Electric Car Tier List: Top 15 Cars Ranked [2023]

We Will Be Ranking An Rating 15 Of The Top Electric Car Models In The World.

In this Electric Car Tier List, we will be talking about and ranking some of the most famous electric vehicles in the world. Looking at the market, you will see that every famous or emerging company is researching and focusing on electric vehicles. Numerous market analysts think that the threshold at which people will purchase more electric vehicles than diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles has already been reached.

Popular car manufacturing companies aim to stop selling gasoline-powered vehicles and sell only Evs. Jaguar is one of them, and the company has announced that after 2025, it will no longer manufacture diesel or petrol cars. Instead, it will only sell Evs. Many other firms like Jaguar plan on doing the same, but time will tell how the industry completely transforms.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 15 entries on the list.
  • The rankings are based on various factors such as range, price, availability, comfort, reliability, etc
  • Among the highest tiers, you can find cars like the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model 3, and Audi e-tron.
  • In the lowest ranks, you can find cars like the Tesla Model Y, Mini Cooper SE, Honda E, and Smart EQ ForTwo.


The table below shows all 15 electric cars placed into five tiers.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Tesla Model S
• Porsche Taycan
• Tesla Model 3
• Audi e-tron
• Jaguar I-Pace
• Nissan Leaf
• BMW I3
• Chevrolet Bolt
• Volkswagen ID.4
• Hyundai Kona Electric
• Kia Niro EV
• Tesla Model Y
• Mini Cooper SE
• Honda E
• Smart EQ ForTwo

To know more about these vehicles, read the article to the end.

S Tier

top-notch Evs
S Tier.

It is the first category of the Electric Type Tier List where you will find all the top-performing and outclass electric cars with almost no flaws. These vehicles have excellent built-in software and features, making the driving experience luxurious and comfortable. Let’s find out more about these Evs.

Tesla Model S

We all are familiar with Tesla, which makes excellent technological developments from electric cars to space shuttles to everything in. between. The Tesla Model S is one of the best electric cars in the world, with mind-blowing features and specifications. Its sleek design and state-of-the-art attributes make it the S Tier vehicle. The company began its manufacturing in 2012 and soon became a market. It witnessed excellent customer feedback, and people were highly impressed with the car’s superb range. Tesla Model S operates entirely on electricity and is a chargeable vehicle. Charging it just once can give you great mileage of up to 374 miles, which is exceptionally significant because no other electric car model gives you that. 

Moreover, the inside of the car is spacious and gives you plenty of space to enjoy a comfortable ride. In addition, the car also has modern security attributes, which ensures you get a safe and pleasant experience. The NHTSA has also given this model an excellent safety rating. Talking about its acceleration, the Model S has extraordinary speed and can accelerate in the blink of an eye. While manufacturing the car, the company uses only premium and high-quality parts. It means there is no compromise on the quality and safety of the car. Furthermore, the vehicle has an aerodynamic design which adds to its efficiency, and the overall design and shape give it an aesthetic look. Lastly, the vehicle comes with a built-in touchscreen display through which you can take complete control of the car, including the cameras that the car has. 

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Porsche Taycan

The next S-tier electric car on our list is the Porsche Taycan. It is a spectacular car that runs on batteries and has an impressive range. It has a minimalistic design that makes it aesthetically pleasing, and talking about its comfort level; it is perfect. Speed is one of Taycan’s top-notch features. In less than 3 seconds, the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour, a capability very few cars worldwide have. Moreover, users can charge this vehicle once and travel a long distance of over 220 miles. This feature of the Porsche Taycan is the reason it has been placed in the S tier, as the rest of the other models in the list cannot compete with it. 

Furthermore, to make the driving experience even more relaxing, premium, and enjoyable, the car has a beautiful sound system and a touch display through which you can control various functions, from lights to sound to camera movements and everything in between. In addition, previous electric car users gave this feedback that charging their very annoying vehicles takes a lot of time. Keeping that in mind, the Porsche Taycan can recharge its battery in mere 20 minutes that too from less than 6% to 80%, which is very efficient. Overall, the Porsche Taycan has excellent technologically advanced features thanks to the engineers who came up with brilliant concepts and software, great design and efficiency, and above all, a good choice for car enthusiasts who want a cool-looking car but have a comfortable driving experience as well. 

A Tier

Good Electric Vehicles
A Tier.

The second category, or the A tier, includes electric vehicles, which are excellent in performance and efficiency. However, if we compare them with S-tier Evs, we will know their performance is slightly lower. Following are the A class cars ranked according to the Electric Car Rank.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is the first A-tier electric car on the list. It has some great features and a few cons, so we have placed it in the A tier. As soon as Tesla launched the car in 2017, it quickly gained popularity among consumers, and Tesla’s sales skyrocketed. The vehicle has state-of-the-art technological features that give users a smooth driving experience and a good range which many people like. Because the vehicle runs on batteries instead of fuel, it is a favorite choice for people who want to save money and cut down fuel costs in the long run. In the short run, it might not be much effective because the price of the car is relatively high, making it unaffordable for many people. For those who can afford it, it is an excellent alternative to cars that run on gas, and this car can be a game-changer in the long run in terms of prices. 

If we look at the range of the Tesla Model 3, once you charge the car, you can cover more than 350 miles which is remarkable because not many electric cars in the market give you such an adequate range. Besides, it accelerates quickly and can go to 60 miles per hour in less than 6 seconds, exhilarating your driving. Moreover, the car has a built-in touch display through which you can control navigation and other vehicle features. With several good features, the vehicle also has several negative points. After using the Model 3, users complained that the build quality was not up to the mark. In other words, the company has not used premium materials in manufacturing the Model 3 like other models. Besides, the car is relatively compact, meaning it is not spacious and does not give you much room when you sit in it, making your driving experience less comfortable. Lastly, the price of the car is very high, and the ordinary person cannot afford it. Because of these three significant drawbacks, we have placed the Tesla Model 3 in the A tier.

Audi e-tron

The Audi e-tron is the next A-tier vehicle on this Electric Car tier list. The vehicle has impressive performance, and the latest technology makes it a top-notch SUV. Audi launched the e-tron in 2015, and it was a boom. It witnessed a significant number of customers, and people loved it because it is an excellent substitute for ordinary fuel-driven cars, which are not harmful to the environment due to the emission of harmful gases but are also costly when we look at the rising fuel prices worldwide. The major attraction of the E-tron is its beautiful interior. It is super comfortable and very spacious. The Audi e-tron is also considered an economical family car as it can fit up to five people. It has two built-in touch screens; one is for the driver, while the other is for entertainment and information purposes. The sizes of these screens are 12.4 and 10 inches, respectively. These screens are made using the best technological techniques. 

Moreover, the e-tron is excellent for long drives as it can give up around 220 miles when you charge it just once. Furthermore, its speed is great too. In other words, it can go from 0 to 60mph in approximately six seconds which is remarkable. Another essential safety feature of the Audi e-tron is its automatic braking in times of emergency and the warning signals it gives you when switching lanes. Key features include air suspension, which is not built-in, and cruise control options. With several unique characteristics, the car also has a few cons. Firstly, it is expensive, and not many people can afford it. Secondly, few charging stations are available to recharge the car’s battery, which can cause a problem. And lastly, users have complained that the e-tron does not have regenerative braking, which impacts its performance. Overall, the Audi e-tron is superb, but we have placed it in the A-tier because of some drawbacks. 

Jaguar I-Pace

The last A-tier electric car is the Jaguar I-Pace, a modern SUV with the latest technological features that give you a comfortable yet luxurious driving experience. The company launched the I-Pace in 2018 and witnessed a great customer response. It has a  large 12 inches built-in touchscreen display through which drivers can take control of the navigation and camera movements. The car has a 360-deg ee camera which can rotate or move in every direction giving drivers a great view of the surroundings. Moreover, the car has an impressive range; you can travel more than 250 miles when you charge it just once. The car’s acceleration can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in a mere four and a half seconds, and the car can reach an incredible speed of up to 124 miles per hour. The introductory price of the car, which was USD 70,000, was relatively high for the ordinary. Still, if we look at the overall market of electric vehicles, it is relatively reasonable and not too costly. 

Considering its beautiful features, the car has some flaws, so we have placed it in the A tier instead of the S tier. Firstly, taller people find themselves uncomfortable because the car does not have a lot of space for their heads. It might not be a big deal for an average person, but tall people feel uneasy. Moreover, some users have complained that the screen used for entertainment and information lags sometimes, and sometimes, it does not respond. 

B Tier

Above-average cars
B Tier.

Following the A tier, we have the B tier, where you will come across above-average electric vehicles with top-class performance levels. Still, they also have a few flaws, so their efficiency is lower than S and A-tier vehicles. Some of the B-tier Evs are described below.

Nissan Leaf

On the Electric Car Tier List, Nissan Leaf is the next famous electric vehicle with impressive efficiency and cool features. Nissan is a world-famous car manufacturing company that launched the Nissan Leaf for the first time in 2010, over a decade ago. At that time, it was considered among the pioneers of electric cars, and few EVs existed. With time, the company made improvements to it and introduced several models. It introduced the latest model in 2022. Nissan Leaf is known for its long-range, unmatchable, and great choice for long drives. It can cover a range of more than 140 miles if you charge it once. It is also an economical alternative to fuel-based cars, which we use daily. Safety-wise, the vehicle is epic, having an automatic braking system and the warning signals you get when switching lanes. These features add to its reliability. Besides, it can accelerate to 60mph in under 8 seconds, showing epic acceleration. Moreover, the company has improved the vehicle’s battery capacity, and the newest version has a 40kwh capacity, which is way more significant than its predecessors. 

As we discussed, the car’s advantages also have specific cons, so we have placed it in the B tier. Firstly, its range is not as good as other variants in the market. Secondly, the digital screen that the car has, which consumers use for entertainment and information, can sometimes be unresponsive. Users have also reported that it lags, which can be annoying. Another problem that can arise for first-time EV users is the regenerative braking system. In addition, the car’s price is beyond an ordinary person’s affordability range, another drawback. Lastly, the car’s back seats do not thoroughly fold flat, making it challenging for people to fit in the big stuff. 


The BMW I3 is a reliable electric vehicle with impressive specifications. It comes with a built-in high-definition back camera, which gives you a complete and clear view of the surroundings making it easy to park your car in a compact space. A vital feature of the BMW I3 is its impressive performance levels, which are not impacted even if the car moves with high acceleration. The seats are cozy and comfortable, giving you a fun driving experience. The vehicle is suitable for families as it is spacious and can easily fit four to five adults. Talking about the car’s braking system is made flawless with the help of expert engineers. If we talk about the battery consumption of the car, it is pretty low compared to other EVs in the market, i.e., 18kwh during cold temperatures and 14kwh during hot months. 

Even though the car has many excellent features, it has some significant drawbacks. First of all, the range and suspension of the car are not that good, making it unsuitable for long drives. Moreover, it does not have a five-star rating from NCAP, which means that safety-wise, it has some concerns. In addition, the car is costly and has high maintenance and repair costs, especially if the carbon components get faulty. Lastly, the car makes a lot of sounds when moving with great acceleration, which cannot be very pleasant. The company also has not made any critical improvements in its mobile application. 

Chevrolet Bolt

The last B-tier EV on the list is the Chevrolet Bolt, launched in 2022 and is an excellent electric vehicle with an impressive range and, price-wise, is excellent too. The car has various vital specifications, including its modern and sleek design, advanced sound system, and good efficiency. If we talk about the comfort levels of the Chevrolet Bolt, users have given five out of five ratings because the car seats are very comfortable even during long drives, giving you an exciting and luxurious experience. Moreover, the car is easy to handle and accelerates well. In addition, if you charge the car just once, you can cover long distances of up to 260 miles, thanks to its impressive range. Readers should also note that the charging cord of the newest model has been improved, so if you want to charge your car on regular 240 volts, you can easily do that from your home. Furthermore, the infotainment 10 inches screen in the car is also very cool, allowing drivers to control different features easily. 

Despite having many advantages, the Chevrolet Bolt has several flaws, so it has been placed in the B tier. The first drawback is that not all versions of the Chevrolet Bolt come with the Super Cruise option, making it less attractive to buyers. Secondly, the company has also made compromises on safety in that most of the safety options are pricy, and users have to pay for them to get them in their car. One includes the adaptive cruise control option, which is not free. This feature is a basic one that almost all new cars have. Another drawback is the power socket for 240 volts which some houses may not have, which could be an issue. Lastly, if we compare it with Tesla cars with several entertainment options, the Chevrolet Bolt has only a few. 

C Tier

Electric Car Tier List
C Tier.

The second last category is the C tier, which includes all those electric cars with no extraordinary features and are average. These cars do have a couple of valuable features, but if we look at their overall performance, they are just average. Let’s take a look at these Evs. 

Volkswagen ID.4

There are a lot of famous electric cars in the world that are not as good as advertised. They might have a few advantages, but if we look at their overall performance, we know they are not extraordinary. Instead, they are average. The Volkswagen ID.4 is one of them. It is a spacious car, ideal for families, as it can easily fit four to five adults and has excellent safety measures. According to Euro NCAP, it has received five stars, meaning the company has made no compromises on the car’s safety. But that is all this car has got. There are many issues with the car. The first one is the number of remotes to operate the four windows in the car. There are merely a few remotes, making operating the windows at the back uneasy.

Moreover, users have reported that the car’s navigation system is outdated or has significant flaws because it cannot detect charging stations. Here, they are not talking about the new charging stations but the existing ones, which the car’s navigation system fails to identify. In addition, the voice assistant in the car also needs significant improvements as it sometimes fails to listen to comprehend even fundamental phrases. Another issue the customers highlighted was that there were no conventional buttons on the car’s steering wheels. Only touch buttons can stop working for different reasons, and the car cannot reach incredible speeds. The car has a maximum speed of 160km per hour, and it cannot go beyond that, which can be a drawback. Due to all these negative points, we have decided to place the Volkswagen ID.4 in the C tier. 

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Hyundai Kona Electric

The next C-tier electric car on our list is the Hyundai Kona Electric, an affordable electric vehicle with several cons that make it just an average vehicle. The car has comfortable seats, which gives you a great driving experience, along with the cooling and heating technology which you warm in winter and cool in summer. Besides, it is impressive if we analyze the car’s build-up quality as high-quality components have been used to manufacture the vehicle. In addition, the car’s steering wheel also has a heat sensor which is helpful during winter as it prevents your hands and fingers from getting frozen. Moreover, the battery consumption is relatively low, which adds to its performance. 

However, the vehicle also has several drawbacks. Firstly, the car is a little compact and does not provide enough room for your legs, sometimes making it uncomfortable. Secondly, the trunk of the car is not spacious either. It means you will find it hard to fit your baggage if you go on a trip. Lastly, the overall design of the car is not that good-looking. Many other Evs in the market has all these features and an aesthetically pleasing look. Due to all these negative points, we have placed the Hyundai Kona Electric in the C-tier. 

Kia Niro EV

Kia Niro EV is the next electric car on our list, which Kia Motors introduced in 2022, and is an affordable car, especially good for families. Given its price range, the car is excellent. Otherwise, it is not extraordinary, and other better models are available. The Kia Niro Ev has several conventional buttons which allow you to control different features of the car. It is also spacious, and four to five adults can easily fit in it.

Moreover, thanks to its excellent dynamics, you can easily do overtaking with this car. Besides, it has safety features ensure a safe journey, and its suspension is also good. With these features, the car has several disadvantages, making it an average vehicle. Charging is essential in electric cars; users find those cars very irritating and take much time to charge. There are electric cars available in the market which takes less than 25 mins to charge from 5% to 80%, but the Kia Niro takes over 40 mins to charge to the same point. The Kia Niro Ev is one of those cars because it charges slowly, which is annoying and wastes time. In addition, there are also transaction issues with the car. 

Tesla Model Y

The third and last C-category electric car on our list is the Tesla Model Y which is an excellent car with some cool features like the driver assistance system, but it is not as good as other models in the market, given its high price. The car has modern technological features, which make driving an exciting experience. Regarding handling, it is super convenient and easy and has a great range. If you charge it once, you can cover a long distance of over 320 miles, which makes it an efficient vehicle for long-distance trips and adventures. 

Despite its unique features, the car also has significant drawbacks, which mask its excellent features and make it an average EV. Firstly, the car is not spacious and not recommended for large families. The vehicle can accommodate up to four people, which could be a problem for families with more than four members. Besides, it does not have a lot of luggage space either, which is another drawback. Furthermore, the vehicle is costly, and because all of its key features are controlled by the built-in touch display, it could be a problem if in case there is malware, and the screen stops responding. Due to these drawbacks, we have included the Tesla Model Y in the C rank of our Electric Type Tier List

D Tier

Worst Electric Vehicles
D Tier.

It is the bottom-most category which consists of electric vehicles that are useless. These vehicles do not have any outstanding features and have many drawbacks, because of which users highly dislike them. Following are the D-tier Evs. Let’s know more about them. 

Mini Cooper SE

There are several popular cars in the world which operate on batteries. However, not all of them are good. Some are useless and do not serve any purpose. They might have a couple of advantages, but if we look at their overall performance, they are below average, and the Mini Cooper SE is one of them. The vehicle may be suitable for single people or a married couple, but it is not recommended for families because it is compact.

Moreover, you cannot go on long drives in this car as it has low mileage, and you may end up without charge in the middle of nowhere. Besides, the price of the Mini Cooper SE is quite a lot compared to other electric cars available in the market. In addition, the concept of electric cars is still developing, and few places have electric charging stations. The vehicle has a low range and few charging stations, which could create severe problems for you. Furthermore, the Mini Cooper SE is not available worldwide. The company needs to speed up its manufacturing so that more people can buy it because, currently, it is available only in a few countries. Because of all these reasons, we have placed it in the D tier. 

Honda E

It is a compact car with some good features but is not worth buying, so we have placed it in the D tier. There are several drawbacks associated with the vehicle. First of all, the price of the car is too high for the ordinary person who would want to switch to an electric car. Secondly, the range of the car is not good either. If you charge it once, you can cover just over 130 miles. It is suitable for small distances but terrible for long drives. Moreover, if we look at its performance, its below average compared to other electric cars available in the market. Because the car is not spacious, it is not suitable for families and has insufficient space for luggage, which is another negative point. 

In addition, the Honda E is only available in the European market, so not many people from different countries can buy it. Honda E has a small battery which increases its consumption and decreases its range, and car enthusiasts should also note that you won’t find a heat pump in the car, which is its major drawback. Due to these reasons, we have placed it in the D tier. 

Smart EQ ForTwo

The last electric car on our list is the Smart EQ FortwoAs the name suggests, it is an electric car designed only for two people. It was introduced in 2020 and gained popularity because of its cute and compact design. The car does not have many features apart from the built-in touchscreen by which you can control some of the car’s features and the environment-friendly factor, meaning that the car does not run on gasoline. It runs on batteries. Besides, the vehicle has several flaws. Firstly, its size makes it unsuitable for families or even a group of friends because you can’t fit more than two people in the car.

In addition, the car does not give you a good range, which means it is unsuitable for long-distance travel. If we consider its range, it is deplorable. The car can cover a range of fewer than 90 miles if you fully charge it once. Better models are available in the market, giving you a great range at the same price. Furthermore, the car takes a lot of time to charge, which can be annoying. Lastly, if we look at the build quality, the company has not used premium components which makes it less safe, and users also reported problems with the car’s suspension which is very stiff. Because of all these reasons, we have decided to place the Smart EQ Fortwo in the D tier.


Electric cars are the future, and many tech giants are competing against one another to develop the best-ever electric car model, which will make their companies reach new heights of success. In the Electric Car Tier List 2023 above, we have ranked 15 of the world’s most famous electric cars based on their performance, price, range, and several other factors.

Now you know which Evs are good and which are useless with high price tags. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, and if you have any suggestions or want to give us feedback, we would appreciate that. You can let us know in the comment section, and we shall look at it.