Cat Breed Tier List: Most Popular Varieties Ranked

We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Most Popular Cats In The World In This Article.

You are now going to read a Cat Breed tier list that is based on many different factors. If certain cat breeds are of unusual color or have certain unique attributes, then you will find them on the higher tiers. To help you understand better, I will go through each variety in detail and explain why people enjoy keeping that particular type as a pet.

But still, there are different types of cats that people like to have. At present, a lot of people have different cat breeds but not much information is available about them. So if you’ve ever been curious about them, or wanted to find which one is best for you in terms of personality — then it is the place for you! 

Key Points

  • I have ranked the most popular cat breeds based on their appearance, nature, and affordability.
  • There are a total of 19 entries on the list.
  • In the higher tiers, you will find breeds like the Persian, Siamese, Bengal, British Shorthair, and Ragdoll.
  • Cat breeds such as the Nebelung, Singaouras, Bombays, Chartreux, and Burmese are on the lower tiers.


In order to make things easier for you, I am going to rank all cat breeds in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Maine CoonBengalSomaliEgyptian MausChartreux
RagdollTonkineseAmerican WirehairsBurmese
SiameseRussian BlueSingapuras
British ShorthairScottish Fold

continue reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

S Tier.

In the first category of the Cat Breeds tier list, I am going to place those breeds that people would love to adopt. These are no. 01 on the list. 


Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds. They are very friendly, playful, and intelligent. Also, a breed like this has beautiful coats and comes in a variety of colors. It’s a breed that is known for long hair that can either be wavy or straight, and their coats can even be described as being silky or frizzy. Moreover, it has a strong jawline, which gives them an aristocratic look. The breed comes in several different colors including white, black, blue, orange, and chocolate.

They get along well with small children and other animals like rabbits or even dogs. They love to be around people so they make great companions! Furthermore, it is a cat breed with a long, luxurious coat. The furry cat has the most beautiful coat of all breeds, and it can be any color or pattern. There are two recognized types of the discussed breed: the “classic” type, which is black with a white chest and belly with or without a white patch on its chest; and the “tortie” type, which has brown patches on its chest. The classic breed has been recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) since 1972 as an American breed.

LIFE SPAN 10-15 years

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is a domesticated breed of cat with an unusually large size. The best breed is the tallest domestic cat breed in the world, growing up to heights of up to 23 inches at shoulder height. It’s a breed that has an unusually dense coat that can be either solid or spotted, and the belly fur is often left alone because of its tendency to mat. It has a round face with large eyes, a long nose, and thickly furred paw pads. The tail is long and covered in fur, sometimes called “feathers”.

The name comes from the state in which they were first bred, which is Maine. It was named after the state of Maine where they were first recognized as a distinct breed in 1881 by Dr. Nicholas H. Dodson. It is a breed that has been recognized by various organizations, however, most recognize only one type based on color patterns and markings.

LIFE SPAN 10-13 Years


Ragdoll cats are a unique breed, with a long tail that curls over their back. Their long, smooth fur is an ideal texture for these cats, who have a reputation for being extremely gentle and affectionate with their owners. These are known for their short noses and round faces. They really enjoy being around other people, and even other animals and they make excellent lap cats or cuddle buddies! Ragdolls are also very intelligent cats who enjoy playing games and learning tricks.

LIFE SPAN 13-18 Years


Siamese cats are the most popular cat breed in the world. They are known for their striking coat colors, friendly personalities, and intelligence. Siamese cats originated in Thailand. Moreover, cats like these have a distinctive appearance that is different from other breeds of cats. Their coat colors can be white, blue, cream, or chocolate brown. The colors of their coats are inherited from their parents.

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The Siamese cat breed has been recognized as an official breed since 1986 by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). The organization promotes the welfare of all purebred cats through its many programs designed to promote responsible cat ownership and prevent animal cruelty.

LIFE SPAN 15-20 Years

British Shorthair

The British shorthair is a mid-sized breed, with an iconic look that is defined by its short and thick coat. The head is pointed, the muzzle is chiseled, and the eyes are large, round, and dark. Also, ears are small and rounded. If we talk about the body then it is slim, muscular, and slightly longer than it is tall. The tail is short but thick, the legs are strong and muscular with large paws, and the front feet have toes that are well-developed.

It has a beautiful face with defined features that give it a fairly intelligent expression. The forehead is broad and flat with a slight furrow between the eyebrows, the muzzle has a slight stop, the cheeks are rounded, and there’s no fur on the chin (only on part of it). They have almond-shaped eyes with really wide pupils that allow them to see well in low-light conditions. It deserves to be placed in S tier category of the list. It is a breed having soft fur of moderate length that can be easily brushed or combed without causing damage to its skin or fur due to its softness and flexibility. 

LIFE SPAN 15-20 Years

A Tier

A Tier.

Secondly, in the second category of the Cat Breed tier list, I am going to rank the best cat breeds. 


Abyssinian cats also are one of the most popular breeds in the entire world, and they stand out because of their extremely unique features and appearance. Abyssinians have a unique appearance with their rounded ears and big eyes. They also have fairly long bodies and short legs, which gives them a graceful appearance. Their fur is short and dense, making them look like a lion.

These cats are extremely friendly and affectionate to their owners, and perhaps as a result, they are also very easy to train. Abyssinian cats can be trained to use a litter box or at least pee outside of it. Additionally, they come in different colors and patterns. It is the best cat breed one must adopt because having a very sweet personality makes them great pets for families with kids. It deserves to be placed in a higher category of the cat breed categories.

LIFE SPAN 9-13 Years


The Bengal cat breed is the best cat breed one must adopt. It is friendly, playful, curious, and affectionate. These cats are very friendly to people and other animals. They can be good with children because of their playful nature and are also known for their intelligence and curiosity. It is a breed that can be kept indoors or outdoors as long as they are allowed to run around on a regular basis. Exercise is important for them as it helps them stay healthy and fit.

Moreover, you need to take them out several times during the day so that they can relieve themselves outdoors. Also, it is not an indoor-only pet but it does prefer the company of humans over other animals like dogs or even other cats if you decide to keep one in the house with you! Not only that, but the playful pet has a very long life span of 10 years or more if properly cared for. 

LIFE SPAN 9-15 Years


The Tonkinese cat breed is the best one to adopt. They are beautiful, intelligent, and loving. So why not adopt a stunning breed today? The smart cat breed is a unique blend of Siamese and Burmese. It’s a breed that has been developed in Japan and the United States. The first time that when it was introduced to the world was in 1985 when it was exhibited at an exhibition in Las Vegas. The adorable cat breed is also known as “Mee-O” or “Meow Meow” in Japanese.

It has a lot of similarities with other breeds such as Persian and Siamese cats. It is one of the best breeds ranked on the list. These cats have long fur with a silky texture that makes them look like they were born with their fur raised up on their bodies. The coat color can be any combination of blue, black, silver, or gold, and even red-brown tints may be seen on some individuals. 

LIFE SPAN 15-20 Years

Russian Blue

A Russian blue is a cat breed that has been developed by crossing domestic cats and Siamese. The result of the cross was a cat with the appearance of a Siamese cat, but with a unique coat color pattern and temperament.

The perfect cats are known for their unusual coat color, which changes from pale blue to dark blue or even black over the course of the year. They also have long hair, and in addition to that, they are friendly and affectionate, making them ideal pets for people who want to spend time with their pets at home. However, it is difficult for them to get along with strangers. Therefore, you have to take care of their habit, otherwise, it is a perfect choice!

LIFE SPAN 15-20 Years

Scottish Fold

Scottish fold is the best cat breed one must adopt. It is very easy to nurture, has a long life span, and is very lovable. They are very popular in the United States and Australia. It is also known as the “Lion-cub” which has been bred for centuries by humans. The Scottish Fold Cat has soft fur that feels like silk when touched. It is a breed that is known for its intelligence, affectionate nature, and loyalty towards its owners.

Sweet cats have a lifespan of approximately 15 years, which makes them ideal pets for families with young children. They have an average size that ranges from 4-6 pounds in weight and they require no grooming besides their regular bathing schedule. Alongside, they do not shed much hair but they do shed once in every six months or so if it is not brushed properly after every single wear and tear on their fur coat or skin.

LIFE SPAN 11-14 Years

B Tier

B Tier.

Coming towards the third category of the Cat Breeds tier list. Here, you will find likable breeds.


Sphynx is the likable cat breed one must adopt. It has very less hair so people having allergies can choose to have them. These cats are playful and sociable, and they can be great companions for your family. They have a very short coat which makes them easy to maintain. You just need to keep the coat clean and dry it once in a while. The caring cats are also hypoallergenic because they don’t shed much at all! That’s why they make great pets for people who suffer from allergies.

Sphynx are known to be very intelligent and active animals so they’re not recommended as house pets for families with small children or people who live in apartments or condos where there is no yard or fenced area for them to roam around in.

LIFE SPAN 9-15 Years


The Somali cat breed is a mix of Siamese and Abyssinian. They have the same pointed face with a slightly rounded nose, large round eyes, and a high-head carriage. The coat is glossy, long, and silky, body is long and slender, with a high tail set. Moreover, pointed-faced cats are not for everyone. They are very vocal so they need to be socialized as kittens. If you do not have time for these things, then it is best to consider another breed of cat that does not require such constant attention from its owners.

They are good with children, but should only be adopted by people who have experience with cats or do not have other pets in the house that may be frightened by these vocal creatures at first.

LIFE SPAN 11-16 Years

C Tier

C Tier.

Now, I am going to rank the below-average breeds in the second-last section of the cat breed categories ranking.


Bombay cats are a breed of domestic cats that are known for their shiny black coats and playful, affectionate personalities. They are considered a relatively new breed, having been developed in the 1950s by breeding a Burmese cat with a black American Shorthair. The active breed is recognized by most major cat registries and is considered a healthy and hardy breed.

These cats are known for being very social and loving towards their owners. They enjoy cuddling and being around people. It is important to keep in mind that every cat is different and so they may not exhibit all of the characteristics associated with its breed. It is necessary to research and understand the needs and characteristics of any cat breed before making the decision to bring one into your home.

LIFE SPAN 9-15 Years

Egyptian Maus

The Egyptian Maus is a beautiful and unique breed of cat that can make a wonderful pet. They are known for their distinctive spotted coat and their playful, active personalities. The Maus is also known to be very affectionate with their owners and can be great companions. Moreover, these are generally healthy cats with a long lifespan of around 15 years on average. Ther are also known to be very intelligent and can be trained to do tricks and walk on a leash. People love Maus breed for their good hunting skills, so it’s a good idea to keep them indoors and keep a close eye on them when outside. Overall, if you are looking for a unique, loving, and active cat, then it can be a great choice for you. 

While these active cats can make great pets, they do have some characteristics that may make them less suitable for certain homes. One potential issue is their high energy levels and needs for constant stimulation. They are an energetic breed that requires plenty of exercise and playtime in order to keep them happy and healthy. If they don’t get enough of it, they can become destructive or anxious.

LIFE SPAN 9-13 Years

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American Wirehairs

American Wirehairs are not commonly kept as pets due to their unique grooming needs. Their coat is naturally coarse and wiry, which in tuern requires regular trimming and grooming to keep it in good condition. Without proper grooming, their coat can become matted and uncomfortable for the cat. Additionally, it is a breed that is known to be independent and aloof, which may not be suitable for some pet owners who are looking for a more affectionate companion. They are also not as common as other cat breeds, so they may be harder to find and purchase. Overall, while American Wirehairs can make good pets for the right person, they require a dedicated owner who is willing to put in the time and effort to maintain their coat and can appreciate their independent nature.

LIFE SPAN 10-16 Years


Singapuras are a small breed of cat and, like any pet, they may not be suitable for everyone. Some people may find that they do not have the time or resources to properly care for a pet, while others may have allergies or other health concerns that make it difficult to have a cat. Additionally, these are known to be active and vocal cats, which may not be suitable for people who prefer a more low-key pet. It’s important to carefully consider your lifestyle and living situation before getting any pet, including a Singapura.

LIFE SPAN 9-15 Years

D Tier

D Tier.

And in last category of the Cat Breed tier list, you will find the worst breeds. 


Nebelungs are known for their affectionate and loving nature, but they are also independent and reserved cats. They are also known for being relatively docile and shy, so they can be fairly nervous around strangers. Such behavior might not be suitable for households with kids or other pets that might be too active and loud. Furthermore, it is a breed that is sensitive to loud noises and changes in its environment, which can make them anxious and stressed. 

Overall, Nebelungs can make great pets for the right person, but they may not be the best fit for everyone. If you’re considering getting these, it is important to do your research beforehand and make sure that their personalities and needs align with your lifestyle and preferences. Additionally, it is equally important to find a reputable breeder and ensure that the cat is in good health before getting one.

LIFE SPAN 11-18 Years


Chartreux is a breed of cat that is known for its unique blue-gray coat and friendly, affectionate nature. However, they may not be the best choice for everyone as a pet. One potential issue with these pets is their tendency to be quite vocal. They are known to be quite talkative, which can be a positive trait for some people but can also be a nuisance for others. Additionally, they are known to be quite independent and can be aloof at times.

It also tends to be a bit more active and playful than some other breeds, which can make them less suitable for older people or those with limited mobility. They may also require more space to run and play, which can be a consideration for people with smaller homes. Another thing to consider is their grooming needs, as the breed has a thick double coat that requires constant grooming to keep it in looking fresh. 

LIFE SPAN 12-15 Years


One potential issue with Burmese cats as pets is their tendency to become very attached to their owners. They are famous for being dependent on their human companions and may become anxious or stressed if they are alone for long periods of time. It could be a problem for people who are frequently away from home or who have busy lifestyles.

These cats are also famous therefore I am including them in the list as these are quite active and playful, which can be great for families with children or other pets but can also be a challenge for older people or those with limited mobility. They may also require more space to run and play, which can be a consideration for people with smaller homes. The Burmese is another breed where is really important to find a reputable breeder to make sure the cat is in good health.

LIFE SPAN 10-17 Years

Comparison Table

PersianS10-15 yearsMediumMedium
Maine CoonS10-13 YearsHighHigh
RagdollS13-18 YearsHighHigh
SiameseS15-20 YearsHighHigh
British ShorthairS15-20 YearsHighMedium
AbyssinianA9-13 YearsHighHigh
BengalA9-15 YearsHighHigh
TonkineseA15-20 YearsHighHigh
Russian BlueA15-20 YearsHigh Medium
Scottish FoldA11-14 YearsHighMedium
SphynxB9-15 YearsHighHigh
SomaliB11-16 Years11-16 Years11-16 Years
BombaysC9-15 YearsHighHigh
Egyptian MausC9-13 YearsHighHigh
American WirehairsC10-16 YearsHigh Medium
SingapurasC9-15 YearsHighHigh
NebelungD11-18 YearsMediumMedium
ChartreuxD12-15 YearsHighMedium
BurmeseD10-17 YearsHighHigh


I have researched dozen of cat breeds and now I am happy to share all the knowledge with you. Most cats are cute. Some cats, though, are not just pets; they are monuments. These are the ones you want. Now that you have read the whole article, you are ready to adopt your first cat. All of these breeds are really fantastic, even the lower-ranked ones, and they will bring you and your family lots of joy.

I hope my Cat Breed tier list can help you choose your cat breed. If you have some suggestions, please leave a comment, and maybe I could add them in the future. You may disagree with a number of our placements, and that’s fine, as different people have different preferences. But regardless of that, I hope you enjoyed reading my article, and that you got something out of it.