GFuel Tier List: Best Flavors Ranked [2023]

This tier list categorizes all the GFuel flavors into tiers, ranking them from the best to the worst.

Have you ever been so consumed by lethargy that you can’t even lift a finger? While in a gym, studying for a difficult exam, or during an interesting game, do you want an energy refill? What do you do at that specific moment? In my case, I open the refrigerator and take out my burst of flavor energy drink. It pushes the lethargy away as if it were never there. G fuel is such a caffeinated energy drink, that it stimulates the mentality to induce awareness, during gaming sessions. In the GFuel tier list, we will be ranking various delicious flavors of it. The taste, quality, and effectiveness will be the judge of the ranking. So let’s get down to it.

Key Points

  • We are going to rank 18 drinks in our tier list.
  • The drinks will be ranked according to their taste, quality, and effectiveness.
  • The highest tier contains  Strawberry shortcake, Faze berry, PewDiePie, Blue Ice, and Bahama Mama.
  • The lowest tier contains Rangin’ gummy fish, Snowcone, The Juice, and Watermelon.


To summarize and provide you with a quick view of our tier list, kindly find the below table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Strawberry shortcakeLirik’s Nine Lives PiTHypesaucePink dripRangin’ gummy fish
Faze berryRainbow SherbetTropical RainThe JuiceSnowcone
PewDiePieLemonadeSour Blue Chug RugWatermelon
Blue IceBubble gumPink Lemonade
Bahama mama

S Tier

The Best G Fuels
S tier

The S tier also known as the superb tier, contains all those superb and best of the best Gfuel flavor, one can taste. These flavors are robust in their fruitiness and taste. They take the drinker on a whole rollercoaster of flavor waterfall.

The Gfuels included in this have the perfect fruitiness, sweetness or sourness, nutrition, and beautiful vibrant color. All these traits make the drinks much more appetizing than other tiered Gfuels. G fuel is fuel for the soul, as it revitalizes every cell in the body, giving it more power to work.

Moreover, the S-tiered Gfuels have the flavors that we already love and adore due to their resemblance with other favorite flavors. While you are here, also check out our Cereal Tier List.

Strawberry shortcake

To all those strawberry shortcake lovers out there, you have to try this amazing desert-flavored drink. In a nutshell, it has strong strawberry Nesquick, with a slight hint of vanilla whipped cream at the end to complement the strawberry flavor. Not many Gfuels have the option of being mixed in milk, but this can be added to milk. It can be said that its taste is enhanced in dairy, and tastes like a strawberry milkshake.

This puts strawberry shortcake Gfuel in the S Tier. Additionally, its sugar-free nature gives the workout freaks get a taste of the desert without caring about the sugar intake. When mixed in water or milk, it gives a beautiful pink hue that is highly appetizing. I would just devour it on sight.

Its fruity flavor is loved and adored by many. In fact, people of all ages are seen drinking this berry juice. Its taste is not too complex, but it is quite simple and that mainly accentuates its flavor. Hence, making it the best Gfuel flavor its taste is just like it is said, if you blend a strawberry shortcake and drink it, you’ll get the exact taste. It’s a treat for your taste buds, so don’t overlook this delicious drink.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

Faze berry

If you are berry-obsessed then this drink is your Paradise. Made with essential berries, to boost its flavor. The main reason for Faze berry Gfuel to be in the S Tier is its burst of berry flavor. On the first sip, a person’s taste buds undergo a whole rollercoaster of flavor.

Additionally, this drink is very effective in its quality, it keeps a person aware and alert. Faze Berry also increases the focus of a person. And don’t get me started on its electrifying red color that is way more appetizing than its aroma.

This delectable drink can never go wrong for a berry lover. It’s made with pomegranates, strawberries, and blueberries. Nectar of 19 different fruits grants this energy drink its own distinct flavor. Moreover, it’s full of nutrients and antioxidants that help in maintaining good health. Many fall in love with its fruity taste on the first sip. The berry blend flavor has a stronger strawberry flavor and also smells like it.

Calories 25
Caffeine 150 mg


PewDiePie it’s another one of our Berry-flavored energy drinks that extracts the lingonberry, which tastes almost like cranberry but even better as it has its sweet taste but not its bitterness.

The reason for the inclusion of PewDiePie in the S tier is not just its all-around flavor but also its combination and smoothies, water, and milk that enhances its tastes up to a new level.  It is a great pre-workout drink due to its low-calorie intake level, as almost all the Gfuels.

You will rarely find a drink that tastes this good along with the most flowery scent that attracts a huge mass of people towards it. It is easily the favorite drink of many energy drink addicts. If you’re looking to find a new taste, to fire up your taste buds then this is your destination.

It has everything an energy drink-obsessed person tries to find; low sugar, strong caffeine, strong scent, and, last but not least, the mouthwatering taste. PewDiePie is the drink that has welcomed many new people to the G fuel community. Many people just try a sip and then they can never leave it behind.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

Blue Ice

Have you ever tasted one of those light blue slushes that froze your mind yet give you a whole burst of flavor and thrill? If yes then this drink is going to give you a hard nostalgia you’ll get almost the exact experience after drinking it.

Blue Ice deserves to be in the S tier more than any other, as it is a great deviation from the same old flavors that contain fruit extracts. Additionally, it gives a great sense of endurance and focus. It is also one of the best G fuel flavors.

Blue Ice has a taste resembling Gatorade. All the lovers of Gatorade instantly fall in love with Blue Ice. How can you not, with its electrifying blue color, that makes you think of the deep blue sea? Its flavor is absolutely phenomenal.

It refreshes your soul to the core and makes your mind alert. Its flavor is quite different from all those fruity drinks out there. With their sweetness and tinge of mint, this drink has none of that. Its flavor is utterly unique.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

Bahama mama

The name makes you reminisce about Hawaii itself, this tropical drink has its own fan base. A huge lot of people die from this drink. This tropical-based drink is present in the S Tier of the tier list due to the perfect hint of sweetness and citrus. Along with this, it gives you an experience of a breezy island around you. It is very light and quite refreshing for your body and mind.

Its flavor is a blend of robust flavors of pineapple, coconut, and citrus. It’s got a tinge of sweetness and tang of citrus. This gives it a taste different from all others. The sweet and bitter flavors further accentuate each other.

A fatigued person, after spending all day in front of computer screens or after a long gaming session, this breezy experience will extract out all of the laziness and will fill you up with energy and freshness.

Moreover, this is an energy drink that contains real fruits and their nutrients, unlike many others which are only filled with energizing products. It also contains energizing products for your lethargic mind

Calories 17
Caffeine 150 mg

A Tier

GFuel Tier List
A tier

A tier has the Gfuels that are a little lower than the best but are still exceptionally great. They have flavors that are unique and rarely seen before. They are mostly the favorite drinks of many people and keep them focused throughout the day.

Lirik’s Nine Lives PiT

Where are my caffeine-addicted readers? Here is a huge treat for you. Lirik’s nine lives PiT is the drink for you addicts. It has a strong black tea-like taste that electrifies your taste buds as well as livens you up.

It is included in the A tier of the Gfuel tier list 2023 because even though it has a great taste and keeps you extremely energetic throughout the day, many people do not like the peachy aftertaste it leaves behind. It replaces the tea’s taste and leaves behind a fruity sweetness, which doesn’t really go with black tea.

On the whole, it has great nutrient value, which is helpful for the body-building people out there. It is usually drunk with cold water, and sometimes with black tea itself. It enhances its bitterness.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

Rainbow Sherbet

Moving on to the next energy drink in our tier list, rainbow sherbet is a lively and phenomenal G fuel that gives your taste buds a whole new range of flavor along with it, it also livens up your nose due to its sweet and sour candy fragrance. it is in a tier, Because of its chalky after-taste.

Although this energy drink has a really great flavor that becomes everyone’s favorite instantly, its after-taste makes people choose something else above it.

Rainbow sherbet got its name because of its color-changing ability while it is dissolving in water. Its powder has a pale yellowish color, but when it starts to dissolve, it goes through a variety of changes, which is, in itself really satisfying, as it settles into a vibrant orange color.

After being dissolved, these energy drinks smell like lemonade on a hot summer with a bit hint of citrus in it. If it weren’t for its after-taste it would have been in the S Tier.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg


Who doesn’t love a fresh lemonade on earth scorching summer day? Definitely, those diet-conscious people who have to watch their calorie intake. Don’t worry people, G fuel has a low-sugar flavor for you too. Its lemonade flavor is the exact replica of the good old lemonade.

It is in the A tier because it doesn’t dissolve very well. Even if you mix it for 15 minutes you’ll still see some undissolved clumped powder. Otherwise, the Gfuel company did an amazing job at making a copy of the lemonade just like many others.

It must have been a huge challenge for them to make a flavor that is famous and loved by all. Nonetheless, they nailed the challenge expertly. Because this flavor had a really great tangy taste that let go of lethargy easily.

Calories 25
Caffeine 140 mg

Bubble gum

Its name instantly brings a flavor to your mouth, after all, we all have grown up chewing bubble gums. If you have not, then do try this drink. It has an amazing bubble gum flavor that is a whole taste bud extravaganza.

Among its great characteristics, it doesn’t dissolve really well. That really bums a person out because the powder in the drink kills the vibe. This is the reason it is in the B tier.

Although it is a great energy drink, full of vitamins and nutrients, that keeps you focused during the day. This whimsical ride through the tasteful memory lane pays homage to the past. It helps you recall all the moments you had it in your mouth and were living the moment.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

B Tier

GFuel Tier List
B tier

B Tier is a tier that has controversial Gfuels. Some people call these drinks extremely great while others can list out their cons quite easily. These drinks have the fruity taste that everyone loves but just a few traits dragged them down to this tier.


Hypesauce, as the name indicates has a great hype, as it is perfectly sour and bitter, instead of, the same old sweet taste. it has a Raspberry and lemon flavor that is perfectly bitter to shoot out the lethargy out of you.

It is in the B tier because most people don’t like its sour taste because it’s a little too different for them. As, if something is out of a specific routine people tend to dislike it. But for all those thrill addicts, this energy drink is a favorite. Although it doesn’t really dissolve well.

This tangy flavor has a bit of a fruity taste to bring it all out in the open. Everything in it, accentuate the other flavors even more. You can experience this flavor in the best Gfuel shaker cups, that enhance the trip of flavor.

The raspberry and lemon is the flavor that we never knew we needed until this worthy drink. All those lemonade lovers have a bending towards it. It is a bit tart with a tinge of fruity flavor.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

Tropical Rain

When tropical comes to mind, instantly a cocktail blinds your inner eye. That’s what this drink is all about. It is a blend of all the fruits, not just the citruses but also all other tropical fruits, like kiwi, blueberry, citrus, and a little bit of raspberry as well.

It is spotted in the B Tier of the tier list because of its really strong taste. Some people like this tropical madness, but most refrain from such a strong taste. Albeit strong, it has been called a fruit punch ride.

It is a very light and refreshing drink with very vivid colors and an appetizing look. It is absolutely taste-worthy and you are filled with the fruity taste on the first gulp. Don’t gulp it down too fast lest you should choke on its combined fruitiness.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

Sour Blue Chug Rug

This blueberry waterfall in your mouth is an experience of its own. It has such a robust flavor of blueberry that you might drown in it, figuratively. It has a sweet and sour taste, if you get the water-to-powder ratio correct you’ll get hooked.

This is what puts it in the B Tier. If the water-to-powder ratio is not up to the mark you’ll get a very weird taste that might be too watery or too strong. This blueberry rollercoaster is a great addition to your Gfuel flavor collection if you have one.

Sour Blue Chug Rug will get you to chugging it once you get adapted to its tanginess. It has a really light and revitalizing flavor, that rejuvenates your mind cells to work more efficiently. Once you are hooked, it might be difficult to let go of it, like all other Gfuel energy drinks.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

Pink Lemonade

Ah! Here we are to the girlish version of lemonade produced by the Gfuel company. It is seriously a mystery, why girls are attracted to pink color, but anyhow this mystery made Gfuel introduce a new flavor to our tier list.

It has a sour lemon taste but it is sweetened by aspartame, which is not nutritious. This trait drags it down to the B tier. Additionally, it has almost the same taste as that of simple lemonade except for the pink color, with a few variations.

Pink lemonade has the perfect bitter taste that makes you shudder on the first sip. But you get used to it after that. Its reinvigorating ability is quite high which helps in staying awake and ert through times of hard work and busy routine. Its 140g of caffeine is covered by its sweetness.

Calories 25
Caffeine 140 mg

C Tier

C Tier
C tier

In the C tier, the flavors are good, but if looked at deeply they are not that great. They lack some huge flavor or in some cases, are too bland for the tastebuds. Only Gfuel fanatics can like this tasteless juice.

Pink drip

Another pink addition to the Gfuel flavor, this strawberry candy flavor is good but is a little too sweet for many. Additionally, it also leaves a chalky and powdery aftertaste that ruins the whole experience altogether. This is why it is included in the C Tier. Moreover, this is not a new flavor in the Gfuel. It is quite similar to the bubble gum flavor.

Pink drip has a very powerful taste that surrounds you with flavor. It has vitalizing capabilities that awaken your soul and makes you ready to face anything that may come your way.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

The Juice

The Juice is literally THE juice that has everything fruit in it, including fruit punch, orange, pineapple, and even watermelon. The taste of watermelon doesn’t really go with other fruits which is the reason for its inclusion in the C Tier.

I don’t have any grudge toward watermelon, but I feel like it should be kept separate from all other fruit extracts. Gfuel does have a flavor of sole watermelon which we will discuss later in the Gfuel tier list.

In a nutshell, it is great to drink with great tropical flavor, that enlightens your tongue and the flavor center of the brain.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg


As it was mentioned before in the article, the watermelon flavor has arrived. Watermelon is the quintessential “fruit of summer”. Just like the fruit, it has a watery and sweet taste with a little fruity flavor. But its aftertaste is the worst, it leaves the mouth sour and doesn’t have the strong watermelon taste. It has a light taste, that reserved a spot for it in the C Tier.

The watermelon flavor is good till it is not. It has great focusing abilities that help a person during their busy work hours. But the taste is not that well.

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

D Tier

Worst G Fuel Drinks
D tier

Getting down to the last tier of the tier list, D Tier has the Gfuel flavors that are better to be avoided as they could have been the mistake made by the Gfuel company. If a person likes these flavors, he really needs to get his tastebuds checked as something seems terribly wrong with them.

Rangin’ gummy fish

Ragin’ gummy fish is a gummy mess that Gfuel made. Except for a few populations, no one would prefer a drink that has gummy fish flavor in it. It is definitely not a drink for me. This drink tastes exactly like Swedish fish. Additionally, it is very sweet and doesn’t really mix well. It also doesn’t have a strong taste and has to be used twice. All these reasons include it in the D Tier.

Something smells fishy in this energy drink as it doesn’t seem to be made by the Gfuel company as all of their other flavors are up the top expectations, with a few exceptions. Its light cherry taste would have been great if not for the little extra sweetness.

Calories 25
Caffeine 140 mg


Another nostalgic energy drink, but not as great as the previous ones. It tastes like cherry mixed with blue raspberry but like a mild Gatorade Frost. Along with this it has a bit of a watery taste and is very sour. Its powdery aftertaste is also noteworthy because it adds to the reasons why it is included in the D Tier

Calories 15
Caffeine 140 mg

More About GFuel

In this bonus section we will give you more information about the GFuel drink and some of the best shaker cups for it, the best usage of it and if you don’t like GFuel then some alternatives that you can opt for.

Best GFuel Shaker Cups

Gfuel company doesn’t only make Gfuel energy formulas and drinks but also shaker cups to enjoy the drinks in. They have a whole range of shaker cups. Glow in the dark shaker cup is one of the best G fuel shaker cups. Due to its glowing in-the-dark ability. These shaker cups are made up of non–toxic plastic. Additionally, they are hand washable. Other shaker cups include:

  • DouglsRaw
  • The Autumn
  • HusKerrs
  • Blacked out
  • Winter white
  • Trailblazer
  • Electra

G Fuel Uses

The energy drink was created by Gamma Labs, especially for gamers. G fuel was made to provide a healthy alternative to sugary Energy Drinks. But G Fuel is used by many other people as well and is loved by many.

Professional eSports athletes prefer using G Fuel over other energy drinks because it gives a boost in Energy, Endurance, and Focus all at once. The best thing about them is that they even offer discounts on certain flavors that you can avail of by using coupons. G Fuel does not incorporate any additives or toxic chemicals that many energy drinks use.

You will see G Fuel being used by UFC fighters, athletes, fitness models, skateboarders, bodybuilders, YouTube stars, and even NFL players. G Fuel is no doubt the most popular energy drink out there.

After using G Fuel, it will take about 10 or 15 minutes for the energy drink to work. The effects can last up to 4-6 hours. You won’t have to go through the Crash Effect once G Fuel wears off. Another great thing about G Fuel is that it’s sugar-free and gluten-free. It’s packed with loads of b vitamins and antioxidants that will help you focus in case of any important event. In case you are looking for caffeine-free flavors, G Fuel’s hydration line is the best option.

G Fuel alternatives 

Some of the best G Fuel alternatives for 2023 are the following;

  • Rogue Energy- If you prefer caffeinated energy drinks then Rogue Energy is a good option to go for. The taste is even better than G Fuel and its pink lemonade flavor is simply the best. 
  • Game Fuel- Another great alternative to G Fuel with the best hydration flavors is Game Fuel. Game Fuel is cheap and is available in 7 flavors.
  • Mind Lab Pro- An energy drink that does better tasking than G Fuel and has the best price is the Mind Lab Pro. It’s caffeine-free and the taste even tops the best G Fuel flavors available.

Comparison Table

Gfuel FlavorsTierCaloriesCaffeine
Strawberry shortcakeS15140mg
Faze berryS25150 mg
Blue IceS15140mg
Bahama mamaS17150mg
Lirik’s Nine Lives PiTA15140mg
Rainbow SherbetA15140mg
Bubble gumA15140mg
Tropical RainB15140mg
Sour Blue Chug RugB15140mg
Pink LemonadeB25140mg
Pink dripC15140mg
The JuiceC15140mg
Rangin’ gummy fishD25140mg


Gfuel has granted us such amazing great flavors that are categorized into five different Tiers based on their flavors, colors, and energizing capabilities. S Tier contains the best flavors that had a blend of every fruit and are highly nutritious. A tier has flavors that are really great but not the best due to some of their traits.

B Tier has flavors that are contradictory in nature, liked by some but not by all. C Tier flavors that only Gfuel enthusiasts can like. The flavors included in the D tier are absolutely disastrous and should not have been made. On the whole, Gfuel is the best energy drink due to its low sugar level and high energizing ability.

G Fuel Tier List

 What is Gfuel?

G FUEL Energy Formula is a brand of caffeinated drink mix. It is marketed as a supplement for gaming that boosts focus and reaction time and makes a person aware. It lacks sugar content.

What does Gfuel do?

G Fuel is a supplement for gaming, it enhances the focus of a person, his reaction time, and makes him aware.

What is the best Gfuel flavor?

Strawberry shortcake is the best Gfuel flavor, due to its great taste and low sugar content.

What flavor is PewDiePie Gfuel?

PewDiePie Gfuel has the flavor of the nectar of lingonberries, that taste almost like cranberries.

What does wumpa fruit Gfuel taste like?

It has the delicious taste of an apple mixed with the tangy, creamy taste of a mango.

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