poison jab for that fairy coverage, and adding that superpower to the Lurantis means we are now getting attack damage, which accumulates or makes things terrible for the opponent while being even bulkier than before, and Lurantis is a hefty Pokemon. When you spend that entire tank investment, 90 on defense can do that workout. Lurantis is far superior in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Thus I’ve placed it in the C Tier.


Beware drain punch

We have Bewear getting drain punch. It feels likes Bewear was missing that sustain in Pokemon Sun and Moon, a lot of bulky Pokemon. The game was bizarre because it introduced slower harder-hitting Pokemon ahead of above-average tankiness. Still, many of those Pokemon were missing sustain, so Bewear needed that to use that enormous hit points stat.

One hundred twenty on the hit points effectively half damage from physical moves. Surely Earthquake and a couple of others do not make contact, but Bewear will feel that huge defensive buff on the fluffy. Slap in an assault vest on it, and dang, this thing does not take damage, but the problem is if it does not have sustain, eventually it will go down, and it will outspeed and swept enough to where Bewear does not matter anymore.

So, it gives you the option to heal up tiniest and maybe instead of trading one for one, get that second KO in there, and that also just kind of works out. Something that we will see with the tutor moves is that egg moves get converted into tutor moves when they are released.

Moreover, in ice punch, you do not have to breathe for it anymore, so all of the Bewear movesets are accessible through TMs and tutor moves, so it is not that hard to set up, which is going to be pretty nice overall. We did not see power punch return as a tutor move in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, which could have made Bewear even more terrifying also, you can take off the assault vest to citrus berry, and then you would be able to run bulk up as well.

It is like, alright, now we are going to get defensively tanky, which means we bulk out anything or maybe convert some of that attack into some particular offense because that is where we will be very weak. Still, if we are mainly dealing with physical threats, it will be strong right there, and then our drain punch is more potent because we are healing more damage, so Bewear is looking a lot better in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. So, I will put it in the C Tier of the Ultra Sun Moon Tier List.


Oranguru Pokemon Sun and Moon

Oranguru did not get that massive of a buff with the tutor moves but just kept showing how solid Oranguru was, to begin with, in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There will be a couple of Pokemons on the list even though tutors did not matter, but they were still some of the strongest Pokemon in generation 7, so they will remain. Oranguru has some weirdness going on. You can snatch with him now.

Snatch requires some next-level play, but it is devastating to use in doubles because if they are trying to go for a sub, you can use the trick room, so you might as well go for a free setup turn while the other Pokemon protects. You can remove that hanging from the cooldown and snatch it away. Have your ally Pokemons instead of safeguarding for the trick room set up, and you can go take out the Pokemon that you just snatched. Then that will hurt the opponent’s momentum, and at any time, you can go for the trick room on the Oranguru.

Anyways, a sub can work out, or you can also run the gravity now, so having a bulky earthquake next to gravity is going to be pretty solid because we still have the telepathy on the Oranguru, so now, if the opponent is feeling safe as a flying type user, they are still going to be able to get hit which means rotom is going to be very susceptible to the gravity which is not I prefer to run gravity.

The accuracy boost from gravity makes hypnosis always land so that you can go gravity hypnosis combo, or you can use gravity blizzard combo or gravity into high damage moves. So, that’s another thing that Oranguru can contribute and depends on, like the speed of the Pokemon. Sometimes, Oranguru has difficulty instructing because it is like protecting the trick room.

Then if Oranguru ends up being faster in the trick room, it will not be able to instruct because the opponent or your ally has made a move. This kind of opens up some of the options for the Oranguru. It can handle gravity into damage, then it instructs under the gravity, so now we are looking at three blizzards in a pretty short amount of time that can devastate the opponent without any accuracy drawbacks or you just instructive hypnosis.

So, gravity, hypnosis, and instruction, and boom, everything is asleep. You get an effectively dark void for the turn, and then you can take it off. Oranguru is not a colossal damage-dealing Pokemon, but it is suitable for running some damage so that it does not get bodied entirely. So, add in your little tech move, and then you will be good. So, I will put it in the C Tier of the Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Tier List.

D Tier

Praiseworthy Pokemons of Sun Moon Tier List
D Rank.

Now we are at the lowest tier. The Pokemon in the D-tier are usually the underrated Pokemon of Generation 7. The tier includes 2 Pokemons of Generation 7 that have unique traits.


Ribombee Pokemon

Next up on the article, we have Ribombee. The Pokemon surprised everyone when we finally got to see its stats because you look at the guy. You are assuming that no matter what happens, the Pokemon is getting quiver dance, but then a 124 base speed out speeds Greyninja, which is pretty awesome. We could also look at some other stats like 95 special attacks.

Well, having a 95 special attack is still really powerful, but that restricts us that we do have to focus ash with it, so that is where some of the power can be gained or lost, but overall high amounts as a special attack and it is also a fairy type. When it comes to using Ribombee, there is a couple of things that you can do right here so that 124 speed is so good, and we have prominent coverage right here.

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We can go dual stab so dazzling gleam into bug buzz and then have the baton pass, or we can even try to run that draining kiss which is going to be minor damage, but if we are going for bug buzz as the primary form of stab that could still be very powerful. If we corporate dance twice, draining kiss recovers most of our health back, and then if they have a special attacker, we will gain a special attack because quiver dance is just that broken.

We could also run baton pass, or we could also go for more coverage, like if you want your Rimbombee to sweep, give it energy ball. If you want it to be like this crazy baton pass setup that can also clean, then you can go for that baton pass, and then now you can give any Pokemon speeds special attacks and unique offense, which is a scary thing to think. 


Dhelmise, Generation 7 Pokémon of the Ghost/Grass-type

At the very least, we have Dhelmise, a Generation 7 Pokémon of the Ghost/Grass-type. It is referred to as the Sea Creeper Pokémon. Dhelmise likes giant prey like Wailmer and Wailord. The massive anchor may be swung hard enough to kill its target in a single hit. The victim is then engulfed in seaweed that can reach hundreds of yards, and its vital energy is drained.

This Pokémon maintains itself by adding fresh debris and seaweed to its body in addition to hunting. It has a good relationship with Skrelp and Dragalge. When everyone saw Dhelmise and his design, everyone thought that it would be the next Aegislash, and that it would be a tanky little beast but turned out to be a little different. It was not a tanky anchor where. It was a frail little pokemon that manipulates an anchor to go and crush things with a massive attack.

So, All things considered, the 131 attack on those defensive stats turns out to be pretty good, but the Pokemon is not going to excel as a tank, so it does find some weaknesses, and then we look at potential movesets or ways to run the Pokemon. We find out that that is all about the damage and has some unique aspects.

Steel worker ability combined with anchor shot kind of makes it where the Pokemon gets three stabs, can lock its opponent in, and then still has massive amounts of damage on something like a power whip and then still gets tanky some things we can slap on either leftover in assault vest.


Sun Moon Tier List
Tier Image.

Well with that, we come to the end of our Sun Moon Tier List, where we ranked all of the brand-new Pokemon from the 7th generation of games. We thought hard and long about where each entry would belong, and we created this ranking article with categories ranging from S to D rank.

We hope you enjoy the article, but keep in mind that it is not perfect. We may have ranked Pokemon that you really like in a lower tier, while someone may feel that a bad creature is way too high in rank. If you have something to contribute or some criticisms to offer, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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