British Food Tier List [Mar. 2023]

Ranking The Cuisine Of An Entire Country Is Not An Easy Task, But We Will Certainly Try.

British food is made of the geography, climate, and the great history of Great Britain. The taste of British food can be traced back to its neighboring European countries while the ingredients, ideas, and recipes of British Food are based in countries like India, China, and North America due to post-war immigration. British Food has been famous for its simplicity, use of natural flavors, and extremely delicious taste from the beginning. Great Britain was also quick in adapting the American fast food concept, and it continues to absorb newly discovered innovations from around the world while rediscovering its roots in sustainable rural agriculture. This British Food Tier List ranks every delicious English dish based on people’s choices.

In this tier list, we will be ranking the most famous English dishes based on their popularity and likeness in Britain. British food is ranked in tiers from best to worst depending upon which is the people’s favorite food of all.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 30 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the British food according to their tastes, flavors, and likeness in Britain.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find food like Black Pudding, Yorkshire Pudding, Scotch Egg, and Sunday Roast.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe food like Kippers, Haggis, Fggots, and Laverbread.


We will rank all British food in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Black PuddingBangers and MashToad in the HoleBubble and SqueakSteak and Kidney Pudding
Yorkshire PuddingCottage PieCauliflower CheeseBeef WellingtonKippers
Scotch EggShephard's PieCornish PastyLancashire HotpotLiver and Onion
Sunday RoastChicken Tikka MasalaPie and MashPork PieHaggis
Fish and ChipsPloughman's LunchSteak and Kidney PieFaggots
CrumpetsWelsh RarebitLaverbread
Full English BreakfastJellied Eels
Bacon Sandwich

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

The best tier
Best British Food

S Tier of the British Food Tier List includes all the dishes that are most liked by the Britons. S Tier dishes are considered to be the most mouth-watering and delicious among all the national food of Britain. The following superb British food is included in the S Tier.

Black Pudding

Black Pudding is a regional-based blood sausage that originated in parts of Ireland and Britain. This dish is rich in Zinc, Iron, and Proteins which make it healthy and nutritional too. It is usually made from the blood of beef or pork and cereals. Cereals used in this dish are usually oatmeal, oat groats, and oat barley.

Black Pudding is liked by almost eighty percent of the Britons and is considered to be the best British food because it can be cooked by the people according to their preference which can include grilled, boiled, fried, or baked what makes Britain’s Black Pudding different from other blood sausages eaten around the world are its high proportion of cereal and herbs which make this English dish mouth-watering

Main Ingredients  Pork blood, fat, oats, or barley
Place of origin Great Britain and Ireland

Yorkshire Pudding

The second most liked dish by the tritons is the Yorkshire Pudding. This pudding is also considered to be one of the best British food because it can be served in numerous ways depending on its type and ingredients and is even considered to be a full meal by people which is why it is placed in the superb tier.

Yorkshire Pudding is a baked pudding and usually, the main ingredients used in this type of pudding are eggs, flour, and milk or water. Yorkshire Pudding is so popular and liked by the Britons that they celebrate National Yorkshire Pudding Day on the first Sunday of February since 2007.

Main Ingredients Milk or water, flour and eggs
Place of origin United Kingdom

Scotch Egg

The S Tier of this Tier List would be incomplete without Scotch Eggs. It is b boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat. A Scotch egg is coated in breadcrumbs and can be baked or deep-fried depending upon your preference. Scotch Eggs are considered to be a picnic food by the Britons. They are so popular and liked by the people that they are available almost everywhere including stores, supermarkets, corner shops, and even motorway service stations.

Main Ingredients Boiled egg, Sausage, Bread crumbs
Place of origin England

Sunday Roast

Just like Britons, Sunday is incomplete without it the S Tier would also be incomplete without the Sunday Roast. It is a traditional meal served mostly on Sundays. This meal has mashed potatoes, and roasted meat, and is accompanied by delicious stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding, and gravy.

It also has different sauces or redcurrant jelly as condiments and different vegetables can also be served with the combo of mashed potatoes and meat which can include peas, cauliflower, or carrots.

The reason why it is placed in the S Tier is that Sunday Roast is the second most loved thing in Britain which was proved by a survey back in 2012. Another reason to place it in the S Tier would be that it is considered a less grand version of a Christmas dinner.

Main Ingredients Roasted meat
Place of origin United Kingdom

Fish and Chips

What could be better than a side of crispy chips with soft, flaky fish fried in a light and crispy batter? In the British Food List, Fish and Chips are one of the best food made up of crispy batter, fish, and chips.

Fish and Chips were both introduced as separate components but who knew someone would fuse them and create a  new meal that will be this good? Because of the rich combination of textures and flavors, Fish and Chips are one of our cousins over the pond’s most popular dinners. Everyone in the family whether kids, teens or even adults enjoy and can never say no to this delectable comfort dish which is why it is placed in the S Tier.

Main Ingredients Battered and fried fish with deep-fried chips
Place of origin United Kingdom, England


British food List ranks this food in the S Tier because a crumpet is a big yes with sweets or savory food items by most Britons. A crumpet is a griddle bread that includes basic ingredients such as batter of water, milk, flour, and yeast.

Crumpets might appear like muffins but what differentiates them from each other are the ingredients. Muffins are made up of dough while Crumpets are made up of batter or water. A Crumpet is available almost in every supermarket but you can cook them in your kitchen too. The only difference would be in their size and shape of them.

Main Ingredients Flour, Yeast
Place of origin Scotland

Full English Breakfast

A full English Breakfast, often known as a fry-up, is a fully loaded breakfast plate served in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In the British food List, Full English breakfasts are ranked in the S Tier because of the reason that this dish is so popular among Britons that they are almost always available as all-day breakfast.

The ingredients used in the dish include Sausages, back bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread, and beans. So, who would not want to have this dish with a hot cup of tea in winter with snowflakes falling outside?

Main Ingredients sausage, beans, irish bacon
Place of origin UK

Bacon Sandwich

For breakfast, are you and your family tired of the same old chicken or vegetable sandwiches? Treat your friends and family to these delectable Bacon Sandwiches. Considered to be one of the most liked and best British food this simple sandwich can be cooked with ingredients that are easily available including bacon, tomato, lettuce leaf, butter, mayonnaise, and bread.

This delectable sandwich is ideal for brunch, but it may also be enjoyed as an evening snack. This sandwich is not only delicious, but it is also healthy for you and your loved ones. This sandwich will also be a hit in your children’s lunchbox which makes it ranked in the S Tier.

Main Ingredients Bread and bacon, with a condiment, often ketchup or brown sauce
Place of origin United Kingdom

A Tier

Overall good food in this tier
Overall Great British Food

A Tier includes all those British dishes which Britons consider to be overall good but still the second-best after the S Tier dishes. A Tier British food ranked in British Food Tier List is the second choice of most people after dishes included in the S Tier. Overall good dishes ranked in the A tier include the following.

Bangers and Mash

Sausages are eaten with mashed potatoes and onion gravy in a dish known as Bangers & Mash. It is also known as sausages and mash and is considered to be a traditional British dish served in pubs across the country. A survey a few years ago ranked it as Britain’s most popular comfort food. In this Tier List, it is ranked in A Tier because of its popularity among the people and around seventy to eighty percent of Britons have agreed it to be the best British food.

Main Ingredients Mashed potatoes, sausages
Place of origin United Kingdom

Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie is rich in proteins and vegetables considered to be a satisfying meal for every member of the family. To add a kick to it Worcestershire sauce is also used in cottage pie making it delicious as well as healthy.

The British food ranked cottage pie in A Tier because people it is very easy to cook and is ideal for batch cooking. Also, considered to be a healthy meal it is packed with the goodness of vegetables which include onions, tomatoes, and a lot of mince. Some Britons also add classic potatoes instead of sweet ones to change the flavor of the dish according to personal preferences.

Main Ingredients Mashed potato with ground meat
Place of origin  United Kingdom

Shephard’s Pie

Similar to Cottage Pie this is also a dish that brings smiles to every Briton’s face with its golden cheese topping and is filled with a flavourful filling of mashed potatoes. This British dish is known to be a timeless classic once you make make it you will be making it over and over again. You all would be wondering isn’t Cottage Pie and Shephard’s Pie the same dish? Well, the answer is a no because a Cottage Pie is made with beef and a Shephard’s Pie is made with lamb.

The British Food Tier List ranks it in the A Tier because just like the cottage pie it is a wholesome meal for everyone. So, depending on own your preference you could make a Cottage Pie or a Shephard Pie.

Main Ingredients Mashed potato with ground meat
Place of origin United Kingdom

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tired of eating tasteless and boring food? Add some spice to it. Chicken Tikka Masala was popularized among Britons by the Indian cooks living in the subcontinent. It consists of roasted chunks of chicken in a juicy and spicy curry sauce which is the main reason why it got so famous among the people of Great Britain.

Our tier list has this British Food ranked in A Tier because the people get bored having the same taste meals every day and look for a change. To make your tastebuds have a chance this is an overall great dish and it became so popular that is liked not just by Britons but served in many parts of the world with variations.

Main Ingredients Chicken, Tomato, Chili pepper, Cream, Yoghurt, MORE
Place of origin United Kingdom

B Tier

Above average british food
Above Average British Food

B Tier ranks all those British dishes which above-average population of Britain would like to eat but would still go with the best British food ranked included in S and A-Tier. Following are the above-average British dishes included in this tier list.

Toad in the Hole

If you are looking for a classic British dish then Toad in the Hole is best for you. This dish is basically made of Yorkshire Pudding’s batter with sausages in the middle but in America, it refers to an egg cooked in the middle of bread. Toad in the Hole is usually served with vegetables and onions gravy which makes it tasty.

In British Tier List this national dish is ranked in B Tier because of its taste resemblance to Yorkshire Pudding which is a top-tier dish. It is an amended version of Yorkshire Pudding for the Britons who love to have sausages and back in the day it was also cooked using other meats like lamb’s kidney.

Main Ingredients United Kingdom, England
Place of origin Sausages, Yorkshire pudding batter, onion gravy

Cauliflower Cheese

Want something cheesy in your meal? Then this is the dish for every cheese lover. It is a classic national British dish which the people like to eat in the main course or as a side dish too. Lightly boiled cauliflower is covered with milk-based cheese sauce for which mostly mature cheese is preferred.

In this Tier List, cauliflower cheese is ranked in B Tier because of it being super heavy with that cheese sauce. In today’s world, people are being more focused on eating light and healthy which would be the only reason why people would go for a high-tier British dish instead of Cauliflower Cheese.

Main Ingredients Cauliflower, Cheese
Place of origin United Kingdom

Cornish Pasty

An English common food at its very best filled with beef and vegetables is Cornish Pasty. Having a long and rich heritage and history cornish pasties are the national dish of Cornwall, England, and are considered to be the most famous of all British dishes.

The edges of a Cornish Pasty are sealed by crimping them in Cornish fashion. These delicious traditional pasties are ranked in the B tier of our British food Tier List because our research tells us that about sixty to seventy percent of Britons would love to have it as a part of the meal but they would go for an S or A Tier British dish if they have a choice.

Main Ingredients A pastry case traditionally filled with beef skirt, potato, swede and onion
Place of origin United Kingdom

Pie and Mash

Pie and Mash is a not-so-fancy and traditional working-class food originating from London having its roots deep in history. It usually consists of a minced beef pie, mashed potatoes, and a sauce of parsley known to be liquor.

Back in time, this British dish was very popular among the working class because after a hard day a cheap but high-calorie meal was all they needed to get their energy back. In this food tier list, Pie and Mash are ranked in the B tier because of it being a high-calorie meal which is also the reason why Britons today avoid it a little.

Main Ingredients potato, beef, vegetable, onion
Place of origin United Kingdom

Ploughman’s Lunch

As this British dish’s name suggests it is commonly eaten at lunch at a time. Ploughman’s Lunch is a cold meal and generally includes bread, cheese, and onions. It also has additional items like apples, hard-boiled eggs, and green salad. Ploughman’s Lunch is accompanied by butter or pickle based on personal preference.

British food ranked Ploughman’s Lunch in its B Tier because it is only restricted to being available during lunchtime and having so much different categories of ingredients on the plate can make it confusing for some people.

Main Ingredients Bread, Cheese, Onion
Place of origin United Kingdom

Welsh Rarebit

Anyone can melt a couple of slices of cheese on toast which is boring. But making a thick sauce with cheese, beer, and spices and spreading it on toast is one of the tastiest late-night snacks you would have ever had.

This is rarebit, or Welsh rarebit the original eighteenth-century name of the dish meaning a dish containing no rabbit, a traditional British meal with a long and complex history. But being nothing fancy and just cheesy sauce on bread it is placed in the B tier because people would go for high-tiered British food rather than just cheese on bread.

Main Ingredients Cheese, bread
Place of origin  United Kingdom

C Tier

The average tier
Average British Food

British food included in C Tier is considered to be average liked by the people. C Tier British dishes are those which only less than fifty percent population of Britain like to eat. Average dishes included in the C Tier are the following.

Bubble and Squeak

A popular British appetizer made from fried vegetables known as Bubble and Squeak is traditionally eaten on a Monday for lunch or dinner with usually an egg on the top. It may also include meat or bacon in small quantities. The mashed potatoes included in this British dish are considered to be the only rule followed as it is the glue that holds this dish.

Being a great leftover dish people can use the leftovers to convert them into something really delicious. In this tier list, Bubble and Squeak are ranked in C Tier and are considered to be average dish because of the fact that some people might not want leftovers in their meals and this dish could be a turnoff for such Britons.

Main Ingredients colcannon, fried vegetables
Place of origin United Kingdom

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is made by wrapping a beef tenderloin between layers of the finely chopped mushroom mixture, parma ham, and puff pastry, then baking it. Beef Wellington is said to have been named after Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, who considered it one of his favorite dishes. British food ranked in C Tier because in today’s world not everyone likes a high-calorie dish in their daily routine food taken.

Cautious people only eat this meal on some occasions but whether or not this is accurate, Beef Wellington has become a symbol of English cuisine, and it is part of a long tradition of meats cooked in pastry dough.

Main Ingredients tenderloin fillet
Place of origin United Kingdom

Lancashire Hotpot

Stew originating from North-west in England known as Lancashire Hotpot. It consists of lamb or mutton and slices of potatoes or traditional pastry as a topping. It is then baked on a low level of heat.

This is a historical and traditional British dish that emerged during the cotton industry back in the nineteenth century and had more mutton during that era and without meat, it could not be even imagined making Lancashire Hotpot. Lancashire Hotpot is ranked in C Tier because it takes a long time to be ready to eat if you are feeling hungry and the cooking process can be hectic too for some people.

Main Ingredients lamb chops, onions, potatoes, and carrots
Place of origin United Kingdom

Pork Pie

Pork Pie is a traditional British dish that can be served at room temperature or cold. Pork Pies are often served with salads, pickles, or pickled onions. A Pork Pie consists of roughly chopped pork and pork fat which is wrapped around jellied pork stock in a pastry.

In this food Tier List, it is ranked in the C Tier because Pork Pies are worth noting that you will have to make these the day before you want to eat them because they need to chill overnight which may make the whole cooking process for the people a little difficult.

Main Ingredients Pork, Aspic, Hot water crust pastry
Place of origin United Kingdom, England

Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pie is a savory British dish that mainly contains ingredients like diced beef, brown onions, brown gravy, and diced kidney. Steak and Kidney Pies are considered to be a classic representation of British Cuisine because it has carried Britain through wars and continues to be loved by the Britons as filling comfort food but the hectic process is what makes it rank in the C tier because people might find it difficult to first cook the filling and then get the pastry ready which is why most people do not cook it themselves and go to restaurants for this pie.

Main Ingredients Beef; kidney; onions; brown gravy; pastry shell
Place of origin United Kingdom

D Tier

Least liked british food
Least Liked British Food

D Tier of the British Food Tier List ranks the British dishes which are least liked by the Britons and considered to be the low-tier dishes. Only a few people would like to have D Tier dishes in their meals. Low-tier British food includes the following dishes.

Steak and Kidney Pudding

A traditional British main course which consists of stewed beef steak and ox kidney is filled in a pastry and left to be cooked slowly on the stove. It is perfect for a rainy day and the wine in it is not traditional but may be used to add depth to the dish and for the gravy. In the Food Tier list, it ranks in the low tier because generally do not like their steaks which is because steaks have become very common.

Do not confuse this pudding with the Steak and Kidney Pie because this is something entirely different. The main difference between the two is the pastry as the pudding’s pastry is made with suet while the pie is only covered with a shortcrust pastry.

Main Ingredients
Mashed potato, stewing steak, kidneys, stout, beef suet
Place of origin United Kingdom


A kipper is a whole herring, a tiny fish split in half along the upper to the back ridge from tail to head, salted or pickled, then cold-smoked over smoldering wood chips. Kippers are most typically eaten for breakfast in Britain. Kippers are easy to cook whether frozen or in a bag, or chilled.

The reason why kippers are ranked in the D tier of this food tier list is that kippers were out of favor for a long time by the consumers. People started calling Kippers hard to eat due to their smell while the other reason is fast food. But recently Kippers have been seeing a revival as the producers and sellers have been talking about the benefits of this smoked fish. 

Main Ingredients
Granary bread, kippers, lemon, butter, curly parsley
Place of origin Scotland

Liver and Onion

The meal liver and onions consist of the sliced liver which can be either pork, beef, or lamb in Britain, and bulb onions. Onion is preferred as a partner to the liver because the sharp flavor of onion reduces the slightly metallic flavor of the liver, which can be a turnoff to certain people.

Normally, the liver and onions are fried or otherwise cooked together, but they can also be fried separately and then combined later. The liver is often chopped into thin slices, although it can also be diced too. British food ranked it in the D tier because some people do not like liver at all including both kids and adults. This means that either you are a liver lover or you do not like it all there is no in-between.

Main Ingredients Bacon, butter, and lard, olive oil
Place of origin Unclear


A savory pudding has a nutty texture and delicious flavor containing a sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs. It is minced with onion, salt, oatmeal, suet, and spices, mixed with stock, and then cooked traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach. In today’s world, an artificial casing is used instead of the animal’s stomach which does not affect the taste at all.

The reason why this British food is ranked in the D tier is that some people are disgusted by its description while others are health conscious and do not eat it due to the fact that the U.S agriculture department has said that lungs cannot be used in food because they contain stomach fluid which can cause fatal illness. This is also the reason why Haggis available in America does not have lungs involved as an ingredient.

Main Ingredients Sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, and stomach (or sausage casing); onion, oatmeal, suet, spices
Place of origin Scotland


Meatballs made from minced off-cuts and offal which is meat from animal organs, especially pork which includes meat from a pig’s heart, liver, and fatty belly meat or bacon together with seasonings and bread crumbs are known as Faggots. It is a traditional meal in the United Kingdom, specifically in South and Mid Wales and the English Midlands.

In the British food tier list, it is ranked in the D tier due to the same reason as Haggis which is that the description of this dish is unappealing to the people which most people do not like to have this dish in their meals. Only those who are a fan of Haggis or similar dishes would like to have Faggots in their meals.

Main Ingredients  offal, mainly pork products
Place of origin United Kingdom


Laverbread is also known as bara lafwr or bara lawr in Welsh, and sleabhac in Irish. It is a culinary product prepared from laver, an edible seaweed that is mostly consumed in Wales as part of traditional cuisine. Laborers across the islands fueled themselves with this hearty combination of bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, and bread.

The seaweed, known as sleabhac in Ireland, is often found along the west coast of the United Kingdom and the shores of Ireland. In this Briton food tier list, it is ranked in the D tier because of its salty taste like the seawater which is not really liked by everyone.

Main Ingredients laver seaweed, sea salt and water.
Place of origin United Kingdom

Jellied Eels

British food ranked Jellied eels at the bottom. Jellied eels are a traditional British dish that originated back in the eighteenth century in the eastern end of London. Jellied Eels are consisting of chopped eels boiled in a spiced stock which are then allowed to cool and set til formed a jelly.

Usually, this British dish is served and eaten cold too. The reason why it is ranked at the bottom is the limited eel migration while another reason would be ignorant consumers which include a younger generation of today’s world. Jellied Eels were once very popular among the nation but today they are the least like British food of all.

Main Ingredients collagen
Place of origin United Kingdom, England

Comparison Table

British FoodTierMain IngredientsPlace of Origin
Black PuddingSPork blood, fat, oats, or barleyGreat Britain and Ireland
Yorkshire PuddingSMilk or water, flour and eggsUnited Kingdom
Scotch EggSBoiled egg, Sausage, Bread crumbsEngland
Sunday RoastSRoasted meatUnited Kingdom
Fish and ChipsSBattered and fried fish with deep-fried chipsUnited Kingdom, England
CrumpetsSFlour, YeastScotland
Full English BreakfastSsausage, beans, irish baconUK
Bacon SandwichSBread and bacon, with a condiment, often ketchup or brown sauceUnited Kingdom
Bangers and MashAMashed potatoes, sausagesUnited Kingdom
Cottage PieAMashed potato with ground meatUnited Kingdom
Shephard's PieAMashed potato with ground meatUnited Kingdom
Chicken Tikka MasalaAChicken, Tomato, Chili pepper, Cream, Yoghurt, MOREUnited Kingdom
Toad in the HoleBSausages, Yorkshire pudding batter, onion gravyUnited Kingdom, England
Cauliflower CheeseBCauliflower, CheeseUnited Kingdom
Cornish PastyBA pastry case traditionally filled with beef skirt, potato, swede and onionUnited Kingdom
Pie and MashBpotato, beef, vegetable, onionUnited Kingdom
Ploughman's LunchBBread, Cheese, OnionUnited Kingdom
Welsh RarebitBCheese, breadUnited Kingdom
Bubble and SqueakCcolcannon, fried vegetablesUnited Kingdom
Beef WellingtonCtenderloin filletUnited Kingdom
Lancashire HotpotClamb chops, onions, potatoes, and carrotsUnited Kingdom
Pork PieCPork, Aspic, Hot water crust pastryUnited Kingdom, England
Steak and Kidney PieCBeef; kidney; onions; brown gravy; pastry shellUnited Kingdom
Steak and Kidney PuddingDMashed potato, stewing steak, kidneys, stout, beef suetUnited Kingdom
KippersDGranary bread, kippers, lemon, butter, curly parsleyScotland
Liver and OnionDBacon, butter, and lard, olive oilUnclear
HaggisDSheep's heart, liver and lungs, and stomach (or sausage casing); onion, oatmeal, suet, spicesScotland
FaggotsD offal, mainly pork productsUnited Kingdom
LaverbreadDlaver seaweed, sea salt and water.United Kingdom
Jellied EelsDCollagenUnited Kingdom, England


So, we conclude our British Food Tier List by ranking all the classic British foods on the basis of how much Britons like or dislike a national dish in different tiers from best to worst. We have also brought into notice why some people do not like a dish and the dish’s flaw by giving a satisfactory explanation and justifying the way we have ranked each British dish. But it should be kept in mind that this tier list by us is based on our data research, observations, and surveys.

We all know that ranking can be very subjective and vary from person to person so, some people especially some Britons might not agree with our placement of their traditional dishes in a specific tier but we have tried our level best to help the audience have an experience of the British dishes. If you liked the article do not forget to check out more tier lists about music, lifestyle, movies, and games on our website. We will be back with another tier list to make sure we help them and the audience enjoys it. Peace.

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