Conspiracy Theory Tier List: Biggest Conspiracies Ranked

Want a log on the best and worst conspiracy theories? The conspiracy theory tier list will grant an understanding of it all.

We have been surrounded by conspiracy theories our whole life. Not just scientific ones but also many other types of ideas that pollute our life and make them confusing. The purpose of a conspiracy theory stands unknown today, other than just covering up a huge event. Yet, we are here to enlist various conspiracies and rank them as we go down the conspiracy theory tier list. It will have you eager and standing on your toes, waiting for the next one.

It’s no wonder many weird phenomena have taken birth on Earth, and many theories have been postulated to provide meaning to them. Though, that’s not how it should work. Once you start laying your head inside the conspiracy world, you will find the roots of many diabolical events linking up to this point. So fasten your seatbelts and wear your helmet because you are going on a ride that will blow your brains out.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 15 conspiracy theories ranked in this tier list.
  • We will rank all the conspiracy theories according to their characteristics and truthfulness.
  • You will find the 9/11 attack, the JFK assassination, COVID’s relation to 5g, and the Moon landing in the highest tiers.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe Gay frogs, Barack Obama’s, Flat Earth, and Weather Weapons.


We will rank all the conspiracy theories in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
9/11 attack Moon landing Holocaust Birds keep tabs Flat Earth
JFK assassination Subliminal messages Radioactive testingAliens are real Barack Obama's birth
COVID's relation to 5g ChemtrailsPaul's death Weather weapons Gay frogs

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier 

best conspiracy theories
S Tier

A Special tier, or an S tier, is the topmost tier. Such conspiracy theories formulated by theorists are interesting and increase the intrigue of their people. When people start gaining knowledge about these theories, their minds start composing and connecting stuff, making them believe that these might be true.

These linkages have some proof and point out that many things are hidden from us. Today’s government tries to hide and cover up information that might terrify humanity. Once terror starts residing inside people’s hearts, havoc, and death prevail.

To avoid that, remote communities and government and military dig out ways to prevent these explanations to people’s masses. The characteristics that this S tiered conspiracy theories possess are facts and figures that promote and support them. If there are calculations that support a conspiracy theory, then many people start believing it.

9/11 attack 

Who doesn’t know about that tragic event at the World Trade Center? This grief-stricken moment tore out our hearts and planted conspiracies in people’s minds. This tragedy that took place on September 9th wrenched millions of spirits along with twisted their minds.

If you have been living under a rock all this while, let me recall it. Two planes crashed at the World trade center and resulted in many casualties. Many proofs exist that this event occurred as a terrorist attack led by Osama bin Laden.

But people need a place to put their minds, and they started implanting conspiracy theories regarding this matter. Some came up with the hypothesis that an inside acquaintance of George Bush was involved in this. Well, some had blamed it on the Israelis. Even some people dared to say that they were pre-implanted bombs in a beam that took down the whole twin tower.

This conspiracy theory is a part of the S tier because, although some of these conspiracies are twisted, they are still relatively close to the truth. Theorists formulated all these theories because people refused to admit that hijacked planes were invisible to the military.

They stand true to their cause; it does seem odd. But it could have been a mistake, or maybe some other incentive lies behind it. It’ll remain a mystery till the end of time. No proof to this day supports these theories, yet people are still hell-bent on their views. The conspiracies belief communities have strong faith in their approaches and are willing to spill blood to defend their beliefs; This is a very gory aspect, but it remains to this day. People will keep coming up with multiple things to support their critical thinking.

Origin 2001
Renowned Theories Suspected insider trading,  Air-defense stand-down theory, Alleged Communications Leak

JFK assassination 

Another tragedy, another conspiracy is born. Usually, people relate conspiracy theories to negative events. It might be a way for them to cope with their grief. They make up different scenarios on how a certain event might have happened. John f. Kennedy was the president of the USA. One sad day on November 22nd, he fell prey to an assassination by Lee Oswald.

Hearing his murder news blew many minds as it happened out of nowhere. Shock led to postulating a hypothesis. These hypotheses ended up as conspiracy theories. The main thing was the death of his shooter two days after this melancholy event.

More than half of the population of America refused to believe that their president’s death and his accused killer’s death could occur two days apart. They were sure this was a way of covering up a bigger incentive as the shooter’s killer was an Italian mafia head and an owner of an Italian casino. The most popular conspiracy is the CIA’s involvement as a recoil for the actions during the Bay of Pigs invasion.

People spread rumors that John F Kennedy’s brother was also concerned about the CIA. But later, he disregarded this incentive and moved on with his life, though he planted a seed in the heads of all conspiracy creators, including it in the topmost tier.

Another conspiracy theory that revolved around John F. Kennedy’s death was a plan of a mob or a mafia gang who intervened to make the deathbed of Kennedy. People heard another conspiracy that narrated that Lee Oswald was not the only shooter and spotted another shooter.

These conspiracy theories were compiled to plant obscene thoughts into people’s heads. Many people still believe these theories without taking an in-depth look into this matter.

Origin 1963
Renowned Theories New Orleans conspiracy, Cuban exiles, Shadow government conspiracy

COVID’s relation to 5g 

In today’s century, COVID is not novel, as we all have suffered through the pandemic. We saw destruction happening we all came across different theories trying to negotiate about the spread of this contagious disease. People had to lock themselves in their rooms and houses to protect themselves. But still, it caused mass deaths of people all over the globe.

They were sparing only a lucky few with immunity to resist all sorts of diseases. To digest this grotesque pandemic, people started throwing out ideas for this matter. They needed a reason to put a pin in, and they blamed their doctors, China, and even America for this disorder.

One of the most popular conspiracy theories attached to COVID was the connection of 5G technology. In 2020, 5G technology was a novelty, and companies made only a few devices. People didn’t know much about this technology and decided to blame it for the coronavirus’s spread.

They blamed the cell phone towers that affected and reduced the human body’s immunity and affected its immune system—making it more susceptible to diseases. This conspiracy theory is a part of the S tier because this is a recent event. Also, it has inarguable few facts.

Some conspiracy makers also argued that COVID was a way to reduce population. We all know that today’s world is prey to overpopulation, which has led to decreased resources and famines worldwide.

The starvation and the fear of death may have led the developed powerful countries to release a virus that would destroy humankind and send it to their end. But we can’t say anything about it, as it could also be a natural cause.

Origin 2020
Renowned Theories Microchip Conspiracy

A Tier 

second best theories
A Tier

The second tier of the conspiracy theory tier list is a tier that has conspiracy theories that are a little inferior to a group of topmost-tiered views. The character that drags it down to a lower level is a little inclusion of Hilarity. For example, as discussed below, why would the Moon’s landing be faked? What incentive could the US government have had through this initiative? Hence, we dragged this conspiracy theory into a lower tier.

Although it still has some facts and figures that support and protect it. The A tier has all qualities of an S tier, but some traits don’t allow an A-tiered theory to be up in the highest one.

Moon landing 

Today, America takes pride in bearing the first man who stepped foot on the Moon. It was a huge achievement that the world could have seen back in its day. Because back then, all people were suffering from low resources and few discoveries. Although people still believe that this huge event was just a hoax. Maybe this was a way for cowards to get an explanation that no one can step out of the Earth into space.

Today it doesn’t seem peculiar, as many new inventions have blown a person’s mind. But in the 1970s, people were not used to such novelty. People were used to living a simple life without knowledge of another country.

Many contradictions refuse this conspiracy theory. For one, Neil Armstrong brought back loads of rocks from the Moon. These rocks were researched and found to be extraterrestrial, not from the Earth; this is one reason why this conspiracy theory couldn’t spot a place in the S Tier.

Some people even said that they saw strings attached to America’s astronauts. These conspiracy theories offended all other astronauts and imposed that their accomplishment was nothing; This made the whole outlook quite bad.

The landing on Moon acts as a huge leap that traverses a huge space distance between Earth and Moon. We found the main incentive behind this theory: to win against the Russians, as they were also planning this step.

People also pointed out the flag’s waves, which were impossible in a vacuum, while it was rooted into the ground. NASA discarded it by saying that it was due to the flagpole’s movement, done by Arnold, that caused his flag to wave.

Origin Mid-1960’s
Renowned Theories Photographic and film oddities, Parkes Observatory transmission oddities

Subliminal messages 

As we know, today’s world is an enemy to humanity, and its teenagers are targeted to eradicate humankind. Whether it is through the spread of terror among people or just for an experimental basis. People have come up with conspiracy theories, along with facts supporting this. It was popular that all teenage movies had subliminal messages that made teenagers commit suicide.

Subliminal messages are those types of messages that are embedded into the subconscious without you even knowing it. It seems a bit intense, Right? This concern arose in the 1980s among Styx and Judas Priest. They were blamed and sued for Spreading subliminal messages.

This conspiracy theory is right on many levels, but some ideas also contradict it. There have been tested and affirmed proof of subliminal mental processing, and it has been made effective in many cases. Many advertising companies use this to urge viewers to buy their products.

It’s a cognitive assessment to indulge people in their movies or ads. It has remained effective in increasing output for the companies. It is in a tier because this conspiracy theory has a 50/50 ratio of truth.

People go to extreme lengths just to get their sales high. In the same way, people have used these messages for business. However, a conspiracy theory revolves around the fact that it has been used for teenagers’ suicide. It is immoral and uncivil on many levels. It should be eradicated if it is true.

Origin 1950
Renowned Theories Backward records hidden messages


What is a good airplane show? The feat and gait of a pilot’s plane and the way his plane cuts through air swinging its wings are mesmerizing. Even though one has to crane his neck up to catch a glimpse of this sight, it has never stopped people from going to such shows.

Though, people have also formed a conspiracy theory regarding this spectacle. They’re right because people believe that the government can’t do good for its people, but these conspiracy theories might make one laugh sometimes.

The feats are performed by a plane as well as by the smoky trail it leaves behind. These smoky trails are referred to as chemtrails. According to this theory, people believe these trails are a way to pollute the atmosphere with chemicals. These chemicals can harm people and nature.

It is a way to induce war among people and countries. The way people come up with this kind of stuff is extremely stunning because you need a high level of criticizing power to distinguish such factors. I would have never been able to do this.

It is a part of the top tiers because it can be true. When we look at the task nature of government and war being held. We can never say that the people of today’s world are docile. They are extremely wild and can take over anything just for the sake of war. They go by a rule that everything is fair in love and war. And by fear, they mean killing people utilizing their entertainment modes.

Origin 2014
Renowned Theories “Cloudbuster” device, Religious conversion experience

B Tier 

average theories ranked
B Tier

Let us move on to a mediocre tier. In this tier resides those conspiracy theories that are equally far from facts and far from the lie. They lie in between a line of reality and lie. They are not in the case of extreme ridicule and stupidity. Neither do they have the facts to support it to the maximum. Hence these conspiracy theories reside in the middle tier of our tier list.


If you are interested in the history of the world, then you must be familiar with Holocaust. It wasn’t even that took place between 1941 and 1945 when Adolf Hitler orchestrated a genocide mass killing of people across Europe. This genocide leads to a great hassle in history and among the people.

Today’s man refuses to believe that such an event took place. Mainly because they don’t think someone could be this cold and self-centered. You need to meet someone before you put your remarks about them. But Adolf Hitler is notorious for his actions.

Some care spare sees theory support that this Holocaust never even existed and is a fragment of fiction and fantasy. Some believe that special guest chambers were built and used to mass kill people. They refused to blame Hitler for this genocide and sought other ways to blame; this is how conspiracy theories are made.

These are a way of people trying to understand an incentive. Some of the views state that it is a way to gain sympathy and money for the Jewish people as they were the target of this ruthless behavior.

Origin 1945
Renowned Theories Holocaust denial, Auschwitz conspiracy theories,  Revisionist theories

Radioactive testing

Radioactive testing is a very deadly and morbid conspiracy theory that can shake your core and even your soul. The idea of dead bodies it’s quite terrifying. It was famous that a secret scientific lab used dead bodies for radioactive testing; societies used this in specific areas of the world.

It is quite immoral to use dead bodies as a way of testing. Even though healthcare institutions use dead bodies to know the inside anatomy, where functional testing harms all body cells, wild dissection only opens up a person in there closed again after study.

This is a part of the B tier of the conspiracy theory tier list because so it’s conspiracies should not be made. After all, they impose a psychological effect on the readers and the believers. However, after further research, researchers disclosed that agents used certain parts of the dead bodies for radioactive testing; This helped gain information on medicine regarding cancer and diagnosis.

Origin 2000
Renowned Theories The Tuskegee syphilis experiment, The Nevada Test Site, The “Radioactive Boy Scout”

Paul’s death  

If you are a music freak, you are familiar with The Beatles. The Beatles have released numerous albums and have performed world tours several times. However, a band member has suffered many controversies and conspiracy theories.

Several times, it has been said that Paul McCartney is not the old Paul. It seems a bit odd because why would someone make up a person? it can be for their fans, but still, it is a bit peculiar. Paul McCartney was believed to be dead in an accident of decapitation. Several people have witnessed this tragic event.

It is a part of the mediocre tier because this conspiracy states that the band found a look-alike of Paul McCartney, who also sounds exactly like him, and started to stage him during the tours. It is hilarious how the band could have found an exact look-alike with the same voice and accent.

And also, why would suck my ear be taken when they could have just announced that a band member had died in an accident of decapitation after a car struck him? People are going to be people, and they’re going to be come up with theories that are going to amaze the human mind about its extent.

Origin Late 1960’s
Renowned Theories Car accident and cover-up, Clues in album covers, Audio analysis

C Tier 

Conspiracy theory tier list
C Tier

Next is our second to the last tier of the tier list, and it has those conspiracy theories that are nearly ridiculous. The most hilarious one of a C-tiered conspiracy theory is this one that concerns birds.

As you can read in the next section how people believe that our world’s birds are just surveillance drones. And their main purpose is to keep tabs on civilians of states. They pointed their fingers at nature and made a theory that didn’t have as much evidence to support it.

Birds keep tabs 

One of the recent conspiracy theories was associated with the fact that birds aren’t real. The head of this conspiracy community was Peter McIndoe, who started ratting a theory that birds are the drones that work for The United States government.

Birds who have Been a part of living beings for centuries will be blamed for working for the United States. He gained a lot of following by spreading his beliefs in interviews and on social media. In no time, people were following him and supporting his conspiracy.

Although, some people started saying that this is an Extreme length of lunacy and poor mental health. But still, some believe that the US government wanted to keep tabs on their civilization. And hence they invented drones that kept surveillance over their people. This conspiracy theory started circulating everywhere in 2017. Gen Z was Fast in following this lunatic.

Origin 2017
Renowned Theories Drone Birds

Aliens are real 

We have heard much speculation regarding aliens. Some believe they are real, while other claims to have seen a UFO up in the air at night. These speculations have led to multiple conspiracy theories regarding Area 51 of Air Force Base, far from Las Vegas.

Theorists believe that the government has the remains of a UFO in their custody; this was led on after an interview with the Colonel, who stated that he was entrusted with materials out of this world.

Area 51 husband is the key House of many conspiracy theories. Some even said that this area had been used for the major purpose of time travel. It’s in human nature that if something is hidden from them, they try to seek out it or start speculating on different theories; this is in the C tier because this conspiracy theory is far from the truth. No sane man would believe these theories, although one might wonder if extraterrestrial life exists.

Origin 2019
Renowned Theories Roswell UFO incident, Area 51 and government cover-up, Men in Black, Alien abduction and experimentation

Weather weapons 

We all know how unpredictable the weather in our world has become. One day it’s all sunny and warm, and the next day out of nowhere huge tornado strikes and results in destruction. Conspiracy theorists have a say in this matter as well. They point out that our government has started controlling multiple things, including GPS and forecasts.

So the theorists are consistent that The world’s mysterious forces are not just about world wars or missiles. But they have so many things that they control. This theory was first pointed out by Alex Jones, who has many other outrageous discoveries and theories.

This theory is part of a C tier because people cannot control everything, some things are just in the hands of nature, and conspiracy theorists need to believe this. According to him, 15 year old Texas tornado was a way to eradicate humanity. Conspiracy theories are always stressing the fact that in this world, humankind has enemies among its people. Rich and powerful people have intentions to be at the world’s top.

Origin 2015
Renowned Theories Texas Tornado

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier

At last, we have our B tier, also considered the worst tier of our conspiracy theory tier list. The conspiracy theories under this tier are abysmal and have no evidence to support them. Some facts contradict these theories on a higher level.

A conspiracy theorist might be drunk when he postulated these and didn’t have much mind sense. Well, we shouldn’t point out everybody has their own beliefs and thinking. They might have had some level of knowledge to formulate these.

Flat Earth 

We are all familiar with two main groups our world is divided into regarding Earth’s shape. The scientific facts signal that our Earth is elliptical or round. While multiple conspiracy theories have different theories about this, they stated that their planet is far from round; it is flat. The people who believe this are referred to as flat earthers.

It was the Greeks who first pointed out that planet Earth is round. Even though we have pictorial proof of space through NASA, these people say these are unreal. There should not be doubt about scientific evidence about something, including laws of physics and dynamics being true, which is why it is part of the lowest tier.

Origin 1980’s
Renowned Theories The “Flat Earth Map”, The “Ice Wall”

Barack Obama’s birth

Have you heard of the black and white wars, how the white people think they are superior based on their color, which imposes beauty? Such illiterate thoughts should be frowned upon by society. This is the 21st century, and we have made many discoveries and looked inside our Earth’s center.

White people think that they are superior to blacks is immoral. As for the conspiracy theory, people believe that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States and should not have been its president. 

The white people could not digest that a black man would rule over them and impose rules—they tried to make up ways to make him leave their country’s government. Conspiracy theories started formulating theories that stated that he was born in Kenya, away from America.

If this were true, he would not have been made president. This racism is the basis of this conspiracy theory under this D tier. Racism should not be promoted, even if it is for the benefit of the USA. However, Barack Obama became one of the most applauded able state presidents.

Origin 2009
Renowned Theories “Obamagate”, Birther conspiracy theory, Muslim conspiracy theory

Gay frogs

This theory might be a hilarious theory that a person can conjure. Why would someone create an approach about frogs and point out that they are gay? Those people who just one chaos and havoc to rule this world. What effect would there be if frogs were gay? Other than the extinction of the species, they won’t have a colossal impact on human lives.

Conspiracy theorists pointed out that water in lakes and rivers Has specific chemicals that aim to turn the frogs gay. This theory stated that substances affect today’s people to turn into homosexuals to reduce overpopulation; theorists later moved on to frogs; this was also one of Alex Jones’s theories that he imposed. Due to his hilarious and stupid theories, he’s one of the most famous conspiracy theorists.

Origin 2010
Renowned Theories Atrazine pesticide effect

Comparison Table

TheoriesTiersOriginFamous Theory
9/11 attack S2001Air-defense stand-down theory
JFK assassination S1963New Orleans conspiracy
COVID's relation to 5g S2020Microchip Conspiracy
Moon landing A1965Parkes Observatory transmission oddities
Subliminal messages A1950Backward records hidden messages
ChemtrailsA2014“Cloudbuster” device
Holocaust B1945Revisionist theories
Radioactive testingB2000The “Radioactive Boy Scout”
Paul's death B1970Car accident and cover-up
Birds keep tabs C2017Drone Birds
Aliens are real C2019Roswell UFO incident
Weather weapons C2015Texas Tornado
Flat EarthD1980The “Ice Wall”
Barack Obama's birthD2009“Obamagate”
Gay frogsD2010Atrazine pesticide effect


We have allotted the conspiracy theories slots in multiple list tiers based on their characteristics and truthfulness. Conspiracy theory is created by theorists who have critical thinking and are required to link events.

They have to follow based on other approaches. Nowadays, conspiracy theories are increasing because people are gaining more knowledge regarding various things. The major purpose of this tier list was to identify and rank the conspiracy theories that pollute the world. People have their beliefs, and no one can alter them, but they should look at the facts and decide on their ideas.

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