Fruit Tier List: Best Fruits Ranked (2022)

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Fruits are versatile. They can be turned into anything. If you like smoothies, make them with a blend of yummy and juicy fruits; if you like ice cream, turn that mango milkshake into nice cubes of delicious mango ice cream; if you wish to lose weight, then fruits can help you with that as well. Everyone has loved fruits since the beginning of humankind for their health benefits. Fruits are available in abundance worldwide, and there is a variety of them.

 But, then, there comes individuals’ liking and dislikes about fruits. Some will like a banana, but some will hate it to death. The primary purpose of setting up a discussion on a fruit tier list is to make a list of an individual’s likes and dislikes, preferences, and set of choices when it comes to fruits.

tier list is used to get an accumulated opinion about a specific fruit. Our tier list has different categories that range from best to worst. For example, the best fruits are ranked in our S-tier and rest go to our D-tier. 

Many readers might be on one page as us, as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, it is essential to keep in mind that our tier list is entirely subjective. It is not necessary that everyone would like a banana. 

BENEFITS of fruits

Fruits have a lot of benefits, just to keep it short we have added a few in the paragraphs below.

Source of nutrients

There is no doubt in this that fruits are a major source of nutrients. You cannot imagine a life without fruits in it. Nutrients such as copper, potassium, iron, and vitamins are all highly important for the normal functioning of the human body.

Low sodium content

It’s a myth that fruits are high in sodium. They are not! Fruits contain little to no amount of sodium. No matter how much you munch on them, you will not add sodium to your body for sure.


Fruits are versatile in nature. No matter if they are canned, frozen, fresh, or processed, they are nutritious in every way. Want a quick snack? Cut a bowl of delicious fruits for you and have the needed energy throughout your day. 

They complement everything whether cakes, salads, pancakes, or juices. They are a true lifesaver!

Convenient and easy to eat

If there could be something super easy to eat on the planet, it would be fruits. Just peel off its right and eat right out of hand. Plus, they can be found everywhere.


Fruits are always affordable. Seasonal fruits can be however a bit expensive such as rambutan, lychees, and dragon fruit. However, fruits that can be found all year round such as bananas, guavas, apples, and grapes are very affordable.

Protection against diseases

If you wish to stay away from all the deadly diseases out there, make sure you add fruits to your diet. Fruits are beneficial in fighting off diseases such as cancer. They are a gateway for maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle. 


Hey, before we get straight into our fruit tier list, we would like to give you a few head-ups. First of all, our tier list is wholly based on our judgment and our research online about different fruits. 

Their benefits are analyzed carefully, and rankings are made. In short, it is what we say. Secondly, you can differ with us regarding our tier list. What you might not like, everybody likes.

Hence, the tier list has a very subjective nature.

FRUIT tier list

Out tier list has ranked different fruits based on their attributes. The main reason behind this tier list is to provide accurate judgments about other fruits. It will help to answer questions such as:

Why is a fruit ranked in our S-tier?

Why is a fruit rated as the most unhealthy fruit?

Why is a fruit called an average fruit?

Our rankings have answers to all of these questions.

CRITERIA for ranking

Like all other tier lists on our website, our fruit tier list also comes with some criteria. These criteria have certain factors that will be sued as grounds for ranking different fruits.

The criteria include:

  • Health benefits.
  • Availability.
  • Price.
  • Taste.
  • Texture. 

Different fruits will be judged on these. Those that have all of these attributes will be ranked in our S-tier. Fruits that lack all of these factors will be dropped into our D-tier. Additionally, others would be ranked in descending order in A, B, and C tiers. 

S Tier

fruit tier list
Best fruits ever

Many people love S-tier fruits. They are readily available, full of flavor, and pulpy. These fruits are so good that we do not blame people for loving them. They are ranked as extremely “finest” fruits, and no one can say no to them.

Not only this, the health benefits that they offer are exceptional. Having rich colors and smooth texture, these fruits can quickly satisfy your sugar yearnings without adding much to your calorie count.


No doubt why apples are ranked as the best fruit. Apples are packed with a bunch of different nutrients that not help in weight loss but also keep you fit and healthy. So when doctors say,” an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” they say it right! Apple’s water content is generous, which is why apples are so good for weight loss.

Apple is available in red, green, and yellow colors. You do not have to look a lot to hunt a perfect bunch of lovely apples because they can be spotted everywhere. Go to a supermarket or a street store; see beautiful apples staring at you.

Not just this, apples are versatile. If you do not like to eat them raw, turn them into a delicious jar of jam. Still not happy? Squeeze them into a glass of perfect golden juice. It is not disturbing at all; it’s shiny and smooth with rich colors.

You would be shocked to know that apples are super-cheap to buy. You can afford a pack two to three times a month. We now understand why it is ranked as an extremely popular fruit. We don’t blame them. Deserves our S-tier.


We do not think there would be anyone who would mind a nice and juicy pineapple on the go. Well, we will judge you when it comes to a pineapple pizza. It is disgusting tho. Pineapple has made it to our S-category fruit tier list for its numerous benefits to its lovers.

They are not only tasty and fun to eat, but their water content is also relatively high. Enough to help you on your weight loss journey. Do not confuse a pineapple’s sweetness with the calories they are packed with. Their calorie count is low, and will not add much to your calorie bucket, so don’t worry.

A bowl full of pre-cubed cold pineapple is what you are missing right now. They are available worldwide, so get yours, and bless your taste buds. One pineapple is enough for 15 days and will easily last in your fridge. Throw pineapple cubes in salads, make smoothies or eat them raw; they will not disappoint you. Pineapple perfectly represents the juiciness, taste, and versatility that you would expect from citrus fruit.


Banana is also known as the “mood-fixer.” So next time you get mood swings, do munch on a banana. This fruit has nothing but goodness. It will not disappoint anyone in the world ever unless you step on its peel.

We can’t guarantee you the number of injections you would get then. First, however, let’s discuss its good factors and what makes it so unique that people have added it to our S-tier.

Bananas are irreplaceable. They are sweet, mushy, and soft, like a freshly baked vanilla cake. One best thing about them is that you can eat as much as you want, but your calorie count will not affect you. They are a perfect example of sweet but healthy fruits. Colored in bright yellow paint, bananas have a smooth texture. Just peel off its skin, and you are good to go.

They are versatile and can be turned into anything. One famous form of food is a banana milkshake with some nice caramel. Yum! Healthy and delicious at the same time. Bananas are known as energy banks, one banana in the morning would be enough to keep you going. We also will not mind some hot and delicious banana pancakes for the breakie.


How can we miss a mango? It has to be here. If there could be one reason for mango to be in S-tier is its taste. And that is why mango is one universal favorite fruit of people. Ask anyone, and the first fruit they will tell you is a mango. Wish we could be mangoes as well. Sigh!

If you talk about mango’s nutritional benefits, then it is unbeatable.  minerals, vitamins, and fibers in mango are enough to keep you going. In addition, it is a powerful fruit and can be digested easily. Not just this, mango can be turned into anything, such as smoothies, custards, jellies, jam, and ice cream.

Mango comes in three colors, i.e., green, red, and bright yellow. Each of these varieties has its uses and specifications. And you know what? You no longer have to wait for a seasonal shift to enjoy the mangoes. Each type is available throughout the year.


S-tier is incomplete without discussing an extremely delicious fruit, the blueberries. Blueberries belong to the family of berries, with other members, such as raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Blueberries are known as the” super-food.”

This fruit will not add much to your calorie bank; it is excellent for weight loss. In addition, blueberries contain many vitamins and minerals to help you lead a healthy and fit life.

Another reason for adding them to our S-tier is that blueberries are available everywhere. Almost every local fruit store has a box of delicious, juicy blueberries. They are fun to eat; just keep throwing them one by one in your mouth and blessing your taste buds. Blueberry ice-creams are great too! Give it a try.

A Tier

fruit tier list
Good fruits

 A-tier fruits are ranked “good” on our fruit tier list. They are sweet, juicy, and beneficial for health. Not just this, these fruits can be found almost everywhere in abundance.

Loved by people, these fruits can make a bowl of colorful salad. These fruits are famous for their juices and can be mixed with other fruits. They are not as much liked as our S-tier, but they are still better than the tiers below them.


Hard on the outside but beautiful on the inside. Pomegranate is eaten worldwide. Pomegranate’s tiny seeds are covered with a blanket of flesh that is juicy and full of taste.

Pomegranate has several benefits, from helping with weight loss to improving skin complexion and blood circulation. In addition, one pomegranate a day is enough to keep the iron balance in your body at its optimal level.

Pomegranate can be used in juices, salads, and cakes. By now, you would be wondering if it is so perfect, then why is it not added to our S-tier? Its reason is the labor used when cutting and cleaning a pomegranate to extract its seeds.

Its seeds are tiny; mostly, they pop out like a ping pong ball. You would not even notice where they disappear. And due to this, many people give up on the idea of eating fruit raw. Instead, they would get themselves s glass of fresh juice.


Lychee is yet another amazing and refreshing fruit on our A-tier. Lychees are rare, they show us their faces once a year. You might find them in supermarkets all year round but we do not guarantee their taste and freshness.

Lychee is packed with several nutrients. It is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and several polyphenols. Lychee also carries anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties hence making it a perfect choice for a healthy diet.

Lychee tastes good and is fun to eat. It is filled with yummy juice and is super-easy to peel. However, lychee is not a common fruit and therefore not a favorite fruit of some people.


Rambutan would have been ranked in our S-tier only if it was available everywhere. Rambutan belongs to the lychee family and tastes similar to that. It is delicious, juicy, and fun to eat.

Rambutan is worth a try if you have never tasted one. Rambutan is a tree that produces fruits. These fruits are round in shape with leathery skin covered with hair-like spines.

Rambutan seeds are roasted in the Philippines and consumed as a snack. The fruit is eaten right out of its skin. They can be found in markets in cans as well.

Apart from this, Rambutan has a lot of health benefits as well. It contains a good amount of vitamin C, copper, and potassium all contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Having said that, Rambutan is one of the most underrated fruit in our opinion.


Hey! Do not be shocked if you have Olives on our fruit tier list. Olive is a fruit that is found on olive trees. However, many people still consume olive as a vegetable.

We all know how healthy olives are. Olive is a rich source of vitamin E, copper, and monosaturated fat known as oleic acid. In addition to this, olive also contains plant polyphenols known as oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and quercetin.

Olives can be added to various salads. They are a staple breakfast item. Olives do a great job in weight loss as well.

However, olives are a bit expensive and not everyone is a fan of olives.


Want to munch on a healthy snack? Well, you cannot opt for any better option than a ripe peach. Peaches are juicy, have rich colors, and are worth every bite. In addition, the stoned fruit is packed with various nutrients that can be highly beneficial for the human body, especially for weight loss.

Peaches are easy to eat; all you have to do is to take out the stone. The skin is delicious; the pulp is full of flavor and trill. Juice the pulp, and drink it for breakfast; it will be enough to provide the needed dose of energy.

Peaches can be found everywhere. They are not that costly as well, pretty much budget-friendly. However, adding them to the A-tier is people’s preferences regarding peaches. Not every taste bud is found in beauty. A selected group of people would like to have peaches daily.


Next up on the fruit tier list we have strawberries. We do not think there would be anyone who would mind a bunch of lovely ripped strawberries. They are eaten by a lot of people all over the world. Strawberries can be turned into anything, such as jams, cakes, shakes, juices, and candies. Even coca-cola has its strawberry variant now.

A strawberry’s dark, deep, and rich red color is an absolute treat to the eyes. It is simple to eat and is available almost everywhere. However, strawberries have their season, so you might have to wait for it. Processed strawberries are available in many supermarkets, but that will not give you the taste your taste buds would crave. You can get the imported variety of it, but again it will burden your pocket.


Winters are incomplete without juicy, pulpy, and colorful oranges. Orange is known as the “king” of citrus fruits. It is one of the most eaten citrus fruit, among many others. Orange can be turned into a variety of other things, such as orange ice cream, jam, candy, and our favorite orange juice. Nothing more refreshing than orange juice in the world, with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon.

Orange has a bright and rich orange color and thick skin on it. It is super easy to peel off. You would be surprised to know that even the skin of orange has numerous health benefits. Orange juice is highly beneficial for weight loss, and it is also great in helping improve the complexion.

However, the reason for adding oranges to our A-tier is their availability Authentic oranges are only available in a specific season, which is different for every region.


Grapes are versatile. They are famous worldwide in different forms, such as dried grapes, a glass of fresh grape juice, and fresh grapes. They taste fantastic in all of these forms. A handful of tiny and juicy grapes are enough to keep you going throughout the day. People can easily add grapes into their daily diet because they are available all year round and are super cheap.

Grapes, whether sour or sweet, red or green, taste amazing. Their nutritional value is enough to help you in your weight loss journey. Their calorie count is low and will not pour much sugar into your body. Also, your kids will love a bunch of grapes for lunch. The squirt of juice after one bite adds a thrill to your whole eating experience.

However, those grapes that come with big seeds can make the thrill level go down. Rest, grapes are irreplaceable!

B Tier

B-tier of fruits
Average fruits

B-tier fruits are ranked as ” mediocre or average” on our fruit tier list. They have nothing too special to love them a lot and nothing too wrong to hate them to death. B-tier fruits lie in the middle of two extremes. They have nutritional benefits and can keep you healthy.

However, they can sometimes be boring to eat. The real thrill and excitement are missing in these fruits. Not so popular, these fruits can satisfy your hunger but will not impress your tastebuds.


Wants to stay protected from stress and anxiety? Then you should add blackberries to your diet. It contains phytonutrients, known for maintaining a healthy chemical in the brain. Blackberries belong to the berry family, they are available in deep black color, and a bunch of blackberries will not do any harm.

Blackberries have a sweet taste. However, the seeds can sometimes irritate. The seeds can get stuck into your teeth, and your whole experience can be destroyed in seconds. Guess that is one of the major factors why people avoid eating blackberries. In addition to this, overeating them can also add to your calorie bank.

They are easy to eat and are available almost everywhere. Blackberry jams taste good too. However, blackberries are not as popular as compared to their other cousins. For example, strawberries and raspberries are more famous and loved by people.


Grapefruit belongs to the citrus family. You can call it the big brother of an orange. Grapefruits are found almost found worldwide.

Ranking grapefruit in our B-tier has certain reasons. First of all, grapefruit is packed with many nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, and beta carotene. Due to this, we encourage you to consume grapefruit.

Having said that, grapefruits are also not that much liked by people worldwide. They taste somewhat bitter due to the presence of a chemical known as naringin. Secondly, they are not that juicy either in comparison with an orange.

Since a grapefruit has both good and bad factors to it. Therefore, it truly deserved to be ranked in our B-tier.


Guava is great. It has the right taste and texture, making anyone love this fruit. But not many people are a fan of guava; I guess there might be some solid reasons for that. Guava is known as one of the most fragrant fruit.

If you keep them in your room, your whole room will smell like guava. Even after eating one, your breath will stink. And that is one of the primary reasons why people avoid this fruit. However, the taste is excellent; it’s sweet and flavorful.

Guava juice tastes fantastic, and you will not mind some freshly cut guava cubes in your fruit bowl. However, the seeds might get stuck in your teeth and irritate you like anything. So, you see? Nothing too wrong or too good about this fruit. It is popular, yet not that favorite. The higher tiers can easily replace it.


The following fruit in the B-category fruit tier list is a pear. Pear often gets misunderstood with apples. They both taste pretty similar.

If you eat unripened pears, then you cannot have anything plainer than that in your life. In comparison, an overripened pear will feel more like an already chewed flesh put back into a green bag.

Therefore, you need to have a perfectly balanced pear. That will give you an authentic taste.

However, that is all about a pear. There is nothing more to it apart from its taste and nutritional value. Pears are easy to eat, but you may need to take time to find them.

They are available in a specific season. It is also not versatile, so you only have to eat it as a fruit. Pretty dull, No?


4 out of 10 people will like to have an apricot. Unfortunately, they are pretty dull and do not have a lot of lovers out there. However, apricots are not bad; they are ways to eat, and their skin is soft and smooth.

You have to take out its seed from the middle, pull both sides apart in the opposite direction, and you are good to go. Apricots taste good; they are juicy and flavorful. Make sure you eat them chilled.

They do carry health benefits. But. They are not that popular, and not every taste bud like them. Due to this, mostly, they go unseen in a situation. Other fruits are more popular, and they take their place very quickly.


Yes, cherries are rated as average fruits. Cherries do not have anything special to them; it is just the people who have hyped them. Cherries can be found everywhere around the world.

They have a deep and shiny red color to them. Cherries taste sweet but sometimes sour too. They have nutritional benefits, but overeating can add to the calorie count.

Cherries can be turned into jams and ice-creams, and you can get cherry-flavored candies. However, artificially flavored cherry stuff tastes like nothing. Cherries are specific to every person.

Some people like them a lot while some do not. Cherries are just okay; just ensure you do not bite on the seed that hides inside the flesh.

C Tier

C-tier of fruits
Below standard

Next we have is our C-tier of our fruit tier list. These fruits have the potential to excel higher, but some significant factors hold them back. These factors cannot be ignored easily, which is why they are ranked as the “least favorite” of people.

These fruits are used less daily, are hard to find, and have a below-average taste. They carry some nutritional benefits, but there is nothing more to them. In short, they can be skipped easily and replaced with better alternatives.


Yes, lemon is also a fruit. It belongs to the citrus family and is the tiniest member of it. Lemon is used in a lot of dressings.

Your tacos cannot taste better without a squeeze of fresh lemon. They are available everywhere and are pretty cheap too. However, there are some reasons for its addition to our C-tier; let us know about them.

Lemons have limited use; they can be used to make delicious lemonades or candies. However, they are not eaten like other fruits due to their sour taste and nature. No matter how much you give them ripening time, they can never be sweet like a maths teacher.

Mostly, they will lay uselessly in your kitchen and will be only picked up once a month. Lemons are not famous and not that “favorite fruit” that you would put in your kid’s lunchbox for their school eating break. Also, there is nothing too special about them. You can live without them.


Don’t be shocked to see avocado in our C-tier. Avacado is great; it has all the health benefits to keep a person healthy and fit. But, unfortunately, it is mainly known to be a high-class fruit eaten for breakfast. But here are some reasons for its addition to our C-tier. Let us know about them.

First of all, avocados are just not good for weight loss. Though it is high in fiber, which will help you not to eat a lot during the day, however, its calorie count will put you in a lot of trouble. In addition, you must don’t want to get diabetes after you lose some kgs.

Secondly, avocados have very minimal use. You can either put them on toast or use them in the protein shake; that is all. Its taste also does not gives a whole fruit vibe.
Some people are just crazy about avocados, which might be for their nutritional benefits. But, apart from this, there is nothing too special to drool over, like every other fruit.


Kiwis are famous all over the world. They are an integral part of a lot of salad bowls. Kiwi juices are also great in taste. However, keeping all the good points about kiwis aside, some facts about them can make you question your choice.

Kiwis do not taste that good, so you can eat them all day. The taste is just okay, nothing too special, though. Kiwis are sour and might give you a headache.

The shape of a kiwi is weird and looks like a nutsack. Sometimes, it seems like a hard stone in the fruit store.

Last but not least, the seeds of a kiwi look more like a broken glass bulb. Kiwis are only serving because of the flavor, I guess.


Next on our fruit tier list, we have is a watermelon. We all have heard about watermelon and its refreshing nature, right? But, let me tell you, a chilled glass of water would be more refreshing on a hot day than a watermelon. Don’t mind me, let me tell you why it is so.

Watermelon is an extremely popular fruit for its high water content. You can get watermelon drinks, candies, and ice-creams everywhere. Watermelons are a better version of the regular melons that we get. Its taste is just okay, nothing too special.

The enjoyment of eating a dripping watermelon is killed by the tiny seeds that you can find in every corner of it. Watermelon’s flesh can add a little excitement; overall, its eating experience is just dull.


Honeydew belongs to the melon family. It is available everywhere in the market in a plain yellow color that does not look like yellow. It does carry some health benefits, such as water content, which is good for weight loss. However, for some reason, it couldn’t find its place in the higher tiers.

The only reason for not adding honeydew in the D-tier is the taste. It tastes a bit good and will not gross you out. The texture of honeydew is weird. It has scary teeth in yellow color that are enough to scare the hell out of a kid. Honeydew can make the plate look fuller, so you do not need to add more greens.

Other ways can make you healthy and put green on your plate, such as green vegetables. So, honeydew is not that necessary, and you can survive without it. But, overall, it is a watery fruit.

D Tier

D-tier of fruits
Worst fruits ever

Keeping the nutritional value aside, there is nothing good about our D-tier fruits on our fruit tier list. First, they are a pain to eat. These fruits lack taste and are hardly available. Not only this, you have to spend a good amount of money to afford them.

They rarely have good use and are not liked by many people. But, unfortunately, their popularity is for all the wrong reasons. They are not even people’s last choice when it comes to fruits, and it is better to eat something rotten than munch on them.


The first fruit in our D-category fruit tier list is coconut. Yes, we all love coconut water and yummy cakes with a blanket of crushed coconut. But still, try to eat it raw for one time, and you will know why it is such a pain to eat a coconut.

Breaking the shell of coconut will take a while, and you might end up hurting yourself with a hammer. Is there any point in eating fruit if you have to use a hammer for it first? Also, coconuts have limited use. Most people do not eat it daily unless they follow a specific diet.


The tomato looks like the round red sun. Tomatoes are used in various meals, such as pizzas, pasta, and ketchup. We do not think there would be any household that would not have a tomato. It staples and is super cheap as well. Let us know why it is added to the D-category of the fruit tier list.

Tomato was born in the wrong house, the house of fruits. There is nothing much to say about a tomato under the fruit category because it is mainly used as a vegetable. Ever seen a bowl of fruit salad with a tomato? Umm, you will not like it. Not only this, tomato does not tastes like fruits at all.

The taste is sour, not sweet. Fruits can be turned into jams, candies, ice-creams, and salads. Just imagine a tomato ice cream; how awful! And last but not least, it is not something to eat daily because you would not want to get kidney stones.


Cranberries belong to the berry family. They are small in size and have a red color. Cranberries have only one use, they help with urinary tract infections, and apart from that, they are entirely useless. So can you rate a fruit well if it can give you diabetes right away? No, right! Cranberries are a significant source of sugar and are not recommended for weight loss.

Not only this, they are not at all versatile. They cannot be turned into anything else. Cranberries would have been removed from the list of fruits long ago if their sales were not artificially shown. The next major issue is their availability, and they are not available in every next local store. You gotta search for them. Such a chore! It is better not to eat them at all.


Suppose there could be one fruit to be the winner of “unpleasant smell and taste,” that would be papaya. It can be found almost everywhere; if it is not available, it is all right. We do not like it anyways. The best time to pluck papaya is when it is not fully ripened; once it attains its full shape, it gets super tricky to take care of. Its outer cover becomes soft and is vulnerable to pressure.

However, papaya is rarely used in salads and other food items. Its smell makes it difficult for people to even sit near it. Its smell removes all the good points and makes it fall into the D-tier.

Durian Fruit

Calling this item a fruit should be banned. Generally, fruits have a pleasant sweet smell that can instantly boost the mood. But durian fruit has the worst smell worldwide. Rotten eggs would smell better than this. This fruit looks giant, and for a fact, it is the most significant fruit among all others in the fruit tier list.

Due to its smell, nobody likes to go near the Durian fruit. It has the lowest sales, and most airlines have stopped their transfer of this fruit. The passengers complained about the airplane smelling stinky. Durian truly deserved our D-tier.

LONG story short!

So, this was our take on our fruit tier list. We have tried our best to gather data about specific fruits and rank them logically into each tier. As a result, we have the following levels in this article, S, A, B, C, and D. Fruits are added in descending order from best to worst. Worldwide everyone loves fruits. They are a great source of nutrition and a gateway toward a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure you add some to your daily diet and take care of your body. It needs them! We hope you found our article helpful; next time you buy fruits, you will know which one to pick and which one to leave. But still, it all depends upon your taste buds and body needs. Go as you like. If you have enjoyed what you read, share it with your friends and family. Happy eating!

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