Yugioh Tier List: All Decks Ranked [1.5.1]

Lets rank some of the most relevant decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

Developed and published by Konami, Yugioh is one of the most popular collectible card games in the entire world. The franchise is actually so popular, that it includes multiple anime series, manga, and even video games. But with this Yugioh Tier List, we are going to be ranking some of the absolute best decks of the card game itself. 

And by decks, we do mean actual physical bundles of cards, as in from the physical game. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 33 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the decks according to their performances, versatility, skills, and fanbase.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find decks like Drytron, Endlich Control, Try Brigade Zodiac, and Sky Strikers.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe decks like Miffy, Toon, Infernity, and Utopia.


We will rank all the decks in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
DrytronVirtual WorldP.U.N.KHeroMiffy
Endlich ControlDPE ScytheDespite DeckEvil★TwinToon
Tri Brigade ZoodiacDragon linkLunalightWitchcraftInfernity
Sky StrikersPrank-KidEcosystemsMadolcheUtopia
SpyralCupid Pitch TurboRikkaBlack Luster Soldier
DragonmaidPlunder PatrolFrogsDark Magician
Blue EyesGhostrick
MarincessGimmick Puppet

Learn more about each entry by reading on.


Here we will be dissecting and analyzing some of the playable pre-made decks of the game, and dividing them into 5 different tiers based on their usefulness. But the thing to keep in mind is that there are hundreds of unique cards in the game, and when you combine them into decks, millions of different combinations can come forward.

So keep that in mind when going through our list, and remember that lists like these are highly subjective.

S Tier

Yu-Gi-Oh Tier List
S Tier.

The first tier on our list is considered the most prestigious and includes the decks with the best performances and versatility. Decks of the S rank exhibit extraordinary performance and are well-known among the fanbase.


Drytron decks are considered to be the best in Yu-Gi-Oh. It is highly fascinated by the Ritual Summon. In the Deck, two cards are the total strength-giving assets eligible to hunt a ritual spell and a monster with all the effects they own. Besides these two cards, all others are skilled in setting up traps and brewing trouble for the enemy.

The monsters of this Deck usually possess low levels, because of which the most relevant Ritual spell for Zeta Aldhibah is Meteonis Drytron. Drytron Meteonis Draconids and Drytron Meteonis Quadrantids acquire 4000 AKT and an effective wipe effect that makes them the most powerful monsters.

Tactical Ability Eye of the Allfather
Passive Ability Tracker
Ultimate Ability Beast of the Hunt

Endlich Control

Endlich deck includes three archetypes The Golden Land, Eldlixir, and Eldlich. Lynchpin is the main card in the Eldlich archetype. Endlich, the Golden Lord, is the most important card in the whole Deck because it can use actual monsters that increase the pace of the game from normal.

The two most practical uses of Eldlich are that it gives a player the ability to get rid of any spell to knock down certain traps imposed within the opponent’s field. The Deck uses various attacks to reduce the game’s pace, resulting in the opponent fabricating a defensive circle for them. Other than that, when Eldlich resides in the graveyard, the player can send him a spell to gain control over the cemetery. By doing so, eldritch is back with the player.

Tactical Ability Dome of Protection
Passive Ability Gun Shield
Ultimate Ability Defensive Bombardment

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Tri Brigade Zoodiac

To be victorious, the first condition is fulfilled when the graveyard has an ample supply of beasts, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast Monsters in a certain blend that enables a link from the cemetery. Tri Brigade allows easy access to monsters, whereas it’s also responsible for contributing to the strength and consistency of monsters.

Tri Brigade makes use of the Zoodiac engine that contains X.Y.Z. and core monsters most commonly, and that results in the increased power of the Deck’s monsters.

Tactical Ability Missile Swarm
Passive Ability VTOL Jets
Ultimate Ability Skyward Dive

Sky Strikers

Playing at the high velocity of a striker results in the Deck flourished; it slows down the opponent’s pace. An extremely strong spell card can do so as it creates continuous interference during the opponent’s moves. Among all the cards in the Deck, Sky Striker Mecha and widow anchor are the most prestigious to cause disturbances.

The most powerful spell card in the Deck is supposed to be The Sky Striker Mobilize- Engage, as it functions like a search and a draw card. Sky striker player is considered victorious if the game exceeds three turns. Specific secret packs consist of sky striker cards. This monster can transform the summon into several other forms, which enables a player to respond better to the opponent’s actions.

Tactical Ability Into the Void
Passive Ability Voices from the Void
Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift

A Tier

Yu-Gi-Oh Tier List
A Tier.

Next up we have the A rank, which is considered just as good as the one above it. All the decks here are incredibly powerful, but there are one or two issues that stop them from being the absolute best. These are some of the most preferred decks.

Virtual World

Virtual world cards give the best outcome when other cards from the same archetype are present. The player must transmit another card from the same Deck (let it be a monster or a spell) in the graveyard to be victorious; however proper management is key to a successful game.

Furthermore, the bonus is allotted for sending a monster to the graveyard. Although to avail of the premium, one should outcast all virtual world monsters named differently to summon them all at once. The main focus of the virtual world is on expelling and likewise aids in transmuting cards from a specific deck to the graveyard.

Tactical Ability Stim
Passive Ability Swift Mend
Ultimate Ability Launch Pad

DPE Scythe

One combo works perfectly well in preventing the opponent from utilizing their extra Deck. One can defeat DPE Scythe only by continuous interruptions when things go in favor of the opponent. The main purpose of the Deck is to deposit the titular fusion monster in the field and prevent the opponent from any possible movement.

DPE’s intense attack abilities help him easily get rid of his opponents. Since the Deck’s equally powerful and defensive in guarding its cards, it’s eligible for its placement here.

Tactical Ability Echo Relocation
Passive Ability Spotter’s Lens
Ultimate Ability Sniper’s Mark

Dragon link

The Dragon Link Deck is renowned as a Classic, considered a powerful combo deck. The main objective of dragon link is to create interruptions. They are suitable for killing dragon monsters, even if such conditions aren’t met it still capable of adjusting themselves to the environment which is why it earns a notable place in our Yu-Gi-Oh Tier List.

The strength of this Deck is that a player will hardly get short of these cards. It’s impossible to break the field set by dragon links. Most of the combos begin with having striker Dragon on the field as it’s eligible to showcase its best performance against the opponents. Also, Quick Launch and Special Summon Rokket are activated from within the Deck.

Tactical Ability Stim
Passive Ability Swift Mend
Ultimate Ability Launch Pad


One of the noticeable characteristics of prank kids is that it enables fusion summons and linking summons. Prank kids and Accesscond Talker together result in the creation of a powerful card that can lead a player to win. Correct use of spells at the right time to prevent summons can contribute to a victorious game.

Prank kids make use of cards in such a way that it’s capable of tricking the opponent and aid in emptying the field. In addition to this, Prank Kids is also a great deck to start using as a beginner because of its one-card combo policy.

Tactical Ability Echo Relocation
Passive Ability Spotter’s Lens
Ultimate Ability Sniper’s Mark


They act as legit spies since they gather the information they need to rely on. They arrange the opponent’s Deck with all the top cards above the rest, and when the information is correct, they can damage the opponent’s spells and traps. Thus the main target of casting an attack is one’s offense.

S.P.Y.R.A.L. Super Agent, S.P.Y.R.A.L. Double Helix, and S.P.Y.R.A.L. Master Plan are the top three cards of the Deck and are considered the boss monsters, and when they are fused, it results in massive destruction.

Tactical Ability Piercing Spikes
Passive Ability Barricade
Ultimate Ability Dark Veil

Dragon maid

The type of archetype Dragon maids possess is that of a female dragon monster. The tasks they perform set a benchmark for what their human name is like. With the complete deck setup, when maids come into action, they can release fusion monsters. Hence if you fall into its trap, you won’t be able to run out of these cards as maids can recycle cards.

It is solely these characteristics of the Dragon maid which is so valued; she can propagate cards from within, which ensures that the cards will forever be faithful to her.

Tactical Ability Arc Snare
Passive Ability Marked for Death
Ultimate Ability Phase Breach

B Tier

ttiier li
B Tier.

The B rank is almost always considered the average rank, which contains entries that are neither bad nor particularly good. And although they’re not comparable to the highest rank, they’re still not the worst option for a player who knows what they’re doing.


These monsters are fascinated by music. Phantom knights and sky strikers can easily defeat the abilities they possess as both these monsters are capable of destroying P.U.N.K and resulting in a very deadly competition between the opponents. But the fight between them is worth spectatorship, that’s for sure.

Within the P.U.N.K.’s Deck, the best cards are Maxx C and Effect Veiler, as they can fight well against the opponents and provide proper defense from other monsters till the game lasts. Overall, in terms of offense and defense, the deck is pleasant to work with which is why it’s located in the B Tier of the Yugioh Tier List.

Tactical Ability Smoke Launcher
Passive Ability Double Time
Ultimate Ability Rolling Thunder

Despite Deck

These monsters play for the longest in the game, enabling the players to get in hands with multiple monsters to be summoned, which results in an outstanding victory. When the player needs monsters for the game, Draglubion and Numeron Dragons coming together can provide you with a massive game win, accompanied by Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy.

These monsters aim to deal with all the huge damage at the beginning of the game. Therefore, using appropriate spells prevents summons from taking place initially and turns the situation in our favor. These decks usually go in favor of level 8 or fusion monsters belonging to higher levels.

Ultimate Ability Rolling Thunder
Tactical Ability Mobile Shield
Passive Ability Retrieve the Wounded


Lunalight is also known as moonlight. These monsters are visually represented as young girls in gym suit apparel with animal-like features. Except for Lunalight Wolf and Lunalight tiger, all other members appear to be dark monsters. These monsters are capable of reusing the cards from the graveyard and can also act as fusion cards.

Lunalight summons her boss monsters just as soon as the game begins. This allows you to lie in a more leverageable position since, with the power of all her boss monsters.

Ultimate Ability Castle Wall
Tactical Ability Burglar’s Best Friend
Passive Ability Eye for Quality

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Generally, the ecosystems aren’t seen much as an offensive asset since they can only partake in some special summons. Besides that, the monsters of the Deck have high defensive properties. The Deck is also called the Graveyard keeper because it offers increased security and defense.

Another of its advantageous features is how quickly it comes into action once used on the battlefield. With the same pace, it unlocks its Boss Monsters, and as expected, your opponent will be knocked out in no time.

Ultimate Ability Black Market Boutique
Tactical Ability Gravity Lift
Passive Ability Spacewalk

Cupid Pitch Turbo

Despite average performance on its own, Cupid Pitch can be extremely advantageous if you unlock the Extra Deck. That not only multiplies the chances of bringing out Synchro and Linkage Monsters, which work best in coordination with another deck. It can also create rare conditions for the opponent by converting and upgrading all its cards to produce Boss Monsters.

The Deck has a high rate of success which binds it to the B tier specifically. Still, it would’ve been interesting to have known the powers the Deck possesses on its own. For the most part, however, the performance is by the cards in the current rank of the Yu-Gi-Oh Tier List.

Ultimate Ability Black Hole
Tactical Ability Focus of Attention
Passive Ability Heart Seeker

Plunder Patrol

Like Cupid, Plunder Patrol also works best when activated along with its extra Deck, but the output of this Deck also depends on the opponent’s monsters. Plunder Patrol teams up with its Extra Deck and unlock as many Boss Monsters as required to take down the enemy’s front line. And then, slowly but effectively progresses onto its resources.

The Deck also depends heavily upon how well the cards of its Deck are managed, which can be seen in the form of a reasonable rate. You can trigger immediate effects in an emergent situation by engaging Plunder Patroll’s supporting cards.

Tactical Ability Knuckle Cluster
Passive Ability Grenadier
Ultimate Ability The Motherlode

C Tier

c tier
C Tier.

It’s unfarit to label these decks as ‘Bad,’ but the more appropriate term for them is unimpressive. Their performance varies from situation to situation, but a skilled player can still do wonders with them. 


Hero is the largest archetype (a total of six) in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. One effect of such predecessors is the power of summoning fusion. This gives them the vantage of fusing two or even more cards and combining the simpler qualities that each one possesses.

These cards aren’t much of an element regarding protection because they mainly focus on the offense. Also, some appear to have time-taking fusing abilities, while others can quickly show results. They have high recovery, which is quite favorable.

Tactical Ability Surveillance Drone
Passive Ability Neurolink
Ultimate Ability Drone EMP


The Evil★Twin works as an archetype for the Live★Twin. Both exchange weaknesses for powerful strikes together against the enemy, which is a powerful duo, but because their gameplay isn’t as effective, it is only fair to situate them here in the Yugioh Tier List.

One of the most familiar tactics they pull off is when one lures the opponent into blowing his shot first. In the meantime, the two conspire, and the Evil★Twin card comes into action and steals all useful resources from the opponent. Most commonly, even with other archetypes, the Deck inflicts hand damage.

Tactical Ability Riot Drill
Passive Ability Warlord’s Ire
Ultimate Ability Wrecking Ball


Such a deck that doesn’t require a teamed setup is capable of functioning on its own. They tend to gain control over the field by drawing spell cards. Witchcraft can get the cards back from the graveyard and use them again whenever needed. As you might’ve already predicted, the ability helps them maintain their control over the field.

Since Witchcrafter’s most reliable source are the spell cards, that is why it hardly runs out of them and constantly recycles them. For most games, that helps one get away and win, but sometimes, the dependency on one type of card can also lead to defeat.

Tactical Ability Grappling Hook
Passive Ability Insider Knowledge
Ultimate Ability Zipline Gun


The best thing about this Deck is that they’re tough to get rid of. They can constantly recycle their cards with no difficulty at all. Maybe the overwhelming force of these cards leaves no option for the opponent but to give up. They can cast spells on the opponent and their Deck to recover health.

The major feature of such cards is the offense. They’re almost great warriors. The thing that demotivates their spirits is the opponent’s strength and power itself. Rarely ever are a deck’s powers affected because of the enormity of the opponent, but Madolche does reside here.

Tactical Ability Nox Gas Trap
Passive Ability Nox Vision
Ultimate Ability Nox Gas Grenade


The alluring visuals stop getting admiration just as soon as one realizes how dangerous these decks are. In most cases, Rikka uses manipulation and the common mechanism of tributing her opponents, which hardly makes her miss any round. Moreover, once you get Rikka as an opponent, get ready to step into a load of spells, master trickery, and her special Monster Effect Disruptions.

Her abilities are spectacular but don’t align with her efficacy. The attacks she brews come slow, giving enough time for the opponent to sort out the entire situation.

Tactical Ability Silence
Passive Ability Stalker
Ultimate Ability Death Totem


Frogs are known to be water aqua monsters. These are considered to be some low-level monsters, categorized so they still possess such personality that they can control the game pace and field. They are well known for their ability to create fear in top-level monsters due to their powers and abilities once they showcase their true selves.

They have to tendency to summon instantly to defend themselves from the opponent. The low levels seem to be advantageous for them from some famous monsters like Wetlands, Grace Revival and Gravity Bind.

Tactical Ability Psyche Out
Passive Ability Now You See Me…
Ultimate Ability Life of the Party

Blue Eyes

The iconic enough Blue Eyes Deck contains some great cards on the field. Most of its cards are extraordinary compared to the common ones in the Extra Deck. It can unleash the Blue Eyes Dragon in one way or the other. One of its features is great coordination among its cards, but that also relies heavily on which cards you choose to deploy with them.

The Deck first sets out to acquire complete control over the field and attacks the enemy’s opponents. This may be time taking, but it certainly knows when to end the game and proclaim what fate decides. It finishes the battle with a Fusion Summon, followed by minor blows to the opponent. Because not every card is so promising, we placed the Deck in the C Tier of the Yu-Gi-Oh Tier List.

Tactical Ability Perimeter Security
Passive Ability Spark of Genius
Ultimate Ability Interception Pylon


Marincess are women figures dressed in colorful dresses, and all these creatures possess a blue or purple tint on their bodies. They rely on link summon until they reach Rank -4, the Marincess Wonder Heart. Their distinctive quality is being able to transfer link monsters into other monsters.

That quality provides opportunities to summon whenever it is required. More so, these water-based link monsters also attack the enemy’s A.T.K. Their main aim is to fill the graveyard with various link monsters to contribute to the A.T.K.

Tactical Ability D.O.C. Heal Drone
Passive Ability Combat Revive
Ultimate Ability Care Package


Blackwings, again, has cards fitting enough for the C tier. Most of the time, they surge past the field, destroying the opponent’s elements and using Synchro Summons. They also have a mastery when it comes to hand traps. Most of their offense contributes to giving catches more than anything else.

If you’re a rookie playing the card game, it may occur to you that playing with the Deck is difficult and limiting. However, once your skill develops and you gain more experience, it gets much easier to use. Thus it’s slightly difficult to be proficient with the Deck, but soon, it evolves into child’s play.

Tactical Ability Eye of the Allfather
Passive Ability Tracker
Ultimate Ability Beast of the Hunt

D Tier

Yu-Gi-Oh tier list
D Tier.

Finally, we’ve reached the last rank in our Yugioh Tier List. Now no beating around the bush this time, because unfortunately, the decks mentioned below are simply some of the worst ones. 


First and foremost, we have the infamous deck “Melffy.” The cards of the Deck offer considerable damage to the opponent, but it doesn’t always come with enough impact. Moreover, it isn’t as effective against stronger decks. Thus, it limits the player’s use only to easier games.

But that also doesn’t mean that it lacks common defense and offense skills. Many of its cards are disruptive and target X.Y.Z. Monsters. These cards get stronger and stronger when exposed to such facets. Its monsters may seem intimidating, but in all honesty, their powers aren’t as remarkable.

Tactical Ability Dome of Protection
Passive Ability Gun Shield
Ultimate Ability Defensive Bombardment


Surprisingly Toon is a great deck to start at. It has good monsters and an actual damage rate. It also assures half victory, as you’re facing a weak opponent. However, it’s also visibly deficient and vulnerable. The ultimate destruction of all his monsters is an extreme outcome one might face. As a result, you’ll be short on defense, making it easier for your opponent to get rid of you.

If you pull out Toon World, all your monsters die. Once that happens, there’s no going back, and it’s most probable that you’ll lose that round. Thus, using the Deck is risky and unreliable.

Tactical Ability Missile Swarm
Passive Ability VTOL Jets
Ultimate Ability Skyward Dive


Infernity deck, known for unleashing an Infinity Doom Dragon, has a grand playing style. It gives your deck a vantage position, as Infernity can withdraw cards even after running out of cards. 

But although that might be compelling enough, it’s not so practical. Rarely ever does the opponent run out of cards. Most times, the opponent can knock you out because, despite its top feature, it’s an overall weak deck. Also, only a few of its cards are exceptional; most of them have ordinary monsters.

Tactical Ability Into the Void
Passive Ability Voices from the Void
Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift


Utopia marks the presence of good X.Y.Z. Monsters. It can unlock these monsters one way or the other. However, the major hold-up is that the Deck can’t carry out simultaneous small traps. Since releasing demons is an intricate task, it simply focuses on engaging with hand traps along the enemy line.

In short, the attacking cards of the Deck are very challenging and fierce, but it doesn’t always come out easily. Thus it gets troublesome for the player to manage his cards, especially if you’re a beginner trying it out. The unease the card causes is also vitally responsible for its ranking on Yu-Gi-Oh Tier List.

Tactical Ability Stim
Passive Ability Swift Mend
Ultimate Ability Launch Pad

Black Luster Soldier

Unfortunately, this is one of the most useless decks in the entire game. It needs a lot of upgrades since the current version is super wacky. It has a lot of glitches in them and is undeniably slow. Even so, these cards have powerful ritual archetypes, which are surprising.

There isn’t much ability the Black Luster Soldier acquires. However, on performing the ritual, his skills somewhat gain efficiency. This triggers some rage from within him, but it isn’t something extra. One may even call it ordinary hence why we’ve suited it here.

Tactical Ability Echo Relocation
Passive Ability Spotter’s Lens
Ultimate Ability Sniper’s Mark

Dark Magician

Before opting for the Dark Magician Deck, you will require a lot of practice. The Deck displays poor performance on its own, but with certain other archetypes, it scoots over to the more “acceptable” standards. But another of its liabilities includes good monsters. Most of the cards in it have supporting roles, there isn’t much of an offense to be found. You must team up with another deck, preferably with strong monsters.

If teaming up is difficult for you, you can put the Extra Deck into action since it shows surprising outcomes for the Dark Magician. Even though you may not succeed, people get attracted to the Deck since it allows them to explore their options. That ultimately shapes their opinions regarding other important decks, such as those in the S and A Tiers.

Tactical Ability Eye of the Allfather
Passive Ability Tracker
Ultimate Ability Beast of the Hunt


Next up, we have Ghostrick, most famous for having various skills that go unused for the most part. The Deck has the power to force the opponent to give in by demarcating its defense line. Ghostrick is no exception to flaws and hence is suited for the current tier.

Ghostrick has many other minor but handy techniques, such as setting up the flip and burn effects. But to use these skills effectively, one must upgrade the monsters to the highest level (4). The players must be patient with the Deck since it is hardly impressive initially.

Tactical Ability Dome of Protection
Passive Ability Gun Shield
Ultimate Ability Defensive Bombardment

Gimmick Puppet

The Gimmick Puppet’s distinctive fighting preference doesn’t particularly guarantee him a safe space on the list. Here we try to uncover the overlooked parts of all decks, which often emerge as one’s defects.

The monsters unveiled by the Deck rank 8 in the game’s hierarchy and have a great adaptation to pressure. This might also be why these cards keep up their spirits even against mighty and potent opponents. Most expectedly, if you win the game, it would be due to the Deck satisfying a winning condition. The condition requires the player to steal the opponent’s resources.

Tactical Ability Missile Swarm
Passive Ability VTOL Jets
Ultimate Ability Skyward Dive

Comparison Table

DecksTierTactical AbilityPassive AbilityUltimate Ability
DrytronSEye of the AllfatherTrackerBeast of the Hunt
Endlich ControlSDome of ProtectionGun ShieldDefensive Bombardment
Tri Brigade ZoodiacSMissile SwarmVTOL JetsSkyward Dive
Sky StrikersSInto the VoidVoices from the VoidDimensional Rift
Virtual WorldAStimSwift MendLaunch Pad
DPE ScytheAEcho RelocationSpotter’s LensSniper’s Mark
Dragon linkAStimSwift MendLaunch Pad
Prank-KidAEcho RelocationSpotter’s LensSniper’s Mark
SpyralAPiercing SpikesBarricadeDark Veil
DragonmaidAArc SnareMarked for DeathPhase Breach
P.U.N.KBPhase BreachDouble TimeRolling Thunder
Despite DeckBRolling ThunderMobile ShieldRetrieve the Wounded
LunalightBCastle WallBurglar’s Best FriendEye for Quality
EcosystemsBBlack Market BoutiqueGravity LiftSpacewalk
Cupid Pitch TurboBBlack HoleFocus of AttentionHeart Seeker
Plunder PatrolBKnuckle ClusterGrenadierThe Motherlode
HeroCSurveillance DroneNeurolinkDrone EMP
Evil★TwinCRiot DrillWarlord’s IreWrecking Ball
WitchcraftCGrappling HookInsider KnowledgeZipline Gun
MadolcheCNox Gas TrapNox VisionNox Gas Grenade
RikkaCSilenceStalkerDeath Totem
FrogsCPsyche OutNow You See Me…Life of the Party
Blue EyesCPerimeter SecuritySpark of GeniusInterception Pylon
MarincessCD.O.C. Heal DroneCombat ReviveCare Package
BlackwingsCEye of the AllfatherTrackerBeast of the Hunt
MiffyDDome of ProtectionGun ShieldDefensive Bombardment
ToonDMissile SwarmVTOL JetsSkyward Dive
InfernityDInto the VoidVoices from the VoidDimensional Rift
UtopiaDStimSwift MendLaunch Pad
Black Luster SoldierDEcho RelocationSpotter’s LensSniper’s Mark
Dark MagicianDEye of the AllfatherTrackerBeast of the Hunt
GhostrickDDome of ProtectionGun ShieldDefensive Bombardment
Gimmick PuppetDMissile SwarmVTOL JetsSkyward Dive

Patch Notes Version 1.5.1

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  •  Improvements to prompts/messages related to card effect activations.
  • New visual effect for when activating cards in Duels.
  • Added Summon visual effect for Special Summons.
  • Improvements to the UI and the time limit per turn in Duels.
  • Improvements to the spectate Room Match.
  • Added “Very Long” to the Room Duel Time.
  • Added the function to play against any team in Team Battle.


We will now conclude our Yugioh Tier List with a summary. In the article, we analyzed the incredibly popular game Japanese card game and took it upon ourselves to rank some of the best decks available for it. All the decks mentioned have some sort of special qualities, but there are also many downsides to many of them. We took these positives and negatives and spread 33 decks from the S to D ranks.

Now you may not agree with a lot of placements, which is to be expected from such a subjective topic. But we are nothing if not open to discussion, and we would be more than willing to hear you out in the comments below.