Chips Tier List: A Definitive Ranking

No one can even imagine their lives without the existence of chips now, that is how they have penetrated modern society. They come in a variety of flavours, and they are made in a bunch of different sizes and shapes. Some people prefer them baked, while others like them fried. It really all depends on your preferences.

So in order to get some more insight into the different varieties of chips, we have carefully created this chips tier list. Our list has ranked products from best to worst. The best category starts from the S-tier of course, which has delicious and healthy chips and goes down all the way to the D-tier, which are nothing but bundles of calories for you.

But before we get straight into the article, we would like to clear a few facts from our end. This is a very subjective topic, and what one person may enjoy, others might not. Therefore you need to know that this article is mainly based on what consumers think online, as well as our general preferences. You might contradict what we created for you here, and that’s okay.


  • In this article, we will rank different chips according to their taste, nutritional value, health risks, and pricing.
  • We will include chips from all over the globe, but we will not be able to include every single product.
  • Chips included in this article will be decided according to specific flavours, not brands in particular.


Here we will quickly rank all chips on the tier list in a short table.

Tier RankChips
S Rank• Lay's Oven Baked Potato Crisps
• Popchips Potato Chips, Cheddar, and Sour Cream
• SunChips Multigrain Chips, Sweet & Spicy BBQ
• Zapp's Kettle Potato Chips
• Tostitos Lightly Salted
A Rank• Tostitos Simply Organic Blue Corn
• Lay's Honey BBQ
• Fritos SCOOPS
• Kettle Brand Backyard Barbecue
• Cape Cod Waves White Cheddar & Sour Cream
B Rank• Herr's Kettle Cooked Cheddar Horseradish
• Lay's Stax Sour Cream and Onion
• Lay's BBQ
• Lay's Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ
• Kettle Brand Korean Barbecue
• Whole Foods 365 Kettle Cooked Sea Salt Potato Chips
C Rank• Funyuns Flamin' Hot
• Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili
• Doritos Poppin' Jalapeño
• Pringles Rotisserie Chicken
• Flamin' Hot Cheetos
• Munchies Ultimate Cheddar
D Rank• Herr's Salt & Vinegar
• Pringles Baconator
• Takis Fuego
• Pringles Buffalo Ranch
• Monster Munch Pickled Onion
• Doritos Salsa Verde

S Tier

S-Tier of chips
Top Notch Chips

The S-tier of chips includes all those options you can trust blindly. They are flavorful, delicious, have little to no health concerns, and are priced well. These chips are rated as top-notch by many reviewers on Amazon. If these ones are available, you should not consider choosing any other option.

With these chips, you can have the right taste and flavour without adding worrying about any extra calories. In short, S-tier chips are extremely delicious and will not disappoint you.

Lay’s Oven Baked Potato Crisps

The traditional Lay’s Oven Baked Potato Crips are everybody’s favourite, children, youngsters, or elders at home. They are the most simple yet delicious snack on the chip table. These deserve to be number one as they pass all factors tests. The chips taste delicious and crunchy.

They are simple and can be served with tea and coffee. Coming towards its packaging, which is again quite elegant and complements the nature of chips. From a health point of view, these chips are low on sodium and fats. They are not fried but baked, meaning they have 65% less unhealthy fats than conventional snacks. 

Popchips Potato Chips, Cheddar, and Sour Cream

The king of using natural ingredients is none other than Popchips Potato Chips. The chips have made it to this tier for their taste, quality, and portion. Pop chip is genuinely aware of health concerns. Therefore, it bypasses using artificial colourings such as petroleum-based dyes like Yellow 6 or Yellow 5 Lake.

It uses natural colours named turmeric, annatto, and also paprika oleoresin. A perfect mixture of cheddar and sour cream is the ultimate and best solution for a movie night. In addition to this, the serving size is around 22 chips. It is double the number of chips that other brands are delivering.

SunChips Multigrain Chips, Sweet & Spicy BBQ

Sunchips are nothing but a bag of healthy snacks. They are made from 100% whole grain. It means that each serving consists of an entire portion of the whole grain. Whole corn, whole wheat, and whole oat flour all fall under one name of the entire grain.

You can speculate from here how vital they are. So do not misconceive that these will compromise the taste. A delicious sweet and spicy barbeque flavour is a fibre-rich and high-nutrient delicacy for your taste buds. The packaging is on point, and its name and colour parallel each other. Sunchips are one of the most appetite-suppressing chips on the list

Zapp’s Kettle Potato Chips

Zapp’s can be truly defined as an addiction. Once you taste them, you will want to eat them again and again. You can anticipate how tasty and flavorful they are. They are filled in crunchy kettle-cooked potato folds.

These chips have a balanced and proper mix of spices, giving them a sweet, tangy, and spicy flavour. Now can you tell us how someone can stay away from these? Secondly, its price is also reasonable, which is $8 for an eight-ounce bag. It means you can have a perfect Saturday night for only $8. Zapp’s Kettle Potato Chips are an ideal interpretation of intricate savours. Moreover, these chips are also light on sodium and other fats.

Tostitos Lightly Salted

Tostitos Lightly Salted is best than everything else on our chips tier list. First, an essential factor on which we will rank these chips is the health concern. They are light on sodium and have low amounts of fats and carbohydrates. So you can munch on these as much as you wish without gaining weight.

They can be paired with some cheese, nachos, or salsa sauce. They taste light and delicious. These crisps can be enjoyed with drinks like tea. The packaging is fun yet elegant— a blue bag with cute little fonts.

A Tier

A-tier of Chips
Good Quality Chips

A-tier has a number of different chips that many would call good They taste great, have good quality, are budget-friendly, and possess very little sodium content. Therefore, these are also the second-best picks after our S-tier. In case the S-tier chips are not available, you can whole-heartedly trust these and enjoy them.

They will surely not disappoint you or make you regret it later. These chips have secured a 4-5 stars rating on Amazon for their quality. Below, we have listed the A-tier chips. Let us read ahead.

Tostitos Simply Organic Blue Corn

Tostitos are one of the fresh and tasty chips in our article. They are uncomplicated yet full of flavour—and an ideal delight for a rainy day. They consist of organic blue corn, oil, and salt. Corn is full of healthy nutrients that are acceptable for health. Therefore, you can munch on these without any fear. These chips have low sodium, calories, fat, and saturated fat levels.

However, the carbohydrate levels might be high. Its packaging is also simple and complements the name and flavour of the crisps. You can taste an immense amount of freshness and a heap of savours with every bite.

Lay’s Honey BBQ

This time Lay’s has done a great job, as Lay’s Honey BBQ is nothing but a bag full of taste. The chips have a sweet and smoky bbq taste, which is better than all other options on the chip tier list. On Amazon, buyers have commented that these chips are addicting. They cannot stop themselves from buying them. They arrive fresh and not cracked.

Talking about the calorie content, they are low in sodium, they have a small number of carbohydrates and fats. Lay’s Honey BBQ packaging is just on point and has all the needed information, such as its flavour name and images. Buyers can get an idea about the many incredible surprises they will get.


The shape of Fritos Scoops lets you have all the salsa sauce in those scoops and have a burst of flavours in your mouth. Yes, we are not exaggerating it, but Fritos Scoops is exceptional and addictive mainly due to its shape. The chip is thicker and more entrenched in different spices. The best fact about these scoops is that they do not get soggy.

They are low on sodium, as well as other carbohydrates. However, they still do have small amounts of saturated fats. Its packaging is also quite admirable. All information concerning these chips is provided on the packet. Therefore the buyers will not suffer any inconvenience.

Kettle Brand Backyard Barbecue

Everything is good about the Kettle Brand Backyard Barbecue chips, except that its price is slightly higher than some other brands on thelist. The barbecue flavour is strong, and this perfect blend of spices is an ideal treat for a Saturday movie night. 

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The surface is thick, giving you a perfect crunch in every bite. These chips have a unique dill spicy pickle flavour that is great for many U.S tastebuds. This bag is loaded with flavour and is packed with a perfect mixture of spice and salt. The packet has only 1g of sugar, which is pretty low. It has 15 grams of carbs per serving, which is more prone to the nutritious side than other snacks. Kettle Brand Backyard Barbecue can make the deal for you.

Cape Cod Waves White Cheddar & Sour Cream

Next on our list, we have Cape Cod Waves. The perfect wavy shape is an ideal cure for a boring Sunday. If you have not tried these, you are missing something delicious. These chips win the race when it comes to protein content, as each bag contains around 3g of protein per serving

It is clear from here that these chips are a healthier option than other snacks. However, they have a small number of carbohydrates and sodium that will give you a setback. They are full of flavour and strike a perfect balance of white cheddar and sour cream taste, creating a striking combo no one can say no to. In addition to this, the packaging is simple and elegant, making you buy them at first glance. 

B Tier

B-tier of chips
Average Category Chips

You cannot expect a lot from this tier. However, they are not too bad at all. It will not be wrong to call B-tier chips “mediocre” or “average.” These chips might have two attributes out of four and lie on a continuum between the two extremes.

B-tier has both advantages and disadvantages, therefore, it is safe to eat them but not too much. If flavouring is good, the pricing may be an issue. But still, they will help you get over that quick hunger rush.

Herr’s Kettle Cooked Cheddar Horseradish

If you wish to enjoy a bag of chips in moderation, you cannot go wrong with Herr’s Kettle Cooked Cheddar Horseradish. These chips are too cheesy but, at the same time, too salty for your tastebuds. You will feel parched after having a pack. These chips taste good, a treat for those who love Horseradish flavour.

However, some buyers have remarked on amazon that these are a little too zingy. The price is pretty average. Also, remember that these chips are not available at every snack store, make sure you get them online before the supply runs out. These chips are not good enough for S-tier but do not deserve the D-tier either. They are pretty tolerable.

Lay’s Stax Sour Cream and Onion

Coming towards the Lay’s Stax, mediocre category chips. Not too good nor too bad. You can spend money on these, but if the above tiers are available, you will skip them. However, they are not that as C or D-tier. Some buyers commented on Amazon that: The chips are packed with little to no attention, and half of the box was crumbled by arrival.

However, the chips taste good and go well with onion and cheese dips. The taste has nothing new, the same as all other brands. We see Stax as a copy of Pringle’s. Keeping it short, the chips are not that bad, but still, they can be passed on quickly. Nothing unusual anyways!

Lay’s BBQ

Lay’s BBQ is an accurate depiction of the word “average.” These chips are basic and conventional like other brands. The same old-school barbecue flavour with nothing extra added to it. The taste is good, not bad.

You can eat them when the top tiers are not available. They will give you a good experience. However, when better alternatives are available, it is better to skip these. Talking from a health point of view, they do have little amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. Therefore, do not eat many of these as you will add unnecessary calories to your diet.

Lay’s Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ

Next on the chips tier list are the Lays’s Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ chips. These chips again fall in the medicine category since there is nothing too wrong or unique about them. They have the old barbecue flavour with a blend of other spices that do not create much difference from the dominant flavour. These chips are high in sugar and carbohydrates, so you must be careful about the number of carbohydrates you will add to your tummy.

Please don’t say we did not inform you on time. People who are on a diet should avoid going near them. The packaging is decent and up to date. A red packet with a broad white patch in the middle makes it look like a model on the snack shelf.

Kettle Brand Korean Barbecue

If you are fond of Korean Barbecue flavours, you should try these. They are flavoured nicely and suit most tastebuds. The blend of barbecue with a touch of Korean style is perfect to beat the hunger. But wait, you should also know this. Appraising the barbecue flavour is one thing, but it is essential to remember that these chips are high in sugar and carbohydrates. Therefore, those who are diet conscious should not exceed eating more than one packet, or they will suffer.

The packaging takes away all the points. The patches of light and dark purple colour give a vibe to Korean culture. However, the chips are selectively liked by a group of people who enjoy the barbecue flavour.

Whole Foods 365 Kettle Cooked Sea Salt Potato Chips

These chips are an accurate representation of the B-tier. As they do not have anything special, they are not that bad. They have an overwhelming taste of old oil that might disgust you. The chips are salted-well, but sunflower oil’s old and stale flavour can take away all the fun.

The bag comprises three major components: stale, sunflower oil, and sea salt. So when either of these is missing, the flavour gets lost, and it becomes hard to recover. Due to the oil-based tragedy, the overall experience of the chips gets affected. It leaves a subtle greasy taste and a thin film of oil that covers your lips after consuming them. However, it is again balanced by the crunchy texture of chips, which lets it stay fresh for a longer time.

C Tier

Chips Tier List
Unsatisfactory Category of Chips

Our C-tier consists of all those chips ranked as “below-average” or “unsatisfactory.” These chips are not as good as the above tiers, but they are better than D-tier options. These chips are made with a few blunders. These errors include high price tags, weird seasoning, health risks, or unusual packaging.

They are often overlooked when the above tiers are available.

Funyuns Flamin’ Hot

Sorry to break your heart, but Funyun’s are not that awesome. They have a low content of sodium, which saves them from falling into the D-tier. The flavour is average, and you can quickly shift from them to other tasty alternatives. Its price is also average.

But still, why should someone spend money on average-tasting chips? The chips are not that great, but still somewhat better in contrast with D-tier chips.

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

Next on the agenda is Doritos Spicy Sweet Chilli. These chips are the winner of the worst sweet chilli flavour in terms of sodium. Doritos has so many delicious flavours, yet they made an error here. The brand has ignored the health concern.

However, the chips taste satisfactory to some. The packaging is impressive, but still, the flavour is average. Almost every other brand has a flavour named “sweet chilli”. Doritos can work on this one, particularly the sodium content. 

Doritos Poppin’ Jalapeño

Doritos Poppin’ Jalapeno is nothing but a bag full of carbohydrates. Although the chips are low on sodium and other fats, those who avoid carbohydrates do not try these. The chips taste good, not as flavorful as the above tiers, but still better than D-tier options. However, there is nothing too exciting or surprising about these.

They can be easily replaced if contrasted with other varieties on the listTalking about the price, the chips are expensive. It would be best if you had a second thought before buying the Doritos. Are you willing to pay a reasonable amount for a pack of calories? A few people may not like the popping jalapeno flavour due to the subtle jalapeno flavour. And with all these factors, we have concluded that Doritos Poppin’s Jalapeno deserved none other than “below average” C-tier. 

Pringles Rotisserie Chicken

When you open the Pringles Rotisserie Chicken box, you will smell an intense and strange aroma. That aroma is due to the spices and herbs used during the process. However, apart from the aroma, the taste is not that bad. It does get some points here. Likewise, the packaging is also lovely.

But what keeps the chips away from the top tiers is the price. They are highly priced. And above all attributes, one can simply give up on them for this reason. With all those seasonings, you can expect the amount of sodium and carbohydrates you would get as a gift. Therefore, it is better to look for other options without wasting time on this one.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

I do not know why people are mad after these. They are a pack of hot chillis that will burn your stomach for a week at least. What’s so special about them? Guess the ticktock hacks have given them the necessary fame. The boiling and sizzling spiciness will blow up your mind.

You can hardly get the flavour embedded in the chillis red coat. What’s even the point of buying a bag of chips that you cannot enjoy the taste of? The only good thing about the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is that they are made of corn. That can give you a little amount of relief. However, the spiciness can still make you give up on Cheetos’s good side.

Munchies Ultimate Cheddar

Munchies Ultimate tastes delicious. It is a dreamy bag of salty snacks full of flavour. You get to have a bit of everything under one roof. The chips carry some nutritional value, but the sodium level is relatively high, which covers all the other good aspects of Munchies.

It has a sodium content of 270 milligrams. So you can guess well how many problems it can cause your body. The pack also contains little carbs and fats, obviously relatively lower than the sodium content. People are crazy about their tastes, and most of the time, they overlook this.

D Tier

Chips Tier List
Nobody Wants These chips.

D-tier is the most unimpressive section in our article. Chips that fall under this category are rated as the worst by consumers. They fail to score good points on any level, whether price, quality, taste, or health. You cannot expect anything from this tier except that it will make you regret spending money on it.

They do not have anything special to them. These chips belong to big brand names, but we can see below how they have made huge blunders by launching them. In short, avoid them at any cost. Otherwise, you will regret it later. These chips only have disappointments in the packet for you, nothing else. Trust us!

Herr’s Salt & Vinegar

Herr’s Salt & Vinegar is nothing like its name. It is only packed with sodium. Why eat sodium in a packet when you can get it organic? Every processed food has some side consequences on health. But these chips are not only processed but also flavoured artificially. On Amazon, many buyers have reviewed saying: There is nothing like authentic vinegar in the chips. Better not waste money on these.

Until now, it is clear that these chips are not suitable for health and not savoury at all. Its price is expected, however, with all these negative aspects, nobody would even want to get the bag for free. Hershey’s, you need to step up the game! We did not expect this kind of low-quality chips from Doritos. Our expectations are shattered.

Pringles Baconator

Next on the list of worst chips, we have Pringles Baconator. The combination says that you are in for an unhealthy nutrition snack. Till now, it is evident that it is not healthy to keep on munching these chips.

They are high in sodium, calories, fats, and carbohydrates- all wrong. If you wish not to get any health hazards, you better stay miles away from these or at least do not eat more than one pack a week. In addition to this, its packaging is pretty much the same as all other bottles of Pringles, and its colour scheme looks similar to many various barbecue flavours of Pringles.

Takis Fuego

Why should Takis Fuego stay back on a list of worst chips ever? Well first, they are high in sodium, carbohydrates, and saturated fats—all the things you will regret consuming later. Its flavour is more like munching on red chillis.

Takis Fuego calls for an upset stomach. So you can imagine what you will do to your body if you eat more than a pack. They do not have an exceptional taste, same as all other chilli-flavoured chips. Just its shape is different, which does not create much distinction to the overall experience of Takis.

Pringles Buffalo Ranch

Here comes the Pringles Buffalo Ranch, with which many buyers have a love-hate relationship with this one. Although, the taste is not bad. However, it is not good that you would like to risk your health for it. You can mainly taste the salt, the base for a ranch flavour. The bag is 280 milligrams of sodium in only one serving of around 15 chips.

So you can imagine how salty it will be and what it will do to your health. Not only this, but upon arrival, you will receive all your chips shattered into hundreds of pieces. Why spend a reasonable amount of dollars to have it all in pieces? Not acceptable!

Monster Munch Pickled Onion

What is that weird eye on the packet? Looks so creepy. That big eye in the middle of a purple pack is will make you leave the Monster Munch Pickled Onion. Do you think kids would come near these? Not! They have this disgusting pickled onion flavour that only a few tastebuds like.

Many people do not enjoy these because of their taste. Just imagine putting red chilli over pickled onion, because that is how it tastes. Let us not forget the number of carbs and fats these chips have for you. It can give you nothing but a whopping amount of calories you can deposit in your calorie bank. Now it’s your call, take it or leave it!

Doritos Salsa Verde

Doritos Salsa Verde is not a very special or unique flavour here. It has a fancy name, but don’t get fooled by that. They come with many issues which we will discuss one by one. They taste nothing like authentic salsa. The Salsa Verde only has a few fans, and the rest would prefer other flavours of Doritos.

The ingredients list of Doritos will give you some actual depression. In short, there is nothing good about them. Nobody wants these. It is just a pack of blunders that Doritos has to offer.


As we wind up the chips tier list, we would like to leave a few ending remarks here. Chips are easy-to-eat snacks, available everywhere, and they taste excellent too. However, the primary purpose of such an article is to know what people have to say about different varieties of chips. One flavour might be loved by you while it will be hated by others

In short, that is what this categorization is about. It has ranked the chips from best to worst in terms of price, quality, and flavour. We hope you have liked what you read. Do share with your friends and family who would enjoy reading.

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