World of Stands Tier List: All Stands Ranked

In this tier list we will be ranking all the 6 strands in the game with respect to their abilities.

Today we will be talking about an Open World Adventure and PvP game inspired by “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” a hit animated series. The gameplay it has is kind of where you can use a stand arrow and obtain your standability. In this game, you also get to have battled with strong bosses and enemy stand users. The stand has its Stand level and should not be confused with the player level. To unlock new and earn skill points we have to raise the Stand level. The game is balanced in order of the Stands which we will be ranking in this World Of Stands Tier List and ability which makes the powerful in its way.

Key Points

  • A total of 6 strands make up this Tier List.
  • We will rank all the stands according to their power and abilities.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find Star Platinum and Killer Queen.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe Anubis and Magician’s Red.


We will rank all the stands in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Star PlatinumThe WorldSticky FingerAnubisMagician's Red
Killer Queen

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

Best world of stands in this tier
Best Stands of All

The S tier of our ranking consists of the Stands that are very powerful and whose performance is a way of the mark. There can be only one or more than one stands in the S tier depending upon their power and performance and the power they have. In the S tier, we have the stands which are extraordinarily well in the game and they are considered as best stands in the world of stands. So, let us not waste any time and get to the best stands ranked in the S Tier.

Star Platinum

Star Platinum is considered one of the best Stands in the world of stands as this is one of the most powerful stands ones can have to achieve victory over his opponent. The main reason for ranking the Star Platinum in the S-tier is that it has some great and powerful moves which can not be compared with any other stand. It is one of those legendary stands that possesses some close-range moves in addition to some technical moves.

It is considered one of the iconic stands in the game having power moves like Ora Ora Ora, ORA, Judgement, and Ground smash. Not only this but it also has some technical moves which include YOU ARE IN MY RANGE and Star Platinum THE WORLD.

  • ORA is a heavy punch that causes damage but not that heavy.
  • Judgment is that move of Star Platinum in which it judges the opponent’s move and sends it with a punch flying in the air.
  • Ora Ora Ora is Star Platinum’s signature Barrage.
  • You Are In My Range will let you travel towards the aim.
  • Star Platinum The World enables Star Platinum to stop time which is his famous move.

Any player having this stand can achieve victory over his opponent in the blink of an eye as this stand is one of the power stands and has powers and ability which is not comparable to any other stand.

Rarity Legendary
Abilities Extraordinary Speed & Strength, as well as the ability to Stop Time.

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Killer Queen

After Star Platinum we have on our S-tier is the Killer Queen and it is ranked in the S-tier because she also has the kind of ability that a player can use and have great success against their opponent. The killer queen is usually among those humanoid stands with complete faces in that of its facial expression which rarely reflects that of its users. Killer Queen’s semi-autonomous secondary bomb and sheer heart attack speak phrases to its opponents including LOOK THIS WAY.

Talking about her abilities, Killer Queen is a short-range Stand having an above-average speed and also melee attacking power. Although this stand is physically powerful and is overshadowed by other close-range stands like crazy diamond and star platinum. Her power set up different kinds of bombs that can eliminate enemies in one blast.

Thus this makes her a dangerous Stand to face. Her ability to explode disintegrates the opponent and thus it becomes a lot easier to defeat the enemy. Everything the Killer Queen touches turns into a bomb. It is an extremely powerful stand having great moves and the ability to make the opponent surrender.

Rarity Legendary
Abilities Ability to turn anything it touches into a bomb and detonate it, later it is able to rewind time

A Tier

Overall balanced in world of stands tier list
Overall Balanced Stands

After the S-tier we have the A-tier which includes the Stands which are above average, meaning those stands that are powerful and have great moves but not that much to hold a place in S-tier or to be compared with the Stands in the S-tier. In short, the A-tier covers those stands which have good performance in the game but are less efficient than the ones in the S-tier. Following are the Stands that are ranked in the A Tier.

The World

The World is ranked in the A-tier because it has an above-average performance not only but it also has some strong technical skills which are proven to be very helpful. The World has a tall and muscular build. It wears a headpiece that covers its face to the end of the nose. It wears a small and simple twin diving cylinder on its back. Moreover, the back of his both hands bears the shape of a simple clock face. In the colored manga, The World is completely yellow, In the anime, it is of the color grey and has green heart motifs with golden clothes on its top.

However, it is named after the Tarot card called THE WORLD. Even before its actual appearance, its so-called power was more than enough to strike fear and instill loyalty in DIO’s followers. Choosing this Stand for combat wouldn’t be a wrong decision as it would not disappoint you but it is not as great as stands in the S tier. It is a powerful stand and the abilities it has possess speed, power, precision, and stop time. It is one of the most loved stands for the players that have matching play styles to this stand known as The World.

Rarity Legendary
Abilities Extraordinary Speed & Strength, as well as the ability to Stop Time.

B Tier

Above average stands in this tier list
Above Average Stands

After S and A tier, we have the B-tier in our World Of Stands tier list which covers the Stands that have an average performance in the game. They can be determined as the good stands but not that much to hold the equality with the ones in the A and S tier, but also they are not among those stands which are below average or worst stand in the world of stands game. Following are the Stands that are considered to be average and are ranked in the B Tier.

Sticky Finger

In the B tier, we have the Sticky finger which is relatively a weaker stand in the World of Stands as compared to Stands ranked in the S and A-Tier. The Sticky finger possesses a close-range power type similar to star platinum. A sticky finger can create zippers. But despite his low power, it can cause noticeable damage to his opponent. The sticky finger is a stand that mirrors the height and builds of its user.

It covers the upper half of its face. A sticky finger also wears a helmet with a column having short spikes in the center. It has a dark body suit over its torso. Moreover, it also wears light shoulder pads, forearm guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and shin guards. It also has zippers of different sizes throughout his body, one on each forearm guard on top of its wrist.

Sticky Finger is not a bad choice to pick. It usually has a serious expression or we can say that its mouth matches the user’s expression. The Sticky Finger tends to have his mouth open while attacking. Its stand cry is ARI, ARI, ARI along with the rapid heavy punches. Sometimes it also follows Bucciariti saying ARRIVEDERCI meaning GOODBYE in Italian in its finishing attack. It’s a close-range stand and in direct combat, its excellent strength and speed make it suitable  In the form of its zippers it possesses a versatile ability.

His main function includes creating zippers on what its fist touches, which it can open or close at any time. It also has various applications like using this to travel through walls or floors and storing some objects inside something.

Rarity Rare
Abilities The ability to open zippers.

C Tier

Average stands
Average Stands

The C-tier as compared to the other tiers mentioned above is below the average tier and covers the stand having less success rate. C tier cannot be stated as the worst tier but the C tier includes those stands which are not comparable with the S, A, and B tier stands yet they are much better than those present in the worst tier of this tier list. Below mentioned are the Stands which are considered to be below average in their performance.


Anubis is another stand ranked in the C tier of our tier list for its below-average performance as compared to other stands ranked in the S and A Tiers. In addition, Anubis is that one stand made to kill with an array of abilities, and also it can possess anyone and have their fighting abilities. Playing with Anubis it is noted that it normally does not break the block, but the block can be broken easily if it is timed correctly.

Also if the shadow form is active it does not break the block either. Anubis is shockingly a good stand even if the sword is broken it will simply remain active in the largest part of it while retaining its full power. Anubis has the power to control whoever draws its sword, no matter how much their willpower is.

If someone unsheathes the sword, they will suffer from one thing which is that Anubis will be speaking in their mind and making them use it against all in their path and as time passes by eventually they will be completely overtaken by the Anubis itself, allowing the stand to control their body.

Anubis appears as an approximate version of the mythological Anubis named after with a human body and a jackal head. Anubis possesses a flesh-colored body with a black head and its headdress is also yellow in both media. For a player matching his ability and power Anubis would not be a bad choice for him.

Rarity Common
Abilities The ability to possess users who look at it’s unsheathed self.

D Tier

Worst stands of all
Worst Stands Of All

Finally, we arrived at the last tier of our tier list. The D tier covers the worst stand. The stand included in this tier is not comparable with any of the stand presents in the above-mentioned tiers yet they are also not a bad choice for anyone as they can have compatibility with the player. Following are the worst Stands included in this tier list.

Magician’s Red

Magician Red is also a very powerful stand with closed range power, but there is also no doubt in saying that its performance is not up to the mark as compared to the other stands in the game. It is very limited in its versatility but also has powerful arsenal capabilities. Magician’s Red has arsenal capabilities that are specifically designed for combat. One can always go for this stand if it matches the player’s play style.

The Signature ability of this stand is to control fire. Magician’s Red appears like a bird-like head. Its legs are covered with feathers and have a muscular upper body. Instead of nails, its arms have claws wearing dark bracelets on both of its wrists.

Magician Red is a powerful close-range Stand that has limited versatility. Beyond its great physical superiority over most stands, it overcome its notable lack of physical range from its master through utilizing the unique and powerful array of fire followed by heat-based abilities. Magician Red is also been shown to be much faster than its bulky appearances, even the tremendous boost of speed that the already extremely fast gained from removing its armor. Magician red also has masterful efficiency over the exact movement and also the arrangement of the flames that it produces.

Abilities The ability to freely control fire.

Comparison Table

Star PlatinumSLegendaryExtraordinary Speed & Strength, as well as the ability to Stop Time.
Killer QueenSLegendaryAbility to turn anything it touches into a bomb and detonate it, later it is able to rewind time
The WorldALegendaryExtraordinary Speed & Strength, as well as the ability to Stop Time.
Sticky FingerBRareThe ability to open zippers.
AnubisCCommonThe ability to possess users who look at it’s unsheathed self.
Magician's RedDRareThe ability to freely control fire.

Patch Notes 

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • Stand Mastery Titles for every stand
  • New Unlockable titles + some purchasable from bizarre shop
  • New Skins for The World, Magicians Red, King Crimson and Star Platinum
  • New Barrage Visual Effects
  • Bounty shop now has a limited stock on single-use items (stand arrows etc.) each shop will restock every 24 hours.
  • New Unlockable titles + some purchasable from bizarre shop
  • Reworked Sticky Fingers Ability 3 (G ability) + made it significantly less buggy + greatly reduced the likelihood of being able to enter buildings with this ability
  • Sped up SF ult windup slightly
  • Hamon Charged Clacker Boomerangs will briefly slow upon impact now, but do not flinch still
  • RHCP Lightning Cut ability only goes through block during supercharged mode now.
  • Slightly improved hitbox performance and accuracy


Summing up everything. The World Of Stands inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an open-world adventurous PvP game. In our World Of Stands tier list, we covered the stands in the different tiers depending upon their powers and ability. All Stands have different powers and abilities but we cannot put them all in the same queue. Depending upon their abilities and powers we have ranked them in different tiers like S, A, B, C, and D, ranking them from best to worst.

In the S tier, we ranked the best Stand of the game with great abilities and powers which can be chosen to have a tremendous victory against the opponent. In the A tier, we covered the above-average Stand which is yet the best by looking over their abilities and powers but we cannot compare them to the ones in the S tier.

Similarly, the Stands in the B and C tier includes the average and below-average Stands which are yet compatible depending upon the player’s play but cannot compete with the rank mentioned above, and in the last, we ranked the worst or we can say the less compatible stand in the D tier.

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