Premier League Teams Tier List [2022/2023 Season]

The Premier League Teams Tier List is our ranking of the top of the current men’s English football league, which consists of 20 clubs competing in a season-long league. The season lasts for 9 months, starting in August and ending in May. These clubs play a total of 38 games per season, home and away, with every club having different ambitions for the season. Some clubs compete for the league, which is won by having the most points by the end of the season, while others aim for a European place.

Many clubs are satisfied with a mid-table finish, while the newly promoted clubs play to keep their place by avoiding relegation. With how famous the League is, we felt like making a guide for the fans of the current 20 clubs.


  • This Ranking has been compiled on the basis of the dominance and status of each club.
  • A justification has been given for every club’s inclusion in their specified rank.
  • The clubs are ranked in S, A, B, C, and D Tiers alongside the information about them.


The Premier League Clubs are summarised in a short table here.

Tier RankClubs
S Rank• Manchester United
• Liverpool
• Arsenal
• Manchester City
• Chelsea
• Tottenham Hotspur
A Rank• Everton
• Aston Villa
• Newcastle United
• Leeds United
• Leicester City
B Rank• Nottingham Forest
• Wolves
• Westham United
C Rank• Crystal Palace
• Fulham
• Southampton
D Rank• Brighton
• Brentford
• Bournemouth

You can find more about each club below.

How Does the League Work?

You must be a little curious about how a club earns points, which club gets relegated, and what happens when you finish in the top 4. Well, don’t worry, it’s very straightforward. For every win, a club gets 3 points. In the case of a draw, both sides take 1 point each, and no point is earned upon a defeat. So after a total of 380 matches, the team with the most point will be at the top of the league, thus being declared the Champions.

For the bottom 3 (18th, 19th, and 20th) places, those clubs are relegated to English football’s second division, which is known as the EFL Championship, and they are replaced by the 3 best clubs from that division. They will spend a season in that tier and work their way up to the Premier League if they can meet the required goals to get promotion to the top flight.

As for the clubs finishing in places between 2nd and 7th qualifies for European Competitions, consisting of 3 different competitions. The top 4, including the League winners, qualify for UEFA Champions League. At the same time, the 5th and 6th finish settle for UEFA Europa League, while the 7th place finishes guarantee a place in the UEFA Conference League.

How Will This Article Be Construed?

Our list will comprise the current 20 clubs from the 2022/23 season and will be ranked in the shape of a ranking list. Our article will have 5 different rankings starting from the S tier and followed by A, B, C, and D tiers. We will keep the club’s history, number of titles, current form, and overall achievements in mind and place them in different tiers.

We would also like to give a little disclaimer that the following is solely based on our thoughts, keeping their achievements in mind and putting any biased opinion aside. Of course, this will give rise to different schools of thought as we all have different thoughts and views about everything, and we are welcome to any opinion. So that being said, let’s dive into the article.

S Tier

Premier League Teams Tier List
Best Clubs of Premier League Teams

The S Tier of our Premier League Teams Tier List will contain all the big boys of English football. These clubs are not just the biggest clubs in England but are also the most decorated clubs worldwide. They have many major honors to their name. We have not categorized these clubs entirely on their success and history but on keeping their status in the current era of English football.

Manchester United

Our first club from the league of 20 is the red side of Manchester, Manchester United. Arguably the most successful club in the land, United has won it all. From great domestic success to continental triumph, Manchester United cements its place at the top of our list. Right now, United has won the most League titles and has 13 in the Premier League era. These Red Devils, as they are known, are the only current club to have won the Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup all within the same season. Adding 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and lifting the Community Shield a staggering 21 times, we believe this success rightly makes the club from the northwest our best club.


The next club to follow is United’s arch enemy, Liverpool. The club from Merseyside isn’t behind United in terms of success. One of the most decorated European clubs, Liverpool has almost won everything their rivals have done apart from the treble. Liverpool is the most successful English club in European Competitions, with lifting the Champions League 6 times and are the 3rd best club in terms of being the kings of Europe, behind Real Madrid and AC Milan. The reds won the league 19 times (just once in the premier league era) while their domestic cup successes have been very good, with 8 FA Cups, 9 League Cups, and 16 FA Community Shields to their name.


Our first club from the capital to make this list is Arsenal, as this club from North London has been one of the best in the entire country. Arsenal hasn’t been shy about winning trophies either; they have lifted the league 13 times with a golden Premier League trophy to their name too. This was rewarded for that famous invincible season by not tasting a defeat throughout the Premier League campaign in 2003/04. With that, the Gunners have bagged the most FA Cups (14), with 13 League Cups and 16 FA Community shields in their trophy cabinet. Arsenal also remains one of the 7 clubs to have never been relegated from the top tier of English football.

Manchester City

We will now talk about Manchester City. Also known as the citizens, the club has been in the league for some time but became one of the big boys since their financial take over in 2008. Before that, City hardly had any success in the English game. Soon after this takeover, City lifted their first ever Premier League Title in 2011 with famous Sergio Aguero’s goal.

Soon they started to give their neighbors United a run for their money. For this, they got the nickname noisy neighbors. City went on to lift the Premier League 5 times more and are currently the reigning champions of the land. In this run, they also ended a season with 100 points in the 2017/18 seasons, known as the centurions. With all their domestic success, the club is yet to get its hands on the Champions League trophy.


Like City, Chelsea wasn’t the most wealthy of clubs in terms of history and finances until their takeover in 2003. They won their first Premier League title about a year later, followed by another the season after that. They have 6 League Titles so far to their name and have also won the UEFA Champions League twice. With 4 FA Cups and 4 FA Community Shields along with 5 League Cups Chelsea and some famous records in the Premier League era, we believe Chelsea rightly gets a place in the S Tier.

Tottenham Hotspur

This might be a controversial pick as Tottenham hasn’t had much success in winning trophies, with only 8 FA Cups, 7 FA Community Shields, 4 League Cups, and 2 league titles to their name Although they don’t have a decorated trophy cabinet, we believe that with their current status in world football, with a huge fanbase, quality team, and high ambitions, Spurs gets a place among the giants of the League.

A Tier

Premier League Teams Tier List
Good Clubs of Premier League Teams

The A Tier of the Premier League Teams Tier List will be home to clubs with a rich history and a decent current status in the English game. These clubs might not be as good as they were back in the day, but with their past success, large fan base, and great financial support, they are our best pick for this tier. They have all the potential to get toe to toe with the biggest club listed in the previous tier.


Some of our readers might disagree with seeing Everton in this tier, considering their rich history and success. Still, we believe they can’t make it to the above tier with their recent form and performances. The club has a recognized name in English football, with 9 league Titles, 9 FA Community Shields, and 5 FA Cups. The Merseyside club is yet to taste European glory, and by looking at the current status, it’s farfetched they’ll be getting soon. So with all that kept in mind, we believe this justifies our reason for giving them a slot in this Tier.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa is among the 5 English clubs to have the Champions League’s throne. Lifting the Champions League in 1982, followed by 7 League titles, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and a single FA community shield in their case, Villa is one of the most famous clubs in England. They did have a rough patch in recent years, tasting relegations, but they made their way back at the top, have a decent team, and are a well-run club.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United is a big name in English football, with a very good history. This club is considered among the finest in English football because of its huge fan base and 4 League Titles. Like many clubs in this tier, the Magpies have also fallen a little recently. Getting relegated and then getting back that promotion, Newcastle is still very far from reaching the levels they were once at. But the current financial takeover makes them the richest club in the world. The club seems to be on the right path, and it won’t be long till they get a place among the world’s finest.

Leeds United

Another Historical club on the list is Leeds United, one of the most famous clubs in England. Leeds have seen themselves lifting the league titles 3 times, with 1 FA Cup, one League Cup, and 2 FA community shields to their name. Leeds was absent from the top flight for around 16 long years after suffering relegations back in 2004. They got promoted in 2020 and had a close call last season, but they successfully avoided the drop on the final day after beating Brentford 2-1. We believe this is a perfect tier for the Peacocks with a good history and disappointing current status.

Leicester City

Unlike the other clubs, Leicester City doesn’t have that rich history and glory in the past. But their recent form and position in English Football give them the final spot in this tier. They lifted the Premier League title back in 2015/16, with odds of lifting the title being 5,000 to 1 that season. They shocked the world that season which was the catalyst for their glory to follow. This golden era of the Foxes saw them getting a good name in the English game and attracting quality players.

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B Tier

B Tier
Average Clubs of Premier League Teams

The following clubs have very little success in trophies; they don’t have a rich history but have a decent current position. They have a very balanced squad, have all the potential to do very well shortly, and are considered one of the exciting teams in the current Premier League season. By taking all of this into consideration, we would call them average clubs.

Nottingham Forest

The 5th and last English team to have won the Champions League, Nottingham Forest won back-to-back Champions League in 1979 and 1980. They are the only 2 clubs to have achieved that milestone. They also once won the UEFA Super Cup and have 3 league titles in their bag. Forest got their Premier League status back this season after beating Huddersfield Town in the playoffs final last season.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Known as Wolves, the club from West Midlands has a very good name in the country. They have 3 League Titles and 4 FA Cups and a very atmospheric stadium to show for it. With a good fan base and a fantastic current rank in the League, Wolves have a very decent position in the English game. Tasting European football in recent years shows the club has high ambitions and a bright future in the coming years.

Westham United

The club from London, known as The Hammers, has a proper position in current English football. With little history and triumphs, only 4 FA Cups with 1 FA Community Shield and 2 League Cups, Westham is still one of the country’s finest clubs. With good financial backing and an up-to-par squad, the Hammers have a bright future and could be challenging for some silverware if they keep adding to their team.

C Tier

Premier League Teams Tier List
Below-Average Clubs of Premier League Teams

The following Tier will be home to the least successful clubs in terms of trophies and glory, but with a decent level in the League. These clubs successfully meet their goals for every season, thus finding a spot in the C Tier of Premier League Teams.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace has never won any trophy at the top level, but they remain a well-run club and a fantastic one to watch. Palace has a very decent squad with many young talented players and can punch above their weight if these players remain at the club for the years to come. Besides that, their home ground Selhurst Park has an electrifying atmosphere and is considered one of the finest stadiums in terms of atmosphere in England. Overall a decent club that can meet its objectives without much hustle.


Like Palace, Fulham has never won a trophy at the highest level, but the club is among the most supported club in England. The club’s greatest achievement would be playing in the Final of the UEFA Europa League back in 2010, where they lost to Atletico Madrid. That fairytale run was their last successful run recently, as there have been constant relegations and promotions. They are back in the Premier League this season and looking much fresher and stronger than the previous seasons.


The final position in this tier belongs to Southampton, a club from Hampshire that has been in the Premier League for a decade now. During this time, the club tasted European Football, qualifying for the UEFA Europa League and, during that time, beating one of the biggest clubs in the world, Internazionale. They did reach the final of the League Cup in 2017 but found themselves watching Manchester United lifting the cup after a 3-2 defeat in extra time. Other than that, they have one major trophy to their name, the FA Cup, which they lifted in 1976, ironically beating Manchester United in the final.

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D Tier

D Tier
Least Successful Clubs of The Premier League Teams

Coming down to the business end of the Premier League Teams Tier List, we have the D rank to sign off. Flying across the country, going through different counties, we are left with 3 clubs out of the 20. These clubs can be best described as the newbies of the Premier League; they have very little experience in the league and don’t have a fascinating history.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton got their maiden Premier League status back in the 2017/18 season, and ever since, they look stronger with every season. The South East of England club has recently built a significantly strong team to meet their requirements. Under their manager Graham Potter the Seagulls achieved their best league finish 9th and are on their way to repeating or even getting a better finish this season. But losing Graham Potter to Chelsea, Brighton will have a challenge up their sleeve to maintain the same position for the remainder of the season.


Brentford has very little Premier League experience, as little as 1 season. But the Bees are looking strong with a very good squad with some quality players. The club aims to stay in the league for the time being and might push for European Places if they are to build on the current squad. They have all the potential to be a solid club outside the traditional top 6.


Our 20th and final club from the list ends with Bournemouth. The Cherries tasted Premier League football in their debut season in the 2015/16 season and went on to stay for 5 seasons before getting relegated. After 2 seasons away from the league, the red and blacks are back in the Premier League, but it looks like that stay won’t be for long as they have a very weak team and are not up to the mark for a Premier League status.


Premier League Teams Tier List

So this was our take on the Premier League Teams Tier List, and we hope to have done justice to many of the clubs in this article. As we stated above, there will be a few disagreements about certain clubs being placed in certain tiers, but our article is based on personal views and observations at the end of the day.

We know not everyone has the same thoughts about everything, but we would like to hear your thoughts about it, and we are welcome to have any sort of discussion regarding it in the comments.