Ice Cream Truck Tier List [2023]

We rank some of the best ice cream trucks in the world in this tier list.

We’ve ranked every ice cream truck in the UK from best to worst in this Ice Cream Truck Tier List. There’s no need to squander money on ice cream vans that can’t even deliver edible ice cream. This article ranks all ice cream trucks in the United Kingdom into five tiers. The best ice cream trucks are in the S Tier, while the worst are in the D Tier. Our team has done thorough research and held multiple polls to make the most accurate guide to ice cream trucks in the UK.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 entries in the list.
  • Each entry has been ranked according to its taste, popularity, customer experience, etc.
  • In the top tier, you can find Mr. Creamy Ice Cream Truck, London Ice Cream Van, etc.
  • Among the lowest tier, you can see Super Soft Ice, Mister Softee UK: Ice Cream Van, Ices Garden, etc.


We have ranked all the ice cream trucks in a small table below.

S Rank.
A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.
Mr. Creamy Ice Cream Truck
Honour's Ice Cream
Mr. Whippy
Super Soft Ice

London Ice Cream VanBlue Top Ice CreamDelia's Kitchen AfrikaEssex Ice Cream VanIces Garden
Sal's Ice Cream Truck
Mister Softee UK: Ice Cream Van

S Tier

Best ice cream trucks
Best ice cream trucks

The greatest ice cream vans have been placed in the S Tier. These ice creams are super sweet, creamy, and delicious. Nothing compares to the flavors of these ice creams. The ice creams from the S Tier trucks are all delicious and refreshing.

London Ice Cream Van

London ice cream van is easily one of the best, if not the best, ice cream van in London. They provide their customers with excellent service that almost never disappoints. Also, the kids absolutely love how the ice cream tastes. Plus, the ice cream guy is very friendly and can easily bond with the kids, which makes the kids come for this particular ice cream van again and again.

Moreover, London Ice Cream Van also provides ice cream for events such as birthday parties and weddings, which is amazing because their service is amazing and their hospitality is commendable. London Ice Cream van is the best in South-East London!

Mr. Creamy Ice Cream Truck

Mr. Creamy Ice Cream Van is an excellent option to call if you need ice cream for a special occasion.  The contact and communication with Mr. Creamy Ice Cream van crew prior to the event is excellent, and you can clearly communicate your preferences. Moreover, the staff is kind and friendly, therefore, the kids are going to love them. They also provide recommendations for the best ice cream to order and consume.

The pricing is moderate yet not excessive. In reality, Mr. Creamy’s ice cream is less expensive than that of many other ice cream trucks. Furthermore, the service they offer at the event is fantastic! You will not be able to locate a single problem. If you are searching for quality and dependable service, Mister Creamy is the way to go.

A Tier

Ice Cream Truck Tier List
Good ice cream trucks

A Tier is also home to one of the greatest ice cream trucks in the world. It’s simply that they’re not quite as good as those in the S Tier. Regardless, they are still fantastic ice cream vans that will serve you wonderful service and delicious ice cream. These are some of the most well-known ice cream trucks in the United Kingdom, and if you live there, you’ve probably heard of them at least once.

Honour’s Ice Cream

The best thing about Honour’s Ice Cream van is just how reasonable the prices are compared to those rip-off vans in London. Also, along with having reasonable prices, the ice cream they serve is also freaking delicious. You will find yourself craving more and more with every lick of the ice cream.

They are entirely trustworthy, especially when dealing with children and ensuring that they receive the correct change and do not squander all of their parents’ money. Furthermore, they have a plethora of toppings, as well as a variety of desserts and beverages, and, most of all, they are genuinely kind people. Once you get addicted to the taste of their ice creams.

Honors Ice Cream is a small family company that caters to a wide range of events and performances. Its goal is to deliver a dependable and cost-effective ice cream van rental service. Furthermore, they strive to supply clients with branded and high-quality items as well as courteous and competent service. Honour’s ice cream truck holds a special place in the hearts of every London youngster.

Have you ever heard the saying “Nostalgia is the best ingredient”? All those youngsters who grew up enjoying Honour’s ice cream can attest to the truth of this statement. Furthermore, the ice cream man is so sweet that you will become attached to him after just one encounter.

Blue Top Ice Cream

The Blue Top Ice Cream is easily an A Tier of the ice cream truck tier list. They have a very broad menu of yummy ice creams. Also, there are also many different types of toppings to make the ice cream even tastier. Not to forget the staff, who are very nice, friendly, and kind.

They are also punctual and arrive on time. Furthermore, their van looks very cool and does not fail to get people’s attention wherever it goes. Everything about the Blue Top Ice Cream truck is lovely. Undoubtedly, one of the best ice cream trucks to hire in London.

Sal’s Ice Cream Truck

Sal’s Ice Cream is definitely A Tier ice cream truck as they never fail to impress and win their customer’s hearts with their commendable service. Personally, Sal’s ice creams are my favorites because of their delicious, creamy taste. Moreover, their ice cream is not just tasty but even the look of their ice cream is pleasing. Sal’s ice cream vans make very appetizing ice creams that make you crave them just by looking at them.

In addition, Sal’s ice cream van provides the best services in the whole of Surrey, Middlesex, and Berkshire. Thanks to their 50 years of experience, Sal’s is known for never disappointing their customers no matter what.

B Tier

Average ice cream trucks
The B Tier ice cream trucks

The B Tier ice creams are either despised or adored. In the United Kingdom, they are regarded as ordinary ice cream trucks. While some individuals say that the ice cream served by the B Tier trucks is not to their liking, others rave about them.

Delia’s Kitchen Afrika

Delia’s Kitchen Afrika is a mobile snack bar van, which also sells ice creams. You can easily find it near the British Museum in London, UK. Delia’s Kitchen Afrika is fantastic, and not only is the ice cream delicious, but the pricing is quite reasonable as well. Other snacks readily available include a chicken sandwich and a hot dog (bimbo Frankfurt), all of which are very delicious.

The ice cream is mouthwatering, particularly their dark chocolate ice cream, which is prepared with 70% genuine dark chocolate. When visiting the British Museum in London, it is undoubtedly a worthwhile spot to stop at and buy ice creams. Furthermore, their customer service is also very satisfactory.

However, the Delia’s Kitchen Afrika ice cream truck does have some flaws that get it to the B Tier of this tier list. First of all, due to not having many flavors of ice cream, many people avoid this ice cream truck. Secondly, they are not very good with timings. There have been several complaints in which the people did not receive their order on time. You will have to wait a long time to get your ice cream.

Also, not to forget the big line that forms because of their slow work. Some people also said that Delia’s Kitchen Afrika arrived late at their event disappointing all the customers. Therefore, keeping all these faults in mind, we decided to rank Delia’s Kitchen Afrika in the B tier.


The Ellinors ice cream vans are quite popular in the UK due to their experience in the industry. Ellinors has been providing ice cream vans to numerous business clients that require single or several vans around the UK for over two decades.

With that said, Ellinor’s Ice Cream has a long history in the soft ice cream van business. Soft whippy ice cream, sweets, confectionery, and high-quality hot dogs are their major focus.

In addition, Ellinors is a family business that strives to provide the greatest ice cream van hiring service possible for any occasion. Throughout the region, they offer services to schools, workplace fun or team development events, production events, weddings, festivals, fairs, or private celebrations.

The Ellinors are always on time and provide great value for money. The vans that arrive are immaculately clean, as are the four persons who operate them, who were kind, pleasant, and accommodating. Furthermore, Ellinors has a fantastic team that is always willing to help and provide clear direction.

When we sampled the menu and cuisine, the quality was significantly greater than I had imagined, and our entire workforce was pleased. Also, there is a wide variety of ice creams to choose from, all of which are wonderful.

C Tier

C Tier ice cream truck
C Tier ice cream truck

The C Tier ice cream trucks aren’t horrible, but their ice creams and services aren’t particularly noteworthy. The flavor of C Tier’s ice creams is fairly familiar, which makes them forgettable. While the ice creams are tasty, there are better alternatives available. Also, the service of the ice cream trucks in the C Tier of this ranking is just average, and nothing too special about them.

Essex Ice Cream Van

Essex ice cream is a C Tier below-average ice cream truck due to the lack of variety in their menu. Moreover, their service does lack as well. While they make good ice cream, they need to work hard to make their ice cream a bit more special. Also, the staff works very slowly. You will have to wait a long time just to get one ice cream. At parties and events, this tardiness can cause people to become tired and frustrated waiting for the ice cream.

However, there are some good points about Essex as well. For example, they may not have many varieties of ice creams but they do have many different types of tasty toppings. Also, their ice cream has a very soft and creamy texture that melts in your mouth. Nevertheless, looking at all the merits and flaws of Essex, we decided to place it in the C tier

Mr. Whippy

Mr. Whippy’s ice cream truck once used to be the standard. It too, like the Honour’s, has been in the ice cream truck business for a long time. But unlike the Honour’s, Mr. Whippy lost its fame as time passed. After the first owner died, his successor failed to carry out his grandfather’s legacy.

The ice cream now is just ok and does not stands out at all. There used to be a certain taste of Whippy that people were fans of but that is no longer the case. A lot of people who once used to be loyal to Mr. Whippy customers have shifted to buying from other ice cream trucks.

D Tier

Worst ice cream trucks
Worst ice cream trucks

The D Tier has the worst ice cream trucks on this ice cream truck list. However, please keep in mind that these trucks are worst compared to the ones mentioned in the above superior tiers. These trucks are not the worst ice cream trucks ever. In reality, there is nothing known as the best and the worst as it is all based on opinions and personal tastes, which vary from person to person.

Ices Garden

Ices Garden is one of the most disliked ice cream trucks in London. While many people like this ice cream, the large majority hating this ice cream truck can not be ignored. Also, the ice creams they serve are not even of good quality. They melt pretty fast, which makes me wonder if there was water added in the process of making the ice creams. There have been such frauds many times before so we can not say anything.

Plus, there is no way you can eat their ice cream snacks more than two spoonfuls of it as it is way too sweet. if you care about your health and calories at all, you should never think of buying ice cream from this ice cream truck. Moreover, there are way better alternatives than eating ice creams from this particular ice cream truck. Ices Garden is definitely a D Tier ice cream truck!

Super Soft Ice

The Super Soft’s ice cream is overly simple and just bland. It is simply unsatisfactory, and you can easily get bored of it. On top of that, there are not many toppings available to make the bland ice cream taste better. Also, the trucks are known for causing pollution by leaving harmful chemicals in the air from their exhaust. These chemicals are very harmful to children’s health, which is, in fact, Super Soft Ice cream’s biggest customer base.

All of these flaws put the Super Soft Ice Cream truck at a large disadvantage. For good services, we do not recommend you to hire the Super Soft Ice ice cream truck. On the other hand, there are much better alternatives in the S Tier that we highly encourage you to try.

Mister Softee UK: Ice Cream Van

There are many reasons to why Mister Softee UK Ice Cream van is in the D tier. Firstly, the service is quite unsatisfactory, it is as if the staff is not even trying to help you out. If you are skeptical about what order you should be making, the staff for sure is not going to be helpful here. The staff always look like they are too tired and fed up with this world. This attitude really pushes children away from them as kids love to be with happy people.

I do, however, empathize with the staff but as a critic, I have to rank them as D Tier. Their ice creams are okay with nothing too special. Furthermore, there are not many varieties of ice creams available to choose from in the ice cream truck. However, Mister Softee’s chocolate ice cream is particularly tasty and I would definitely recommend you to try it out!


To summarise, there are five tiers in the ice cream truck tier list: S Tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. The S Tier is home to some of the greatest ice cream trucks in the city, each with a reputation for exquisite ice cream and outstanding customer service.

We did not place any emphasis on the popularity of any of the ice cream trucks on this list; rather, we attempted to find the finest ice cream truck regardless of its popularity. We picked this criterion since some trucks are frequently notable for things other than what they are intended for.

For instance, the flavor and service of the trucks, rather than their look, are our top priorities for our tier ranking. Yet, there are many trucks that are famous for their outer appearance, which I find rather unfair. Please keep in mind that the rankings of the ice creams may not be to your liking because everyone’s tastebuds and preferences are different. We make no claim to the accuracy of any of these ranks.

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