Doritos Tier List: Top 25 Flavors RANKED

In Our Doritos Rankings, We Will Be Sorting The Top 25 Flavors Into Tiers.

This piece of writing is entirely for the people who do not like to snack on regular potato chips or nachos. So the Doritos gang, you are invited to sneak into our article as you will come to know which flavors are the most popular. Whether it is a movie night, video game night, or any fun night, Doritos are a must-have for these. In the article, the debate is much more than Nacho cheese and cool ranch as there are a plethora of flavors to munch on.

It is impossible that you to visit a retail store and don’t find Doritos and if it rarely happens then I am sure most of us step out of that store. Furthermore, These are great snacks for any party as you just have to pour it into a big bowl and now you can enjoy them with your friends. However, you might be wondering which would be the best flavor. No worries, I have got your back as by the end of our Doritos tier list 2022 you will have the answer to all your questions. Here I will not be ranking all the different types of Doritos on the market, but instead narrowing that number down to 25.

Key points

  • The article will not be ranking all flavors of Doritos, we will only go over the most popular ones.
  • We have a total of 25 entries on the list.
  • Among the highest tiers, you can find Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.
  • The lower tier contains flavors like Tasted Corn and Flamas.


I am ranking all Dorito flavors in a short table below so that it would be easier for you to find out the best ones.

Tier RanksDoritos
S Rank• Nacho Cheese
• Cool Ranch
• Simply Organic White Cheddar Cheese
• Salsa Verde
• Spicy Nacho
A Rank• Popin Jalapeno
• Supreme Cheddar
• Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings
• Guacamole
• Tapatío
B Rank• X-13D Flavor Experiment
• Dinamita Fiery Habanero
• Pizza Supreme
• Jumpin’ Jack Cheese
• Blaze & Ultimate Cheddar Collisions
C Rank• Dinamita Chile Limon
• Collisions Hot Wings Blue Cheese
• Blaze
• Sour Cream And Onion
• Taco
D Rank• Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch
• Black Pepper Jack
• Simply Organic White Cheddar
• Flamas
• Toasted Corn

Read on for more detailed explanations.

S Tier

Doritos Tier List
S Tier.

In the current category of the Doritos Flavors tier list, I am going to rank the most liked flavors. These are the ones that the majority loves to enjoy anywhere anytime. For instance, if someone sees these flavors then without bringing a second thought to his mind he will go for them. 

Nacho Cheese

Firstly, talking about the father of Doritos flavors, the Nacho Cheese. Undoubtedly, it is the one that is at the top of the game and the major reason for the successful position that these tortilla chips hold. It would not be wrong if I say that it is the leading flavor and other average ones on the list just add appeal with the passing time. 

In addition to that, the fact that makes it the most popular of all is a perfect blend of cheese. Moreover, the cheesy kick adds a next-level aroma to these fancy snacks. Not to brag, but it is the greatest flavor of all and I am sure that you will also agree with me. 

Cool Ranch

Talking about Cool Ranch, there is one really interesting fact related to it. If we consider the flavor in Doritos then it fits really well, however, in other brands it is not likable. You can not feel the absolute flavor of the ranch but yes there is a slight hint in every other bite. 

Spicy Sweet Chilli

This flavor of Doritos is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy tantalizing your taste buds. It is one of the most lovable Doritos flavors. Now, we understand the fact that why these tortilla chips are highly demanded by the majority of people, and the reason is their unique recipe for every other flavor. Moreover, spicy sweet chilli is more on the sweeter side so if you are one of those who prefer sweet over spicy then it is definitely for you. 

Salsa Verde

Welcoming all the spice lovers as these are the ones who can tolerate the hotness of the current flavor. If you have a weak tongue then make sure to stay away from all kinds of cold and carbonated drinks as these will enhance its spicy flavor. In addition to that, you will love having Salsa Verde crushed along with Tacos or Burrito bowl. Henceforth, do let me know in the comment box below that how you like it.

Spicy Nacho

If you are thinking that Spicy Nacho is too much spicy then you might be wrong. Recall the taste of Nacho cheese and then add a hint of spice to it, and that description is more than perfect for the Spicy Nachos. If you don’t have high spice tolerance then still you will love it because the spice in it is tolerable as a bit of twist is added to the original Doritos. 

A Tier

A Tier.

Now, in the A Rank of the Doritos tier list 2022 I am going to rank the best flavors of these American Tortilla chips. These are not as good as the ones you will find on the S tier but still the best. There might be a possibility that some of you find these equal to the above ones. But yes, the majority wins!

Popin Jalapeno

Another spicy Doritos flavor is making its way to the list. Popin Jalapeno was made when the brand decided to add the flavor of Jalapenos to the spicier version of Doritos. So, it is really appealing to people who don’t prefer sweet flavors. Moreover, these American tortilla chips have marked their success to a better level after the introduction of this flavor as people are finding it appetizing. 

Supreme Cheddar

If you are a cheese lover then Supreme Cheddar is solely made for you as a ridiculous amount of processed cheese is added to it. Furthermore, real cheese lovers always prefer a strong flavor of cheese that should be felt not only by their tongue but by their nose as well by smelling it. However, if you are not a cheese person then I doubt that you will like it or not. 

Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings

“Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wing”, doesn’t it sound interesting? It is a combination of different flavors ranging from ranch dip to hot buffalo wings. So, trust me, if you choose to have these with crunchy wings then their taste will amaze you for sure as it is finger-linkin’ good. Imagine having spicy hot wings with a ranch sauce, it would be nearly a perfect description of the flavor. 


Guacamole is truly a unique Dorito flavor as it makes the perfect combination with tortilla chips. If you are familiar with Guacomole’s taste then you can imagine how good it would be. However, if you haven’t tried this amazing flavor yet then I want to ask a question from you. And, the question is that how is it even possible? These are easily available online for those who don’t understand the value of buying them from the stores.


Your favorite Tapatio hot sauce is merged with your most demanded snacking chips Doritos. Now you can enjoy the flavor of both your favorites in one pack. Needless to say that Tapatio deserves a high rank for its originality. 

B Tier 

Doritos Tier List
B Tier.

Thirdly, we have the likable flavors of Doritos. These are the ones that one would not let go of and will definitely want to try out. Not only try but he or she can buy these to eat often if the above ones are not available or if they are bored with the current ones. 

X-13D Flavor Experiment

Introducing this flavor was a really cool idea which also became a source of massive sales. X-13D flavor experiment’s packaging was so suspicious. It contained a black wrapper with no ingredients written on it. The people have to guess the flavor on their own without a hint and that all happened back in 2007. Surprisingly, people loved the flavor and want to have it more. Furthermore, the actual taste was not disclosed till the end but most people guessed it as the flavor of a cheeseburger. Hopefully, Doritos will come up with some more mystery flavors and give us a chance to guess it. 

Dinamita Fiery Habanero

Next, we have the Dinamita Fiery Habanero whose advertisement was shown to make people believe that it is as hot as dynamite. You can guess by the name itself, but the flavor consists of a touch of hot habanero pepper. If you want to taste something different from the original Doritos then switching to these is a perfect idea. However, it is not one of a kind that can be included in the top 10 Doritos. 

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Pizza Supreme

Now, moving towards the flavor that gives your tastebuds double fun as its taste is a mixture of tortilla chips and pizza. The people who love both these things will surely want to have them again and again. Unfortunately, these were the limited edition Doritos so, if you are craving for these then the only way to get them is to order online. When chips brands like pringles introduced pizza flavor then it gained popularity so Doritos also decided to give it a try and succeeded in their plan.

Jumpin’ Jack Cheese

The name of the flavor is so interesting but the taste is not as good as the name. However, if you are a black pepper lover then it is probably going to be high on the list for you. But, what makes it good is the cheesy goodness that balances the flavor of pepper.

Blaze & Ultimate Cheddar Collisions

The current Dorito flavor is for people who love cheesy and spicy flavors. The blaze is enhancing its spicy side whereas the cheddar collisions is taking it to a more cheesy side. Therefore, it is a great combo that allows you to enjoy two great flavors in one pack. 

C Tier

C Tier.

In the C rank of the Doritos Flavors tier list, I am going to place the below-average flavors that you will not like too much but are somewhat okay. Let’s see which flavors made it to the C tier.

Dinamita Chile Limon

This flavor brought a distinctive shape but not all people find it interesting as Doritos are widely known for their shape. It is a blend of spicy and sour flavors. However, you should definitely give these a try. 

Collisions Hot Wings Blue Cheese

The collision flavor was specially created for buffalo wings lovers hoping that it would work well. Unfortunately, very few of them liked it. And, if you still like it then look for it in online stores as it is no longer available in physical ones.


You can guess that the Blaze Doritos get their name because of their spice level. The bad thing about them is that only spicy food lovers will be able to tolerate their heat However if you are a person who prefers mild spicy food then this is not made for you. However, Blaze is great for people who enjoy eating spices. Therefore, it is not made for everyone. 

Sour Cream And Onion

When sour cream and onion was originally launched, people loved the flavor. However, it was noticed that the majority of people are there who are not trying it or not buying it after purchasing it for the first time. Therefore, due to decreasing sales, the company decided to not place these on the shelves in marts. However, if someone wants these then they can look for the flavor online. 


Taco flavor was launched with the intent of adding a traditional taco flavor to tortilla chips. In addition to that, there were mixed reviews about its taste being similar to tacos. Here is a flavor that is neither too good nor too bad. 

D Tier

Doritos Tier List
D Tier.

Lastly, we have those flavors that are considered the worst relatively. However, you must give them a try, as who knows that you might like these. Apart from these, trying out new flavors is a fun task to do, whether it is tasty or not. Below are the worst flavors of the Doritos tier list 2022. 

Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch

The name of the flavor implies that it is a combination of Buffalo sauce and Ranch flavor, two different things that people really enjoy. But in reality, the Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch is simply not worth picking up, as the mixture is unappetizing at best.

Black Pepper Jack

The combination of black pepper and cheese is not very much interesting. The flavor was unable to gain popularity like other ones so the company decided to take it out of stores. However, there are many delicious flavors that you can find online if not available in stores. 

Simply Organic White Cheddar

Usually, people who love snack (especially Doritos), does not seek organic options. However, it gives a good taste of white cheddar cheese but is not as good as it should be. For instance, other Doritos flavors make you crave more. It is a blend of spicy and white cheddar cheese that is not a good one though. If you are seeking new flavors, then skipping simply organic white cheddar is not a big deal. In contrast to other flavors, it is a healthy one but not so appealing. 


Along with other spicy flavors, Flamas is also a very hot one. The packaging clearly defines its hotter taste. However, it can rank higher if the other spicy flavors were not as tasty as they are. Moreover, if the company will pay more attention to te flavor then there are chances for it to improve. 

Toasted Corn

There are extremely mixed reviews regarding toasted corn. For some people, it is the best while for others toasted corn is the worst. If we talk about its taste then it is slightly different from standard chips. 


Once again, this is not a ranking of all the different types of Doritos on the market. Ours is a Doritos Flavors tier list where we had the difficult task of ranking 25 of the most popular and commonly found favors, and so we had to taste all the flavors to give an honest review.

I have tried my best to provide valid and unbiased information to all the readers, but initially, I was a bit afraid and conscious while ranking these as I knew that my own personal biases would come through. But, then I thought that everyone has their own choice and opinions may vary from person to person. So, if you find something debatable then feel free to mention it in the comment box below as every writer on TopTierList welcomes your opinions. 

Hopefully, our article was helpful for you in terms of choosing the best flavor.