Badger Ice Cream Tier List: All Flavors Ranked [2023]

The Badger ice cream tier list divides the many sorts of Badger ice cream into five categories: S Tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. The goal of this tier list is to share experiences, provide evaluations, and assist you in selecting the finest Badger ice creams to consume today. Also, do not forget that the Badger ice creams actually have an official name, which is the Babcock ice creams. With that in mind, let us explain how this tier list functions.

To begin, the S Tier has the greatest Badger ice cream, while the D Tier has the poorest Badger ice cream. Second, when making the tier list, we focused on how wonderful the Badger ice creams tasted and looked. Moreover, every ice cream flavor from the badger ice cream brand is ranked on this tier list.

In any case, keep in mind that the ice creams on this list are all subjective to various notions and viewpoints. As a result, no one can ensure that any of the rankings are correct. All of the ice cream levels were picked after extensive research on different ice cream businesses, their tastes, and the ingredients utilized in their production. Furthermore, the tier rating takes into consideration ice cream enthusiasts’ and many other ice cream critics’ tastes.

Our team also tried each of the ice creams mentioned below to determine which are the best and which are not. Finally, let us start with the S Tier (Supreme Tier) of this Badger ice cream ranking list.

Key Points

  • The article has ranked a total of 17 Badger Ice Creams.
  • They have been ranked based on their taste and popularity.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find Badger Blast, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Blue Moon, Grapefruit Mango Sherbert, Butter Pecan, etc.


The following table overviews the different Badger Ice Creams and their rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Badger BlastVanillaOrange Custard Chocolate ChipChocolateBlue Moon
Chocolate Peanut ButterMocha MachhiatoUnion UtopiaCookie DoughGrapefruit Mango Sherbert
Cookies 'n' CreamChocolate Chip Cookie DoughStrawberryAngel FoodButter Pecan
Mint Chocolate CookieBec-Key Lime Pie

S Tier

Best Badger Ice Creams
Best Badger Ice Cream

The Badger ice cream brand’s top ice cream flavors are found on the S Tier of the ice cream tier ranking. These ice cream tastes are well-balanced in terms of sweetness, creaminess, and flavor. Nothing compares to the taste of these ice creams. The ice creams in S Tier are all delectable and delicious.

Furthermore, one of the amino acids contained in ice cream has been proved to stimulate happy hormones in your body, making it the greatest ice cream to offer to your buddies on rough days. Nevertheless, you must ensure that the ice cream is of exceptional quality.

That is precisely what we will assist you with. People might be turned off even more by a lousy ice cream flavor. So, here are the best ice creams that you must give to your homies. As I previously stated in the introduction, the S Tier will house the best Badger ice cream in the world.

We are often ignorant of how good different flavors that we don’t often consume may be. You may now be discovering a plethora of new scrumptious ice cream flavors that you need to know about thanks to this tier list. To be in the S Tier, ice cream must be flawless in more than one manner.

Badger Blast

Badger Blast from the Babcock ice creams is a dark, rich chocolate flavor. There are also chocolate chips to make it even more delectable. This Badger ice cream also has the ideal crunch thanks to the chocolate chips. Fudge swirls and dark chocolate flakes adorn this very quality chocolate ice cream. Also, the best thing about this ice cream is that it is premium ice cream that is totally gluten-free. So, vegans, this is the one for you!

Chocolate Peanut Butter

One mouthful and you are hooked – the chocolate in the ice cream hits your taste buds, and the pleasure receptors in your brain glow just like a Xmas tree. To make the pleasure linger a bit longer, one can not help but eat more and more chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It is the finest chocolate peanut butter ice cream you will ever have.

The combination of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter is fantastic. When it comes to chocolate’s rich, delicious flavor and peanut butter’s sweet, nutty flavor, the two are virtually a flavor power couple. The chocolate ice cream itself is quite thick, rich, and flavorful.

Cookies ‘n’ Cream

This is without a doubt the best Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream you will ever taste. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookie, and a frosting-like cookie filling are the three unique flavors of the ice cream. The cookie bits are also rather hefty. Rather than being rich and creamy, it is light and fluffy.

The amount of sweetness and cookie is just right, and it’s really addicting. It is chock-full of actual cookie chunks, as well as vanilla. Badger’s chocolates also don’t leave that strange coating on the tongue that some lower-end ice creams do. Our ice cream is really delectable and deserving of a place on the S Tier of this tier list.

A Tier

Good Badger Babcock Ice Creams
Good Badger Babcock Ice Cream

Now, the A Tier of this Badger ice cream tier list contains Badger ice cream flavors that are also very good.  Also, these ice creams are very mouth-watering and you will undoubtedly want them more just after one lick. You will want to consume more of these ice creams as time goes on.

Furthermore, you will never get bored of eating these ice cream treats because they are all absolutely delicious. You should try all of the ice creams in the A Tier at least once in your life. Furthermore, these ice cream flavors deserve the reputation they have because they are great. Surely, you will love these ice creams!

However, these flavors have nothing very special about them unlike the ones in the S Tier, which just stand out amongst other flavors. In other and simple words, the A Tier ice creams lack ‘the Wow factor. These ice creams are not quite as good as those in the S Tier. They could be delicious, but since they are so regular and ordinary, you may forget about them.

While the majority of those we polled liked A Tier’s ice cream treats, there were a significant number of those who did not like these ice cream flavors. Nevertheless, they are still very delicious and you must try them if you have not already.


The classic Vanilla flavor is the best out of all other standard flavors. Even the delicious Strawberry ice cream is inferior to vanilla ice cream. Moreover, Babcock’s Vanilla ice cream is a must-have flavor with classic, creamy tastes made with natural ingredients like vanilla bean extract. Badger’s Vanilla ice cream also makes a great sundae foundation since you can customize it with fruit, nuts, syrup, and fudge.

Lastly, vanilla is America’s favorite of all Babcock’s ice cream flavors for a reason: it is basic and works with everything.  It has a warming, sweet, and balanced flavor that goes well with almost anything.

Mocha Macchiato

As you delve deeper into the base, you will see that, like its color, this pint is devoid of coffee taste. It is there, but it is far more akin to someone who adds milk and sugar to their cup of coffee. The base’s absence of bitterness really works well. To compensate, the chocolate flakes, which are now plentiful, offered a little depth as well as some bitterness.

My favorite aspect of this ice cream seems to be the caramel ripple. Sure, it appeared at random and was not as common as I had hoped, but when it did, the bites were wonderful. The caramel supplied sweetness but was held back by being roasted to just the proper temperature.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Badger’s Chip Cookie Dough ice cream flavor has been a childhood favorite of mine. The thick vanilla ice cream and pieces of tasty cookie dough were always a hit with me. Badgers’ chip cookie dough ice cream is wonderful since the dough isn’t dry and flavorless like some other cookie dough ice creams.

This is an excellent ice cream to consume when you don’t want busy ice cream with too many additions. Babcock’s Cookie Chocolate Chip Dough ice cream is the smoothest, creamiest, richest, and tastiest vanilla ice cream you will ever have. It is definitely an A Tier Badger ice cream flavor.

B Tier

Average Badger Babcock Ice Creams
Average Badger Babcock Ice Cream

Next, we have the B Tier of the Badger ice cream tier list. The B Tier is also known as the average tier. This tier contains ice creams that neither the people deeply like or especially hate. All the Badger ice cream flavors in the B Tier lie in the middle of the ranking bar.

These ice creams are not too bad but they are not too good either. It is not an ice cream that you would voluntarily buy if an ice cream from S Tier was also available to you. However, the Badger ice creams from the B Tier can be great alternatives. If your nearby Badger store does not have good flavor, you can always opt for these.

While the snacks are tasty, they are not very noteworthy, and you may soon forget about them. Their downside is that they lack anything that distinguishes them from other ice creams in the S and A-Tier. In the summer, all of the refreshing flavors in the B Tier are delicious.

Furthermore, they are quite refreshing to eat and provide an immediate serotonin surge. Now and then, a serotonin rush is just what you need. Furthermore, all of these ice cream treats are fairly simple to get by, so you will not have any trouble finding them. Furthermore, some of these snacks are simple to prepare at home.

Orange Custard Chocolate Chip

Orange Caramel Custard is a variation of the classic ‘Caramel Custard,’ which was a staple on our budget dessert table when we were kids. Its ice cream is really delectable. One of the more unusual tastes available from Babcock. The A Tier of our tier list is completed with orange custard chocolate chip. First-timers who prefer the safer, more classic flavors sometimes dismiss and neglect this flavor.

The mouthfeel is creamy and dreamy, with nostalgic orange caramel aromas and silky, dark chocolate bursts. You are going to love this flavor if you like orange custards. Also, the chocolate chips add the perfect crunch to the ice cream.

Union Utopia

Union Utopia is a very underrated ice cream flavor that deserves more recognition. The Union Utopia flavor contains vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, caramel, and fudge swirls. All of these elements work together to create the ultimate flavor. This ice cream flavor is both delicious and appealing to the eye. When I’m having a rough day, I go for this ice cream.

It is effective in improving your mood. This Badger ice cream flavor should be tried at least once in your life. It tastes wonderful and is quite refreshing. The ice cream was a hit with everyone on my crew. The ice creams of the S Tier, on the other hand, outshine this ice cream flavor. Despite this, Union Utopia is still a fantastic ice cream flavor, and you should try and eat it once in your life.


The Strawberry classic flavor of Badger’s Babcock ice creams is just incredible. I really love the way little strawberry chunks are added to the ice cream, it certainly adds a special effect to it. Moreover, the ice cream is neither too sweet nor too bland; it has a very well-balanced taste to it. I definitely recommend every Strawberry love to try Babcock’s or the Badger’s Strawberry ice cream flavor because it really is a game-changer.

Nevertheless, the only flaw it has is that being a single flavor, it can actually get a bit boring. Still, you might want to eat Badger’s classic strawberry flavor ice cream once a week in summer as it is very refreshing and fruity.

Mint Chocolate Cookie

The Mint Chocolate cookie ice cream flavor is light, creamy, minty, and has just the proper amount of chocolate flavor. Although the mint chocolate chip is not the most diverse taste when compared to vanilla and chocolate, I feel it is a fairly nice one. Instead of being served with other ice cream flavors, it is designed to be enjoyed on its own.

Some folks, on the other hand, can not even eat mint chocolate chip ice cream without becoming sick. It is not a defect in the flavors; rather, certain people just can not consume mint with chocolate. Badger’s mint chocolate cookie ice cream is the ideal summer flavor.

C Tier

Badger Ice Cream Tier List
Below-Average Badger Babcock Ice Cream

The C Tier is the below-average Tier of the Badger ice cream tier list. In this tier or rank list, you will only find Badger ice cream flavors that are not good but still edible. You can choose to eat them if you want, but I, for one, will never recommend you to eat these ice creams.

There are much better Badger ice cream flavors that you can choose to eat instead of these. Besides, the Badger ice creams in the C Tier taste very bland and distasteful. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a treat to cool off in the summer, you can choose to eat this.

Furthermore, some Badger ice cream flavors are hazardous to your health. A flavor with a lot of artificial colors, for example, might cause cancer since food dyes are extremely toxic. A flavor with a lot of sugar, on the other hand, can promote diabetes. These ice creams, on the other hand, are still edible and can be consumed if you have no other option.

If you have an option, though, you should choose any other Badger flavor because there are many better treats to munch than these. Let’s take a look at what’s available in the C Tier. Let me know what you think of the C Tier ice cream flavor in the comments section.


The Classic Chocolate Badger flavor is good but, in my opinion, it could do a lot better. It just seems lackluster when I compare it to the chocolate flavor of other brands. The chocolate is not that rich or dark. This Badger ice cream flavor is just okay. If I were to recommend a Badger flavor to you, this flavor would not even cross my mind.

The ice cream does not really have many flaws, it is just that other Badger ice cream flavors are way too good and they outshine the chocolate flavor. Anyhow, everyone has different preferences when it comes to ice creams. Hence, if you are a Badger chocolate lover, let us know in the comments.

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is actually a good flavor. However, similar to what I said for the chocolate flavor, I believe this flavor could also do better. The other flavor from Badger outshines this one. Moreover, Cookie dough does become a little bland after eating a few spoonfuls of it.

Nevertheless, it is an okay flavor and will hydrate you if that is why you are looking to eat ice cream. Still, there are much better Badger flavors than this and you might want to eat them instead of this.

Angel Food

Angel Food Badger’s ice cream flavor definitely has a very unique name that makes it interesting. I am sure the name has already attracted a hefty amount of customers. However, this ice cream flavor is a bit bland. If you do not know what exactly Angel Food is, let us describe it to you first. It is like a vanilla cake with chunks of strawberries in it.

You may like it for the first few bites, but once you eat half of the ice cream, it becomes impossible to consume it. The ice cream is very sweet and there was nothing very special about it except its name.

Bec-Key Lime Pie

The Bec Key Lime Pie flavor of Badger’s Babcock ice cream is very unique. It has a Key lime flavored ice cream with a graham cracker swirl. In my opinion, this flavor could do better. There are some apparent flaws in this Badger ice cream flavor that made me rank it in the C Tier.

First of all, the majority of people do not like flavors that are too different from the regular ice cream flavor such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Therefore, an ice cream flavor that is both sour and creamy might be a little too much for them.

Not many people are able to eat this ice cream in more than one spoonful. While I am sure this ice cream must have a very dedicated fanbase for it, it is also true that there is a dedicated fanbase for almost every flavor.

Secondly, even as a sour ice cream lover, this ice cream flavor was just too sour and bland for me. It gets boring and the only most prominent taste you will experience is the sourness. Personally, I would not recommend anyone to particularly eat this Badger flavor.

D Tier

Badger Ice Cream Tier List
Worst Badger Babcock Ice Cream

Finally, the D Tier of the Badger ice cream tier list features some of the worst Badger ice cream flavors ever. These ice cream treats are yucky, unlike the C Tier ice creams, which were still edible. Because of how terrible these snacks are, most of you will not even be able to taste them. The D Tier contains the worst Badger ice cream flavor ever.

I am curious as to what folks were thinking when these treats were created. More significantly, I am curious as to how many individuals enjoy these ice creams. These ice cream bites are devoid of any redeeming qualities. I don’t think there’s much else I can say about these snacks except that they’re bad.

All of the worst ice cream flavors are listed here. Take a peek and determine whether you would ever eat something like this. Please bear in mind that none of these statements is true. In truth, there is no such thing as the greatest or the worse because everything is dependent on personal preferences and likes that differ from person to person.

None of these rankings is guaranteed to be correct. Something I find delectable may not be detectable to others, and I fully accept this. We make every effort not to insult anyone with our ratings and rankings.

Blue Moon

When the Blue Moon flavor was first introduced, many of my friends told me that I am missing out. However, neither I nor my research team liked a bit of it. The only thing attractive about this ice cream is its blue color.

Yet ironically, Blue Moon’s color is what made put it in the d Tier. The ice cream is just filled with blue artificial colors. In case you do not know, artificial colors are very harmful to our health and can cause certain types of cancer.

While eating ice cream, we are already consuming a lot of sugar. If we take in a lot of artificial colors too, we are going to get sick. It is better that you eat another healthy flavor than this.

Grapefruit Mango Sherbert

Grapefruit Mango Sherbet Badger flavor tastes like pink bath bombs. It is extremely sweet and also has artificial colors. Because of its sweetness, I doubt you will be able to eat more than one spoonful.

Remember that consuming huge amounts of sugar can damage your skin by opening your pores, as well as induce diabetes and a variety of other disorders. Therefore, it is better that you avoid this ice cream flavor unless you really want to know what eating the pink bath bombs tastes like.

Butter Pecan

I can describe Butter Pecan Badger ice cream flavor in just two words; Very Bland. There is absolutely no reason why you should choose to buy these flavors instead of the regular butter ice cream.  Nothing special about the Butter Pecan. The Badger’s Butter Pecan ice cream flavor is simply unsatisfactory, and you can easily get bored of it. I would suggest you try and eat chocolate peanut butter flavor instead of this.


Finally, the Badger ice cream tier list is separated into five categories: S Tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. the S Tier contains some of the top Badger ice cream delicacies in the world, each with a reputation for delectable Badger ice cream. We didn’t prioritize the status of any of the Badger ice cream flavors on this tier list. Instead, we looked for the ice cream flavor that taste good, independent of their popularity.

The D Tier consists of the worst Badger flavor that you will ever eat from the Babcock. Please keep in mind that the ranks of the Badgers ice cream flavor will not always be to your liking because everyone’s tastes and preferences are distinct. We make no claim to the accuracy of any of these scores.

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