Car Brand Tier List: Ranking All Car Brands

A car might just be a mode of transportation but, nowadays, cars have become a piece of art, with their different ranges of color, shape, and size. These are not the only thing that describes a car. When I look at a car, I see a work of perfection. Each bend adds grace to its outlook. How can one ignore the diversity that cars come in? In the Car brand tier list, I will be ranking all those car brands that assemble pieces of metal and make them come to life.

Car companies create new models every year, with much hype surrounding the latest innovations and new designs. Their car models live up to this hype, mostly. This article will rank the car brands into a tier list based on the car’s durability, reliability, comfort, fuel economy, and many other features.

The reader should keep in mind that this tier list depends on our own experience. It depends on how we examined the car and is openly subjective to variation among other people. It is not official. Many people might disagree with our opinions on our Car brand tier list.

S Tier

The best car brands
S tier

S tier, otherwise known as the superb tier contains all those top car brands that have always been able to surprise their buyers with stupendous and top-notch creations.

Their engineers and designers amaze people to such an extent that sometimes people doubt how can a human being create such perfection. The sleek and shiny outlook and the distinctively arranged interior collectively make a person lose their mind.

The car brand that resides under the S tier of the car brand tier list has distinct features, that are not seen in low-tiered car brands. These car brands offer exhilarating performance, sophisticated style, and intelligent technology.

In addition to this, the engineer’s active suspension, automatic climate control, and ventilated seats make your journey comfortable on a whole new level.

Don’t get me started on their audio systems. With their noise cancellation and acoustic stereo system installation, these car brands make sure you feel included in your solo concert. Additionally, these car brands have cars that are reliable and more durable as compared to others.

These cars are comfortable, ergonomically designed, and possess ornately engineered space that takes your ride experience to a heightened level of class.

Brand nameCountry of originWhat sets them apart
Mercedes – BenzGermanyMercedes Benz invented the first modern automobile and may be referred to as the birth certificate of the automobile. It was a three-wheeled vehicle. Mercedes-Benz vehicles were the first to have brakes on all four wheels
TeslaUnited States of AmericaTesla cars resemble a lot of our daily technology like laptops and mobile phones. It is considered the fastest electric car in the world with applaudable acceleration, range, and performance.
BMWGermanyBMW nowadays is famous for the outclass cars but was originally made to design aircraft engines. Along with this, they also designed an electric car that never made it to the market due to some malfunctions.
Rolls RoyceEngland, United KingdomRolls Royce made planes, whose engines were so powerful that the exhaust alone bolstered top speed. Its electric plane is the world’s fastest Electric vehicle. Fascinatingly, only bulls are used for its leather interiors
FerrariFranceThe famous logo of a “Prancing Horse” was inspired by a World War I flying ace. Ferrari has a “Tailor-Made” program that grants the opportunity to customize the Ferrari’s tire treads, interior trims, accessories, finishes, and colors through its unique studio, the Atelier Ferrari.
BentleyCrewe, EnglandOfficial state cars for the royal family, particularly the Queen, were manufactured by Bentley. A whole lot of time and effort goes into building Bentley car models. For instance, it takes around 110 hours to make a Continental GT.
BugattiMolsheim (then Germany, today France)The Bugatti cars are one of the fastest, most powerful, and most luxurious motor cars available at any price, one of its cars has 1200 horsepower, a top speed of almost 270 miles an hour. Additionally, a variation was presented in the cars that included 1-carat diamonds in the speedometer.
PorscheGermanyPorsche is known for making durable and strong cars. Cayenne became the best-selling car for its space, speed, and the fact that it is one of the most powerful vehicles in existence. It is so powerful that it can tow a 285-ton airplane.
LexusJapanLexus company is a pioneer of hybrid cars, 95% of the cars Lexus sold in the United Kingdom are hybrid, hybrid vehicles are better for the environment because they can use electricity as well as a fuel source instead of just gasoline to run. Lexus is also known as the king of reliability
Land RoverWarwickshire, EnglandLand Rover has built a tremendous reputation regards to its involvement with various organizations. The brand has supported explorers, conservationists, search-and-rescue teams, and aid agencies for a long time, which have helped in establishing communication networks, safeguarding rare wildlife species from extinction, and providing aid across the globe.
AudiGermanyModern rallying was completely revolutionized by Audi’s Quattro four-wheel system. Audi cars were the first to use quick-shifting dual-clutch automatic gearboxes Audi was also the first company to crash-test their cars
JaguarUnited KingdomJaguar produced the fastest car in the world in the year 1948. Jaguar has a unique climate testing process, they do it by placing a car into a very large freezer that is dialed down to a bone-chilling negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Tier

The second best car brands
A tier

let’s down to the next tier of our car brand tier list. This tier list may be lower than the S tier, but the car brands present in it are exceptionally great.

The difference is just that these cars lack some features or attributes that pushed them down a tier. Other than that, these car brands make such fine inventions that the driver and the passengers feel extremely comfortable

When a driver sits in a car, he aims to feel congenial among his surrounding. The purpose of this coziness is that he can remain fresh and enjoy it all through the ride.

This snug feeling is offered only through the best car brands, the brands included in the A tier of the tiers for cars. They excel your journey to a whole new level so the driver feels the thrilling adventure in the depth of his bones.

Moreover, the shape and overall outlook of the car don’t just enhance its beauty but also do wonders for the car driver. The cars in the A tier might be cheaper than the ones in the S tier but in the long run, they don’t support their owner to that extent.

Their maintenance cost might be low but is required a lot more times than the high-tiered cars, this is where their differences end. Other than this, they offer almost the same features as that of the S Tier of the car brand rankings.

BrandsCountry of originWhat sets them apart
ToyotaJapanToyota makes the most durable cars. In fact, around 80% of the Toyotas that were sold 20 years ago are still active and on the roads today. Toyota was also the first auto manufacturer to sell a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle commercially.
HondaMinato, Tokyo, JapanHonda was the first company who make the four-wheel-drive car. Additionally, Honda CR-V had a folding plastic picnic table under its cargo area.
VolvoSwedenVolvo was the first car that introduced three-point seatbelts before they were even required. They use earthquake testers to crash-test their cars.
VolkswagenGermanyVolkswagen was the first car manufacturer to put seat belts in their cars as standard equipment and they are also the world’s innovator in diesel engines.
MustangUnited States of AmericaAt least three of the Mustang shooting brakes, or station wagons, have been designed in the Ford studio and made it at least as far as a full-sized clay model
FordUnited States of AmericaFord’s first vehicle was a quadricycle. It was a plain frame with a gasoline engine and four wheels. They own mustang cars as well.
NissanNishi-ku, Yokohama, JapanNissan has a lifetime of 100-plus years. Nissan means to Japan what Ford is to the USA.
ChevroletUnited States of AmericaThey had what were called “astronaut seats,” but what was even more unique and strange was the dial steering wheel and it holds the record for the longest-running line of SUVs.
MGUnited KingdomThe tests for the cars are no simple tests, either. Their variety of facilities includes a safety lab, powertrain lab, thermal energy emission lab, architecture lab, thermal wind tunnel lab, and many more. They take pride in it being the only auto-driving experience area that’s open to all people.
LamborghiniItalyTractors were Lamborghini’s first invention. They are still making these noisy vehicles. Its first car was devoid of a motor. Dubai city police use Lamborghinis as their official cars.
KiaSouth KoreaThe Name, specifically, Translates As “Rising From The East”. Kia is a contractor for the South Korean military and supplies them with a wide range of military vehicles.
Aston MartinWarwickshire, EnglandThe car marque holds the record for being the most expensive British car ever sold. All Aston Martin cars are made by hand themselves.
AcuraMinato, Tokyo, JapanAcura and Marvel Entertainment have been in a professional association since 2010 and since then Acura models have been appearing in many Marvel movies like Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers.

B Tier

average cars ranked
B tier

Ah! The B tier, I call it the mediocre tier, as it settles the decorum of the whole car brand tier list. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these are car brands are bad, certainly not.

But these car brands are not as elite and luxurious as the car brands before them. The car brands included in the B tier remain fifty percent on both sides, the good and the bad. They have some features that make them one of the best and top brands but some attributes default them into this tier.

The traits that include the car brand in the B tier are that even though these cars have a significantly high luxury and elegance. These cars have a severe lack of tech in their models, which gives them an old-times look.

Some car brands invent cars that have highly inflated MPG values that take A lot from your pockets. And also, these car brands offer many electrical and transmission problems that do not help the drivers or owners on the road and highway.

Their interior and exterior features combine together to grant an outlook that does wonders to the car itself. The specific shapes that each and every car brand owns of their cars are significantly observed by every buyer, this increases the company’s value in the market and helps in the car brand rankings.

On the contrary, these cars also have a few traits that don’t make them the first priority of the buyer. If they gave money they’ll want to buy the high-tiered cars but, unfortunately, due to the lack of money, they get stuck with these cars, as they are considerably cheaper than the S and A tier.

BrandsCountry of originWhat sets them apart
HyundaiSeoul, South KoreaThe world’s largest vehicle production plant is owned by Hyundai. It is well connected to the sports world and is the largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea.
MitsubishiTokyo, JapanMitsubishi was the first automotive maker in the world to design a Traction Control System, and it changed the norm for manufacturers across the industry.
PeugeotFranceThe First Peugeot Car Had Three Wheels and was driven on steam. Also, the first car that is recorded to be the first-ever stolen car is Peugeot.
SubaruJapanThe innovative boxer engine has been the core of every single one of the Subaru models for the past 45 years. So it is known as the always boxer engine car
DodgeAuburn Hills, Michigan, U.S.Dodge has one of the most reliable sports cars having greatly shaped the domestic automotive sector.
JeepToledo, Ohio in the USThe first Jeep was a byproduct of World War II. The Jeep brand has had eight different owners, with Fiat-Chrysler as the current company in charge.
PaganiItalyPagani’s car’s design was inspired by the curves of a woman’s body.
FiatItalyThey make diesel engines for other car companies. Additionally, for testing cars, they have a roof-top test track.
MazdaJapanMazda is an important sponsor to many pro sports teams like the North Melbourne Football Club from Australia and the ACF Fiorentina as well
HummerDetroit, Michigan, U.SHummer is famous for making dual fuel tanks in its car models. Additionally, their bumpers are designed for off-road driving.
ProtonMalaysiaProton succeeded in extreme hot and cold tests in Oman deserts and the North and South Poles. This proved that the Proton cars have the outclass ability to perform under extreme temperatures
Alfa Romeo Strada del Portello, Milan, ItalyDespite its current status as one of the leading Italian sports car manufacturers, it was originally a French car. It is linked to Ferrari owners as well.
BuickDetroit, Michigan, United States of AmericaThey were the first to install open valve engines in their cars and are huge suppliers of cars in China

C Tier

average cars ranked in this tier list
C tier

The C tier can also be considered as the tier containing the worst car brands in the car brand tier List. While looking at a picture how can you overlook the ugly parts of it? In the same way, while going through a tier list, how can someone ignore the worst car brands?

I don’t hold any grudge against these car brands, it’s just they didn’t pass the evaluation with flying colors. Which landed them in the C tier. They didn’t have amazingly brilliant features or love on the first sight exterior. In fact, they are just a way to transport.

The car brands housed under the C tier of the car brand tier List are less than even ordinary. They have flaws that frustrate the driver to a high extent. I mean what can you expect, these cheap brands are bad at even advertising in the market.

They don’t have up-to-date features, unlike the other car brands that keep remodeling their cars from time to time to gain customers. Some car brands under this tier haven’t released a new model in 6 or 7 years.

You’ll see their old models on the road in extremely rustic conditions. These car brands have low sales volume, a limited number of models in their lineup, and unfavorable foreign exchange rates.

The few things that didn’t land these cars in the D tier of car brands list are that these cars are if kept with extreme care, quite usable. They can be driven on highways but you might get it to a mechanic before the long journey.

BrandsCountry of originWhat sets them apart
SuzukiJapanSuzuki’s first invention was an automatic loom for the owner’s mother. Suzuki’s workers take almost two thousand steps to complete a car
InfinitiUnited States of AmericaThe company has a total network of more than 15 nations all over the world. It has announced its decision to cater more specifically to the elevated luxury car market in China,
LotusUnited States of AmericaThey use fewer parts to build their cars’ exterior and interior. Lotus’s main aim was to sell cars to private racers1 and their early road cars were sold as kit cars in order to save consumers on purchase tax
CadillacDetroit, Michigan, United States of AmericaCadillacs are known to be one of the oldest cars. They are the pioneers of electric car starters.
DaihatsuOsaka, JapanDaihatsu has made some incredibly reliable cars in the past, the off-roader and the Charade city car are both seemingly unbreakable.
FawChinaFaw’s company is China’s oldest and largest automotive group.
LincolnDearborn, Michigan, U.S.It has been named The Legendary Lincoln Town Car. It is named after President Abraham Lincoln.
Brands Country Of origin  What sets them apart 
Chrysler  North America  The brand secured a C rank in our tier list as it ranks pretty low in reliability even to it is a renowned car brand.  It has a very low rating in the JD power studies. Furthermore, there are about 113 average faults found in 500 cars the company makes. 

D Tier

worst car brands
D tier

The D tier in the tiers for cars contains the worst of the worst car brands. That is a disappointment in the face of car engineering. They have so many notable problems that a person has to think almost a thousand times before buying them.

Once you buy a car, you plan to commit yourself to that specific brand for a period of time. But when you buy from these car brands, you’ll curse yourself for making such a decision because truthfully, these cars are merely abysmal.

There is a whole range of problems with these car brands, unlike other car brands in the car brand tier list. They have usually high fuel efficiency that empties your wallets quite fast.

In a few car brands, oil sludge is formed which results in engine failure. Moreover, they have a faulty turbocharger, or even in some cars, the horn goes off by itself.

BrandsCountry of originWhat sets them apart
ChryslerUnited States of AmericaChrysler vehicles began to shift to being more powerful and came to be known as “muscle cars.”
PontiacPontiac, Michigan, United States of AmericaThey used Buick, Oldsmobile, and Chevy engines in their cars to give the cars the speed they desired beneath their car hoods.
MiniGermanyThe main idea for the car was to build a small fuel-efficient car with enough room for a family of four and their luggage.
SaturnSpring Hill, Tennessee, United States of AmericaSaturn is famous for its dent-resistant polymer exterior panels.
LadaRussiaThe Lada car was first sold as an export under the Zhiguli name in the domestic Soviet market
GeelyChinaGeely has complete vehicle manufacturing in multiple sites across China producing more than 30 models
StellantisItalyStellantis is known for creating the world’s fifth-largest car maker


It was a hell of a ride through the car brand tier list. It was equally exhilarating and thrilling as car rides usually are.

We were able to evaluate the car brands and not them down in their respective tier lists, based on their reliability, fuel efficiency, exterior outlook, interior architecture, and technology features that kept them high above in the market, or in some cases out of the market. We lodged the car brands in a series of five tiers.

The best of the best car brands with significant features and popularity fit under the S tier. These car brands create the best exterior and interior designs that create a spark in the eyes of the buyer the instant they glimpse at the car.

How can you resist such beauty? The A tier housed the car brands that invented such crashes that are highly reliable and cheap and have almost the same features as that of the S Tier.  Just a few minor changes landed them in the A tier.

The B tier has car brands that are mid-way between the best and the worst car brands.  The tiers for cars include all types of categories that set the cars in various tiers. The cars in B tiers have a normal outlook and mediocre features.

The C Tier had the cars that could be the worst except for a few features that didn’t land them in the D tier. The D tier has the worst car brands. These car brands are better avoided in all cases. If you buy them, get ready to empty your pockets in the managing of the cars.

There are many great British cars on our tier list and if you are fond of them then you might want to read this Tier List on British Food.

Best Car Brand

After going through our tier list you must be wondering what is the best and most reliable car brand. The UK car brand Porsche has been voted the best car brand for both 2021 and 2020 consecutively.

The car’s brand logo features a horse very much showing the best feature it excels at, speed. Porsche holds a rating of 90.74 percent. While the individual models of the car manufacturer were not that great, the stats show that Porsche owners are extremely happy. Even the Canadian car brand Toyota with its amazing features can’t compare with Porsche.

Another great car that many people wish they could own is Tesla, the innovative new car brand. Tesla is known as the car brand with wings because the door of the car goes upright when opened. The power and smooth delivery of the car are unmatched with fantastic safety features installed. Tesla is said to be the fastest car brand with a great aesthetic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most reliable car brands?

You might be surprised when we say that the most reliable car brands are the most unpopular ones. Standing at the top among every car brand with optimal features is the Skoda Kodiaq. The car’s reliability scores are about 96 percent.  Other reliable and smart car brands include Kia Rio, Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Kona, and Kia Xceed.

What brand of car lasts the longest?

Consumers always look for long-lasting car brands. Canadian car brand like Toyota is known to reach 200,000 miles, and even more. Prius from Toyota is loved by many because of its durability and amazing fuel efficiency. Chevrolet is another car brand known for its durability.

Which brand of car has the best battery?

If we talk about the best overall car battery, then nothing beats the Optima 35 RedTop. Whether you’re using it for commuter cars or hot rods and off-road cars, Optima is the best car brand battery. The battery is known for its high power, quick start ability, amazing reserve capacity, and design that will prevent acid leaks.

What is the safest car brand?

The best car brand with premium safety features is without a doubt the Genesis G90. The safety score of this car was about 9.8/10, higher than any other car right now. It was named a Top Safety Pick in a survey done by the IIHS. Mazda is also a viable option.

What car brand has the best resale value?

Cars are known for their resale values. Investing in a car is only worthwhile if it has a resale value. Porsche has the best resale value when it comes to cars. You can get a new Porsche for about 210,554$ and after five years you can sell it for 178,971$. Thus you can retain about 85 percent of its value.