Animal Tier List: Best Gift From Nature [2023]

This tier list aims to rank all the famous animals in the world into tiers ranging from S to the D tier.

In almost every forest, you can find different animals, and they will have multiple species. So, it is impossible to know about all of them in a single individual. However, we managed to prepare an animal tier list for you people where we will be ranking them due to myriad reasons that will be discussed in-depth. This tier list is subjective, so you can also add your point of view.

All the animals are different in their way. Some are smart, while others are strong, and some may be friendly. This list will be dragged too much and will become monotonous if our rankings are based only on one trait, we will discuss more features of different animals. In this tier list, we will shed light on those animals that can be proven as the best pet for you while others can not work well. Therefore, we will be placing them on S, A, B, C, and D tiers because of their good and bad qualities.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 15 animals in this tier list.
  • Each entry has been ranked according to its reputation, friendliness, traits, etc.
  • In the top tier, you can find Rabbits, Parrots, Cats, Dogs, etc.
  • Among the lowest tier, you can find Snakes, Leopard Cat, Lizards, Brown Bears, Crab Eating Raccoon


We will be ranking all the entries in the table below.

S Rank.A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.
Hamsters Guinea Pigs
Dolphins Brown Bears
Leopard Cat
Crab Eating Raccoon

S Tier


In the S-tier of the tier list, those animals will be placed which is considered the perfect option to consider if you are planning for a pet. These are the easiest to control, train, and live with. The S-tier pets are very friendly with their owners and let them feel a sense of security. A sneak peek into those pets is below.


Predictably, dogs will be the first to be placed as the best pets on the S-tier. Every other person has a dog or two in their house. Many households have dogs; there must be a logical reason behind that. Is it a coincidence, or is there something really special in them? Dogs are considered the animals that are best for protection.

Some people in this universe prefer dogs to be their best friends other than humans because of their most common trait: they are very loyal to their owners. You will never feel lonely if you own one, and we can bet on that! You feel a different sense of support being around them. And, oh my God, we can not describe how loving these cute creatures are.

Once they start recognizing you, you will receive a lot of warm cuddles from them. When your buddy will be waiting for you at the doorstep. Whenever you come home from somewhere, isn’t it cute? Think about it once how special will you feel when you know that someone is badly waiting for you at home, and if that someone is a cute puppy or a protective dog, then the excitement level is for real.

If there is a rough patch in your life, and it is very difficult for you to cope with it, then petting a dog can be very helpful for you in this case. Sound weird? Nothing is strange in that however many researchers have also proved this.

Your stress level can be lowered if you own a dog, play with it, and boom! All of your worries are gone. Dogs become very aggressive towards the people who bother their owners because of their overprotective nature.

Your health can also be improved only because of petting a dog. Now the question is how? And the answer to it is very simple. Your dog needs fresh air, a good environment, and a long peaceful walk. Now, as you are the caretaker, it is your responsibility to take him for a walk; in this way, you will also have a healthy walk, and who does not know that walking is extremely beneficial for your health?

There are many reasons to know why you should pet a dog. But for now, we think these are enough to solve your query if you are looking for an animal as a pet. Dogs are also the loudest pets that will keep you entertained all of the time.

 Family Canidae


Cats are a great companion for you; we will let you know why. One thing that confuses people before buying a pet is that, on the one hand, they are eager to pet an animal, remove their loneliness, find an activity, and find a good thing to overcome their boredom. But on the other hand, they think that what if I will not be able to give proper attention to my pet? Will it leave a bad impact? Now in the case of cats, the answer is a big “NO.”

Cats are very independent and do not require your attention all the time. They can play with themselves, with the toys you will buy for them, and remain busy with other activities. Cats never depend on the owner for entertainment.

Even if you are at home doing some important stuff on your laptop or watching your favorite show, the cats will still enjoy your company. They will start licking you, playing with your foot, or doing whatever they can to entertain themselves.

Another plus point is that cats are very easy to train. Once you teach them the essentials, they will not require your guidance for the second time. Cats are the cutest. One more favor, among other blessings that a cat gives, is you are to protect your house from the weirdest pests. This is one of the best options to opt for.



The top thing that comes to our mind when we hear about them is that they are the smartest animals. Parrots have a very welcoming nature. The habit of interacting with other people is built-in in them. Calling them the smartest pet is because they catch our words and learn them.

After learning, they repeat after us, even the voice, even the same as ours. Parrots may be one of the meanest animals to pet because if you allow them to fly, most of them will not come back to you, but the case is not the same every time.

There are too many species of parrots, and all of them have different qualities, styles, patterns, and so on. The choice is yours for which one you want to keep as your pet. Parrots are very affectionate and attract other people by doing really fun stunts.

You will be amazed by the memory of this pet. Whatever you want them to learn, the only thing you have to do is to say it constantly in front of them for several days, and then they will memorize it and never unlearn it. Aren’t they the most intelligent?

You do not have to put the effort to groom your parrot because they are not independent and preen by themselves. The owners of parrots must not worry about hygiene, as they clean up independently. Buy a good and huge cage for this one of the prettiest animals; make it playful, and the parrot will be so happy.

Most importantly, keeping them will not cost you much as they do not eat a lot. And, the type of food they tend to eat is also cheap compared to other animals. If you pet the largest parrot, it will not eat as much as they are used to eating in smaller portions.

The owner does not have to shed blood, tears, and sweat to train his parrot as it will be prepared easily. There are many merits to petting this animal which you should not ignore. There are many reasons for including parrots in the S-Tier,

Family Psittacidae


If you are one of those pet lovers but do not have so much time to take good care of your pet, take them for walks, and so on. In this case, rabbits are the best option because they do not require a huge part of your attention.

Rabbits are fun-loving and are very good entertainers for family members and others. They will not remain happy in their cage as they will be with the human in the room, so it is a pro tip for you if you pet these cuties.

 Family Leporidae

A Tier

animal tier list

The animals ranked in this tier are very well-behaved pets and are the best alternative for you if you are not interested in the S-Tier pets. Many people love these animals because of their significantly good nature and traits. You will never regret choosing them as your very own pet.


You can say that hamsters are one of the fastest animals. Many people wish to pet them as they are so cute and entertaining. The only point that opposes the idea of rubbing them is that they sleep in the daytime and are used to waking up at night; at that time, you can see them roaming most actively. But this point can also be positive for the people who are night owls and spend their night being awake.

These are one of the smallest pets, due to which you do not have to worry about a proper big space to keep them. Arranging space for them is easy as you can set their space wherever you want. Hamsters do not give you any stress as they clean them up by themselves and can take better care on their own. These are the reasons to include it in the A-tier of the animal tier list.

Family Cricetidae


Fish is among the easiest animal considered to become your pet. Do not get worried, we are not talking about the strongest fishes like whales or something, but we are talking about cute little fishes that you can keep in a nice big aquarium. However, if you want to pet only one fish, even a big aquarium is not required; you only need to have the big one if you plane than one fish.

According to our suggestion, more fish would be a better option as this pet is extremely inexpensive and quiet that you will not be bothered by.  It is very soothing to our eyes to see them carelessly swimming in their space.

They look so beautiful in our houses and are fun to keep as pets. You must add them to your pet list, keeping in mind that these may be one of the weakest pets on our tier list, but you have nothing to do with the pet’s strength, so stick to your decision.

Family Cyprinidae, Gobiidae, Cichlidae, etc. 

B Tier


If you are still confused even after reading about the animals ranked in the above two tiers, do not worry because you have more options. Even though these are not the best ones but still considered good ones on our tier list. As discussed earlier, this list is subjective, so it is completely fine if you want to go for the animals of the B-Tier.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make great pets, but the reason to rank them on the third tier, the B-tier, is that you need to do a lot of hard work to train them. Apart from this, they require a lot of attention from their owner. If you are a person with a tight schedule, then, in this case, you will be stuck in a problem. Otherwise, these are good companions.

They can grab the attention of the people around them as they do entertaining stuff that reflexively people will start looking at them. These are fun-loving pets, and you can not think about getting bored when you are around them. Guinea pigs are the cutest and most adorable pets, which are good options to choose as your pet.

 Family Cavies


Turtles are also among the smallest animals ranked on our tier list. They are pets that are very easy to handle. Also, no proper training is needed for them. They can train themselves according to the environment. Their eating habits are also not too bothering; they like to eat fresh greens and worms.

Turtle owners are very happy to see that even like other active pets, despite being lazy, they run towards their owner if they have started recognizing him. Overall it is ranked as a good pet.

Family Emydidae

Pets give us peace of mind while having a good breakfast gives us the good health that makes us happy, do read the Breakfast Food Tier List.

C Tier


Here comes that tier of our animal tier list in which those animals are ranked that are neither perfect nor too bad, so if you like them as your pets, you can select them. Here are the animals of C-Tier below.


Horses are very friendly animals to pet, but rank them on the C-tier because it is very difficult to take care of them. As these are among the tallest animals ranked in our tier list, it is obvious that a proper place is required to keep them.

Other than that, horses can become your BFFs and a unique bond can be formed between you and your pet. Horses are extremely helpful and caring for their owners; you will never regret keeping them as your pet. But keep them only if you can arrange a proper place so that both of you can feel comfortable.

 Family Equidae


Dolphins are one of the rarest animals to keep as a pet. Dolphins are known for their friendly nature, but they can not remain friendly all the time if kept as a pet. Training them requires a lot of time and attention because it is not an easy task. Every ordinary person can not teach them; only an expert can do it.

Dolphins are expensive and can cost you bucks. It is very dangerous to keep a dolphin if you cannot train it properly. If you are ready to train them properly and give them proper attention, you can add them to the list of pets you are considering buying.

Family Cetacea

D Tier


This is the tier in which we will be ranking those animals that can sometimes be harmful to you. Thus, it is not a wise decision to keep them as pets. Some of their traits do not match the criteria of pet animals. These are not included in our recommendations, but still, you are your boss.

Leopard Cats

Leopard cats are the scariest to keep as pets. People who consider their pets to be the dumbest. These are not normal cats because Leopard cats are wild. They can suddenly become aggressive with their owner too. So, it is a very bad idea to pet them. We will never recommend you to do so.

 Family Felidae

Crab-Eating Racoon

Crab-eating raccoon may be the weirdest animal to keep as a pet. They can be very expensive to maintain. They like to eat lobsters, crabs, turtle eggs, etc. How will you manage to bring all of this daily? Why pet an animal which is very annoying? We do not think you will want to rub Crab-eating Raccoons when there are many more best ones on the list.

Family Procyonidae


Lizards are the ugliest animals if kept as a pet for some people. Why will someone go for this cringy one when there are so many cutest animals on the list? There is nothing offensive in giving this opinion and such a harsh statement because most people think like that. Only a small portion will still be willing to buy these as pets because you are your boss!

Family Lacertidae


Snakes are among the least likable animals ranked on our tier list. We will not recommend keeping them as a pet because they are venomous, and it is the main reason to avoid this animal as it is a live threat to your life. Training them is a hard thing to do, and still, you cannot trust them properly.

Family Serpentes

Brown Bears

The dumbest animal on our ranking is the brown bear. We do not think it is a good option to pet them. They are wild and even more aggressive than black bears. After reading this fact, will you consider buying it? A big NO from our side. What is your opinion?

 Family Ursidae

Comparison Table

FishACyprinidae, Gobiidae, Cichlidae, etc.
Guinea Pigs
Brown Bears
Leopard Cat
Crab Eating RaccoonDUrsidae


We believe that you are eligible to decide to keep which animal as a pet that will satisfy your self by now. We tried to discuss every animal in as much detail as possible so that it will be a lot easier for you people to take the final decision.

Keeping pets in your home makes the environment so good that you feel secure and happy with them. Some animals are so cute and caring that you are amazed by their personality. People treat their pets as their children, feed them, take better care of them, make sure they need something, do their shopping, and whatnot. Because the bond between the pet and its owner is unique and lovable.

You are completely aware of many pet animals ranked on our animal tier list; you know their traits, likings, behaviors, and almost everything. So what are you waiting for? Pick your best from this bunch. Happy pet-ting!