Chocolate Milk Tier List: All Popular Brands Ranked

Confused about which is the best flavored milk? No worries, this chocolate milk tier list has got your back.

Anyone who hasn’t tried the goodness of chocolate milk will be shocked to know that it’s one of the most satisfying beverages in existence. And while most of us love drinking it as a little treat on a hot day, others look forward to having some during breakfast in the morning or as a snack in the afternoon. Well, there are many chocolate milk brands, and in order to rank them all, go through our chocolate milk tier list and find the best ones.

Everyone loves chocolate in every form, be it a cake, brownie, other dessert, biscuits, solid, or liquid. Similarly, people love to drink chilled chocolate milk to refresh themselves with its goodness. Chilled thick creamy milkshakes and shakes are also a favorite drink for many summer parties. You can even make it yourself, but here though, we are specifically going to rank some of the best brands that produce the product for commercial sale. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 16 chocolate milks in the tier list.
  • We will rank all the chocolate milk brands according to their richness, sweetness, quality, and taste of the milk.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find chocolate milk brands like Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Whole Milk, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Whole Milk, Fairlife Chocolate Milk, and Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe chocolate milk brands like Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk, Hershey’s Chocolate Milk, Great Value Chocolate Milk, and Nesquik Chocolate Lowfat Milk.


We will rank all the chocolate milk brands in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Whole MilkYoo-hoo Chocolate DrinkHorizon Organic Low Fat Chocolate MilkKirkland Signature Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate MilkHershey's Chocolate Milk
Trader Joe's Chocolate Whole MilkOatly Oat Drink ChocolateWhole Foods 365 Chocolate MilkTruMoo Chocolate Whole MilkGreat Value Chocolate Milk
Fairlife Chocolate MilkRonnybrook Creamline Chocolate MilkSilk Chocolate SoymilkAlmond Breeze Chocolate AlmondmilkNesquik Chocolate Lowfat Milk
Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

chocolate milk tier list

In the S category of the chocolate milk tier list, I am going to place the top-tier chocolate-flavored milk brands. These are on the top of the list and most likes too.

Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Whole Milk

Have you ever had chocolate milk? It’s delicious. And I’m not talking about chocolate milk that is loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, and weird crap like that. I’m talking about the real stuff: chocolate milk made with whole milk, skim milk, and real cocoa powder. It’s not hard to find — it’s in almost every grocery store in America. But there is one brand of chocolate milk that stands out from all the rest — it’s called Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Whole Milk. 

It tastes just like a rich dark chocolate pudding, but in a glass. You’ll still get lots of calcium in your diet with Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Whole Milk

Owner National Dairy LLC
Place of Origin Floresville, Texas

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Whole Milk

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Whole Milk might sound weird to some, but there’s no denying how good it is. The reason why it stands out is because of its distinct, rich chocolate taste. It can be found at most grocery stores. So, If you’re looking for an indulgent way to start or end your day or just want something different, then go ahead and give the milk a try.

Owner Joe Coulombe
Place of Origin Northern Peru

Fairlife Chocolate Milk

Fairlife Chocolate Milk has been around for a long time and is still one of the most popular chocolate milk brands in America. When you’re looking for a delicious, nutritious, and chocolate-flavored product that is also low in fat, dairy, and cholesterol, Fairlife Chocolate Milk has everything you could want.

Fairlife is a very special brand of chocolate milk that’s got it all. It doesn’t contain cholesterol, trans fat, preservatives, or artificial flavors. If you’re worried about the calorie count, don’t be. Fairlife Chocolate Milk is lower in calories than most other chocolate milk brands. Still, it’s delicious and so satisfying that I never feel hungry after drinking it!

Owner The Coca-Cola Company
Place of Origin United States

Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk

Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk is another of the best chocolate milk brands on the market and will give your family freshness and taste. Moreover, this delicious chocolate milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D, iron, and other minerals and vitamins. It contains exactly 5 grams of sugar per serving, which makes it very low in sugar calories and high in protein.

Owner Northwest Dairy Association
Place of Origin Washington

A Tier


In the A rank of the chocolate milk tier list 2023, I am going to place yet more great brands.

Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink

The amazing fact about Yoo-hoo is that it is not chocolate milk in actuality. However, if you are now aware of this then you can not complain about it. Furthermore, people in the United States still include it in a range of flavored milk and love to have it. In order to enjoy its taste, ensure to drink it chilled otherwise it won’t be as good. Moreover, Yoo-hoo is not oversweetened which allows us to enjoy the rich chocolaty goodness.

Owner Keurig Dr Pepper
Place of Origin Garfield, New Jersey

Oatly Oat Drink Chocolate

Now, talking about the company in Sweden that makes everything out of oats named “Oatly”. It makes the best non-dairy chocolate milk in the world. One of the reasons for ranking it here is that it is a healthy yet tasty option. So, if you are craving healthy flavored milk then go for Oatly.

Owner Boncafe International Pte Ltd
Place of Origin ‎Sweden

Ronnybrook Creamline Chocolate Milk

The Ronnybrook Creamline Chocolate Milk has no artificial flavors or preservatives and has only milk, cream, and sugar. It has been manufactured using advanced technology with natural ingredients. It drinks like real chocolate milk with an authentic creamy taste that everyone loves to have.

Owner Ron and Rick Osofsky
Place of Origin Hudson Valley

B Tier


In this category, I am going to place the average chocolate-flavored milk brands.

Horizon Organic Low-Fat Chocolate Milk

For those of you who are looking for likable chocolate milk that meets the needs of your family and is also organic, look no further than Horizon Organic Low-Fat Chocolate Milk. It is one of the most popular and likable chocolate milk brands in the US. It is an organic chocolate milk with a short list of ingredients, that is high in protein and low in fats.

Furthermore, the taste is great and I find it very easy to drink (especially on those hot summer days). There are many organic chocolate milk brands on the market, but Horizon Organic Low-Fat Chocolate Milk has found a special place among my family and friends.

Owner Dean Foods
Place of Origin Boulder, Colorado

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Whole Foods 365 Chocolate Milk

Whole Foods 365 Chocolate Milk is one of the most likable chocolate milk brands in the United States. The company has provided us with various kinds of dairy and non-dairy products that are worth trying. As it is a low-fat chocolate milk so you might have to compromise related to its consistency however the taste is really good and having such a product can be an advantage as you will not have to face any nutritional issues.

It is one of the market leaders amongst their competitors and has some great products for people who want to consume dairy but don’t want to consume cow milk.

Owner Amazon
Place of Origin Austin, Texas

Silk Chocolate Soymilk

Silk Chocolate Soymilk is one of the likable chocolate milk brands in the US. The smooth and silky trait of the flavored milk grabs your attention and our taste buds find it tempting because of its quality. We have gone through different types of soymilks but none has given us exactly what we’re looking for. Although this particular drink might not be an original product, it gives a lot more to chocolate lovers who love drinking chocolate milk before or after their meal.

Owner Danone
Place of Origin America

C Tier


In this category of the chocolate milk tier list, I am going to place the below-average chocolate-flavored milk brands.

Kirkland Signature Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk

One problem with products like Silk Chocolate Soymilk is the texture. Because it is low-fat chocolate milk and not whole milk, there is significantly less creaminess to the product. The flavor of the chocolate itself certainly seems to have improved since I first reviewed the product, however, it still is not worth buying it again. It doesn’t taste as good as TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk and isn’t chocolaty enough to make up for the lack of creaminess in the other flavors available.

Owner Kirkland Signature
Place of Origin Seattle, WA

TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk

TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk is produced from whole milk, as the name suggests. The product is sufficiently thick and creamy chocolate milk. There is nothing wrong with the beverage’s texture. Henceforth, its texture is actually similar to that of every other chocolate milk on our list. Sadly, they are the only good things to say about TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk. It won’t take you long to understand what is seriously wrong if you consume some. Despite having the appearance of chocolate milk, the liquid tastes more like water. Furthermore, any chocolaty sweetness is entirely absent. You can taste it a little bit when it’s in your mouth.

Dean Foods
Place of Origin Dallas

Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk

For those who love chocolate milk and especially chocolate milk that has whole milk in it, TruMoo is the brand you need. TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk is a non-dairy version of chocolate milk that can survive the industry’s biggest test — chocolate milk in recipes.

While almond milk does have its fair share of fans, the fact that it lacks the same natural smoothness of texture as other varieties of non-dairy milk is the main reason it will likely never be quite as popular in comparison to other non-dairy alternatives. It’s not too thick and doesn’t have a strong flavor, but almond milk has no qualities which stand out as desirable in any way.

Owner California
Place of Origin South Africa

D Tier


In this final category, I am going to place the worst chocolate-flavored milk brands.

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Hershey’s Chocolate Milk

Hershey’s is renowned for being a pioneer of chocolate. They have a long history of producing some of the best chocolate goods on the planet. The term “Hershey’s” on the label nearly usually indicates that the product will be tasty. But surprisingly, their Chocolate Milk is an exception to the rule. The extra chocolaty flavor makes it less attractive.

Owner Hershey Trust Company
Place of Origin Pennsylvania

Great Value Chocolate Milk

You might be shocked by hearing that a product from Walmart brand is not good. I have always had a really good experience with Walmart products but trying great value chocolate milk was a whole lot of disappointment. Though, its texture, taste, creaminess everything is disappointing. Don’t waste your money buying and trying it.

Owner Wal-Mart Canada Corp
Place of Origin Canada

Nesquik Chocolate Lowfat Milk

Is it sugar milk or chocolate milk? The sweetness of Nesquik Chocolate Lowfat Milk is excessive. The item tastes like sugar milk rather than chocolate milk. Having a sweet drink when you were a kid was a delight. But now that you’re an adult and seeking rich, delectable chocolate milk, you’ll understand that the beverage might not be what you want.

Owner Nestlé
Place of Origin  Switzerland, France

To Sum Up

Yet again, there was a close race for our top choice as the best chocolate milk drink.  With that said, it is crucial to know where to find the greatest types of chocolate milk in your local supermarket and always read the labels. That way you can avoid buying lower rank products that are loaded with added sugar while allowing yourself to enjoy a high-quality product in the comfort of your own home.

There is no point denying that each and every chocolate milk brand is equally good in its own way. But the final judgment on which brand of chocolate milk that’s superior to the other will solely depend on the preferences, texture, and flavor of the drinker. Thus, one cannot expect to come out with the same conclusion after putting all these chocolate milk brands to the test.

What’s more, every bottle of chocolate milk has some kind of value that you can avail. That includes the flavor and nutritional value of its good cholesterol. Aside from that, these brands have always been more natural and organic than other drinkable things around. With this, you will gain a lot of convenience with its easy opening design on top without the need to use a knife, unlike other bottles.

Comparison Table

Milk BrandsTierOwnerPlace of Origin
Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Whole MilkSNational Dairy LLCFloresville, Texas
Trader Joe's Chocolate Whole MilkSJoe CoulombeNorthern Peru
Fairlife Chocolate MilkSThe Coca-Cola CompanyUnited States
Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate MilkSNorthwest Dairy AssociationWashington
Yoo-hoo Chocolate DrinkAKeurig Dr PepperGarfield, New Jersey
Oatly Oat Drink ChocolateABoncafe International Pte LtdSweden
Ronnybrook Creamline Chocolate MilkARon and Rick OsofskyRon and Rick Osofsky
Horizon Organic Low Fat Chocolate MilkBDean FoodsBoulder, Colorado
Whole Foods 365 Chocolate MilkBAmazonAustin, Texas
Silk Chocolate SoymilkBDanoneAmerica
Kirkland Signature Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate MilkCKirkland SignatureSeattle, WA
TruMoo Chocolate Whole MilkCDean FoodsDallas
Almond Breeze Chocolate AlmondmilkCCaliforniaSouth Africa
Hershey's Chocolate MilkDHershey Trust CompanyPennsylvania
Great Value Chocolate MilkDWal-Mart Canada CorpCanada
Nesquik Chocolate Lowfat MilkDNestlé Switzerland, France


A lot of things can turn out good until something bad appears. Just like these chocolate milk, they all differ in their taste and how they are made with different brands. Also, you might want wisely which brand could be safe for consumption by your family or yourself. After all, we have a lot of options to choose from among the helpful tips in selecting the best chocolate milk brands in stores. In any case, we assure you that there is a preferable one for everybody’s taste such as Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Milk and others.

However, I will repeat the fact that our chocolate milk tier list is based on personal opinions. But, as you know that opinions vary from person to person so there is no offense if you do not agree with any of the rankings. Furthermore, we are open to taking your feedback on these rankings so drop your arguments in the comment box below.